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shopify balance debit card

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

New Shopify Balance Card - Should You Get One?

hey guys, it's the eco move. here and today we're gonna take a look at the shopify balance card. is it worth it? we're gonna take a look at the rewards that you can get by using this card and we're also going to compare it with other cards that you can use to pay your shopify balance, your apps, your marketing, and i'm going to share with you what i personally use to make the most out of my money when selling online. a few months ago, i received an email from shopify saying that i could use my shopify balance to pay for the shopify subscription apps and other stuff, and i immediately ignored that email. because why would i use the shopify balance to pay for everything if i can use my american express credit card and get 1.5 percent cashback on everything that i spent marketing and everything? seriously, shopify, i know you will love if i do it, because then you don't have to pay credit card fees, but you have to offer me something in return. and guess what? a couple months later, they announced that they are giving rewards if you use the shopify balance, and we're gonna take a look at them. alright, so let's see what benefits we can get with this card, so we can earn up to two thousand dollars in cashback per year and unlock exclusive offers with your shopify balance account. let's see where we can get the two percent cashback. if we use it for marketing on google, facebook, instagram, pinterest, snapchat and tiktok- almost all of them, right- we will get two percent cashback. now you can also use it for shipping. you can use it to pay for the apps. you can use it for themes, shopify email and also custom domains. this is all pretty good, but remember that is capped at two thousand dollars per year, so if you're doing a lot of marketing, you're gonna defeat it super fast. then you're gonna have to change to one of your other credit cards. remember that this is not a credit card. this is a debit card. it's a visa card. that has some advantages and disadvantages that i will go over in a little bit, but let's continue. so we get 10 cashback on shopify experts if you want to hire someone to do some changes to your website. now this part is exciting because, look, you can get 10 cashback when you start a snapchat ads campaign. also a hundred dollars in credit for snapchat, say, fifteen percent on shipping. all of that is good. google ads: you can receive five hundred dollar credit when you spend your first five hundred. there are some conditions that might prevent you from getting all of these rewards, and we will tok about them. they have them at the bottom hidden. but let's continue. so you get 150 dollars in pinterest ads- something super cool. if you're a mac user, you can earn 3 cashback when you make purchases from apple, and this doesn't count towards the 2000 limit. that's a part also, indeed, invoice and ping central, those- it doesn't matter. if you get two thousand dollars rewards on a bunch of apple products, it doesn't count towards your two thousand dollar cashback limit. okay, that's a part. so that's pretty cool. not every single device is available for the three percent cashback, only a few of them. for example, the macbook pro, the new one, the m2, is not available for the cashback. now let's take a look at some of the conditions that you need to do so important: earn a maximum of two thousand dollar cashback on all eligible purchases per calendar year. this cashback limit may not apply in the case of some balanced partner rewards. alright, so apple, you know, bring central. all of those check this out. merchants who are new to pinterest advertising are eligible to receive a hundred dollars in pinterest as credit, but merchants who are new shopify balanced users are eligible to receive an additional fifty dollars in pinterest credits, and these offers may be combined so you can get up to 150. and i recommend checking out pinterest ads. i'm actually working on a video showing you how to create these ads. subscribe if you want to see it. like the video, of course. thank you, i appreciate it, man, i get so nervous every time i ask for likes. i beg for likes, alright? um, a few common questions that i had when applying for this and using the card is: can i use the card on anything, even if i don't get the reward? well, yes, you can use it and you can get money out of atms. you can pay anything where people accept visa. another question that i had was: okay, so i'm making this money on sales. everything is going to shopify balance. but what if i want to withdraw some of the money to my bank account? can i do it? well, yes, of course you can do it. you can just click on a transfer fund and you can transfer to any account on your bank that you have. now. all of this sounds good and dandy, but once you deplete the two thousand dollars, you gotta use something else and, of course, don't use your regular debit card for making purchases from your suppliers and stuff. what i do is i use my american express plum card because it gives me 1.5 cashback on everything that i use it for as long as i pay within 30 days, but they also give me 60 extra days at no interest. if i want to make a purchase and i don't have any money, you know, i i just put it on the card and for the next two months i just find out how i'm gonna pay, okay and with no interest. so that's the card that i use. i really like it and i highly recommend it. now, sometimes a lot of you are probably buying stuff from your suppliers in alibaba and you might have notiked how some suppliers don't accept american express as payments. i have another credit card- the chase sapphire is the one that i use when american express is not accepted- but that doesn't give you cashback, but it gives you a bunch of points that you can then use for travel and all of that stuff. on the description, i'm gonna leave the links to those two cards that i use. i'm also leaving a link with a discount on shopify where you get 14 days for free and then three months for one dollar per month. just in case that you don't have it or you're making a new store, if you're in the zone right now and want to keep watching ecommerce videos to improve your store and get more sales, i highly recommend that you watch this one, because i tok about the average revenue per user and how you can increase it on your store. thank you, thank you, thank you. i'm out.

