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Shopify Announcement: New Features and Updates

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- In this video, the presenter shows how to add a marquee effect to the announcement bar in a Shopify store.

- This effect can make the store more attractive and draw customers' attention to important information.


1. Enable the announcement bar in the Shopify dashboard and choose whether to display it on all pages or just the homepage.

2. Add the desired text to the announcement bar and customize the background color if desired.

3. Access the code editor and find the head tag in the theme template.

4. Add opening and closing style tags and paste the provided CSS code in between.

5. Save the changes and the marquee effect should be visible on the announcement bar.

- By following these steps, store owners can easily add a marquee effect to their announcement bar without the need for additional apps or coding knowledge.

- This can make the store more visually appealing and improve communication with customers.


In this video, the speaker teaches viewers how to add an advanced announcement bar to their online store. They explain that most themes come with a basic announcement bar, but there is potential to do more with it, such as adding multiple messages and timers. The speaker encourages viewers to reach out for help if they have any issues with the process.

To add the advanced announcement bar, viewers need a code editor such as Notepad or VS Code. The speaker provides the necessary code and instructs viewers to add it to their theme liquid. They demonstrate how to do this by adding the code to the old announcement bar.

The advanced announcement bar allows users to add multiple messages, links, and timers. The speaker demonstrates how to add timestamps and adjust the appearance of the bar. They also explain that the bar will eventually have a small fee, but it will be free for the first few weeks after release.

The video concludes with a reminder to subscribe and like the video for future content and to reach out for help with any issues. The speaker emphasizes that Ecom Graduates is a development agency that focuses on helping people convert traffic to paying customers.

Customizable Announcement Bar - Part 1 - Shopify Coding Tutorial

Hi everyone, my name is Sean and welcome to my first Shopify coding tutorial. Today we'll be going over how to create your own custom announcement bar.

Most themes come with an announcement bar integrated already, however, they're somewhat limited in what you can do, especially if you're building this theme for clients who might not want to dive into custom HTML. In this case, Shopify's theme editor is much more comfortable to use.

Creating Custom Announcement Bars:

To create your own custom announcement bars, follow along and let's get started. First, go into Shopify's theme backend and duplicate your current theme. Then, rename it and create a new section called Custom Announcement Bar. Within this section, create a div with a class of custom announcement and a link to your desired URL. Next, create a p tag with a class of custom announcement bar message and add your message.

Customization Options:

Now that you have the basic announcement bar set up, it's time to customize it to your liking. You can choose whether you want it to be on the home page, change the text to uppercase or lowercase, change the color, add bold text, and choose the height of the announcement bar.

Adding Properties:

To give your client the ability to edit the announcement bar without having to dive into the HTML file, you can create properties for them to edit within Shopify's theme editor. You can create properties for editing the text, font size,

How To Add Announcement Bar Slider - Shopify Dawn Theme

- Welcome to WebSensePro's Shopify tutorial on adding an announcement bar slider

- Hosted by Bilal Naseer

Adding the Announcement Bar Slider:

- Access the backend of your Shopify store and go to customize

- Default announcement bar can be hidden and a new one added

- Add messages and additional scrolling messages

- Option to hide the bar or manually scroll using arrows

- Autoplay feature can be enabled with adjustable delay between transitions

- Background and text color can be changed

- Save changes and refresh to see updates

Steps to Implement:

1. Activate the Dawn theme and duplicate the live theme before editing code

2. Create a new section called Websense Pro announcement bar

3. Copy and paste the code from the video description

4. Search for the header section in the theme dot liquid file and add the announcement bar code above it

5. Save changes and go to customize to see the new announcement bar

6. Disable the default announcement bar and add messages

7. Customize autoplay feature, background and text color, and add emojis if desired

8. Save changes and refresh to see updates on all devices

- Adding an announcement bar slider can make your Shopify store look more professional and eye-catching

- Follow the steps outlined in the tutorial and don't forget to subscribe and comment for more Shopify tutorials from WebSensePro.

How To Customize Shopify Announcement Bar (Full Shopify Tutorial)

In this tutorial, we will be discussing the importance of the announcement bar and how to customize it on your website. The announcement bar is a vital tool for displaying discounts, promotions, and social media links to your clients.

Customizing the Announcement Bar:

To customize the announcement bar on your website, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Announcement option on your website's dashboard.

2. You can change the message to anything you want, such as a coupon code or a new promotion.

3. You can also change the background color and text color by clicking on the Theme Settings option on the bottom of the dashboard.

4. Don't forget to save your changes.

Using the Announcement Bar:

The announcement bar can be used to display discounts, promotions, social media links, and contact information. You can customize the message to suit your preferences and change the colors to match your website's theme.

The announcement bar is an essential tool for any website owner who wants to increase sales and improve customer engagement. By customizing the message and colors, you can create a unique and attractive announcement bar that will catch your clients' attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

How To Develop an Announcement Bar Slider in Shopify

In this Shopify development tutorial, we will be demonstrating how to create an announcement bar slider using code, without needing to add any apps to your store. Let's get started!

- In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an announcement bar slider in Shopify without using any apps.


1. Go to the theme section and disable the dynamic slider.

2. Create a new section called slide topbar or slidebar and add HTML code with an ID for the slider.

3. Add a page width class for the gap/margin.

4. Create another div for the announcement and add a paragraph.

5. Call the section and slider in theme.liquid above the header.

6. Check if your theme has jQuery and add it if necessary.

7. Check if your theme has Slick slider installed and add it if necessary.

8. Configure the slider to your liking, such as showing one slide at a time or adding arrows.

9. Add schema settings for text, link, background color, and text color.

10. Implement the schema settings in a loop for each block and add styles for the background color and text.

- By following these steps, you can create an announcement bar slider in Shopify using code without the need for any apps. This slider is responsive, clickable, and customizable to your liking.

How to add a dynamic flash bar on the header of your Shopify store

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a dynamic flash bar on the header of your Shopify store. This type of moving info bar is popular among users. Before we begin, we would like to ask you to subscribe to the channel and leave a like and a comment.

Steps to add a dynamic flash bar:

1. Copy the theme: Go to Actions, then Duplicate, and you will have a copy of your theme that will be added just below. This will help you go back on your changes if you make any big mistakes.

2. Access to codes: In the description of this video, you will find a link to the written tutorial where you will have access to the different codes that we will use.

3. Add a new snippet: In the theme liquid files, find the snippets folder and add a new snippet with the name dg flashinfos with an s at the end. Paste the code that you just copied in the file.

4. Place the bar: Place the code just under the body tag if you want to place the bar above your store's header. You can place the bar pretty much anywhere you want on your site.

5. Customize the bar: You can customize the text, icon, and display style of the different elements of the header bar. You can also add or delete information.

In this tutorial, we have learned how to add a dynamic flash bar on the header of your Shopify store. It is easy to customize and adds a nice touch to your website. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more tutorials to come.

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