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shopify + chinese feng shui coins

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

The holiday season may have ended in the West, but in China, the preparations for the Chinese New Year are in full swing. As an online retailer or e-commerce operator, it is important to prepare for this significant holiday, which is less than a month away. In this article, we will discuss the impact of Chinese New Year on the supply chain and provide tips for preparing for it.

Impact of Chinese New Year:

- Chinese New Year shipping delays are common and can affect online retailers globally.

- Industries and companies may close up to 10 days before the holiday, causing disruptions in the supply chain.

Preparing for Chinese New Year:

1. Stock up on supplies ahead of time:

- Estimate how many products you will need for the first two to three months of the following year.

- Reduce advertising efforts during Chinese New Year to keep your business afloat until new stocks arrive.

2. Update your shipping policy and delivery times:

- Inform customers about potential delays due to the holiday on your website and via email.

- Consider using chatbots and FAQs to handle customer inquiries.

3. Maintain top-notch customer service:

- Train your customer service representatives to handle holiday-related issues.

- Reduce ads to avoid attracting more orders than you can handle.

4. Prepare in advance:

- Work with suppliers beforehand to adjust to their absence during the holiday.

- Place your orders in advance to avoid delays and manage your expenses.

The Chinese New Year is an important holiday that can cause disruptions in the supply chain for online retailers. By preparing in advance and adopting the right fulfillment strategy, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process. Remember to stock up on supplies, update your shipping policy and delivery times, maintain excellent customer service, and prepare in advance.

Fake Chinese coins! How to tell if ancient Chinese coins are fake.

- Welcome to the channel where we'll be discussing how to identify fake Chinese coins

- We'll be focusing on Chinese cash coins from 621 AD to 1912 AD

Identifying Real Coins:

- Check for correct metal - bronze coins should be non-magnetic and have a greenish color due to copper oxidation

- Look for elevation of characters, center square, and edge ring on both sides of the coin

- Use a resource to compare characters and inscriptions on the coin

- Measure diameter and weight of the coin to ensure they match up with a reputable source

Identifying Fake Coins:

- Watch out for coins that are too thin, too light, or have flat characters

- Check the color of the coin - ancient coins should have a more bronze color rather than a modern gold color

- Look for acid-etched words instead of cast words

- If the coin passes all the tests, it is likely to be real

- Genuine ancient Chinese coins will cost more than just a few pennies or dollars

- Thank you for watching and for supporting the channel


The 2023 Chinese Zodiac is bringing fresh energies and opportunities for individuals to take the lead and make the best of their accomplishments. As the Grand Duke for 2023, it is a year for leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and stepping up to the plate. This article will explore the effect of the stars and offer ideas for career development or business growth in 2023.

Effect of the Stars:

1. Grand Duke and Duke's Arrival: This is a year of accomplishments and requires leadership and action.

2. General Star: Conveys authority and an opportunity to improve social status.

3. Golden Lock: Represents the opportunity to be recognized as a talent in your chosen field or to own a certain market segment.

4. Bright Hall: The star of awareness, shedding light on issues and upcoming talent.

5. Sky Cry: Emotional in nature, potentially blinding individuals from looking beyond problems to see real potential. Awareness and questioning feelings can counter this.

6. Sword Edge: A reminder to be intentional with words and actions, as emotional instability can lead to arguments and accidents.

7. Hidden Corpse: Denotes potential hidden health issues, especially for Wood Day Masters, and requires attention to mental wellness.

8. Heavenly Noble: Efforts being noticed and great for upskilling, especially for those with the Rabbit in their hour.

9. Intelligence Star and Study Hall: Enhance learning capacities and exam luck with Sky Noble.

10. Heavenly Chef: Good food and drinks to be had, use it to build great relationships.

Ideas for Career Development or Business Growth:

1. Acknowledge and recognize the efforts of others generously and freely to encourage reciprocity.

2. Double down on social media strategies, enhance reputation, and network to attract talented people and industry leaders.

3. Consider taking part in business awards or other similar platforms to create awareness in the right circles.

4. Focus on personal development, picking up soft skills, interpersonal skills, presentation, and public speaking.

5. Empower staff and nourish growth by investing in new knowledge and learning new skills.

In summary, the 2023 Chinese Zodiac offers a year of accomplishments, leadership, and recognition. The effect of the stars presents opportunities for career development or business growth, and it is up to individuals to match their actions to these effects to achieve the desired outcome. By acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of others, enhancing personal development, and empowering staff, individuals can make the best of the 2023 Chinese Zodiac and reach their full potential.

