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shopify authorize net

Published on: January 5 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Payments Deemed Her Businesses "High-Risk"

what's up everybody and time that we hear from e-commerce lifestyle. calm and welcome. back to the podcast. if you are new here, just know that this show is created to help you increase your revenue, automate your operations and become the authority in your niche. so if you are running an e-commerce store, you're definitely listening to the right show. now the most recent episodes: what I've been doing is answering questions that are either submitted on any of our social media channels or even via email, and today's question actually was submitted via email. so this came in from Tiffany and she said: love the podcast, I'm an avid listener, awesome, thank you. and she said I had some questions I'd like to submit, so she sent in two. I'm gonna answer the first one because I want to break up topics like specific to each episode. the second question is good too, though, so I'll probably answer that in another episode. but question number one: alternative payment processors to Shopify payments. unfortunately, one week into sales, I had, Shopify payments deemed my account as a risk and they are forcing me to use a third-party integration. I feel like this is something that doesn't get toked about a lot, but I imagine it happens. the high tiket dropshippers, since stripe is a low risk processor. okay, let me just connect a few things here. saying stripe is a low risk processor, that's true, but Shopify payments is powered by stripe. so, if anybody's like, what's the connection there? so Shopify payments is not stripe, but that's what they use for their infrastructure. and what Shopify payments is is basically a simple way to connect your Shopify account to your bank accounts and allow people to pay with credit cards, debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay and just have the money go into your bank. so it acts as a merchant account, and I always, whenever possible, recommend that, if people are selling on Shopify, that you use Shopify payments, because it's like the easiest integration in the world. you get your money superfast and it's actually cheaper to you save some money there. with that being said, there are scenarios where people cannot use Shopify payments. one of the big reasons is depending on what country you're located in, so I'm gonna post a link in the description of this podcast that shows the countries where Shopify payments is supported. it's a lot of them, I think it's like between 15 and 20, but it's not everywhere in the world. another reason why somebody wouldn't be able to use Shopify payments would be if their credit maybe doesn't meet the criteria. I honestly don't know what the criteria is, but when you're signing up for any type of merchant account, they ask for things like your social and your personal information. so that could be a reason. another reason could be if you were selling products that Shopify payments doesn't support, so they have it on their website of prohibited product types, but things like supplements you know they don't want to be the the processor for, so you can't use it there. you'd have to find the third-party integration. and then, finally, another legitimate reason why somebody might not be able to use Shopify payments is if they either have had account, had an account in the past that has a bad history, meaning like a lot of charge backs, unpaid bills, basically- or if you had your account set up already- and I know, Tiffany, I'm not sure of your situation, so hopefully you can follow up with more info- but if you've had an account, had sales coming in for a week, you know what happens with those sales. did any of those customers file charge backs? were some of those sales fraudulent that were refunded? you know, things like that could kind of put a flag up and have Shopify payments or any merchant account reach out and close the account. so what I would say first of all is ask Shopify not provide payments specifically exactly what they deem is high risk, because in my opinion, it's not the business model. you know, at dropship lifestyle, we have over 10,000 students and I I've heard of this happening before, but literally like a few times, and I actually even went into our Facebook group, our private Facebook group for members, and I searched for keywords that would bring up like posts and notifications about this, and I think I found one other person that had the same thing happened to them. so I don't think it's common- and again, I do think it's something that, assuming your business doesn't fall into any of those categories that I just mentioned, I think it's something that you can get resolved. now. how could you resolve it? well, obviously, it depends on why they deem it as high risk. so this is what you're gonna want: communicate with them about. if it's something like maybe your information just isn't verified all the way, see if there's any documents you can submit to them. if it's because they're afraid again, a fraudulent order is not being shipped out, just try to show them tracking numbers for every order you've processed, letting them know: hey, this is a real business. look, my customers are getting what they ordered, and those things could help there. now, if, for some reason, that's not enough, or again, if your business falls into one of the categories I mentioned earlier