Access Your Funds from Sales Faster! (Shopify Balance Review)

want to have quicker access to your cash when you're making sales on shopify, then this video is for [Music] you. what's up here? business blueprint- it's your hair business's best friend, mikey. today we're going to go over all the pros and cons of the new shopify feature called shopify balance. now this will help- give you facts: faster access to your capital once you're making sales. it also kind of acts like a bank. it does have some rewards and really good features. now i don't love everything about it, but there are definitely some good things that you need to know that you can use for your business. so let's take a look. but first, if you're wondering, you're like gosh, mikey, where are you? that place is so beautiful. i'm actually in the new private label store that's going to be opening soon here in tucker, georgia. it is my dedication to our amazing clients. i wanted to make the most beautiful place for you to come visit. i will have a video coming soon on how much it costs to open a store like this, and eventually we're going to be looking for partners like you. so i need you to level up your game, because we're only partnering with the best. all right, so we're going to go over shopify balance from a business owner's perspective- pros, cons, a little marketing behind some of what they put out there, so let's just go through it. so, as i mentioned, you know, this is a quick, easy way to get access to your- uh, your capital once you make sales. so it says: here, skip the bank. this is true. like i said, this is very much like a paypal account. so when you sell on paypal, you have instant access the funds. same kind of thing once you have a shopify store. it's really easy to get this set up. you're just going to click login to set up shopify balance. you're going to go through a few steps and you're good to go. uh, so let's go through what they say is great about shopify balance. i'm going to give you pros and cons some of this. okay, so the money management account built for business like yours, so save money. no hidden fees. okay, so that's good you're. when it says no hidden fees, they maybe are referring it compared to a credit card, where you might have an annual fee, but most of the time when you're spending money, you shouldn't have any fees anyway. so you know, just to think about that, bring everything together. no need to open a business bank account. manage your money where you run your business. i think that's a bad idea. you always want a business bank account. guys like that's free to set up, that's super easy get. uh, i generally recommend like either a local bank that you really like or, if you travel a lot, you definitely want a national bank. because when i travel, i mean we have accounts at chase, truist, wells, fargo and that's important to me because when i travel, if i have an issue and i need to go into a bank, it's great if i'm in a different city and i can walk in a branch and deal with whatever i have to deal with. so having just relying on shopify for your bank is very dangerous. i wouldn't do that. you don't tiknically probably need to open a business bank account if you want to do this, but have both. it makes sense. so shopify balance rewards- later in the video we're going to get into this and kind of pros and cons of what i see from this relative to a credit card of rewards credit card which is really important for your business- earn two percent cash back when you spend on marketing, shipping and growing your business with shopify. now it doesn't look like that's all marketing. so we'll get back to that. uh, earn ten percent cash back when you hire shopify experts to help build or level up your store. now that's kind of cool to get a little discount, but how often are you really hiring someone you know, an expert, to work on your shopify store and that's through shopify's export expert program. you know, if you think back and if it's something you're doing all the time because you're really customizing your store, this might be beneficial. if not, then it's kind of