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Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

💰TOP 5 WINNING Products To Dropship In November (BFCM Edition) | Shopify Dropshipping

[Music]. at the time of recording this video, we're exactly one month away from black friday, cyber monday weekend and, of course, if you already did not know, black friday- cyber monday weekend is when us ecommerce dropshippers capitalize the most. people's buying and spending habits are significantly increasing and therefore people are price shopping a whole lot. therefore, in this video, i'm going to be providing you guys five winning and untapped drop shipping products to start selling on your shopify store right now, so that way, when black friday, cyber monday weekend does come, you guys are already scaling that specific product. luckily, i've done the hard part for you guys. i've done my product research and validation behind all five of these products and i truly have to say that they have six and seven figure potential in the market. furthermore, not only am i going to be providing you guys with each product, but with each product, i'll also be providing you guys the approximate cost price, the potential selling price, the type of store each product would work well on the genders to target on facebook, five awesome facebook interest you can utilize when testing that product, and also the type of ad creative or creatives that would work well for each product. that way, you guys are well equipped when it comes to actually testing this product and maximizing your return with it. of course, if you aren't subscribed to the channel, make sure you guys are with that post notification belt turned on so you guys are updated with all recent videos. and if you do want to get your good deed of the day out and done with, make sure you guys drop a huge like on this video, go down and absolutely smash that like button so this video can help and reach as many people as possible. oh, by the way, if you did not notike my change of background, i'm actually standing behind this beautiful piece of wall art provided by ignite. i'll be leaving a link to ignite down in the description below. so if you are into waller and canvases and motivational stuff, my fellow entrepreneurs definitely check out ignite. they have a bunch of different array of collections to choose from. luckily, i was able to get mine customized as well. over here on the bottom right it says veni v vici, which is actually one of my favorite latin proverbs, which stands for i saw, i came, i conquered. so once again, just a quick shout out to ignite if you're looking for some sort of artwork or wall piece for your office or just for your home in general. check them out. they're absolutely amazing. without any further ado, let's hop into my computer so we can take a look at five of these winning products. finally, before we get into these top five products, a lot of you guys have been asking me if there's some sort of community to be in touch, and there absolutely is. if you already have not joined my free facebook group, econ masterminds, i'll be leaving a link to that in the description below. i'm super active in that group. there's a big community of beginners, intermediate and advanced players in the e-commerce dropshipping space. so, once again, if you already have not checked out the group, do so. i'll be leaving a link to that in the description below. i'll see you guys there. the first product we have on our list is the men's body shape compression shorts. i saw an ad for this product about one or two weeks ago and this store was almost starting to scale it, so i thought it was pretty interesting to share it with you guys. obviously, this product is for men, and when we think of shaper, i know a lot of past drop shipping winners have been for women. that's why i thought this was super interesting and does have a lot of potential, as the men's shapewear market is very untapped, especially on platforms like instagram and facebook. men's who are into fitness or just simply trying to lose some weight and appear more slimmer and in shape can definitely make good use of this product. you can see in this picture right here: it tightens your thighs and makes them look slimmer, and also brings your stomach in as well to have that nice fitted look. these are also some great pictures provided by our aliexpress suppliers, so you can definitely use them on your social media and your website as well. now this supplier does have a short video, so let's take a look at that video to gain a little bit more of an understanding of what this product does and who it's really for. all right, so we just have a guy basically posing and modeling with the shorts, but you essentially get the main idea how it's a very universal product and the good thing is that it is a product that is very mass approachable and mass targetable. meaning regardless of where a guy or a man lives, their gender, their beliefs, their age, they can really make use of this product, meaning it is very, very scalable. products that are widely approachable and widely targetable are, in fact, very scalable. that's why i like to go for products of that nature. let's look at some more information for this product so you can better advertise it. the approximate cost price for the men's body shape compression shorts is 9.50 to 11.14, depending on the size. you did see that the supplier does offer a wide array of sizes, which is a good thing, because people obviously come in different sizes and shapes. i would say you can easily sell this product or mark it up for 3 to 4x more its original cost price because the perceived value of the product is super high. in fact, it is a problem solving product that means it definitely has some good margins in there. in terms of the type of store this product would work well on would be a micro branded one product store, meaning a store devoted and honed down strictly to this one product. you'll see that most of the products on our list today can absolutely be sold on micro branded one product stores. in fact, that's the only type of drop shipping stores i do now since the past year, year and a half. the beauty about one