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shopify cash on delivery

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Local Delivery | Set up Local Delivery for your Business

how's it going? people, jeff here from econ geeks, today we're going to be toking about how to set up local delivery for your online store. let's get started. so, before we get into actually setting up local delivery, there are two things that we have to make sure are properly set up. first things first, we're going to go to our settings, and then we're going to go to locations. as you can see, i have three different locations here. two of them are retail and one of them is a warehouse. in this example, let's say that i needed to set up local delivery for my vancouver retail store. so first off, i want to go into that store and next, i want to ensure that the box fulfill online orders from this location is checked off. without that, people won't be able to order online. they'd only be able to pick it up in store from browsing themselves. the other thing that i want to make sure is that the location name is something that's applicable, so that customers know the location and what type of store it is. whatever is applicable to your business, because customers will actually see this at checkout, so it's very important that you make it clear to them. now that we've done that, let's go back to the previous screen on this page. the other thing that i have to check is to make sure that my warehouse is the primary fulfillment location. as you can see, all your locations are listed here at the bottom. you can see that i have my retail store in calgary at the top, my warehouse in the middle, then my vancouver retail at the bottom. now i want to ensure that as many online orders that i receive are going through my warehouse as opposed to my retail stores. if i have my retail store first, then online orders are going to be put here first and i'm probably going to run out of stok fairly quickly at one of my retail locations. to change this, simply click on edit fulfillment priority in this page. i'm going to actually grab my warehouse and drag it to the top, click save and there we go. when people place orders online- regardless of whether that's pickup delivery or, most likely, just online- then all the orders are going to try to be sent through the warehouse first. the next step we have to do is we have to go to our apps. within your app, you have to make sure that you add the app called shopify local delivery. now, this app is free and it's actually created by shopify, so there's no monthly cost or anything associated with it since the app is installed. now we can go on to our next step: click on settings and then shipping and delivery. if i scroll down here, i can actually find local delivery. you can see that i've already set up my category store to have local delivery, but i've yet to set up local delivery for my vancouver store. let's go into there and click manage. as you can see, i need to check off the box that says this location offers local delivery. after i do that, i'm provided with a lot of different options. the first thing is very important. you need to define how far away you are willing to deliver a product from a location, and there are two ways to do this. the first is by using postal or zip codes in which you can specifically say which regions you you want to cover. or there's a much simpler option of setting a delivery radius. this uses your shop as a center point and goes out to radius that's defined by you. so in this case, i'm going to set this to 15 kilometers away- why not? the next section is where we identify how much we're going to charge the customer for the delivery. what's really nice is that you can actually add conditional pricing. so let me show you what that actually means. if i click on add conditional pricing, you'll see there that it has orders from zero dollars up to, and then you can set the limit. in this case, i'm going to set a limit of, let's say, 25 dollars. next, we can set the delivery price. in this case, i've left it at five dollars. so that means that orders from zero dollars up to twenty five dollars require a local delivery price of five dollars. now the next section down: with the conditional pricing, i can set orders from 25 up to a specific amount. so if i wanted to, i could say 50 and perhaps say: you know, the delivery price is 250. that being said, in this case i want to keep it so that if i have orders over 25 dollars, that there is no delivery cost for that. the last thing we want to add is the delivery information. this is really important because it provides information to the customer at checkout, as well as in their email notification of their order, about the delivery information. in this example, i've specified that orders placed before a certain time- monday to fridays, uh- will have the same day delivery, whereas orders placed after this time will be shipped the next business day. there's other information that can be included here. just make sure it's applicable to your business. now that we've done this, let's click save. if we go back to the previous page, we can actually see that our vancouver retail location now offers local delivery. let's see what this looks like from the customer's perspective. you can see that in my cart i've added this lovely ecom geeks ball cap, so let's go to checkout now. i have actually set this customer up at our calgary location, just for simplicity's sake. now that i've entered all the personal information for cowboy joe, we can continue to shipping. you can see by default that local delivery is enabled. the next step is for customers to enter their phone number and any delivery instructions. perhaps leave at the door or buzz, you know, zero, two, one, one or something like that. now that i've added a phone number as well as delivery instructions, i can continue to the payment, continuing through the payment section. i'm just going to go to pay now. here you can see the shipping location as well as the delivery information that we typed in before. customers also have the option to select get shipping updates by text. a lot of people will do this, and it's integrated really easily in the back end of our shopify store. we can now see that we do have an order here from cowboy joe. you can also see that the delivery method is local delivery. now it's time to go into our app section and go to the local delivery app by shopify. once we're ready to create a delivery list for our drivers to take out and deliver packages, we can simply click create delivery list. in this screen, i can scroll down and i can select whichever orders are available in terms of the local delivery. in this case, i'm going to do the current order as well as a previous order that i placed the other day. now that i've selected them, i simply click add to delivery list. you can see that i specified a driver, as well as which date this is being carried out, and you can also see that i have the option to optimize root. this is actually a really cool feature because it can really help save your drivers a lot of time. now that i've completed this step, i simply click save. next, i can click on share delivery list and i can actually create a link. if i were to copy this, i can then send that to my driver and they'll be able to open a window which will give them a lot more information. here's how it looks from the driver's perspective. we can see that there are two deliveries to do, and i can actually see them on my map in relative location to my store. now your driver can click on start delivery. by clicking start, your driver will actually tell shopify that these packages indeed are picked up and are on route to the customer. this will also inform the customer that their order is in process and should arrive soon. so let's click start. this will then take your driver through from one location to the next and they can even open it in google maps in order to get directions. the driver even has the option in order to call or text the customer in order to give them a heads up about when their order should be received. once delivered, the driver can simply say: mark is delivered. when they complete this, it will actually be shown as shopify as a completed delivery. when th

