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shopify cname

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How To Point Your Subdomain To Shopify with CNAME DNS (2021)

hey, mike, here and in this video, uh, what we're gonna do is create a subdomain for your main domain name and then point that sub domain to, uh, your shopify store. okay, so we're doing this through cname records and, um, it sounds intimidating, but here's it's very simple, right? so my main website, my primary domain, is zermellomusiccom. okay, that has websites associated with it and a bunch of other things. okay, but, um, what i want to do is i want to create a shopify store, but i, but my zarmelo musiccom is already hosted and all that stuff. so what i want to do is i want to create a website, shopzermellamusiccom, and that's going to be my shopify store. so i need to add shop to the beginning of my domain to create the domain that i want for my shopify store. so if you already have a domain and you want to create like a little sub domain- in my case shop- then this is how you do it, okay? so, um, if you google uh cname, shopify subdomain, you can get to these directions right here, and i just kind of signed up for shopify. so this is the first time that i'm doing this, but i've done, i've created c names for all the time. okay, so i'm just going to walk you through exactly how to do it. so, again, this is the page. now what we need to do is follow these steps right here. so, before you begin to complete this, you need to have the following information: your login information for your third-party domain provider. so, if you bought your domain through host, uh, or through um- oh my god, daddy, what's the name of that? oh my gosh, godaddy, good lord, or whatever you know, there's tons of places where you can buy a domain. you got to have your, so, uh, sub domain available. so in my case, that's going to be shop, but whatever you're using. and then the c name that you're going to use for a record for your sub domain, and so this is what shopify requires you to to use, and we'll get into this in a second. so, on your domain provider's website- mine is a2, that's where i buy my domains- i also use, i think, uh, dream something, dream host or something there's, there's tons of them, okay, but on your domain provider's website, log into your account and find the dns settings. so here in this is my um host, right, a2 hosting. and then, uh, this is my main domain, zermellamusiccom. and what we need to do is we need to get to the domain settings for this. so i'm gonna go to cpanel here, and this is pretty much where we're all gonna overlap, because i think most domain providers will use cpanel, and so once we get into here, this is pretty much going to be the same for you. so what we're going to do is we're going to come down- we need to come down- to the domain area, right, this is, i feel, like the background, back end on websites is intimidating, but it's really not right. we're trying to do something with our domain. so we just got to come to the domain section, all right? so in my case, what i'm going to do is i'm going to come to the zone editor, okay, so we're going to click on dns zone editor and here what we need to do is i want to create a subdomain or a cname record for zermellomusiccom. that's my primary domain, but again, i want to make a shopzermellomusiccom and then point that to shopify, all right. so what we need to do is i'm going to come over here to click on manage and then i'm going to add a record, as you can see right here. okay, so we're going to add a record and we need to put in a valid zone name. this is just your subdomain, right? so i'm going to do shop, okay, and then we're going to choose a type and that's going to be a cname, and then we have to put in the fully qualified domain name as it says right there. but that's just going to be this right here. okay, the shopmyshopifycom. again, this might look a little bit different for you because you're probably not using a2, uh, you might be using something else, but then we would just click add record and that would basically create a new record. now i actually, uh, did this already and it took a little bit longer than expected to um update, so i had to scrap that first video. so now i'm just redoing it. but before i just hit add record, but now i'm going to hit cancel, make sure you hit add record and i'm just going to show you. i'm just going to um reorder the names here. i'm just going to show you right here. you can see: shopzarmelomusiccom. okay, it's a cname record and it's pointing to shopsmyshopifycom. okay, just as it says to do. right here, we added our little subdomain, which is shop. we created a cname record and then we're pointing it here and, as you can see it has these steps right here. so, on your domain provider's website, a2 for me to find the dns settings. we already did that and and do the following: in the host or alias, enter the sub domain and again, that is the shop part. so we did that. and then it says: choose the record type. we did that it's a cname and then make sure the cname points to there. and so that's exactly what we did. we chose shop, we chose cname and then we pointed it to shopsmyshopifycom. okay, and so let's come back over here and then you gotta save your changes. and step two is, now that we've created our cname record, our sub domain, we need to verify that domain with shopify. okay, so from your shopify studies, how do you do that? verify your sub domain is connected. so, from your shopify admin, go to settings domain. okay, so let's do that, just going to click on domains, and if i open this tab right now, then it's actually going to have the live site, so i don't want to do that. i want to show you what it looks like if you hadn't had this set up yet. okay, so how do we verify your subdom? and subdomain is connected to shopify. well, let's go to this other page that i uh added right here. so this is what it would look like, had i not yet connected my um subdomain. see, on this page you can see there's nothing here related to shopzermellomusiccom. it only has my default uh shopify account. okay, so what we you would need to do is you need to come to connect existing domain. okay, because that's what you want to do. you don't want to buy a new domain. you already have a domain. you don't want to transfer the domain. no reason to do that. you just want to connect an existing domain. so go to connect existing domain and you need to type in the exact domain. so what we need in, basically, your subdomain. so, okay, so shopzarmelomusiccom. that's what i would need to do. okay, now, if i hit now, the last time i shot this video, it took me to an error page, but that's because, uh, i it i didn't give it enough time to update properly, okay, uh, so i had to scrap that video and now i'm in the exact same spot right now, but i uh, this is a little bit later, so i hit next now if i come over here. this is: if i hit next now, i'm gonna come over to this page right here. your domains, or mellowmusiccom, was successfully connected. your domain is now pointing to your online store. it can take 24 hours to the changes to propagate and you can see the primary domain. we have the domain name and we have shopzarmelomusiccom. it is connected. the ssl is pending and the ssl just basically means that when someone goes to shopjarmellamusiccom there's going to be this little lock icon. okay, if that lock icon wasn't there, then if we try to go to shopmellowmusiccom, then it will. a lot of browsers will say: this website is not safe. you know what? let's try doing that right now. let's see what happens. shopmellow, okay, and so the ssl has already been created. okay. so i wonder, if i go back and if i refresh right now, it might tell me that the ssl has been successfully updated. let's try it, okay. so there we go. so we see, now it is fully connected, the ssl is loading and we verified that in the incognito window, shopzarmellomusiccom, and so we're not getting any kind of weird error message. we can see the lock icon. so the ssl certificate is working and the subdomain is now working, all right, and so that is pretty cool and that's how you do it. alright, so real quick again. all we needed to do is just go to your domain host and you got to edit your domain, so you just got to go to the domain.