product drop shipping stores is that it's super simple to build compared to niche or general niche for general stores, meaning there's less time and energy going into it, yet you can make it look more branded and more professional and really give your potential customer that sense of trust and confidence. now, if you do want to go more towards the niche store route, i would recommend a fitness store or a store around health and fitness products. if we're toking about targeting on facebook, we obviously only want to target mail, as this product is primarily for men- some potential interest that you can utilize when first testing this product on facebook- and yes, i have done my full due diligence on all these interests- and they include health and wellness, healthy eating, physical fitness, weight training and weight loss. if we're toking about the type of ad creatives that will be best suitable for this product, i would definitely say having a video ad with a corresponding thumbnail, because you definitely want to showcase how the product works and what the features, benefits and end result of the product is. i also wrote down there: you want to split test between two different variants, so you can either have two videos or two thumbnails per ad set. for example- and i'll throw a little display up somewhere on the screen- if you have one ad set, you want to be split testing between video one and thumbnail one and video two and thumbnail one. you can also do something like thumbnail one, video one and thumbnail two, video one. i usually prefer to have two different kinds of videos with two different kinds of scroll stoppers, meaning the first one to five seconds are different, and then i'll essentially have the same thumbnail for each video. obviously, that first product we saw was more of an evergreen product. this is a product that would essentially do well during the holiday season, during christmas time, and, if you can't already tell, this is obviously a toy. toys are a huge market. when it comes to black friday, cyber monday, a lot of parents and diff

BFCM Masterclass: Strategies to Drive Retention Throughout the Holiday

um, cool. so, hi everyone, i'm super excited to have you all here today and very excited to welcome you to our black friday and cyber monday master class, focused on how to drive through retention throughout the holiday shopping period. so who you'll be hearing from today? my name is emma and i'm an enterprise client success manager here at yappo, and i'll be joined by brian. brian, i'll let you introduce yourself. hey, everyone. uh, really excited to be here and thanks to yahoo for having shopify and myself come and speak to all the awesome shopify brands out there about black friday, cyber monday- i know it's the busiest time of the season, so hopefully you'll get some good information out of today's webinar. and happy to be here, emma. yeah, like you said, my name is brian peters. i lead app partnerships within marketing, store design, custom support at shopify, and so hopefully today will be a great session- awesome. so just to introduce kind of the companies that brian and i are here representing: um, so yappo is an all-encompassing e-commerce marketing platform. we have several products that fall under our domain. those products are reviews, visual, ugc, loyalty, referrals and sms marketing, and we are joined by shopify, which is an all-in-one commerce platform helping customers start, run and grow a business and shopify basically operates worldwide, allowing customers to sell, ship and process payments pretty much anywhere. so, jumping in to black friday, cyber monday, which is why we're all here today, i think a big, a big question that everyone is asking is, given how crazy the world is right now, what can we expect for this holiday season in 2021 and in terms of what we're antikipating? we're antikipating this shopping period being essentially a two-part trend in comparison to last year, where we are seeing both customers shopping, both online and in stores. so, in terms of what we're expecting from a sales perspective, we are expecting sales to rise about 2.7 percent in comparison to black friday, cyber monday last year. and another stat that i think is really important to hear is that mobile shopping has been on the rise since 2018 and we are antikipating about a 1.3 x growth in mobile purchasing this shopping season. yeah, and then i can actually share a couple stats from the shopify side as well. from every year, we do a live bscm map. i don't know if merchants, if you're familiar with that, but it's basically this really cool globe that shows all the orders processing around the world, and last year, uh- shopify merchants and uh, during the course of bfcm weekend did 5.1 billion dollars in sales. the average cart price was 89. and we peaked at 102 million dollars in sales. uh, like that was the peak sales per hour. so it was pretty incredible. and i think what we saw last year is that, uh, 50 more consumers were buying from shopify merchants than the previous year over year, and so i think this year is gonna be really exciting. you mentioned the 10 billion number and i think, like i think the sky is the limit this year and we're really excited to see what that looks like. awesome, brian, thank you for sharing those stats. on the shopify side, that's super, super fascinating and it's crazy to think that shopify is just one of the ecommerce platforms out there. and just thinking about, like, how much revenue is going to be made during this holiday period- which kind of perfectly segues me into here- is: what does this shopping period mean for your brand and for you as a marketer? so, needless to say, black friday, cyber monday, is a huge, huge revenue driving time, but if you want to be really strategic this holiday season, it's more so about building your marketing strategy as a whole and kind of setting that precedent for the year going forward. so, ultimately, what you want to be to be doing strategically with your customers during this time is actually driving retention, making sure that throughout this shopping period, you have strategies in place to help increase your customer lifetime value at the end of the