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shopify 2 month trial

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to get Shopify for 2 Years for Free!

i found a way to get shopify free for two years. if you don't believe me, watch this video. hey guys, it's the econ move here and today i'm gonna show you how to do exactly that. the process is very straightforward, but there is one thing that you need to do that. if you don't do it, instead of getting two years for free, you're gonna get only one month, and this works on any new shopify store that you create, but you might also be able to use it on your current store. stay tuned for that information at the end of the video. so let's get started in three, two, one, yeah, alright. so the way this works is with an affiliate link, and i'm gonna leave on the description of this video this affiliate link when you click on it and you'll be able to register a new shopify store. and let's look at the conditions here. first, you have to sign up for a shopify plan from this page, okay, and then you're gonna build your store and keep it active for 45 days. so you're gonna pay the first month, okay, they are gonna give you 15 days for free, with no credit card. then you put the credit card, you keep it for one month and then 15 more days and then you will be able to claim your 500 subscription credit. sounds simple, right? well, no, because we have to do one little hack to be able to actually claim the entirety of the subscription credit. once you sign up for your store, you're gonna receive this email: hello, welcome to shopify. all right, and then you start creating your store. this was sent on april 17th. then a couple months went by and i received this shopify email on july 6th and it says: shopify reward unlocked. so here we can see that it's time to claim the 500 subscription credit. now i'm gonna do this in front of you. i already did it for another store, but i want to do it here for this one live, all right. so here's the 500 subscription credit. claim your credit. by the way, you have to claim it within 30 days of receiving that email. now let me make myself a little smaller so you can see everything. all right. so claim your credits. your referral credits are ready. you are eligible to receive credits totaling 500 to be used towards your shopify subscription fee. these credits will be available for you to within prior to august 9.. alright, so the first time i did it, i'm like: wait, what so was only for one month, then, oh well, here's the thing. let's click on claim credits, so credits applied to your store. so right now, you will see on your subscriptions right here, instead of 29 per month, it will automatikally renew for free for the next month. but if you actually go to settings and then go to plan, then click on change plan, then click on choose this plan, check this out. so monthly is 29, like always, then yearly, you know, 26, 2 years, only 23. and look at this, you have all the subscriptions credit right there, all right. so as long as you renew it right now for one year, two years, whatever you want, you can use the 500 subscription credit and i'm actually gonna do this right now, so you can see. so let's choose two years. it's gonna be 558 dollars. i have five hundred dollars in credit, so it's gonna be, you know, 26 dollars. and because i already paid the a little bit of this month, all right, so it's prorated. so, anyways, two years for 31. start plan. let's see. and boom, here it is. so next billing date: june 30, 20, 24. what in 2020? right now, but i already have a shopify store. can i get some credits? well, supposedly credits are not transferable between stores, but there might be a way. this is a conversation that i've had with shopify support. i was very obscure with my questions because i didn't want it to reveal my intentions, but she basically told me that i could transfer my store to another store. so basically, you get the new store, you get the two years and then you transfer whatever your old store to the new one, but that might be a little bit of work. in the end, she even told me that it might be possible to transfer the subscription from one store to another, so that might be a way. now, full disclosure. i haven't tried this. okay, but if you actually tried, let me know in the comments. thank you so much for watching this video. please give me a like if you liked it. subscribe to my channel for more ecommerce news and tips and tricks. thank you so much for watching. i'm out.


