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shopify bogo

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Do A BOGO Offer For Shopify Dropshipping (Buy 1 Get 1)

[Music]. what's going on? everyone hatin here coming back at you at the brand-new video and, as you can see, we're back in the lab now. I do just want to say thank you for a thousand subscribers. it's absolutely insane. my goal for last month was to hit 500. we did that a couple days before the deadline, which is super cool to see. so now to see that only a week later- you know, week and a half later- we double that, hit a thousand- it's absolutely insane. I'm gonna try my best, keep uploading every single day. I'm gonna fear how that's gonna work over the next couple weeks and months, cuz I am just focused on growing my businesses. so providing value and giving out these YouTube videos is a lot of fun, but I don't know if it's the smartest move to keep doing every single day, since you know it might only be a 5 or 10 minute video, but it takes over an hour to actually go through the process of filming it, editing it, getting a thumbnail, getting uploaded, a description, all these different things, which I definitely think it's worth it, something to keep blowing up this channel and keep trying to provide as much value as I can. you guys, even if it's a very short, like basic video. I just don't want to ever decrease the quality of my videos. I want every single one to be on point, use a good camera. I don't know how the lighting is, I don't know, I'm not smart with all that camera stuff, but good lighting, good looking video. you know, make sure it's at least HD, good audio and everything. so that's my goal. I definitely want to keep uploading every single day, at least every other day, so I'm gonna try my best, put out that content for you guys. so let me know what kind of videos you guys want to see. but with that being said, we're gonna jump into this one which you already saw, the title and thumbnail, which is kind of building off a video I made about a week back, toking about BOGO offers. you know, buy one, get one free. actually, a lot of people hit me up about that, wanting me to go more in depth, so I'm gonna tok about, like, which apps I use, how I set it up, exactly what I'm doing with specific products. so, like it's just like any offer, it can be very effective and it can be not effective. I'm sure a lot of you were doing well, free plus shipping, and I'm sure a lot of you were trying it and seeing almost no results, so maybe this will be a good alternative. we'll see it. so let's jump in. I'm gonna explain kind of what I'm doing and give you my perspective month. okay, first of all, the app that I use to run this through shop fight is ultimate special offers. I think it's like 5, 10 bucks or whatever. it has a trial for a couple weeks or a month. that's just what I use. works really, really well. I don't know, I'm sure there's probably other things out there that allow you to do it. it's just super simple. you plug in what product you wanna for, what the offer is it allows you to do: buy one, get one, half off. buy two, get one free. buy this, get that. you know, if they buy this product, they can get this one for free. so that's just how I set it up. and yeah, I'm wearing this huge ass sweatshirt because I am very used to the Cali weather now. so, coming back to Minnesota in the fall it's a little bit chilly here but I don't really Erica's comfortable. but anyways, the way I set up a BOGO offer versus a free plus shipping is the same. I'm just trying to have a massive value. that's my goal with this. sure, a free plus shipping. you know we've toked about a value gap where, if you're shipping to eight dollars, for example, you want them to perceive the value of that item to be way more than eight dollars. you know, if they see it in stores, they've seen people buy it for 40, 50 bucks and you have it for $8.00. they're gonna buy. so what I try and do with my BOGO offers is implement that but build off of it so I'll have something marked up to 50, 60 bucks, sell it for 15 and if you buy one of those, you'll get another one for free, so they can get. you know this is what most people do. they'll get one of, you know, let's say, in blue, whatever the product is, and another one in red, so you can get two different variations of that product, which is another point. make sure whatever you're selling with the bogel offer has a lot of different options, of variants, because people usually don't really want to the same products. they want options. they want a red shirt and a blue shirt, they want green shoes and white shoes, they want this and a different hat. you know something like that. so if they already see something as a huge discount. you know, 50 to 1352, 15 something like that, where it's a big discount, plus on top of that you're getting a second product for free and you've thrown some scarcity as well: only ten left, 100 left, only six hours left in the sale, something like that. that scarcity is gonna push them over the edge, because it's already a great deal and I see the value now. one thing I do want to point out is that my goal with buy one, get one free- at least right now you know this could change- is: I'm not trying to make