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shenzhen ebay dropshipping shopify

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

eBay Dropshipping: Want To Learn How To Have A +$2000 Product Listing? - Here's How!

yo hello guys. what's up? enrique from dsm tool here and thank you so much for clicking on this video now. this is a weekly webinar where we showcase 10 different products that we found on ebay that are demanded and also profitable. now keep in mind that this listing that i have right here with me are our products which are making profits to different drop shippers specifically on ebay. now you see here a total net profit of over two thousand dollars right out of the ten listing items. but keep in mind that this is not the total net profit. this is only a potential profit and i'll explain why. first of all, it depends on the price that you set up to be right, how many sales you make and other variables in terms of listings. i'll dive into that subject in just a second. before we dive into the subject, please make sure to hit that like button, subscribe, and also hit the notification bell button to be notified every single time that we go either live or we split up new content. so again, i appreciate it and if you have any comments again, any questions, please leave them down below now. with that said, let me also show you, guys- this is going to be in the description down below that we do have a blog page where we put down or put up- rather put up- good artikles here, this latest artikle that i wrote on terapeak, which is a very good product research method. so you can go ahead and read that for yourself, uh, and also we have videos on it, and there's a lot of tons and cool content and from informative content that is going to help you a ton when it comes to drop shipping or either e-commerce as a whole. so, again, if you want to read more about it, click on the description down below. now back on the topic of the video. uh, what i'm gonna do is i'm going to show you a couple of products that i found. you can actually have access to this google sheet, and i'll explain how you can get it too, but i will also show you in this short video how to analyze the market and how to find winning products quickly. i'll be using a product research tool called sick analytiks is going to be description down below as well, so you guys can go ahead and click it and actually get your account up and ready. so the first thing i'll do is i'll show you how you can get access to this calculator, and the first thing is you just go to dsm tool dot com slash calculator. this is going to be the description down below. you'll get to this landing page right here and before i get to the main, actual, the main button, which is this one: get a copy. uh, you can also see here that we have first starters. we have a training program, uh, for you know, beginners. so you can click here. you can start for free, uh, and, as you guys can read here, 68 of the people that we actually interviewed, we surveyed, they made their first sale within the first week. so, again, you can start yourself, you can gain all this knowledge and you can start making sales on ebay. so don't waste more time. you can start now, for free. also, we have frequently asked questions with their answers, but now let me just not waste a lot of time. i know that you're here just because one purpose is that, one purpose only, which is letting get first, giving you the products and second, how you, how i got it right. you want to know that. so let's go up and click on where it says getting copy. so when you do that, you get this google sheet right here, which is the same one that i have here with me. so over here, you can see that we already have things- every single formula- set up for you. so all you need to do is fill the blanks right here and i'll show you how to do that in just a second. so we have here the formulas, right, based on the break even. now, break even is based on 12.55 percent. this is going to be, uh, the ebay managed payments. this is new, this is a plot. this is applicable to every new seller on ebay. they need to pay a 12.55 per month if you're selling on ebay, but also for those of you or dropship in the us, there's- i'm going to put down on my screen right now- you have to include sales tax, right, depending on the state that you're drop shipping. you have to cover that up as well. so normally, the best- let's say the best- breakeven percentage could be between 12, between 14 to 15 as break even, right. uh, if you have further questions on how to set up your breakeven, you can leave it on the comment section down below, and i'll be, uh, addressing that as well, anyway. so, if you want to get to the products, remember i am sourcing the products from aliexpress. so, as you can see there's a small tab here called aliexpress. just click on it and you'll be able to see all the products that i found. keep in mind that i weekly go ahead and update these items and find new ones. uh, actually i'm going to be updating this shortly- and that way you can go ahead and just click on the link on ebay, click on the link on from aliexpress and from that point on, you can source that item and list it on your store anyway. now let me show you. the first product that we have here is the bamboo storage box that i found on ebay. let me see now, as you guys can see here, just a couple of things that i want you to always analyze before actually deciding to source the product on anywhere you want to source it to. but in this case, we're going to be focused on aliexpress. first off is the amount of cells that this, this product, has been, has generated so far. right, that's the first thing. the second thing would be if you were, say, sourcing- like i am from china, and let's say aliexpress, you want to figure out if the, the seller, is doing the same thing, because in this case, when you're sourcing products from china, you already know that the shipping you're going to be providing is not going to be as competitive as someone who is actually making sales and providing a shipping within the us