and you can't get it back, then you do have some other options and some things I would recommend you do. the first thing is opening another merchant account, so the you know company that's going to replace Shopify payments allow you to accept credit cards and debit cards. now, if you have a local bank- and doesn't have to be a local bank just like your local branch- whoever you bank with, either for your business or personally, reach out to them. say, hey, I own this business, I want to open a merchant account, and they'll put you in contact with the right person, or they'll give you the paperwork or send you a link to where you can open a merchant account with that Bank. almost all banks have merchant account services, so you should be okay. you'll be able to open one of them and then you'll either be able to integrate it directly with Shopify in the backend or you'll be able to integrate it through authorizenet. I'm gonna post a link in the description also that goes to Shopify payment integrations, because there are hundreds of them. so don't panic, I would say that's the first thing you'll find. someone sometimes different merchant accounts at banks offer a direct integration with Shopify. and again, if they don't, then you can just use authorizednet, which basically works in the middle, and glue is your merchant account to Shopify together. that's gonna allow you to continue to accept credit cards and debit cards from customers. now, if your bank doesn't offer a merchant account services, you could still go to stripe com, open an account there. again, depending on the reason your account was deemed as high risk, it might get flagged again or it might not. so something to keep in mind. the other thing that I'll say that's important, whether or not you get this resolved- and really this is important for everybody listening- is: you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket. you never want to accept all your payments through one, so you want to kind of spread things out, and one of the benefits of this is it gives your customers actual options. so if somebody's more comfortable paying a different way, then good, let them. and for you it means if one payment processor goes down, you still have these other resources to accept money through. so the first one that you should use again, that's Shopify payments. if it can't be them, have it be your local bank and set up a merchant account there. and that's still the first one right how you accept credit cards and debit cards. the next thing that you should do is accept clarinha. you can go to Cornetto and what they do is allow your customers to basically pay with financing. so they sign up with clarinha, meaning your customers karna gives you the money right away, so look at normal sale, and then the customer pays clarinha off over time. so another way t.

What is authorize.net Payment Gateway - Is it a Payment Gateway OR a merchant account?

authorizednet is a payment gateway and it's a payment service provider, and in this video we're going to look at what it is. uh, some common features, how to use it, we'll touch on pricing, frequently asked questions and then a quick analysis on why authorizenet is such a popular choice when it comes to payment gateways coming up. [Music]. so authorizenet's been around a long time- since 1996. it serves about 450.000 or active accounts, according to their website. and before we get into the the features and functionality, it's important to note that there's different ways to use it and a lot of people refer to authorizenet as getting an account, getting an authorizednet account, to process payments, and while that's true, it's only partially true, because authorizednet originally originated as a payment gateway only and now it also offers some features that allows it to be a payment service provider, much like paypal, stripe square and and many of the other aggregator payment solutions that are out on the market nowadays. so there's a difference in how you use it, and that's kind of a fundamental difference, because if you use authorizenet as a gateway only, it means that you can plug in a merchant account of your own choice, a merge account provider of your own choice, and you can choose that and use authorizenet as the gateway only solution, whereas if you use their all-in-one solution, if you contact them directly, for example, they'll set you up with their payment solution and you'll get their payment gateway services and some of their other features, but they'll also be processing the payment. so in that regard, they've partnered up with the processor to provide that all-in-one solution. if you haven't seen the what is a payment gateway video that i have posted on my channel, i'll link it up in the description and on the screen here, and that just draws a further distinction, a lot more detail of the difference between a payment gateway and a merchant account. and then there's also other videos on payment service providers compared to merchant accounts. both of those will be linked in the description. all right, so we've established that authorizednet is a payment gateway and has a payment solution attached to it. so some of the features as listed right on the uh the website is their. their standard features is that you're gonna get a virtual terminal, you're gonna get digital invoicing, e-check, uh, digital wallet compatibility, simple checkouts with with little simple uh checkout links. there's a mobile app with basic functionality, and then