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shopify apps to increase sales

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

MUST HAVE SHOPIFY APPS in 2022 - Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

i'm gonna tell it to you just like this: i've shown you absolutely everything that you need to know when it comes to building a high converting shopify store, but if you are not taking advantage of the apps i will be covering in today's video, you will simply not make any sales. i'm going to be showing you the apps that you need on your store that are going to help you from going from a couple sales or no sales at all to over a thousand dollars per day with your store. and i'm going to take it to another level, because, for one lucky person who smashes that like button below and comments in the comment section, i'm gonna give you 500 cash so you can take full advantage of these apps and even have some more additional money so that you can start running your ads today. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and get right into it. what's going on? everyone? my name is ac hampton and welcome to my channel. i'm an eight figure marketer who gets to teach people from all over the world how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you know who i am, thank you for always coming back and always showing love. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure you're prepared for some value that you're going to not want to miss out on a single second of now. before we hop into this video, each and every week, i have the opportunity of giving out a free one-on-one consulting call to help one of you with anything that you may be needing help with to continue to streamline your success. if you want the chance to win this call, all you have to do is in the comment section below, comment the word app and your biggest takeaway from this video. i will be announcing last week's winner somewhere inside this video, so make sure you stay tuned the entire way through to see if it was you. now, april is coming to an end, which means that the 10 spots that i opened for my one-on-one mentorship is now down to four. so if you're looking to start getting the results that you're looking for, just like all my students right here, then make sure you head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and dm me the word mentorship so i can help you get started now without further ado. let's go ahead and get right into it now. you all know how important it is to have a clean cut layout of your store so that shoppers aren't immediately distracted from what they originally came there to do, which is purchasing something from you. you need to make sure that your store is showcasing simply three colors max. this consists of just white, black and one accent color that is shown inside your logo, and you can check out all the other requirements of a clean shopify store build and exactly how to do that in this video right here. but just as important as making your store look clean and professional is also making it as shopper friendly as possible. this helps with ensuring that you're convincing your customers to buy with no extra hassle or struggle on their end and maximize off of every customer that comes into your store. so let's go ahead and tok about the apps that you need in order to get that done now. the first and arguably one of the most important apps that you're going to want to have in your store is a multi-currency converter. a currency converter allows you to market your product to the top five countries that i always suggest, which is the united states, australia, canada, new zealand and the united kingdom, while allowing them to come directly to your store and see the price in their own currency. by having a custom currency converter on your store, you're not only making it as simple as possible for the customer to see the product cost in the currency, but you're also giving them no reason at all to question whether they should buy from you or from somebody else. i mean literally. just think about it: if you're shopping and going to a store and you see the price in euros, while you're used to seeing and understanding us dollars, are you really going to sit there and do the math to translate the price? are you going to find someone who is selling the product in your currency? we all know the answer. that question is yes. so do the work for your customers. have a custom currency converter downloaded to your store and don't miss out on any of those purchases, and my favorite app for this is best currency converter. you can see that it easily adds multiple currencies. you can automatikally convert prices and ultimately start increasing those sales and getting that sh money. the next app that you absolutely need to have on your store to make it as shopper friendly as possible is stiky add-a-cart booster pro, and basically it looks as simple as this. you can see on the bottom of the screen, basically whenever you're scrolling, it will still allow you to add a cart without having to go all the way back up to the top of the page. this app is not only key to allowing your customers to have easy access to adding a product to cart, but it also allows them to keep reading and looking at your pictures of your product until they get to the very bottom of your product page, where they're then offered complimentary upsell products that can help continue increase your average order value. which then leads me to the next app that you absolutely need on your store, which is going to be more beneficial to you while making your store look professional, which is the frequently bought together app. this app allows you to offer those complimentary upsells that continue to help you raise that average order value that you may have just been stuck at- so if it's like 25 you've been stuck at, this will help you two, three, four, x that, when you think about it, when you're buying online from literally anywhere- i mean anytime that you go to checkout- these stores are going to offer you something that would go absolutely perfect with the product that