right from us warehouses. so when it comes to shipping, from a shipping standpoint, you're not going to be as competitive, right? that is why you need to shift it and be competitive in terms of pricing. so, for example, if you see that this item is being sold for 20.89, it can be cheaper and attract a little bit of more potential buyers. but that's something i want to go ahead and address a little bit along the line. so number one is amount of sales and number two is items location, right, so i just location is very important. again, if you're sourcing from china, as you guys can see, the items location from this item here is based in shenzhen, i believe i said correctly china. so that's one and second of all, you can see here that this item has generated 35 sales right by this seller right here. okay, now the second. the third step that you need to always check is click on this small link right here, which is 35 sales, and it's going to take you to this transaction table here right now. normally, you'll see here that that you can see here, for example, the variation that was sold, the price that it was sold for, the quantity bought, the date of purchase, the. the reason i addressed this is because you want to figure out if the product has been making sales so far recently. right, you need a product at least making sales, let's say three to four sales in the past 30 days. that is important because you want, you want your listings to rotate quickly, you want to make sales as soon as possible, and if you find a hot potato product- meaning that as long as you have it you make sales quickly- even better for you as a drop shipper, okay. so that is a very important. now, as you guys can see here, this is sold by a special offer or sold as a special offer, don't, you know, don't put mine to that. to be honest, that is some. that is, let's say, an arrangement between the seller or the drop shipper with the client so they sell it at a different price rate. that's, you can't see that here. so that's very like to say personal, so don't worry about it. but as long as you can see here that this by the 15th of august, right, not too long ago, um, somebody purchased the color co or the variation c of this item five times right and again not even that 15, the same date.

How to source Shenzhen China for 100k+ for Drop Shipping

how you doing. Scotty bear back with another video, this video about how to source China for, for good salary, maybe a hundred thousand plus. many of you are probably aware you know China puts out a lot of electronics, all sorts. um, one of the more interesting things about going to Asia was all the things that I seen that never made it to America are onto the consumer market in America. I mean there are amazing products, including a drone that I seen that would kind of circle around you and take selfies and and stream online. it was actually really amazing. and coming back to the United States, so seeing on Instagram and Facebook ads and and different mediums like this, you see these products come on to the US market. some of them are amazing. like I bought a 2gig little camera that you can conceal was a pin camera. I got an interesting literally for like three dollars. I mean it was extraordinary the stuff that was out there. unfortunately, it is hard to buy this stuff kind of sight unseen or without putting your hands on or actually without meeting the person that was a very critikal part of of this situation. I mean I literally found hundreds of products that I thought would do very well and the beautiful thing is you never really got to own them. you just have to make connections with the, the supplier over there in China, and one of the more difficult things to do is to make good connections with suppliers. for one thing, China is quite notorious for kind of, you know, a little scam situation I mean. so you find out a lot of people that start to do business with companies overseas. your finance are very difficult to get to a good contact where you can make money. I mean there was things that leather and everything. eight is he women's clothes. there was places in Bangkok probably was like nine stories just women's clothes electronics. I mean, in Shenzhen, China, I stood this electronics place. literally they wanted to give me pcs for maybe 200 bucks each and we're toking to like pcs that you, you know, pick up here in the United States. so many of them with no, without operating systems and different situations like that- but that's like how I said it: getting your hands on it, being able to see what you get, picking some extra photos and stuff like that often go a long way in being successful. this many of the situations like this is what's called like drop shipping and stuff. there's a lot of Shopify, stores and stuff doing this exact thing, also using Instagram ads to to take and sell these to targeted markets. that's the thing also to well, why you're shopping is important to be able to look online and see if it's had any exposure online in what you were touching, because there wasn't just a little bit of you know attack. I mean there was bends, there was stores, there was people selling a you know blog- lamps where they it holds your cell phone and has a lamp. I mean something I would definitely want to buy, even for myself. I mean I could have filled extra suitcases full of things and and brought it back to the states and and probably spent the next year to just kind of sifting through it all, actually even the stuff I brought back home, including coffee from Thailand and stuff like that. I only just recently got around to drinking it because of all the things that I brought home. anyway, it's one of those things where you can just literally buy a airplane tiket, go over there, start taking pictures, research, buy, buy things that you think might be interesting, even maybe buy a couple and run some sample ads. it is definitely a definite, a good way to source Asia, China, Bangkok, many of the places that are notorious for shopping for products that never see the United States is some excellent opportunities. thanks for watching.