shopping period. so, needless to say, even though black friday, cyber monday, is essentially two days long, there's quite a bit of preparation that has to take place well in advance, and, in addition to that, i think these points here kind of uh showcase some of the issues that and some of the areas that marketers should be focusing on during this time. um, brian, would you want to speak to some of these? yeah, absolutely, and to preface uh sort of a lot of things we'll tok, we'll be toking about today. i have the pleasure of working in the marketing tiknology space, and so i i do have a pretty decent view of the different strategies and tactiks that work for merchants during this time, and i get to see sort of all the various email and sms and loyalty platforms and the stats that they're also sharing with shopify, and then, finally, i also help with a few brands on the side. so, hopefully, like, my marketing skills will be updated and useful for today. but i think like, first and foremost, uh the top left box there and something that merchants like really really need to like internalize and then like put that into their strategy this year, is the idea of privacy and advertising changes and all the things that are happening in the industry. i think a lot of merchants- probably watching this webinar- are used to uh putting a lot of money into their advertising dollar or putting a lot of money into advertising platforms, especially social media platforms like facebook, uh instagram, tiktok, google, etc. and i think what we're seeing is like there are there are impacts already of the privacy changes on advertising effectiveness. so i think like the big theme for this year in toking with merchants and toking with partners is setting yourself up for success for the long term, using 2021 bfcm as like the baseline for every future marketing sort of like approach that you take, and that all starts with understanding the privacy changes and focusing on getting as many uh loyal customers, if you will, into your funnel, into your database, uh getting people to opt in conversion, and we'll tok, obviously, on a lot about all of those tactiks, but like thinking about privacy changes and the fact that you will need to have like a really strong first party data set in the future. the fcm is a perfect place to start with that. absolutely, um, brian, couldn't agree with you more on the changes in privacy and kind of uh migration towards the cookie-less world, and so, um, what we want to tok about today is how you can essentially prepare your customer base so that you're able to capture this kind of first party and zero party data. and in addition to that, some of the things that we'll also tok about today is just how to kind of make sure your entire marketing funnel, from checkout to load times to pop-ups, are all kind of uh optimized for success here. so, uh, now that you're prepared, kind of high level. what we're going to tok about today- i want to walk us through kind of the top strategies for driving retention and the way we're going to look at this is actions and steps you should be preparing before, during and after black friday, cyber monday. so, to dive in, i want to tok about the actions that you should start looking at before black friday, cyber monday. and the first, the first point that we want to tok about is conversion optimization. so, prior to this super busy period where you are going to have a ton of traffic coming to your site. you want to make sure that your experiences are optimized for efficiency, so yappo deals quite a bit with user generated content, and what we found is that having user generated content, such as reviews on site can actually increase conversions by up to 200 percent. um, another way that you can optimize conversions, uh during this time is that we've actually found that review requests that are sent via sms as opposed to email actually see about a 66 um increase in open rates. so these are things that you should start looking at um, as we're preparing for this period. where are areas on?

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How I Sold $180k From One Shopify Store in 90 Days | Live Webinar

hello and welcome my friends. i'm sam here, your best friend for uh- setting up a shopify sales machine- okay, in this webinar i want to welcome all of you guys and because this webinar is going to be one of the best webinar, one of the best training to set up a shopify sales machine- okay. so why i am saying this is set up a shopify sales machine. because shopify is one of the best platform to start the drop shipping. maybe most of you guys already have your own store set up or you want to start a new store for a product or if you want to dive into a drop shipping business. the most of the time, we are facing a challenge to set up the store properly, to optimize the store for sales and also to advertise the product. in this webinar, we will cover lots of things, but before that, let me introduce myself a little bit so that you can understand who i am toking with you right now. i am sam sales funnel consultant and sales finance expert and especially, i'm expert in setting up shopify store, growing the shopify business and scale uh- the shopify drop shipping store for sales and make profit. i'm doing these for my own and i'm doing these for my clients also in this uh area i'm working from 2013.. this is the long time i'm working in this industry and i have lots of experience. i see lots of things already from my own campaigns and from my clients campaigns and today i'm going to share you my experience and from my own campaigns, as well as from my clients. there are lots of things to learn and i'm going to show you the step-by-step process that i am doing for my own store to make more sales, to get more conversions, and also i implement the strategy for my clients store who are making lots of sales with their shopify store. i promise for this webinar, during this training, i will make you a believer. i will prove to you that anyone can create a successful chauffeur drop shipping business completely from stress, completely from scratch, even if they have zero experience or tiknical knowledge. when uh it's come to make a