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shady ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

- In this article, we will explore the experience of clicking on various online links to see what happens, so you don't have to.

- We will navigate through anime streaming websites, encounter hot singles in our area, and delve into the world of online scams and spam.

- Using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms, we will take you on a journey through these online encounters.

1. Exploring Anime Streaming Websites:

- Let's start by visiting an anime streaming website and searching for hot singles in our area. Who doesn't love anime and hot singles?

- We encounter a slow laptop and decide to use a separate camera instead of a screen recording.

- This laptop is terrible and full of viruses, making file transfers a challenge.

2. Clicking on Online Links:

- Oops, we ran out of gold again in a game. Let's collect more and see what happens.

- Why is this normal? Let's find out.

- When will the Quinten dating app be available?

- Oh no, Chrome just crashed. What should we do? Google hot singles in my area?

3. Exploring Scammy Links on TikTok:

- We have a special link on our phone that we will use later. Will it have what we're looking for?

- Have you seen the account on Dutch TikTok that promotes hot singles in the area? Let's give it a try.

- Oops, we got kicked out of the app. That's not what we were trying to do.

4. Encountering Online Scams:

- Let's find out if Dutch rapper Ali B is okay. We might find some interesting links here.

- We download a browser extension that asks for access to our browser history and search settings. Should we allow it?

- Uh-oh, the browser extension crashed Chrome. What now?

- We stumble upon a scammy link posted on Dutch TikTok. Let's see what happens if people actually click on it.

5. Exploring Adult Websites:

- We come across a website called Iamnaughty.com. Let's see what it has to offer.

- Oops, our search engine changed to Yahoo. How did that happen?

- We navigate to a website called Ding Girls. The photos aren't great, though.

- Let's chat with some bots on Instagram and see where it leads us.

6. Funny Encounters and Conclusion:

- We encounter funny and strange websites along the way.

- We end up breaking the laptop and take it to a junkyard. Will it be fixed?

- In conclusion, this journey through online links has been quite an adventure. We hope you enjoyed it.

- Clicking on various online links can lead to unexpected encounters, scams, and funny moments.

- It's important to be cautious and protect your devices while exploring the internet.

- Remember to question the legitimacy of websites and links before clicking on them.

- We hope this article provided an entertaining and informative look into the world of online links and encounters.

Top 10 Controversial Commercials That Didn’t Get Banned

- Welcome to WatchMojo.com! Today we're looking at controversial ads that somehow made it to the public.

- These ads were swiftly pulled off the air, but they still caused quite a stir.

- Let's dive right in and see what these ads were all about.

1. Body wash ad - Dove:

- Poor editing turned a well-meaning project into a racially insensitive advert.

- The ad received backlash for depicting a dark-skinned woman turning into a white woman.

- Dove quickly withdrew the commercial and issued an apology.

2. Super Bowl 31 ad - Holiday Inn:

- Holiday Inn's commercial compared its renovation project to the transformation of a transgender woman.

- The confusing ad received numerous complaints and was pulled off the air.

3. Pepsi's Live for Now ad:

- Pepsi's commercial featuring Kendall Jenner attempting to unite people through a can of soda faced heavy criticism.

- Many saw it as an attempt to profit off the Black Lives Matter movement.

- The ad was deemed insensitive and was widely disliked.

4. Super Bowl 45 ad - HomeAway:

- HomeAway's ad featuring a fake baby slamming into a glass panel overshadowed the intended message about rental safety.

- The imagery was off-putting and took away from the point the ad was trying to make.

5. Love's Baby Soft ad:

- Love's Baby Soft attempted to sell perfume by correlating innocence with sex, resulting in a creepy and disturbing ad.

- The ad received backlash for its uncomfortable message.

6. Make Safe Happen ad - Nationwide Insurance:

- Nationwide's ad about preventable home accidents, which resulted in child deaths, was emotionally manipulative and depressing.

- The ad didn't fit well with the Super Bowl atmosphere and received backlash for its tone.

