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shopify apps for sale

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Top 5 BEST Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2022 | Shopify Tutorial

(gentle electronica music) - Yo, what is going on? everybody, It's your man, Mohamed Camara, and welcome back to the channel. You already know what time it is. man, In this video I got a interesting one for you all, man, you all requested it, so you know I'm gonna deliver. I got you. I'm gonna give you my top five favorite Shopify apps to use on your store. If you haven't seen the last video, go ahead and check that out. it's a must see. it's toking about copyrighting, something that I haven't seen a lot of people tok about. I'll link that up up here for you guys, if you haven't checked that out already: absolute banger. In this video, like I said, we're gonna cover my top five favorite Shopify apps, And these are either gonna help you optimize your store or it's gonna help you just increase your conversion rates, 'cause that's what it's all about. When we're toking about websites, we're toking about conversion rate. That's like the holy grail of metrics. when you're toking about just building out your store, There's a very big difference between a website that actually looks good and a website that's actually built to convert visitors into customers. So I'm gonna list out my top five favorite apps, going from least favorite to my most favorite and if you stik around towards the end, I'll definitely hook you up with a bonus as well. all right, All I ask is that you hit the like button on this video before we get into it, because you already know I'm gonna hook you all up with some value, man, come on. Okay for app number five. we're gonna start with Lucky Orange. You guys heard me tok about this app a lot on this channel, and Lucky Orange- if you haven't heard about it already, it is a perfect app to spy on your customers. I know it sounds creepy and it sounds weird, but if you think about it, your website is your digital real estate. it is your property. It's kind of like installing cameras on your building, on your rental home or your property, whatever the case may be. It's just you're doing it digitally. So Lucky Orange is the cameras, it's your security camera. And here's a look at the app in the Shopify app store right here. The great thing about the Lucky Orange app is that you can record your visitors' user sessions so you can record, basically get like a screen recording of all their behaviors, see exactly what pages they visited. you can see what buttons they clicked on. they have this cool thing: it'll create heat maps so you can actually see where did they click on their mobile device, for example, What directions their mouse was going in, So it's a very versatile app. this is a perfect app for those who are getting visitors into your store but you're not able to get actual customers. maybe you're getting a lot of abandoned carts and you don't know why. This is a perfect app 'cause you can basically, after a whole day of just driving traffic- especially when you're first starting your advertising for any new product or anything like that in the testing phase- while your ads are warming up. I advise all my students to go ahead and use the Lucky Orange app and you'll basically be able to just sit there and watch video after video of every customer that came into your store And you'll find a trend: The people who spend the longest amount of time on your store- or maybe over 30 seconds- they end up adding to cart. The people who end up spending more than a minute and a half- are the ones that actually purchase, and you'll find this trend of seeing which pages people actually bounced off of, meaning which pages people visited, and they end up having a high bounce rate and exiting out of your website and going back to social media, There might be something on that part of your website where you can actually optimize it and get people to stay a little bit longer, because if you could get them to stay above that threshold now it's gonna lead to add to cart and people making more deeper in the funnel type of actions on your website. So highly recommend this app. it is free. you get the first 500 page views for free. After that it's about like $10 a month. but I wouldn't recommend keeping it on your store. it's kind of just using it through the optimization stage and through the beginning parts of you testing out your website, you trying to optimize, see what things you wanna optimize. It'll allow you to see exactly what your customers are seeing and it's so, so helpful because you can test things out and you can go and build out the most beautiful website. but if it's not getting people to continue down into the add to cart phase, into the initiate checkout phase, then it really doesn't matter, right? So this is really gonna help you kind of visualize everything and just make sense of it, all of what your customers' journey actually looks like. Definitely check that out. Lucky Orange App number four is Feraai. This app is very versatile. it's a beasty app because it has so many things inside of it. Basically, this one app will have about, I think, 20 plus different widgets that you can add to your store. Now keep in mind I don't recommend adding tons of apps onto your store, because all that's gonna do is slow down your website, because the way that the apps actually install into your store is it adds some sort of code and layers of code into your