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Shop Smart with Save-A-Lot's Weekly Ads!

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey friends, it's April Holly Smith, and it's time for our weekly grocery ad review. We have some exciting deals to look at this week, so let's dive right in.

Highlighted Deals:

- Strawberries for $1.49 per pound from the southern hemisphere

- Brussels sprouts for $1.29 per pound from South America

- Avocados for $0.79 each

- Pork sirloin roast for $1.99 per pound

- Coca Cola for under $1 for a 2-liter bottle

- Chicken thigh packs for $0.69 per pound

- Bratwurst for $2.50 or under as a stock-up price

- Pizza pan for a decent price

- Ground beef for $1.73 per pound

- Leg quarters for $0.39 per pound in a 10-pound bag

- Pork spare ribs for $1.59 per pound

- Boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 per pound

- Carrots for $0.99 for a 3-pound bag

- Grapes for $1.29 per pound

- Navel oranges for a decent price

- Potatoes for $0.37 per pound or $2.99 for an 8-pound bag

- Ballpark Franks for a great price

- 10-pound box of riblets for $1.19 per pound

- Sweet baby Ray's for $1.99

Other Information:

- Majority of the sale items are Super Bowl foods for tailgating and entertaining

- Cabbage is a good price for making stuffed cabbage rolls or using as wraps

- Name brands are available for a certain amount of time as special buys

- Savings are available when switching from regular brands to their own brand

Overall, there are some great deals to be found in this week's grocery ad. Don't forget to stock up on Super Bowl foods and take advantage of the special buys while they last. Happy shopping!

Weekly Ad Review | Aldi | Save-A-Lot| March 21-27, 2018| April Holly Smith

In this article, we will be discussing the weekly deals and sales at All These and Save A Lot stores. We will highlight the best deals and provide insight into whether the products are worth purchasing.

Weekly Deals:

- Coburn Farms evaporated milk at Save A Lot is a great deal for those who use it frequently.

- Strawberry cookie crunch bars at Save A Lot are a tasty treat that is worth purchasing.

- Sweet potatoes at Save A Lot are reasonably priced at 39 to 33 cents a pound.

- Fresh cantaloupe at All These and Save A Lot are both priced at 99 cents.

- The ham shank portion at Save A Lot is the lowest priced option for ham.

- All These has a better deal on pineapples at 99 cents.

- All These has a deal on spiral sliced ham, but it is not the best deal due to hidden fees.

- All These and Save A Lot have regular price items that are not considered great deals.

- All These has a good deal on 12 ounce vegetables for 79 cents.

- Alidis butter at All These is a good deal at $1.99.

- Goatees at All These are still on sale for $1.79.

Overall, it is important to be mindful of hidden fees and to compare prices between All These and Save A Lot. Some items are worth purchasing, such as sweet potatoes and cantaloupe, while others may not be the best deal. It is also important to consider personal preferences, such as brand preference for butter. Always check the ads before making a grocery trip to save money.

Weekly Ad Review | Aldi| Save-A-Lot | June 20-26, 2018 | April Holly Smith

In this article, we will be discussing the latest grocery deals and sales for the week. We will be highlighting the best deals and giving tips on how to make the most out of your grocery shopping.

Grocery Deals:

1. Leg quarters for 49 cents a pound - great for meal prep and making chicken salad.

2. Party pizzas for 88 cents - use coupons for a better deal.

3. Bone-in steak - not a terrible deal, but a little expensive.

4. Larry the Cable Guy ribs - not a particularly great deal.

5. J Higgs brand snacks - cheaper and pretty good.

6. Beef - decent deal, but could be expensive.

7. Mangoes for 59 cents - better deal at Save-A-Lot.

8. Avocados for 79 cents - great price, buy five or six and get a mix of squishy and rock-hard ones.

9. Chicken breasts - way better deal than at Save-A-Lot.

10. Leg of lamb for $5.99 a pound - pricey, but a decent deal.

11. Collapsible bucket/tub - useful for camping, laundry, and toy storage.

12. Gluten-free products on sale.

Overall, there are some great deals to be found at the grocery store this week. Take advantage of the sales on chicken, avocados, and mangoes. Be mindful of regular prices versus sale prices and use coupons when possible. Don't forget to check out non-food items like the collapsible bucket/tub for multi-purpose use. Happy shopping!

Weekly Ad Review| Aldi | Save-A-Lot| Dec 20-26, 2017| April Holly Smith

Hey friends, it's April Holly Smith and it's time to have a look at the ads. This is the final round of the greatest sales happening between now and the end of the year. The next big shopping holiday you're going to see is the Superbowl. So take heed of what's on sale and what you need to stock up on.

Oldies Front Page:

- Four-pound bags of navel oranges for $2.29, best price in weeks.

- Celery is not a bad price either.

- Onions are $0.69 for three pounds, the same price as Thanksgiving.

- Green beans 16-ounce package is at a great price.

- Pineapples are $0.99, a rock-bottom price.

- Potatoes are $0.23 per pound for a five-pound bag, a pretty good deal.

- Fish is on sale as well.

Inside of the Ads:

- Wine is not on sale due to state regulations.