you're buying, and many customers cannot resist it. and, trust me, it doesn't just happen online, but it also happens in physical brick and mortar stores as well, when you're heading into the checkout line at walmart with all your groceries. what do you see? you're surrounded by little pick-me-up items that you could use or eat instantly, whether it's chapstik or a small bag of chips. customer eyes are always wondering, and it's important that you know exactly how to take full advantage of that. this is an app that i will never go without inside my store, and i suggest that you do the exact same, and here is a perfect example of this. so you see, right here on this website, they are selling a pressure relief seat cushion and as you scroll down, they're showing you all different types of items that complete your comfort setup. so now they're increasing their average order value from this back relief, lumber pillow, deep sleep pillow, pressure relief, car seat cushion- and continuously, continuously upselling them with other items. now, before we head into a couple more apps that you need to make sure that you have on your store, that are going to create that high converting store and give you the results that you're looking for, you know that i'm here to help out in any way possible. if you have any questions about this video at all, or about how you can get started, or about literally anything ecommerce at all, make sure you head over to my instagram ac, underscore hampton and dm me the word youtube so i can reach out and help you out in any way. the value does not just stop right here with these youtube videos. i'm also here to help you all succeed and answer any questions that you may be having every single day. so dm me youtube if you're feeling stuck. now heading into the next app that you need to have downloaded to your store, this is going to be ultimately one of my favorite, which is going to be sms bump. now, sms bump isn't something that you'll necessarily be seeing on a store, but it's more of a back end app that you'll need downloaded that allows you to send text messages to your customers phones and bring them running right back to your store. and i'm telling you, ri

FREE Apps To Increase Your Shopify Sales! | Entrepreneur Life, Small Business Tips

hey guys, welcome back to my channel. in today's video, we're going to tok about ways to increase your sales using shopify apps. i've been recommending shopify as the go-to e-commerce platform for a few years now, ever since i started using shopify and i saw my sales go up thanks to apps like the ones i'm gonna mention in this video. now, with shopify, it comes standard, which is great, so you are able to sell and get sales just from a standard store, with no apps. but the best thing about shopify is those extra apps you can add to your store just to take things to the next level. so make sure you have a pen and paper, because i'm going to show you some of my favorite apps that help to increase sales on your shopify store. all of these apps are free, so i'm just going to run through them and actually share the benefits of each. number one is bundler. now, bundler is a way for you to put together items and offer a discount. so, for example, on our website at the moment, we have a bundle deal for one bonnet and one satin pillow case. so if you buy a bonnet and a pillow case, you get a discount. so you get two for 40 pound instead of being like 50 pounds something, so you're saving about 10 pounds when you buy two products together. now the good thing about this is you're increasing your average cart value because before that bundle, some people may have just bought the one and not the two because they thought it was too expensive. but if they see there's an option to actually get the two items they wanted at a cheaper price, they are more likely to actually get that bundle and just go ahead with buying the two instead of the one. with bundled, you can customize the little notification but it pops up on your buy page. so if a customer was to go on the satin pillowcase page or the bonnet page, they will see a little square box just by the buy button and it will tell them if they buy the bonnet and the pillowcase together, they will save this amount. so it actually shows you how much they're saving as well, which is just a great way for you to gain, you know, that extra sale and that extra item and you want to make sure you get the most out of the customer when they are on your store the first time around. so the next one is sales pop and this is a way to gain social proof and really encourage scarcity on your website. if you're shopping on the store, you will see a little pop-up and you can customize where the pop-up comes. i like it in the bottom left corner and it will say: someone in london, uk, bought a bonnet four hours ago and this just really shows that, okay, people are actually shopping on this site. it's not just me. like this isn't a fake site. like it gives them a bit more social proof and trust within your brand and it also prompts them to buy. i don't know about you, but some clothing brands that i shop on it will tell you how many people had bought that item within the last hour and it makes me want to buy it because i'm like: okay, this is a popular product, this must be, you know, the thing that everyone's buying, and it also gets you a little bit scared that it's going to sell out. so that is stuff that you can do with the app sales pop. with the free version, i think you're only allowed a hundred views of the pop-up, so that means you can only have like 100 visitors on your site and then it will stop using the sales pop app. i mean, it's better than nothing. so if you don't want to pay for sales, pop, at least just get the free version. it may only be seen by a hundred people, but if you are new you may only have a hundred people within a month- you and your store anyway, so it's not, you know, too much of a big deal. next one is back in stok product alerts. this one is great if you are new and you have, you know, not a lot of inventory available to hand and you find that you're often