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shoes dropshipping

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

We Made $43,947 in 1 Month Dropshipping Shoes [FULL INTERVIEW]

we made 43 000 in 30 days over 10 000,profit drop a like if this video helps,you out let's go,[Music],hey yo check it check it so this month,we made 43 000 in may and we profited,10k even with a conversion rate that was,under 1,the reason we made so much money is,because we had a really good profit,margin on the products we were selling,we were buying these products for 25 to,30 and we're selling them for 79 to 89,which gave us a really high average,order value of,97.55,this means we could spend more on ads,influencers and packaging giving a,better quality customer experience so,i'm just going to update the numbers for,you guys so you can tell that it's real,we'll go from march to may and then you,could see that we made 84 grand in that,time period now let's give my friend,siani a quick call he's the store owner,and he gives great advice hey yo,yo,what's good bro round two bro round two,round two let's get it all right guys so,if you don't know cyani he's the owner,of grivy ware and he's a former student,of mine,and he's just doing very well right now,really good,and yeah just tell them a little bit,about you,um so like he said my name is siani you,know i've been working on groovy wear,for a while but working on it since,2017. um took a couple years off because,of school and whatnot,came back in 2019,and um big shout out to brett for,basically helping me out and basically,getting my business to where it is right,now like i was telling that all the time,without his help i would have not gotten,the ten thousand dollars a month in,profit not sales but profit as in i take,home and keep with me so so,you've been running groovy ware for over,four years um,what do you think,was the biggest changing point from your,early years to not really having too,much success to hitting 40 thousand,dollars,in just one month in may,um um,definitely one of the biggest,differences is,um honestly brett you know he helped me,out a lot he is the reason i got to 40,000 before that twenty five thousand,before that twenty thousand dollars a,month um he really helped me out with,everything from my product page to the,actual ad to and then you know the only,thing i can really say i did fully,myself is pick the correct product but,everything outside of that when it comes,to like facebook advertising and the way,your website and product page is,supposed to look um you know brett,helped me out with that and that was a,huge step in just my conversion rate,increasing my sales increasing and just,my overall revenue increasing,yeah dude all that stuff really ties in,and like you can't just sell a good,product you really do need the landing,page to be intact you need the checkout,sequence to be flawless you need your,advertising to be on point have emotion,and make sense so,once we tied all of that stuff in um we,did see higher revenue kick in but also,the reason why we're we're moving so,fast-paced on this interview is because,we just did a full interview it was like,20 minutes and the whole thing got,deleted so we have to do it again,uh sucks but whatever you know do for,the fans what's up,so,my next question for you siani is,what do you think is the biggest,misconception with beginner dropshippers,it is not as easy as these,fake gurus and whatever you want to call,it on youtube make it seems like like,drop shipping in itself the business,model is easy but to think that you'll,just you know,make a store and then just add a product,and then like in rolls of money no,that's false you know,time you know and effort and research,has to be done into it and also like we,were saying in the last interview,you know i highly recommend you get into,a niche that you're passionate about and,you know very well you know um if you,were just to get in here you know just,to make a quick buck and then be out i,promise you you're gonna fail unless you,have,tons of experience with this and you,know the ins and outs so you can just,start a store make some money then leave,but if you're a beginner and you're just,in here to make a quick buck you're not,gonna last find something you're,passionate about,build a store around it you know really,try to push it make it try to be a big,thing and then then the money will start,to roll in 100 i see that literally all,the time like right people in econ will,just get into it they're like oh i'm,gonna make a thousand dollars tomorrow,this is easy right they go in they,they have no clue what they're doing,they listen to like one or two,one like 10 or 20 youtube videos and the,biggest problem is they're learning from,the wrong people they're learning from,people that that preach principles,that they don't even get success with,and,i think to to add to that you can't be,learning from all these different people,you have to stik to one,and you have to just really,once once you stik to one person you,really have to just abide by their,strategies and just keep going for it,because if you mix the ecom king,strategy with ecom lord strategy with,lord econ strategy um,it's not really gonna get you too far,right yeah you're gonna spread yourself,too thin trying to try all these,different strategies ways of going about,it this this and that and um as a person,who has scoured youtube for years on end,you know