website, make uh sales online, there are lots of tiknical things need to do. there are lots of marketing strategy and there are so many things to learn, but if you don't have any idea about anything that you need and still you are the one who can do this. i personally believe that and i will make you believer within this webinar because i'm going to teach you how you can scale, how you can grow your own shopify business, how you can get more sales for your drop shipping store. so here what we learn today in this webinar. first of all, we'll discuss that where we start to get set. most of us, as i said that, most of us maybe already have the uh store, but when it's come to make profit, make sales, make money with that store, then, uh, some of us are getting stuck because we don't know the proper strategy. what's the six figure making people are doing for their store? even the seven figure, eight figure uh making people, what they actually doing for their store, how they're getting lots of sales with the same product that we already have on our store. where we are stuck. i will show that and then we will see that how we can optimize our store properly and i will show you what exact apps and tools i am using for my own shopify store as well as my client surface stores. and also i will show you my high converting landing page strategy and offer creation status. these two things is very, very important because if you even have a good product, a good store, but if you cannot make a good offer, then you will not get so many cells that you expect from your store. and then also, i will show you the pixel, the third party tracking tools that we are using: the social proof tools, and also the traffic generation- uh. to get sales, you must need traffic, right? this is one of the uh best important part for any store or anything you want to sell online. the traffic generation is very important and that is why i am going to discuss, i am going to show you the exact way that you can follow and you can copy to get lots of traffic on your store, and also, i am going to give you a special special offer, special bonus, for only 50 attendees. okay, so before dive into the webinar, let me show you the result from one of my own store. okay, see here from last 90 days. okay, from last 90 days: november 4, 20, 21 to february 1, 2022. okay, so last nine days, we made 107 000 dollars right within one shopping store. okay, and there are not so many products, there are not thousands of product in this store, only few products. okay, only few products. make all the sales, all this money. this is how you can also do that. okay, within this webinar, i'm going to show you, step by step, everything and i want you to copy paste this exact stability for your store to get lots of sales. okay, so let's get started. we are just going to break it down. where we start to get sales and it comes to sell online product- i mean the drop shipping product, the physical product on shopify store- then we need to optimize our store. uh, what we do normally most of the people are doing- just set up their store. they create a shopify account- okay, they add some product on the store and start their facebook ads, instagram ads, stiktop ads and they want to get traffic. but within few days, when they run the campaign, then they can realize that they are just just losing the money on ads, but there are no conversion that they expected when they created the store. that is one of the most important part, okay, and that is why people are getting stuck. to continue their store, okay, and to make the store a high converting, you need to optimize it properly. when i'm saying the word optimize, that, i mean you need to set up the store. that will get you safe. that will get you safe. that is the main point where people stack because they don't have enough idea how they can optimize their store, how they set up their store properly from start to finish, before they start to get sale. so that is one of the best point. another important point where people get stuck: okay, they store optimization. okay. so when i say the store optimization, i means uh, many things like: is loading speed should be good, the store content, the layout, the call to action, everything should be good, because you know, once you someone land on your page, then you should have a strong call to action, and there are so many things like social proofs, reviews, the proper product description and also a conversion focus landing page. okay, you need all of these to make your store optimized. this is how i'm going to show you how you can do all of this and also, to make your store optimized and make your store for high converting ready for getting cells, you need, uh, some apps, clients or our own website. we are using some of the apps. okay, there are not so many apps, not hundreds of ads we are using. we only use this most important apps. okay, so the zp5 page builder: okay, so this one is one of the best page builder for shopify store. uh, why we are using page builder. let me explain a little bit about this. when we make a and as usual product base- okay, the default shopify product base- then you cannot put the information that you want your waste. okay, because there are some basic layout. there are some limitation of the uh default shopify uh product base. that is why we need a landing page builder. this space builder will help us to create a high converting page, to create a page personalized paste for the specific product. okay. so that is why we need a shopify page builder and in my company i'm using zipify and also for all of my clients using cp5 page builder- okay. and then the second apps we are using, called zp5ocu. the ocu stand for one click upsell. so it is very important to get more sales by using a funnel and you can do that with the funnel. the funnel is something like a sequence of your offer. let's say, someone buy a front-end offer- that can be a low tiket offer or a small prices offer- and then you can offer them uh once they complete the checkout. then uh, on the next step you can offer them some more product.

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How To Get Sales On A Brand New Shopify Store - In Minutes!

