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shopify checkout updates

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

cart” buttons that are not part of the default checkout but could be added using checkout extensions.

In summary, checkout extensions are a new way to add customizations to the checkout of Shopify Plus stores. They provide a great opportunity for developers to create their own Shopify app, as it is a new and untapped category. The default checkout on almost every Shopify store looks the same, but checkout extensions allow for more customizations such as adding upsell sections. It is important to note that unless you are on Shopify Plus, there are only a handful of customizations that can be made to the checkout.

The new checkout extensions are essentially custom or public apps that can be written and sold on the Shopify app store. They are more robust than the previous method of making customizations using the checkout liquid file, which came with two major risks: introducing breaking changes and needing frequent maintenance. The new checkout extensions use extension points to place new elements throughout the checkout, and they can be moved or replaced using a new checkout customizer.

To get started with building checkout extensions, developers need git installed on their local computer, a Shopify partner account, a development store with at least one product, and node.js installed with a package manager such as yarn or npm. Developers also need an ngrok account to surf the app locally while still under development.

To preview extensions, developers can run yarn Dev and follow the instructions to log in to their partner account and development store. Once up and running, developers can start playing around with pre-built UI components and different extension points to customize the checkout.

In conclusion, checkout extensions provide a new way for developers to add customizations to the checkout of Shopify Plus stores. They offer opportunities for developers to create their own Shopify app and add value to merchants' stores. With the new checkout extensions, the customization possibilities are endless, and developers can create unique and personalized checkout experiences for customers.

These NEW Shopify Updates are HUGE

In this article, we will be discussing the most important updates that Shopify has released recently, which will help you increase your sales on the platform. With over 100 updates, we will be covering the most significant ones that are crucial to pay attention to.

Shopify has released numerous updates that can lead to higher conversion rates, an increase in sales, and better customer experiences.


1. Shopify Audiences - an incredible tool that allows you to track individuals on other Shopify stores and create an audience from a product on your store. This can potentially give you a few million people to target on Facebook, improving your conversion rates and ad performance.

2. Shop Cash - incentivizes customers to use Shop Pay by offering them rewards and cashback for their purchases. This tool can lead to higher conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

3. Shopify Markets - allows you to sell internationally by customizing your storefront for each market to improve the buying experience for customers. This tool can result in up to 40% higher conversion rates in international regions.

4. Customizable Checkout Experience - an extension that allows you to add branding and customize the checkout experience to be more unique, increasing brand awareness and conversion rates.

5. Pre-orders - allows customers to pre-order items that have sold out, making it easier for you to increase your sales volume.

6. New Themes - Shopify has released eight new free themes that you can use to make your store more customizable and increase your conversion rates.

7. Customer Engagement Tools - Shopify has released its email automation, inbox, and segmentation tools that can improve your email sequences and automate your customer outreach, resulting in more sales.

8. Shopify Flow - allows you to set up automations to streamline your business processes, saving you time and improving efficiency.

These updates can significantly impact your sales and customer experiences on Shopify. From incentivizing customers to use Shop Pay to customizing the checkout experience and automating your customer outreach, these tools can help you increase your sales volume and grow your business on the platform.

4 things to change on your Shopify Checkout page

Shopify sets limitations on checkout pages due to regulatory security and compliance issues. However, there are ways to improve the checkout page to increase conversions.

Three things to change:

1. Change the or text line to make it more clear that customers can pay with their credit card later in the process.

2. Change the continue to payment method button to enter your credit card next to clarify that credit card information will be entered on the next page.

3. Add more information to the confirmation page to provide additional marketing opportunities.

Word of caution:

While tweaking the text can be effective, it's important to ensure that customers understand each component of the checkout page. Keep in mind that default text is based on industry best practices and may work better in some cases.

By making simple changes to the checkout page, store owners can increase conversions and alleviate customer confusion. It's important to use clear and conventional wording to ensure that customers understand the checkout process.

Shopify Checkout Page Customization | Edit Your Shopify Checkout Page In Minutes!

In this video, Jake will show you how to customize your checkout page in your Shopify store. He will guide you through the steps to make your checkout page match your brand's look and feel.