looking at drop shipping videos,since 2017 i can tell you each person,who's successful at it has their own way,there may be some base foundation,similarities but everybody really has,their own separate way of doing it and,honestly if everybody didn't have their,own separate way of doing it everybody,would be watching the same econ youtuber,so,and that also comes with people have,different niches so different strategies,work for different niches in different,departments so you know it all depends,whoever you feel like is giving you the,most value and the most helpful advice,stik with them maybe if you're curious,about maybe some other topics but when,you find someone stik to their solid,strategy don't go to other youtubers,because you'll only confuse yourself,yeah no 100 and i and i really struggled,with that when i first started too so,it's kind of funny like watching other,people do the same thing and now i know,that's the reason why so i wanna i wanna,help people avoid that problem because,i wasted two years of my life i know you,definitely wasted some time too,and that time you can't get back so,just avoid that please if you're,watching this video like if you like my,strategies,stik to me,if my strategies don't work for you,maybe it's a product that's not working,try the strategy again because i can,promise you they work but you just gotta,stik to one so,so as an entrepreneur,what do you think is the most important,trait to have in order to become,successful,um i definitely think it um it has to do,with hard work slash work ethic,um definitely working smarter,um,creativity,and um,i would say those those main three,things i put hard work and work ethic in,the same group so that,working smarter you know,maybe toking to some people reaching,out to some people getting mentors,that's one thing i also have to say,getting a mentor,is worth the money and i'm not even,saying this like because you know i'm,saying brett has helped me out and he's,the whole is that he's the homie,whether it's you know brett or maybe,you're already toking to somebody else,i don't know but if you feel like they,know what they're toking about get,yourself a mentor invest that money what,i learned from being under brett in like,a couple of months really surpassed an,entire year of me doing youtube and i,would be on youtube every single day,like when you get with someone who's,been there done that knows the ins and,outs there's details they're gonna give,you and personal insight they're going,to give you that you can never get from,a youtube video so that is a major thing,definitely major and then lastly like i,said just be creative and be passionate,about what you're doing because you know,when you're not cr

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic,route meaning posting content on tik,tok and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tiktok does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tiktok,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tiktok feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and you guys can pretty,much see that they're posting videos,consistently honestly and it looks like,they're getting consistent likes and,comments on every single video that they,post so let's go ahead and check out,their store and it looks like it's a,general store that they turned into a,one product store from the name of it,they're selling it for forty dollars and,they have some pretty nice images here,some gifs and description the size,overall really nice and they have some,reviews so this might be a potential,product and i'm actually really excited,to test this product out the views are,outrageous and they post really,consistently and it looks like it's not,too old so you guys can see their first,video was on the 19th which is insane so,this is a product that could potentially,get us our lambo okay so right away i,went ahead and searched the product on,amazon hoping i could find it it was the,fourth option and went ahead and,purchased it for 38 and then i also went,on aliexpress to see how much i could,source this product for which came to be,around 21 and i could always get this,lower once i start getting more orders,but since we're selling it for 40,dollars and we're getting it for 21 we,have a profit margin of 19. so out of,our 100 budget we spent 38 of that to,order the product which leaves us with a,total of 62 left to spend but anyway now,that we have to wait for the product to,arrive i'm going to go ahead and use,this time to actually create the store,for this product porta speaker a speaker,that is portable and you could pretty,much stik anywhere and amplify the,noise well hey i think we got ourselves,a brand name porta speaker sounds pretty,nice and pretty easy to remember now,since we are on a budget of 100 i'm,gonna be going ahead and making the logo,myself i'm gonna be using a 30 day,shopify free trial which if you guys,want to do the same you can use the link,below so we're pretty much not gonna,have to pay for shopify for the first 30,days so i'm gonna get to work create the,store and then hopefully we get the,amazon product so that we can start,filming some content posting the tik,toks and just start driving traffic to,the store to see if anyone would,actually buy from this store but anyway,let's go ahead and start the store build,okay so our dropify shoplifting store is,finally complete and now it's time to,review it ladies and