shopify offer free 14 day trial that you can go ahead and create your shopify store and start customizing it. but wait a minute. what if those four teens three days trial ended and you haven't finished customizing your shopify store before launching your business? well, shopify can also offer 28 free days trial that you can go ahead and take your time to customize your store and launch your business. hey guys, happiness here. welcome back to my channel. and this channel is all about different shopify's tutorial, small businesses tips, as well as entrepreneurship in general. so in today's video, i am going to be showing you, guys, how you can go ahead and extend those 14 free days trial that shopify offer at the beginning when you create your shopify account and start customizing your store from shopify before launching your business. so i am going to show you today how you can extend those 14 three days trial to free 28 day trial. so before i jump into this video, please don't forget to give me a big, big thumbs up. subscribe on my channel for more tutorials like these. um, leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's tutorial. and, without further ado, let's jump in today's tutorial. so the first thing that you're gonna do is go to shopifycom, just like this. here i will leave the link down below on my description so you can go ahead and just click it and it will take you straight on this shopify page. and on this page you can go ahead and start your free trial. you can click here and put your email address and then click start free trial. or you can click right over here and from here you'll go straight to the page where you can go ahead and add your email address. or, if you have your shopify store already, you can just go ahead right over here and click log in. so pretty much i am going to show you how you can go ahead and create a free trial, but i won't go too deep because i have another video where i went into detail on showing how you can start a free trial and create your shopify store, and but i'll just go and show you just a little bit. so let's say, your email is um, okay, so your email is hello at gmailcom. you can go ahead and click here: start free trial, and the next page will be this one where you can go ahead and put your password and then you can create your store. this way you can get your first free 14 days trial. so that's how you can do it, but if you want to know more details on how you can create your first shopify store step by step, make sure to watch that video. it will be popping up around here on top of the screen, but for now i'll go ahead and jump on my actual shopify store that i created before and i'll go there and show you how you can get more 14 days trial, which will be 28 free days try. okay. so here i am on my shopify store and you can see i have three days left in my trial and pretty much at the beginning i had 14 free days to start my trial and i used these three days to go ahead and start creating my store. i created my store using dawn theme, so if you want to see a tutorial how i created my store using downloading, you can go ahead and click the link. i will leave it on the description below so you can go ahead and watch the tutorial and, as you can see, this is my- still using dawn theme, and i explained all of this and show you how you can go ahead and add your products, add the video links and everything. i will leave the video link on the description so you can go ahead and watch it. so, pretty much, i spent almost all my 14 free days trial to create my shopify store and, as you can see before i showed you, it says i only have three days left. but for me to go ahead and extend my days, i can see here shopify. since shopify saw that i have been working on my store like almost like daily- not every day, but pretty much- i am almost closed to lunch, my shopify store. then shopify sent me this here. it says i am a to continue working on my shopify store for free. so meaning they are going to give me more free days to go ahead and claim my eligibility so i can continue working on my shopify store for free. i'll go right over here where it says continue building and click it. so i'm going to click it and show you five is going to give me more days. look, now i have more for 10 days extended on my free trial period. so while i was editing i just realized my video voice was really messed up. so this is another day and i am recording this video. so pretty much you can see i have less days. uh, after getting my new 14 extra three days, now i only have 15 days because it's another day, but pretty much the next part that i was going to show you is when you select a plan. so, let's say, when your free trial days are over, you can just go ahead right over here and click select a plan, and these are the plans that shopify offers. so if you want a basic shopify plan, which is 29 per month, you can go ahead and choose the plan here i will really recommend you. if you're just a new beginner, you're just starting out your business, i will recommend you to pick the basic plan because you can spend less and see how your business is gonna go, instead of picking the 79 per month plan or the 299 per month. that will not be great, especially if you have a small business and you are still catching up in the market. you still don't know if you're gonna make a profit or not, or you're not sure if you're gonna like what you're doing or not. so the basic plan will be a great deal, even though you're gonna have less features than the other expensive one. but go ahead and start with this one. this is a great plan and your store will still look amazing. so you can go ahead and choose and click, choose plan and once you get here, you can go ahead and on this page, this is where you're going to pick your plan and go ahead and pay. but basically, what i want to show you: if you have your maybe like five or three days trial, they won't charge you until your free trial ends and, as you can see from me, it stays here. i have, uh, i still have- a free trial and my trial will end on december 31st this year, uh, 2021. so, yeah, even though if i'm, if i go ahead and buy the package, still, they won't charge me, but this will be good to make you, um, stay up to date and even if you launch your batik, you won't be affected. so i'll just go back and, yeah, guys, so that is how you can go ahead and get more extra 14 free trial days from shopify, which will conclude to 28: um three days trial. but just in case, if the word won't come up here that says you are eligible for more days, you can go ahead and contact shopify support by going right over here and then, um, click shopify help center and once you're here, um, let me see my page is loading. okay, you can go ahead all the way down. you can scroll all the way down and click contact- shopify support and you can log in, put your login information and you can go ahead and start charting with the shopify expert, which they are always available like 24 hours, and you can just tell them like you need more extra free days to finish customizing your shopify store and they'll be happy to help you. so it's just like that, very simple, very easy. so i hope you liked today's video. please don't forget to give me a big, big thumbs up, subscribe on my channel and leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's video. and, yeah, i'll see you guys on the next video.

