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shift4 shop dropshipping

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Setting Up Your Product Catalog

hi,my name is lauren solarzo and i'm a,training specialist here at shift for,payments the parent company of,shift4shop,thank you so much for joining me today,i'm excited to tok to you all about the,amazing features available when it comes,to adding products to your store,this isn't something that you have to do,in order to get your store up and,running,our product customization tools allow,you to edit all aspects of the products,that you offer,or you can simply just upload a picture,a skew number and a price and be up and,running so it's really as simple or as,complicated as you'd like to make it,this is an incredible feature that we,offer because it really allows you,to set up a unique experience for your,shoppers through easy,categorization and it helps your brand,and business to really stand out among,the competition,i'm going to show you some tips tricks,and how to's for adding products and,categories to your store today,so let's go ahead and get started so,when getting started,if you've already started your shift,workshop this might look a little,familiar to you this is our quick,setup wizard so the wizard is a great,way to navigate through setting up your,store for the first time and,it's going to prompt you to set up some,different categories and then upload a,few different products to get you,started,now when you're getting your store set,up you can certainly add those items in,here but we can also edit those a little,later on as well,so when it comes to actually editing,these parts of your store,we're going to use that navigation menu,on the left hand side of our screen,and we're going to go to the option that,says products,now when we're in products we have a,drop down menu with a few different,options that are on here,so the first option that we have on here,is product list,this is going to show you all of the,products that are listed in your store,and this is where you can add products,manually or you can use the export,import files to,bulk upload products to your store next,is categories,this is where you can edit and add new,categories and subcategories for your,store,next is images this is where you can,upload pictures and create folders to,keep your product details organized,next is reviews so you can look at,reviews for products all in one place,and then finally we have waiting lists,so we can use this feature to easily,notify customers when stok has been,replenished or there's new items coming,into your store,so today we're just going to be focusing,on adding products and editing,categories in our store but just know,that you have a few other options on,here as well,so let's go ahead and get started by,toking about some product basics here,so we have different kinds of products,that you can add to your store so we,have three of them,so first is going to be a physical,product so this is going to be something,like an artikle of clothing for example,next is going to be a digital product so,it's something like a pdf,an ebook or maybe an image and then the,last kind of product that you can add to,your store is going to be a gift,certificate,now when it comes to adding products you,can add them to your store manually and,you can also fine-tune those products as,well once they've been added to your,store,so in order to add a product to your,store we're going to go to that,left-hand navigation menu we're going to,select,products and then we're going to select,the first option on there,which is product list now in the upper,right hand corner we have a blue button,that says add a product so we're going,to select that one because we're going,to manually add something to our store,first,so once i select that button it's going,to take me to a screen that looks like,this,and now i can add a new product to my,store,so when you're adding a new product,manually there's only three required,fields that you need to fill out,so the first is going to be the name of,your product the second is going to be,the sku and then the last and final,required piece is going to be the price,which will be down a little bit lower on,the page everything else on here is,optional,and you can add in those details at a,later time if you'd like as well so,don't feel obligated to add in things,like your description right away,now on this screen this is where you can,also select the type of product that,you'd like to offer,so the first one that we're going to try,here is just that physical product to,get started,now once i scroll down a little bit on,the screen as well,this is where i can add other certain,items to my product as well so for,example i can put the categories that,this product falls into,so if i'm adding something like a,women's blouse i can select,you know women's as the category i can,select women's tops if it's an on sale,item i can select on sale,so you can really customize your,products a lot here and how that's going,to show up on your shift 4 shot,you can also add in different images and,then we can see we have our last,mandatory field on here which is the,price,now if you scroll down a little bit more,as well on the same page,we have even more editing tools when it,comes to adding things like your,inventory,your shipping information and more,options,as well so those are just the basics of,adding a new product to your store,now when we go back to the main screen,and we're looking at all of the,different products in our store,we can actually further edit these,options as well,so by selecting this item it's going to,allow me to,view and edit