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shopify cbd stores

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Watch Me Build A 7-Figure CBD Shopify Brand!

what is up, guys? good morning got some pretty cool news that i want to share with you. want to do a lot of explaining and just break down how pumped i am to be launching this new business, but this is not the setting for us. let's go to some place a little cooler. we're here. this is it. i'm just kidding. the view is way better than this. hold on one second and we are here. what is up? everyone say hello to the indian rock beats sunset. that is going on right here. you will notike it is obviously a different time of day. i'm wearing a different shirt. that is because i'm a perfectionist and i've tried filming this video three times already and i want to convey the right message, just to show you, guys, how pumped i am. i am super excited to announce that i am going to be launching my own coffee company. it is going to be strictly online for now. it is going to be coffee grounds, beans and ready to drink cans and it is officially going to be named cana brew coffee, and you can see the uh, the colors of some of the logos for the cans and the bags right in this area. i'm going to try to include a little photo right here. but, guys, i want to dive right into why i'm creating this video series, why i'm even launching a coffee company to begin with, but also why this product is going to be different. so one i want to introduce this vlog series i'm going to be showing you from literally zero dollars until either i sell this thing for 100 million bucks or it completely falls on its face. however it goes down, you are officially going to see the ups and downs of building a business. none of this online, where you only see the end result. everything is funded completely by myself. i have no venture capital behind me, no investors, no loans. i'm not taking any money from anyone. it is strictly me and i'm going to completely fund this myself. so you're going to see everything and i hope you guys subscribe for the future videos that are coming. i'm going to show you the design process, the sampling, the building of the website, um, perfecting the product, getting it to the market. i am so pumped to show you guys this. so this is the first episode of many that are coming. i want you to subscribe, but also i want you to comment down below, because you might be starting a business and i want to help you out too, so comment down below. let me know some video content you would like to see in the future, of all the products that i can sell online. anyone can sell online. any business you can start. why am i choosing coffee? and there are so many different reasons. i'm going to keep this very brief, but the main reason is that coffee has been a staple in my life since i was a little kid, believe it or not. i come from a very italian family where coffee is social. you drink coffee from when you wake up all the way through dinner and when you go to bed and you have dessert and your cannolis on the table. yes, there's always coffee around. but the reason why i'm getting into coffee is because it is something i'm passionate about and it is something that, even if i made zero dollars on this, as long as i can say that i've made and created and perfected my own coffee that i know you guys are going to enjoy, that's worth it for me. but how did i get into coffee? well, my, uh, like i said, i come from an italian family and my grandmother always used to drink a double shot of espresso after dinner- and it was christmas, way back- i think it was. i was in middle school, so the early 2000s, and we were christmas visiting with family, and anyone with a large family knows how daunting of a day that is when you are just visiting non-stop, and it's a long day. you want to go and play with your toys and do everything else. but i wanted to try some of grandma's coffee and, as you guys know, it is- uh, it's an acquired taste, much like drinking beer or wine or anything bitter. uh, you got to get used to it. so she laughed and she said: yeah, here you go. after i'd asked and i took my first sip, you can believe that i probably spat it back out, but she grabbed a teaspoon and threw some sugar in there and actually drank my first shot of espresso, if you will, and much to my parents this may. i am sure that they were pissed that i was so hyped up for the remainder of the day, but that was it for me. i drank coffee ever since then. literally i'm not getting up and drinking coffee since i think i was in sixth or seventh grade. ever since then, i have fallen in love with the craft of coffee, uh, the different varietals of coffee, believe it or not, my favorite type is a vietnamese or bosnian coffee. it is arguably the most delicious uh style coffee you can have. if you haven't tried it, please do so. but i have, i think, six or seven different varieties of coffee in my house, as well as the pour overs, the french presses, the espresso machines, the percolators, you name it. i have all the cookware to get it where it needs to be and brewed up right. so, um, i'm obsessed with coffee and