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shopify ceo email to managers reddit

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Three key messages are highlighted in this article for tech entrepreneurs. Firstly, the importance of having a lawyer who understands unique legal needs, such as Scott Edward Walker of Walker Corporate Law. Secondly, the significance of having a phone number on a website to increase customer confidence and drive sales, as demonstrated by Sarah Sutton Fell. Thirdly, the value of using a platform like Shopify to set up an online store, as seen in Patrick Buckley's success.

The article then transitions to an interview with Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk. He shares insights into how Reddit grew its community organically by focusing on content, algorithm, and speed, while also avoiding distractions like pictures and thumbnails. The importance of creating a sense of community and allowing users to have a voice was also emphasized. In contrast to Reddit, Hacker News, another popular community, faces challenges in managing its community due to the need for moderation.

In conclusion, the article highlights the significance of building and managing a strong online community for entrepreneurs, with practical tips and examples. It also showcases the value of seeking out experts and platforms that can support business growth.

GameStop Mania: How Reddit Traders Took On Wall Street

- GameStop stock price has soared over 6500% in 2021, but analysts can't find a fundamental reason for its success

- A mob of traders on Reddit is focused on going after Wall Street hedge funds and causing as much financial pain as possible

- Short sellers come in and borrow the stock, hoping it will drop so they can buy it back at a lower price and pocket the difference

- The little guy is winning for now, but there are serious concerns about the sustainability of GameStop's business model


- GameStop lost $795 million in 2019 and is estimated to have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020

- Ryan Cohen, co-founder of online pet store Chewy, spent $76 million to buy 9 million shares of GameStop and urged the board to shift focus to e-commerce

- The most shorted stock on Wall Street is GameStop, with over 130% of its available shares borrowed

- An estimated 10 million new brokerage accounts have been opened in the past year, making it easier to gamble on the stock market

David vs. Goliath:

- Individual investors on social platforms like Reddit are going up against fancy, well-funded professional Wall Street traders

- WallStreetBets, a subreddit forum, has become popular with day traders who pick a stock and run with it

- Retail traders are buying GameStop stock, squeezing some of the short sellers and causing an outsized impact on specific stocks

- The little guy is winning for now, but there are serious questions about the legality of the behavior on Reddit and if it could add up to market manipulation


- GameStop is a relic of a bygone era of shopping malls, and there are serious concerns about the sustainability of its business model

- Analysts and finance professors say that whatever grabs the headline is likely what the SEC is looking into

- The Biden administration says the SEC is monitoring the current activity and congressional lawmakers have called for hearings

- The frenzy has caught the attention of Washington regulators and the moves from brokerages like Robin Hood have sparked controversy

- No one knows for sure how or when this will end, but Wall Street veterans are certain it won't be pretty for the retail crowd

- The GameStop situation has turned into a soap opera and saga of the markets, captivating Wall Street's attention

- The retail traders on Reddit may have a larger purpose of targeting hedge funds and punishing the pros who made billions of dollars profiting off a financial system that regular people can't compete in

- The stock market is already at a record high and many strategists are saying that GameStop's trading is not matching its fundamentals and will eventually come back to Earth.

SmartWriter.ai Review & Guide - Personalize Your Email & LinkedIn Outreach With One Liners ✍📩

In today's video, we will be reviewing and providing a complete guide to the AI copywriting tool, SmartWriter. SmartWriter aims to automate personalized email outreach and increase your reply rates by eight times within minutes using AI. The tool has a unique feature that sets it apart from other similar tools, which is its ability to personalize outreach emails, making it an ideal tool for marketing agencies, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs conducting organic outreach.

The pricing for SmartWriter varies based on the plan selected, ranging from $59 per month to $359 per month. The basic plan provides 15 personalized lines per lead, 400 leads/credits, and access to all AI tools, among others.

SmartWriter also offers a Smart Script feature that allows users to automate AI personalization across multiple channels and 168 data points in one go. The feature lets users create workflows to generate personalized content based on various data such as LinkedIn data, website URLs, and Google reviews, among others.

In addition to the Smart Script feature, SmartWriter offers personalized outreach templates such as LinkedIn personalization, backlink personalization, company-based personalization, and Google review icebreaker generator, among others.

To use SmartWriter, users can either manually input a LinkedIn URL or integrate the tool with Google Sheets for bulk uploads. SmartWriter also offers users the ability to configure LinkedIn personalization settings based on recommendations, familiarity, career tenure, recent activity, mutual connections, and website alerts.

In conclusion, SmartWriter is a unique AI copywriting tool that offers personalized email outreach and has a Smart Script feature that automates AI personalization across multiple channels. The tool is ideal for marketing agencies, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs conducting organic outreach. Its pricing varies based on the plan selected, and it provides various personalized outreach templates.

What Can Chat GPT do For the Average Person?

GPT is an AI bot that can create content for you. In this article, we will explore some examples of how GPT can help in various scenarios.

Example 1: Writing an Email to Boss

- GPT can help you write an email to your boss.

- You can give the context and GPT will generate the email for you.