gentlemen i present,to you,porta speaker.us,what,okay so here is the product page where,pretty much all of our customers are,going to be redirected to you guys can,see we have a few images right here so,you can just scroll through we have the,name of the product with a few reviews,under it and you can see we have free,shipping and 50 off right under the,price and then going into the,description we have a headline with a,description under it along with a few,gifs i'm going to be changing these gifs,once i actually get the product and i'm,going to pretty much record custom gifs,so that they're a little more,personalized and people who come to our,site get a more personalized experience,but for now i just have these temporary,gifs that i have just as a placeholder,we have another headline and description,another gif another headline description,and a gif and then we have a faq section,for customers who have any questions or,doubts about the product and you can see,how this works it's pretty much a drop,down menu scrolling down into the,reviews we have all these reviews,reviews are very important and you could,pretty much just take these from the,supplier that you're sourcing the,product from because it's pretty much,the same exact product and that,concludes our presentation for the porta,speaker website so we found the winning,product we have our site built out now,the last step is actually to get the,product and create a tiktok page for,it and then just start posting loads of,custom content for the products that we,can potentially get on the for you page,of different potential customers that,will potentially be the holder of the,one and only porta speaker,[Music],okay so the product has finally arrived,from bezos's hands into my possession,and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox,this right in front of you guys so let's,go ahead and see what we got,i present to you the porta speaker,wow it honestly looks pretty solid,okay so i'm gonna go ahead and set this,up and see what we can actually do with,this thing and if it actually even works,as expected all right so i just set it,up so i'm gonna go ahead and play some,non-copyrighted music so that susan,doesn't cut my paycheck for the month,but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,how this works it's honestly pretty cool,all right so i have my music ready to go,i'm gonna move my mic actually so you,guys can pretty much hear everything,that's happening and i'm gonna go ahead,and click play without this on the table,and watch what happens once i actually,put it on the table,[Music],that actually works believe it or not,we're actually almost pr

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all right it should you're back again so,she'll see you guys please make sure you,guys subscribe if you guys are watching,this video it is the top of the morning,I'm bright I'm early I'm here I just,wanted to tok to you guys I've been,hella extremely busy but I always have,time to share something that I just,found ours some knowledge to drop on you,guys especially when it makes when it,contains pertains making some change in,this game that's a bar right there in,itself no but Pharrell I just learned,about this so I'm gonna give you guys a,brief for our story gulped stok X,similar companies do a similar thing is,just that when it comes to having so,much similarities in a business in a,business structure you have to find,something that's gonna separate you from,your competition in this case when boat,started off they did legit checks I'll,stand take identification I don't even,realize said that right but authentikity,they check for authentikity in shoes and,they specializing used and new shoes so,that's the trick right there for them,when they buddy start the same thing you,can place a bid you could buy it,straight forward with stok eggs they,usually only deal with brand new shoes,unless is something super rare where,it's only like a friends and family and,they have something that's used like,worn or tried on or something they do,that with the Louie bags and all that,stuff some of the stuff is used I'm not,saying like rash smacked around anything,but they are used and stok Harris is,only new they have a meter of where the,market said they make it like this,basket they make it like the stok,market so that's their play on the shoe,market or the shoe resale inside and,that's what differentiates both of them,plug go actually just brought something,new so I know you guys are click this,video for the title the thumbnail and,that's what this is it's not gonna be no,BS we're gonna go through and try to,make it like short six-minute video that,way you guys watch this get some,knowledge and hopefully you guys start,flipping shoes like that whether you,guys want to do it like that or not so,the newest feature on go and I'll show,you guys a video soon so the newest,feature on go that I have we just been,getting hit with as their storage goat,storage so that's pretty dope if you,have,space or if you just don't want to sure,you have no plans on keeping the shul,that's cool that you can put it in their,storage it's free of cost the only thing,you gotta pay is their shipping so you,basically pay for the show only you,don't pay for the shipping but when it's,time to ship you do pay that 10 bucks so,I think that's a genius idea they do,have a big-ass warehouse so I'm pretty,sure they can organize everything store,it by