that's why i'm getting into this, but i want to explain to you how this coffee is going to be different and why it's not your typical coffee and why you can expect something different, because i think this coffee is genuinely going to reinvent and reinvigorate how we socialize and drink over coffee. and that is because i'm going to be infusing this coffee with stronger coffee beans- i'm going to release that information in a future video: the types of beans we are using and why- but also we are going to be infusing it with cbd oil. now, why would we infuse something that is meant to relax you with something that's meant to hype you up? and there's a few different reasons, but here are a couple. number one, because, after all the research i've been doing and some of the experts i've been speaking with. i spend two to three hours per day toking and researching. the cannabinoid system can abide all in itself and all the different properties that go along with it. but very long story short, cbd can act as the catalyst. it will link up with the caffeine molecule and deliver it straight into the blood at a more linear curve rather than a crazy spike and then a crash. so the cbd is going to allow the coffee to get delivered at a much smoother, much more deliverable and manageable rate. so you're not going to get those coffee jitters. i hate the coffee jitters. i want to remove that completely from the equation. i can't focus when i have those and we all know you can't get six different things at once and it's pretty funny that when you're all ripped up on caffeine you want to take on the world. so we're going to help you take on the world, but in a more manageable way. also, we are going to be infusing the coffee with a nootropic blend that is going to be custom formulated by myself and the formulations team that i am working with at our coffee manufacturer to develop what is going to be the most optimal brain fuel to start your day with, or if you're going to drink your coffee late at night on that late shift or on that swing shift or halfway through the day when you're studying. we want to have properties in there that not only give you a kick that you need but also give you the mental clarity and focus and that mental stamina to focus on the tasks at hand. so that plays into the cbd concept again. we are going to deliver the caffeine and the energy at a stable rate, without the crazy spike and crash and jitters. but also we're going to be infusing nootropics within the coffee to increase your mood, increase your focus and your productivity, because that is the name of the game for me. i am obsessed about productivity, focus, making sure tasks to get done. that's the type of person that i am. so we are infusing cbd and a strong nootropic blend in there to make this the all-around best tasting coffee product, with as many flavors as we can crank out that make the most sense and that will taste the best. arguably, one of the biggest things that i want to highlight to you guys is how we are going to be sourcing this coffee, who we are going to be sourcing it from and why that's importan.

Top Shopify Apps for Your CBD Store || SO MANY ARE FREE!

today's video, i'm going to walk you through the top seven apps you need to be using in your cbd store. so let's get started. there's no denying it: the cbd market is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet and it's been forecasted to reach a whopping 20 billion by 2024. if you want to upgrade your cbd store to get a piece of the pie, but you're unsure which apps to use to optimize your store, we're here to help make sure that you like and subscribe so that you can get tips on how to grow your shopify store going forward. we know there are a lot of apps out there that can help you upgrade, but you need to know which ones are the best. so let's start with number one. number one is automizely. automizely helps you create and send automated email marketing campaigns that are triggered by specific events, such as a customer placing an order or abandoning their cart. automizely is going to help you simplify your marketing with automated emails like welcome and abandoned cart promotions, and offer some cbd product suggestions to boost your overall sales conversions. so we know it's really hard to do traditional advertising with cbd, so email marketing is really important. now let's tok about some of their pricing. they have a free package. they have an essential package, which is 11 a month. they have a pro package at 99 a month, and then it goes up from there. the type of cbd store that this is best for are stores that want to take their email marketing to the next level. okay, let's tok about number two: search me speed and seo booster, because it's really hard to advertise cbd products. seo is going to be one of your best friends, so if you're interested in creating a strong search engine optimization strategy, this app will provide you all the functionality that you need and it will give you a lot of cool, detailed insights. so you're going to need this to help you speed up your page, compress all of your images without sacrificing the overall quality, get reports about