any money, as where does that sound? I'm not. my goal is just to get as many sales as possible. well, duh, obviously is what everyone's trying to do, but I'm doing in a different way. my goal is not to make money on the front end. I'm using it to build pixel data on Facebook. so then on the back end, I can go and do a look-alike audience based on all those buyers. add to carts all the data for whatever type of campaign, a specific conversion I'm running. I'm investing into that on the back end. you know it's the same with an email list. I'm just trying to break even on the front end, at least for the back end, because then I can do look like eyes. that's where things will come very cheap, that's where you can really blow up an offer and get things scaling and that's when you'll have your profit margins. and the email list on the back end- so typically emails- is also worth. thirty percent of your revenue comes in. so invest into that and don't kind of forget about that, because you're leaving a big chunk on the tail if you don't do email market. but that's not the point of this video. let's stik on the topic of BOGO. so, as for how it actually works, they're gonna add the product to their cart on a regular product page, pick their color, their size, click Add to Cart and then they're gonna add another right. it says: buy one, get one free. on the top, with that app that we use and it's their BAE- just adding two of the products to their cart and it shows a discount like a coupon code that's automatikally applied, and then it cuts out one of the product prices and shows that. so they're only paying one, they get two. so, like I said, ultimate special offers is the app that I use works well. that's how I structure my offers. I'm trying to only do one product at a time in my store, because if people go there, I don't always want discounts. it's the same thing with a free plus shipping. you don't want someone to go to your store and half your products are free. it just shows: free, free, free, free, free $1.00, free, free, $8, some like that. you want them to see that it's a special offer. it's rare, otherwise your storage is gonna lose all credibility. it'll just look like some spammy store, everything's free or big discount. that's why at least half your products have to be retail offers. that's at least what I was taught. that's what I found works. no experiments: see what works best for you. you can kind of switch products, switch the pricing around and see what works. but that's how I structured. I only have one BOGO offer on my site at a time and maybe two or three free plus shipping, and then another 10, 20, 30, 50 other products where there's regular retail offers. a few of those are on sale. you know 43220, something like that. little incentives, but nothing major. so, like I said to begin in the video, I was giving a lot of questions on this and I think I answered them all. but if you didn't ask a question or I didn't see it, for whatever reason. drop it in the comments below and I'll try my best to give you an answer. I hope you guys like thi.


hey guys, it's your girl happiness here. welcome back to my channel. and if this is your first time, hello there. welcome to my channel. and this channel is all about fashion and business. so today's video i am going to be showing you, guys, how to create a bugger sale on your shopify store. basically, i am going to show you how to create a buy one- get one free, or a buy one- get one fifty percent. before jumping in today's video, please don't forget to smash the like button. subscribe on my channel if you haven't done so. more shopify tutorials, as well as fashion content and, without further ado, let's jump into this video. so here we are on our shopify page. um, we'll go ahead and click discounts right over here on your left hand side. so i'm going and click discount. so this is how the discount page is going to look like. and since this is going to be my first time creating a discount on my shopify shop, my page is going to look like this: if you have created a discount before, they will all appear right over here. but since this is my first time, so i'll go ahead and click create a discount code right over here. you can go ahead and type a discount name like: what do you want to name your discount code? and for this video i'm going to do a buy one, get one free, so i'll just go ahead and type the name of my discount. i'll i'll just call it buy one, get, get one free. you can actually be creative and name whatever you feel like naming your discount card. but yeah, i'm just gonna go ahead with buy one, get one free and then on the types right over here, so you can either pick a percentage or a fixed amount. there is a free shipping of buy x kit y. for this video we are going to do the buy one, get one free, so we will go ahead and select the buy x gate y. so on the customer buys, right over here we are going to pick the quantity and the specific products you want your customer to get this discount. we have two selections: there is minimum quantity of items or the minimum purchase amount, so you can go ahead and select that one. so if you select the minimum quantity of items, this is how the boxes will be looking like. there will be the quantity and the items from, but if