7. Super Bowl 42 ad - Sales Genie:

- Sales Genie's ad featuring animated pandas with exaggerated Chinese accents faced criticism for perpetuating stereotypes.

- The ad failed to effectively sell the company's services and was eventually taken off the air.

8. Super Bowl 45 ad - Groupon:

- Groupon's commercial about saving Tibet missed the mark by trivializing a serious issue.

- The attempt at humor was deemed inappropriate and offensive.

9. Mountain Dew's Felicia the Goat ad:

- Mountain Dew's ad featuring a talking goat was accused of being racist due to its lineup of black suspects.

- The ad faced backlash for potentially sparking a conversation about racial profiling.

10. Super Bowl 20 ad - Apple's Lemmings:

- Apple's ad depicted potential customers as mindless drones causing their own demise.

- The insulting ad did not resonate well with viewers and was not a successful marketing strategy.

- These controversial ads may have made it to the public, but they were swiftly pulled off the air due to the backlash they received.

- It's important for companies to be mindful of their messaging and the potential impact it can have.

- Let us know your thoughts on these ads in the comments below!

The Dark Underworld of F1 Sponsorships

Nalonj Syke: The Dark Side of Formula 1 Sponsorship

- Anticipation for the 2020 Formula 1 season was high, but due to postponement, fans have turned to watching old races.

- Realization that many of the companies sponsoring these cars no longer exist.

- Shady money is part of the Formula 1 DNA, but what do these companies do and where does their money come from?

The Bizarre World of Formula 1 Sponsorship:

- Formula 1 teams require billions of dollars each season to compete.

- The amount of funding a team can attract is often tied to their performance on the track.

- The FIA regulates technology in cars, but historically has done little to balance the financial playing field.

- Budget gaps between top-earning and lower-earning teams have always existed.

- Example: Mercedes PETRONAS spent $484 million in 2019, while Williams only spent $150 million.

- Sponsorship loss can lead teams to seek less reputable sponsors.

The Rich Energy Fiasco:

- Haas F1 team fell victim to the most dubious sponsor deal of 2019.

- Rich Energy, a new energy drink, became Haas' title sponsor.

- Suspicion arose when it was revealed that Rich Energy had been kicked out by another F1 team, Force India.

- Rich Energy's CEO, William Storey, made confusing statements about the legitimacy of the company.

- Financial documents showed the company had only £581 in their bank account.

- Rich Energy was sued for their deer logo and ultimately rebranded to Lightning Volt.

The T Minus Energy Drink Debacle:

- In 1999, a Nigerian prince and a fake energy drink led to the bankruptcy of an F1 team.

- Prins Malik Ado Ibrahim offered to sponsor the struggling Arrows team with $125 million.

- T Minus, the supposed energy drink, never materialized.

- Prins Malik disappeared and failed to buy the rest of his shares.

- Arrows team went bankrupt in 2002 due to loss of funding.

Mission Winnow: A Mystery Sponsorship:

- Mission Winnow is a vague company associated with Ferrari.

- It is an empty corporation for Philip Morris International, the owner of Marlboro.

- FIA banned tobacco sponsors in 2006, but Mission Winnow is allowed as it does not sell tobacco products.

- Mission Winnow is a form of corporate reputation management.

- Formula 1 sponsorship is a complex world filled with shady companies and dubious deals.

- Teams rely on funding to compete, leading them to accept sponsorship from questionable sources.

- Rich Energy and T Minus are examples of sponsors that failed to deliver on their promises.

- Mission Winnow is a reputation management initiative for Philip Morris International.

- Formula 1 sponsorship is not always what it seems, and fans should be cautious of the companies behind the cars.

The US Military's Shady Recruitment Practices

The United States military is the largest, most powerful, and most dangerous fighting force in the world. Despite not being involved in a defensive war since the 1940s, its budget continues to grow. With over 600 military bases outside its borders, the US military's aggressive posturing has turned world opinion against it. This article will explore the state of US military recruiting and the questionable tactics used by the armed forces to enlist new soldiers.