website theme, and the more code that you put on your theme, the more it slows it down as far as load time and web speed and things like that. So if you use this app, don't just go and add all types of crazy widgets. Let me go over some of the widgets that you can use. So if I go and add this new widget right here, what we could see is it'll give us a list of things. so we have widgets to increase our average order value. So there's a free shipping bar, buy one, get one free pop up, upsell in the cart. so a bunch of things here and it can kind of be overwhelming. but I recommend only doing about two to three widgets max on your website because you don't wanna overload your theme with so much code. Okay, right here, increasing urgency, you could do a timer in cart slash checkout- This is one that I really like- and a get it by timer- Basically let the customers know when they can expect their orders. that's gonna be one of the biggest objections. so if you can overcome that and just put it on the product page, you'll see more add to carts and more conversions there. This app, like I said, it's beasty and it's a little bit too much. you can have a lot of fun, but I'm telling you, if you decide to use this, I recommend to just limit yourself to two to three widgets max. you don't wanna do too much. You have a bunch of things here to increase social proof, for example, increasing trust, decreasing cart abandonment, Okay. so the two widgets that I use out of this app is actually the get it by timer and I use the logo showcase banner. This is a basically as seen on CBS. it says, like as seen on Fox, CNN, that kind of social proof bar that you could put on the bottom of your site. You can add that there. You could do a get it by timer as well. basically, like I said, letting people know when they can expect their orders And it'll actually give you stats and you can see the stats here: 7,000 people seen this actual widget in the past month, so it's active, it's doing its thing and it'll actually let you know, okay, how much revenue it's actually responsible for. So they do a good job making sure that it's showing you the ROI that you're getting off of the app. So definitely check out Feraai. it's like 20 plus different apps in one And the hard part is not using all the apps. App number three we're gonna keep counting down here. app number three is a very simple one, but so, so effective. This app right here is called the Stiky Add to Cart. just type it in here: Stiky Add to Cart. I'll show you the exact one And basically the way it works is when you have a long form sales page and you got.

FREE Apps To Increase Your Shopify Sales! | Entrepreneur Life, Small Business Tips

hey guys, welcome back to my channel. in today's video, we're going to tok about ways to increase your sales using shopify apps. i've been recommending shopify as the go-to e-commerce platform for a few years now, ever since i started using shopify and i saw my sales go up thanks to apps like the ones i'm gonna mention in this video. now, with shopify, it comes standard, which is great, so you are able to sell and get sales just from a standard store, with no apps. but the best thing about shopify is those extra apps you can add to your store just to take things to the next level. so make sure you have a pen and paper, because i'm going to show you some of my favorite apps that help to increase sales on your shopify store. all of these apps are free, so i'm just going to run through them and actually share the benefits of each. number one is bundler. now, bundler is a way for you to put together items and offer a discount. so, for example, on our website at the moment, we have a bundle deal for one bonnet and one satin pillow case. so if you buy a bonnet and a pillow case, you get a discount. so you get two for 40 pound instead of being like 50 pounds something, so you're saving about 10 pounds when you buy two products together. now the good thing about this is you're increasing your average cart value because before that bundle, some people may have just bought the one and not the two because they thought it was too expensive. but if they see there's an option to actually get the two items they wanted at a cheaper price, they are more likely to actually get that bundle and just go ahead with buying the two instead of the one. with bundled, you can customize the little notification but it pops up on your buy page. so if a customer was to go on the satin pillowcase page or the bonnet page, they will see a little square box just by the buy button and it will tell them if they buy the bonnet and the pillowcase together, they will save this amount. so it actually shows you how much they're saving as well, which is just a great way for you to gain, you know, that extra sale and that extra item and you want to make sure you get the most out of the customer when they are on your store the first time around. so the next one is sales pop and this is a way to gain social proof and really encourage scarcity on your website. if you're shopping on the store, you will see a little pop-up and you can customize where the pop-up comes. i like it in the bottom left corner and it will say: someone in london, uk, bought a bonnet four hours ago and this just really shows that, okay, people are actually shopping on this site. it's not just me. like this isn't a fake site. like it gives them a bit more social proof and trust within your brand and it also prompts them to buy. i don't know about you, but some clothing brands