CNAMES | Shopify Tutorial

this answer is powered by a squatty comm. get help with your Shopify questions or tasks on demand. hi everyone. so today I'm going to kind of explain the different terms for some of the records that we use in order to transfer our domain names over to Shopify. so a lot of the times you're going to have to change your a record, as well as your cname record and your hosting, in order to have your domain domain name and Shopify. another one that might need to change is your MX record, which hosts all your emails now with Shopify itself. if you do not have email hosting- which means there's not going to be, you know, an admin dashboard where you're going to be able to see all the emails that you get and respond to. it's not like Gmail, etc. what Shopify does. if you have bought your domain name from Shopify, they offer email forwarding. so saying you want to set up an email that says info at my Shopify com, you're able to forward that email to another email that you have, that you've purchased, and into that email hosting that you have. okay, and then there's other ways that you can afford, even if you haven't bought your domain from Shopify. there's third-party ways to email forward your emails, but that's a little out of scope of this video, but right now I'm going to explain some of the common terms that are used when we're toking about the DNS, as well as a records and cname records. so I made this little Word document. so pretty much like what DNS, which stands for domain name system. it's pretty much the phonebook of the internet and pretty much what happens is that all the different IP addresses that are on our internet go through this system and the. so we see domain names and this is how we understand websites. so, but the computers understand something called IP addresses, Internet Protokol addresses. okay, so pretty much what DNS does is it translates these domain names to these IP addresses so our computers, our browsers, can load the Internet resources. now name servers are going to care this a lot. you're going to hear you need to change your name servers over to Shopify. so pretty much a name server is any server that has DNS software installed on it. so pretty much what happens is that these servers are owned by a web host and are used to manage the doe name names associated with their web hosting customers, so with Shopify. if you're switching over your domain to Shopify, you're going to be asked to change your name servers over to Shopify and they're gonna give you those two name names to use and add to your hosting provider in order for your jamayne name to. once someone enters there your domain name in the search, it'll pop up with your content that you have on Shopify. and I touched a little bit about what IP address is. it stands for Internet Protokol and, pretty much like I said, we see the domain name, we see my Shopify comm and what's the high not to name name is the IP address. there's a list of of numbers that the computer use in urgent to identify what's what, it is what, what the address is, what is actually the devices, etc. so one thing that you might have to change when you're switching over to Shopify is your a record, and this is also- you can also see it with the @ sign- that you use emails like this. okay, and these are the most basic type of DNS record and it's used to point a domain or subdomain to an IP address. so this is what you're gonna change. say, if you know, Shopify asks you to change your a record and your cname record. this is what they're referring to and I'm going to show you kind of what that looks like in the hosting in a second. another thing they're going to ask you to change is your cname record, and this stands for canonical name and this is pretty much an alias, okay for different types of domains. so what it does is it gives. it gives a map of a subdomain. say, you have W? W or you know maybe have an on? w? w website. this pretty much gives an alias to that in order for it to be redirected properly. and, lastly, what an MX record is. this is what controls your email. like I said, Shopify doesn't have an email hosting and this is something you might have to change in order to continue receiving emails at your domain name. it's it stands for mail exchanger record and pretty much it is the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name. so now that we've went through some of the terms, I want to show you kind of what it looks like. I'm using Bluehost. it might be different on your own hosting provider and I know specifically if you are using Hostgator for your hosting needs. you will have to contact support in order for them to change your a or your cname records or any other records that you might need to change. they don't give you DNS zone access and so, like like I was saying this, it's usually called DNS zone editor. it might be called something different depending on your hosting, but these are all the host records that I have. so here you can see the out sign. this is my a record and it's pointing to my IP address