there's there's e-commerce, where you get the ability to integrate an entire store. and then there's integration, uh potential. so if you, if you look at various ways to use these- because that's really when it comes down to it- you want to know how to put these tools, how these payment tools, to work. so if we look, for example, at a mobile business- let's say you're a tradesman, you're an hvac tik or you're out in the field, you're doing trade shows or whatever it may be- you want to have a mobile solution that'll attach to your, to your phone. iphone and android authorizenet has a app that you can download in the marketplace and put it right on your phone and get a, an attached swiping device that'll allow you to have a simple point of sale system out in the field. you use your cell phone signal and you're good to go. you can get the account set up and process as many payments as you need to. it also has a retail component. so if you're in a store, you have a checkout line, you have a physical location. you can pull up the point of sale system on a tablet or a desktop computer and attach a card, swiper or a piece of hardware and use it as a retail device too, and there's a lot of other options too. so there's integrations and there's simple standalone solutions that are that are offered- uh, as i always refer to- off the shelf or out of the box that you can use- authorized dotnet that way. so a lot of people know authorizenet very well because of how it plays with other software, how it integrates or how it connects. it's listed on lots of websites as under the integrations tab and if you're integrating into an accounting software or a crm or you know any bookkeeping software, a specialized industry point of sale or crm system, authorizenet is often one of those payment gateways that will give you an integration for that payment component of it. so if you're running your business with, again, a specific crm or cash register system, obviously you're going to need a payment component and where the lands, where the payments landscape is right now being everything is integrated and often all in one, you want to have that ability to plug a merchant account into the point of sale system and when you make a sale it automatikally registers that sale in your inventory in your crm and it tags that purchase. so it's easier to manage rather than having your point of sale or your crm and your management software over here and the payment over here. when they're integrated they're all in one, they're together, and it makes it a lot easier to reconcile. so authorizenet has a ton of integrations. i don't know if they officially post it anywhere on their website- they may. i'm sure they have tens of thousands of different softwares that they have integrated with and their customer support provides those integrations so that independent web development companies, software engineers and so forth can all take the authorizednet api code and plug it into a unique piece of software or crm tool and use the, the gateway, that way. so there's encryption available, that it's it's secure. it's a solid solution from that standpoint. but that partner network is really what makes authorizednet really useful and what draws a lot of people to using the solution. the partners tab is listed right on their website and you can actually go in there and search by solution. there's an accounting tab and there's retail, online and different ways that your business would accept, so you can select and sort based on what criteria you want. so before we move on to the frequently asked questions, just a quick note about how specifically you should look at using that. the answer to that is going to be by determining what's right for you, and there's three categories: online, retail or mobile. those are the big, broad categories, and under online would be invoicing and virtual terminal usage. phone sales, uh, hosted payment pages and things like that, uh, in addition to invoicing, e-checks and things like that. so, determine what's your interaction with your customers. how are you billing for your services? are you standing physically right in front of your customers where you can take the card from them, or are you sending out invoices and letting the customer initiate that payment back to you? you know, is it right there on the spot, or do you have an accounts receivable that you extend to your, your customers? that determines first what solution is going to be best to use, in this case with authorizenet. so do you want to use the simple checkout links? do you want to use the virtual terminal, the recurring billing plans? that first determines the way that you should use it and how you should use it. if you have further questions about that, you can scroll down and check the links in the description. i do open up my calendar to do consultations and i can walk you through all of those questions and and, uh, you know, help you to what's, whatever's going to be right for your company. so check the links in the description. all right. so a couple of commonly asked questions about authorizednet include: is it a worldwide solution? and right on their website they they say: as long as your business is located in the united states, canada, united kingdom, europe or australia, you can accept international payments, uh, and set up the account that way. so it does depend on where you're geographically located and where your business is actually located and originated, as to whether authorizenet will.