Shady Tactics:

1. Twitch: The US Army and Navy have taken advantage of the popularity of live streaming platform Twitch to target young viewers. With millions of concurrent viewers, recruiters have a captive audience to pitch the military to the next generation. The military even launched its own Twitch channels and used deceptive tactics, such as banning users asking about war crimes and misleading Xbox giveaways.

2. Targeting the poor: Recruiters often prey on those in poverty who have limited opportunities. In programs like Focus 22, the military specifically targets cities with large black and Latino populations. They station themselves in schools and public places to recruit young people. Additionally, the military uses software and databases to track and target individuals.

3. Propaganda campaigns: The military has recently shifted its recruitment ads to appeal to Gen Z by appropriating diverse and inclusive language. The ads aim to show that the military is modern and cool, not just a group of trigger-happy barbarians. However, these ads often gloss over the dark history and consequences of previous wars.

The US military employs questionable tactics to recruit new soldiers, from targeting young gamers on Twitch to exploiting those in poverty. Their recruitment efforts often downplay the negative aspects of war and focus on patriotic symbolism. It is crucial to question these tactics and consider the consequences of a bloated military budget and aggressive foreign policy.

Clicking EVERY Ad on a Sketchy Website? (Malware Installed)

Hello party! Today, we're going to do something really unadvisable. As with any of these malware videos, don't try this at home. Seriously, this could end badly. So, what are we doing? We're going on sketchy sites that host unlicensed content, in this case from Creek Free, which has sports content that is not licensed. We'll also be looking at some other sites that host legitimate content. I don't recommend visiting these sites, and I don't even know if they really have the stuff that they claim to have. If you're going to pirate, don't do it this way. Whatever you do, be careful.

Now, let's click on these ads and see what we end up with. Okay, this is actually a Chrome extension. It's a VMware bug, but it's okay. Now we have Awesome Sports Search and Ultra Sports Media. Let's see what this one does. So far, no signs of adware. Let's test it out on Wikipedia. Nope, no adware so far. Okay, now it's time to watch the game in HD. Let's try BT Sport. Oh, bet365, a gambling site. Not the best option if you're watching sports on Creek Free.

Oh, look at that, we need to renew our Norton antivirus. Why are you not letting me click? I think the ads are broken. Okay, we're getting our Norton renewed. Better close out of that before we get into more trouble. Oh no, a community guideline strike. We don't want to deal with that. Refresh the page. Total Sport, another option. Takes us straight to a gambling site. I mean, if you're watching sports on Creek Free, I don't think you can afford to be using those gambling sites.

Oh, click allow? Okay, let's see what this website is about. Oh, it's trying to get us to enable notifications. That's sketchy. Let's install Messenger Deck. Okay, now we're finally cooking with malware. This is definitely not real. What have we downloaded? Messenger Deck 151909 dot another. This is going to be something sketchy. It might just be adware, honestly. Anything on this website is probably just going to be adware because they know there's not much else.

What is this? Be together whenever. I am not going to enter a username and password into this. Let's see if this is legitimate software. Oh, that's Messenger. That's not this incredibly sketchy software. Yeah, this is trying to look like Facebook. This is super sketchy. This might be spyware. 0 out of 10, don't recommend. Let's refresh the page. Oh, it's gone. Total Sport is another option. Oh, what is Trudeau advertising? Seems legit. But Bitcoin era? That's just photoshopped. We're getting straight to business.

Okay, now we have fake Windows alerts. Oh, this is Norton. Now we're getting somewhere. We finally achieved what we were looking for. Okay, gotta wait for Norton to scan our computer. Oh no, we have viruses. Yes, we do. Proceed. Why don't you? This could just be trying to sell me Norton. Okay, no, we're getting some good software. We don't want Norton. We want OneSafe PC Cleaner. Trustworthy? If in doubt, just use OneSafe PC Cleaner.

