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Shop Marshalls Black Friday Deals!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to my channel, where we are going on a shopping spree for gift sets at my favorite Beach Plaza in sunny South Florida. We are checking out stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ulta, and Bath and Body Works for designer brands and luxury brands. This is the perfect place for treasure hunting and finding one-of-a-kind discounted items. We are here to scope out the gift sets slowly coming out for Christmas and update you guys on all the amazing goodies.

At TJ Maxx, we found a variety of gift sets from brands like Steve Madden, Valentino, Betsy Johnson, Juicy Couture, and Michael Kors. The prices range from $15 to $130 and include purses, wallets, backpacks, keychains, umbrellas, and makeup bags. There are also fuzzy purses and wallets for those who love cozy items. We also found a Hello Kitty backpack and a mustard yellow Steve Madden purse.

In the wristlet section, we found a vegan fuzzy wristlet priced at $15 and a matching purse for $25. We also discovered London Fog and Steve Madden glitter clutches. Kate Spade and Vera Bradley are great options for Christmas gifts, but we didn't find any at this location.

Overall, we found some amazing gift sets at affordable prices, perfect for Christmas gifts for friends and family. Don't forget to check out these stores in South Florida for discounted designer brands and luxury brands. Happy shopping!


In this video, the host takes us on a shopping trip to Marshalls and HomeGoods. The host is excited about the trip and asks the viewers to like and comment on the video to keep the shopping trips going. The host plans to look for Ray Done stuff, makeup deals, and home decor for Christmas and fall.

Shopping Trip Highlights:

- The host likes the pumpkins and suggests adding a Halloween face to them.

- The Kusama pumpkin is worth the price.

- The host is looking for Ray Done stuff and finds bath salts and raiders.

- Disney stuff is black and the host likes the DKNY bling.

- The host finds a lot of Christmas decor, including pre-lit Christmas trees.

- The host likes the candy jars and Italian cakes.

- The host finds Ray Done dishes, including handmade ones.

- The host checks out some clothes and likes the Karl Lagerfeld and Adidas shirts.

The host thanks the viewers for watching and for keeping the channel alive. The host enjoyed the shopping trip and found some great items, including Ray Done dishes and handmade decorations. The host suggests checking out Marshalls and HomeGoods for Christmas decor and Ray Done stuff.


It's almost Black Friday and many brands and stores are doing early Black Friday sales. In this video, we will check if Marshalls is doing anything special to compete with others. We will check out the makeup, home department, and if they added anything new.


- Jacqueline brushes are still at $6.99, while regular Morphe brushes are at $4.99.

- Space portable LED mirror for $5.

- Sephora's clean bouncy eyeshadow palette for $5.

- Morphe, ELF camo, and Clinique mascaras.

- Screen time blue light repair under eye jellies for $2.99.

- No strips, body prescriptions, and Daniel Creations for $3.

- Retinol vitamin C and no more wrinkles for $3.

- Foot mask and extra face masks for $10.

- Found the golden gnome and basket.

- Kim Kardashian's mirror for $600.

- Train set, mushrooms, and polka dot items for Christmas.

- New Car Locker field design.

- Spooky Halloween spiders.

Marshalls has some great deals on makeup, skincare, and home items. While some items are discounted, they don't seem to be competing with other stores' Black Friday sales. However, we did find some unique and interesting items for the upcoming Christmas season.

Best black friday Soccer Deals At Marshalls, Nike, Adidas And New Balance

Hey guys! Welcome to my brand new video where I'm going to share with you the best deals on soccer boots or sports shoes for the Black Friday sales. I visited various sports stores and found some great discounts that I'm excited to share with you. So, let's dive into the details!

In this video, I'll be showcasing the best Black Friday deals on soccer boots and sports shoes that I found during my shopping trip.

List of deals:

- At Rebel Sports, I found a FIFA World Cup ball and an Umbro Medusa boot for only $70 (originally $160).

- Sneakers, a smaller retail shop, surprised me with the latest Adidas Predator 18.1 boot that retails for $280, but was on sale for $120.

- I also found some underrated soccer boots for $20 and New Balance Bizarros in orange for $60.

- Next, I went to the Adidas outlet and found Messi 16.1 boots for $117 (40% off) and an Ace 16.1 for $84 (40% off).

- At the Nike factory store, I found a Mercurial Vapor X for $95 and a Magista Onda for $45.

- I also purchased Nike clothing including a football tee for $15 and shorts for $30 (40% off).

- At the Adidas outlet, I bought a pair of ZX Flux shoes for $50 (originally $120) and training socks.

Black Friday sales are the perfect time to buy soccer boots and sports shoes at a discounted price. I hope this video helped you find the best deals for your next game. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button for more content like this!

IShowSpeed Plays Kick The Buddy (FULL VIDEO)

In this article, we will be summarizing a conversation that took place within a mobile game. The conversation includes various colloquialisms, idioms, and interjections that make it interesting and entertaining to read.

Main Points:

- The conversation includes a lot of repetitive phrases such as okay all right all right okay okay, which can become annoying.

- The speaker expresses frustration with the person they are playing with and uses various interjections such as oh my gosh and holy crap to express their annoyance.

- The speaker also uses dangling modifiers such as getting on my nerves right buddy nice to meet you to convey their frustration with the other player.

- There are moments of humor, such as when the speaker asks for a cracker, and when they express their desire for a brother.

- The conversation also includes transitional phrases such as so basically and anyway, which help to connect different parts of the conversation.

- The speaker expresses their desire to spend money on the game and uses idioms such as say less to convey their enthusiasm.

- There is also a moment of aggression when the speaker talks about wanting to assault someone in the game to release their anger.

- The conversation ends with the speaker expressing their intention to get off the game.

Overall, the conversation within the mobile game is filled with colloquialisms, idioms, interjections, and repetitive phrases. While it can be entertaining to read, it also highlights the frustration and aggression that can come with playing games online. It's important to remember to be respectful and kind to other players, even in the heat of the moment.

Going to the RICHEST Marshalls in the world! shopping spree!

In this article, the author takes us on a shopping trip to Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. They express their excitement at finding designer items at discounted prices and share their thoughts on the products they purchased. The article includes an introduction, subheadings for each section of the shopping trip, and a conclusion. The author uses colloquialisms and contractions throughout the article, and also includes a sponsored section for tech accessory brand Casify. The article ends on a dramatic note as the author realizes their designer bag is missing a strap.

MARSHALLS SHOP WITH ME 🎄 DECEMBER 2022 🎄Christmas Gift Ideas

The author shares their shopping experience at Marshalls and highlights some of the deals they found.

Deals found:

- Michael Kors belts for $19.99

- Two-piece set with two buckle options

- Three-piece scarf set with mittens and beanie for $30

- Kate Spade socks for dog lovers

- Three-piece holiday set for boys for $16.99

- Organizers for gifting

- Steve Madden set

- Limited edition Disney bath bombs for $5.99

- Christmas games for family

- Deluxe wooden game house with 10 games for $19.99

- Five-piece watch box for gifting

- Six-bottle wine cooler for holiday gatherings

- Motion-activated candy dispenser for gifting

- LED speakers for music lovers

- Jewelry holders and boxes for gifting

- Christmas gift baskets with chocolates and other items

- Reindeer four-piece cup set with metal basket for coffee

- Mama Bear and baby bear mug set

- Espresso sets and owl cup sets

The author encourages readers to check out their other shopping videos and compare deals. They also ask readers about their own holiday shopping experiences and preferences for games and gifts.

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