out of stok. when you are out of stok, it puts customers off, so they will see that our products out stok and they'll probably just exit the shop and not think to even come back and check. whereas if you have a notification on the buy button that says this product is out of stok, put in your email here to get a notification as soon as it's back in stok. most people do go ahead and put their email in. i know me as a shopper myself. if i'm shopping on a website and there's a product i really, really want and it's out of stok, i do sign up for the out of stok alert. back in stok alert, sorry. so i would recommend that you have that on your site if you are out of stok a lot, and the fun part is, when you do actually restok that item on the back end of shopify, it automatikally sends out an email to all of those customers. you don't have to do a thing, it does it all automatikally, and you'll find that a lot of sales come in like within that same day because it's from people that actually signed up to the. so my next one is go af pro, and this is about starting your own affiliate referral program. if you have been a fan of a certain brand or a certain store, you may have signed up to their affiliate program so that you get points or you get money off or even payment for referring that brand or that product to other people. so that's something that you can actually set up for free. you can make your own affiliate program and it will manage all the affiliates for you so you can see how many people have used sarah's code and then at the end of the month you can pay sarah her commission via paypal. so that is all managed within go after pros. if you've been wanting to set up an affiliate program but you want it to be connected to your shopify, that's something you can do within shop. so the next is stiky add to cart. this is another great app that i love and has made a difference. it's basically a way for when someone adds an item to cart, they won't just forget about their cart, because it actually pops up, it shows them what's in their cart and if they scroll through the website, it actually follows them. i know it can be kind of annoying, but it does work. these things. as a business owner, you sometimes get scared, for example, with emails. i find a lot of business owners get scared to email their customers too much, but it works, so i wouldn't be scared of things like this. there's actually another app i will tell you about in a future video- that records your website, so you will see what turns people off on your website. the next one is pre-order- now i think it's called. i'll put the link to all of the apps in the description box down below. but this is really good to those who haven't yet launched or people that are starting a new product and launching a new product but haven't yet got the stok in. you can actually make a product available for pre-order and still collect that money from the order, and then you just have to obviously ship it out to the customer once that product is available. a lot of customers actually don't mind pre-ordering a product, as long as you make it clear when it's going to come whether they're going to get like a discount because they've pre-ordered. that's another good way for you to actually get that order in. but pre-order now is something good to add to your site if you still haven't launched that product but you do want to kind of collect it around. the last app that i want to mention is countdown timer bar. this is a great one for if you have a cell or any kind of offer on your website but you want to make it very clear and kind of give some scarcity to the customer that that offer is going to be ending soon. so what it will do is have a bar at the top or the bottom of your website with a countdown timer saying that this cell is ending in 24 hours or one hour, and that will hopefully rush them to actually buy and make sure they don't miss out on that offer. and it's fully customizable. you may have to purchase the full plan if you want to make certain edits, but with the free plan you can do quite a lot with it. so i really like that for when i'm running any kind of black friday sale or a big sale that i want to get as many sales as possible, because if they see

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The Must Have FREE Shopify Apps (2022) – Increase Sales & Customers!

one of the biggest draw cards using shopify as your main e-commerce platform is their library of terrific apps and apps, and e-commerce store trends are changing all the time, so what we're going to do is go over the top free shopify apps that you can use right now on my screen. and, by the way, every store is different, so the apps that may work well for my store and myself may not work for you, but here's what i recommend. i recommend you going through the suggestions right here and then picking out the apps that you believe will work and giving it a shot, because it's free anyway. [Music]. give this video a thumbs up if you find it useful and leave your favorite own shopify app suggestion down in the comments below. also, a quick reminder that the thousand dollar snapchat ad voucher is about to expire really soon, in october. so if you want to double your ad spend with snapchat and grow your sales through snap ads, then go ahead and use the link down below and claim your free ad spend as soon as you can before it expires. now. let's get onto my screen right now and go over the apps. as you can see, there's a whole load of apps on my screen right now, but i'm just gonna go over the free apps that i recommend and i'll leave links down to every one of my recommendations to make it easy for you to access in the description links below. so the first one is smile. smile is essentially a loyalty program that i really recommend that you use, because the stats behind using a loyalty program is absolutely insane. let's look over the stats first. actually, the benefits of a loyalty program is that 81 percent of people and users say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands, which is amazing. beyond that, 66 say they modify spend to maximize