you want to use the minimum purchase amount, you can just select that one and put the amount and your specific items. but for this video we are going to do the buy one, get one free. so i'll pick the minimum quantity of items and then i'll click my quantity, which is one, and i'll go right over here and pick the specific product that i want. so you can either pick between specific products or specific collections. this will be your choice. so i am going to pick a collection and i'll go ahead and browse them right over here. so i'm going to browse theme and i am going to pick all my shorts, okay, and click add and then customer gets. so this is where we are going to give them a free product, okay. so they're going to buy one and they're going to get a free items. so they'll get one quantity and again, i'm going to pick specific collections and i'm going to browse and shorts add it. so basically, you can pick anything you want. if you want to have the entire website to be buy one, get one, free, you can actually go ahead, like, for example, on this: if you pick specific collection and click browse, you can select all of them if you want, if you want to have the entire website. but for this video i am only going to have my only shorts, so i'll go and leave it short and at a discount value. so right over here we are going to pick. either we're going to give them a percentage or a free product. so i'm going ahead and click free, since i'm going to offer them one free product, and right over here. if you want to set a maximum number of users who will buy each items, you can go right over here and set a limit on and on the customer eligibility. so right over here, you can go ahead and pick. either you want this discount to apply for everyone or you have specific group of customers. if you have them, you can go ahead and browse them right over here. you can either pick all who have abandoned your checkout, your subscribers, new or returning customers. you can go ahead and pick either one. or you can pick specific customers. so you can go ahead and browse and pick your specific customers, that you want them to receive these discounts. but i'm going ahead and click everyone. every customer is going to be eligible for this. buy one, get one free, and right over here on the usage limits. so you are going to select. so this is your choice. actually, you can select between these two boxes: if you want to limit the numbers of time that this discount can be used in total, or you want to limit to one use per customer. so you can go ahead and click there if you want this option and click maybe five times, so, like, every customer will be able to use this discount, meaning this bogo cell will only apply to to every customer only five times. they can use this only for five times, but again, you can also pick if you want to limit to one years per customer. so i will actually recommend you to click this one, especially if you're doing a big amount of cell, for example, if there is valentine's day, labor day, halloween, etc. you really don't want customers to buy a lot of things by using this discount because you will lose a lot of money. so you can go ahead and limit to one use customers. okay, and down over here we are going to select the date. so when do you plan this discount code to be active? so you can go ahead and select the dates you want and the time as well, okay, and you can set also the end date. so for me, i'm planning this, i'm planning this discount to search today and i'll go ahead and make. the end of this discount will be on the october 2021, on the 31st. so after picking your dates and you feel like you're happy about it, you can go ahead right over here on this summary and you can view what you have created so far. so this is our discount name: buy one, get one free- and is available on online sales channels. your customer will be able to buy one items and get one item free, and this will apply for everyone and it can be used for one customers, and it will also be active from today until october 31st. and you can see right over here, we really don't have any performance at all since we just created it. so, after viewing all your selections, you can go ahead and click save. okay, and you can see here our discount has been created successfully, and then you can go ahead. and if you want to share the link, you can go ahead and click right over here to get a shareable link. you can copy the link and paste it either on your social media or you want to send it to your customers through the email or text. you can go ahead and do whatever you want, um, and then we can go back, and here we are. so this is a discount. it shows this is active and no one has been using it yet, so once your customer started using it, they'll you'll get to see the number of customers who have been using it already. yeah, so that's it for today's tutorial. guys, thank you so much for watching my videos. if you find this video tutorial helpful, please go ahead and smash that like button. subscribe on my channel. if you haven't done so, leave me a comment down below if you have any questions or if you have any video recommendation. you want me to do it for you guys for the next video and for now, that's it for today and i'll see you guys on the next video.