that option even further,so once i've selected this item it's,going to take me to a screen that looks,like this so it looks pretty familiar,you've got your same product information,in here,but now i've got a couple of additional,tabs at the top,so the information tab is all of the,general information about the item,so this includes our categories pricing,shipping information inventory etc,next is images and this allows you to,upload images,and edit thumbnails for your item next,is options,this is going to allow you to edit and,change size options as well as different,colors in your product that might be,offered,we're going to take a look at that one,in a little bit more detail in just a,minute and then the last option that we,have on there,is seo or search engine optimization,and this is gonna allow you to add in,tags to your product,so that they appear when customers are,searching on your website,or the internet for your products so the,other option that we have on the screen,is in the upper right hand corner and we,have that preview button so this is,really helpful,and it allows you to view the item in,your store,as your customer is going to see it so,it's also a great way to kind of double,check your work,so if you're filling out this,information and you want it to look a,certain way to your customer,you can always use that option to make,sure that it's showing up,exactly the way that you'd like it to,now remember any changes that we make,here we're also going to want to hit,that save button,early and often in that upper right hand,corner,okay so now that we've edited just the,general information,let's take a look at that options tab,and look at the different,features that we can edit in here so,within the options tab this is going to,allow you to edit things like the,different sizes that are available,and the different colors that are,available you can also edit things like,the,buttons so you can choose whether or not,your item has a drop down menu,or things like radio buttons you can,choose whether or not,your product image changes colors when,people select the different colors and,etc so you can get,really specific here with customizing,your products in your store,so we can see the first shot that i have,on here is just the different sizes that,are being offered in the specific,product in my store if i scroll down a,little bit further we can see i just,have a couple of different color options,and in order to edit

Shift4Shop Quick Setup Tutorial

hi and welcome to shift 4 shop,we've put together this video,demonstration to illustrate how quickly,you can be ready to sell on your shift 4,shop store,now we're going to go through these,screens pretty quickly but don't worry,we have extensive artikles in our,knowledge base to help you get started,with this video we just want to show you,how quick the process can be,to view the knowledge base simply click,on this icon in the online store manager,to see a list of artikles related to the,page,you're viewing we also have special,information icons spread throughout the,admin,to give you additional help,and if you ever get stuck you can open a,support tiket,or chat session right from the admin,so let's get started now this is a brand,new store,and by this point i've completed the,startup wizard entered my store,information,added my payment method and selected my,theme,but i still haven't uploaded my logo yet,so to do that,we'll go into settings general and store,settings,and here's where i'll add my logo image,just click on browse and upload files to,add my logo,and once it's uploaded just select it,from the view,and click save,now let's click on view store and see,the logo in place,while i'm here let's go ahead and swap,out these carousel images for my own now,if you click on one of the carousel,images,you'll be taken directly to the setting,page in the admin,to change those images but if you ever,need to come back,to the carousel settings you can find it,in the stores modules,section so just like the logo let's,click on browse,followed by upload files,and i'll add my two slider images and,select them,i'll also remove these links since i,don't have pages to link to yet,i'll just come back to those later on,okay let's click save and now view store,there we go coming along nicely,now this store is still using its,default demo products,so let's get rid of those and add my own,back inside the admin let's go to,products product list,these are all the default demo products,that the store comes with,i'll delete those in a minute but let's,create my first real product,click on add a product,let's add a name for the product,the sku can be whatever you'd like i'll,just keep it as is,in this case,we'll add a better description later,and while we're here let's add it to a,category,it's a kitchen appliance so let's make,this category called,appliances,and assign the product to it,for the image i'm just going to click,and drag the,picture into this area and now let's,price the item,and i have 25 units on hand,and lastly this product comes in three,colors,so we'll add options for those,and let's click save,and there's the product created,i can fine-tune it further with all of,these additional tabs but for now i've,got my item in place,and i think it's time to delete those,demo products,i'm going to select all of these check,boxes,then unselect my new product,and we'll use this batch action to,delete them all,at this point i can add as many products,as i want,i could either create them manually or,use the export import functions for a,csv,import but for now let's move on to,another,important part of an e-commerce store,shipping,i'm going to need the store to