not really a reward for you. unlock exclusive offers and discounts. now i'm telling you they might have some offers and discounts, but exclusive. you probably can get this about anywhere, so don't go too high on that. the rewards are okay, but i think with credit cards you can get better rewards. but maybe you can't get a credit card right now. if you were like me when i first started my business and my credit was in shambles, something like this is good because at least you're getting something, but we're gonna get to rewards later in the video. get paid faster now, like i said, this is key. this is this is the reason you know a lot of people need this now with drop ship bundles and drop ship beauty. we've been working with clients since 2016 doing drop shipping. so we're in year six of drop shipping. i mean, we have thousands of dropship clients at this point and one of the issues they always have is they get a sale. they might not have the funds saved to pay for the hair when you're drop shipping- right, or that could be for any business. if you're watching this and you don't drop your pair or wigs, you know expensive products but you just don't have the funds readily available to pay for that order to get it shipped. that's where shopify balance really shines and it can help a lot of people that haven't really established their business yet and doesn't have that savings as of yet. so getting paid faster- this is absolutely key. so, as the sales come in, you can use your shopify balance card, which it's a pretty sick looking card. i gotta give them that, okay, it's very apple-esque, um, so you know, having access to that. now it says four days faster. i can tell you. i think, uh, with our private label sales they come in next day or 48 hours. but you know, with drop shipping, the key is this: you need to get that order paid for so it can be fulfilled as fast as possible so it can be shipped to your customer. so this is really important: that you have that access. this is definitely the number one feature for shopify balance and, if what i'm saying makes sense to you, sign up for this. this is free guys, it's worth it okay. so manage your money where you make it with shopify balance. so, okay, we're going to go over this. this does make some sense. manage your money and business in one place. no monthly fees, account fees or transfer fees. yeah, that's okay. i mean you can get out of that with most banks. sign up online in minutes to avoid the paperwork. don't be afraid of paperwork, guys. like, just because it's easy doesn't always mean it's better, but it is convenient. they. they can do this because they already have most your information when you sign up with shopify. you're processing credit card payments with shopify, so they have all your information, they know who you are. it's just they don't need it again. basically, uh, get paid the next business day, no minimum account balance required. so that could be really helpful. earn up to 2 000 cashback per year. we toked about that. um, well, we're gonna tok about that in the uh upcoming rewards and earnings section for that fdic eligible up to 250 grand. most people aren't going to have 250 grand in their bank anyway. um, so that's, you know it's fine. so that matches here limited or no rewards program. you know, for banks, if you're, if you have a bank account, you shouldn't be using your debit card or a bank credit card unless it's a rewards card. so this is true, but this is not the best way to go about it. i'm going to be toking a lot more about credit card rewards and how it can change your life as a business owner in upcoming videos. that's a good segue to say: make sure you subscribe to the hair business blueprint. uh, up to five thousand dollar minimum account balance required. you know that's def. yeah, up to is fine, but there's definitely banks that'll work with you. uh, get paid up to four days later. if you're processing payments, you're probably not processing payments with your traditional bank anyway. in person application weeks for approval: uh, usually it's in-person application, you will ge.

