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Shopify & iOSs: A Powerful Duo

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to HyperSKU's new video on the changes to the VAT system in the EU. In this video, we will be discussing the impacts and how you can prepare for the new rules. Let's dive in!

- The VAT system in the EU is changing, and it's important to be aware of the impacts and how to prepare for them.

- There are two systems to be aware of: IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) and OSS (One Stop Shop).


- Three main changes to the VAT system: 1) Products below 22 euro will be taxed, 2) Sales tax will be charged based on the VAT percentage in the country of destination for sales over 10,000 euro outside of the home country in Europe, and 3) Marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, and Amazon will use IOSS numbers for custom clearance.

- The EU wants to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs in Europe, capture missed taxes, and have a compliant flow of goods.


- Consumers still want fast shipping at an affordable

Shipping Orders Internationally For Your Small Business | UK Royal Mail, Shopify, IOSS, EORI

International Shipping: Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners

In this video, Shannon, the founder of the brand Oh So Curly, shares her experience and tips for shipping internationally. She discusses the challenges of international shipping and offers solutions to make it easier for small business owners.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use Royal Mail for shipping, and choose the international signed and tracked service for reliability.

- Set up shipping rates in Shopify, and copy the price from Royal Mail, adding a small profit if desired.

- Fill out a customs form with the customs code for each product and an EORI number to import and export.

- Be aware of the Brexit situation and the need for a tax setup to ship to the EU.

- Use websites like Parcel Monkey to find the cheapest courier for larger orders.

- Consider DDP shipping to avoid customs fees for customers.

- Plan ahead for busy times like Christmas and make it clear to customers that shipping times may be longer than usual.

Shipping internationally can be a headache for small business owners, but with these tips and tricks, it can be made easier and more efficient. By following these guidelines, business owners can provide reliable shipping and great customer service to their international customers.

VAT 2021 | IOSS Explanation & Solution

- Explanation of VAT and IOSS

- Purpose of the article


- Definition of VAT and how it works

- Example of VAT calculation in a supply chain

- Importance of VAT compliance in selling to the EU


- Definition and purpose of IOSS

- How IOSS works for suppliers selling imported goods to buyers in the EU

- Three options for CJ users to set IOSS declaration for orders valued less than or equal to 150 euros

- How to link your own IOSS ID to your CJ account

- How to declare with CJ's IOSS ID

- Recap of key points

- Encouragement to leave questions and feedback in the comments

- Invitation to subscribe and engage with CJdropshipping Training


IOSS: The One-Stop Shop for EU Exporters

In this video, we will be discussing IOSS, a system that all exporters to the European Union should know about. We will cover what IOSS is, how it works, and the advantages it offers. Let's get started!

What is IOSS?

IOSS stands for Import One-Stop Shop, a system that allows businesses to comply with EU distance sales rules. As of July 1, 2021, businesses can use IOSS to declare, collect, and pay VAT on sales of goods to EU customers.

Advantages of IOSS:

- Prevents customs delays and surprises for customers

- Avoids the need for customers to pay import VAT

- Speeds up delivery times with faster customs clearance

- Saves businesses time and money on VAT compliance

How Does IOSS Work?

To use IOSS, businesses must register for a unique IOSS number. When sending goods to an EU customer, the business includes the IOSS number on the commercial invoice or proforma invoice. Customs officials then verify the IOSS number and release the goods without collecting import VAT.

If the value of the goods is less than €150, no customs duties or taxes are due. If the value is above €150, customs duties and taxes still apply, but IOSS simplifies the process of collecting and remitting VAT.

How to Register for IOSS?

Businesses can register for IOSS directly or use a third-party service provider like Gonder Yonet. With Gonder Yonet, businesses can take advantage of a streamlined and automated process for managing IOSS compliance. They will also take care of the VAT payment on behalf of the business for a small fee.

IOSS is a valuable tool for businesses selling to EU customers, providing many advantages for compliance with EU distance sales rules. By registering for IOSS, businesses can simplify VAT compliance, avoid customs delays, and improve customer

What does IOSS mean for e-commerce store and dropshipping? Use this foolproof decision tree

It's December 2021, and many are still asking about what to do with the new VAT rules. The question is, does it still make sense to do dropshipping now? In today's video, we'll go through some questions to help clarify things for you. Your scenarios really depend on your setup and location. Before we go into that, please subscribe, like, and share this video. We'd appreciate it.