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Como usar a BCN Dropshipping para processar os seus pedidos na Shopify, Woocommerce e Ebay

e fala galera aqui o Buzz. você tá falando da como é que se PCN diretamente aqui da china. hoje eu vou falar, vou apresentar Como que você pode se cadastrar da nossa plataforma, ver se entrou o espinho. tá, a plataforma se conecta, é como vários outros tipos de plataformas. Hoje a gente vai falar sobre somente dar shopfai. vamos lá, primeiro você acessa Como é que os PCN, Como após ir você acessar, como é que especie de ponto, como você para diretamente até desse e dropshipping, né que ela se departamento dirigido somente. bem, você clica aqui, aí você será direcionado para plataforma tcn dropshipping. tá, no caso, aqui na plataforma você vai poder enxergar várias informações sobre nessa presentes obra dessa forma, aí como o que que a gente pode ir se conectar. né qual que é as outras plataformas que podem e conectadas com a PSN dropshipping, fazer integração naquele realidade. né chopp, o comércio, eBay, Por enquanto né, Então temos essas três plataforma. né, então aqui você pode entrar diretamente aqui fazer o cadastro ou vai direto até a fábrica Store e instalar o nosso aplicativo. tá, bom, e vamos dizer que aqui que você já cadastrou e entrou já pela pelo cadastro aqui né, e nesse caso você está na página principal, aqui o teste pô e aqui você pode escolher o seu idioma. tá, eu não posso escolher português porque eu estou na China. aqui vou apresentar Como que você pode fazer os pedidos aqui. tá, boa noite, diretamente na água. the orders. como que funciona. a, b, c, n. tux typing game recebe somente pedidos pagos e não processados. pagos, não puxar então tudo que você tem já feita, que a pedido foi recebido, o pagamento e não foi processado, ele vai cair aqui nessa água. aqui Ness aba qualquer função, né Desse oito informa OK, esperando para orçamento. bom, então, quando você quer alocar um pedido para Como é que os PCN você tá dizendo que você vai comprar esse produto na com? como é que se vc n Então esse como se fosse uma. após a gente passa a cotação para você falar: eu quero mesmo comprar com vocês. aí você vem aqui, alok todas colocar. eles vão já os pedidos desse produto. eles vão diretamente para gente a oferecer para isso para você. né nas próximas, você não precisa vir aqui. é esse que sopra produto novo que você vai querer adicionar para gente, vai querer comprar colete. nas próximas vezes você vem diretamente aqui. Oi, tem força em que o produto. ele vai direto assim para cá. é como se organizar? decidiu antes que você vai comprar esse produto com a gente, então ele vem direto para cá. você pode verificar aqui né a foto do produto, né pode verificar aqui nome da loja. às vezes você tem várias outras lojas sendo show with ao comércio, outras né são todas aqui. você pode escolher também né quais filhos você vai querer processar, né ou né o caso como dizer que você já esqueceu, né escolheu todos e fui lá e pediu aqui na frente você também tem a opção de excluir. né então que não há problema. mas vamos dizer que você quer escolher selecionar todos os pedidos. né então aqui desse produto você vai diretamente aqui Place One por seis Horda em e faça um pedido de compra aqui e esse 19 pedidos né bom, diretamente para cá nesse, nessa abre aqui quem não sabe aqui você você pode ver aqui, por exemplo, aqui a gente tá esperando para gente oferecer preço para você. né então ela na hora que a gente oferece o preço para você, ele tá indo com o nosso departamento de compras Estão realizando o pedido e daqui a pouco esse que ele vai virar para Goten, ele vai habilitar o nosso departamento de comprar, vai gritar para você. tá, é esse botãozinho né com os os valores e de sua solicitação ele vai precificar para você o pedido né na primeira vez, porque perdido novo, e vai habilitar para você o botão de pagamento. tá nesse caso que aprender a vez, né eu preciso tem que esperar até encher oferecer o preço para você nas próximas. vai estar automátiko: você vai direto e faz o pedido né você clicando aqui, seguindo: Oi, tá com o botão de pagamento já disponível para você. vamos ver ver os detalhes desse, desse, desse desse pedido. né nessa ordem de compra. aqui você tem a tá vendo. aqui você tem a terceira ordem, O que significa o nosso, a nossa em voz, onde você pode também até baixar né seu computador. clicando aqui você pode baixar para o seu computador, né como em voz, né para sua contabilidade e aqui se, como que eu falei né a anteriormente, caso você queira, Ah, tá, você queira remover né Você fez um vários pedidos aqui, um deles aqui se esqueceu de remover lá se selecionou por aí rola por engano, né nessa parte aqui onde eu vou tem que for sair, né lembra que eu, a gente ficou de clicar né para selecionar os pedidos. então, caso que você escolheu esse Pires por erro de, você pode remover Ele simplesmente né aqui. tá, eu só confirma pronto pedido, removido ele vai. te admiro o valor para