account buy everything so and then,pay the shipping once it's ready to go,no fees on storage or anything so I,think that's a plus side for a lot of,resellers that don't really care about,shoes or just wants to make the money,like just an example i'ma give you guys,the Travis Scott are dropping they were,supposed to drop me third I heard they,got delayed to my 11th but that shows,like a 2,000 bucks right now so when it,drops it probably will drop to like a,thousand eight hundred is pushing it but,that's a shoe that out I am gonna buy is,my personal risk I'm taking I'm gonna,buy a couple pairs and uh I don't know,I'd like to try out the storage thing,honestly cuz that well I have a lot of,room in my space I won't get squished,squished or I won't get damaged box or,anything so that's why I wouldn't mind,bringing it here as long as it's not you,know you're securing the package but,you're gonna be here that they should,receive that package because again,that's a thousand dollar shoe you don't,want to leave it outside all day to take,that chance if somebody takes that box,they're coming up on a thousand bucks,profit just because they didn't pay,anything for the shoe but anyways you,can put it in the storage free of cause,you only pay the shipping so if I were,to buy that shoe put it in the storage,wait like three months it rises up to,like two thousand I make like make let's,say seven hundred a profit I don't even,have to deal with shipping out the shoe,I don't even have to deal with that,coming to my house than me boxing it up,securing it sending it out to go or,stok cache or wherever I decide to sell,it for him so that's the cool part,essentially its drop shipping from go,you can buy all these shoes put them in,the storage you don't even have to send,the shoe to your house you can just,resell it put it up for bid or put it up,for a price and then our goal will do,the rest and then they'll notify you and,then you confirm and all that stuff so,that was pretty cool I just wanted to,give you guys a heads up,I'm gonna call this video drop shipping,from go just because drop shipping,sneakers because essentially that's what,it is you cooked you can hold a shoe,while it's cheap and I don't know if it,takes months years whatever happens if,it's still in your storage you can,essentially sell it and profit off of it,so imagine doing that in a compounds way,having like what 10 20 shoes in your,storage everything starts to profit,profit profit and then bam you got a,payday so I just want to give you guys a,heads up I'm always looking out for you,guys on what to do if you guys want to,make a kind of a quick scheme cash or,make this a make this a consistent thing,so shout out to you guys make sure you,guys subscribe comment like do,everything you guys do I appreciate it I,see the channel wrong we're approaching,500 subscribers shoutout so you guys,appreciate everyone of you guys and yeah,make sure you guys subscribe fire,content all the time everything I hear,I'm always gonna show you guys so I'll,see you guys next vid,[Music]

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Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Dropshippers Make (Shopify)

what's going on guys today i'm going to,be going over the top 10 mistakes that,you need to know before you start drop,shipping,literally all of these mistakes are so,crucial because if you just make one of,them,then your entire drop shipping business,could be completely destroyed,everything that i'm going to share with,you today are actionable tips that,you're going to thank me later for,and if this video does reach 4 000 likes,i'm going to release a document of 10,viral winning products,that are making thousands of dollars per,day right now,so make sure to smash the like button,and subscribe,but without further ado let's get into,the value,all right guys so the first and one of,the most common mistakes that i see,newbie drop shippers make,is not checking the shipping times for,countries that they're trying to,advertise,to if you go on aliexpress and you check,the shipping drop down,you're gonna see there's tons of,different options and it's very specific,on each country that you're actually,shipping to,so if you're wanting to advertise the,united kingdom make sure you actually,check out those specific,shipping times and a lot of the times,you might have to find a different,supplier for one country than another,country,and the reason why it's so important,that you actually check these shipping,times is sometimes united states will,have 14 to 17 days shipping,and then you'll check out the shipping,to canada and it will take up to two,months and you guys,don't want to be sending products out,with two month shipping because if you,actually run into that scenario,then you're gonna have tons of unhappy,customers and trust me,that's not how you're successful in drop,shipping you're gonna have a ton of,refund requests,a ton of chargebacks and overall that's,just bad business so definitely make,sure you do this one,now mistake number two is setting,realistik goals,i get tons of dms every single day with,people reaching out to me thinking that,this is a get rich quick scheme,and telling me that they want to make 50,000 or 100 000,in the next few months now i hate to,break it to you but this business model,does take time and it does take effort,so if you're a beginner getting into,this expect not to make money right off,the bat,your