Yes, let's run it as administrator. Remember kids, don't try this at home. Okay, let's see. Oh, we've got a registry cleaner now. I thought I had a virus, but now I got a registry cleaner. Okay, software locations, file associations. For those unfamiliar, the registry cleaner is essentially snake oil. But basically, it will find a bunch of errors and claim that it's slowing down your computer. Now, because this is a fresh virtual machine, it's not going to find a lot.

Oh, Rob browser caches. This has Norton Security. This is not Norton. Okay, Ashley, what is that? So much adware. Try this out. Unable to validate. Is that actually legitimate? Okay, that confuses me. Now, let's see if Total AV actually does anything. I've heard it's pretty useless. Now, let's go back to Creek Free. Breaking news, what is Trudeau advertising? Oh, 4x. Seems legit. Bitcoin era. Okay, the actual PTC system. Oh, Total AV doesn't like all those tracking cookies. They're harmless, but okay. Total AV maybe is it past 90 days? Software for 37 days? Seems like the same thing.

Uber makes early investors rich. It's a different Ultra Sports Search. Okay, there's more than what meets the eye. Tribeca PD is need look and feel. Oh, that one's already been taken down. The key by Eons Isles. But now we're back on Yahoo. Can we use you? A cache of what we used to know. Oh, here we go. Is this a security company that's no longer looking? What we don't want. Oh, super fruits are hiding in your fridge. First, a scam. I hate these generic pseudo-scientific eat blogs. Like, I want to get scammed.

Oh, Old Sports Freed. All online. Register. They're trying to get the email. This is where they're going to fish for credit cards. This is like an impersonator of Creek Free, but it's actually not Creek Free. Dr. Crane, I mean, this has to be the most deceptive-looking website. But yes, let's add PDF Converter HD. Oh, now more affiliate links. Someone should let Amazon know that their affiliates are being used. This would be over. Now we could download. This is completely fake. Nothing is perfect. This is back to that scam. Save your time. We already installed this.

What are we going to end with now? I already have Tap Recovery Scraps. Let's try and actually... What does Tap Recovery do? Nothing. Place the page you see one. Okay, I think we've had enough. My point is, don't use websites like Creek Free and Batmanstream. These types of dodgy websites probably have a bunch of malware. At the very least, you should probably reset your computer and use Windows Defender to scan for any potential threats.

Now that we've downloaded all of this useless software, it's clear that we shouldn't have done any of this. Don't use these websites. Do not try any of this at home. Seriously, unless you know what you're doing, don't risk it. Hybrid acne is a thing, but it's not called anything. Probably just going to delete this virtual machine. It's been pretty much totally destroyed. That's all for now. Bye!

HK Watch Safari: Rolex market, Daytona, new dealers, shady ADs, Tudor Bronze

Hey guys, I recently went on a little adventure exploring some second hand dealers in Hong Kong. I was on a mission to find a Jesuit Cool Classic Large Dual Face watch with the small seconds, silver and black dials, and a brown strap for a fellow watch enthusiast. If you happen to come across one, please let me know!

Observations at Second Hand Dealers in Hong Kong:

- The prices of watches, including neo vintage and vintage Rolex models, are still very high, especially those trading at around 14-15,000 and above.

- Some watches, like the Sky-Dweller and Daytona, are trading at prices 50% or more above the retail price.

- I spotted several Tudor Black Bay Bronze watches in dealers' windows, possibly imported from overseas.

- Interestingly, there are new second hand dealers opening up, selling brand new stocks. This may suggest that they are owned by the same people who own authorized dealers.

- A scandal recently emerged on LinkedIn, where a CEO of a Dutch authorized dealer was selling stocks straight to customers at a premium.

- I compared the old and new versions of the Explorer II, and personally, I found the old version to be more elegant.

- I came across a baguette white gold watch and various GMT Masters, but the prices were still high.

- There are shops that have all the latest models, whether slightly used or brand new, indicating a possible connection to authorized dealers.

- The precious metals Daytona watches, especially the Oysterflex models, have seen a significant increase in prices, often exceeding 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.

- The John Mayer special editions of the Daytona are now asking for over 500,000 Hong Kong dollars, thanks to the high demand created by John Mayer's endorsement.