your website's performance and solve any seo issues in just a few clicks. now let's tok about pricing. there's a free plan. they have a pro plan for 39 a month and there's also a 79 a month unlimited plan, and this gets you long urls, premium snippets, keyword research, etc. etc. this app is great for cbd stores that want to rank their websites at the top spot of surgeon. for number three, we have care cart sales pop-up if you want to increase your overall conversion rate on your cbd store. this is going to be the app for you. with the assistance of this app, you'll be able to display different pop-ups like free shipping, bar sales notifications, visitors counters, etc. etc. and you're going to need this app to build social proof on your site, especially because you're selling cbd. you're going to want to show other people that there are customers that you've had that have benefited from your products. you also want to create urgency in order to improve your conversion rate. and, uh, let's tok about pricing. so they have a free plan, so up to a hundred dollars in boosted revenue, and then they have a very reasonable light plan for 4.99, and that gives you up to a thousand dollars in boosted revenue, so unlimited impressions and premium functionalities. this is a really good app if you're looking to build strong social proof on your store. all right now let's tok about app number four: farah product reviews. so, believe it or not, product reviews can build customer trust and enhance the credibility of your cbd brand, and farrah is, without a question, one of the best shopify apps to do that. farrah is highly rated on the app store and has 4.9 stars out of over 4 300 reviews, and you're going to need fara to build eye catching product review widgets that match your brand. you also want to use fara to easily collect uh reviews- so like text reviews, photos and videos- and set up automatik requests from your past customers who purchase your cbd products and give them incentives to leave a review. now let's tok about pricing. there is a free plan where you can get up to 10 review submissions, but you can display unlimited reviews. you can try the nine dollar per month bundle, which is the startup bundle. they have a 29 per month plan and a 99 per month plan, so with that one, you get 10 000 rupee submissions and 20 widgets on your store. now this app is great for businesses that want to show their reviews in the best light possible. now let's tok about number five: sprocket drop shipping. all right, drop shipping can play a crucial role in the overall success of your new cbd business. this is gonna help you find really good suppliers and products in just a few minutes. so you're going to need this app to track down top quality cbd products. you can chat with uh drop something suppliers directly in the application itself, and they have really good shipping times on sprocket. it's not like aliexpress or any of those other places. it's a great drop shipping alternative. now they have a free plan where you can browse the catalog. they have a starter plan for 24.99 a month pro plan for 50 a month. this app is best for owners that are doing cbd drop shipping up. next we have go af pro affiliate marketing again, because it's hard to run traditional ads with cbd. you are going to have to find alternate ways to reach your customers. that's why you should really consider affiliate marketing and this is a really good app for that. the reason why you're going to need this app is you can set certain commission rates on all of your products for your affiliate members. you can track your affiliate orders and receive important notifications and pay affiliates through different payment options. now they have two plans, a free package and a premium package, and in the premium package you get a unique domain, bulk emails, advanced analytiks and over 30 customization settings. now this app is best for honestly any kind of cbd store that is looking to advertise and really reach their customers through a trusted affiliate. now, last but not least, at number seven, we have avocados faq page. the cannabis niche is super new to the marketplace and visitors have a lot of questions. in order to help them, you're going to want to have a really robust faq page. why do you need it? to modify um your page, your faq page, to match your theme and your website. you can place this faq section in any part of your shopify store in just a couple of clicks, and they have a free plan. so you get 10 faqs and unlimited categories and seo snippets, and they have an essential plan for 3.99 per month, which gives you everything on the basic plan plus 30 faqs, or you can opt for the professional plan which get, which is 7.99 per month, and you have unlimited faq, special language translation, 24: 7 support and more. this is perfect for a cbd store that wants to increase their customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on customer support. there you have it. those are the seven apps that you need for your cbd store. let me know the apps that you're gonna download on your store or the apps that you already have, and i hope you have a ton of success.