você. [Música] descendo. tá, por exemplo, você tá com a. eu quero trocar a cor desse pedido. tá, é espelho, vou ter que comprar ele vermelho. né é simplesmente sono. tá o número aqui. né colocar aqui. fala, tá, vai dar para cor. Ah, tá, então só enviar mensagem para gente. Ah, tá, bom, na hora que enviar, ele vai o pedido, Ele vai ver. vai ver com essa notificação. Tá, bom, vamos agora para a parte de pagamento. clicando aqui, ele vai, ele vai mostrar para você as opções de pagamento e se pode pagar. pagar também até pelo, por crédito, né Por causa você tenha crédito com a gente. você fez homem pagou, né é o fiz uns toque. então pode pagar pelos toque ou por alguns dos pessoal. tá, eu vou clicar aqui, né nesse chega alto. aqui você pode preencher seus dados, né colocando a opção Brasil, né eu tô falando em português, então normalmente vai ser para o Brasil. então vamos lá aqui você pode escolher a forma de pagamento que você tem pelos bancos, né boleto, pics, cartão de crédito, débito, setra e sua escolha- e pagar a nossa forma de pagamento dele e não tem o limite, né você pode ir se deixar a CPF ou CNPJ. Ah, tá, vamos lá, pagando aqui, após pagamento esse pedido, Ele vai diretamente para fugir. né Aqui você pode acompanhar os códigos de rastreio, né cara 10, que um outro outro pedido, né outros teste que a gente já vê aceito, né mas aqui vamos ver que você já fez o pedido tal e já pago, e já foi enviar então os códigos três e comparece para você aqui nessa capa. tá, bom, é isso aí. depois a gente vai fazer mais vídeos explicando mais as vantagens da nossa plataforma, as parcerias que nós temos, os benefícios ou a nossa categoria de produtos. né temos mais de mil e poucos produtos. então isso aí, muito obrigado, até mais, tchau, tchau.

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Dropshipping with NO MONEY.. Or I Pay You $100

[Music]. for the next five days i'm going to be attempting a shopify drop shipping challenge with absolutely zero dollars in budget to spend- yep, you heard it? zippo, absolutely zero. so if i don't get at least two sales on this challenge, one of you lucky legends is gonna win a hundred dollars. i'll paypal you, super simple. so comment something. it doesn't have to be related, it could be so irrelevant, but just comment something and i'll choose one if i don't complete this challenge. but the whole point of this challenge is not to show off how i can get sales without zero dollars. i might completely fail this. i'm not too confident. i'm usually just running tons of advertising to stores, so i might completely fail this. but it's to give anybody a realistik expedition. if they're coming in to drop shipping with zero dollars in ad spend- yep, completely zero- can you make sales so you can turn that money to maybe go and do advertising down in the future? so the first thing we need to do is actually think of a product. what route do we want to go down? now? i was giving this some thought over the weekend. we're going to go down the route of just a one product store. no niches, no general store, just the one product store in pacific, because i definitely don't want to go down the route of adding tons of products and you know, not being able to just focus on one. i think if we just focus on one, we can do this challenge with zero dollars. now let's just touch on something real quick. this might be considered slightly cheating, but instead of drop shipping, i've actually got a bunch of products that i had from an egg seed store i had. now that might sound completely weird. huh, really, what is an exit store? i'll show you in a second. i've got the box here. so, pretty much, i was running a one product store a while ago with ads called the eggseecom, and we were scaling it super, super good. but i got to the stage where a bulk ordered it from alibaba to get it way cheaper than what it was drop shipping on ebay. long story short, as we closed down the store. so i've still got thousands of these inventory in this house right now. so let me show you what it is, and this is a product i think we're going to do. yep, i'm not kidding, i've got about 20- 30 of these boxes and they're filled- fill the boxes. so let me just show you the product. so, yep what it is. it's a little cover like this and all it is inside is a little eggsy and all that is to do is for people just sitting on cars- and they maybe have like a sore backside or they just have a sore back- that can straighten the posture. so it's really good. like my mum actually uses this and like i've not used it personally, but i know a lot of people are using this and the customers we served in that exit store it worked super well. it just wasn't that scalable. so i decided to move on and the first thing i wanted to do was just to make sure i could get an actual domain. so i found one here: egg slash seat dot code uk. it's not the most you know, professional, but i think it's still good enough, you know, to actually scale. now, starting off day two, i launched the shopify 14 