that i shop on it will tell you how many people had bought that item within the last hour and it makes me want to buy it because i'm like: okay, this is a popular product, this must be, you know, the thing that everyone's buying, and it also gets you a little bit scared that it's going to sell out. so that is stuff that you can do with the app sales pop. with the free version, i think you're only allowed a hundred views of the pop-up, so that means you can only have like 100 visitors on your site and then it will stop using the sales pop app. i mean, it's better than nothing. so if you don't want to pay for sales, pop, at least just get the free version. it may only be seen by a hundred people, but if you are new you may only have a hundred people within a month- you and your store anyway, so it's not, you know, too much of a big deal. next one is back in stok product alerts. this one is great if you are new and you have, you know, not a lot of inventory available to hand and you find that you're often out of stok. when you are out of stok, it puts customers off, so they will see that our products out stok and they'll probably just exit the shop and not think to even come back and check. whereas if you have a notification on the buy button that says this product is out of stok, put in your email here to get a notification as soon as it's back in stok. most people do go ahead and put their email in. i know me as a shopper myself. if i'm shopping on a website and there's a product i really, really want and it's out of stok, i do sign up for the out of stok alert. back in stok alert, sorry. so i would recommend that you have that on your site if you are out of stok a lot, and the fun part is, when you do actually restok that item on the back end of shopify, it automatikally sends out an email to all of those customers. you don't have to do a thing, it does it all automatikally, and you'll find that a lot of sales come in like within that same day because it's from people that actually signed up to the. so my next one is go af pro, and this is about starting your own affiliate referral program. if you have been a fan of a certain brand or a certain store, you may have signed up to their affiliate program so that you get points or you get money off or even payment for referring that brand or that product to other people. so that's something that you can actually set up for free. you can make your own affiliate program and it will manage all the affiliates for you so you can see how many people have used sarah's code and then at the end of the month you can pay sarah her commission via paypal. so that is all managed within go after pros. if you've been wanting to set up an affiliate program but you want it to be connected to your shopify, that's something you can do within shop. so the next is stiky add to cart. this is another great app that i love and has made a difference. it's basically a way for when someone adds an item to cart, they won't just forget about their cart, because it actually pops up, it shows them what's in their cart and if they scroll through the website, it actually follows them. i know it can be kind of annoying, but it does work. these things. as a business owner, you sometimes get scared, for example, with emails. i find a lot of business owners get scared to email their customers too much, but it works, so i wouldn't be scared of things like this. there's actually another app i will tell you about in a future video- that records your website, so you will see what turns people off on your website. the next one is pre-order- now i think it's called. i'll put the link to all of the apps in the description box down below. but this is really good to those who haven't yet launched or people that are starting a new product and launching a new product but haven't yet got the stok in. you can actually make a product available for pre-order and still collect that money from the order, and then you just have to obviously ship it out to the customer once that product is available. a lot of customers actually don't mind pre-ordering a product, as long as you make it clear when it's going to come whether they're going to get like a discount because they've pre-ordered. that's another good way for you to actually get that order in. but pre-order now is something good to add to your site if you still haven't launched that product but you do want to kind of collect it around. the last app that i want to mention is countdown timer bar. this is a great one for if you have a cell or any kind of offer on your website but you want to make it very clear and kind of give some scarcity to the customer that that offer is going to be ending soon. so what it will do is have a bar at the top or the bottom of your website with a countdown timer saying that this cell is ending in 24 hours or one hour, and that will hopefully rush them to actually buy and make sure they don't miss out on that offer. and it's fully customizable. you may have to purchase the full plan if you want to make certain edits, but with the free plan you can do quite a lot with it. so i really like that for when i'm running any kind of black friday sale or a big sale that i want to get as many sales as possible, because if they see

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TOP 7 SHOPIFY APPS To Find And Source Winning Products To Sell