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Best eCommerce Platforms to use for a CBD Store

hello, we are digital octane and today we are going to discuss the best ecommerce platforms to use for your cbd store. do you find it a little confusing deciding which e-commerce platform to utilize for your cbd business? there has been an enormous increase in the number of online cbd stores in the last couple of years. the growth has been fueled by a few factors, for instance, the marketing about submitted health benefits, the health and wellness industry disposing the benefits of the product. also, there is a deluge of scientific studies being done that prove its efficacy for various uses. from marketing perspective, big high-end shops began marketing campaigns and started stok in cbd products. they changed an attitude towards these products happened quite suddenly, most likely because of an adjustment in perceptions about cannabis and its products. worldwide, people are pushing to have cannabis legalized. of course, cbd doesn't have the effect that marijuana does, but the public seems to put these two together. what does all this mean for you as the owner of an online cbd store? simply, it's a great time to be in the cbd business. you should make the most of it. we can advise you on the best way to set up your online business to take advantage of this opportunity. your main options for your e-commerce platform for cbd are to either sell host or to use saas. we'll outline the features of both here so you can decide for yourself. of course there are many other options, but they are smaller and what be dealt with here. remember that your website is your shop window, your shop floor, your advertisement and your public educational portal. in the competitive e-commerce environment there is no room for outdated websites. you cannot cut corners in your ecommerce platform for cbd. so let's examine your options: self-hosting with wordpress or woocommerce. there are some pros and cons. let's look at the pros first. wordpress has been around for a long time, and for good reason. it's the user friendly and anybody with a little knowledge can set up a basic website with this software. its software is open source, so you keep full control of your site. just remember you can't sell cbd products with wordpresscom because it's hosted, but you can use wordpressorg because it's self-hosted. woocommerce is one of the principal platforms and was put together especially for wordpress. it's easily customizable with plenty of design choices. together, this pair is our top recommendation. woocommerce comes highly recommended on many customer reviews. and now let's look at some cons. if it's not in the hands of expert designers, using wordpress for your site can make it look too simple and unprofessional. it is better to leave the complex site setup phase in the hands of professionals. of course, you can try doing the seo design and speed optimizations of the website yourself, but these elements are vital to the success of your ecommerce platform. festivity. woocommerce's main negative points are like those of wordpress: to get the most out of the software unit skills. the client support is minimal too, and you may find that you often need to keep adding other plugins. so a combination of woocommerce and wordpress can work extremely well for your e-commerce platform for cbd, but you will probably need skilled professionals to help you with this website creation. you might also want to consider saas. this is your next big alternative for your ecommerce platform for cbd. this centrally hosted on-demand software is available on a subscription basis. software as a service is a cloud-based software that has rapidly become mainstream. it is used by large corporations and small online businesses alike. it's great for nearly every type of business tik for many good reasons. there are some pros and cons as well. first let's look at some pros. there are no difficult installations required and you can outsource all the it issues instead of having to handle them yourself. you won't be tied up with rigid controls. subscriptions can be paid for long term instead of all the beginning, which is the relief for smaller businesses. these usually include the software license support and most of the other charges. so say you want the maintenance and support fees that on-premise user pay. it's highly customizable to the specific business and individual users. let's look at some cons. you need a good internet connection. this will really only be an issue if you live in a remote place and in most normal circumstances your connection will be more than adequate. while it's compatible with most operating systems. you may need to download a different web browser for your partikular sas system. if any of this platform suddenly goes out of business- which is very unlikely to happen, by the way- you would have to transfer your website to a different service. this is because you don't actually own the software. the two sas platforms that come highly recommended are shopify and big commerce. the commerce is, despite the name, also suitable for small businesses and is a good e-commerce platform for cbd. they also focus on branding and marketing. it is a great for those who have fewer attack skills. this platform makes it simple to set up, customize and grow your own ecommerce cbd store. this platform makes it simple to set up, customize and grow your own ecommerce accessibility store. there are lots of templates to make setup easy and fast. this speed is vital if you want to make your site live quickly to take advantage of the current growth in interest in cbd products. to summarize, then we suggest wordpress and woocommerce if you have more advanced tik skills or can hire website designers. if your skills and funds are limited, we'd recommend you to go with sas. if you need further information regarding setting up your online cbd business or need help in choosing a web hosting for cannabis website, feel free to tok with one of our experienced team members all the necessary links you can find in the description to this video. goodbye and see you soon.