day free trial for the local event canvacom- a super quick and easy free way to create logos. i just wanted to go for something clean and simple. now for the pricing. i wanted to go for something where we could actually make a little bit of margin. i went for 19.99 with free shipping- now the cost when i bought these from alibaba were just under three dollars, so about two pounds, seventeen pounds or whatever. i had a nice margin of 17.99. guys, i just made a rookie mistake and totally forgot that you need to actually pay for a shopify domain so you could actually start collecting payments from our customers once we start getting sales. hey, can i borrow 14.99? now i know what you're thinking. you cheated you. you can't do this challenge. it's a scrap. somebody gets a hundred dollars. but hear me out, i want to play a little yellow card here. everything else is going to be free. like i said, let's call a little yellow card here. a little slap on the wrist now. editing off day two. i managed to finish the shipping pages. i finished some policy pages. i even put a little faq just in case somebody had some questions- very generic stuff. but now this is where the challenge really gets hard. how are we going to get in front of people- thousands, hundreds of thousands of people- without any cost of advertising? i was starting to really doubt this challenge. now there's two ways we could go about this. we could open up a little instagram page. we could dm people doing a 50: 50 promotion offer for them to promote on their page for free. a way to would go facebook related pages, post the link of the store and almost act like a customer of this, or maybe just say that you've bought this product. you could be a genuine bar. you could say like, hey, i just bought this, i just wanted to post it in this group, post a link, just totally put it off like it's not your store. i went with option two now. my plan was to join at least five groups and post once a day, simple, right. and that's when we moved on to day three, day three: i went relentlessly posted in these groups. now i chose to go with health, fitness and wellness groups started off by just pretty much just saying: look, i just bought this product. it super helped my back and my backside. if anybody was interested, click the link, go to this site. and i was almost acting like a happy customer from the website, let alone in the back end, it was actually our site. now i waited to see the traffic start piling in. [Music]. it's currently 9: 39 pm. we have no sales. i'm really starting to doubt this. i thought you know, posting these groups at least get some traction, get some eyeballs, potentially some viewers, and then we could scale that up by going to other groups. but honestly i just feel like this way could possibly be a waste of time. now i suppose i could still post on other groups. i could go even broader. i feel like if this was our target audience and we still can't drive a single person click the ad, i feel like that's all just a waste of time. i decided to list this on ebay to see if we can really get some traction, because the way ebay works is obviously, if we can get a good description and a good you know title, we can drive people there just with our seo, unlike, you know, facebook groups. we're kind of like hit or miss, just to see if we can get the right eyeballs. now it also dropped the price to 11.99. yes, i know i'm getting a little bit desperate here, but we really need to get our first sale so we can get a little bit of confidence and going to day four to try and finish off the challenge now. this means our margin was under 10 pounds, so not the greatest. once we get a sale, obviously we would have to pay some merchant fees, so that would probably take it under nine pound, so it doesn't leave us the greatest margin, as well as we would have to pay for shipping. we're charging free shipping, so that's 299, so we're honestly left with like five pounds six pound eight dollars. that would be now if we don't get a sale from these ebay listings and the facebook groups that we've already posted, and i think we're going to have to get a little bit relentless tomorrow morning at day four to really get these two sales and get this challenge finished with. ah, it's not great, is it? i think what we're going to have to do now is go down the route of blasting instagram pages with the option of them doing a 50: 50 split for a free post. ah, man, i really didn't want to go down this route. i just know it's simply so hard to do nowadays to get these pages to agree on a 50: 50 split, simply because most of these pages do want upfront payment. now, that could be due to the fact that they might think we're going to scam them. they might not believe you know the exact amount of sales we get. there's a bunch of reasons, but yeah, i don't like this root at all, let alone the fact that i'm going to have to sit here and literally blast my retinas open. just copy and paste in the same message to hun.