what are the best apps to find products to sell? you can use a product sourcing app to find and sell something that already exists and be just as successful if you had designed the product from scratch. let me show you how. in today's video, i'm going to introduce you to the top seven product sourcing apps for finding products to sell on shopify. these apps will help you find, sell and ship wedding products to your customers, and if you're not exactly sure what you should be selling, i'll teach you how to make an informed decision about what you should add to your store. so stik around until the end of the video for that. [Music]. hi everyone, i'm your host, michelle bally, so before we start, feel free to hit that subscribe button here. on normal shopify, we have a new video every week with tips on how to start and grow your online business. so, for example, we just recently dropped a video on 12 trending products to sell and how to market them. so make sure that you're subscribed so that you don't miss out on any future videos. my number seven favorite app is shapeways. so shapeways is a 3d printing and fulfillment service that lets you upload your own 3d models and bring them to life as physical products. shapeways is free to install. you don't pay any subscription fees or anything like that. you just pay for the materials and the services. that said, there are some upfront costs of 3d modeling, which can get pricey, but the upside is that shapeways allows you to create truly unique, high quality products. the available 3d printing materials include plastik, steel, gold, aluminum and more so. for example, you can design and manufacture on-demand custom jewelry pieces like these rings over here. or, if you're in the gaming industry, for example, you can make gaming miniatures that look exactly like your unique characters. the possibilities are endless. shapeways makes it easy and accessible to bring your custom ideas to life. my number six top rated product app is spock it. so spock it is a product sourcing app that lets you add products from drop shipping suppliers in the us and the eu. if you're not already familiar with what drop shipping is, drop shipping is where a store doesn't keep the products that they sell in stok at all. instead, a drop shipping business will purchase the item from a third party using an app like spock it, for example, and the customer places an order from your store and your store will automatikally send the order to your drop shipping supplier. your drop shipping supplier prepares the customer's order and then it gets shipped directly to the customer. as a result, the seller does not have to handle or ship the product at all. drop shipping is a low risk, low cost and low effort method in getting a business off the ground. so back to spock it. you can download spock it for free, but in order to start selling, you're going to need to sign up for a starter plan. this plan is 19 us dollars a month and it gives you access to unlimited orders and other necessary features. you can choose from a large catalog of quality wholesale products at a 30 to 60 percent discount. this leaves room for great profit margin. through spock it, you can source jewelry, clothes, sports equipment and more. now, a common pain point with drop shipping is the slow lead times, but with spock it, you can take advantage of fast shipping times. the number five top rated product sourcing app is printful. printful is a print on demand company. print on demand uses the same shipping and fulfillment method of drop shipping. with print on demand, you can print custom designs onto virtually anything. this app is free to install. printful offers customization options on popular products like t-shirts, posters and phone cases and pillows. but what makes them stand out from the other print-on-demand apps is their range of unique products like bomber jackets and leggings. most print-on-demand companies lack the ability to brand that customer experience, but with printful, you can opt-in for branded stikers, package inserts and labels. before launching your product offering, i would recommend that you order product samples first. printful offers samples at a discounted price so that you can see what your products will look like before you start shipping them off to customers. sitting at number four, we have creative hub. now. creative hub lets you sell premium art made by contemporary artists in your own online store. this uk-based marketplace allows you to sell art without having to be an artist yourself. this app is free to install. now. the way that it works is you're given a minimum price that you can sell each piece at and then from there, you're free to mark it up. this will determine your share as a vendor. some prints are even limited edition, which will command a higher price tag. fixed international shipping costs six pounds, and this keeps shipping logistiks simple and lets you sell anywhere in the world. it's important to note that frames are not included. now, if you decide to go with creative hub, i would recommend that you source frames with one of the other apps on this list. that way, customers can shop all their needs in one place and it gives you a competitive edge. number three is drip shipper. now, drip shipper is a quality coffee drop shipper. it costs 30 a month to gain access to unlimited orders and products, automatik order fulfillment and one-click product ad. unlike other dropshippers, you can customize the label and coffee bags with your own logo and branding. you also get to choose the kind of coffee you want to offer: from single origin coffee, packs of single serve coffee capsules, decaf coffee and