primary goal should be coming into,this learning absolutely as much as you,can,because in my opinion the hardest part,of this business model is,actually going over that initial hump to,where you actually get,sales once your store's actually getting,sales then you can turn up the knob,with advertising bring more traffic in,and it's relatively,simple to scale but trust me don't,expect to make hoards of money in the,next few months because you're gonna be,very unhappy,when the money doesn't come in instantly,and you're gonna quit,much faster you guys see me on this,channel,sharing some insane numbers but keep in,mind i've been at this since,2017 so it definitely didn't happen,overnight,you guys aren't seeing the sleepless,nights the times i've almost went in,debt,and all the trials and tribulations that,actually came with my success,now number three is to actually start,out with a realistik budget,and i think this is one of the biggest,achilles heels of newbies getting into,drop shipping,they see this business model and they,want to start out with a hundred or two,hundred dollars,and while that might be sufficient to,get your first store off the ground,if that's actually the only money you,have you're gonna lose it relatively,quickly and you're gonna think that this,business model doesn't work,i suggest that you start with a two or,three thousand dollar budget,completely dedicated to actually testing,products out,because this will give you a high,likelihood of finding a winner,now if you don't have two or three,thousand dollars yet,i wouldn't really start out trying to,build a business i would try to get a,job,because the thing is to take a hundred,dollars and turn it into a thousand,dollars you're gonna need to 10x your,money,which is pretty difficult but it would,be much easier if you just spent about,30 or 40 hours,working at a job taking that money,putting a thousand dollars in,and 10xing it and turning it into 10,000.,now mistake number four that i see tons,of newbies actually make,is not focusing on viral products that,solve,problems a lot of you guys dm me your,stores,and i see these odd little trinkets you,guys are trying to sell,and different jewelry and fashion,products and while these,do sell these are some of the most,competitive niches,and it can actually be harder to,convince someone to buy a fashion,product,than something that actually solves a,problem the method that,i teach in drop shipping is actually,finding products that fill a gap,in the marketplace so for example not,too long ago i shared a video,showing one of my 100k products and what,this product is,is a knee brace that actually helps you,walk better and it takes off weight,from your upper body which solves a,massive problem for anyone who has knee,problems or trouble walking,in general now the reason this products,much easier to sell than random trinkets,is because it solves a real world,problem and when you actually go on,facebook,and you advertise this to people with,knee problems,they're gonna be much more likely to buy,this as an impulse purchase,than your random trinket now mistake,number five that i see tons of newbies,making is starting out with the general,store approach,if you don't know what that is basically,it's a store like amazon,focused on selling any product under the,sun,and the reason why i don't advise of,this method is because right off the bat,if you add tons of products and you're,still completely new to this business,model,you're not gonna spend enough time,merchandising the products you do have,and you're gonna think it's quantity,over quality but in reality,that's actually flipped around i like,focusing on fewer products that we,merchandise much better,because it gives us a much higher chance,of actually getting sales on our stores,so if you're starting out i recommend,you start off with a niche store,or a one product store a niche store is,focused on,one market so for example workout gear,and a one,product store is literally only selling,one product so for example this massage,gun,and by doing this we'll be able to,dedicate the time needed to properly,merchandise our product,and create good product descriptions,work on good graphics and get good,facebook ads plus when customers,actually visit our website they're gonna,look at our website as a very reputable,brand,because we're very focused on their,problem that we're trying to solve,now mistake number six is to avoid,selling any copyright or trademarked,products,now this could be a little bit difficult,to understand if you're a beginner,but one big piece of advice that i,recommend to you,is don't sell any products with any,characters or,any references to any other company so,for example a spiderman costume,an mba jersey or something related to,pokemon,now this should be common sense but i,see far too many people get into this,business model,and get their store shut down because,the thing is that company could actually,come,file a report on you and shopify will,take your website down,immediately and on top of that you could,also face some legal implications,if you actually did become very,successful selling that product,all right guys so mistake number seven,should seem like common sense,but i see far too many people get into,this business model,start scaling their products and they,don't actually truly,understand the profit that they're,taking home each day,now this is pretty simple to figure out,there's a couple apps that you could,download on your store,like life timely or order metrics where,it actually tracks real time your profit,every single second so you can integrate,your facebook ads your google ads your,product cost,and your shipping costs and any fees,that you're actuall