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PayPal VS Stripe VS Authorize.net?

welcome to that activist with David Lopez. today I'm gonna tok about the differences between using PayPal stripe and a payment gateway like authorized. on that, just to give you some quick background, I've been in the credit card processing industry a little over seven years and I specifically specialize in setting up online merchants and online businesses to accept credit cards. I deal with mostly stuff that's considered high-risk, but I've worked at every single type of business out there. at this point now, the very common question is when you're starting your business- or you might have a business but you want to explore other options as far as getting set up stiks of credit cards, you want to know the differences between rates, functionality, usability and things like customer service. so the most popular and the longest standing credit card processing solution on the internet is PayPal. of course, PayPal is the first company that was out there allowing people to actually make transactions through the internet, mostly through eBay when they started, from my understanding, and eventually eBay bought them out, which is how Elon Musk became a billionaire. we all kind of know. if you know about the tik industry, the PayPal mafia has been very influential, and all sorts of Silicon Valley startups and in start-up tik world. so if you're gonna get set up to accept credit cards for your online business, PayPal is always a good go-to. I think that every merchants accepting credit cards should have the option for PayPal. however, you should not only have just PayPal as an option. I work with a lot of businesses and I work directly, actually, Shopify. Shopify sends a lot of their clients to me that can't use Shopify payments, which is powered by stripe. I know from working with them that they've told me if they only have hey pal, as the option takes up credit cards a lot of times what happens is you can see when someone gets to the checkout page and then they the sale drops off. you can actually see that. you probably know if you've ever purchased anything from someone using Shopify, they actually will email you and say, hey, you left us in your shopping cart, you went. you sure you don't want to buy it, which is actually genius and which makes Shopify one of the best platforms out there for e-commerce. a lot of this is due to paypal only option, so a good chunk- I've heard anywhere from the number of like thirty to sixty percent of sales drop off at the checkout page if PayPal is the only option. so a lot of people just simply don't like PayPal. also, the thing is, when you choose to pay using PayPal, you actually leave the website and you go to pay house pay page. then the transaction is made through their server. it's kind of cumbersome and as far as the customer or user experience as not very best. that being said, I always think it should be an option. there are people out there that love to use their PayPal account to buy things. they probably have a standing balance and they would like to use. they probably get points or some kinds of rewards, or they might have set up through PayPal. so I always have that as an option, but definitely don't have that as your only option. now, their rates are very comparable to stripe, which wall gets you now 2.9 percent plus 30 cents a transaction- the flat rate fee. both of those companies basically have a flat rating. there's a term called interchange- interchange rates, and what that means is Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, all the different types of cards that have all sorts of different rewards attached to it, for you can fire miles, points, cash back, percentages they get. all of these cards cost you, the business owner, a different rate and there's about maybe 300 or so different card type and also depending on the MCC, which stands for merchant category code, that also affects on how much a partikular card will cost you to accept. so, for instance, if you have a cash back rewards card, you'll notike that you get 3% on gas. if you set it up to be that way, that means that your card is more expensive for the gas station that you're using your credit card on. then it would be when you go buy something at your local clothing boutique because of the MCC setup there. there category code is for a gas station and they're specifically rewarding you for your purchases on gas and giving you cash back. that's gonna increase the actual rate for that transaction for them because they're the ones paying cash back points. it's the business that pays for these rewards. so the rates on interchange can range anywhere from- I believe a debit card comes in- to be for an online transaction. I believe it comes out to be about half a percent or a quarter of a percent and obviously Amex probably more expensive. I think it's like three, three point two on the you know the most expensive a max card out there. for my understanding, basically what the flat rate does, it just says you know you're getting charged basically three percent every month on your credit card fees and we're not gonna charge you a monthly and that's what it is. and business owners really like this, and I understand why, because it's not confusing you. you know you're getting charged three cents a transaction, you can count the amount of transactions you made and you know you're getting basically three percent as a fee for your credit card processing. however, if you're doing high-volume, three percent is actually quite a lot. it starts to add up to a lot of money. which takes me to authorize net. rice on. net advertises a very similar payment model. however, they use cyber sores and that's actually their sister company that does the actual credit card processing authorized on. that itself is just a payment gateway. now what's the difference? a payment gateway is stripe, but they also do credit card processing. there's actually two pieces. the payment gateway is the front end software that's integrated