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BOGO or free gift offer: How to add to your store

hey guys, picky story has a cool new feature called a bogo or buy one, get one deal. so i just wanted to take a second to explain how it works and how you can set it up in the app. so if you go to trypickystorycom- this is our demo store- you can see all of our deals in action here. so this is an example of the bogo. basically, the deal is here that if you buy two, you get one free shirt. so you can see these shirts are selected. the final price is 30 and we can add the free shirt. price is still 30, but if we only select one of these shirts, we can't add the free product. so that's a look at how logo works. now let's set one up in the picky story app. so we're going to go to deals and create a new deal group under bundles, and this will be for all of our bogo deals on our product pages. so we're just going to call it logos on pdps. now we can start adding our bundles, okay, so let's create a new bundle here. let's let's create a shirt bundle, shirt, bogo. uh, for the discount, we're going to choose the by x, get y or bogo, and then we want the minimum number of products to be two, so that the customer has to add two products and then they're eligible for the freebie. the discount template is where you can edit the message that the, or the code that the customer sees at the checkout, and then also the messages that they see on the page as they're adding the products to their cart. okay, so that looks good, and now we can start adding our products. so we'll choose these two shirts and then this is what the customer has to buy and this is what they get. this is the bow, this is the go. so we want this one to be free, so we're going to add a 100 discount and we want the maximum product quantity to be one, so that the customer can't add multiple free shirts. so let's choose the black shirt for the freebie. cool, looks good. save changes. okay, and our shirt logo has been added to our virgo deal group. you can see it here. we want to display this on our product pages, so that's great. and then we want to display the inline section so that the deal is sitting on the page as a widget versus the pop-up. take a quick look at the settings. display it with the add to cart button at the bottom of the deal and then let's change the name from frequently brought together to something a little more personal- t-shirts, free shirts. save those changes and then we can set the position on the page which basically allows us to position the the booger widget. so just drag this purple box until you see a purple line and then you can let it go, and then the deal will appear. okay, looks good. so let's go back to the app and then, if you want to check out your deal, you can click on this little icon here. okay, now we see it looks good. so both shirts are selected. message says congrats, enjoy your free tea. so this is 28. we'll add the free shirt: still 28 dollars. add these to our cart. discounts will be applied at the checkout. so let's go ahead and check out and then you can see here the buy two, get one code is applied. final price is still 28 dollars and the black shirt is free. so that's pretty much how the bogo deal works. you can set up anything you like: offer a free product or for a discounted product, whatever you think will work. so have fun.

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Tutorial: Creating Shopify Flash Sale Campaign with 'BOGO, Free Gift and Flash Sale' App

welcome. I'm John from The Wiz Commerce team. today I'm going to instruct you to use Flash sale with our app BOGO free gift and Flash sale. to create a new Flash sale campaign, first you need to log in to the app dashboard. from this view, click on button new campaign. you will see the flash sale campaign on the first row. now click on this button to create a new campaign. you will be directed to the campaign editor of flash sale right after. from here, I will create an example for you to follow. first, you need to set up the campaign name. this campaign name will be displayed in the app's campaign list, so I recommend you to use a name that can help you to distinguish campaign later. all right, now you can start setting up campaign in the promotion configuration section. in this promotion editor, you can choose the products that you want to apply for a flash discount. at the discount products step, you can select collections or individual products. in this step, after selecting products, you can set up the value you want to discount. first, choose your discount format. in our app, you will be able to select one of the three formats, including: percentage, which discounts the product price based on its percentage portion. amount, which discounts the price based on an exact amount, a new price, which app will replace a fixed price during the campaign. once done selecting a format, continue entering a discount value. note that for the amount format, input a value that is lower than the product price of each has been selected above. once the promotion setup is finished, you can check the preview on the right side of the campaign editor. this preview will show the first product that you selected above. now let's schedule campaign. in the next section you will see the settings of start and end dates and times, which is the time range that you will allow this campaign to automatikally launch and disable on your store. note that the date and time will follow your store's Shopify time zone setting. for start date and time, our app will Auto input a nearest time. so if you want to launch the campaign right away, you can leave it be. otherwise, you can set a future date and time to allow