right here. as you can see, this is 22 minutes, 20 minutes, 18 minutes, 16.. every two minutes there's an abandoned cart. all right, stay tuned. yo guys, what's up? i'm back. so today we're actually gonna be doing a different business model. we're gonna be i'm gonna show you guys how i'm gonna take uh- this is one of my students- uh shopify stores to basically like zero bucks to like 100 in a day. so i'm gonna break this down for you guys because i want to show you guys like everything that you can do uh to make money. you know. so i i taught you guys about contracting uh drop housing and i'm gonna show you guys uh ecommerce. okay, so if you don't know anything about e-commerce, it's basically you're gonna be taking uh like items online from from uh from websites like aliexpress, alibaba, and then drop ship it to your customers. so what this means is you basically sell it first, uh have them purchase it and then you ship the product once someone buys it, so you don't have to have inventory or anything sitting in your house and stuff. so i'm going to show you guys my screen here, okay, so this is one of my students store, um, right now i'll show you guys and and and for this video i'm not going to do any editing, i won't do any cuts or anything like that, because i want to show you guys like everything raw, you know, i mean i'm not gonna do any editing, i'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do it. so, as you can see, right now, you see, there's zero people, zero sales, no sales at all. i'll show you guys, uh, the past this month and he has made some decent sales, uh, but it's not doing as well. so right now, again, it's zero, and i'll show you guys exactly how to how to boost uh sales. okay, the whole point of shopify, the whole uh strategy that you should use or like, really the only way that this will work is to really uh like season your facebook pixel, and this is how you can scale your store to like 300, 500, uh, even like 1000 per day, and it's all through the facebook pixel, and you're gonna rely on facebook ads to really uh scale your store. so there's three things. so, like i said, there are three main things that you guys need to focus on so that you can get these initial sales. because the first is: you need a good product, you need a high perceived product. so what this means is it's a product that can be perceived as um more expensive than what it actually costs. so examples of these are like bracelets, necklaces, you know, rings, um, jewelry stuff are really good. so that's what you guys should focus on first. so, for example, if you have a dog store, then find a dog necklace or a dog bracelet or something. so, because for those like you can easily like, they will cost you like no more than three, five dollars, you know, and then you can sell it for like 25, 49, uh, sometimes even 80 bucks, you know. so that's the first step. second step: you guys need to use uh influencers, okay, you, you need to use instagram influencers first, um, and it has to be really targeted audience. so if you're selling a doll, for example, a beagle necklace, then you can't post it on a dog page. it has to be a beagle page, okay. so it has to be very targeted for this to work. and then the third part is the strategy you have to be. you have to use um, uh, you have to use what's called free plus shipping, okay. so if you guys haven't heard of this, it's basically you're gonna make the product free and then you're gonna charge 9.99 on the shipping, so we'll make money on the shipping. so let me just show you guys, uh, an example of what i would be doing. so, for example, for this, for this client of mine, um, i don't know, i can't really tell you which product we're going to do, um, but if you do want to know, you can always dm me, you can hit me up on my instagram and i'll i'll tell you guys what it was. i just don't want to show everyone what it was. so, uh, right now, for example, let's just look for a necklace, right, i think i respect this wrong, so it might not bring up all the necklaces. so look at this, for example, this one: right, you see that it's a heart with a wine, so this would do really well on like a wine page, like wine lovers, something like that. so this is perfect. it costs only uh three dollars with the, with the a packet, and only one dollar if you choose to. you know, ship it within 30 days, but eight pack is always good. so it's gonna cost you three bucks and we're gonna make it free. okay, zero bucks. and then we're gonna charge on the shipping. uh, we're gonna charge 9.99. so that's a trick there and that's how you're going to jump start yourselves. it's really important to do this this way. this is how you're going to get initial sales to your store. you're going to flood your store with targeted traffic, so you can- you can use that for retargeting look-alike audiences later down the line, and then you you will capture a lot of emails as well for abandoned cards, because a lot of people will abandon the card, but you already got their, their email, okay. so those are the three things, um, and i'll show you guys an influencer that you guys should be using as well. so, for example, if you go on instagram, let's go on. for example, this is wine, right, this is go wine, wine lovers. and i'll show you guys how i'm going to run this right away here so you guys can see the live, uh, the live, the live results. okay, so right now, what i'm doing is i'm on my phone and i'm toking to these influencers right now, not this one, i'm doing a different niche