custom coffee products, where consumers can select the origin, roast and quantity. you can even offer a coffee subscription to encourage repeat sales, and this is also going to increase customer satisfaction, as they can re-up on their coffee supply before they run out. lulu express is the number two pick for print-on-demand books and calendars. lulu express is free to install. you only pay for services and products once you place an order. lulu express focuses exclusively on books and calendars, making it accessible to launch your own book product or sell the work of other authors in illustrators. you can pick the size of the book and whether you want a hardcover or a soft cover. now the customization gets pretty nitty-gritty. you can even choose the color of the ink and the quality of the paper. have an idea for a best-selling book. lulu express is a low-risk way to try out your idea and prove it as a viable business venture before investing heavily in it. here are some ideas of what kinds of books that you can print. so you can do a hardcover photo book. you can try a novel, a comic book, poetry book, and journals and notebooks. my personal top pick is oberlo. oberlo is an official shopify app that was built to make it easy to find products, add them to your store and drop ship them directly to your customers. there is a free plan available which gives you all the basic drop shipping features you need to get started. whether you have a side hustle, passion project or a full-time career, oberlo is the tool kit to help you start and grow your own thing. for free, you can choose from millions of products across almost any niche that you can think of. think of it as the keys to a virtual warehouse packed with products from thousands of suppliers: electronics, fashion, beauty, toys- you name it, you can find it. this gives you the freedom to curate products into a branded online store to serve a very specific audience, like smartphone photography gear for travelers. test new products without running cash. you sell first and buy later, so there's no paying suppliers until your customers pay you. as with any drop shipping method, you never have to worry about shipping. your suppliers sort the inventory and ship the orders directly to your shoppers. this eliminates the headache of stacking boxes in your living room and shipping logistiks, so that you can just focus on the selling. oberlo also gives you f.

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Best Shopify Discount Apps 2022

[Music]. what's going on everyone? what's going on everyone is jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we're going to take a look at the top discount shopify app so you can add further functionality to your store, incentivizing your customers to purchase your product. and so in today's video, we're going to take a look at these top discount apps. here we look at the top three and look in detail at their shopify listings, taking a look at the description, key features, the screenshots, the pricing and the reviews of each, so you can a better understanding of the top app for this category. now this full list comes from our blog, ecommerce educated. even though we're going to go over just the top three today, and before i get into this video, i just want to quickly thank our sponsor, profitcalc, in which you can start a 15 day free trial, and there's a link in the description: [Music]. [Applause]. the first discount app we have here is called bulk discount code generator, allowing you to generate sets of unique discount codes and stop coupon abuse. one of the best things about this app is that it's completely free, which is really nice. in terms of the key features of this app, it saves time and effort so you can generate large sets of unique discount codes after just a few clicks for more personalized marketing when codes are unique and can only be used once, so you can stop worrying about all those coupon sharing sites. in terms of the ui of this product, you can look at it here and we can see that makes it really easy to create unique coupon codes. having a good ui on the back end that matches shopify's theme. in terms of the reviews, for this project is currently 276 five star reviews with an overall 4.8 star rating, and this product is completely free. the second one we'll take a look at is called unlimited bundles and discounts. it allows you to bundle products together with discounts to boost your sales. so if you need more functionality than just basic coupon generation, we can look at one of these. more advanced app in terms of the key features allows you to set up product bundles with different types of discounts. that increases the conversion rate of your shopify store. you can also sell multiple items at once, motivating your customers to buy the bundle, not just one product, and you can offer discounts to do that, and that increases your average order value, which is good for your overall profitability of your shopify store. it also requires zero coding to install as ready bundles do not mess with your theme installation and uninstall runs automatikally. in terms of the ui, we can look at it here and you can see that under your product it's going to give you the option, or the customer the option, to buy a bundle and save 10 percent. you can have volume discounts as well as exclusive card tips, so for customers, in their cart, they can get this alert here and it encourages them to buy multiple. they also add bundles anywhere on your shopify site, even including