calculate,shipping for me,that way i'm not out of pocket when i,ship orders to my customers,so to set that up i'll go into settings,then,shipping now there's two ways to,calculate shipping,one way is to connect the store to a,shipping carrier like ups,and have it return live rates that my,customers can select,to set that up i would go into shipping,settings,and add my credentials for ups or fedex,or,whoever i use for shipping and if i,don't have an account with them,i can also register right from here,in my case i use usps so i'll enter my,credentials for them,and click save,while i'm here let me just verify that,my shipping origin is set up,if this is blank just enter the location,where you,ship from okay now the next step is to,add,the usps methods that i normally use for,shipping,so for that let's go back into the,shipping page,and this time click on the button for,shipping methods,and then i'll select the usps methods,that i want to make available,now a moment ago i mentioned that there,are two ways of calculating shipping,i just set up the store with usps to get,real-time rates from them and that,method is called,real-time rates but i can also set up,custom or,offline shipping methods which are,calculated based on ranges,for example i can use this flat rate,shipping method,i'm selling appliances which can be a,little on the heavy side so let's go,with,ten dollars per item or i can also,set ranged base shipping where i can,create different ranges,for things like the total weight of the,order or the number of items in it,or the total dollar value of the order,or even the zip code,that the orders are going to,for now i think usps and flat rate,shipping should be enough,i can always fine-tune it more as orders,start coming in,okay so now let's set up tax calculation,for the orders,let's go to settings and payment,and then let's go into the tax manager,now you should check with your local,commerce laws for how,online sales tax is handled for your,business,in my case it's fairly easy i only need,to charge sales tax for orders going to,florida addresses,so for my store i'll only set florida as,the state,and it'll be a flat seven percent charge,on those orders,it may be different for your location,but you can set up tax calculation based,on broad locations like an entire,country,or a state or more granular areas like,zip code ranges so let's click,view store to see our work,and there you have it in just a few,minutes i was able to create my basic,store,and get it ready to process orders and,starting your store,can be just as easy so good luck with,your ecommerce web store,and thank you for using shift for shop


This Ecommerce Platform Is A Shopify Killer! Shift4Shop Vs Shopify

shift4shop is the most compelling,ecommerce platform that i've come across,in a while,and has the best chance to dethrone,shopify,now this video compares shift4shop,versus shopify,so you can make an informed decision,if you enjoyed this video don't forget,to hit the subscribe button and be sure,to hit the bell button to be notified,when new videos come out,now when shift 4 shop acquired 3d cart,and decide to make their ecommerce,platform,100 free immediately sent ripples,throughout the e-commerce community all,of a sudden you could get access to a,fully hosted shopping cart,as powerful as shopify without paying,any monthly fees,now will ship four shop overtake shopify,as a result,will you be the judge but first off who,the heck is shift for and how can they,possibly make a fully hosted shopping,cart,100 free what's the catch well shift 4,payments,is one of the leading providers of,payment processing and tiknology,solutions in the world,they power over 350 major software,providers,and over 200 000 businesses worldwide,with over 200 billion,in payment volume and the reason they,can provide you with a fully hosted,shopping cart for free,is because they make it up on the back,end when you use their payment,processing solution,their business model is very similar to,shopify in that shopify basically forces,you to use shopify payments,in order to avoid getting charged their,egregious transaction fees,however the main difference is that,shift4shop will not charge you any,monthly fees,to use their ecommerce platform not only,that but because shift4 specializes in,payment processing,they can actually offer you much better,credit card processing rates than,shopify as well,so overall the ship four shop platform,sounds like a win-win,but let's break down the pros and cons,of shift 4 shop,versus shopify so first off what is,shift 4 shop,shift 4 shop is essentially the exact,same ecommerce platform as 3d card,and in 2020 shift 4 acquired 3d card and,decide to make their platform 100,free when shift 4 is used as the main,payment processor,now prior to this acquisition 3d cards,struggled to compete with venture-backed,competitors like shopify or bigcommerce,who had much deeper pockets to spend on,marketing and sales,but now that shift 4 has taken over,shift4shop or 3d cart,now has the funding and the value prop,it's 100 free,to compete with the industry leaders in,e-commerce,now most of you who have followed me,over the years know that i never blindly,recommend shopify to anyone,shopify is not a one-size-fits-all,solution,and it has very poor out of the box,functionality plus it's expensive,compared to the other carts,but as a general purpose ecommerce,platform for the masses,it's both easy to use and beautiful and,in fact some people call shopify the,apple of e-commerce now shopify's main,strength is at the user interface,and their extensive third-party,developer ecosystem and they're also one,of the most popular shopping carts in,the world with