The 500-Year Chinese Coin Invasion of Japan | History of Japan 89

- Despite the Japanese government's efforts, Chinese coins flooded the Japanese market.

- The Japanese imperial court tried to ban Chinese coins, but they were too popular to be stopped.

- This article explores the reasons behind the failure of the Japanese government's attempts to ban Chinese coins.

Reasons for the Failure of the Ban on Chinese Coins:

- Japanese coins were not successful due to the imperial court's focus on power and wealth.

- Chinese coins were popular because they were durable, portable, and reliable.

- The Japanese imperial court was worried about inflation and destabilization of the economy, but didn't fully understand economics.

- The court issued multiple bans on Chinese coins, but they were ineffective due to high demand.

- Merchants and even police officials continued to use Chinese coins, despite the ban.

- Chinese coins flooded the market due to China's successful economy and the high value of gold to copper in China.

- Merchants made a killing on Chinese coins, despite bans on both sides.

Impact of Chinese Coins on Japanese Society:

- Chinese coins made trade easier and removed inefficiencies.

- Commoners gained financial freedom and were able to challenge those at the top.

- Markets started popping up across Japan.

- Peasant communities were able to sell their goods more easily.

- Wealthy commoners emerged and were able to lend money to elites.

- The Japanese government's attempts to ban Chinese coins failed due to high demand and the popularity of Chinese coins.

- Chinese coins had a significant impact on Japanese society, leading to increased financial freedom and the emergence of wealthy commoners.

- The failure of the ban on Chinese coins ultimately led to the creation of an official Japanese coinage system in the early 1600s.

2 - Alchemy of Soldering Event: Susan answers your questions

An Introduction to Alchemy of Soldering

Good morning! This is Alchemy of Soldering and I am here to talk about my intimate setup and answer any questions you may have. As people arrive, I am wearing some of my jewelry pieces and showcasing my workspace. This article will provide an insight into my working area and techniques as a jewelry designer.

My Intimate Setup

- I spend most of my day in my intimate workspace where I do all my annealing and soldering.

- My workspace is organized with all my tools within reach, including my favorite hammers, tweezers, flux, and soldering tools.

- Feng Shui plays a role in my workspace, as I am positioned where I can see my front door at all times.

- I use a variety of gauges for bangles, but 18-gauge is my go-to for durability.

- I do not tumble my pieces but rather polish them using a jeweler's wheel, which provides a rich shine and a bit of dirtiness for added depth.

The Role of Stones in Jewelry Design

- Stones and objects guide the design process, and I find that they have an energy of their own.

- When looking at a piece, I consider how a stone will fit and which parts of the body it will complement.

- Designing intuitively and allowing stones to guide the process leads to unique and beautiful pieces.

Organizing Your Workspace

- Consider the cycles in your life and organize accordingly. I usually reorganize my studio in December when my life gets calmer.

- Feng Shui can play a role in organizing your workspace, but functionality should be the priority.

- Tools don't need to be pretty, but they do need to be functional.

In conclusion, my intimate setup plays a significant role in my jewelry design process. Stones and objects guide my designs, and I prioritize functionality over aesthetics when organizing my workspace. Designing intuitively and embracing the unique qualities of each piece leads to stunning and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Stock Market Shakey - Chinese LOCKDOWN - STOCK MARKET CLOSE LIVE - WealthSimple Trade Challenge

And we're live! Hello everyone, I hope you guys are having a fantastic day right here. Let's do the friggin' stock market close. Today is a little bit of a slow news day, but there is one thing in particular I want to show you guys that made me die laughing. It was absolutely hilarious. Well, lots of things we're going to talk about, but this one thing in particular, I gotta show you a little bit. I died, it's absolutely hilarious. We're going to bring you news from China and the lockdowns in Shanghai with some crazy videos that you guys guaranteed have not seen, unless you're on Twitter of course searching this stuff up, but it's just not on the news. Let's chat about the market. Today's kind of a mixed bag. I mean, yesterday was okay. We're just coming back down a little bit here. So Nasdaq's down one and a half percent, today's S&P 500 is down one percent, Dow Jones about a half a point, and Toronto Stock Exchange is down almost flat, but it's down today.

Checking out the coin of coins bouncing so aggressively off this resistance line here. We're sitting at just shy of 20 shy of 47,000 American dollars. Bitcoin again, though, testing this level three times failed every single time in the last three days. So we've got to hopefully push above this and keep going. I'm thinking we're probably not going to, but we'll see what happens. But anyway, the coin of coins is sitting at 47,000.