into your shopping cart that captures a transaction, authorizes it with the bank to see if the money's available, and then it batches out the daily deposits and sends it over to the credit card processor. now, the credit card processor usually has an underwriting bank that covers any sort of risk FDIC insured. they're the ones that go to every partikular transactions bank on the card of your consumer, pull the money out and then deposit it in at the end of the day and a lump deposit of whatever your daily transactions or batch is and bachelors determine. we use my industry stripe access. both. PayPal does too, but they're not a payment gateway like stripe, because stripe actually you integrate that into your shopping cart. if you use Shopify, you'll know that when you use shop fight payments, which is powered by stripe, it's basically the same thing. you enter the credit card information directly on your website, on your hosted website, on your hosted pay page, unlike PayPal that sends you to another, to their page, into their website, and they're hosted Webb's pay page and then you enter the transaction there. so stripe is a payment gateway much like authorize on it. authorizenet also is a payment gateway much like stripe and it could take place of stripe in many instances. however, you don't have to use their credit card processing option, the flat rate fee that they offer, or even cyber source, the sister company that is actually the one taking the money from the banks or the lines of credit from your customers and then deposit into your bank account. you could use a third party credit card processor. you could use your own bank if you wanted to. you could use a company like mine. I work very closely with both authorized on that and Shopify. they typically send me their clients that their bank or their credit card processing doesn't want to work with because it's considered high risk, and that's what you know. I specialized and I specialize in consulting businesses that are getting declined or denied by other credit card processing services, such as stripe, and getting them approved and set up by assisting them mit.

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Selling bongs on Shopify: Set up a bong friendly Authorize.Net account that works perfectly!

[Music]. if you want to accept credit cards on your shopify website but have been turned down by shopify payments, we have some good news to report. selling glass pipes, grinders and bongs on shopify is a lot easier than it used to be, and if you work with an experienced professional like the trusted independent agents at tasker payment gateways llc, you can quickly, easily and affordably set up a bong friendly authorizednet account that not only allows pipes and glass, but also integrates with shopify. before we dig into how to set up an authnet account on shopify that allows bongs, we need to stress that selling pipes and bonds online is still something that must be done carefully. federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. you can easily avoid legal issues down the road by sitting with a qualified attorney that knows smoke shop laws and e-commerce before you get started. this video is not intended as legal advice. the info we provide is only a first step. can you sell bonds on shopify? you can generally accept credit cards for most legal online head shop items, including bongs. your shopify site, if the merchant account is correctly connected to your authorizednet gateway, can also sell grinders, papers, stash boxes, processing equipment, cbd, cigars and even vape products. please follow and click the links. in the description of this video, we have detailed all the steps necessary to set up a bond merchant account and payment gateway on shopify. do not run the risk of getting your payment processing shut down. bonds are becoming common online items. it's time to claim your piece of this growing market. now more than ever, bong sales are skyrocketing. shopify makes it easy to set up an online store and again, if set up correctly, authorizednet can be combined with a bong merchant account that slips right into the back end of your shopify store. it's also easy and affordable to set up how to set up a bong merchant account that works with shopify. at tasker payment gateways llc, we help high-risk shopify website owners get the payment gateways they need to sell bonds online successfully. with the right payment gateway, merchant account and shopping cart combination, you'll be able to successfully accept credit cards online for bongs, grinders and other accessories without the stress of worrying about the next merchant account shutdown. notike how to set up a payment gateway to accept credit cards for bonds on your shopify site. there are some specifics that make a big difference as to what payment gateways will work best for you. however, to give some upfront tips, there are two primary gateways that often work best for selling bonds: online: authorizenet and the nmi payment gateway. however, only authorizednet works well with shopify, and that's only the case if your gateway is set up correctly for the smoke shop processing on the back end. hate to sound like a broken record, but one more time please read the information provided in the links. in the description of this video, we have detailed all the steps necessary to set up a bong merchant account and payment gateway on shopify. do not run the risk of getting your payment processing shut down. shopify payments is not satisfactory for bongs, and even authnet only works if the merchant account it connects with is bong friendly. this is where tasker payment gateway's llc's recommendations and free integration advice comes in. we're happy to give you free advice and insights that will help you successfully accept credit card payments for online bond sales. contact us at taskerpaymentgatewayscom for free, friendly advice. don't forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel and share this video with anyone you think will find it useful. thanks for watching.