Dropshipping Shoes | A Full Guide To Starting A Footwear Business 👟

have you ever thought about Drop,Shipping shoes is it profitable how do,you do it which supplies do you choose,what are the pros and cons while this,video is for you hey guys I'm Lara and,welcome back to our YouTube channel in,today's video we're going to give you a,full breakdown on the pros and cons of,Drop Shipping shoes the top shoes that,you should start Drop Shipping in your,store as well as the 8th best shoe Drop,Shipping suppliers so make sure to stik,around for this video if you've been,contemplating chop shipping shoes don't,forget to hit that subscribe button,quick intro and let's go,[Music],foreign,so before we jump straight into what are,the best shoe products to be Drop,Shipping as well as who are the best,shoe suppliers to be working with let's,first take a look at the pros and cons,of Drop Shipping shoes I think it's very,vital that we cover this before we jump,straight into the good stuff so let's,take a look at the pros first our first,pro being there's a huge selection of,shoes to choose from wait what,cheese to choose from we can drop ship,an endless selection of shoes in the,markets because of this customers have a,wide range of colors sizes shapes and,designs to choose from from stilettos to,sneakers we can find any pair for every,need our second Pro being that Drop,Shipping shoes can help us achieve,higher profit margins shoes are an,essential commodity thus highly valuable,to our customers when products also have,great values we're able to set,competitive prices as such setting,competitive prices to these shoes can,help us gain higher profit margins the,third Pro of Drop Shipping shoes is that,you're able to enter a global market,you're able to cater to the demands of,both your local and international,customers the fourth Pro being that,shoes are an evergreen Niche it doesn't,matter what the season is buyers,purchase Shoes for various purposes the,last Pro of Drop Shipping shoes is that,it matches all demographics she serve,users of different ages and genders from,babies to adults men to women shoes are,an essential everyday wearable because,of these Starburst demographics the,sheer Niche is an excellent one to,explore and take advantage of so let's,now have a look at what are the cons of,Drop Shipping shoes our first con being,that there is a competitive market so,because there's such tight competition,your Drop Shipping shoe business needs,to stay ahead of the game to do this you,can offer top styling shoe products and,we can Source these top selling shoe,products from the best drop shipping,supplies in order to establish a good,brand your business also gains,competitive Advantage when you provide,exceptional customer service another,downside to drop shipping shoes is the,presence of many trademarked brands in,the market bear in mind to avoid Drop,Shipping branded shoes since,intellectual property rights protect,them remember that you can also utilize,the auto DS Pharaoh detector this will,help you filter out prohibited shoe,items when adding the shoe products to,your store in addition to the cons shoes,are very size specific so keep in mind,that when people purchase the incorrect,shoe sizes the return rates start to,increase in order to manage this issue,effectively add size charts so that your,customers can refer to it for reference,now that we're aware of both the pros,and cons of Drop Shipping shoes let's,take a look at the top two products for,Drop Shipping beginning with our first,shoe product idea are the clear top,heels whether it's to complement a check,outfit of the day or to finish off that,evening look clear top heels are,becoming stable shoes for women as a,matter of fact the High Hill industry,actually reached around 34.1 billion USD,in 2019 and figures show that this value,is likely to increase to 42.7 billion,USD by 2024 these statistiks just show,the profitability of Drop Shipping high,heels when Drop Shipping this product,you can also add different heel types,for your customers to choose from such,as a black heel a kitten heel a pencil,heel a wedge heel or even a stiletto,heel you can even consider selling heel,strap variations like a single strap a,double strap or even lace-up straps for,the hills a quick tip if you would like,to add some Quirk and class to the clear,top heels then consider offering options,that come with embellishments such as,glitter crystals or spikes our next,trending to drop shipping product is the,over the knee boots and although summer,is approaching us boss the demand for,these boots remains High there are also,various over-the-knee boots that you can,consider stoking in your stores such as,suede heeled and Fringe types also the,cough circumference is essential to give,users a comfortable feel when wearing,their over-the-knee boots of course,knee-high boots come in patterned,fishnets and many other styles that fit,fashion statements jeans leggings skirts,you name it our third shoe Drop Shipping,products are the men's dress shoes the,men's dress shoes are perfect for,business suits or formal dress codes the,men's formal Footwear industry is,constantly growing