very deep pockets,but when you cater to the masses and you,get too big,there will always be drawbacks so this,video is a,thorough comparison of shopify versus,shift4shop,based on experience and both carts will,be evaluated based on the following,criteria,cost what is the true cost of running a,store on both platforms,search engine optimization which cart is,better for seo,design and ease of use which cart has,more themes and is easier to use,and then out of the box functionality,which cart has more features out of the,box,third-party ecosystem which cart has,more developer support,and then finally blogging which cart has,a better blogging platform,so first off which one costs more,shopify or ship for shop,and in general it's actually extremely,difficult to calculate the true cost of,shopify,because it depends on how many,third-party apps you use with your shop,and on the surface shopify appears to,only cost 29,a month but this is not a realistik,price because the base,shopify cart doesn't do enough in an,informal poll among my e-commerce,colleagues,most shopify store owners end up paying,several hundred dollars per month,because every shopify plugin carries a,monthly recurring fee and with shopify,you get nickel and dime for every little,feature,so for example shopify's discount and,coupon system,is far worse than ship for shop whereas,shopify out of the box,only allows you to issue basic dollar,off or percentage off discounts,shift for shop allows you to implement,every possible permutation of,discounting that you can think of,buy one get one free promotions of the,same or different item,buy an arbitrary item at a discount if a,specific item is purchased,you can also do tier discounts based on,quantity stackable discount codes reward,points for future purposes,an equivalent plugin on shopify will run,you around twenty dollars a month,so basically ship photoshop has all the,features out of the box that you need,to run a fully featured store but,shopify does not,and it's free so arguably shipforshop,has the,opposite problem of shopify which i'll,discuss later on,but shift4shop has so many features in,their base cart that it can be a little,confusing to understand them all but i'd,rather have that problem,than me nickel and dime for everything,plus you can't beat free,so what is the catch with shift for shop,how can it be free,we all know that nothing is free in life,and for shop has to get paid,somehow,well shift force core competency is,payment processing,and they plan on making all their money,on the back end because,every online store needs to have payment,processing,so your interests are aligned and by,giving you an online store,for free you'll process more payments,which allows shift 4 to make more money,however it's important to note that in,order to use shift for shop for free,you must qualify for their payment,processing plan,and if you do not use shift forwarded,process payments you'll get charged a,monthly fee that is equivalent to,shopify's pricing plans,so the winner for cost by a landslide is,shipped for shop,ship for shop is so much cheaper it's,not even a contest,okay who has better search engine,optimization now one of shopify's,biggest limitations with seo as you,can't,optimize your urls for seo so for,example,here's what a sample shopify product url,looks like,and if this is too small the url,basically reads over laner.com,collections suspension products slash,the product name,now an seo optimized version of the url,that i just specified,would read as follows overlander.com,and then the product name in other words,collections and products are superfluous,it makes the shopify url longer than,necessary but what's worse,is that you can't change this in shopify,no matter what,shift4shop is completely different in,fact search engine optimization,is a feature where shift for shop,thrives over most of the fully hosted,shopping carts that i've used,because they allow you to generate,whatever url slug that you want,now this one feature alone makes,shopping cart migration,seamless in other words you can switch,to shift4shop,without fear of losing search traffic,and allows you to optimize your urls,as much as possible so for example if,you were to migrate your store from,shopify to shift4shop,you could literally maintain the exact,same url structure,which would mitigate the loss of seo,traffic during the move,but outside of url structure shift4shop,also offers a suite of built-in seo,tools out of the box,which allows you to implement site maps,redirects canonical urls,meta tags rich snippets everything now,the functionality isn't well documented,in their cart,but it's powerful if you know what you,are doing so the winner in terms of seo,shift4shop has better seo than shopify,okay which cart is easy to use now with,an army of third-party developers,shopify easily offers more design,templates than shift shop,but looking through ship workshop's,library over 100 themes,you should be able to find something,that you'd lik

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Top 6 Shopify Alternatives Help You Build a Business | Top eCommerce Platform 2021