- You can even ask GPT to tweak the email as per your requirement.

Example 2: Hanging Paintings on a Wall

- If you want to hang paintings on a wall, GPT can help you.

- Just tell GPT the number of paintings and the width of the wall, and it will calculate the distance between each painting.

Example 3: Writing a Paper

- GPT can help you write a paper on any given topic.

- You can ask for a one-page or two-page paper, and GPT will generate the content for you.

Benefits of GPT

- GPT can help in saving time and effort.

- It can make us higher-level thinkers by enabling us to interact with computers faster.

- GPT is a technology that can benefit the human race in many ways.

GPT is a really cool AI bot that can create awesome content for you. It can help in various scenarios like writing emails, hanging paintings, and writing papers. It is a technology that can benefit us in many ways.

E1021 Bubble Co-CEO Emmanuel Straschnov empowers next generation of programmers thru no-code

No Code Movement and the Lean Startup Movement

- The rise of the No Code movement

- Combining No Code with the Lean Startup Movement for efficiency

The Definition of No Code:

- Empowering people to do things that used to require code

- Abstraction layers and visual mediums

- Customizable behavior without code

Differentiation of No Code Tools:

- Bubble offers more functionality and granular behavior customization than other tools

- Logic, API connectivity, and database integration

- Longer learning curve, but much more powerful tool

Impact on Startups and Development:

- Greatly reduces time and cost of building a Minimum Viable Product

- Will lead to the mainstream use of visual developers

- Will change the landscape of startup development in the next 5-10 years

Who is Embracing No Code?

- Startups and big companies

- Developers doing consulting work

- The No Code movement is changing the way startups are built

- Bubble is leading the way in functionality and customization

- The future of startup development is in visual development tools.

How I Make $27,695 Per Week WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

- Facebook ad account shut down by Zuckerberg

- Still made over $27,000 in the last seven days without running Facebook ads

- Mission to document the process of growing ecommerce brand with transparency

- Using organic search traffic, YouTube influencers, and YouTube ads to generate sales

- Will provide tips and strategies for each method

Organic Search Traffic:

- Accounts for 10-15% of daily sales

- Google algorithm ranks websites based on relevance to search terms

- Tips for improving ranking: unique brand name, include top keywords on homepage and product pages, consider hiring SEO manager

YouTube Influencers:

- Undervalued source of traffic for ecommerce brands

- Influencers can generate direct sales and improve brand recognition

- Use script to reach out to influencers and offer commission on sales generated

- Only send products that have been tested and proven to be of high quality

YouTube Ads:

- Manscape, Raycon, and Blendjet are examples of brands generating high traffic from YouTube ads

- Creative is key, first five seconds must grab viewer's attention

- Voiceover can double click-through rate

- Broad targeting works well

- Tips for improving effectiveness of ads can be shared in dedicated tutorial

- Using multiple sources of traffic to generate sales without relying on Facebook ads

- Organic search traffic, YouTube influencers, and YouTube ads all have potential to drive sales and improve brand recognition

- Transparency and quality of products are key to success in ecommerce

#SEJThinkTank: Advertising on Reddit w/Brent Csutoras

Welcome to another Search Engine Journal Marketing Think Tank! My name is Kelsey Jones, the Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal, and today we are joined by Brett S. Torrisi, the Chief Social Media Strategist at Search Engine Journal and a Managing Partner at Alpha Brand Meeting, which owns Search Engine Journal.

Today's topic is Reddit Ads and how to make the most out of them. Reddit is a powerful social media platform that offers unique opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience. With over 230 million uniques and 8 billion page views, Reddit is a growing platform that companies should take advantage of.

Why Reddit is Important:

Reddit has a stable growth rate and has been consistent in their growth over the years. Eighty percent of Reddit's audience is English-speaking, with sixty-two percent from the US. The user base is equally split between male and female, with a median age of 35 and a median income of $70,000. Ninety percent of Reddit's users make purchases online, and eighty-seven percent have a college education. Reddit users spend a lot of time on the platform and are interested in educating themselves and participating in conversations. This makes Reddit a great platform for companies to reach their target audience.

How Reddit Ads Work:

Reddit Ads now use an auction system, where businesses can bid against each other to get their ads seen. The minimum bid used to be $20, but now it is $5. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) used to be $1.50, but now it is $0.20. Reddit also offers a managed campaign option for businesses with a budget of over $30,000. Reddit will help create the entire ad campaign, including video and banner ads, copy, and subreddits to participate in.

Tips for Success:

It is important to test different CPMs to find the right one for your campaign. Lowering the CPM too much can limit your impressions. Reddit allows businesses to choose multiple subreddits to participate in, so take advantage of this. Auto extend your ads for 30 days if you don't run out of budget. Reach out to Reddit for managed campaigns if you have a budget over $30,000.

Reddit Ads offer unique opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience. With a stable growth rate and a highly educated user base, Reddit is a platform that companies should not ignore. By understanding how Reddit Ads work and following the tips for success, businesses can have a successful advertising campaign on Reddit.

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