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Shopify vs WordPress For Ecommerce CBD(Pros and Cons) - Best Platform To Grow Your CBD Business On

would you like to build the cbd online e-commerce business of your dreams? shopify versus wordpress: which one is the better option for your cbd business needs? hi, this is michael from viral home based pursuits. in this video, i'll be showing you the cons- comprehensive overview of shopify versus wordpress and which one is best, which one will win at the end of the day- to run your cbd online business. um. so, so you don't miss a single thing of what i produce in the future and what i've already created, go ahead and subscribe right now if you haven't. um. and i also want to let you know that i have more videos on cbd related um, that i'll link to the description. in fact, you can pick up a free video series that has like all the videos in one place, so you don't have to go. you know different channels, different blogs and try to find all the information in different spots. i will just go ahead and give it to you. um, everything from facebook, instagram, google, seo, which is organic online traffic, and so many more other places get templates and scripts and stuff like that. um. so, anyways, which one is the best option for your needs? um, you know i'm going to start off with shopify. so shopify- you know the pros to this is, you know everything is in one place, right? you have shopify. that already helps you with the products, the fulfillment, the inventory, the processing, um or the steps to getting that uh product fulfilled for the customer and then sent out, stuff like that- and you know it's all hosted and you can just host your business on their platform. it's not like you have to go through a cpanel, which is the back office of hosting providers. i mean, get your domain um and you can do many things with shopify um. but also there are drawbacks, and now let me highlight those. some drawbacks to mention are the fact that you are putting everything on their platform. you do not have full control, don't? you want to have full control over your own cbd business? right? as a business owner myself who not only um helps people with cbd products, but i also started in the health and wellness base right with a blog and that's primarily what i run- a lot of um. but you know, with coaching, consulting and stuff like that too. but what i've notiked is you want to have everything in one location. so that way, let's say, let's say that shopify decides that you- you broke the rules and i'll get into that here in a second. then they can just strip you of everything. and now you are asking yourself, okay, maybe i gotta do something different, so you're gonna go back to the same thing or you're gonna stop doing it or you're gonna go find something else, which a lot of people do, and i've worked with many and they will do that. um. so with shopify, um, you have to be careful about where you are starting your cbd business from. so they have things where they regulate the countries, the states, laws and stuff like that. so they want to know where you're selling cbd from. um, some of them can get accepted, others don't. and then number two being that, um, they you have to be careful where you're delivering the products to. doesn't matter what kind of product it is- tinniture, supplements, creams, does not matter. you have to be careful where. they want to know where you're delivering those products, because is it, is it going to another country? was this state where you can't do that? they don't allow it. um, so you have to look through those things. and then another thing is the payment processor. that's like the big one. you were probably thinking that. um, you know, i had a lot of troubles with this stuff too. at the beginning, um, i began with an affiliate site selling cbd products and then have just kind of looked at other ways, with ecom, and see how i can infuse the two, so having a hybrid of sorts. um, but that's something you have to be careful of is the payment processing, which it's it's like with with shopify: they give you payment processors but they won't usually accept the ones for cbd. i mean, whether it's marijuana or hemp or just very hip uh, derived 100 cbd does not matter. um, you have to have an alternative and there are those. so i'll give you more information. i'll leave in the description below if you're trying to go the shopify route. so that's just something to be very um subconscious of. so think about that. um, so that's what shopify. those are just some of the pros and the cons and the bigger ones to highlight. um, and now let me go over into wordpress. so, with wordpress, i personally love it. i'm not trying to be biased, um, because i use wordpress. i do on other on a daily basis. i'm on it every single day, whether it's my own or i'm helping out other people. um, the reason i like it so much is because i can have full control. everything is there: data, um. i get the plugins, hundreds