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Get Your Money Faster With This NEW Shopify Feature

something that can be very frustrating for a lot of new e-commerce sellers is the process of how you actually access your money after you make sales and, specifically if you're using something like print on demand, you need to pay for your orders fairly quickly after you make the sale and sometimes you're not able to access that money to do that quickly. shopify has recently put out a new feature that solves a lot of these issues and today we're going to tok about it. hey, what's going on? everybody, and welcome back to the channel. if you're brand new here and we haven't met before, i just want to say hey, my name is carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your online t-shirt or print-on-demand business. so when you're selling in any e-commerce platform, it can be frustrating having to wait for your money when you make sales right, and in most situations it's going to take at least two business days, if not longer, to get the funds after you make a sale. now, if you're using something like print on demand, a lot of times that means you need a credit card or you need something to front the money. you need additional capital to front the money for your orders, because you can't just take the money from the sale you made and apply it to the products that you have to buy when somebody you know buy something from your store. and so shopify has recently come out with a new feature, kind of a banking feature, called shopify balance, and i think it's really going to solve some of these issues for a lot of the sellers out there watching our channel, and i wanted to tell you about it today, and i think a lot of you guys are going to want to sign up for it for it once you hear about it. so what is shopify balance and what does it actually offer? we've got the website pulled up here and, you see, skip the bank, get paid faster by managing your money and business in one place with a free shopify balance account, and shopify is really positioning this as kind of a banking solution. but because it's, you know, run and owned by shopify, you get some additional benefits. if you're a shopify seller number one: earn two percent cashback when you spend on marketing, shipping and growing your business with shopify. this is really, really cool. you actually get this debit card and you get cash back rewards when you spend with that debit card in addition that you get 10 cashback when you hire shopify experts to help build or level up your store. so if you need help with your store, you need a shopify expert for some custom coding or something along those lines. you can use your card for that and get 10 cash back. in addition to that, you get some exclusive uh offers and discounts for things like google and facebook and other partners. this feature right here is one that i really want to point out and i want to focus on: get paid faster. it says: access the money you make through your shopify store the next business day, which is up to four times faster than a bank. hey, i hope you're enjoying this video. i just have a quick favor to ask you if you could just take a quick second back out of the video and hit that like button. it really really helps out our channel. if you find this information valuable, hit that like button and that helps get the video out to more people. also. consider subscribing to the channel and hitting the bell icon. that'll make sure you get notified when we release new videos every single tuesday. let's quickly tok about the traditional process of getting your money- your customers going to come to your store, they're going to make a purchase on your store. that money is going to kind of go into this uh holding account with shopify. you're gonna see that the money's there in your shopify account but it hasn't yet been paid out to you. after two business days go by, shopify is gonna process a deposit to your bank and, depending on the bank that you use- depending on you know what their processing times are- that could take an additional couple days to get your money. so your money has to travel through this big long process just to get to your bank account. by opening the shopify balance account and having this card, it's all connected up to shopify. shopify is going to take the payment and within 24 hours or within the next business day you're going to have access to that money in your shopify balance account. now, if you're using something like print on demand and you're using manual fulfillment, which means you are manually approving the orders, uh, with your print on demand provider, that means that within you know, usually 24 hours- you can process those orders using the customer's funds because it's traveling to your shopify balance account so quickly and that's a huge benefit looking at kind of the breakdown between shopify balance and traditional banks. you see, some of the benefits here get paid the next business day, versus four days. there's no fees. there's no monthly fees or transfer fees. you don't have any paperwork or anything like that. this is just connected in your shopify account right here. two thousand up to two thousand cashback per year, which is really, really awesome. as far as how you set this up, it just takes a few minutes inside your shopify store over here on the left. if you click on the finances button, you'll now have this balance option which you can click on and you can open account from right here and it'll tell you some of the additional benefits and kind of show you some of the things that we've been toking about. you see all the different categories that you get the two percent cash back on and you can open your shopify balance account right here. they're gonna send you that debit card and you'll be able to access your funds a lot quicker. in conclusion, i think this is a really great option to not only get some additional rewards and benefits with shopify, but also access your money a lot quicker and, specifically if you're someone who needs access to that capital quicker than the traditional banks can offer. i definitely think you should look into the shopify balance account. do you need some additional help getting your shopify store up and selling? we have a free shopify store build cheat sheet that you can download completely free by going over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet. just put in your first name and email and you can download it right there. it's 13 steps and it'll ensure that you don't miss any basis. you don't miss any steps when you're building out your store and it'll just help you along the way, stay organized and get selling a lot quicker. so go over to shirtschoolcom cheat sheet, download that for free and we'll see you next week. [Applause]. [Music].