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How To Register Shopify Free 2022 With $1 For Your First 3 Months

welcome to the channel, guys, today i'm gonna go in great detail and show you exactly how you can line up for free trial and enjoy a three months of shopify only for one dollar per month. now, the thing a lot of people don't know is that this is an opportunity of a lifetime where you can bring your ideas to life, and you can do that on shopify for just one dollar a month. if you haven't checked out the description, i would suggest to go check out the description, because you put a link in the description where you can get 90 days and use shopify and learn about how to increase your business and get it to a level of scalability that you've never known before. so in this video, i'm gonna go in great detail and show you exactly how you can get a seven day free trial with no credit card. that's required by just entering your email. so let's get started. the first thing that you need to do is put your email address. once you add your email address, you can get started. before we do that, i want to show you what the pricing for shopify generally is. you have three payment plans that are available. the first one is a basic, where everything that you need to create your store, ship your products and process your payments is for 19 a month. then you have your shopify, where you can level up your business with a professional reporting and more staff account, which is for 49 dollars per month, and in advance, where you get the best of shopify, with custom reporting and their lowest transaction fees, for 299 dollars per month. so today i'm going to show you how you can actually get shopify for one dollar a month for three months. so let's start the free trial. once you click on that, you'll be taken to the next page where they ask you to get started. so what's your store name? you can skip this for now if you're still working on it, but it's best to put your star name. once you do that, you can go to the next page. which of these best describe you? and obviously you can mention if you're just getting started or you're already selling online. we'll say: we're just getting started. where would you like to sell? you can pick as many as you like and you can always change them later on, and shopify will make sure that you're all set up to sell in these places. if you want an online store, social media in person, or an existing website or blog, or even online marketplaces- and you can also mention that you're not sure. so let's go for an online store to create a fully customizable website. after you select it, all you need to do is select next. then the question comes that where will your business be located? and obviously they'll use your location to set up a default: shipping rates, recommended apps and so much more. so let's select the region and press next. after you've done that, you can create a shopify account, and the last step before you start your free trial is: continue with email. continue with apple, continue with facebook or continue with google. so let's continue with email. once you've put your password, all you need to do is create your shopify account now. this is what your dashboard is going to look like. if you look at the right side bottom corner, you'll see that your trial has started and you can enjoy three months of shopify for only one dollar per month and when you sign up for a monthly basic or starter plan. so let's pick a plan by selecting over here now. over here, the most popular is the basic shopify, where you can get all the basic for starting a new business at just one dollar for the first three months. as you can see, you can choose this plan and you can start immediately. now the payments: the transaction fee for all your payment provider is going to be two percent, the currency conversion fee is gonna be two percent and in features, you have two staff members and up to four location. and if you look at the starter pack, the simplest way to start selling through social and messaging app and the payment is gonna be five percent of the transaction fee for all the payments, provided you can have one user and a shareable product page, and all the plans are gonna include the sherbert product pages, unlimited products and obviously, 24: 7 support with a fraud analysis, abandoned card recovery, manual order creation and even sales channels. you also have the fast and reliable checkout. they include the free ssl certificate and you can sell in over 133 countries and their app ecosystem with 4 000 100 plus apps and even gift cards. now the basic shopify advance plans also include the online store, the shopify pos lite, and you can also upgrade it to the pos pro. so let's click, choose this plan. once you get to the building cycle, you can clearly see you can get it for three years, two years or yearly, and for the monthly. you can clearly see this- for one dollar for the first three months. on the right side, you'll be able to see that you'll be charged one dollar plus tax on september 28th and the tax is every 30 days. starting from 28th of december you will be actually charged 19 plus tax every year. so up to december 28th we have the shopify account for a dollar for the first three months. all you need to do is click the choosing billing details. then you have to put your business address. you have to add your country, your first name, your last name, your address, your apartment postal code and your phone number. once you've done that, you have to save your address. after saving your address, you would have to select the payment method. there's two methods that you can use to pay for shopify. the first one is a credit card. the second is paypal. so let's put a credit card. when you select a credit card, you will have to enter your credit card information: your card number, the expiry date, the cvb code, the billing address, the first name, last name, address, apartment, city and the postal code. once all that information is put in, all you need to do is add the credit card. so, guys, you can clearly see, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and if you have not gone and clicked in the link in the description to get your 90 days, i would suggest to quickly go there and avail this partikular offer. you can clearly see that i'm build only one dollar per month for the first three months, so that is the reason you can easily use this opportunity to bring your ideas to life, and the future of the business is yours to shape, and that is the reason why you can easily use shopify and get customizable templates. all in one, shopify would take care of everything from marketing and payments to secure transactions and even shipping. it's a safe and efficient platform where millions of users that trust shopify to manage their online stores, and that is the reason you can build your dream business for just one dollar. so let's look at the faqs. what is shopify and how does it work? now, the thing that you need to understand is that shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage a business. with shopify, you can create and customize an online store, sell in multiple places, including the web, mobile social media and online marketplaces, brick and mortar locations and pop-up shops as well. you can manage products, inventories, payments and shipping. shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, which means that you don't have to worry about upgrading or maintaining softwares or web servers. this gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from almost anywhere, including your mobile device. so how much does shopify tends to cost? try shopify for free for seven days and no credit card is required, by clicking in the link below in the description and getting it for 90 days, but after your trial expires, you can choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business. the question that comes is: can i use my own domain name with shopify? yes, you can do. i need to be designer or developer to use shopify. no, you don't need to be a designer or even a developer to use shopify. signing up for shopify allows you to customize the look and feel of your store with the online store b.