How To Find Suppliers on Alibaba For Your EBAY Business | Step by Step Tutorial

what's going on youtube. welcome back to my channel. my name is sam. i'm a full-time, six-figure ebay seller. in today's video, i'm gonna break down step-by-step in the laptop exactly what i do to find suppliers. i'm gonna show you the method that's allowed me to find suppliers that i've been using for my ebay businesses for the past five years now. so i'm going to show you exactly what i've done to find these suppliers using alibabacom. we're not going to waste any more time. as usual, we're going to jump right into it. if you can remember to like the video, if you find any value in it, don't forget to subscribe down below. hit the bell notification so you can get updated with the new ebay shopify videos that i'm going to be releasing every single week. all right, let's get right into the video. all right? so when it comes to finding a supplier, what you need to do is obviously have a product in mind first. so what i'm going to do first is i'm going to jump into the laptop, show you a winning product that's doing well right now and see if we can find it on alibabacom. so i'm going to show you the process of finding the winning product. if you want to see a full breakdown of how to find a winning product. i'm going to link it above and i'm going to link it in the description down below. but for the sake of this video of finding the supplier, i'm going to find the winning product on dot go to uk and then i'm going to go over to alibabacom and show you exactly what to do to contact the suppliers, etc. etc. so let's do that right now. so, to begin with, you need to start on ebaycoduk. once you're here, you're going to type in the product that you have in mind. so the product i have in mind is bluetooth earbuds, and then you click search, alright. so the bluetooth earbuds that i have in mind are these partikular ones. so i'm just gonna show you exactly what you need to do to figure out whether or not it's a winning product. so i'm just gonna scroll down, all right. so the way that you initially find out if it's a winning product or not is that you'll see that multiple different sellers are selling it. so you can see this one selling it, this one, this one, this one right here, this one again and then another one right there. so what i'm going to do now is quickly click into one of them. i'm going to show you exactly what i do to figure out whether or not it's selling well right now and if there's any point in me even contacting the supplier. so what i do is come here, come to this section. here, as i can see, there's 1605 sold, which is a lot. i scrolled down. i look at the last 100 transactions. the last date here is the 13th of july. today is the 18th of july. as we can see right there, they've sold 100 of these in the past five days, which is a high amount to sell. there's more that goes into finding a winning product, but for the sake of this video, i'm just going to take these earbuds and try and see if i can find a supplier. all right, so the next stage: we need to open up alibabacom. if we can find a product on alibabacom, that's when we know that we'll be able to import it ourselves, and i'm going to show you the process to contacting the suppliers. so what you do is that you type in bluetooth earbuds, alright, so straight away we can see. you know the same one that we're looking at right here, yep, so there's a number of things that you need to look out for when it comes to finding a supplier on alibabacom, so that you don't get scammed, the first thing i look out for is the number of years that the supplier has been around on alibabacom. to do that, you look at this section right here. as you can see. it says two years. this one says one year. my rule is that i only look for suppliers that have been on alibabacom for minimum of four to five years- more years the supply has been around. in my experience, i've seen that that's the supplier that i'm going to have less hassle or less trouble with when it comes to the quality of the product or the efficiency of the service that the supplier offers. what we're gonna do is that we're gonna scroll through and find a supplier that's been around for a long enough time. as we can see, this one right here has been around for seven years. six years, okay. eight years- okay, it's looking good. six years again. and we're only going to look at the product that we've looked at on ebaycodyk, which is this one, okay, so there's a number of sellers that are selling this partikular product, all right. so once we found the product on ebay and we know that it's selling, well, and then we've looked at alibaba and we found the exact same product being offered by multiple different suppliers. what we need to do now is write an email to each different supplier. i'm going to break down the email right now. i'm going to show you, step by step, what i say and the reasons why i'm saying it, so you know how to structure your own emails. when it comes to contacting suppliers, let's do it so to begin, start off with their supplier comma. all right. so the first line says: my name is sam and i'm a full-time online retailer for consumer electronics. the reason why you want to say this is because we're dealing with a consumer electronic. we want the supplier to know straight away. this is our main speciality and we focus on selling online, which means that there's endless possibilities for us to