for my customer or for my student. so, for example, you can see there's lots of wine lovers. um, you want to choose, like a wine, wine page, just for wine. so, for example, like wine expo. so you see this, or club wine lovers, the second one. hold on, let me back up. let me back up. i saw something. uh, let me just tok to this influencer right here. oh, so, right now, i'm gonna have him posted right now and you, you guys are gonna see the results, okay. so i'll say yes, yes, please, post now. and you wanna, you wanna make sure that you guys are using video ads. if you're using picture, it's, it's still going to work, but video is always better using the video, okay, and you guys will see all this. so i'm not going to cut this part out. you will see exactly what i do to, to, to gain, gain these sales. so i'm just sending him the link right now to the store, the store. i'm sending him the link, sending him the video, and i'm sending the caption. so, for the caption, you guys want to use, um, something, something that that's gonna say like it's free, but you have to pay for the shipping, so you have to tell them that. okay, so everything's sent now, once it's live, i'll show you guys, uh, the the sales coming in. so, again, let's take a look at club wine lovers. this, this one should be a good one. so, right here, you can see, there's 17 000 um. it's not a lot, but so you want to aim for something like 100 000, to like millions um, but 17 still can work. so what you want to do is you want to find like 20 of these dm- all of them- and get prices from all of them, okay, and um, whoever has the best deal, you go ahead and book with them and make sure that, again, you're using a video ad, okay, so that's basically everything that goes into it. like, it's pretty simple, but you have to make sure that you have a good product, a good influencer page, and then you're using the strategy that i told you. but remember, this is just the strategy to get started. you're not going to be doing this every single time. the free plus shipping: you want to do that to to get you to 100 a day. and then you want to scale using uh, lookalike and retargeting, uh, using the data that you just got. so i will pause this video, uh, just because, um, we're just waiting on on this guy to post it. so i'll see you guys, hold on, i'll show you guys. so, right now, see, there's nothing, okay, so i'm gonna have, i'm gonna have this posted. i'll see you guys in like two minutes. okay, guys. so it just got posted. i just got word that it's up. yeah, it's live. so, as you can see, yeah, there's like seven people right now. um, they should, they should go up. so let's take a look at the live views, let's see what people are up to in this store. let's

Watch Me Drive Sales Live - Brand New Shopify Store (While In The Passenger Seat Of A Moving Car)

yo guys, what's going on. my name is ryan huncho. i want to show you guys that you can make sales on your store wherever you are. even right here i'm in the car, we're on our way to a sales meeting, so i want to show you guys this store. uh, it's one of my students so he's definitely struggling. let me show you so you can see it's a. it's relatively new. we got no visitors. we got no sails. uh, he's getting a couple of view visitors, but there's definitely there's no sales. so we're going to help him out. all right, so you can see that store has no sales. what i did was i contacted the influencer and i we, we did a post. so the post is up now and i will show. i want to show you guys how quick the results are, so i'm gonna jump in my phone as well show you guys, uh, how it's going, so you can see that right now. we before it was zero and now we got 67 views. uh, we just got our first order right here. uh, we got nine dollars on the lot, so it's it's looking really good right now. we got our second order right away here. we just got our second order. so i showed you guys that it was. it was zero, all right, and right now we're looking at 74 visitors. right now, 74.. we got two sales going on right now. isn't that crazy? so, literally, from from zero, we, there we go. we got another one baby, another one baby. so that's the third thing today. so you can see that you can drive sales anywhere you are in the car, you know, in the gym, while you're sleeping. all you got to do is do it, uh, the right way. so, yeah, man, i want to show you guys this. that's, that's live proof for you guys. and i'm in in the car. i, i wish i i could be like, uh, somewhere proper for you guys. so, so i can do this properly. but, yeah, i'm pretty busy, so we're just doing this on the road. this is unscripted. it's literally like driving sales live to this store so you guys can see how it goes, and we'll keep this, we'll keep this promotion running and i'll explain exactly what i did so you guys can can copy what we did. all right, all right, man. so i want to help mo as many people as i can with their shopify store. so if you guys want, uh, me to help you guys out with your shopify store. i'll choose one random person. all you have to do is follow me on my instagram, ryanhoncho. it's gonna be in the description below, so watch the entire video and i'll show you guys exactly what you guys need to do to make this happen for you guys. all right, a quick update. it's now 4: 39. as you can see, the visitors are slowing down now. it used to be 99, uh, now we only got 61, but we're at 88. boys, we're at 88 and it's only been like 10 minutes since we gone live. so i'll keep updating you guys. all right, i'll key. i'll