- There are many other watches available, including the Datejust, Pepsi, Batman, and various Daytonas, but prices are fluctuating.

- Some dealers are selling directly to customers at market prices, which may benefit Rolex in selling their precious metal watches.

- The availability of watches, such as the Wimbledon dial Datejust, is becoming more limited, and prices are rising.

- New Rolex shops have opened, but it's unclear why they would open such fancy shops if they are not going to sell watches.

- Overall, there are still many watches in the market, but it may not make sense to pay premium prices for certain models anymore.

My visit to the second hand dealers in Hong Kong provided interesting insights into the current state of the watch market. While prices remain high for many models, there are signs of fluctuation and an increasing number of new dealers entering the market. It will be intriguing to see how the watch market evolves in the coming months and whether these trends continue.

How Apple is SCAMMING your PRIVACY | Business Case Study

Music Music, he just never leaves. Music, he's just always there. Music. Mark, we are CEOs. I'm the CEO of Apple, you to see your Facebook. We must protect our users' privacy. Get out. Later that same evening. Music. You saw that Apple's USP has always been that it is ultra-protective of its users' privacy. But I want to tell you that it's all a facade, and I'm here to tell you why. My name is Varun Maya, and honestly, this all started with Apple's new surveillance system that Apple brought out with iOS 15.


So the update allows your phone to go through all your photos, and if it finds child pornography, it immediately flags that content and forwards it to the government. Now, you might ask, What is wrong with the right kind of policy? Isn't child pornography bad? Shouldn't we ban it? Shouldn't we alert the government? And I agree with you. But I want to tell you a small story, a story of caution.

In 1608, a small group of foreign traders docked their ships onto the Surat port. Within five years, they established their own company. But this story is not about that. One of the first rules they made as a governing figure was they enacted something called the Bengal Sati Regulation Act. This act banned the practice of Sati. And this innocent company is none other than the East India Company. Now, you and I agree that Sati is bad, and what this company did was a good thing. But do you know what it led to? Starting with moral policing, they eventually went from things that everyone agreed with to eventually things that only they wanted. What I'm trying to say is, once we give Apple the right to morally police us, whether for good or bad, it is only a slippery slope from there.

Now, I started this story by showing you that Apple has no real regard for your privacy. But I want to tell you what their actual stance on this is. On December 18, 2020, Tim Cook put out this tweet. This is basically a screen from the new iOS 14.5, where whenever you installed an app, it would ask the user whether they wanted to be tracked. Now, tracking, as we all know, is something that many different apps rely on to serve targeted ads.

Do you know what happened? More than 63 percent of the US chose their privacy and clicked Do Not Track. Apps that ran targeted ads like Facebook and Twitter took a huge hit, resulting in a net loss of 600 billion dollars of Facebook alone just one year. Now, why did Tim Cook, somebody of that stature, publicly name Facebook in that tweet? It's because Apple has had a problem with Facebook for seven and a half years.

My name is Mark, and I've created an app called Facebook. I want to be on the App Store, sir. Fifteen percent. Thirty percent, sir. We just run ads, sir. Yeah, you know, you're young. I'm gonna let it be. I don't think your app is gonna do well. Go enter. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.

Facebook, seven years later.

Hey, Tinder. Welcome advocacy. I've got a fresh new piece for you. 24 years old and divorced. It's going to be perfect for you. Good, fresh, Nikaya, ah.

Here, 18-year-old Peace, he's just broken up.

Sure. Music. Three days later.

Oh yeah, I've got something exotic for you. This one is just in an MBA. How crazy is that?

Packer. All right. Music.

You see, the way Apple makes money on the iOS App Store is that it collects 30% on every micro-transaction from apps on the App Store. Now, Facebook never ended up paying Apple even a single dollar because Facebook only ran ads. They said, Hey, we don't do any micro-transactions. We only run ads. All this has resulted in a war-like situation with Facebook advertising the convenience of targeted ads, and Apple rooting for your privacy.