Setting Up Your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

my name is natasha and i'm the director of operations here at swipe sun. today we're going to look at how to use the authorizenet payment gateway. first, we're going to begin with setting up your account, then we're going to move through the different tools the gateway offers. then i will show you how to look at the reporting options and finally we'll look at how to see past transactions. first, let's start with the account tab. once you've received your login credentials, you will log into your authorizednet gateway with your username and password. with authorizenet, there are a few different options and ways to implement this gateway. you may be implementing it on your website or just using it as a freestanding virtual terminal. when logging into your account, you're going to want to set up other users to be able to access the gateway with other logins. to do this, you'll navigate to the account tab on the top right hand section of your screen. on the left hand menu, you will click on user administration. here is where you will be able to see a list of users that currently have access to the account and be able to add, edit and delete users. in order to add a user, click on this link. here is where you will be able to select what type of role this user will have: account administrator, transaction manager, account analyst or account contact. these user roles will have various permissions that you will be able to set up as you keep going through the menu options. feel free to contact swipe some if you have any questions about creating the user permissions. next i'm going to walk you through the various processing tools that authorizenet offers. the first tool is the virtual terminal. in this section you are going to be able to charge a credit card, refund a credit card, charge a bank account or even refund a bank account. to get to this section you will click on tools, the second menu option on the left hand side. you will make sure your cursor is over virtual terminal. it automatikally goes to the charge a credit card option, which you will use most often. here you will enter the various payment information as credit card number, expiration date, amount, which are required to make a sale. you can also enter in order information, customer billing information, shipping information and additional information if necessary. in order to qualify for level 2 or level 3 interchange discounts you will want to enter in the additional information fields are located at the bottom of the screen. by clicking submit, you will send that credit card charge for settlement. this next tool is recurring billing. this is where you'll be able to set up subscriptions so that your customers can be charged on a recurring basis. in the tools section, navigate on the left hand side to recurring billing. here is where you'll be able to see your various subscriptions that you have active, expiring, inactive or credit cards that have expired. to create a new subscription, click on create a new arb subscription. this page looks similar to the virtual terminal where you will be able to enter in the credit card or bank account information that you are wanting to charge on a recurring basis. here you can pick the subscription interval- every month, every year, every few days- and the start date and end date of the subscription. you can also set up a trial period. here is where you'll enter in your customer billing information and shipping information, if applicable. hitting submit will start this subscription on a recurring basis. this next tool is fraud filters. on the left hand side, navigate to fraud detection suite. here is where you'll be able to set up various fraud filters to protect your company from fraud. these filters include velocity filters, suspicious transaction filters and different enhanced verification filters. swipe some is happy to help walk you through each of these so that we can make sure your company is set to accept cards in the best way possible. this next tool is the customer information manager, also known as cim. this tool is used for storing a credit card so that you can run the credit card at a later date. on the left-hand menu in the tools section, click on customer information manager. you can click on add profile to add a new customer and credit card to be saved in your gateway. you can enter their customer id and email so that you can easily find this customer at a later date. if shipping profile information is different from the company information, please list that at the bottom. the last tool to highlight in this section is the invoicing tool. on the left hand side of the tools menu, navigate to the bottom to invoicing. here you'll be able to send an e-invoice via email to your customer. on the right hand side, click create invoice. here you need to enter the bill to name and email in order to send this invoice to your customer. feel free to put the invoice number, due date and description, as well as item information to be included in the invoice. make sure you have the