loyalty benefits. so that gets you to think like: if you start to use- you know, like different loyalty benefits, people will increase their average cart value. so having a different average cart value will, of course, increase your profits over time. so, all in all, you can see that there are a lot of perks using a loyalty program. so smileio is a great app that i use to generate a loyalty program pretty quickly and to also set up different uh programs beyond just loyalty, such as affiliate programs. so this is a really easy setup. they include a point system, a vip system and that referral system that i just mentioned, which is essentially an affiliates program, and what you're to do is you're going to set this up and you're going to get a pop-up at the bottom of your screen somewhere it might just be called rewards program- and as they start to purchase goods from you, products from you, they get certain amount of points and they can get those points back in the form of discounts or even a free product. it's really up to you. it's highly customizable and i want to give you a quick example of a great e-commerce store that is doing exactly that. so, north face- i'm sure you know what north face is. uh, it's a big apparel brand. essentially, their loyalty program is called vip peak and they offer a peak points per dollar type approach. they have different tiered reward levels, which is pretty awesome, but you essentially earn, you know, 20 rewards, 25 rewards and 30 dollar rewards, and they take it to the next level and, of course, they have an app. you don't need to do this. you can just integrate it straight into your store and that's all you need to set up a loyalty program. so highly recommend that up. the next app that i recommend is upsell recommendations. this is absolutely no-brainer. you need to have this one, the the stat here, and you know i love my stats, but this is an important one. essentially, you know- and this is a personal set to me- at least 30 to 40 percent of my sales come from upsells. i'm going to quickly show you a couple screenshots here. so you set it up, it's pretty easy to do. you integrate it into your current products in your shopify store and what it looks like is this: you get a, basically a bar at the bottom of your product page and it gives you recommendations on what the customer might like and a direct ad cart button, and this in turn, pushes up the average cart order value. so this is what i recommend you get for upsells. it's completely free again, and all these apps, by the way, i am suggesting are basically free, and so this is a very lightweight option. all it does is aims to push up the upsells. so the next one that i'm going to move on to is ultimate sales boost. now, this is an extremely, extremely popular app, and for good reason. this is probably one of my go-to's when i start start up any new store again. they have a completely free, generous- i should say a generous- free plan that gives you access to a lot of features and basically everything that you need when you first start out, but this, uh, the aim for this app is to do exactly that, just that: boost sales with a few options like urgency and scarcity, social proof, and then some checkout promotions. the recommendation that i would have here, though, is, as you can see, you can see some of the buttons here that are included in this app, and then, of course, you have, you know, like little emojis and like tag lines underneath the header of the product, but one of the things is- and here's a recommendation- what one of the issues that i see with people installing this app is. you get access to a lot of cool features. as you can see here, people often overload their product page in their store with these types of scarcity tactiks. it is, it looks really tacky, and things have changed back. when i first started, in 2017, these would work fine, but nowadays, consumers are just smarter. it does not look appealing if you have too many scarcity tactiks in there, so what i would do is be very uh, don't be too heavy with your selection of scarcity tactiks and buttons. stik to a few only so. that's a quick hot tip for you when using this app, but highly recommend this one. it's completely free, once more, and, yeah, this one's really awesome. the next one that i recommend is shopify product reviews, and this is an app directly from shopify. it's a really simple app created by shopify and, honestly, i don't even know why this app is not even included in your shopify store as default. i really think it should be. it's a super clean and sleek interface for including exactly that- shopify reviews- for your product store, and this is very important for both social proof and, secondly, for seo purposes. you need a bit of liquid coding to get this set up, by the way, but it's nothing uh, dramatik or nothing too difficult. they give you step-by-step instructions. it's pretty straightforward. oh, as you can see here in the screenshot, this is how you install it. they give you the instructions, but, yeah, i highly recommend that you add this one in. it's pretty straightforward to add it and it is again lifetime for free. no tiered pricing here. that's exactly why i don't know why shopify doesn't include this in as default, when i really think they should. so that's one that you should have in, if you haven't already. now the next one. this is a little bit different. okay, with easy ship. this one's partikularly important, as shipping has become more of a hurdle recently. i'm sure many of you have run into logistikal issues and potentially nightmares, but easyship is a 3pl service. it's a full service delivery system and inventory management to allow you to really achieve fast shipping, custom branding and is it's really important when you start to scale your store. so to quickly run through what exactly it does, this app plugs you into a whole range- a range of uh logistikal suppliers across the world- and makes fulfillment even faster, especially if you're doing custom fulfillment, even custom packaging that sort of stuff. this easily integrates to shopify and i should also add woocommerce too. you get access to their network of global warehouses as well, so it is essentially a fulfillment method, but one that i highly recommend if you're scaling your store. again, i'll leave links and i belie