the campaign Auto launching later. then input the end date and time so that our app can Auto disable this campaign for you later. after scheduling campaign, finish it up by enabling its countdown timer to be shown on your store. please note that this countdown timer will be shown within the flash discounted products page. then finally click on save to save all your settings and launch your campaign. after you save the campaign, our app will update the price of products once the start date and time reach. you can check this progress on the status tag in campaigns list. the numbers shown while updating campaign is the number of variants contained in it. once the campaign is updated totally on storefront, its status tag will change to active. now you can go to storefront to have a check. if your campaign is live for discounted products on home page or collection page, a sale badge, Auto generated by Shopify theme, will be shown on each product's image thumbnail. once we go to the product page we will see the prices updated and original price shown as compared. price countdown timer of campaign will also appear above the add to cart button like this, and that's how you create a flash sale campaign. now some notes to be taken away. First, Once a campaign reaches the end date and time, all the prices of products in the campaign will be reverted to the old price. you can also check this process in the campaign list. it will be presented as reverting in the status tag. once this process of reverting price finishes, the status of campaign will change to inactive. second case is when you uninstall our app with a flash sale campaign still running. note that when a flash sale campaign is active, all the prices auto switch back only when the campaign status is inactive. that means if you want to uninstall our app while having a flash sale campaign, you need to deactivate the campaign first. otherwise, if you uninstall our app while the campaign's still active, our system cannot revert the price back to the product's original price, since our app no longer has the authority to modify the product price in your store. last one: in case you don't want the flash discount to be turned off automatikally, or in case you want to launch a normal discount without an end date and time, you can go to the campaign editor and remove the end date and time. after removing, the campaign will be running non-stop until you manually turn it off. however, note that if the campaign doesn't include an end date and time, the countdown timer will be Auto disabled, since there's no end time for countdown. that's everything I prepared for you today. let's meet again in other tutorial videos. enjoy growing sales with Wiz Commerce.

Automatic Discounts Shopify app | BOGO Offer | Buy One Get One Offer

hey, uh, in this video we learned how can we create a bogo offer. bogo is basically used for buy one, get one offer. so if you are purchasing, for example, buy with one product and you will get with one product for fifty percent off, for one product free, like that, okay. so let's go for that. here is the offers: click on the create offer and here is above a discount offer. just click on that. now you can see here with the bogo, i just set here offer and here is a short description which is just for the internal use only. but this description is helps you to describe how the offer is. okay. so i just make here, for example, buy three products from collection one and get one product free, collection two- okay, and here, based on your requirement, you can choose the offer. then after here is a bogo type like product variant or collection. so here, as per the description, we are creating the offer, like if i purchase anything from collection one with three product, then i will get one product free from the collection two, okay. so i just make here collection and here by three of these collections. so i set the quantity three, select the collection one and now here with collection one, quantity with collection y product and add here a collection two. it means like when i purchase three quantity of collection one, then i will get one. quantity of collection two is percentage of like hundred percent or fifteen percent, based on your requirement. okay, so i just add it. and now let me save and go for the offer. so here, slash collection one and here you can see i have this product and you can see here bogo offer: buy three product from collection one and get one collection free. this offer is valid for collection too. it means like whatever the collection you are choosing here with the y, it will display live base with the last sentence: okay, so this is the product uh offer description, which is this: uh added here and now, for example, let me add this partikular product, one this product and one this product, and i am going for the card page. so i add three quantity of that collection and i will get this bogo offer pop-up here. so you can see, here it will display like if you purchase anything, then you will get discount. so i just go for the collection y, add one of the product from this collection and go for the card, and now you can see i just it just applied the discount on this partikular offer with bogo. so three quantity and one is free. with the second one. okay, now you have one. uh, it's like: if x product collection, then why product collection with discounted? okay, now let me just go for another option that is called a same collection. so, for example, here i just add: delete this and use the same collection collection one. okay, so, for example, if i purchase two quantity from the collection one, then i will get one quantity is with the free. okay, so let me update this offer and remove