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Shopify App Boosts Charity Donations

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Many people are discouraged when they discover limitations on Shopify while building their online shops. However, we believe that Shopify is the best solution for 99% of e-commerce stores, and we enjoy creating different solutions for clients that work within the Shopify platform. This article will discuss a project we launched last month that incorporates unique features that many clients thought couldn't be done on Shopify.

Inspire Brew:

Inspire Brew is a coffee brand that sells high-quality coffee, and 50% of their profits go to a cause of the shopper's choice. Unlike most donation apps on Shopify, Inspire Brew allows shoppers to register their own causes. The design is unique, and the brand's values align with those of Markeyvision, which focuses on humanitarian projects and donations.


- Inspire Brew's design incorporates unique elements that go beyond regular Shopify templates.

- Shoppers can browse a list of existing causes or register their own cause.

- A middleware connects to a Google sheet to verify the legitimacy of registered causes.

- Shoppers can personalize their subscription orders through an interactive wizard.

Inspire Brew is an excellent example of how unique features can be incorporated into a Shopify store. If you're struggling with a similar issue on your Shopify store or need consultation, visit our website for case studies, testimonials, and a free consultation. We would be happy to help you solve your specific problem.

How To Choose A Shopify Donation App

How to Choose a Shopify Donation App

If you're looking for a Shopify donation app, there are a lot of options available. It can be overwhelming to sift through them all, so we've put together this guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Types of Shopify Donation Apps:

1. Donation incentives for e-commerce companies

2. Crowdfunding apps for e-commerce companies

3. Donation collection apps for non-profits

4. Non-profit sponsored apps that donate to that organization only

Key Benefits of Donation Incentive Apps for E-commerce Companies:

- Appeal to conscious consumers

- Market without discounts

- Align brand to evergreen and timely causes

- Increase average order values

Best Shopify Donation Apps:

1. Gives - Best for e-commerce companies who serve conscious consumers and/or millennials and gen z

2. DonateMate - Best for non-profits who sell products with Shopify

3. One Tree Planted - Best for e-commerce companies with environmentally conscious consumers

4. Crowd Funding - Best for small e-commerce companies launching new products

5. Easy Donation - Best for non-profits or e-commerce stores that partner only with one non-profit

Choosing the right Shopify donation app can help you give back to the causes you care about while also appealing to conscious consumers and increasing average order values. Consider the type of app that best suits your needs and look for features such as post-checkout donations, charity customization, and analytics.

Pledge's "Give & Grow" Shopify App Full Tutorial

- Pledge link funds are a way to support nonprofit organizations by grouping them into categories such as providing meals, helping rescue animals, treating diseases, etc.

- Each fund provides an incentive to make a difference through giving back.

How to Choose and Support Causes:

- You can choose up to 12 causes to support through your store, but it's recommended to keep it simple by choosing one to four causes.

- If you already have a nonprofit in mind, you can search for it and select it. If not, contact us to learn how to get them set up.

- Customers have the ability to choose which charity their donation will go to from the purchase of an item. They can select one of the charities you've listed or have it divided equally among all of them.

- This setup requires a little bit of copying and pasting into your store design, but it only takes a minute or so to get it set up.

Designing Your Impact Calculator:

- You decide how much to give back and we'll take care of the back end of your impact calculator so it's updated in real-time based on sales.

- You can choose to give back a percentage of product cost or designate a set amount per product sold.

- Design your impact calculator to fit with your brand colors and include it on your site to show your impact in real-time with your customers.

- Sharing how you give back increases customer loyalty and invites your customers to join you in making the world a better place.

- The dashboard provides a quick view of all your donations in real-time, making it easy for you to see your impact and share about it.

- Check out the reports tab to download your tax receipts and see all donations made through various time periods.

🔥 Shopify For Nonprofits ✅ How To Use Shopify For Non Profits

- In this video, we will discuss how non-profit organizations can use Shopify to their advantage.

- Shopify offers the ability to create a website and an online store for non-profits.

- Using Shopify, non-profits can customize rewards for people who donate to their cause and monitor their customer behavior.

Reasons to use Shopify:

- Non-profits need a website and an online store to accept donations and showcase their work.

- Shopify allows for customization of rewards for donors and provides analytics to monitor customer behavior.

- The navigation menu is important for leading people around the website and explaining the non-profit's mission and why people should donate.