keep refreshing. you see that it's all real. i'll show you the orders and got a new one. i just got a new one. uh, you can see, these are all real clients, all all real customers. these are not like fake. all right, these are all real. you can see that it's all real, so i'll keep updating you guys in a bit we're at. we're at 88.. all right, so it's 503. as you can see, there's still a lot of visitors. i'm always hitting refresh so you guys know what's good here. so we're at 128 right now. um, we got 12 orders. you can see that these are the only 12 orders this guy's ever had. let me show you again: this month has been zero. um. and to those guys saying, like i asked my friends to buy it for me, like let me just show you the orders, okay. so here are the orders. they're all real, they're all from real people. these aren't like fake orders, like some people like to fake it. all right. so let me show you the first order ever. this is today at 4: 29. we just got another sale right now, so you can see that this girl is from a woman is from california. so let me show you the next one. this one's from, all right, new new york. let me pick a random one: germany. you know what i mean. like i don't have friends all over the world. like these are all real sales. like it's more hard for me to contact people to buy it just to fake this than it is to get real sales. like it's easier to get real sales, all right, than going through all that. so see this one's from ma. i don't know where that is, because i'm from canada. uh, you see, this one's from portugal. you know i mean. so sales all over the world, all right. so, yeah, that's a quick update on this. all right, so it's been two days since that promotion ended, uh, and actually i want to show you guys how we did, because i know you guys want to see that. i want to show you guys the numbers of how we did that day. so here it is. on that day, we did 168 us, so around 170 dollars. okay, so this is this isn't the only way to rely on sales, like, matter of fact, we are. we aren't relying on promotions to get sales. okay, this is like, literally, this is step one so you guys can scale on facebook ads so that you guys can kickstart your pixel and literally beat all your other competition, because your competition doesn't have warren pixel. all right, most of these people, they're just targeting cold interest on facebook and that's where they they're gonna fail. so what is the purpose of this and how can you guys do this to replicate for your store? okay, so the three things: three things you guys need to do for this to happen. number one: you need to make sure you have a proper lead product. so this all lies in the lead product. so your lead product has to be something that is high perceived value. so what does this mean? it means it's a product that can, that you can buy for cheap but you can sell it at at a high price. but still makes sense, okay. so, for example, uh, necklaces, earrings, uh, earrings, necklaces, uh, you know, jewelry, rings, you know stuff like that- where, like, for example, an earring, it costs like two dollars but you could sell for like 50, 80, 100, you know even more, right? so that's the first step of this formula: make sure your product is is a solid, high perceived value product. okay, regardless of what you're selling, if you're selling electronics, clothing store, whatever, you gotta make sure you have a good lead product to to start with. okay, so that's called the lead mat, lead magnet, basically it. it brings people- uh, cold people- to your website and turns them into a warm audience later on. okay, so that's the first step. number two: you need to make sure that the product is a niched product. so if it's an, if it's an earring, make sure it's like a dolphin earring or a moon earring, star earring, because that's how you hyper target certain people and this is how you uh basically guarantee that you're gonna get initial sales right away. okay, so, make sure that it is niched, okay. so, product niche and the third part is the influencer. you got to make sure that the promotion that you do, you make sure that you're not overpaying these people, okay. so when they give you a price- let's say they give you a price of like 50- don't just pay them 50. it's you got to learn how to negotiate and try to have them, uh, accept like a lower price, right. so if they're charging 50 makes, try to get them to to do it for 25, you know, or 30, like 20 bucks, okay. so you want to make sure you don't overpay for these promotions, okay. so those are the three steps that you guys got to take to make sure this works for your store, okay. so what is the? what is the point of driving this? initial sales, like you might. you might say, okay, we made 170 in that one day, but how are we gonna keep on like getting daily sales? so that's, that's what we're doing here. so once we get this data- and i wish i could show you on my phone- like i don't think i could show you my phone, but i can show you my computer- how many abandoned carts we got in that one hour. literally, just rack it up like we had so many abandoned carts. like every 10 seconds, basically, there was an abandoned cart and that data. we can use that for facebook as well. we got many add to carts. we got many initiate checkouts right. so what is the point of driving this influencer shadow? like i said, this is to kick start your pixel. that's how you can retarget and make custom look-alike audiences for your facebook ads, and i'll make a separate video. uh, all about facebo.