this from the cart. now let me refresh the page and you can see: here the discount is apply with the bogo offer with same collection. okay. here the thing is it apply the discount on the cheapest price, but with the group. what is the group? for example, if you have here the offer is like two plus one, okay, so when you add up the product in the cart, it means like: when two plus one, it's means like three product group is there. so when you add product in the cart, it will create a group based on that order which you added. for example, here i add first product, second product and third product. so this is the first group of that product, three plus one, and it will find the cheapest price of this partikular group and apply the discount on that. okay, then after, if you again add three products- like if you have six products in your cart, so first three with one group and second three with the second group- so it it will find first three group with the cheapest price and apply the discount, then find the second group and find the cheapest price of the second group and apply the discount. okay, and that order will be like how you add the product in your cart. so that is the offer and how it's working. okay, so this is the offer with the collection. you can choose like product or variant based on your requirement, and it is not necessary that you can use the hundred percent, but based on your requirement, requirement you can just make it like fifty percent or twenty percent, whatever you want. okay. now if you want to display the upsell, upsell, pop up or not, for example, when i remove this product and refresh my cart, you can see it will display a pop-up that you are eligible for the discount, okay, so if you don't want this pop-up, then just make it here. no, so it will not display any kind of pop-up on the card page and if you don't want to display the offer table. so what is the offer table is like? when you go for this partikular product page, you can see the offer display here with the product base. so if you don't want to display this offer table, then just make it here no. so if you set these two options with no, then it will not apply any kind of off, not display any kind of offer with the pop-up or for the product, which will deflect display offer tablet. and if you make it as yes and yes, then it will display on both the area. i hope that is clear for you. and for these selection settings you can see here: use common settings for now. but if you have any custom options, then you can use like: use custom settings here. so the initial message for the top bar is blank. you can just set based on your requirement, the progress message and the short collection, store collection message. so you can set it based on your requirement for this partikular offer with the bogo. so currently we are just making it as use common settings so it will display the common settings with here as well as with the cartridge power. okay, i hope it's clear for you, and if you have anything else with the question or queries, then you can just connect with our support team and they will definitely help you. for that, thank you.

How to MAKE PEOPLE BUY on your Shopify Dropshipping Store with BOGO! (Step by Step Tutorial)

I'll even go ahead and give you guys a secret, and the secret is of my. you know what's going on with Lea. he hit the bass, sighs [ __ ]. me, that's. it became like a toy. two speeches in a alright sound. back to another video. in this video I'm going to be showing you how to set up buying what get on free operas on your shop with my drop shipping stores. this would be a full tutorial, step by step, and I'll. yeah, before we get into this video, make sure you guys go ahead and slap a fat thumbs up man, subscribe if you're new here, and tell poster cases by clicking a bell next to subscribe button so you numbers not upload meat, because we're chopped with nothing but down dukes, they and a yo-yo grams gonna be biting it. so you can see what I'm doing when I'm not posting on YouTube and just simply get motivated by my livestok, because we always know, kilkee, every video I give away a potential winning practike, one of you, lovely subscribers. all you have to do to be the winner in the next video is slap a like on this video. subscribe to our post notifications on. if you're not already subscribed, drop a comment down below and just follow me on Instagram. I won't be checking if you're following me on Instagram. I will be checking the comments. I will be checking all that stuff. my Instagram is right here, so you know I'm saying you know, who knows? that product might be the part that changes your life and, without further ado, the winner from the last video is: or you gotta do is DM you on Instagram and I'll go ahead and send you that potential wooden product. go ahead and change your life, man. and one last thing before we start this video: my step-by-step dropship and guide, my course is still 35 dollars, is still on sale, so take advantage. while it is linked with business, which I box down below before it goes back to the regular price of 297. trust me, you want to take advantage. these are people that it took advantage and look, they're making sales. they made their money back, they made their investment back, so make sure you go ahead and jump in there today. full access, one-time payment. you get all my strategies and you also get over a hundred thousand emails for email marketing to create look like audiences, which are Facebook ads, if you don't know. data is key and I'm giving away all that for literally $35. I opened up one-on-one mentoring and I'll choose one of you guys who enroll in the chorus to go ahead and give a free mentoring to