Now, with the Netflix series The Social Dilemma and Facebook really getting into problems with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook became the scapegoat that Apple used to play its card of, Hey, they're not respecting your privacy to ruin Facebook's business. By destroying Facebook and Twitter's business with this Do Not Track system, Apple has ruined their advertising relationships. That is Apple's strategy to actually build its own ad network while claiming to be privacy-friendly.

Do you know what Apple's stance on this is? It says, Hey, we can track you because we're Apple. Apple is a closed system. You, me, we, friends. Facebook, outside, bad guy. In reality, Apple just wanted to clean the competition.

Now let's get back to Facebook. Facebook started playing the small business card. Facebook made an official post saying, Hey, we are not the only ones getting destroyed. It's also the small businesses. If you remove tracking, then small businesses cannot run themselves, and their ads are going to go to the wrong people. The lawyers' ads are going to go to the people who want shoes, and the shoemaker's ads are going to go to the people who need legal help. And the data shows that they're not actually lying, which is good, right? More privacy for the users?

Wrong. In reality, targeted ads are not as bad as you think. Meta ads use anonymous user IDs and just show ads to a large group of users that have similar characteristics. But with the data collection being off, people have been getting random ads that they don't click on, and the ad revenue for Facebook and several other businesses has gone down.

So what ended up happening was that while the world was angry at Facebook for privacy, Apple took advantage and completely destroyed their business to clean house for themselves. Music.

You see, it's already showing ads on news and stocks and will start showing them on maps, Apple Books, and Apple Podcasts. And it uses data from your other services and your Apple ID. In itself, the reason for this is because of Apple's stakeholders. Apple is already generating four billion dollars annually, and it can't build small businesses inside itself. It has to look for massive revenue centers. And it's not content with just its small revenue numbers. It needs to get it up to double digits.

And that's it for the iPhone 15. It's the same old iPhone, just a little more expensive.

Now, as you know, at these Apple events, we always have a surprise for you. So, one more thing. That's right. This is our own advertising business. You want targeted advertisements? We've got it. Our team has actually found out that Apple has put out a job posting for senior product managers that makes its advertising agenda perfectly clear. It has been looking for people that can drive the design for the most privacy-forward platform, but at the same time, someone who can advertise related products to hundreds of millions. Plus, according to sources, there are organization changes inside Apple, where earlier, the ad group's vice president in charge used to report to the deputy services head, but now reports directly to the services head. Whenever a company wants to change its ambitions, you should always look at the organization chart and see what's moving. The ambitions of the CEO are often driven by who reports to him. And as you see people climbing up the charts, it means that the company is paying more attention to that role.

Now, as I said before, Facebook has been warning its investors about the gameplay of Apple for a long time, but no one really listened to them and thought they were simply overplaying the problem because of the revenue race. But that is far from the truth. There are other companies that have had problems with Apple in different places. Now let's take the example of Epic Games, the company that runs Fortnite. Now, Epic Games sells micro-transactions inside its game. If you want to buy skins, you can well pay for it and acquire it. However, if you buy that skin on an Apple device, then you need to pay Apple the 30% Apple tax. Now, Epic Games said that 30% is excessive, and they would love to sell the same product where people can buy the product on the website and then use the skin inside the game. However, Apple disagreed with this and did not allow Epic Games to sell the same skin outside on a website without paying them the tax. When Epic Games filed a lawsuit, Apple said that it wouldn't allow Fortnite back on the App Store till either a verdict comes out or it pays the Apple tax. And as you know, lawsuits have taken five to ten years in this regard at minimum.

Now, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Spotify sided with Epic Games in the lawsuit, arguing that Apple was abusing a monopoly. When Apple was asked, Hey, why don't you allow other app stores on the platform? Apple simply said, Privacy. Now, not just Epic Games, but a lot of companies like Tumblr, for example, have come forward, saying that if they don't pay the Apple tax, they hijack all their future app updates on the App Store. And the Apple team which reviews the App Store updates can seemingly delay it indefinitely, as their

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