sell their product, which means more repeat business for them. all right, so in the next line, i said i am very interested in starting a long-term business relationship with you and i wanted to discuss some details regarding your bluetooth earbuds. all right, so we're letting them know straight away that we're in this for the long run and we're telling them that we're focused on the bluetooth earbuds. so we're getting straight to the point, which is what they like. all right. so in the next line, what i said is i want to place an initial order for 25 pieces for these partikular earbuds and i wanted to know what the full price will be, including shipping to the uk using either dhl, fedex or ups. so the reason why i said 25 pieces is because, when it comes to using a new supplier, it's always good to start off with 25 pieces. once you sell the 25 pieces, you can now make your next order, 40 pieces, and then 60 pieces once you sell that off, and then so on and so forth. so it's always good to start off with 25 pieces to begin with. it allows you to test the quality and also the efficiency of the supplier that you're using. you're also asking them about the full price, including the shipping to the uk using either dhl, fedex or ups. when you're ordering such a smaller quantity of items, you want to use either one of these three because it will be quicker and cheaper for you to do so. so in the final part of the email, what i've said is: can you also tell me if you accept paypal as a method of payment, please? all right, so the reason why you're gonna ask them if they accept paypal. you need to make sure that you send the funds using paypal only because this will cover you, just in case the supplier is a scammer or they're going to send 40 goods. if they send 40 goods or they don't send you the goods at all, you can always contact paypal and get a charge back. so it's important that you use paypal. i've made this mistake at the beginning of my ebay career a number of times and i got scammed. you can also use alibaba escrow. me personally, i've only used paypal when it comes to using a new supplier, because i know it's one of the safest methods to use. the next line i put i would recommend if you get back to me with the total cost, including shipping, and if you accept paypal. so i'm just concluding everything there, letting them know exactly what i want them to answer. and then, finally, i said, your fast reply would be much appreciated, as i have contacted other suppliers and would like to start business as soon as possible. kind regard, sam. so the reason why i picked this part here is because i want them to know that i've contacted other suppliers and if they really really want to do business, it's better.

Coronavirus Impact On Dropshipping - 5 Ways To Overcome | Supplier Alternatives

hi guys, welcome back to Super Mom TV. so today I'm gonna do a short video and discuss with you about coronavirus and how it can have a big impact on drop shipping. as of today, the 10th of February, they are already 40,000 cases worldwide and the death toll has climb up to 900 deaths. so this is a global concern and it has a big impact on all the industries. in fact, it has impacted all our lives. so just last Friday, Ministry of Health and Singapore has raised the risk assessment for Singapore to DORSCON Orange. a lot of people panic and a lot of them stok up on food supplies. then supermarket was very chaotik. a lot of things are out of stok. I saw the news that they stok up a lot of instant noodles or the necessities that we need to use on a daily basis. because a lot of us are very afraid that if the government were to raise it to the red alert, it will have locked down. so once locked down, everybody will have to be ordered to stay at home. businesses will be closed. so people are afraid of this. fortunately, the government has assured us that the other home supplies will be sufficient, so people shouldn't panic at this time and just buy whatever that is necessary. so now let us discuss more about how coronavirus have a big impact on dropshippers. so I get asked a lot of times what happened to chop shipping? because most of the products that we source are from the Chinese suppliers. the main concern they are having is shipping times, as well as the package that they receive from China. well, the package be contaminated. so I will be answering these questions. so for shipping times, yes, it is definitely going to be a delay. some of the things that I've sold- 1 out of 10 got delayed. so it is not so bad, mainly because i do not use Chinese supplier. I use a us supplier. so the only concern is some of my suppliers. they have a warehouse of products ready stok so they can help us to dropship. but once the stok has sold out, they are supposed to order from the manufacturer. so most of the US they are the tok from China. so this world sooner or later will be a concern as well. Chinese supplier just celebrated Chinese New Year and they were closed for the whole of last month. as of today, the news mentioned that most of the factories in China most probably are going to push the opening of the effector ease to the first of March- they delayed the opening- and becomes on the 10th so, which is today. so this information are going to be updated from time to time. as for the contaminate the package, well, health organization whu-oh has confirmed that the packages that we receive will not have any contaminated viruses, because