Creating a website on Shopify:

- Start with the navigation menu and add a Donate to Us section.

- Add products to the Donate to Us section to provide rewards for donors.

- Use the pages section to add a How You Can Help and a Contact Us page.

- Choose a free theme template from Shopify's library and customize it according to your non-profit's needs.

- Remove excess sections, add your own section and products, and change the store name.

- Non-profit organizations can benefit greatly from using Shopify to create a website and an online store.

- Shopify allows for customization of rewards for donors, provides analytics to monitor customer behavior, and offers easy-to-use theme templates.

- Start using Shopify for your non-profit today by clicking the link in the description box.

Five digital fundraising platforms your charity should know about

Music has seen a surge in online fundraising platforms in recent years. While they all allow charities to raise money quickly and effectively, not all fundraising platforms are created equal. Some are not cost-effective, and each platform has different functionalities and features. Charity Digital is here to help guide you through the process. Here are the top five fundraising platforms your charity should know about:

1. CAF Donate - Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has built a donate button that charities can easily add to their websites, emails, and social media pages. Signing up for CAF's reporting tool provides in-depth reports on campaigns, donors, and donations. Over 5,000 small to medium charities raised more than £27 million for UK charities in 2018 alone.

- For a £10 donation: Good start

2. Donr - This text giving service was built to support easy fundraising efforts. Charities can set their own custom keywords, and donors only need to pay an additional 1.4% plus 20p for card donations.

- For a £10 donation: Card donations

3. Enthuse - This platform allows charities to set up branded fundraising pages for a range of packages, offering a more direct relationship with supporters. Enthuse offers more sophisticated tech than the previous platforms.

- For a £10 donation: You'll really like this one

4. Facebook Fundraising - Charities can receive donations from Facebook's network for good and PayPal Giving Fund. The platform is simple and accessible to everyone.

- For a £10 donation: Prices vary

5. JustGiving - One of the first online fundraising platforms, JustGiving has collected over £4 billion for charities since its launch in 2001. With 22 million users worldwide, it streamlines everything and is a trusted name in the charity sector.

- For a £10 donation: Good costs

In conclusion, these are the five best digital fundraising platforms for charities, complete with costs and other important information. For more information on all things tech, from fundraising to service delivery to cybersecurity, check out the Charity Digital website. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video content. Cheers!

Hurricane Harvey: How to accept donations on your Shopify store

In this live stream, Mike and Ari from Bold are discussing how to accept donations on your Shopify store using the Product Upsell app. They were prompted to do this after seeing a question on a Facebook group about accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey relief funds. They believe that this is a great way for Shopify store owners to give back to their communities and help those in need.

Using Product Upsell for Donations:

- Normally used for upselling products, but can also be used for accepting donations

- Customers can choose donation amounts on the checkout page

- Store owners can easily view and remit donations to their chosen organization

- The app allows for a pop-up on the storefront to encourage customers to donate

Setting up Product Upsell for Donations:

- Create a new product specifically for donations

- Use variants to allow for different donation amounts

- Create a new offering in Product Upsell for the donation product

- Add a title and description for the pop-up on the checkout page

- Select the donation product in the Product Upsell offering


- Bold is offering a promotion for the next three months for those who want to use Product Upsell for accepting donations

- A link to the app and support team will be provided in the blog post and livestream

This is a great way for Shopify store owners to give back to their communities and help those in need. By using Product Upsell for accepting donations, they can encourage customers to donate and easily manage and remit those donations to their chosen organization. The app allows for a pop-up on the storefront to make the process even easier for customers. With Bold's promotion, this is a great time for Shopify store owners to try out this feature and make a difference in their communities.

Increasing Sales & Giving Back with Shopify Donation App, Givz

offering a 20% discount and a 20% donation to a charity of the customer's choice for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another brand is Fossil, who is offering a 30% discount and a $5 donation to the National Park Foundation for Giving Tuesday. These are just a few examples of how brands are implementing the get and give model to offer discounts while also making a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, brands are finding ways to drive sales and give back during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and beyond by implementing donation incentives like the always on, get and give, and increased donation incentive models. These models not only outperform traditional discounts but also allow brands to show their commitment to purpose-driven activities and sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers. By using donation incentives, brands can not only increase revenue but also create positive change in the world.

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