from a 6.6 billion,USD markets you can also offer various,types of men's dress shoes such as,oxfords monk straps Derby loafers and,driving moccasins beyond the trendy,looks are these men's dress shoes we,need to ensure that they are also,comfortable for our customers to wear,hence we can consider selling the arch,supports and contoured cushioning as a,variation when selling these shoes,generally men's dress shoes are,available in Suede and leather materials,so ensure you have these options,available for your customers to choose,from our fourth shoe product to drop,ship are hiking shoes today there is an,increase in popularity of outdoor,activities such as hiking and camping,partikipating in these Outdoor,Adventures requires you to wear the,proper Footwear such as hiking shoes,which provides you both safety and,Comforts also selling hiking shoes will,likely attract outdoor enthusiasts to,check out your online store there are,four types of hiking Footwear that you,can offer in your Drop Shipping Store,hiking sandals cross hikers medium,weights hiking boots off Trail or heavy,boots and monsignering boots we also,want customers to feel comfortable and,safe in their shoes when hiking,therefore we can consider offering ankle,support and protection as well as grip,and traction features of hiking shoes we,should also consider offering durable,water and weatherproof options so that,users are safeguarded in any condition a,quick tip a great way to upsell hiking,shoes is by offering matching,accessories such as bags jackets or,gloves next up on our top shoe products,to drop ship are the orthopedic shoes,orthopedic shoes benefit customers with,specific foot conditions orthopedic,shoes offer health benefits and at the,same time users can wear them with style,remember to consider offering orthopedic,shoe features these features can include,removable insoles cushioned outsoles and,impact absorbent midsoles in addition to,this variations with stretchable and,seamless uppers prevents abrasion and,pressure on the feet styling orthopedic,shoes with wide and deep toe boxes are,necessary in order to provide Comforts,to users not only that we can also offer,easy to fasten or slip on orthopedic,shoe options so stiks on the best shoe,products to drop ship list are the,loafers for both men and women so,loafers are easy to slip in shoes that,do not require listening or lacing and,loafers are generally available in,leather and suede materials there are,also several types of loafers that you,can offer ideal for both men and women,of all ages these popular variations,include Penny horse bits tassel driving,slipper and so much more to add more,value to these shoes you can offer,loafers that come with metal ornaments,Stitch designs Crystal embellishments,and many other designs coming in at,number seven for the top shoe products,to drop ship are golf shoes

How I Made $5000 In A Month Dropshipping Uggs💕

[Music],hey guys welcome back to another video,on my channel this is a German Alexis,I'm here today to tok to you about,something very interesting and something,very easy to do and that is called drop,shipping in this video I will directly,explain how I drop shipped uggs and made,five thousand dollars in one month and I,just want to say before I actually,happen to this video that anyone can do,this I'm making this video because I,feel like drop shipping is very easy and,something like that you can make a lot,of money from so it's no reason not to,do so so if you're interested in,learning how to drop ship with no,inventory and make lots of money at home,then stay tuned so the first thing I,want to say is yes I started drug,shipping of oh I forgot to say make sure,you like and comment this on this video,and make sure you subscribe to my,channel yes,subscribe I'll be making videos like,this all the time and other videos like,beauty and everything like that but this,subscribe I wanted to tok about army,Pacific we drop shipping herbs if you,guys don't know what drop shipping is,drop shipping is basically when you sell,products that you don't physically have,but you make money off of these products,and other suppliers or businesses supply,you with these products the only thing,you have to do is pay these people to,give you the product and to send it out,to your customer so I'm basically gonna,explain to you how this works so I have,a vendor and the vendor sells really,cheap legit legit me you know they are,real books so they sell the uggs for,about forty one to forty eight dollars,so when I started drive shipping as,love selling my eggs for $75 so when a,person will want to order my herbs they,will pay me either via PayPal or via,Kesha once they send me the money I will,send my vendor $41 and keep the profit,of remaining of the 71 dollars so 75 so,I will keep the profit for myself and it,may not be a lot but the fact that you,you know I basically didn't invest any,money into this business and I just went,and just sold a product that I don't,even own or I don't even have personally,it is it's pretty cool to me so what I,did was I remained being cheap because,in the real world looks well I was,specifically selling ugh slides,arrghh slides are really around 100 to,120 dollars so the fact that people will,see someone selling real uggs for only,$75 that would you know they would love,to buy those for discounting like that,so it was going very well and then I,went up to $80 and then I went up to $85,and