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Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

hey, everyone davey here, welcome to our first video of 2022. today we're going to go through my 10 favorite shopify apps. shopify makes it so easy to install apps. it's one of its super powers. apps can increase conversion rate, increase average order value and make you a ton more money. apps need to come with the warnings, though. if you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table. for those that have been following along in our lemon scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. now it's time to install apps. if you haven't been following on, that's okay. i'm just going to use the lemon scrub as an example in this video. none of these apps have paid me for this video. there are a couple of affiliate links down below, but i'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business. let's get into it. the first app that we're going to cover today is perfect if your product is low average order value, so basically under 70 or so. with products like that, shipping costs a lot of money compared to the actual revenue that you can bring in per order. the app is called ship scout. it's always difficult to understand when you launch your product whether you should offer free shipping or charge a little bit. free shipping should be more appealing to customers and therefore increase your conversion rate, so the more people that go to your store will actually end up checking out. a lot of brands will actually just add the cost of shipping onto the price of their product, making their product just a little bit more expensive. to cover that cost, what ship scout does is it allows you to actually split test that concept. what this allows you to do is actually test shipping thresholds. for lemon scrub, for example, if we're selling for 40 and we have a free shipping over 50 offer on the header bar, it would entike people to actually purchase two of the product, drastikally increasing our average order value. naturally, with all split tests, if you're trying to raise prices- which in this case you are- for the people that only wanted to buy one lemon scrub because you're going to charge them shipping, you should expect a conversion rate decrease because less people buy, because there's less value. i've been following along on twitter and there's been some really strange results for this app. not only have people been receiving an aov increase with their orders, but a lot of people are actually reporting that conversion rate also increases, which is completely counterintuitive. one theory behind this is users are just thinking they're getting a better deal with a free shipping offer over the threshold. if you're currently charging free shipping and you've got low margin products where people can buy a couple of them, i definitely recommend trying it out. to find the app, all we need to do is go to the app store right in ship scout and it's just here. there isn't a huge amount of reviews on it yet because i do think it is still early. the reviews are good. we can just add the app. as you can see, it's 49 a month and a seven day free trial. so maybe try to run a significant test within that seven days to hedge your bets. as with installing all new apps, if you are doing a lot of traffic through your store, you may need to vet the app from a speed perspective first. you can have a dummy store and install the app and check the speed in google analytiks. one disclaimer about this app is that you will need to be using the advanced shopify plan, which is 299 dollars a month. so if you are a new brand, then it may not be right for you. one option is that you can upgrade your shopify plan to the 299 option, use the free trial of ship scout at the same time and then just revert your shopify plan back. so the actual cost of using the shopify app is just the difference between the basic and the advanced shopify plan. the next app that i highly recommend that you use this year is called dexter, or neat a b test. both of these apps are incredible at split testing pricing. pricing is one of the most underrated split tests that entrepreneurs just refuse to do. there's a few reasons why they refuse to do this. firstly, they're worried that customers will see both pricing. this is very unlikely. even if you're a huge brand, customers definitely don't pay this much attention to your business. much like ship scout, price changes will affect a few things. they'll affect conversion rate, but they'll also increase the revenue that we can create per visitors. so therefore the profits. i suggest using these apps to split test pricing in intervals that are relative to the product price. for example, if your product is around fifty dollars, split test the pricing by five to ten dollars. if your products five hundred dollars, maybe you wanna split test by fifty dollars. this is great to do early on, but also as your brand adapts over time, especially with the current fears of inflation, what will happen is prices will go up across the board. this is the perfect opportunity for you to raise prices because your suppliers, your freight forwarders and your couriers- they're all raising their prices. so you need to pass those costs on. reasonable price raises shouldn't affect your brand as much as you think. one of the worst things that you can do is just constantly keep absorbing those costs until your business stops being profitable and therefore you actually go out of business. so to find these apps, i'll start with neat a b test. neat a forward slash b, and it should be this first one just here. so it's got 39 reviews. you can see the dexter app is an ad above it, um, which is the other one that i have used. um, that's that one is actually charged out at 3.99 per 100 visitors approximately. so the more people that you use the split test