and then this stands for time to live and usually you don't have to mess with this. now, if we look at our cname, this is also something. so I have a cname record called www, so pretty much my my WWE address points to my main do name address. we also see our mailer exchanger right down here. this is the host record and it points to my mail dot one or designcom, and this is because my emails hosted on this domain name. you might have to add something different here depending on your email provider and how you want to set it up. so say, if you have a domain- and I just did this recently- you have a demand that you've purchased and you want to set up G suite in your in your hosting and to be able to continues to receive a mail at your domain name, what you need to do is add a new host or record and Google will give you the different types of addresses and domains that you need to point to and then you put it in here and then you be able to race to receive your mail. so if we go to Shopify, how this is controlled, if I go to a online store- I'm going to get out of here for a second- and if you go down to domains, so what's gonna happen is, if I had- I don't have a domain on here yet- is this is just a test development site- but what would happen is you click connect existing domain and then you would follow the steps. you would enter your URL, the new domain that you want your Shopify store to point to, and then you go through those steps and click connect now and it will verify that to make sure you know, you would have to add your hosting credentials so I can verify that that is actually your domain and you're allowed to use that - main name- and then it'll say: ok, now you might have to, like I said, change some things and Shopify will give you this information: how to change your a and cname records and then, once you get those, you'd go back into your DNS zone editor. add whatever you need to add, whether it's your cname as well as your, your a name record and point it to Shopify: an order for your new domain name to be linked to your Shopify store. I hope that helps and have a great day. was this helpful? ask a Shopify question now. ask questi com.


How To Connect A Godaddy Domain To Shopify Manually (Works In 2021) - Edit Cname And A Record

Hey, i am Dionysios from buycompanynamecom. before i start with this video, I would like to ask you to like it to subscribe to the channel or use some of my affiliate links that you will find in video description, Of course, if you enjoy the content. Ok, let's start with the today's video. I will show the process of how we can connect our Godaddy domain to our shopify store when the automatik process has failed. One reason that the automatik process fails is that our domain has not the default godaddy nameservers. Let me show you. I am already signed in for my godaddy account. I click here upright. I can choose my products, scroll down manage all or manage domains to see my domains list. Let's click manage domains. I will choose the domain that I want to connect with my shopify store, Backboneme. in that case, I will find these 3 dots next to the domain. I will click manage dns and I need to see that I am using the default nameservers. They look like that. So if you are using some other nameservers, you need to change to godaddy, Give some hours for that process to work and then try to connect the domain automatikally. If the automatik process fails again, then we will try our manual method. Let's try sign in for our shopify store. I have already done that. On the left you will see option online store. Click on it. then you will see the option domains. I will click up right, connect existing domain. I add my domain next and I will choose connect manually. I will click verify connection because shopify will provide with some very important details. First we need to add an, A record. Let's go back to our godaddy tab and under records we will edit our current a record. If we didn't have, we could do it like that select type and then we will see these options. Since we have an, a record already, we will just edit it with that pencil. on our right. Let's copy that IP. We put points to section and save. Then we have already cname. If we didn't have, we could do this process: cname from dropdown menu and then we add the details and click save. But since we have a cname there already, we will edit again with the pencil. Host. we will put www here Points to, we will copy that shopsmyshopifycom and we will click save. So this is how it looks like in the end. We need to have an, a record and a cname record. That process will take some time, but let's try to connect it. Verify again let's see. Oh, it is actually connected. it's normal to see that message: SSL pending. it will take some minutes or hours. If we want to change our primary domain and we want, for example, the www version instead of backboneme, we can do it here. Let's try to visit that website. Nice, let's try the other version. Ok, that's all from me. leave a comment below if something doesn't work from your side.

