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Shopify About Us Page Creator

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Importance of about us page on website

- Storytelling and conveying brand message

Using an AI Content Generator:

- Free tools available like Fridge

- Can generate usable content for about us page

- Proofreading and editing necessary

Sections to Include:

- Why brand started

- Unique qualities and competitive advantage

- Story behind products and manufacturing

- Customer benefits and brand identity

- Use of AI content generators can make about us page creation easier

- Don't overlook the importance of this page on your website

- Thank you to sponsor Profit Calc for one-click profit calculator app on Shopify App Store.

How to create an effective about us page || Shopify Help Center

An About Us page is an essential aspect of your online business that allows customers to connect with your brand and learn more about your story. In this article, we will guide you on how to create an About Us page, what to include, and how to add it to your online store.

Steps to Create an About Us Page:

1. Start in the Admin:

Click on the Online store option and then click on Pages.

2. Add a Title:

Enter a title for your page, such as About Us, Learn More, or Our Story.

3. Write Your Content:

Include who you are, what you sell, and why you sell these items in your content. You can use the Rich text editor to add pictures, videos, and links to specific products that you want to showcase on your About Us page.

4. Set the Visibility:

Choose when you want the page to be published and visible to customers. You can set it to be visible immediately, choose a specific date for publishing, or hide it until you're ready to publish it.

5. Add to Navigation:

Add your About Us page to your main menu or footer menu in your online store navigation so that customers can easily find it.

6. Customize Your Page:

If you're using a Shopify 2.0 theme, you can add an email sign-up section directly from the theme editor.

Creating an About Us page is an important aspect of your online business that helps customers connect with your brand. By following these steps, you can create an effective and engaging About Us page that showcases your story and products.

How to Add an About Us Page to Shopify Store

How to Add an About Us Page on Shopify

Adding an About Us page on Shopify is crucial for telling your brand's story and connecting with customers. In this article, we'll go over how to add an About Us page on Shopify and how to customize it.

Step 1: Go to Your Shopify Dashboard

To add an About Us page or any pages in general, you're going to have to come down to your online store. Click on Pages to access your page options.

Step 2: Add a Page

Click on Add Page in the top right corner to create a new page. Title the page About Us or something more unique to your brand.

Step 3: Write Description and Content

Write a compelling description and content for your About Us page. You can use the Shopify editor to format your text, add images and videos, and more.

Step 4: Edit Website SEO

Edit the website SEO for your About Us page to improve visibility on Google. Change the title and description to make it more relevant to your brand.

Step 5: Make the Page Visible

Choose the Page option and make the page visible on your site. You can also choose to hide the page if needed.

Step 6: Add the Page to Your Menu

Go to Navigation in your Shopify dashboard and add the About Us page to your main or footer menu. You can customize the menu item name and position.

Adding an About Us page on Shopify is a simple process that can greatly benefit your brand. Make sure to include important information and use the Shopify editor to make your page visually appealing. Don't forget to add the page to your menu for easy navigation.

How To Write The PERFECT "About Us" Page (+ Templates & Examples)

The Untapped Potential of Your About Us Page: A Guide to Building Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

- The About Us page is often overlooked as an opportunity to build trust and tell your story

- A well-constructed About Us page can help keep customers engaged and interested

Why Customers Visit About Us Pages

- Customers want to quickly determine if they can trust and buy from a company

- An About Us page is a goal-oriented sales page that should focus on selling yourself first

Effective About Us Page Content

- Storytelling: share your business journey, challenges, and successes

- Value Proposition: clearly identify how your business solves problems and makes customers' lives better

- Team and Founder Information: introduce your team and founders to create a sense of transparency and trust

- Achievements and Recognition: highlight your business wins to validate your expertise and quality in the marketplace

How to Write an Effective About Us Page

- Construct your page as a well-constructed story that keeps customers engaged

- Set the stage by introducing your brand and its purpose

- Identify a problem or gap in the market that your business solves

- Highlight your solution and how it adds value to customers' lives

- Invite customers into the future by inspiring them to be a part of your mission