Hi guys, this is Zoey from CJdropshipping,Welcome to our channel,If you are a dropshipper or eCom entrepreneur, you must hear of Shopify,The number 1 eCommerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale system,It offers online retailers a suite of services,including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tool,According to Builtwith, 1.58 million websites run on Shopify as of 2021,Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms, but it isn't the only platform,not your only choice,So in today's video,I will bring you guys the top 6 Shopify alternatives - the strong competitors,and I will explain in detail their pros and cons,Because everyone has their own opinion about these apps,so I took the top 6 on Google search results,They are BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, Big Cartel, Volusion and Wix,If you like this kind of video,make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to our channel,Light up the bell at the same time, so you won't miss out on any valuable content,Let's check out the first platform together,BigCommerce is a strong competitor against Shopify,It was founded in 2009,It's an open SaaS (software as a service) eCommerce builder,It has more built-in sales tools than any of its competitors,and combines these features with advanced SEO and fantastik multi-channel integration,However, for beginners, BigCommerce may not be easy to use,especially when you are used to the Shopify addition apps,In the meantime, the build-in features can limit your spending,unlike the costly spend on the App Store in Shopify,You're looking to grow and scale your business?,then BigCommerce is the better choice,Let's take a look at the pros and cons,Unlike Shopify will take a certain amount of your profit,BigCommerce won't touch your cake,It won't charge any percentage of your sales,Its advanced marketing features allow you to promote your product on the web,and increase the conversion rate,Especially, its abandon cart recovery feature can even win back 12%-15% of customers,according to BigCommerce their own,Multi-channel selling with BigCommerce allows you to manage stores,on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest,Extensive SEO capabilities, such as fully customizable URLs,allow you to gain free traffic and give the store exposure,It has more than 100 stunning themes among other platforms. ,If the quick startup is your priority, better to check out other platforms,The massive and powerful features also mean it takes time to learn how to use BigCommerce,Only 12 themes are free to use across the industry,Get ready to pay for the stunning themes.,BigCommerce charges monthly by revenue,The more income you got, the higher you will need to pay,The second platform I'm going to introduce is WooCommerce,the free plugin of WordPress,Launched in 2011,it's an open-source plugin that can transfer WordPress and blogs into an eCommerce store,Powerful SEO features and organic traffic from blogs,let your store surpass others in the beginning,So let's check out the pros and cons,The plugin itself is completely free to use with any WordPress site,And WooCommerce won't deduct any transaction fees from your sale,Open-source means limitless customization,As long as you know to code, you can create all kinds of customization as you wish,You will have 100% of ownership and fully control of the content,Since WooCommerce is based on WordPress,it will also enjoy lots of powerful SEO plugins and unique custom URL service,leading your links easier to be searched by the search engine,If you are totally new to WordPress and have limited or no IT knowledge,WooCommerce may not be suitable for you,You won't be able to enjoy the benefit of open source,and have struggled while building a store,Even though WooCommerce is free to use,you'll still respond for domain hosting costs,an SSL certificate, and extensions,And these things ain't cheap,Check these estimated prices,Founded in 1997, Shify4Shop has offered eCommerce software with a focus on SEO,And back to 2020, Shift4 acquired 3DCart,and decided to make the platform 100% free,when using Shift4 as the main payment processor,If you are an SEO junkie, Shift4Shop will be a better choice than Shopify for you,But it also has its good side and downside,Shift4Shop supports more than 160 payment gateways and there is no transaction fee,Unlike Shopify, it tends to let clients use Shopify as its own payment gateway,Otherwise, you will be charged per sale,A variety of SEO tools like Google AMP,and 301 redirects make sure you rank higher and earn more traffic,Build-in blog feature allows gaining organic traffic,A free domain name comes with your plan,Unlike Shopify,you will need to register a domain with cost OR response for all domain hosting costs,SSL certificate of WooCommerce,More features access,For the basic plan, Shift4Shop users have more access than Shopify,and you will get a full eCommerce platform,You will need to pay an extra $10 a month for an additional one user,Despite the Shift4Shop have many free theme options,these free themes all have a very similar design and not as modern as other platforms,Big Cartel was founded in 2005,and it's mainly targeting artists and creators and provides a free,easy-to-use product-selling service,It has no requirement on coding experience since it integrates with ,Google Analytiks, Facebook and PayPal,Limited features narrowed their audience group to small store owners,If you have fit their niche perfectly, Big Cartel is still quite competitive,It starts with a free plan to $29.99 per month Titanium plan,The free plan allows 5 products and 1 image each,There is no extra charge for Big Cartel,Since Big Cartel is mainly aiming at artists and creators,there ain't many features that make it easy to use and newbie-friendly,Big Cartel doesn't need to enter the credit card information to get access to their service,and they integrate with PayPal for quick check-out,It has very limited features compared with other platforms,So if you are a big company owner, it won't be a great choice for you,Compared with other platforms,Big Cartel has very limited marketing tools,Volusion is a cloud-based shopping cart and helped with over 200,000 