Cash On Delivery COD Settings on Shopify || How to Add a Cash on Delivery (COD) Payment on Shopify |

a nine minutes. foreign payments. continue to payment. foreign foreign Facebook group s um [Music] selected data: foreign foreign.

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How to Enable Cash On Delivery at Shopify Store| Very Easy

today i will tell you how you can enable your cash on delivery option on your store so that your customer can buy a product and they pay when they get the product in hand. okay, so this one is very cool option and then this one really satisfy your customer. they will usually want to buy and when they see there is a cash from delivery, this will impact a positive signified on their mind. so let's do it. so, uh, first of all, you just um log into your shopify store. then you will see here in the bottom section, you will see the setting action. just click on the settings and then you will see like this interface and you just select here the payment option. okay, okay, we just selected the payment option. then you just scroll down. scroll down and you see their manual payment method. okay, just click on here and you just select your cod caption delivery option. okay, just click on here and if you want to write here some additional details, you can write. if you don't just avoid it and just active cash and dollars. so cash on delivery is activate, it's showing so now if any customer visiting our store, they can buy our products. application delivery: okay, let's see is it working or not. uh, okay, this one is our store and let's refresh it. okay, we'll just uh, we'll just uh click here. uh, etiquette, let's do it. let's go check out. okay, so this product is really awesome. cool, you can visit um to the store. i will, uh, i'll just put the link on my description. you can see the store and if you like it, you can. also, if you want, you can buy it. okay, so it's looking. it's loading. let's see if the cash on delivery option is open or not. i hopefully. so it's open. okay, let's just put some information here and then just continue to shipping. okay, in the shipping section, we will uh get the shipping option here. okay, let's go to continue payment. okay. [Music]. here is loading. let's wait for loading. it's a little bit uh neat or slow today, okay, and here we go, and here you can see in the: this one, here you can see this one. here, option is cash and delivery option is on, so there will be no charge here. and you just saw the cash and delivery and complete the order. okay, let's do it. complete the order and you are being processed. okay, let's see how it happened. and here you can see the thank you page come, your order is confirmed. that's me the question. delivery option is working okay, so you also can do this by yourself. okay, best of luck, see you the next video. okay, bye you.

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Shopify Transactions - COD Order and Fulfillment from Shopify

sap business 1 integration hub- shopify transactions- cash and delivery order with payment and fulfillment. we would like to give you an overview on how cash on delivery orders with payment and fulfillment are integrated from shopify to sap business one. additionally, we will show you how to fulfill these orders, either in sap business one or in shopify. the used documents during this process in sap business 1 are sales orders, ar reserve invoices, incoming payments and deliveries. start in the shopify store as a customer. navigate to the catalog, select the relevant items and add them to the shopping cart. finally, start the checkout process. verify the shipping address, select the shipping method and continue to enter the payment page. select cash on delivery and click on the button complete order. the order is created. log in to the shopify store admin page to check the order status. the payment status is pending and the fulfillment status is unfulfilled. to fulfill the order. log in to sap business one. the orders are automatikally integrated to sap business one if the synchronization schedule cycle for the object sales order is saved to take an immediate effect. start the sales order synchronization manually. alerts for sales order and ar reserve invoice appear. open the sales order and verify the order details. open the relationship map to see the linked documents. open the ar reserve invoice and verify the details to deliver the items. copy the reserve invoice to delivery. verify the details, enter the tracking details, such as shipping type and tracking number, and add the document. in the shopify store admin page, the order status shows the fulfillment status as fulfilled. click on the order to verify the tracking details. in the shopify store customer page, the fulfillment status and the tracking details are updated, showing the same details. go back to the shopify store admin page and update the order as paid by clicking on the button mark as paid. confirm the payment receipt by clicking again on mark as paid. check the payment status in the shopify store customer page that it shows now the status paid. log in again to sap business. 1.. to take an immediate effect, start the sales order synchronization manually. an alert for the incoming payments appears. open the incoming payment and go to the ar reserve invoice. open the relationship map to see the linked documents to fulfill the cash on delivery order in shopify. start again in the shopify store as a customer. navigate to the catalog, select the relevant items and add them to the shopping cart. finally, start the checkout process. verify the shipping address, select the shipping method and continue to the payment page. select cash on delivery and click on the button complete order. the order is created. log in to the shopify store admin page to check the order status. the payment status is pending and the fulfillment status is unfulfilled. go to the sales order details and click on mark as fulfilled. the fulfillment page appears. enter the tracking number and the shipping carrier. click on the button fulfill items to perform the fulfillment. you can check the order status in the shopify customer page to take an immediate effect. start the sales order synchronization manually. alerts for sales order, ar, reserve invoice and delivery appear. open the sales order and verify the order details. open the relationship map to see the linked documents. open the reserve invoice to verify the details. open the delivery and verify the tracking details, shipping type and tracking number. log in to the shopify store admin page and update the order as paid by clicking on mark as paid. confirm the payment receipt by clicking on the button mark as paid. check the payment status in the shopify store customer page that it shows now the status paid. login again to sap business. 1 to take an immediate effect. start the sales order synchronization manually. an alert for the incoming payment appears. open the incoming payment and verify the order reference details. open the sales order to see the linked documents in the relationship map. thank you.