with, they'll actually charge you, which can add up to be quite expensive, but it is a really effective app. i like it. and neat a b testing is around 29 a month, um, and you get the the 14 day trial there as well, so i'm just going to add that up to our store so we can use it later. the other option that you do have with split testing is to use a big, robust tool like google optimize or optimizely. google optimize is free, but it is quite hard to use. you will need to use something like google tag manager to set up events. if you've got a clothing store, google optimize can be a really good way to split test all your pricing at once. you can actually duplicate all your products and create a split test, pushing people to one collection page of one pricing and the other page with the new pricing. these apps that i just mentioned, though, are far simpler, and you can just test single product variants very, very easily. the next app that i recommend is okendo. these guys are doing some really cool stuff. reviews are incredibly important to make your shopify look trustworthy and increase conversion rate. a kendo seems to be a really robust tool that is offering lots of customizable review options, so, for example, if you're a clothing store, you can actually ask people to review things like the fit- is it true to size, or even the softness- is it comfortable? these reviews can then be paired with photos and videos to really make sure that the customer believes the review is real and guide their decision making. a kendo starts at around 29 a month. the alternative that a lot of people use is luke's. however, what seems to be happening with luke's is a lot of dropshippers are actually using the brand, which is decreasing the credibility. there are a lot of review apps out there. make sure that your one isn't slowing down the website speed so we can come into here and go ekendo and you can see the product reviews right here. it's got 424 reviews at 5 stars. people are loving it. the customer service is really, really strong. the alternative they did mention was luke's, which is here. it's obviously far more popular at this stage. definitely hit scale, but a kendo might catch it. luke's is cheaper, at 9.99 a mont.

The BEST Shopify Growth Apps in 2022 – Increase Sales & Customers!

With well over 6,000 apps to choose from on Shopify, it's a pretty tough decision, knowing you know which apps are worth our time and space on our Shopify store. So in today's video, i'll share the best apps that i've recently used, having tested hundreds of apps over the last few years and building a store that turns over high six figures annually. i'll share the two best apps across four different categories: store design, operations, customer service and then marketing. so, heads up, most of the apps are free, but i'll also share apps that are worth paying and investing into if you're serious about growing your shopify store. so jumping on screen now, starting with apps for improving your store design, the first one that i recommend is privy. all these apps you can search directly in the shopify app store, and what preview does is is essentially a pop-up creator generator, and it's a really simple one to use. it is completely free to use up to 100 emails captured, which is a great um price point to start off with. so it's essentially completely free until you start scaling up. pop-ups, i find, are, yes, they can be sometimes annoying and actually, yes, they're annoying in general, but they do work okay. so, if you want to create a email database. if you want to collect more data from your customers, this is a great way to do it. it's a great app to do it as well. it's really simple. um, you essentially just come in here, change around the text, play around with the- uh, the fonts and all that good stuff, the form fields you can generate or you can set when the pop-up jumps up on your store. i find it to be really simple to use. it's captured hundreds, if not thousands, of emails for us and- and, yeah, this is a really easy one to use, but i do think you should use a pop-up. the next one that i recommend is one called candy rack. now, candy rack is essentially one click upsell. one click upsells are important. i've mentioned this over and over and over again, but i want to show you this in action. so if we take a look at this demo store here and click blue t-shirt, for example, and just add it to cart, right, you can see. this is what happens with the candy rack app. you can literally click one button here to add an extra item into your cart, and so this is important because it generates obviously more revenue from a single customer without the customer having the convenience of just a single click upsell. there's significantly less percentage of them that are going to one click upsell, or even add something additional to their car if there's a free trial available, but in my opinion, it pays for itself anyway. if you can manage to generate more upsells, all right. moving on to now, operations and finances- very, very important. uh, the operations and finances of your store is crucial to scaling up, but it's incredibly easy to get lost, you know, amongst the sea of numbers in an e-commerce business, especially when there's no single source of data. so the next app i'm going to recommend is one called be profit. this is directly on the shopify app store too. so what bprofit does and what i find so useful about it is that it plugs everything into one single spot, so there aren't any leakages in profit, and the first part is that there's extremely easy visualizations. you can see that there's charts and graphs in the breakdown of profits. you can see that there's net profit, ad spend, sales costs, refunds, transaction fees. it is all here in one dashboard, and so this is really important to getting a true understanding of where your profits are leaking, what sort of money you're spending and then how to reconcile everything so you're increasing your profit margins instead of losing out where you may not even know it. this has given us such a true detailed breakdown on the store operations