businesses,You can access additional product video feature,and tag suggested products feature without extensions,It has inventory monitoring with just one click and has more than 1000 apps to access,Really newbie friendly and the competitive price fits your budget,Really great platform but also has its cons,Let's check the pros first,Volusion has more shipping integration,includes real-time shipping rates for USPS, UPS, FedEx,while Shopify only includes USPS,There is no extra charge for Volusion,There are many theme options on Volusion and many themes are available,If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the theme,then Volusion will be a great alternative to Shopify,It can improve the business relationship and help to analyze customer data,Volusion is a cloud-based platform like Shopify,Even though the interface is quite straightforward,however, it still requires some coding experience for better access,The basic plan for Volusion limited product to 100,Since the basic price is the same price as Shopify,why we go with these 100 products instead of the Shopify unlimited products?,Our final platform is the Wix, founded in 2006,It's a hosted solution with nothing to install and doesn't require coding experience,And you can start with your website for free just with Wix ads running on your store,Wix is much easier to use than WooCommerce and gives you more freedom than Big Cartel,However, Wix is also lacking in eCommerce features,and doesn't work with many different payment methods,What is WIX good for?,Drag and drop style makes Wix easier to build your store and to run quickly,No coding experience makes the entry barrier much lower than other web builders,Wix has more than 500 templates available,The eCommerce plan starts from $17 to $35 per month,And this

Review of Shift4Shop Shopify Has a Big Problem Now

hello hello hello everyone this is our,review of the gods where we review any,and everything today we are,previewing overview inside whatever you,want to call this,ship shift for shop,formerly 3d cart,it's been brought out by shift,for shop they,were slash are a payment processing,company who brought out,3d cart to now be your,e conference solution so you can,open up your store use their platform,and you know they get paid because,you're exclusively going well not,exclusively because you can use paypal,too,but 90 of the,fulfillment in the processing you know,in mean fulfillment but well i mean you,can't use fulfillment if you,understand the terms of fulfilling your,orders and getting your money to the,right person they're going to be it so,that's why they're willing to do it it's,a pretty smart move i commend them,if they get the word out and people,start to see it,this will take off this will be the new,it thing as you can see,a new premium e-conference solution,completely free for,life but that's why it's free and that's,what i'm telling you here,now i have built websites from wordpress,shopify and now i'm learning this one,here,i already have two sites that i have,already put you know,put together for some people to just you,know to show them,part of what i do on the side i have,way too much stuff i'm going and then,i'm doing but i still try and definitely,try to help people,i'm just trying to see okay as you can,see here,it says no credit card required,our solution is completely free i'm sure,it says it has an asterisk right here,they might have some other stuff that,you have to pay for but,everything i know of besides the domain,of course you got to pay for the domain,it's free and they have,templates here things depends on where,you come from to understand but those,are the themes,and they have hundreds of them that are,free,and they're good great to amazing to,regular you know just like,all the other platforms here and it says,hundreds of powerful product features,built in sc,you know search optimization to social,media email marketing,and this is trusted by big conference,leaders you got hickory farms you got,the ups store crabtree and view,everything but water,and i'm sure there's more this is how,much they process annually,annual transactions current customers,and it says platform free uh fee it's,zero,included features now,this is this other here that basically,other is shopify they just didn't say,their name because they don't want to,get to defamation,yada yada competition so they can't say,their name but,the platform p they're going from,shopify to wix to all of them,like i say i've used them all,and it says included features more,features than other uh,e-conference platforms all include,additional charges,right here like numerous features,including stackable promotions and,options of,one-page checkout many crucial features,like real-time shopping experience,now this,and what they offer is,now i didn't try the migration existence,yet,as far as what i saw they just told you,to download the csv file,and transfer it that way i haven't had,any great,luck with that there,with doing that and but i still want to,learn it from the ground up when,i build the websites and,try out new platforms i want to know it,from the ground up so,i'm starting from the ground up to know,how to do it,now their system is way more it's it's,basically like a wordpress if you ever,use wordpress how,it already has built-in stuff but you,can do tons and tons of editing and,features and,the looks of your website easy shopify,allows that,but you have to know what you're doing,more than,than say uh for shop,shifter shop um the learning curve is,is much harder though shopify learning,curve is easy,anybody can go in there and shopify that,that's what makes them so great,and why people like them but