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shopify carbon offset

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Make Your Shopify Store More Sustainable with Offset App Review

Are you looking for a way to make your Shopify store more sustainable? If so, you might want to consider using the Offset app. In this article, we'll review the features and costs of the app, take a look at the implementation suggestions, and share our overall experience with the app.

Features and costs:

The Offset app allows you to offset your Shopify store's shipping carbon footprint by calculating the estimated CO2 emissions of your orders. Each month, the app deducts the cost of offsetting these emissions from the money that Shopify pays you. The cost of the app is $5.40 per metric ton of estimated CO2 emissions from shipping your orders, which is extremely reasonable.

Implementation suggestions:

If you're thinking of implementing this app on your store, it's important to consider your customer base. According to Shopify's 2022 trend report, customers are increasingly choosing to buy from brands that have a clear commitment to sustainability. If your customers are environmentally conscious, using the Offset app could be a great step towards creating a more sustainable e-commerce experience. However, we do wish that the app provided a widget to display at checkout, letting customers know that your store offsets its shipping costs.

Overall experience:

We've been using the Offset app for about a year now on our live store, and we generally like it. The app does its job automatically, calculating the estimated CO2 emissions of our orders and offsetting them. We appreciate the transparency and ease of use that the app provides. However, we do wish that there was a way to display the app's use at checkout, to build our brand and reduce cart abandonment.

If you're looking to make your Shopify store more sustainable, consider using the Offset app. It's cost-effective, easy to use, and helps offset your shipping carbon footprint. While we wish there was a way to display the app's use at checkout, it's still a great tool to help build a more sustainable e-commerce experience.

The Planet App by Shopify - Carbon‑neutral shipping and more | Expert Panel + Q&A

Shopify Plus Launches Planet App to Address Climate Change

Shopify Plus recently launched the Planet App, an initiative that aims to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by providing carbon-neutral shipping and funding carbon removal technologies. The app calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from shipping every order and purchases high-quality carbon removal credits on behalf of merchants, such as Climeworks, to undo their emissions. The Planet App has garnered attention from businesses as 53% of companies have made sustainability their top priority this year, with 44% of consumers choosing to buy from brands that prioritize sustainability. In this Shopify Plus live stream, a panel of experts, including Stacy Brady, the Head of Sustainability at Shopify, Brady Paron, the Senior Sustainability Lead, and Celine Olesen, the Senior Partnerships Manager at Climeworks, discuss the importance of carbon removal and the impact of individual contributions through apps like Planet.


- What is the Planet App, and how does it help merchants reduce their carbon footprint?

- What is carbon removal, and why is it important in achieving global greenhouse emissions goals?

- How does Climeworks' direct air capture technology work, and what is the impact of individual contributions through initiatives like the Planet App?

- What are the challenges in scaling carbon removal technologies, and how can partnerships with companies like Shopify and partaking in initiatives like Planet help address these challenges?

As climate change continues to be a pressing global issue, initiatives like the Planet App can help businesses take responsibility for their carbon footprint and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through partnerships with companies like Climeworks and partaking in sustainability initiatives, businesses can make a significant impact in scaling carbon removal technologies and achieving global greenhouse emissions goals. It is vital that businesses prioritize sustainability to meet consumer demands and ensure a sustainable future.

This Shopify App Plants a Tree for Each Order & Allows Customers to Offset their Carbon Footprint 🌳🌳

In this video, the host introduces an app called Eco Drive which allows customers to offset their carbon footprint by paying an extra 65 cents to plant a mangrove tree. The app can be beneficial for eco-friendly stores or those with an eco-friendly slant, as it appeals to young millennials and Gen Z shoppers who care about the environment. The app adds a toggle switch to the checkout page which customers can use to add the 65 cents to their purchase. The host also mentions that abandoned carts have become a big problem in e-commerce and this app may help reduce cart abandonment rates. The app is free to install and requires little to no code, and it also provides jobs for people in Madagascar where the trees are planted.

Bullet points:

- Eco Drive app overview

- Customers can offset their carbon footprint by paying an extra 65 cents to plant a mangrove tree

- App appeals to eco-friendly stores or those with an eco-friendly slant

- App adds a toggle switch to the checkout page

- App may help reduce cart abandonment rates

- App is free to install and requires little to no code

- Provides jobs for people in Madagascar where the trees are planted

In addition, the host mentions that there are more articles and media focusing on young shoppers and their interest in eco-friendly products and causes. The host also gives a shoutout to the sponsor of the video, Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency trading app that allows users to trade over 60 different currencies and earn interest on over 30 currencies. The app also offers a $25 bonus in Bitcoin for signing up through the host's link.

Overall, Eco Drive is a free and easy-to-install app that can benefit eco-friendly stores and appeal to young shoppers who care about the environment. By allowing customers to offset their carbon footprint, the app may also help reduce cart abandonment rates. The app also provides jobs for people in Madagascar where the trees are planted.

Climate Friendly Cart Set Up Instructions for Shopify

How to Install Carbon Click on Shopify

Carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to reduce their carbon footprint. One way to enable your customers to offset their carbon emissions is by installing Carbon Click on your Shopify store. Here's how to do it:


1. Access your theme files - Go to your Shopify admin dashboard, click Online store, then Themes, and finally Actions and Edit code.

2. Find the cart table on your console - To locate where to install the plugin, add a product to your cart, right-click and select Inspect, and find the cart table which starts and ends with a table tag.