Cash on Delivery payment su Shopify. Come impostare il contrassegno su Shopify ?

ciao a tutti, io sono federico carminati. benvenuti in questa nuova pillola sull'argomento, sempre shopify, e visto che tanti di voi me l'hanno chiesto, andremo a vedere in questo video come impostare il metodo di spedizione, di pagamento in contrassegno alla consegna, o fashion delivery come volete chiamarlo voi, come impostarlo in shop, i file, e soprattutto, come farlo pagare ai nostri clienti che decidono di acquistare tramite questo metodo di pagamento e soprattutto, se noi vogliamo applicare un supplemento per questa modalità. dunque, andiamo inizialmente a vedere come impostarlo. vi basterà andare in impostazioni, gestione dei gestori di pagamento: qui avete i nostri soliti gestori che avrete attivato e qui i metodi di pagamento manuali. potrete aggiungere un metodo di pagamento. in questo caso tenere ve ne consiglia alcuni. shopify. in questo caso, quello che ci interessa noi, action delivery, però vi consiglio di crearlo personalizzato con un nome in italiano, dunque o pagamento alla consegna o pagamento in contrassegno, come preferite, e lo aggiungete io in questo caso, loggia ha aggiunto: è infatti pagamento alla consegna. è attivo, modifica, e qui potete mettere ulteriori dettagli, come il pagamento verrà appunto fatto alla consegna. incontrati, potete mettere tutti i dettagli che volete. dunque, se noi andiamo a provare a fare un acquisto su questo sito, per esempio antipasti, andiamo qui, ne selezioniamo uno, in questo caso: ok, acquista. ora facciamo un esempio: che federico, pioggia la gmailcom, che mettiamo tutto un po velocizzato, così almeno ci siamo. il cap telefono: ok, vada, spedizione qua, standard, gratuita. andiamo al pagamento e come possiamo vedere: pagamento alla consegna. rivedi l'ordine, confermi ed è tutto a posto. però ora andiamo a vedere come far pagare questo metodo di pagamento. ritorniamo in impostazioni, andiamo in spedizioni, gestioni, tariffe. ok, andiamo ad aggiungere una tariffa oltre a quella standard e la chiameremo standard. tra parentesi, pagamento alla consegna: ok, prezzo 5 euro: ok, allora purtroppo questo qua, per fortuna comunque abbastanza semplice impostare, è quello che ci permette di fare in questo momento per shopify, per far pagare il pagamento alla consegna standard, perché ovviamente questa cosa potrebbe creare che alcuni clienti magari selezionano standard gratis e poi alla fine fanno e come metodo di pagamento, metodo di pagamento la consegna, dunque non pagano effettivamente il sovrapprezzo di 15 euro. ma come ci tuteliamo da questi? magari per disattenzione o per furbizia, perché comunque può esserci anche quelle ai nostri clienti? dobbiamo andare in gestione i pagamenti, dare sempre il nostro pagamento alla consegna a modificarlo e nelle istruzioni del pagamento e negli ulteriori dettagli specificare in modo chiaro e preciso il fatto che il pagamento alla consegna al costo di 5 euro e che bisogna selezionare il metodo di spedizione dedicato al pagamento alla consegna per avere questo sovrapprezzo. dunque, qui voi dovete scrivere: si ricorda al gentile cliente che il contrassegno ha un costo di 5 euro. dunque il cliente deve selezionare il metodo di spedizione da lui preferito con scritto, tra parentesi, che si tratta di un pagamento alla consegna. perfetto, comunque è il modo nei termini in cui l'avrete definito voi. così, anche se dovesse esserci un cliente che acquista con la spedizione standard e non con la spedizione standard, con pagamento alla consegna, e poi effettivamente come metodo di pagamento mette modalità di pagamento, pagamento alla consegna, voi semplicemente farete vedere i dettagli che sono facilmente fruibili da ogni cliente. dunque, chi diciamo non svolge, non decide di fare questa cosa e perché comunque sta provando a fare il furbo- tra virgolette, sarà una minima percentuale, però sicuramente magari su 100 acquisti in contrassegno, 1 potrebbe capitare che fa il furbo. a noi ci basterà scrivergli, inviargli una mail con il supplemento del dl dei 5 euro in da per cui pagare il contrassegno, oppure di confermare il pagamento tramite carta di credito se non vuole pagare 5 euro aggiuntivi. dunque salvate. e se noi andiamo a provare a fare di nuovo un acquisto carrello aspettiamo che si carichi. ok, in partikolare in questo sito dobbiamo scegliere la data di consegna e l'ora. dunque andiamo checkout ci ha già salvato quelle di prima, però noi andiamo in cambia nel metodo di spedizione e infatti qua risulterà standard o stardard, con pagamento alla consegna. chiarissimo, nel senso. è vero che non è diretto nel metodo di pagamento che poi uno selezionerà, però è ovvio che se uno arriva in questa schermata, elegge modalità di spedizione standard, standard con pagamento alla consegna. sai che pagamento da consiglio di 5 euro va al pagamento e seleziona appunto quello per cui ha pagato. dunque, infatti, una volta che lo seleziona, si ricorda che a gentile cliente, che cliente che contrassegna un costo di 5 euro, dunque cliente, deve selezionare metodo di spedizione da lui preferito con scritto. tra parentesi, che si tratta di un pagamento alla con alla consegna. va beh, qui mancava uno spazio però comunque alla consegna. esempio: pagamento la consegna. dunque, sicuramente i vostri clienti non sbaglieranno. ci sarà qualcuno che dovrà fare il furbo che dovrete andare a riprendere, però questo è un metodo gratuito, semplice da impostare, che non ha bisogno di nessuna app, che vi permette di mettere appunto il pagamento alla consegna in contrassegno, come lo volete chiamare, con il prezzo che volete voi. dunque, per questo video è tutto. vi ricordo il nostro gruppo gratuito che trovate su facebook, e tutti i nostri video gratuiti che trovate su youtube riguardanti l'argomento di shopify e gli argomenti della vendita online che trattiamo come scuole e commerce in generale. guerra, federico carminati, docente del corso di shopify power training, e ci vediamo nel prossimo video. ciao. [Musica].