the fact,that,they they aren't charging this fee,right here just 30 plus fee,if you have more than one website you,know how much money you're gonna save,man that's amazing just just the thought,of what i can do now,because you know i'm just like everybody,else money site,so and you have to do what you have to,do with your money now,that they have a site with a lot of,robust features and certain things like,i say,that are free on this platform that you,have to pay for individually on,shopify i'm toking about like shopify,costs thirty dollars a month,is the one that you want you know they,have cheaper plans and yet but you're,gonna start off with the thirty dollars,a month,and then some of the add-ons cost this,then this and some of,them are monthly this company gives them,all for free,the thing that you want more from this,company is like,there should be a way to easier design,if you don't know what you're doing it's,harder to design on here,it it's cool that it brings back uh some,of the old school designing,that you that i'm used to doing from the,wordpress,because i stopped doing wordpress just,because it's,wordpress uh is amazing but what you,have to do to keep up and keep the,hackers out,isn't worth the time so that's why,shopify,took off and places like that because,they handled the security,it's amazing by someone handling that,instead of you handing it,yourself it's a whole different,situation,of handling security yourself on a,wordpress platform,i'm just telling you,it's worth the 30 a month not to even,try to do that,but now we have another solution where,we can get it for free,so i suggest anybody that,that you're even just trying and you'd,even think you have an idea,and that you may want to do something i,recommend you try this out,i mean you can pay somebody hundred,dollars to to make the shop for you,and then the only thing you have to do,is just add the products and the,services in there,man it's it's this is amazing thing,if they tweak a little bit and they let,people know,shopify is going to have to do some,other things to order to compete,but i'm definitely going to shift my,stuff from shopify to here,i'm almost done learning everything i,need to know about this,platform here and once i do it's over,and,there's going to be more and more,websites and stuff that i do and people,are going to have to pay me,i'm just not going to do this for free,because it's it's a much harder work,than doing a shopify store shopify,stores like i said it's a breeze,it's a breeze this one is,it's robust that's what i'm saying it's,robust it's highly recommended,if you don't have money you don't have,this you don't have that,you can just buy a domain name for less,than twenty dollars,a year and then put this up and you're,just spending twenty dollars or whatever,if you're just doing a blog if you're,just doing this you can you can do that,i mean there's other ways you can do,wordpress.org,i think it is that one and do the blog,there that way but,if you want to sell some stuff when they,have your own website your own brand,your own everything,this is the way to do it you can do it,for free you just need to buy the,name the the domain name that's a must,when you're doing web so i just thought,i'll just give you the inside on it one,day i actually show you,it in action later

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

in this video i'm going to answer the,most commonly asked questions about drop,shipping including the questions that,most people won't give you a straight,answer on so here's the ugly truth about,drop shipping,now drop shipping has a reputation for,being a get rich quick scheme because it,sounds way too easy you don't need to,store inventory you don't need to ship,or fulfill orders you don't need much,money to get started and you can run a,dropship store from anywhere in the,world now while all these statements are,tiknically true a common misconception,is that running a successful dropship,store is easy but in reality success,with drop shipping has many pros and,cons and isn't as straightforward as you,are led to believe so in this video i,answer all the in-depth questions,related to drop shipping to provide you,with a complete view of what it takes to,run a profitable dropship store now what,is drop shipping drop shipping is an,ecommerce business model where an online,store does not carry inventory for the,products it sells when an order is made,the online store purchases the products,from a wholesale supplier who then ships,the order directly to the end customer,so as a result the online store owner,does not have to deal with physical,inventory or perform any shipping and,handling there are no upfront inventory,cost because all products are purchased,on demand now is drop shipping legal and,legit it is 100 legal as long as you use,legitimate dropship suppliers so for,example if you sell disney merchandise,on your online store and your supplier,dropship's fake disney merchandise on,your behalf you could be liable for,fraud as long as you're careful about,who you work with and only use,officially licensed distributors for the,brands you carry drop shipping is legit,and safe,now does it require a seller's permit,and a business license well in the us,you absolutely need a seller's permit in,order to legally sell online now most,states require you to charge sales tax,to customers where you have economic,nexus and drop shipping is no exception,if your locality requires a business,license then you must get a business,license as well remember drop shipping,is simply a method of order fulfillment,your drop shipping business is a real,business and must be registered as such,now how