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This New Shopify Update Is Genius

what if i told you now there's an option to grow your shopify business and get rewarded for it? sounds pretty ideal, am i right? well, that's actually something that shopify recently just launched. i was browsing my discord server and somebody pointed this out to me- link for the discord is in the description- and it instantly intrigued me. so now shopify is kind of becoming a bank as well. so in this video, we're gonna go over everything you need to know about this so that you don't miss out and so that you're fully informed. and if you like this kind of content, then make sure that you subscribe to the channel. i would love to have you join our little family here. so let's look at the overview now. as shopify says, here, you can basically skip the bank now and you can manage all of your money and your business in one place. so basically, they're allowing you to get a shopify card that you can use to manage your money, pay for your expenses or whatever, and this card apparently gives you two percent cash back when you spend on marketing, shipping and growing your business and 10 cashback when you hire people from the shopify experts team. so you can see why this is kind of a genius idea for shopify. they're bringing everything to one ecosystem. it kind of reminds me of apple, in a way, and how they have everything in one ecosystem, and that's why a lot of people actually choose to buy apple products as opposed to microsoft, for example, because it's nice to be able to have everything in one ecosystem, and it's cool that shopify is doing the same thing here now. the first thought that i had when i first looked at this as well: they're literally copying. brex is a company that i've been toking about for a pretty long time, basically ever since i found out about them. there's also a link in the description to get 250 when you open an account with brex, so check that out. it's a win-win. but i've been using brex again since i found out about it nearly a year ago, and it's exactly what shopify is doing here, so it's basically a seamless banking solution for your online business. they also give you a cash card. the rewards aren't as good, but they also have a lot of other ways that you can redeem the rewards, not just cashback. you can redeem the rewards for travel, even for cryptokurrencies, which is really cool. but i gotta say it's very tempting to take up shopify on this deal right here. if you log into your shopify store, if you go to the balance tab here, you can easily open an account. i haven't done it yet. i only found out about this yesterday and i wanted to make a video about it asap. but this is how the dashboard looks now. a little catch here is that the rewards only can add up to two thousand dollars per year, which is kind of a bummer. brex doesn't have any sort of cap on this, so you can earn rewards on brex basically infinitely. that definitely puts a damper on this whole offer, in my opinion. but what's cool is that you can get your money faster. now the thing is, again, brex also offers that they have an integration with shopify that allows you to get money back faster, but you have to pay a fee, and i'm guessing this is probably what shopify is going to be doing. to get paid faster as well, like to earn your balance faster- is that they'll charge you a fee for doing that. so i don't really think it's worth it. i don't actually use that feature on brex because, again, i don't need that money, you know instantly. i can wait four, five, maybe six days to get it. but what i also think is really cool about this is how it's really starting to look like banks are gonna go out of business. i mean, think about it. why would anyone now choose to store their money in a bank that lends out their money first of all, and that also charges them fees? now shopify, for example, won't charge you fees. you can manage all of your money just directly from your account and, honestly, brex does the same thing. i've been thinking about just switching from my bank account just directly to brex because it's way more seamless and, again, i just feel like it's much easier to use. i hate going to the bank, logging into my bank and even sending wires, like if i have to send international wires, which i have to do pretty often, since i have some manufacturers in china. at my regular bank, which is wells fargo, they charge me 45 every single time that i send that wire. on brex, however, it's free. you literally don't pay and it goes through instantly. so now the next concern that you may be having and that i'm thinking about is: how? about security? right, because that's what i feel like is the last thing that banks have to offer is some sort of safety. but shopify's got you covered. they say, keep your business account safe with two-step authentikation, card control and fdic coverage, so you're insured up to 250 000, which i believe is very similar to a bank. so i just looked it up: the standard deposit insurance cover limit is 250 000 per depositor. so i guess there's really nothing else that a bank has to offer other than this. i mean, yeah, they give you loans, but a lot of times you know you don't really use your own bank for loans. for example, i have a property that i have a loan on, but i didn't use my actual bank for it. i actually shopped around for loans and picked the bank that i've never