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How To Get Shopify 120 Days Free Trial | English |

we all know 14 days free trial from shopify is not enough to start a new store. we want some extra time, but we all know there is no other method to extend the 14-day free trial. then what can we do? how can we get more free days from shopify to make our business, to start our business and to be make sure that we have everything we need before launching the store? in this video, i'm gonna give you a very big release, because i'm going to tell you how to get shopify 120 days. that is, four months free trial, and that is all legitimate. it's not a glitch or something. it is a legitimate way of getting shopify's 120 days free trial from shopify themselves. so how are you going to get this 120 disc free trial? you just need a fresh gmail account. as usual, whenever you sign up for shopify 14 day trial, you require a new gmail. that goes same with the 120 discrete trial. so what you need to do after you have a fresh gmail set up, you need to go to google and you have to search shopify 1mbb trial. now, what is 1mbb? basically, shopify wants to help black owned businesses, so that's why, in an event, shopify launch this offer for black owned businesses that they can get 120 days free trial. now the good thing about this is we can also get the benefit of it- not only black people, but white people, and even if you're not in the united states, even if you're in africa, india, wherever you are, you can still take advantage of this 120 days free trial and it's totally legitimate. so 1 mbp stands for 1 million black businesses and you just need to google shopify 1 and bb trial and you will find the url which starts with something like eventsshopifycom. if you don't find it, i will leave the link in the description so you can check out and you can directly go there and sign up for a 120 days free trial. you just need to go to that page, you have to click on start your free trial and that's it. you sign up with your new gmail, you give your store a name, you give it a password and that's it. boom, when you enter your store, you will see a four months free trial and you can just add your credit card to remove the password protection from your store so that you can get live traffic on your store still when you are in four months free trial. so i think this will be super beneficial for all the newbies who are just starting out with drop shipping shopify, because i know there are many people who cannot afford the 29 plan of shopify every month. that hurts, right, i know that hurts. you can instead invest that money in your ads to get a better roi and test more products. so i thought i need to share this with all of you, because this is something everyone should take advantage of and this could help every single of you who are watching this video. and yes, remember, after signing up for the shopify 120 d free trial, make sure to like this video and subscribe the channel, because i'm going to upload more content like this where i will provide you more value for your drop shipping business. i will try to help you as much as i can so that you can boost your drop shipping business the best way possible. so, yeah, guys, i hope you like the video. and this is pretty much it. i'll see you in the next video. till then, take care. bye, bye and thank you. a car pulls up. who can it be? a fresh rolls royce with a real og? he rolled down his window when he started to say: you need a shopify mentor to up your game. cause the school's on the web. but what we make? we keep running the mats, we keep killing the game, knowing nothing in life but the way to get paid. you can quote me, boy.

✅ Shopify 120 Day Free Trial 🔥 How to Get the Best Shopify Free Trial [UPDATED 2023]