and finances in one single spot. so these custom and automated reports by be profit are able to give you the insights that you need automatikally, directly to your email. you're able to set up different types of reports that go to different types of people in your business, your shopify store, or just to yourself, if you're just running the store by yourself, in a single spot, directly to email. you can see here that there's product tracking, expenses, sales reports. you can turn these off and on and you can also create completely unique custom reports via the be profit app. um, this also integrates with most ad platforms, to facebook, instagram, google, pinterest, tiktok, bing, you name it. uh, with insight into raw ass return on adsbend and even utm attribution tools. the utm attribution tool and b profit provides a clearer picture of profit and add performance across campaigns to ad sets down to even the individual ads across all the platforms in one spot. it's partikularly helpful in light of all the ios 14 changes that have completely changed the ad tracking game overall. the profits of reviews on the shopify app store say it or there's literally over 200 excellent reviews, an average ranking of 4.9. i highly recommend this app. as you can see directly through the shopify app store, there is a free version available, but for those who are interested in the full product and the app, you can go directly onto the website and use the code aez 15 for 15 off and a big thank you to be profit for sponsoring today's video. so, moving on, the next one is shopify flow, and i'm surprised this app isn't more popular than it is. it is a powerful app similar to zapier- if you've ever used that- that allows us to automate our entire store operations so we spend less time on admin and more time on actually marketing and growing the store, and all you need to do right is you. it guides you through everything, so you can scroll down here and click create workflow, and you can browse the templates right here so you can create a whole bunch of automations through your store. so say, for example, you can automatikally hide or publish products. you can even auto cancel or refund orders, for example. um, you can go into each of these categories and look for the specific item that you want to automate, and let's just take a look, for example, if you're going to customers, you can take a look here. you can tag customers by preferred currency. even you can tag customers that purchase in person. if you have an uh retail store, you can organize customers by order count tiers as well. there is so much that you can do here. this is an app that will save you a load of time by removing boring, repetitive tasks. but there is caveat, though, and this is an important one. unfortunately, the app is only available for uh shopify plus plans. but if you do have a shopify plus plan or you're someone who decided to grow their store, then this is something to seriously consider on the shopify plus plan. moving on to customer service, the goal of the apps here is to minimize the work that we need to do with customer service. it's a huge role in any business, so the more questions we can answer up front automatikally, the better. the first one that i always use when it comes to managing customer service questions is, of course, the faq page, and i recommend free faq app from dd shop apps. um, an faq page is a must-have, and this is the one that i recommend because, well, firstly, it's completely free and it's really easy to use. you can add a question for each category that you create. so, under general, for example, just click add a question, type out your question, have the answer and what it looks like is it looks like this: you can customize the overall look, but it is really simple to use. but having an faq page is just really important. now the next thing, the next app that i recommend beyond just the faq, because the faq is only fix and solve that much. most people want to tok to somebody to solve the issue or answer the question. chat bots is wha.

Shopify: Top 10 MOST PROFITABLE Shopify Apps To Increase Sales For Dropshipping

hey, what's going on? my name is dan. in this video today, i'm going to be toking about the 10 best and most profitable shopify apps that you should definitely consider having on your store. i'm going to give you apps that i have experience with myself, as well as that my team uses for their own stores, for their own e-commerce businesses. shopify has grown tremendously since i started, and today, on the app store, there are literally what seems like millions of apps out there, and so it can be a little bit difficult to kind of figure out, okay, which apps do i actually need to start making money with my store. so that's why, in this video, i'm going to give you, in my opinion, what are the most essential apps. some of them are a little bit optional, but most of these apps are very, very essential and will greatly help you along your journey. so the first app that i'm going to tok about today is an email marketing app. you definitely need an email marketing app on your store because email marketing remains today as the best way to reach out to your customers and really to have that list of of past customers and past people that are purchased from your store- uh, to reach out to in the future for promotions and things like that, and it really helps you build that a strong backend for your store. what a back end is? it's really core to a successful shopify business. a back end: there's a difference between front end and back end. basically, a back end is um, for example, upsells, cross sells. so a lot of the money on shopify is actually not just made on the initial sale, but a lot of the money is made on the backend, meaning reaching out to your customers after purchase to offer them other products, cross-selling on the checkout page and things like that. so my favorite email marketing app is clavio um. i've used this app extensively. it's really really good and has made me a lot of money on shopify. so this one's actually free to install. but to actually be able to