Corporate Brand vs. Personal Brand Identity

- Corporate Brand: focus on business and unique selling points

- Personal Brand: focus on individual talents and achievements

Showcasing Your Squad

- Team pictures and profiles

- About Us videos

- Quotes from team members or adding your Instagram feed

- The purpose of the About Us page is to make customers feel comfortable doing business with you and get to know your brand

- Treating your About Us page as a valuable business asset and following these steps can help build lasting relationships with your customers

Add An 'About Us' Page On Shopify | Shopify About Us Page Tutorial

Hey guys, Jason here with Quantum courses! In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to create and add an about page to your Shopify store. Adding an about us page to your Shopify store is a great way to share your story with customers and help build a stronger connection with your brand. An about us page can provide information about your business, your products, your design style, your personal story, how you got started, or any other interesting and relevant information you wish to include.

In this video, I'll be demonstrating how to easily customize a new page on Shopify with text, images, links, and even videos to create an engaging about us page for your Shopify store. Once you create your about us page, a link to the page can be added to your store's navigation menu, your home page, and other areas of your Shopify store so customers can check it out and learn more about you and your brand.

So, to get started, let's head over to Shopify and go over how to create and add a new about us page to your store.

1. Log in to your Shopify dashboard

2. Click on the Online Store tab

3. Click on the Pages tab

4. Click on the Add Page button

5. Add a title for your page

6. Add a description, images, and other content

7. Add a call to action

8. Adjust your page visibility and theme template

9. Save your page

To add your about us page to your store's navigation menu, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Navigation tab under the Online Store tab

2. Select your main menu

3. Click on the Add Menu Item button

4. Type in the name you want to appear in your menu

5. Select Pages from the drop-down menu

6. Select your about us page

7. Rearrange your menu items if needed

8. Save your menu

And that's it! Your about us page is now live on your Shopify store and easily accessible to your customers. Remember to keep your page clear and engaging, use relevant keywords for SEO, and include any information that you want your customers to know about you and your brand.

If you found this tutorial helpful, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for more Shopify tutorials and tips. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time!

About Us Page Examples — & How to Create Yours

- About Us page is the second most visited page on a website after the home page

- Optimizing it can be a great opportunity to convince customers to buy

- However, most companies only talk about themselves, which is a big mistake

- The page should focus on telling customers who the company is in a way that matters to them

- Five examples of great About Us pages will be discussed in this article

Example 1: IdeaWhere.co

- Headline spells out the benefits for customers

- Uses candid images to make the brand personable

- Uses icons to break down benefits into bite-sized pieces

- Company values overlap with what matters to customers

Example 2: RentTheRunway.com

- Mission statement is rooted in customers' desires

- Tells origin story without being self-indulgent

- Relates to customers with a statement of understanding

Example 3: Cultivatedwit.com

- Showcases the personality of the business

- Uses a light-hearted touch with staff photos

- Writes with personality and doesn't write a term paper

Example 4: AmyPorterfield.com

- Personal brand that knows its audience

- Meets customers where they are with her story

- Uses bite-sized chunks of text to keep customers interested

Example 5: TwoArmsInc.com

- Simple design with strong images and statements

- Authority building section acts as a testimonial

- Could be more visual with company logos

- About Us pages should focus on customers, not just the company

- Use examples like these to make a powerful About Us page that will convert leads into customers.


In this video tutorial, the creator teaches viewers how to create an About Us page for their Shopify store. The page is essential as it informs customers about the business, its mission, and the people who run it. The creator advises keeping the content focused and meaningful and suggests adding more than one page if necessary. The page can help build trust with customers and establish the brand identity.

The creator demonstrates how to create the page by going to the Online Store section, clicking Pages, and adding a new page named About Us. The content should include information about the brand, its values, and mission. The creator suggests taking inspiration from other businesses and their About Us pages and including elements such as pictures, graphics, and maps.

To make the page visible, the creator shows how to add it to the store navigation, either in the footer or main menu. Finally, the creator encourages viewers to think about what they're selling and their customers and to create a memorable story that will connect them with their customers.

Overall, the video provides a clear and helpful guide to creating an About Us page for a Shopify store.

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