Steps to Customize Checkout Page:

1. Access the backend of your Shopify store and click on customize under themes.

2. Select the checkout page from the options presented.

3. Open checkout settings by clicking on the top left corner of the page.

4. Add a background image or change the background color to match your brand.

5. Add your store logo and adjust its position and size.

6. Edit the typography and font to match your store's font.

7. Change the accent color, links color, and button color to match your brand.

8. Save your changes and double-check the checkout page on mobile.

9. Customize additional checkout settings, such as customer accounts and form options.

10. Click save and enjoy your customized checkout page.

Customizing your checkout page is a simple process that can help your store match your brand's look and feel. By following the steps outlined in this video, you can create a seamless checkout experience for your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Unlocking Shopify Checkout for Developers | Editions 2022

Shopify has introduced Checkout UI Extensions for developer preview, which allows developers to customize and extend Shopify checkouts for Shopify Plus merchants. This feature opens up opportunities for apps to customize the checkout process, adding additional functionality and giving merchants control and flexibility over their shopping experiences.

Benefits of Checkout UI Extensions:

- Adds new UI and functionality to Shopify checkouts

- Allows for customization of one of the most important steps in the shopping process

- Gives merchants control and flexibility over their shopping experiences

- Easy for developers to build into apps

- Fast for merchants to install and configure

- Upgrade safe, meaning merchants can always access the latest checkout features

Building with Checkout UI Extensions:

To start building with Checkout UI Extensions, developers can use the newly revamped Shopify CLI to scaffold a new Shopify app. They can choose the tools that make the most sense for their development workflow, such as Vanilla JS or React, and decide on the extension point they'll be using. Extension points define the base position in the checkout experience where developers can add visual elements. They can choose a single place for the extension to appear or give merchants the freedom to choose where it shows up. The UI of the extension can be built using the Checkout UI Extensions Component Library, which ensures that it is performant, accessible, conforms to a merchant's brand settings, and is compatible with all the checkout's supported browsers.


To ensure the best buying experience for all customers, developers will be able to add translations to localize their checkout extensions.


When developing Checkout UI Extensions locally, developers can check out hot reloads, which automatically refreshes for a smooth development experience.

Making the App Live:

When the new functionality is ready to go live, developers can make their app available to Shopify Plus merchants via the Shopify App store or through a custom app.

Checkout UI Extensions offer a new level of customization and functionality to Shopify checkouts, giving merchants control and flexibility over their shopping experiences. With easy installation and configuration, fast development, and upgrade-safe features, developers can create unique, localized extensions that enhance the checkout process for Shopify Plus merchants.

Shopify Checkout Settings Tutorial | How To Setup Checkout Page On Shopify

In this video, Jake shows us how to set up checkout settings within our Shopify store. Before getting started, he thanks Sell the Trend for sponsoring the video and highlights its benefits.

Jake introduces the topic of setting up checkout settings in Shopify and acknowledges the sponsor.

Checkout Settings:

Jake provides a step-by-step guide to setting up checkout settings in Shopify. He covers the following topics:

- Checkout Style: Customize the checkout page's look.

- Customer Accounts: Choose whether to make accounts mandatory, optional, or not at all.

- Enable Multipass Login: Let customers log in to all your websites with one login.

- Customer Contact Methods: Select how customers can get shipping updates.

- Customer Information: Choose which information you require when customers fill out the checkout form.

- Tipping: Allow customers to tip you at checkout.

- Order Processing: Choose how you want to fulfill orders after they have been paid.

- Consent for Marketing: Choose whether to allow customers to subscribe to email or SMS marketing.

- Abandoned Checkout Emails: Send emails to customers who abandon their checkout.

- Post-Purchased Page: Choose whether to use an app that features at checkout after customers have selected to pay for their order.

- Order Status Page: Add tracking scripts and other customizations.

- Checkout Language: Manage your store's checkout language.

Jake ends the video by thanking viewers for watching and inviting them to leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos. He also invites them to check out his video on customizing the Shopify checkout page.

New Shopify Updates 2022

Jan from Codingwithyan.com introduces the new features coming to Shopify - Hydrogen, Oxygen, the new checkout extensibility, and Shopify Functions. Hydrogen is a React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify, offering performance boosts and pre-built UI components. Oxygen is a hosting solution integrated into Shopify. The new checkout extensibility features allow for checkout augmentation through custom or public apps, offering upsell products and UI components. Build for Shopify offers technical and design features for app developers, including a set of design guidelines. Shopify Functions allow developers to extend the native Shopify features by writing custom back-end code, which runs on Shopify's infrastructure and can be shared through the app store. The settings for these functions can be seamlessly integrated into the admin dashboard. The developer preview for the checkout discount logic is already live, with other areas to follow. With over 100 new features announced, Shopify continues to offer a variety of opportunities for developers.

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