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shopify campaigns

Published on: February 16 2023 by pipiads


In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to set up marketing campaigns for your Shopify store. We will cover creating email campaigns and selecting templates, and using subscriber groups to target specific customers.


1. Set up a new Shopify account or use an existing one.

2. Navigate to the marketing section of your Shopify dashboard.

3. Choose the type of campaign you want to create, such as email, Facebook, or Pinterest.

4. For email campaigns, select a template or create your own.

5. Choose a subscriber group to target, such as new subscribers or returning customers.

6. Write a preview text and subject line for your email.

7. Customize the header and logo of your email.

8. Write your email content and add any promotions or discounts.

9. Preview and send your email to your selected subscriber group.

Marketing is a crucial part of any successful Shopify store. By following these steps, you can easily create effective email campaigns to target specific customer groups and increase sales. Remember to always test and track your campaigns to optimize their effectiveness.

Shopify Dropshipping - How To Run Facebook Ads I Master FB Ads in 20 minutes

- Dropshipping and the challenge of setting up profitable ads

Key points to focus on before running ads:

- Need to have a trending winning product

- Key factors to look for when choosing a product

- Importance of advertisements in getting cheap traffic to your store

- The role of creative testing in maximizing budget and sales

1. Choosing a Trending Winning Product:

- Cannot sell any and every product, need to focus on a winning product

- Key factors to consider when choosing a product (problem-solving, profit margin, wow factor, area of improvement)

- Importance of wiping out competition to take control of the market

2. Creating Effective Advertisements:

- Advertisements are crucial in getting cheap traffic and standing out from competition

- Importance of using resources and working with professional video editors

- Creative testing campaign to test different thumbnails and videos against each other

- Testing thumbnails and videos separately to keep data consistent

- Importance of being prepared before running ads to maximize budget and sales

- The role of choosing a winning product and creating effective advertisements in achieving success with dropshipping.

SHOPIFY EMAIL MARKETING Tutorial for Beginners | How To Create & Send Email Campaigns for FREE

Are you running a Shopify store and looking to get started with email marketing? Today, I'm going to show you how to create and send email campaigns with Shopify's free app called Shopify Email.

- Shopify Email app allows you to send up to 2500 emails per month completely for free

- Ideal for small businesses just getting started with email marketing

Steps to Create and Send Email Campaigns:

1. Log into your Shopify store and navigate to Apps

2. Search for the free Shopify Email app and install it

3. Click Create an Email to start a new email campaign

4. Choose a pre-made email campaign template or create a new one

5. Add important information such as who you want to send the email campaign to and a compelling subject line

6. Customize the overall look of your email campaign using block sections and formatting options

7. Add a new section or image if needed

8. Preview and send your email campaign to your Shopify audience

Benefits of Shopify Email:

- Free to install and send up to 2500 emails per month

- Affordable at just one dollar for every 1000 emails you send after you reach the free limit

- Ideal for small businesses just getting started with email marketing

- User-friendly interface with pre-made templates and customization options

Shopify Email is a great tool for small businesses looking to get started with email marketing. With its user-friendly interface, pre-made templates, and customization options, creating and sending email campaigns to your Shopify audience has never been easier. Plus, with the ability to send up to 2500 emails per month completely for free, Shopify Email is a cost-effective solution for your email marketing needs.

Shopify Marketing for Beginners

Hey Salvador Brigham here, welcome back to the Crowdfunding Demystified YouTube channel. Today, we are talking about Shopify and some quick checklist items that can improve your Shopify store.

- Goal of a Shopify store is to get more customers, make more money, and deliver products easily

- Think of a funnel, with the Shopify store in the middle, to transition people down to becoming a customer

- Marketing replaces sales people and is done at scale

Organic Marketing:

- SEO analysis and keyword research for titles, metadata, and images

- Social media, at least Instagram and Facebook, to indoctrinate people into your brand

- Content marketing, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts, to establish a relationship with potential customers

Paid Marketing:

- Facebook ads to cold, custom, and existing audiences

- Retargeting ads to people who have visited your website

Building a Better Butterfly Net:

- Improve website design and user experience

- Use customer reviews and testimonials

- Offer promotions and discounts

- Use email marketing to stay in touch with customers and promote new products

- Shopify is a powerful tool for e-commerce

- Organic and paid marketing can attract and retain customers

- A well-designed Shopify store with great customer service can lead to success in online sales

In other news, over $3 million dollars in merchandise was stolen recently.

How to Make Your First Sale: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs

So you've just launched your online store and you're eager to make your first sale. The truth is, you won't be able to attract your first customer if you don't drive traffic to your store. That's why in this article, we'll walk you through the ultimate marketing checklist so you can drive highly targeted traffic to your store, start making money, and grow your online business.

- Making sales is all about marketing.

- You need to drive traffic to your store to attract your first customers.

- In this article, we'll show you how to drive highly targeted traffic to your store.

Strategies to Drive Traffic:

1. Low Hanging Fruit:

- Offer a discount code to entice people to come to your store and then market it on social media.

- Add your store URL to your social profiles.

- Market to your personal network.

- Join online communities.

2. Paid Advertising:

- Spend money to make money.

- Choose your advertising channel based on who you're targeting.

- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Ads are popular advertising channels.

- Driving traffic to your store is the most important activity.

- Don't fall into the trap of trying to tweak everything on your store to get it perfect.

- Focus exclusively on getting people to your site over the next 30 days.

- Make sure you're set up with Google Analytics before you start any marketing.

- Use the strategies outlined in this article to start driving highly targeted traffic to your store and start making sales.

How To Create Email Campaign In Shopify

In this video, Marcus shows us how to easily send a newsletter in Shopify. He explains the simple steps that we need to follow to create a newsletter and send it to our subscribers.

Steps to send a newsletter in Shopify:

1. Go to the Shopify dashboard and click on the newsletter option.

2. Click on the subscribe option to see the list of subscribers.

3. Click on marketing and create a campaign.

4. Choose Shopify email and select the previous templates.

5. Choose the campaign and edit it.

6. Add the subject and preview text and change the store name.

7. Edit the discount codes and product titles.

8. Delete the unnecessary items and links.

9. Send a test email to check the appearance of the newsletter.

10. Review and send the newsletter to the subscribers.

Sending a newsletter in Shopify is a simple process that can be done easily by following the steps mentioned by Marcus in the video. By creating a campaign and editing it with the necessary details, we can send a professional-looking newsletter to our subscribers.

How Performance Max Generated Over $90,000 For My Shopify Store In 1 Month

Hey guys, it's been four years since I've uploaded a video and a lot has changed. I used to make FIFA videos, but now I'm focused on Shopify dropshipping. Today, I'm going to share my Performance Max strategy for Google Ads and how I generated over $90,000 in the first month.

Campaign Setup:

- Click Sales and make sure conversion tracking is set up correctly.

- Select Performance Max, and make sure your product feed is approved.

- Set a budget of at least $30 a day, but ideally $100.

- Choose Conversion Value for bid strategy.

- Select the correct country and keep the final URL expansion on.

- Add all products to the asset group.

- Add as many images, logos, headlines, and descriptions as possible.


- Break down products into categories if you have more than 30.

- Repeat headlines if necessary, but make sure they are relevant to the product.

- Use attention grabbers like sales or free shipping in headlines.

If you're looking to start or scale your Shopify dropshipping business, Performance Max is a great tool to use. Make sure your conversion tracking is set up correctly, set a budget, and add as many images and headlines as possible. Don't be afraid to repeat yourself and use attention grabbers in your headlines. Good luck!

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