then I started to do to for 120 or 2,foot 10 110 I would just have so many,crazy deals and I would make a whole,bunch of sales because I gotta say ugg,boots or ugh slides are not expensive,but the discount that I offer with my,uggs it was you know it was no reason,that's about it if you you know like ugh,size for me to actually get my customers,and promote my dropship business I did,create an Instagram I created my,Instagram and I turned it into a,business account I think the the name of,my like the business like name was a,product and service so I had that as,that and I just started posting random,pictures and herbs because I did not,have inventory and that's the only thing,when it comes down to drop shipping is,you have to really make your customers,believe that you are selling what you're,selling and before you actually do sell,or drive ship from a company,please make sure that you order a,product that you're trying to sell from,your vendor because it L vendors that,portray to sell things for wholesale is,not always a real vendor so do not get,out here and see a vendor and then you,like okay I'm going to start dropping,John shipping with this veneer no make,sure you actually buy from this vendor,test out the quality of the product,because you do not want people cussing,you out giving you bad reviews or,anything like that so just make sure,that you actually do your research on,this vendor this partikular vendor I did,buy a pair of Uggs my ugh vendor arm,only has women's sizes but as other,vendors that um sell kids and baby sizes,but I was mainly focused on women,because my target audience was for young,teens and young teen women and women I'm,actually selling this of vendor this,other vendor is on my Beauty website um,I will have the link in the description,box so whenever you want to click there,and just see how much it is or see the,discount everything is gonna be in the,description box you guys I honestly,recommend you to buy the vendor if you,want to start drive shipping herbs,because I gotta say it's something easy,to sell it was easy to me and this page,that I started to start selling my uggs,it was a brand new page so it wasn't a,page that I previously built I'm like a,you know a clientele or following no,this is the page I built from zero,following up and and it's crazy because,I only gained about 300 followers and I,made all of this money but the fact of,my engagements like from people say my,page likes and my pictures from the,explore page and people referring people,that just burn me in a lot of customers,as well and the fact that I posted good,quality photos that was another thing,that running a lot of customers so just,make sure you have a professional,account make sure that you are looking,for great photos to post or actually,buying products from this,they're to take their own personal,photos I honestly recommend you to buy,your own products and take pictures from,the vendors so just in case someone,deems you or wants to contact you based,on the herbs you will have your own,videos and pictures of these because a,lot of people are scamming these things,you guys so people want to make sure,that they're spending their money on,something real they don't want to get,scammed ever it's too much stuff going,on these days everyone is not rich,everyone will have money just to throw,away so make sure if you're really,serious about this as you put your all,into it because it is a very beneficial,thing to do but just make sure you're,not you know making people feel like,they are not going to get what they are,paying for because at the end of the day,we need to make our money too and we,want to make our customers happy so just,make sure you're doing everything on,point when it gets to a point where,you're actually making sales and being,you know you're like selling and you're,drop shipping business,I honestly recommend you to start a,website because at this point hopefully,you've built money up so you won't have,to you know wait for the money to come,in most most of the time when people,drive ship they do take money via,ketchup or PayPal so that money is,immediately put into your account but,when you make a website sometimes your,money has to process because your money,may be linked to a credit card or debit,card like my businesses with my cards so,just make sure if you're getting real,serious into the drop shipping business,and you're making a lot of money just,try to save money because once your,business starts to get big you're gonna,have a lot of sales and potentially you,will have people that wants to pay with,a car because now you have a website so,just make sure that you have money to,buy the herbs because you may not have,the person that spent the money on the,herbs and mmediately because they you,know they paid you through a card so and,that's one thing that you know what,killed me when I was just shooting,because once,time I was driving hair and I was doing,really great you guys but I started to,get carried away with the safe house,making so much money and when they came,to a point where I was making all this,money I was spending it not really,thinking that okay I'm gonna need to,order this person hair with this money,and when it came to a point where I had,to order the hair I was kind of lost,because you know I would had to wait for,payments because they were paying me,through credit cards instead of actually,Tammy via PayPal cash so that's the,rea