even really heard of, but they had really good rates and they accepted me pretty easily. so, like i said earlier, banks really are starting to feel like walking dinosaurs at this point, especially with all the crypto stuff going on. i don't know if you guys have been really keeping up with it. i know that i haven't been doing a great job at updating you guys on everything i'm doing in crypto, but this is why you need to join our discord server, because i've been actually calling out basically everything i'm investing in on there, and one of the coolest things that i see with crypto is the ability to earn more passive income than you would be earning through your bank. so that's what i've been very interested in lately when it comes to crypto- aside from nfts- is farming income. i'm trying to invest into things that are gonna allow me to make more money passively. so if you're still watching, let me know in the comments if you would like me to make a video about some of these passive income crypto opportunities. it's really interesting to me and i would love to make content on it, but i want to see if you guys want to see that stuff or not. but just to summarize everything, i think this is a great move for shopify, even though i don't think i will be using this anytime soon, because i still believe that brex is a better option. overall, this is definitely something that i think is smart for shopify, and i love the direction that they're going, which is just trying to keep everything in one ecosystem to really benefit their users, which is awesome. i mean, anytime that a company is taking steps to benefit their users, that's a win in my book and, again, that's why i'm a big fan of this cryptokurrency blockchain movement, because it allows everybody to win or get a piece of the pie. so shopify is always making smart moves. honestly, they're an amazing company. i only wish that they would approve me for their affiliate program. if any of you work at shopify, please hit up toby for me. let me get an affiliate link please, but i hope you enjoyed this. if you want to see more videos that make you money and keep you up to date, then subscribe to the channel with notifications on and that's it. see ya.

Understanding your Shopify Payments Payouts || Shopify Help Center

Shopify Payments is the simplest way to accept payments from customers, But you may be wondering: how do you get paid? Hey guys, Nadeem here, Payouts are how Shopify Payments sends money made from your sales to your bank account. You’ll only receive payment through Shopify for orders that are paid for using Shopify Payments. If your customer uses an alternative payment provider, like PayPal, the money for those orders will be available through those third-party gateways. Make sure to check the terms of service of these providers for further details. If you have Shopify Balance enabled on your store, it is automatikally set up to receive your Shopify Payments Payouts. Otherwise, here’s how you can access them. Head to “Settings”, Then click “Payments”. You’ll see the option to “View Payouts”. Your Payouts screen will show the date of the payout, status of the payout, the total changes, refunds, adjustments, total fees subtracted the final payout amount. The pay period is the amount of time between the customer placing the order and the day you receive the money in your bank account or Shopify Balance account. Payouts are paid every business day as soon as those funds are available. If you choose to, you can schedule your payouts to be paid on a specific day every month or week To do this in the Shopify Payments section of your payments settings, click “manage”. Scroll down to set up your payout schedule. On the payout page, the datesare for the previous and next scheduled payouts. If you have a balance of funds available, that will also show here. By clicking on the date of a scheduled or previous payout you’ll see the details of the payouts, including the dates of all included orders, their corresponding order number, the type of transaction it was and, lastly, the charges, fees and the final amount you receive. The day an order is placed on your store is determined from the time that the order was placed. in the UTC time zone, Orders made from Friday through Sunday are grouped together. Once an order has been received, it will take a few days for the payment to be processed. The length of your pay period is determined by the country your store is located in. When using Shopify Balance, you can receive your Shopify Payment earnings in as little as one business day. If you’ve created a payment schedule, your pay period will be adjusted to take all of these into account. This can be a little confusing, So let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say your store is located in Toronto and your customer, Priya, makes an order on Monday at eleven am. It will be accounted for on Monday at four pm UTC time. Because the store is in Canada, it can take up to 3 business days to process. If you don’t have a payment schedule setup, the payout should arrive in your bank account by Thursday, the first available business day. Here’s a look at what happens if the order is on a weekend and you have a payment schedule set up. If Priya makes the same order on Friday at 8pm, the order will be accounted for on Saturday at 1am UTC time. Because this is the weekend, the payout will need upto 3 business days after Sunday