and hundreds, hundreds of plugins, thousands um themes you can choose from, which i'll get into the share screen here in just a bit, uh. but again you get full control of everything and it's like you have an open source. open source meaning that you again have full control. it's hosted from who you choose to host with a provider, um. you can even go self-hosted um and i'll get into that. i won't get into hosting so much in this video, but if you want to know about one of my favorite places to host, i'll link down below in the description. there's so many out there like site ground, wp, engine, um. there's so many of them that i've gone through myself and i know of that work extremely well. but i'll also link to them down below um and show you. i'll kind of show you this kind of in the demonstration later on. but that's an advantage of that. the plug-ins: and then you also get to use woocommerce. if you're not sure what woocommerce is, it is an e-commerce um platform. it's also a plug-in that you can get with wordpress, so kind of like shopify, but with wordpress, wordpress. with woocommerce you get a plug-in for that, which i'll show you. stik with me and you can go ahead and set up your online store that way. also, the thing i love about that too- and it's kind of because i see it from a different perspective, because i started as an affiliate, promoting other people's products, not owning my own cbd. i started within health and wellness space with helping people with back pain, and then later eventually moved into the category of cbd. so i've evolved and i've grown a brand, not just from cbd but from what i was doing before that, um, so you can do that. that's another option. i also have videos for that, but, um, i'll be showing you a little bit more about it soon here. um, and that's what i like a lot about woocommerce: it gives you the flexibility. you can use payment processor stuff like square um. there are other ones out there that i'll go ahead and make sure i show you, but it's all integrated in there. you have the control over it, it's easy to get going and there's really no tiknical process to it other than just adding products and services. and if you want to maximize it for search engine ability, you can do that too. one advantage, too, is you can use a blog within wordpress. that's an also in addition to it, um. but yeah, you have so much flexibility and now i'm gonna get into the share screen here and i'm gonna show you just some of those things. so i'm kind of gonna start with the selling cbd online within woocommerce here, so build a powerful, scalable online cbd store on the internet's most customizable e-commerce platform. they partner with industry leaders, square payments, enabling you to supercharge your store by connecting services- services such as jetpack, woocommerce shipping and woocommerce tax, which you'll get more of if you go into the woocommerce direction and i can help you with that, um, and you can get more information. they make it an effortless check out for you, so you do not have to struggle or make the mistakes of having to set something up that you have no understanding of or even do, but you still feel like you can't just do it for yourself. square makes it simple for you, and there are other payment processors and stuff like that, so y.

10 CBD Payment Processors 2021 | Sell CBD products Online Or In Store

hey guys, welcome back now. this is a new one for me, okay, but the issue with starting a cbd business, especially when you want to sell payments online, is that it is so difficult to accept payments online when there are no payment processes. so this is something that i'm also interested in myself. however, i wanted to give you guys some cbd merchant processes that you guys can use that are open to accepting payments online. is cbd legal? yes, as of 2018, i believe, all 50 states have actually regulated cbd products to be legal- all 50 states. so before we keep going, let's make sure that cbd is actually legal in your state, because i did state that, um, in 2018, all 50 states have regulated cbd to be legal. so i found this little website, just as you know, you guys can use as a guide if you're thinking about going into this industry. as far as starting a business, and this website is called leafycom- is cbd legal in your state? check this chart to find out. so i'm gonna do is scroll down state by state. so: alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connectikut, delaware. so any restrictions in alabama- no, no cbd infused food or beverages allowed in alaska. no food or beverage in arizona. no food of beverage in arkansas. california: no baked goods. in colorado, food and beverage must be registered so you can sell food and beverage. in connectikut, hemp grower must be affiliated with delaware state university interested. in florida, labeling is regulated, but it is legal. georgia: it is legal there, but no food or beverage. hawaii: it is not. it is, but there are no restrictions. if