Checking out the watchlist, let's start with the losers because today is a little bit more of a loser day, unfortunately. But AMC pulling back is no surprise. AMC was halted yesterday, so was GameStop because of the pump. Robin Hood pulling back again, not a surprise. We saw that go up like 25 yesterday. Shopify, same thing. We're just really seeing a pullback of those prices. What is up though? Let's check that out. Lithium, it's the metals today. So Lithium America, Valor, Standard Lithium, ILC, is another lithium company. We got the metals big time today. And then energy following that up, so energy and metals following up. Today's winners, which is absolutely fantastic, but you've got these beta beasts, is what I'm going to call them now. They're absolutely out of control. Their volatility doesn't make sense, but Lithium America's up 12 today, Standard is up six percent. They go up and down and up and down. They're so wild with price fluctuations. But yeah, so that's the winners, that's the losers for today, folks.

Let me bring over, I know that they're talking about something potentially extremely boring on CNBC. So if it is too boring, like I said, I'm gonna give them about five freaking seconds, and if it's not working out, we're gonna go to the news that I had prepared for this stream.

Now, let's talk about China. They're experiencing roughly 20,000 new COVID-19 cases since March 1st, and they're going through quite some issues over there right now. They've set up barricades, making sure that people can't leave their apartments. The biggest lockdown that they've done yet with respect to the amount of enforcement. Protesters are not taking too well to this. They're literally fenced in their own compounds. They're forced to crawl underneath holes in order to get food and supplies.

One of the videos shows a COVID dog, a robot dog, making sure the enforcement of COVID lockdown in Shanghai, China, with a megaphone tied to the robot dog's back. This is wild. Now, they're not allowing people to leave their vehicles either, so that's a massive issue that the states is going to have to figure out soon.

Another news topic is about Air Canada. Air Canada plans to more than double capacity this year. The carrier expects to recover 75% of the total seats offered in 2019. They're not going to have the same amount of seats as 2019. Their expenses, excluding fuel, are going to be up 15%.

Stock surge is a bear market trap with curve inverted, Bank of America warns. This happens quite often in a bear market. You get these rallies that bring us back five to ten percent, seemingly erasing a correction, very short-lived rallies. They are warning that earnings for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 are fundamentally going to be significantly weaker for companies out there.

Lastly, Voyager Digital was hit by the SEC, similar to BlockFi, which received a $100 million fine. Voyager Digital is Canadian, so probably going to start seeing some of these issues happen with exchanges that do operate in the United States as well. It is a mega buy the dip opportunity, but they've recently changed who they're trading with as well.

In conclusion, the stock market is a mixed bag, with some stocks going up and others going down. China is going through a massive lockdown, and Air Canada is planning to more than double capacity this year. Bank of America

Earn The Highest BUSD Yields | WITH SILKROAD Frictionless mining rewards

Crypto Rico is back with another video discussing the Silk Road token, which offers rewards and real money to those who stake or hold the token. The Silk Road token is a frictionless mining reward token on the Binance Smart Chain in BUSD, and it offers automatic BUSD rewards for getting onto and holding the token. In this article, we will explore the details of the Silk Road token and its potential for growth.

Features of Silk Road Token:

- Highest BUSD yields

- Frictionless mining rewards

- Largest paying reward token on Binance Smart Chain

- Automatic BUSD rewards for holding Silk Road

- Hourly lottery rewards

- Lucky Marco Polo lottery

- Universal currency for all transactions across the internet

- NFT platform

- Fair launch on Pancake

- Locked liquidity

- Marketing and development fund

- Reflection rewards every six hours

- Phase one: prolonged growth for long-term holders

- Phase two: setup social media and initial marketing

- Phase three: intensive marketing campaign, mobile game, and key partnerships

- Phase four: build a global community and integrate with top e-commerce stores

How it Works:

Silk Road tokens offer reflection rewards of 12 BUSD every six hours on all buy and sell transactions. Additionally, there is a lucky Marco Polo lottery that offers one percent buy and three percent sell rewards. The token has a minimum requirement of 21,000 coins to participate in the rewards program. The tokenomics structure is sustainable and fair, with no pre-sale or private sale. The marketing and development fund is three percent, while the reflection rewards are ten percent.

The Silk Road token is a promising investment opportunity for those who want to earn rewards and real money. With its frictionless mining rewards, largest paying reward token on Binance Smart Chain, and hourly lottery and Marco Polo lottery, it offers a unique value proposition. Its mission to become the universal currency for all transactions across the internet and its NFT platform make it an attractive investment for the future. With its four-phase plan, the Silk Road token has a clear roadmap for growth, making it a potential winner in the crowded crypto space.

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