looking for a shopify 120 day free trial. you've probably heard that shopify offers a 14-day trial for new users on their platform, but what about shopify's four months free trial? after all, extending your free trial would be pretty nice, right? if you've been wondering whether you can get an extended trial or not, then be sure to watch this video to learn what you need to know about the shopify trial before you sign up. shopify offers some new trial deals. at times, however, they can be difficult to find. that's why we have a team of dedicated experts who manually select all of the best shopify trial deals and include them in our video down below for you. that link below will give you access to the best shopify deals that are available, whether you're watching this video now or a couple of years later from this video being published, so i'd strongly recommend going there for the most updated deals. when it comes to a trial extension, check out the top link below in the video description for the latest shopify trial extension available at any given time. we strive to ensure that our viewers here on youtube have several shopify deals they can use to get some trial extensions, if they're available. for more details, click the top link down below in the video description to learn more about the best shopify free trial offers. so let's just clarify a couple of things before we begin today's video. in the past, in 2020, there was actually a shopify 90-day free trial, meaning there could be new, different shopify trials in the future that you can take advantage of. so if you want to see if there's any other extended trials that may be available right now, then you can click the link down below in the video description to see if there's any other new trials. let's start the video and go over the steps in this video so you can get the free trial for 120 days. all you have to do is make sure to follow all the steps that are mentioned in this video. step number one: click on the first link which is given in the description of this video. you'll come to a page that looks similar to this. here you can see that shopify is providing you a free trial to launch your store. now come back to this video and then click on the second link, which is given in the video. now you'll come to this page. as you can see, shopify is providing you a 120 days free trial. now click on the start free trial button and scroll down here. then, once you're here, click on yes option, then click on the next button. the cool thing about this is that you don't need to give your credit card details to start this trial now. simply enter your email address, a password and your store name and you'll have everything set up. once you've created your store, it will show you that you have four months left in your free trial. you can now build your shopify store right now. now, just in case there isn't any new extended trial deals available, i'm going to be showing you a method that can get you an extended trial, potentially, if you follow the steps in this video. so what you need to do is first of all click the top link down below in the video description and get your shopify free trial by creating an account with your email, without your credit card. so the way this method works is that you'll create a free shopify trial account once you start using your shopify free trial. you can use it for seven to eight days, for an example. then what you're going to do is contact support and ask for an extended trial. to make this easier for you, i actually have a copy and paste template message right here, which i'll also provide down below for you in the video description. this way, you can ask for an extended trial of shopify, which can end up being an extra five or seven days added to your shopify free trial. some people get really lucky and get an even bigger extension. now the reason why you want to first of all use shopify for a little while is because if you ask for an extended trial on the first day of getting your shopify free trial, then they're most likely not going to give you an extended trial. however, if you've been using shopify for, let's say, 8 to 10 days, or even 13 days, and you contact support, they are more likely to extend your trial period. so you can send them a message like this on screen: then they're more likely to actually give you an extended trial. so i wanted to share this method with you because it has been shown to work. of course, nothing is guaranteed. however, a lot of people within the community have been using this method to get an extended trial on their shopify account. so what you want to do is, first of all, is create a shopify free trial account and, obviously, use it. you can try this method earlier on during your trial if you want, but you need a shopify free trial account to get started, so i'll provide a link down below and that will provide you with the best free trial offer available. once that is all set up, you want to contact support through the shopify help center. it's important that you're logged into your account so you can get a trial extension on your given shopify account. you can contact them via email or live chat. for the copy and paste message, try to edit it so it is in your own words, but you can copy and paste the message template and see if that works for you. even though our team regularly checks all the free trial deals to make sure that they're working, there's a possibility that someone managed to snatch the last working deal from right under your nose and the deal is no longer available. if that's the case, you can always find alternative offers that are just as attractive. by clicking the links below this video, you can check out all of the latest working free trial deals for shopify doing that, whether you're watching this video a year from now or even many years down the line. good luck and thank you for watching our shopify 120 day free trial video.