appropriate total before submitting to the customer. clicking allow partial payments lets the customer pay a minimum amount before requiring the total due. hitting send will send an email directly to the customer so they can click to pay their invoice via credit card online. the next section is the reporting section. on the top menu, click on reports under transaction detail. on the left hand side you'll be able to search for settled transactions for an individual day under report criteria. this is where you'll be able to select settled or unsettled transactions to view during a specified time frame. click run report and all of the transactions that were settled within that time frame should appear in a simplified report. the next section in the reports tool that we will highlight is returns. so you'll be able to select returns by settlement date, batch date or transaction id and specify the time frame and for the report that you want to view. click run report and it should show up with all of the returns that settled within that specified time frame. the final section we are going to highlight is the transaction search menu. navigate to transaction search on the top menu bar of your screen. in this section you can search by all settled transactions or a specified settlement date. you can decide to search by a specified credit card number, bank account number, customer name, id or transaction id and or invoice number. to search all subtle transactions, you must enter another value in a separate field in order to get search results. to search by a customer id: simply enter the id under the customer field and when you search by this you should get all transaction search results that have happened by that customer in the specified time frame. for questions about authorizednet, you can contact them directly by clicking contact us on the top menu of your screen. you can get live help by chatting with a support representative. if you have any more questions, you can always reach out to us at swipesomecom via chat, phone or email. also check out our youtube channel for more payment related videos. you.

Authorize.Net high-risk payment gateways and merchant account recommendations

[Music]. authorizednet high risk payment gateways and merchant account recommendations. a plus rated and better business bureau accredited tasker payment gateways llc helps website owners sell regulated products online using highrisk authorizenet accounts catered to their exact products and services. we are paid by the credit card providers and independent agents we work with in exchange for bringing them qualified clients. this allows us to provide advice and expertise to website owners and developers free of charge. not all authorizednet gateways are capable of high-risk credit card transactions. at its heart, an authorizednet payment gateway is just software in order to accept credit cards. all authorizednet payment gateway accounts are connected to a merchant account on the back end. for low website owners, this is seamless. for websites that sell high-risk products and services, choosing and connecting to the right credit card processor requires experience and expertise. this second piece, the merchant account, is critikal when determining if an authorizednet payment gateway can process high-risk transactions for regulated businesses like cbd, ceramic and glass, paraphernalia, like pipes and bonds, premium cigars or tactikal items. when you set up high risk payment processing, one-on-one advice makes a difference. a high-risk authorizednet payment gateway requires careful setup and experienced guidance during the application process. this added care helps to ensure that your online business avoids frozen deposits and credit card processing shutdowns. when you contact tasker payment gateways llc for help, a dedicated, one-on-one independent agent will carefully review your website or business idea and align you with a merchant account that works with both authorizednet software and your exact products. your personal reps- careful back-end merchant account recommendation- will help you accept credit cards online through a high risk merchant account while still benefiting from authorizednet broad shopping cart integrations and stable platform. you won't need any special knowledge or expertise. your personal agent will walk you through every step of the process, usually at no added cost to you. beyond shopify and woocommerce, you can connect authorizenet to wix, squarespace and weebly. authorizenet has more integrations than most people, even most experienced developers, realize. if you or your client have read an online support forum or even your site builders tik page that your wix, squarespace or weebly website cannot integrate with authorizenet, contact us. we have a proven solution that allows you to retain your existing website and still integrate a highrisk authorizednet payment gateway with a full featured shopping cart. we assist high-risk website owners whose site builders do not normally work with authorizednet by expanding their website's payment gateway options using