bundle pages. they also give you advanced metrics on these, such as purchase reports, add to cart report, bundle report, orders report and a discount report, which will allow you to see how well this app is doing, which can lead to further justification that it's worth the cost and it's fully optimized for mobile. in terms of pricing, they have a free plan which is limited to just one bundle, but it is completely free so you can test it out for yourself. it goes all the way up to an advanced plan of 29.99 a month and pricing is based on your shopify plan and so it's going to correspond to your shopify actual store plan in terms of how much you pay in pricing. in terms of overall rating, it has a good rating of 4.8 stars, with over 1 100 5 reviews. last stop we're going to take a look at here is sale and discount manager by heart coding, and it's the perfect sellout for product discounts and scheduled sales. in terms of the key features: allows for fast updating of up to 100 products per minute. you can select your discounts and apply it store wide for collections or single products, and schedule your sales. in terms of the ui of this product, we can see here it makes it easy to manage your discounts, as you can have easy filtering as well as scheduling sales. you also get a nice overview of the discount manager and you can customize your own tag on how it's going to appear on the product image. and here's what the storefront will look like, as you can add custom tags to each of your product images, helping the sales stand out. in terms of pricing, it is flat here at 9.99 a month with a seven day free trial. this gives you all their features, such as scheduled sales, product discounts, no theme changes, advanced product filtering, as well as the ability to customize your own sale tag. according to this, it's very fast and easy. in terms of reviews, it has a solid rating of 4.8 stars with 295 star reviews. so overall, this concludes the video on the top discount shopify apps. i hope you enjoyed the video. if you did, i would love if you hit that like and subscribe button below. any questions about anything? just leave a comment. and for our sponsor, profitcalc, there's a link in the description to start a 15 day free trial so you can calculate your profits in just one click- no need to mess with spreadsheets or anything like that- and you can get back to growing your business. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video. [Music].

How to Start LIVE Selling on Shopify? (Step by Step Tutorial)

hello, hope you're doing amazing. today. i want to show you, once you download the quick app inside shopify, how easy it is for you to live stream and sell within your website and with quick. so the first step is for you to go to the quick profile inside the shopify app store. then you go and you click this green button called add app. then from there you'll be able to create a quick account and sync your products and inventory. now what's amazing is that there is no integration fee or monthly cost for you to use quick. so i'm going to use an example that already has an already done the connection. so, as you hear, you see, here you get quick within your sales channels and here, in this specific example, you have four products synced. so you go here to go to the quick app and here you'll be able to see the products that you've already synced. now to do the live stream, it is very, very, very simple. so you have to go to the live stream page and here you click the add button, the purple one. then you'll be able to add a name to the life that you want to do, the products that you wish you want that you want to sell a promotional banner and when it starts. so here at the bottom, i've already created one for this example, and all you have to do to add this to your shopify website- this live. you click the add live to my website and you'll be able to copy this code and i'm gonna go ahead and start the live right now and you'll see. all you have to do is click play and right away, uh, you're gonna be live and you can say hi to your um, your viewers. now this live, i'm going to take it into my shopify website. now i go to my shopify dashboard, i go to the sales channel and online store and i'm going to start and put it in a new page. now you can also add it to a page that already exists. so here i add a new page, i put a nice, a nice title, i paste the code and that's it. now, if i view the page- and this is the, the page that the, the viewer that your customers are going to see, you'll see that your live is now on your website and here the viewers can ask you any questions through the chat and you also be able to answer them, either on on the chat or you can ask them to answer them directly on on the, on the live, and here at the bottom you'll be able to see the products. now, what's amazing is, as the user uh is looking at the products, uh, they actually are able to see you in the little picture picture, so they never miss a second of the live while they decide to buy. now, the last thing that i want to show you is how this live also will show up in the quick app and here you'll see, here you see a show up and they'll be able to watch it just like they would on your website. they'll be able to select the products that they, that they want to buy, and it's the same, the same process. they are able to see you and never miss a second while you do all your life. and if they want to add it to the card, they will add to the card and then go to the checkout page. [Music] you.