- Cracker assortment is on sale.

- Peanut butter is not on sale but stock up as it will go up to a dollar later.

- Pie crust is on sale for an off-brand for $0.79, a good price.

- Cream of tartar is on sale, and it's a big container.

- Seasonal needs like canned goods are at their best price.

- A great deal on cream cheese, and it can be frozen.

- Butter is on sale, and it's time to get extras and freeze them.

- Canned veggies are at their bottom price of $0.99 and can be put in the freezer.

- Instant mashed potatoes are at a better price than usual.

- Seasonal items like pumpkin spice are a good deal.

- Kale is at a good price for soups.

- Soda is on sale, get the brand you like.

- Sausage is a reasonable price, not a great deal.

- Cake mix is at an okay price.


All these is the winner this week. They have the best deals on ham shanks, pineapples, onions, and more. It's time to stock up as we are getting out of the big food season for sales.

Stock up now and be prepared for the upcoming months as sales will not be this good until Thanksgiving. Don't miss out on the deals. As always, leave a thumbs up or thumbs down, and don't forget to subscribe. See you next time!

Weekly Ad Review| Aldi Save A Lot|Ovt 16-22,2019|April Holly Smith

Save a Lot Ad: Finding the Best Deals

In this article, we will be looking at the Save a Lot ad and identifying the best deals for shoppers. We will also discuss some tips and tricks for saving money while grocery shopping.

Highlighted Deals:

- Assorted Bonin family packed pork chops for $1.29 - while this is a good price, be wary of weird cuts under the top layer.

- Fresh bone-in split chicken breasts in the family pack for $0.99 or less per pound - a great deal for making chicken stock or removing the rib meat for cooking.

- Bananas for $0.33 - a decent price, but aim for $0.29 or lower.

- Pumpkins for $2.49 - a good deal compared to last week's $2.99.

- Maxwell House coffee for $5.99 - a decent deal if you don't have access to warehouse club prices.

- Hot Pockets for $2.99 - look for coupons to bring the price down.

- Three caramel apples for $4.99 - a fun and cheap treat.

Tips and Tricks:

- Don't pay more than $0.99 for boxed baked goods.

- Look for the sweet spot of $0.49 or lower for baby carrots.

- The end of regular priced shopping is coming up - save your extra dollars for the Super Bowl of food sales in November and December.

- Do some math to compare prices between products.

- Buy Halloween decorations and carving kits after the holiday for 50-75% off.

- Don't buy clothes or shoes that you can't try on.

While there are a few good deals in the Save a Lot ad,

Weekly Ad Review| Aldi Save A Lot|Oct 9-15,2019|April Holly Smith

In this article, we will be discussing the current deals and offerings at Save-A-Lot. We will be covering the prices of different products, how to budget for them, and how to make the most of your purchases.

Important Notes:

- Look for coupons to get even better deals

- Be aware of the difference between fresh and previously frozen items

- Don't feel rushed to buy items, as many are regular items that are always available

Deals and Prices:

- Wow Six Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.49 per pound (Family Pack)

- St. Louis Style Pork Ribs: $3.99 per pound

- Gala Apples: $1.99 per pound

- Pineapples: $1.99 each (can be found cheaper at other times)

- Red or Green Grapes: $1.39 per pound (wait for a sale to get them for $0.99 or less)

- Banquet Meals and Tyson Chicken Nuggets: look for coupons to get better deals

- Fresh Bone-In Pork Butt: $1.29 per pound (great for making shredded meat for tacos, pulled pork, etc.)

Budgeting Tips:

- Use ziplock bags to portion out meals

- Consider breaking down larger packs of meat into smaller portions to avoid waste

- Keep a running total of your purchases to stay within budget

Save-A-Lot offers a variety of deals and products that can help you save money on groceries. Be aware of regular prices, look for coupons, and budget wisely to make the most of your purchases. Happy shopping!

Weekly Ad Review|Aldi | Save-A-Lot|May 16 - 22, 2018 April Holly Smith

In this article, we will be discussing the weekly deals available at a grocery store. We will be highlighting the hits and misses of the week and providing recommendations on what to stock up on.

Hits and Misses:


- Set mangos for 79 cents

- Thumbs up to hanging baskets

- Boneless skinless chicken thighs for $2.69

- Zucchini and yellow squash for 79 cents

- Iceberg lettuce for 99 cents

- Fresh avocados for 89 cents

- Green bell peppers for 59-60 cents


- Pineapples received a thumbs down

- Other items received a meh rating

- Pouches of food may not be appetizing

- Regular priced items listed as savings

- Assorted pork loin chops cost more


- Stock up on pop at 99 cents for graduation and Memorial Day weekend parties

- Hold onto a green pineapple for Memorial Day grilling

- J. Higgs snack items are good value for the price

- Look for coupons to use on special buy items

- Be cautious when purchasing items not on sale

- Check the small print for package sizes

Overall, while there were some good deals available, nothing particularly wowed the author. It is important to compare prices and check package sizes before purchasing items. Commenters are encouraged to share their own experiences with the weekly deals and what they believe to be the best value.

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