stable, tested tikniques. our deep experience allows us to help business owners integrate authorizenet with dozens of shopping carts and site builders, including shopify, squarespace, prestashop, wix, woocommerce, weebly and more. we will help you set up an affordable, reliable, high risk payment gateway by using a correctly configured authorizednet account combined with a high risk merchant account recommendation that integrates seamlessly with your high risk website. how to sell regulated items with authorizenet even if you were already declined. companies selling vape products like e-juice, ffl to ffl products, water pipes and glassware, cbd oil and premium cigars regularly contact us because they can't find a high risk merchant account and a real authorizednet account as opposed to an emulator through other providers. often, website owners and even developers get confused by the difference between authorizednet as a payment gateway and authorizenet as a merchant account. referral service tasker payment gateways llc fully understands this difference. usually, when website owners believe authorizednet declined them, they were actually turned down by one of many merchant processors that authorizednet uses on the backend to process credit cards. our dedicated agents will use authorizenet as a payment gateway only and then integrate a high risk merchant account designed exactly for your products and services on the back end. this extra care allows you to pair authorizenet's broad features and integrations with a payment processor that understands and appreciates your industry. getting started is simple. your dedicated one-on-one processing agent will walk you through all the pricing, timelines and how to's. your agent will then remain on as your personal human point of contact after approval. you can learn more about tasker payment gateway's llc by following the link in the description of this video. what is an authorizednet merchant account? many high-risk website owners ask us about an authorizednet merchant account. however, the trouble is that tiknically, there is no such thing. what most people actually mean when they say authorizenet merchant account is an authorizednet payment gateway combined with a merchant account that is set up specifically for authorizednet by one of their partners. in case you've come across conflicting information about setting up authorizednet, we'd like to clear something up. if you're looking to get the merchant account piece from authorizenet, you're not likely to face any trouble if you sell low risk standard products. however, we would not advise getting your merchant account directly from authorizednet if you're selling high-risk products. this is because it's difficult to tell whether or not the merchant account you will get will be properly set up for high-risk payment processing. this conflicting information is often rooted in the fact that the terminology used by authorizenet paymentgateway and authorizenet merchant account referral providers are usually very similar. this is because merchant accounts and authorizenet payment gateways are often sold together. unless you have the expertise and experience, it can be very tricky to differentiate the two from each other. this is why getting expert recommendations from payment experts like tasker payment gateways llc can be a real help when you want to use authorizenet to sell high-risk products need help getting an authorizednet merchant account at tasker payment gateways. we've been helping high-risk businesses by recommending the best possible merchant account and payment gateway solutions for a wide variety of high-risk businesses since 2002.. feel free to check our better business bureau profile to see our reviews and feedback. we're very proud of our achievements and we look forward to recommending the best possible high risk authorizednet merchant account for your high risk businesses. what high risk products can you sell through an authorizednet high risk payment gateway? when you have a properly setup authorizednet payment gateway along with a high risk merchant account, you can sell many items that would get a low risk account shut down or frozen, such as vape, e-cig products, premium cigars and other tobacco products, tactikal self-defense and survival items, cbd and head shop products like ceramic and glass pipes and bongs, and many more. check the links in the description of this video or go to taskerpaymentgatewayscom to learn about these and more products you can sell using authorizenet with a properly set up high risk merchant account, because we happily work with high risk merchant types, startups and established businesses that are new to authorizednet. our partners all offer personal support in addition to the 24: 7 support provided by authorizenet. some of the many e-commerce shopping carts and crm software solutions we work with are drupal, os commerce, shopify, magento, wix, woocommerce, squarespace, weebly and bigcommerce. as always, we're happy to take your questions, so contact us for help. we can help you make the right decision for y.