you live in hawaii you can have food, beverage or like the oils or creams. idaho: it is not legal. in idaho it is illegal in every single form. i'm so glad i did this just so i don't leave you guys astray. indiana: yes, labeling is regulated. iowa: no, it's illegal in every form. kansas: yes, no food of beverage. kentucky: yes, but cbdt is not allowed. so i'm assuming you could still have, like the gummies and things of that nature. probably, um. louisiana is: yes, many product restrictions. it doesn't really say what restrictions. main is: yes, okay, only if cbd extracted from licensed maine hemp grower- interesting. maryland says: yes, um, any restrictions is unclear. massachusetts is: yes, cbd food beverage requires purity test. that's interesting. no food of beverage in michigan. minnesota, mississippi: must be at least 20 to 1 ratio of cbd, thc ratio: okay, that's interesting. missouri is: yes, age 18 plus only sales requires state registration. montana in nebraska: no food. nevada, no food of beverage and cbd sales allowed in cannabis stores. only regulations are coming. new jersey: yes, no restrictions, no restrictions. in new mexico: no food of beverage. in no. in new york: no food or beverage. in north carolina. north dakota is yes, and you guys, i'm gonna put this um website down below as well. let's grow real quick, just so you guys can see your steaks. maple syrup has its own rules, wow, okay. so here are the 50 states and you guys, i'll put the link down below so you can check it for yourself. so you probably have been seeing cbd products pop up everywhere, okay, in gas stations, brownie cakes, candy lotions, face products, hair products, um, and everybody pretty much wants to get their hands on cbd products, even probably like your granddaddy, who suffer from arthritis or pains that he's normally used to take in 10 to 20 pills a day from the doctor. it's actually estimated that the cb industry, the cbd industry- will bring in 16 billion dollars, not five years from now, but in 2022. like me, i've actually went to a couple of cbd conventions. i'll throw like a little video or something inside of here to kind of give you guys like an idea of what a cbd convention looks like- [Music]. so i want to give you guys a couple of businesses that i have found for you, and all you have to do is go down in the description bar- or i might put it in the comments- and you can just click on each link so you guys can go and check out these payment processors. the first one that i'm going to share with you guys is actually called payment cloud. now, this is a high-risk merchant payment processor- the leaders in online credit card processes, and you guys can kind of navigate these websites yourself and compare and contrast the two. i pay total, so they have integrated payment gateway, they have 24: 7 customer support and they also have charge back protection. i pay total offers you charge back protection that is over 10 times better than the industry average, and i know something about chargeback just from being somebody who sells um hair extensions online. that's like that's one of the issues that you deal with when you're selling hair extensions, okay, the next one is called pay wiz, so they have a hundred plus currency supported. so, even if it's not the united states, they have a plug-in option to major platforms- i wonder which platforms? oh, they have an api. hmm, so i don't. if you guys use shopify, you probably know all about apis. the api is like. it's like a little code that you can integrate into your website so that you're able to make payments. so this one again is called pay wise. the next one is called easy pay direct. set payments anywhere, get started online, in store or on mobile, which is awesome- 60 000 merchants served by our platform. how do you accept credit cards online? get way, i'm assuming this may be an api as well. interesting, y'all, i'm learning right along with y'all. okay, like i said, this is this is an industry that i am interested in being a part of. the next one is called smb global payment. so these are some of the industries. credit repair: if you're in credit repair, you can actually use this as well, but cbd should be listed on on here, i'm assuming. i'm not sure while it's not, but they do actually sell payments for cbd products, so let's not make this video too long. the next one is called pay kings. they decline, we approve. honey. i like that little line so clearly. they have cbd right here on their website. get your high risk merchant account pre-approved. we are the top ranked ranking cbd payment processing for new and established businesses, helping you get fast approvals for a sustainable cbd merchant account. oh, and let me tell you, you guys, this too, because i don't even have this one actually on here, but square square, if you're already using square, square, is actually except in payments for cbd um products as well, just in case. so you don't even have to switch over to any of these payment processors. if