use it then you're gonna have to upgrade your plan and it's going to cost you about 20 a month for up to 250 email contacts. but the thing that you have to remember with this is that you know every single email contact that you have on your email email list, so all of your customers. it's much easier to sell a second unit of your product to an existing customer or another product on your store to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. that's a golden rule of business. so that's why clavio is so important and it's definitely definitely worth it. some sequences that i recommend setting up are: an abandoned cart sequence, so basically having like a few emails come out to your people that have visited your site but they didn't actually end up purchasing. so having some kind of an email that goes out that reminds them to come back to the cart, maybe giving them a little bit of a discount, like a five percent or a ten percent, to come back, return to the cart and finalize that purchase. so that's just one another example of an email sequence that you can do- and this one is also really really good- has made me a lot of money. uh, you can actually do an email sequence that uh, reaches out to customers after they purchase, maybe reaches out like a day or two to basically upsell them on another product and offering them a discount. you always want to give your customers a reason for purchasing other products from your store or else they just won't do it. so clavio really really good, and there's different sequences you can set up in it which are very useful and will greatly increase the money that you make with your store. the next app that you absolutely need will be a frequently asked questions app. so on any store, you want to have a section of frequently asked questions, and the reason for that is because a lot of people are obviously going to have the same questions when they're going on your page and they're thinking about what they're going to buy or not. so on shopify, my favorite faq app is called help center, so you can just click on that and, as you can see, there's a free plan available with a 14 day free trial, and then you can see it's a 4.8 for reviews. so this lets you basically set up a an faq page really easily. it's going to look really good and this is the best one. you can see the different plans they have here, so it's not too expensive and this is definitely something that you absolutely need. the next app that you absolutely need is sms bump. so this app is really really good because it allows you to reach out to customers and also people that almost became customers, so just visitors on your store who maybe abandoned cart. this allows you to reach out to them via text message and i've actually had crazy roi with this app. a lot of guys that i know, a lot of people that are running shopify stores, they've also had crazy rois and for me, for example, i was literally seeing like 9 000 roi with sms bump. so this is really really powerful, highly recommend it. and then the sequences that i recommend setting up in here also are an abandoned cart sequence with a coupon code, and then also you can do like a cross sell after they've purchased. but the abandoned cart- that's the most important one. you really want to give them a reason to come back, and by hitting them in the text messages, people are actually much more uh, they're gonna pay much more attention to their text message inbox. then they're gonna pay attention to their email, simply because obviously nowadays everybody gets so many emails, so much spam, but text messages it's like a different vibe, you know, and usually people are expecting text from their friends or loved ones or something like that, and so when they get a text message, they read it right away, and if they see, uh, obviously, a message from your store with a coupon code, then they actually might actually come back and uh purchase the product. the next kind of app that you absolutely need will be a product review app. now there's a few different ones. the one that i have the most experience with is luke's. luke's is great. uh, here, it is right here. so i just typed in reviews on shopify. so what this allows you to do is it allows you to collect reviews as well as picture reviews on your store. you can see, this is what it looks like. it also has a 14 day free trial and then a paid plan afterwards. so, again, like these things, got to think about it with an abundance mindset- 10 a month. but that allows you to obviously show you know a lot of positive reviews. if they're leaving you positive reviews, that's something very, very useful. the good thing about luke's as well is that you can actually add your own reviews in there when you're starting out. so if you have a brand new store, obviously there are no reviews, so you can add your own reviews in there. either you know reviews like that people have told you about your product or just things that you come up with yourself. that's up to you, just to help you get those initial sales. so luke's is great. and here are the different plans: 100 monthly review requests, emails, 10 bucks, and then it goes up from there. another great app is stamped, but this one really is for, i would say, more established stores, a lot of the big shops that use this, and the reason why it's just more, i would say, professional but also much more expensive. so you can see here the different plans: um, 50 orders of month and under is free, and then 23 a month, three days free trial and then it goes up from there. so you can see, it's a much lower order threshold. stamped is great. there's a lot of different ones. really, you just need a product review app. you just need an app that allows you to take reviews as well as programming your own reviews as well. the next kind of app that you absolutely need will be an order tracking app. so basically, you want to give your customers the ability to uh track their order exactly where it is and uh, you know, just to know where the order is, when it's going to come, and things like that. so tractor order tracking is amazing. this is the one.