How I Got Rich in 27 days (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's poppin youtube. welcome back to the channel if you're new here, if you're old here. my name is nathan nazareth. i'm a 21 year old entrepreneur based out of vancouver, canada, and today i'm going to be breaking down exactly how i became successful in less than one month of starting e-commerce. so about three years ago now, at the age of 18, i decided to put it all on the line and take a crack at starting my very own business. with basically no money to my name, no experience, no degree, no einstein level iq, i searched for the most viable way to make money online, preferably something that i could get rich from very, very quickly, and i found just that. but if you're new to it, don't go anywhere, because when i first heard about shopify dropshipping, i was extremely skeptikal and i thought the entire business model was a scam as well. back then it was a relatively new concept, but there's so much misinformation about it swirling around. some people were making a full-time living off of it and other people were just going around saying it's too saturated, it's too competitive, it doesn't work, it's a dead business model. don't worry guys, i've seen it all, and those things that are happening right now were happening three years ago as well. there's always gonna be haters, there's always gonna be doubters, there's always gonna be excuses swirling around in the back of your head and from other people. you can't let any of that get to you when starting a brand new venture. so, like i was saying, immediately when i found this business model, i thought to myself right away that it was a scam and not to trust all these internet gurus. but the more that i delved into the creators videos online, the more that i saw there was actually people my age and just a little bit older who were making ridiculous money with this business model and taking full advantage of it. and i remember at the time reaching out to every single youtube creator asking them about their experience with dropshipping. and basically every single one that got back to me told me it's legit, told me to dive into it, told me that i don't have to buy their program, so they weren't just in it to make money off of me. and that's exactly what i did. i went full swing with dropshipping. but what really gave me the confidence and the courage to take this leap to, you know, jump into the unknown and begin my journey with e-commerce, was the fact that there were a bunch of guys on youtube and girls sitting there who are a couple years older than me, breaking down their experience with shopify, dropshipping, the results, the sales, the businesses that they've started, and i thought to myself: these people are no different than me, you know, they're no smarter than me, they're no more capable- in fact, they very much were me just a couple years ago- and so the only difference between me and them is that they try and they put in the work. okay, and i want that to be known for every single one of you guys watching this. there's literally no difference between me and you. i'm not special. i don't have any crazy talents, any fancy degree, any einstein level, iq, literally none of that. i'm just a kid who decided to try, and with that i had to develop thick skin and a complete mindset shift. it was no longer a matter of oh, i'm going to give this dropshipping business thing a crack. it was not a matter of if, but it was a matter of when i will become successful, and i lock that in from day one. i don't want to get into my personal life, but i spent too many years failing. it was my time to succeed. failed in my sporting career, i was never getting the best grades. i knew it was my time to finally succeed at something, and this is what it was going to be. the sport of entrepreneurship was my new competitive arena. now i was in business school at the time, and they're always preaching about how you should be passionate about what you do as an entrepreneur, and so that was one thing i took with me from day one too. i knew that if i was gonna make this work, not only was i gonna be in this for the money, but i had to genuinely enjoy and find love in what i was doing and creating. so first thing i did, i thought to myself: what am i passionate about? and at the time, it was sports and fitness and all these things. and so i think you can guess what my first product ever was. that's right, it was the classic resistance band drop shipping set. funny enough, these things went crazy during the whole rona situation, but anyways, i modeled my website after trx- if you've heard of it. it's basically a big fitness company that sells these premium resistance bands- and i started plugging away at a basic shopify theme to build the initial website. i remember ordering my very first video ads for facebook from a freelancer on fiverr. just like it was the other day and within i believe four short days, i had launched my very first dropshipping store ever. anyone want to take a wild guess of what happened? complete flop, you nailed it. i went four days, spending over four hundred 400, and i was wildly unsuccessful. but one very special thing happened. on the last day i got my very first sale ever: [Music]. now, even though i was wildly unprofitable and i had started to eat away at the little savings that i had, that very first sale gave me all the confidence i needed to march on forward. literally try to think about this from my perspective right now, as a you know, 17, 18 year old kid. i'm sitting there. i got a sale and i realized that somebody from somewhere in the world actually saw the ad that i made, that i posted, clicked on it, went to the website that i built with my own two hands and my keyboard. they went through my checkout process and they actually pulled up their credit card to buy the product. i mean, i don't know if you guys feel that same feeling that i do. when i think about that. it kind of gives me goosebumps, but it's absolutely wild to me the fact that i was able to do all of that sitting for my computer at home and i made that sale in my sleep and so i'm so passionate when i still tok about it, because that sale was honestly one of the greatest feelings i've ever had in my life and i still remember it like it was yesterday. this guy right here was capable of building a store, making ads, launching ads on the facebook ads platform and actually having real people come to my site and purchase my product that i sourced from a supplier or, i think, aliexpress at the time- crazy. so now i had real momentum. obviously i shut down that story because it was so unsuccessful. i had a load of lessons learned and i was fired up and ready to take on the world of business. but there i was back to square one, rinsing and repeating the same launching strategy, but making tweaks and adjustments and optimizations along the way. i told myself, with every failed product, with every failed store, i had to have at least three big takeaways, three learning lessons or areas of improvement before my next launch. i was beyond committed. in fact, my parents thought i was going insane. i hadn't seen my girlfriend in weeks. what is wrong with you? it was just me, every single day in front of my computer for 16 hours. some days, i swear, i even forgot to eat, but anyways, three products later and after burning through every penny that i had, i found my very first winning product. i fell in love with you on facebook. i woke up to a 4x return on aspen- a feeling that i still remember to this day. i did it. i own a successful, profitable online business. i thought to myself and i was making money. in my sleep i was so excited. i was running around, i was telling all my family and friends- and not one person congratulated me at least genuinely. they told me to go get a job- that my few little sales of a product that's probably crap from china- isn't going to get me anywhere in life. but at this point i knew i had so much delusional confidence in myself and in the business model. after seeing my first profitable day, the winning product, my initial sales, i was on a roll and nothing was going to stop me. 27 days later, i