to process the payout. However, if you have payouts scheduled for every Monday, you will only see the money in your account the following Monday. Keep in mind: the time frames provided are estimates and there could still be delays in receiving your payouts. If you have questions about your payouts, make sure to contact our support team. With Shopify Payments, you are only charged a credit card rate, which is a fee you’re charged every time a credit card is used. These fees are subtracted from your charges to give you the final amount you receive. Also subtracted from the total for charges are any refunds you’ve processed in this partikular pay period If your payout doesn’t have enough funds for the return. there are two possible outcomes based on your location. The remaining amount for the refund is either deducted from the next payout until the full amount has been covered, or the balance is deducted in full from your bank account on the day of your payout. To see which applies to your location, check out our links below. Keep in mind: when an order is refunded, the credit card fees for that order are not. If your payout balance is negative, you might not be able to issue a refund. In this case, refunds are listed as pending until you have enough sales to have a positive balance. Occasionally, you might see an amount in the adjustment column of your payouts. Adjustments are additions or subtractions from payouts that occur when changes are needed for your payout total. Adjustments might happen after winning a chargeback or from sales and returns from Facebook orders. After all these fees and adjustments are considered, your final payout amount is calculated. Adjustments are added or subtracted from your charges. From this, any other fees or refunds are then subtracted. This gives us our final payout amount. The status of a payout will either be displayed as In transit, meaning funds are in the process of being sent to your bank account Paid, which means the payout was sent to your bank but may still need to be processed before it can be deposited into your account. Or Failed. Payouts can fail because of an issue with your bank account. If a payout fails, you’ll be sent an email, a notification will appear in your admin and a hold will be placed on all future payouts until the issue is resolved. To resolve any issues with your account, you’ll need to reach out to your bank directly. Knowing where your money is and how you get paid is an important part of any business With Shopify Payments. it’s one step closer to your bank account. For more information on everything shown in this video, visit helpshopifycom.

Receiving My Shopify Balance Card + Pre for New T Shirt Drop

what's up guys? welcome back to my channel. it has been a few days. i have not really vlogged. today is tuesday, by the way, and last night vlog was saturday, the day that i did the shoot, so that would be the last video that you guys watched. i haven't really had any time to vlog today. i am vlogging because i got something really exciting in the mail and i wanted to show you guys. but basically, the reason why i haven't vlogged these past few days is because i've just been so busy with working on the new launch, for another new launch, the new draw for the new shirts, which is this friday. i've been editing non-stop. i still have not finished editing those pictures and i, on sunday, i did the catalog shoot. so those are the pictures that like go on the website with like models and sizes and like white background, kind of like more professional kind of thing. so i did that and i've been like taking. i took a lot of um, like little videos for reals and tiktoks, which, toking about that, i have to post a tiktok. i don't know where i left my phone, but i'll find it in a second. i have just been like all over the place while i i'm still obviously working my job, my day-to-day job at the other store that i work. it's been a lot, it's been very hectik, it's been very crazy, but i have been really enjoying it. i've been enjoying how busy i've been, so that is a plus, but, yes, a lot of things to do. like i said, i still haven't. i still haven't finished editing pictures. so that is what i'm going to be doing for the rest of today: editing, editing, editing. but i did want to show you guys what i got. i got the shopify credit card or debit card, however you want to call it, but i got the shopify balance, like business credit card, and it's so cool. i am so looking forward to using this. it looks pretty cool. to be honest, don't really know how to use it that well. i'm looking forward to learning how to use this and put it to use basically. so this week is basically going to be super hectik till my t-shirts drop on friday. by the way, i hope i put this video out before friday, or maybe i'll put it on friday. that'll be fun, something extra for me to add to my things to do. basically this week i'm just focusing on everything that has to do with the launch of the new t-shirt drop and everything that goes into it. so, like i said, i have been editing the pictures. i've been taking pictures just creating so much content for this week to be publishing the rest of the month and it's just a lot of work. also, since these t-shirts drop on friday, i work with a local store and i've toked about it before on these videos. i worked with a store called medium pr. it's a local store here in ponce, my city here in puerto