How To Register Shopify Free With $1 Only For Your First 3 Months

welcome to the channel, guys. today I'm going to go in great detail and tok about how you can set up a Shopify account in under 10 minutes. now I'm going to go in great detail and tok to you, step by step, of what you need to do. so, if you've not subscribed to the channel, subscribe to the channel and do not forget to press the Bell icon and click in the description below on the link and get Shopify for 90 days, because seeing is believing. now shopifycom is the biggest tool available on the internet for e-commerce stores. so if you're an entrepreneur and you're thinking about starting your own business, shopifycom is the best place to do it, and you can make your dreams a reality by selling your product on Shopify. now you can discover why millions of entrepreneurs right now choose Shopify to build their business, because this is one of the biggest platform that gives you a lot of flexibility and integration of different third-party apps that are available to help you enhance your Shopify store. that the store Builder that brings your vision to life with their easy to use store Creator, and there's no coding expertise required. you just need a big idea. it is simple as that. they also have themes and you can select from hundreds of customizable templates that are crafted by a community of world-class designers. you can add more features and functionalities to your online store with the app extensions from trusted Shopify partners that are available now. the thing that I personally love about Shopify is the fact that you can sell online, in person or both, with the marketing tools, social Integrations and sales channels. you need to get your product in front of the customers and out the door, and this is one of the things that really sets it apart and gives it a competitive advantage in the industry, where you can manage your inventory and even track payments, as well as view real-time business Insight from a single dashboard, and they've built all the tools that are required so you can focus on building your business, and they take care of everything else, from stok, inventories, payments, and they have templates for every single thing. it's a very simple, straightforward, step-by-step methodology. if you follow my videos and if you do what I'm telling you to do in a proper way, you will not face any problem, because there are literally empowering the entrepreneurs everywhere in the world. you can be anywhere and get access to everyone anywhere in the world, because Shopify is literally in 175 countries and it supports 5 million jobs in this global economic activities is 444 billion dollars. that is how big Shopify is at this moment in time. so if you're thinking about starting a business, this is a place to be and it's very simple. it's very straightfor: all you need to do is Click over here where it says start free trial and once you click on it, you'll head to the next page. once you click on it, you can create a Shopify ID and you can continue with your email or with continue with apple, or you can use their Facebook or your Google is very simple and straightforward. so select what you use, mostly to ensure that you're always signed into your Shopify account. so now we're going to continue with our email. now, as you can see, we can create our first online store and obviously we can experiment with different designs and products until we learn what works. now there is a tip I want to give you guys right now, which is very crucial at this moment in time. you need to understand the research that you need to do before you get into your business, so always make sure that you have a couple of templates. you play around with the store. you understand the Dynamics of it. you understand how things tend to work, what information needs to be put, how that information needs to be displayed and, once you get a hang of it, only then take it to the public, because you don't want to get it wrong, because the level of advertising, the level of promotion, the level of connectivity that is required is really high, and also the competition in this industry is a lot. so make sure you get it right the first time. so let's go ahead and create our store. once you've clicked on create a store, you'll get to the next step. now let's get started. which of these best describes you? so let's get started. which of these best describes you? I'm just starting, or I'm already selling online in person, so we're gonna go with: I'm just starting. then you're gonna press next. now, where would you like to sell? you can pick as many as you like and obviously you can always, always- change these later, and Shopify will make sure that you're set up to sell in these places. it could be an online store, it could be social media in person, an existing website or blog, or even an online Marketplace. so select what best suits you and then press next. now, where will your business actually be located? will they'll use the location to set up a default shipping rates, recommended apps and so much more. so select the region from where you're working from and then just enter your store. this is a dashboard, guys, and if you have not signed up, I would suggest to click in the description below and get Shopify for 90 days and see for yourself. so, on the left hand side, guys, you have your home, you have your orders, your products, your customers, analytiks, marketing and discounts, and then you have your online store on the main side. obviously, if you look at it, this is a setup guide that's available, where you can add your first product, you can add a custom domain, you can add brand assets and even customize your theme. if you scroll down, you'll see and explore more support, and the thing that really makes Shopify stand out from its competitors is the fact that they always have a 24 7- 365 days support system available for every single individual to ensure that, if you run into any problems whatsoever, there's always someone there to listen to you and guide you, support you and help you, because that is what really makes Shopify stand out. on the left hand side, you'll see an option of apps. once you click on it, you'll be able to search for different apps that are going to be available now, the thing over here that I'm going to share with you. this is a tip that you will never find if you're doing everything yourself. there are certain apps that will help you enhance your Shopify store, will make life easy for you, and if you download these app- which are completely free, for that matter, but you need to know what apps they are- they will literally make things move a lot faster without you doing a lot of work. they will help you enhance your Shopify store, and the first such app is Zen drop. now, once we search for it, you'll see that the Zen drop Global Drop Shipping app is available. 606 individuals have download, loaded this and given the reviews for it, and there's a free plan that's available for it as well. so let's click on this and see what this is about and why this is required for us to use. now you can start Drop Shipping in 30 seconds with then drop, with global Drop Shipping with unique products, and they also have a free plan that's available. you can try it for seven days completely free. Zen drop provides industry leading shipping option. also easily adds products to your store with a push of a button, so there's no need to go and search for different products. you can easily use and drop and get everything sorted out, and they work with their customer support team around the club to keep a pulse on all your business needs. all you need to do is click on add the app and you're good to go. so now, as you can see already, once we drop it, we can actually install the app by clicking over here and selecting install. now, as you can see, the Zen Drop app is installed on our Shopify. now we can search for different products and you can ship them from anywhere. and there's a lot of interesting thing. over here, the newest product is displayed. if you scroll down, you'll be able to see different products that are available that you can buy instantl.