you're already with square or you feel like square may be an easier option, i would say: go and you know, let square know that you will be payment, that you will be processing payments for cbd products. so, looking for a merchant account, look no further than peking the leading experts and getting your cbd merchant account ready to accept payment. awesome, this one sounds interesting too. i'm actually going to save this one in my bookmarks. hey, kings, is that one? the next one is called mmi. right here, make it easy to accept all payments across e-commerce, retail, mobile and unattended, on any device, anywhere, all from one payment gateway platform. i think i'm gonna save that one too. um, this one is called usa easy pay. oh, this is nmi acquires usa easy pay to expand omni channel payment offering. okay, so these two businesses have actually merged to get together. so nmi or usa easy pay, e-pay for resellers, mobile security, secure payment solutions on the go, ios payment system, android virtual terminal- oh yeah, i'm definitely saving that one, thank you, okay. so i'm in this video there. i have given you guys one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, nine. i've given you guys nine payment gateways. if you're thinking about starting a cbd business and you have been struggling with trying to figure out, what type of payment processor do you need to go with so you can collect payments from your online website? okay, hopefully this was helpful. again, i will put links to each one of these websites down below so you guys can kind of compare and contrast the pros and

Shopify, Paypal, and Apple pay banned us for selling CBD products.

so i'm a firm believer that there's no such thing as a mistake. everything is just a lesson, right? so obviously, on the way up for any business, there have been a couple of hurdles dropped the ball here. there. there's been some dang. why did we make that decision or why didn't we make that decision right? so, tok, about one or two, uh, hurdles along the way, that that ended up being a lesson and what you guys learned from it and how you move forward afterwards. matt, you always say this one, i got a big one that i where we made recently. that was probably on me. i'll take responsibility for this. it's with the launch of the cbd products, um, our payment processors that we use like, so, like with shopify, you can pay with, like, apple pay, amazon and all that other stuff. we got banned from shopify because we have cbd products. wow. so, mind you, we got a warehouse, warehouse of a couple hundred thousand dollars, but, excuse me, of cpd product. we can't move it because we had to take it off the site because, like, literally, if we didn't take it off the site, we wouldn't be able to process any payments. wow. so, temporarily, that was like. that was like the huge mistake that we made. but then it's okay, how do we now? how do we adjust, right? so for the time being i'm doing some other negotiations in the background to get them to be able to sell it. but it's like, all right, let's go ahead and create this other site that's connected to our site so we can push the cbd product and that's what we're working on now. but that was a huge mistake, man. like from a legal standpoint and regulatory standpoint, you had no idea that all these payment processes didn't allow you to sell cbd. yeah, because i mean, it's when you, when you press accept or you agree to an agreement, that 30-page agreement. no one reads that, right? i mean, we don't have million-dollar lawyers sitting down on salary to read all through that. so that's something you probably never would have knew unless you rolled out the product. and one thing i appreciated about that is you guys were actually in action. it takes action to learn that type of um. take action to learn that type of lesson. a lot of people are just sitting at home trying to be perfect, trying to, you know, just just just get the perfect plan to start. people always ask, hey, help me with my business plan. and i'm like, okay, your business plan is just getting started, going out there making a sale, setting up your website, just trying to get started. then, when you have hurdles, you jump over those hurdles and you realize you can actually jump over a hurdle which gives you confidence. no, absolutely, yeah, no, absolutely. i think that's the. that's the part where people get stuck to your point. it's that first phase, right, the infancy stage, and and you got to just do it. you've got to go out and do it and and figure it out. until you figure it out. that's the only way you're going to be able to do it. practikality over just sitting back. and now you are stuck in this cycle of, you know, paralysis by analysis, overthinking and- and you know it's just way too much- just go out and do it, get the get, get the um. uh, the market is going to tell you if this is gonna, if this is a go, or if it's not a go. and if it's not a go, you pivot, you figure something else out, you