How to add a Cash on Delivery COD Payment Option on Shopify

hello everyone. here we are again for another session of sellers choice tutorials. in this tutorial, we will learn how to add a cash-on-delivery or a co d payment option on Shopify. cash-on-delivery or Co D, sometimes called collect on delivery, is the sale of goods by mail order where payment is made on delivery rather than in advance. if the goods are not paid for, they are returned to the retailer. originally, the term applied only to the payment by cash, but as other forms of payment have become more common, the word cash has sometimes been replaced with a word collect to include transactions by checks, credit cards or debit cards. there are quite a lot of advantages in setting up Co D as a payment option. first is that the customer does not need to own a credit cards purchase. impulse purchases may increase as payment is not during the time of ordering. lastly, the credibility of retailers may be increased because the consumer has only to pay with the item as delivered. do you want to be one step ahead of your competitors? then this is one of the things that you need to consider. so let's get started. don't forget to hit the subscribe button. what you need to do first is to access your Shopify admin login to your account at WWE Chaffee comm. once you're in, click the settings at the bottom left corner of the page and select payment providers on the list of the accept payments. scroll down to the manual payment section. then click the drop-down and select cash on delivery or Co D on the menu play some additional details of this payment method. this will be displayed in the payment method page where the customer is choosing how to pay. better, inform the customer about this conditions in using Co B. this is to ensure that the customer agrees fully with the condition that you have set and making your payment instruction as well. this will be displayed as a thank-you page after the customer has place their order. once you're all set, click the blue activate button to proceed. you should see a notike at the bottom saying that you have activated the cash on delivery gateway. when your customer goes through the checkout process under the payment section they would see the Co D option and when they click it they can see the additional details of this payment method. you can check with USPS collect on delivery if you want to sign up for this service. just so you know that we have a lot of tutorials and webinars on bits of advice on how to run and the applicable tikniques for your e-commerce business. you can always visit our site at sellers choice dot digital and browse through a huge compilations of webinars, tutorials and blogs, and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to stay tuned. see you soon. [Music]. [Music].