1. European brand owner

- Selling on web sub-seller platforms like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

- Based in the EU, orders fulfilled from outside the EU

- Selling in only your country of registration or outside of your country of registration

- Sales tax according to the country of where the sales took place

- Scenario: Trying to build an online business, a brand, and a compliant business.

2. Local brand owner

- Selling on web sub-seller platforms like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

- Based in the EU

- Selling only in your country of registration

- Paying VAT according to your entity and tax VAT percentage in your country of registration

- Scenario: A great way to scale, focused on one region.

3. Selling on local platforms

- Selling on local platforms like C discount, Wacom, Allegro, Bull com

- Based in the EU

- Buying bulk and bringing it to a local warehouse

- Dealing with local suppliers or doing dropshipping

- Scenario: A great way to scale and use local platforms.

4. Non-European brand owner

- Selling on web sub-seller platforms like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

- Based in the US, selling into the EU

- Have a fiscal representation or someone/entity to help with taxes

- Scenario: Building a compliant business for the long-term.

5. Non-European brand owner

- Selling on web sub-seller platforms like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

- Based outside of the EU, selling into the EU

- Not having a fiscal representation

- Import tax is declared by the supplier

- Sales tax is not declared, residency outside the EU

- Scenario: Exploring residency outside the EU to avoid tax requirements.

6. Not selling into the EU

- No need to worry about new changes

- Building your business in the UK, Canada, Australia, US, or anywhere you want.

A Guide to Etsy IOSS for EU orders | Where to find Etsy's IOSS number? How to add IOSS to Etsy order

Hey guys, it's Sam here, and I'm here to help demystify the EU shipping changes that have come into effect from today, July 1st. They've been happening for a little while, and it's definitely been a bit of a buzz that's confused a few people. So, let me not only go through what the changes are but also how you can find Etsy's IOSS number and what you have to do.

Changes to shipping to the EU:

- If you are shipping to another EU country, your rules have changed too.

- All orders under 150 euros will incur import VAT.

- The EU is going to have a similar system to what the UK already has.

How Etsy is helping:

- Etsy has signed up to the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS).

- Etsy will give you the IOSS number.

- You must share Etsy's IOSS number on the order electronically.

- If you use Etsy shipping labels, they will apply the IOSS data for you.

- If you integrate your Etsy shop, the IOSS data will move over.

- UK post offices cannot apply the IOSS data.

- If you have an EU order and the import VAT is paid via Etsy or any other marketplace, you cannot use a UK postage store.

In conclusion, the EU shipping changes have now come into effect, and it's important to understand the new rules. However, Etsy has made it easier for sellers to comply with these changes by signing up to the Import One Stop Shop. As long as you follow the guidelines and share Etsy's IOSS number electronically, your customers will not have to pay the import VAT twice.

How To Sell Worldwide With Shopify In 2022 | Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets: An Overview

Are you looking to expand your online store's reach globally? Look no further than Shopify Markets. This feature allows you to easily open your store to international customers with custom language, currency pricing, and stock levels, providing a better customer experience and allowing you to sell internationally with just one click.

Who is Shopify Markets for?

Shopify Markets is for sellers who don't want to open multiple stores or pay for Shopify Plus. It's essentially a turnkey solution for merchants to open stores internationally with one click.

Who is it not for?

Shopify Markets is not for sellers who have multiple stores across different countries and want to deliver custom messaging, imagery, and customer experiences specific to each country.

Why choose Shopify Markets over Shopify Plus?

Shopify Markets is a more efficient and cost-effective way to test new markets and expand your customer base. It also eliminates the headache of duplicate content across multiple stores.

How do you access Shopify Markets?

Accessing Shopify Markets is simple. Navigate to your store online and click on the Markets icon in the settings dropdown. From there, you can easily add new markets, set up language, currency, pricing, and shipping options specific to each country.

Important considerations:

When expanding your store globally, it's crucial to consider the customer experience, including fast and reliable shipping options, local warehouses, and the ability to shop in their local currency. Additionally, allow users to override the website and select their desired country and currency for a seamless shopping experience.

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