viruses do not stay active very long on surfaces like letters and packages. your customers can be assured that they won't be contaminated packages. on the YouTube community alone, there are so many comments and videos toking about all these packages that customers do not want to receive. but this is a very big misconception many of my friends for asking: did it affect me? no, it didn't affect me, because my suppliers are us suppliers. so move forward. we do not know what will happen to this industry, so it is best to start looking for China's suppliers alternatives and looking for a new way to do your online business, especially doing drop shipping. today I'll have five Chinese supplier alternatives or a drop shipping alternatives for you to consider focusing on, and I would suggest you to start right now, because we want to have a backup income, especially for drop shippers. so I was already quite worried and I was like backing my head thinking of what we should do so. I was doing a lot of research over the weekend and I found out that there are a few ways that you can do and it do not need to sauce for Chinese suppliers. so my number one suggestion is: try to find your local supplier to get your supplies. for instance, I'm from Singapore, so I will have a lot of local wholesalers that is willing to help you to dropship. that was how I got started on drop shipping. I focused on my local Singapore supplier first, which I drop ship furniture. I got agreement with the supplier and supplier helped me to dropship the furniture to my customers. so this is one way you can speak to the suppliers or the wholesalers to help you to dropship. I believe that they are more than happy to do that for you. so people will ask me: how do I find suppliers locally? so what I do I like to do is go to this, the directory, which is the green book for Singapore. it's called the green book. these are the business directories and you can contact them and seek the permission to have you do drop ship the items. so this is one way that you can avoid Chinese suppliers and continue doing your drop shipping business. so it's good to group up all these appliance that you have, but for me, I like I have a habit of knowing business owners or wholesalers that they manufacture their own products. so I get to know them and I will keep a good relationship with them. so whenever I need stuff from them, I will ask them to help out. so this is one good way to support local. so so let's suggestion for me is to do pre-owned be months. so put on the months something like this data of companies out there that have it to print the design that you want and have you to ship directly to your customer. so this is considered drop shipping as well. so this company provides a wide range of products for you to print on. so, for example, the most popular ones are the t-shirts, hoodies, pillowcases, pencil cases, makeup pouches, Mudds, shower curtain and many more. so they are products are getting more and it is the best way for you to do job shipping business because most of these printing companies they are located in the US. so I know it's tea, lunch and tea spring. these two companies are facing the us, so they print everything again. so you won't have any problem with the ship shipment delayed. their shipping takes really very fast- about two to three days if you were to, if your customers are from the US and they shipped directly to your US customers. so what you need to do is just design logos like this one, like my, what a t-shirt. so you tuber like, then lock themselves. they like to have serious of products on their store so they do sell. there are t-shirts. the most important thing is you grow on your social media and from there it's easier for you to sell your merchandise. so, moving on, look, my suggestion is to do job servicing. so job servicing is something new to me. I have discovered this business a few months ago- I guess was last year, October- where I accepted the challenge of making campaign. this time, so I use this job, so we seek to increase my profit and increase my revenue. in the end, I managed to make ten thousand in ten days time. should drop servicing. so job service is everything to online. you just need to provide people with service, like video editing service, logo design services. so you probably service, but the supplier. you can get them from freelancing websites. so I will go more in depth into the top services. if you are interested to learn about this job service business, leave your comment below and put their crop service drop service supplement to my on my income. at the same time, the profit margin is so much more higher. all my profit margin is at least 50%. so now move on to my fourth suggestion on how you can find a job shipping a supplier alternative, and that is you can look at at sea calm. so LC calm is a handmade marketplace where buyers- sellers- like to sell their handmade stuff on Etsy. so there are a lot of very nice things that you can really find on the retail outlet and you can contact the Etsy sellers and ask if they are able to drop it for you. most of the time they will be more than willing to have tube top shipped to you. so right now, what I see from Etsy, it is not just handmade stuff. some of the things are digital products. so they allow people they like to design their own stuff and they put it on Etsy. you can also do this job service way and you approach the seller and ask them: wheth.