hi guys, welcome back to my channel. is michelle asari here? [Music]. welcome, welcome if you're new here. i'm michelle and i've got a clothing brand called sincerely nude and i sell basically everything nude and in between, with a hint of burnt orange, i'm actually wearing my new um shirt from my brand, from my new capsule that is coming out in june, first of june. so this is it. i've got loads of stuff, i've got a kimono, i've got trousers and everything. so i'm here because i want to tok about five best shopify apps that i have been using that i feel like has done really, really great for my store. the first one that i will tok about is called one for one is amazing. i only just found it out like last week, and i've been using it. it's amazing. you have your email marketing, your pop-ups, your welcome series, your text messages, everything like. i've not even finished using the amazing integrations that that app has to offer. it's called one- okay, one e, and it's amazing. the customer service is great. the app in itself is great. i feel like the whole point of the app is to give you everything in one, so your emails, your texts, your welcome series and more. there's so much more to the app. it is a completely free app, so i'm just saying: get that app. my next one is back in stok. this app is really good because, obviously, when a product is out of stok and let's say, you are either buying wholesale or you are having it made in a factory yourself. now, if you don't necessarily know the supply and demand, your customers will be able to put in their email to say: you know, i want this item, and then you can know: is it worth bringing back? is it a popular item, is it not? and it's really good. this app is free, but there are some features that you have to pay for, but it's still a really good app. so if you do have a shopify store- by the way, i only tok about that platform because it's the best. don't hate me, but it is so- if you have a shop, a shopify store, make sure you get one and make sure you get back in stok as well. the next one, the third app that i really really like is- judge me now this app. oh, my goodness, like the amount of times i have laughed at the amount of reviews that my customers have left, because they they're just so funny. and it's such a good app because people can leave- like their pictures as well- and just leave a review of your item. it's really good to have that feature because then if new customers are coming to see that product, then they can read the good or bad things about the product that you have. so it's good to have that app. the fourth app is called replay- bear session recording. now this app- it basically makes you spy a little bit on your customers so you see what people are searching for, what they are trying to look for. you'll see what they're doing. it could also make your website more user-friendly because you can see what is working and what it's not. that's a good app to have as well. they do have loads of other apps on the app store, but that is the app that i'm currently using. the fifth and i think the most amazing app is called go af pro. so this app is amazing. so it helps with affiliate marketing. if you obviously have got a business and you have those like right or dire customers that you know that they love your product and they are, and you know, a big cheerleader for your brand, this app is really good for you because you can give your customers a commission for every referral that they bring to you. this is really good both ways, because they are already toking about your brand anyway, so this just gives them a better way to actually, you know, get more people to know about your brand. you can pay them 5, 10, 20 is completely up to you. it basically helps refer your previous customers to new potential customers. so it's such a great app. i've read so much about it, i've been doing so much research about it and i've spoken to some of my friends as well who have got their own businesses, who use it as well, and it is amazing. that is my last tip for you guys. let me know how it goes. i hope you like this video. i hope it was informative. you've learned something. don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel if you like this video, and i will see you in my next one. have a lovely week, bye.