profitable is drop shipping well,because your supplier is doing most of,the heavy lifting when it comes to,fulfillment and inventory the margins,for drop shipping are much less than,other e-commerce business models so,typical margins for drop shipping are,between 10 and 30 percent compared to 50,to 66 percent for private label and,traditional wholesale which makes drop,shipping far less profitable now the,best products of drop ship are higher,tiket items that yield more revenue per,sale,now is drop shipping worth it well,despite the low margins drop shipping,can be a great way to get started,selling online for less than three bucks,you can start a fully featured ecommerce,business that carries hundreds of,products and drop shipping is worth it,for product research as well without any,upfront risk you can list many products,online just to see what sells and then,based on your own sales data you can,private label or carry inventory for,your best selling products and keep more,of the profit now the best part is that,drop shipping can be automated except,for the customer service now most,established drop shipping suppliers,support edi which stands for electronic,data interchange edi is an electronic,system that allows your website and your,suppliers website inventory to,automatikally stay in sync so for,example if your supplier runs out of,stok on a partikular product your,website's inventory will automatikally,be adjusted in addition all orders,placed on your website are automatikally,transmitted to your drop shipper for,fulfillment however even though order,fulfillment is automated you are still,responsible for answering questions and,performing customer service now here's,how drop shipping from your own website,works now if you use a well-supported,e-commerce platform like shopify,bigcommerce or woocommerce setting up,drive shipping is a straightforward,process here's exactly how you drop ship,from your own website and how it works a,customer places an order on your site,and you accept payment the customer's,order is electronically transmitted to,your drop chip supplier where you are,charged the agreed upon wholesale price,for your goods your drop ship supply,then ships the order to the end customer,and you pocket the difference in cost as,profit now you don't have to drop ship,on your website you can also drop ship,on amazon and here's how amazon drop,shipping works you list your products or,sell on amazon as a merchant fulfilled,seller and then when an order is placed,on amazon you electronically send the,order to your drop ship supplier who,then ships the products to the end,customer now overall amazon drop,shipping is a much riskier business,model than drop shipping from your own,site because you have to follow amazon's,terms of service to the letter first off,you must source your products from a,legit wholesaler you are not allowed to,drop ship your products from another,marketplace like aliexpress ebay or,walmart otherwise you're going to get,banned as a result aliexpress drop,shipping on amazon is expressly,prohibited amazon also imposes very,strict requirements for shipping and,fulfillment that must be met if you have,a series of late shipments or inventory,mishaps your account's going to get,banned but outside of following amazon's,terms of service drop shipping on amazon,works much the same as drop shipping on,your own website you can also drop ship,on ebay you simply list your products,for sale as an auction or store listing,and then when an order is placed you,electronically notify your supplier who,fills the order and similar to amazon,you must source your products from legit,dropship suppliers and not marketplaces,like amazon or walmart otherwise you're,going to get banned so as a result get,rich quick schemes like buying products,from amazon and drop shipping them on,ebay at higher prices is prohibited now,you're probably wondering how drop ship,payments work well when you sign up with,a drop shipping supplier you'll be asked,for a form of payment and typically you,can pay by credit card your supplier,keeps your credit card on file and,simply charges your card when an order,is placed you can also use ach or direct,transfer this is where your supplier,keeps your bank information and,automatikally places a transaction at,the end of the day week or month for all,products purchased,the best way to pay a drop ship supplier,is through payment terms some suppliers,will offer you payment terms which means,that you don't have to pay for your,products until 30 or 60 days later now,whenever an order is placed on your,website two payment transactions occur,in the background the first transaction,takes place when you accept payment from,your customer and deposit the money into,your own bank account the second,transaction takes place when you pay,your supplier for the raw cost of goods,and any related drop ship fees,now where do you find drop shipping,suppliers there are four main ways to,find suppliers depending on your budget,and the types of products that you want,to sell,and by paying a fee you can perform a,search and instantly have access to,hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers you can,also use a drop shipping company a drop,ship company acts as a middleman who,automatikally connects you to a dropship,supplier you simply list the products,that the dropship company offers and,they handle the entire fulfillment,process as a result you do not have to,find or interact with any suppliers you,can also go to a drop shipping trade,show by attending local wholesale and,drop shipping trade shows you can form,drop shipping arrangements face to face,you can also use a print-on-demand,com