rico. they support small businesses and local artists so they basically run this small store: stikers, bottles, art jewelry, soap- basically anything that's made by a puerto rican or inspired by puerto rico or made here in puerto rico. so i've already become friends with the store owners and i sent them a message earlier today saying that my t-shirts are dropping on friday to see if i could take some new t-shirts to the shop and he can display them on friday also with the launch of the t-shirts on the website. but basically on friday you're going to be able to find these t-shirts on my website, lawsonparadiseshopcom, and you can also find them at the local store made in pr lo plus. you can also find them at the fox hotel on friday from 4 to 11 pm i'm gonna be at the fox hotel here in bonsai and i'm gonna have all the merch of lost in paradise, obviously including the new shirts. so i have a lot of work, but basically i'm gonna be packing the shirts that i'm gonna be taking for my friend tomorrow at la tienda. he sent me a list of sizes and quantities that i should take for the store, so i'm gonna pop that up, start putting them in this bag. also, i need to tag them and i need to do that today as well. i have so many things to do today, guys. it is not easy running a small business, but it is very fun and it is very satisfying, which is the most important thing. so if you guys have not seen the new t-shirts yet, this is what they look like. i'm also going to pop a picture on here, the video- so you guys can see how they look on models and the shoot. it's been really fun adding those pictures, but it's taking me a very, very long time. this is what they look like. in the back it has this tag lost from paradise, pr and then, obviously, the size tag in the inside looks very, very nice. very, very happy with the results of the shirts. i love them. honestly. i really really do love them. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. okay, t-shirts are tagged and, i'm not gonna lie, they look really good, so i'm really proud of how it turned out looking so, um, i just posted a tiktok, by the way. um, i'm gonna put them in the bag, leave it all ready, because tomorrow i need to take these two maiden pr fianna guys ready to go to maiden pr. now i need to pack some orders because i have some friends that have been friends and co-workers as well, that have been pre-ordering the new shirts. they've seen everything that i've been working on and they're very excited for the new shirt and they just can't wait to get the new shirts. so i've been preparing some like pre-orders with them and right now i have a little bag that i have to do for one of my co-workers and i already did one pre-order. it's in this bag. i also run out of bags and i just ordered more bags about like more than a week ago and i still haven't received it yet, because i like to use paper bags like this one. i really like these how they look, also because i can punch them with my um branding puncher thing that i always tok about here on my channel because this is amazing. but yeah, i haven't received those, so i have to get a bag. but my co-worker, she says that she wants to see both the extra. she wants to see the small and the medium size because she doesn't know like which one she like will fit her better. so i'm going to take two of those so she can see for herself like which one she likes best. she also wants two bracelets. was it two bracelets? or i don't remember which bracelet she wanted. i think that was it. she wanted a bracelet, but i don't remember which bracelet she wanted. so i'm just gonna take two and so she could decide. also, she wanted a bag. i don't remember what back she wanted. so, again, i'm just gonna take both bags and she can decide which one she wants. [Music]. okay, so i'm done doing everything out here. i have to pick up my room because it's a mess, but i'll do that later. now i have to get on my computer, which is here, and i'm going to start editing the pictures. well, i'm going to try to finish editing what i have left of the shoot that you guys saw in the previous video. i'm going to try to do that and then i'm gonna try to start editing the pictures of the catalog. it's a lot, but i love it, right? i love it. do i love it? yes, i love it. what is up guys? welcome to day number two of this vlog. so today is a wednesday and i just got out of work. right now it's two o'clock and i'm making my way to um juana vegas, so that is a town, the town next to my town, to bonsai. i'm going to be picking up some stikers, a stiker order that i had sent in. i made them here locally in puerto rico, in the town of puerto diaz, with this guy that i found on facebook. he has this business where he does prints and signs and stikers and stuff like that, so i'm gonna go pick them up now. i'm very excited to get these. i need to have these stikers already by friday, because on friday i have an event at the fox hotel. it is valentine's day weekend, basically this weekend, and there's a lot of construction here on the highway. [Music]. okay, on the highway. now, that was. there's a lot of construction and it was kind of hard to get on the highway, but i'm on it now on my right hand. you have to pick up the stikers. like i was saying, i have an event on friday and monday. monday is the 14th of february, so they're extending the the pop-up shops at the hotel till monday. they usually never do that, they us.