3. Locate the cart table in your Shopify theme and include the Carbon Click snippet - Depending on your theme, the table cart may be in a few different places, but common places to check are in the cart template dot liquid folder. Once you find the table tag where your cart table finishes, paste the Carbon Click code into the line below it.

4. Preview the cart page - Add an item to the cart, add the following text after your URL to preview it, and click enter. The Carbon Click widget should now be visible, and you can interact with it.

5. Enable the widget on the settings page - Continue through the onboarding, and on the settings page, enable the widget toggle, save, and Carbon Click will be live.

By following these simple steps, you can enable your customers to reduce their carbon footprint through Carbon Click. Supporting renewable energy and forest conservation projects that fight climate change is just a click away. If you have any questions or feedback, send an email to [email protected] Additionally, if you are dropshipping products for Spanish-speaking countries, check out our other offerings.

The Green Room: Sustainable Finance through Carbon Offsets: Lessons for SEA from ANZ

The Green Room: Exploring Green Finance with Dave Rouse, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Click

- Welcome to The Green Room, a webinar series where we talk to fintech entrepreneurs and leaders in Southeast Asia about their careers and industry insights.

- Today's episode focuses on green finance, specifically carbon offsets, and our guest is Dave Rouse, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Click.

- The Green Room is supported by Oxygen Apix's webinar platform and Bronchus, and we're grateful for their support.

- Before we begin, let's hear from Todd Schweitzer, CEO and founder of Bronchus, about Apix and its fintech community.

Green Finance and Sustainable Finance:

- Green finance refers to the financial market that takes into account the wider environmental impact of financial investments or transactions, including listed issuers, registered banks, licensed issuers, and managers of investment schemes.

- Sustainable finance expands the scope of what is measured and reported on to include wider considerations beyond just financial returns and interest calculations.

- The goal is to apply a green lens to any financial business and consider the impact on the environment and future generations.

- This approach is sometimes called the triple bottom line, where profitability and financial considerations are balanced with environmental and social impact.

Dave Rouse and Carbon Click:

- Dave Rouse has been active as an investor and philanthropist for over five years, focusing on businesses and startups that apply triple bottom line profitability metrics.

- He became interested in the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and inventory a few years ago and started looking at macro-scale investment opportunities to address the problem.

- Carbon Click is one of those opportunities, providing an easy way for everyday people to offset their carbon footprint and make a positive environmental impact.

- The company has developed a platform that allows businesses to offer carbon offsets to their customers at the point of sale, making it easy and accessible for everyone to make a difference.

- Green finance and sustainable finance are important areas of focus for the financial industry, as we look for ways to balance profitability with environmental and social impact.

- Carbon Click and other companies like it offer easy and accessible ways for individuals and businesses to make a positive difference and reduce their carbon footprint.

- Thank you to our guest, Dave Rouse, and to our sponsors, Oxygen Apix and Bronchus, for supporting The Green Room.

How to Make Every Ecommerce Order Carbon Neutral with Dane Baker

Hey, what's going on? It's Nathan Resnick with Sourcify. Today we have one of my favorite online entrepreneurs, Dane with Eco Cart. Thanks so much for joining us, Dane.


Dane has always had the entrepreneurial bug and previously worked on an online peer-to-peer rental marketplace business before transitioning to Eco Cart. Eco Cart is a Shopify app that enables customers to make their order carbon neutral by opting in to a certain calculated dollar amount. This amount is then directed towards certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building wind farms.

Benefits of Eco Cart:

Eco Cart's mission is to make the fight against climate change easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Eco Cart offers several benefits, including:

- Boosting brand loyalty and equity

- Increasing cart conversion rates by up to 200 basis points

- Validating the data point that 80% of all consumers are willing to pay a little more to help brands that help them shop sustainably

- Neutralizing the environmental impact of e-commerce packages, which travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back over 133,000 times in the US alone every day

Eco Cart offers an innovative solution to the environmental impact of e-commerce packages. By partnering with certified carbon offset projects, Eco Cart enables customers to make their orders carbon neutral and make a positive impact on the environment. Eco Cart's mission is to make the fight against climate change easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

How Climate Friendly Cart Can Help Your Store's Customer Engagement and Improve Retention

As a conservationist and online business owner, being carbon neutral is a top priority for me. However, I found out that it could cost me a lot of money in consulting fees. That's when I discovered the Carbon Neutral Card app by CarbonClick, which allows customers to pay an extra two dollars at checkout to make their purchase 100% carbon neutral.

How the Carbon Neutral Card Works:

- Customers click the green button to add a carbon offset to their cart

- Customers complete their purchase as normal

- Customers receive confirmation and can see which projects they're supporting

- CarbonClick collects payment from the Shopify owner for pre-purchase carbon offsets

Installing the App:

- Start a free trial and select the default two dollars contribution

- Choose to have CarbonClick install the app for you if you're not confident in coding

- Grant CarbonClick access to add the Carbon Neutral Card to your store

Benefits of Using the Carbon Neutral Card:

- Customers can easily make a single purchase carbon offset

- CarbonClick uses technology used by big airline companies like Etihad Airways

- Shopify owners can automate billing for monthly collection of funds

The Carbon Neutral Card app is an easy and affordable way to make your online business carbon neutral. With its simple installation process and benefits for both customers and Shopify owners, it's a win-win for everyone. Consider making your business carbon neutral today.

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