for 30 days. all you have to do it and hold in the course link in description box down below. I want to see a lot of you guys take action and literally just change as many lines as possible. that's why I'm making it so affordable. but, anyways, met without further ado video, because now if I go ahead and jump into my computer, I just want to let you guys know that, yes, the perfect offer is what's gonna make someone take that- and I'm saying extra step to go ahead and make the purchase right away, giving you that incredible conversion rate. okay, you can have a really good product, but if you have a really good product and a crazy offer, your Gucci you're gonna make, you're gonna make the sale on the spot. okay, now, keep in mind I only do this with products that you can afford to sell to. for for it, I'm saying a really discounted price. so, for example, if you're getting a product for seven dollars and you figure out that you add to the carbon Aliexpress and then, with shipping and everything that cost you $14 to you know I'm saying get that product to the customer for two. you can sell that product for about forty five dollars, thirty nine dollars, and still make good profit because your cosmic purchase it's essentially going to be lowered just for the fact that it's a buy one, get one, free offer. it's gonna make people want to buy even more, like right. it's gonna make them want to buy right away. that impulse buy. does that make sense? so if you get into products from Aliexpress for $14 after shipping and everything, and you listed on your store for what- thirty nine dollars- let's say your arm cost for purchases about my to ten dollars, to say ten dollars- so your cost for everything will be around $24, which means you be selling it for anywhere from even thirty four dollars. you're making at least ten dollars pure profit after it. I'm saying Facebook Ads, Aliexpress, cars. this is not including the processing fees and all that, which is what isn't that much. so at the end of the day, you're making around $10 profit, if you understand what I'm saying. so if you don't understand what I'm saying, just rewind it and kind of grasp what I'm saying. but that's just a little run down. make sure you're pricing it accordingly before you go ahead and do a buy one, get one free. do it based off how much it cost you to order - including shipping from Aliexpress- and then list it on your website based on that, okay, okay, now let's jump into the computer, okay, all right. so first thing you want to do is obviously log into your Shopify- and I'm saying story, this is a story that I literally just used. for example, this is a crisis fancy store. if you know my back story, this is the first time product that every blew up for me and whatnot, through Twitter influences and stuff like that, and utilizing free marketing strategies with Facebook and all that stuff. I have videos about this stuff so you can check it out on my channel. but first thing you want to do is log on your Shopify store and then what you're gonna do is click apps to the left, right here, and then you're gonna visit the Shopify app store. okay, I already have the app, download it on the store, but I'm gonna show you exactly every single step to take home. okay, okay. and then you come here and in the name of the app is all to meit special offers. okay, and then you just go ahead and search for that app. this is the app I use. it's incredible, its work, that it works. I've been using this for over six months now. now it's this one right here. you click it and you simply add app. okay, simply added. I'm ready out of the story. this is the exact app right here. if you need to take a screenshot, so you remember, take a screenshot. if you need to write it down, write it down and I'm saying: do what you got to do. this app is amazing. okay, no sponsorship or anything. I ain't got no link in the description for this app. I just hooked with this app, hey, you know. okay, now, once we download the app is what we're gonna do. you're gonna click on the app. you know, I'm saying you're gonna go to your apps and obviously click on the apps and then, as you can see, your free trial is over, because I'm using this for only like it. I'm saying for tutorial purposes and stuff. but we ended up making, as you can see, for orders just from this store being up, when I was doing a Twitter and I'm saying, with a video that I didn't get to put out, I made for sales with no ads at all. people, just you know I'm saying: found the dang thing, but anyways, what you're gonna want to do is you don't want to click where it says create special offers, right here to the right side of your screen: create special offers, and then you can choose a bunch of different things. but for this video, I'm teaching you how to do buy one, get one free, because I do do a lot, do do? I do do a lot of buy one, get one free offers and they work very well. it gives. it makes people want to impose by even more, so this works very well. okay, so we've got a select. you can select any one, but we're gonna select buy one, get one free, kabocha, okay, and then we're gonna name it logo, offer, whatever, and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna scroll down. okay, now the trigger product is the product that's gonna. you know, I'm saying trigger the Opera when add it to cart, as you can see, it says so right here. so let's say you have- you know, I'm staying across- the crotchless panties that you're saying you want to sell. okay, let's not abused crotchless panties. let's say you have some shades, and I'm saying some shades in your store, and you want to do a buy one, get one free with those shades. okay, you simply just gonna choo.