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How to add A Record and CNAME DNS entries in GoDaddy domain to work with Shopify

In this video, I will guide you through the process of adding an A Record and a CNAME record to a domain registered at GoDaddy. These are the records that instruct your domain name where to send internet traffic when users are accessing the domain name. Typically, this will be servers that are handling your website. I'm going use Shopify ecommerce site as an example, but the process of adding in A Record or CNAME is exactly the same regardless of which platform you're using. The only difference will be the IP address or the URL that you use when creating the DNS records, And these are typically provided to you by your hosting provider. and if you don't already have a domain name registered with GoDaddy, be sure to check out my video on how to do so. The first thing I'm going to do is go to godaddycom, which have already done you, Which I have already done. you can see my screen here and I'm going to click up here to sign in, And this has brought me to the product page of my account. Here you can see we have a domain section, so I am going to click "Manage" In. here. we're going to see all the domains I have registered in my account. I only have this one, "impressivesockscom", which is the domain is registered in the previous video. So now we need to update the DNS entries. DNS is the name servers system that keeps track of what domain belongs to what IP address and which server. So we'll click on this little gear right here and select "Manage DNS" and this is going to bring up a page with all the DNS entries for this domain. and the entries that we have here already are just the ones that are put in by GoDaddy when you purchase a domain. but we're going change these to point to our Shopify store. So up in this tab I already have my Shopify store that I have logged into. I'm going to click on "Online Store" here and select "Domains". Now up here, since I've already purchased my domain from GoDaddy, I'm just going to click "Add Existing Domain" And here I'm going to enter the domain name and I'm going to click "Add Domain" and now it's telling us that we need to setup an A Record pointing to this IP address. I'm going to select this and copy it, and then I'm going to click done. and now I need to edit this A Record. you see here it has the type of record- A Record- and a CNAME. We're going to click "Edit Record" And just a quick explanation of what all these things are. The "Host" is basically where this domain name "impressivesockscom" goes to. If I just put in "impressivesockscom" into the browser, where is this going to go? and they just have an ampersand meaning nothing, in front of the IP address. this IP address is where that traffic gets sent to, and here's a thing called a TTL. Basically, a TTL is short for "Time To Live". basically, what that mean is there are several, several servers all over the internet that manage these domain name entires and this tells all the servers how long does it wait until it checks again for any changes? so we're going to make some changes right now, but most servers are going wait 600 seconds until they go and check if there's any new changes. I'm going to click "Edit Record" now so that we can change this to point to Shopify. so really, the only thing that i'm going change is this IP address. I'm going to paste in the IP address that was given to me by Shopify and then click "Finish". now we need to go down and edit the CNAME now. if you notike over here, it has "impressivesockscom" and then "wwwimpressivesockscom". if I click on here, its going say "Action Required" because I haven't set up the CNAME yet. So I'm going to click "View Instructions" here. it's saying that we need to add a CNAME for www to this URL right here, and I'll show you what that means. I'm going to copy this URL, because that is what the CNAME needs to point to, and then I'm going to click "Done". I'm gonna go back to my domain details screen. here and now we're in the CNAME section and you'll notike, here we have a host that says "www". Right now it's pointing to "@", which basically means any traffic that gets at wwwimpressivesockscom is just, is just going to resend to impressivesockscom this "@" host record. here Shopify wants it to be different, so I'm going to click on Edit records for this "www" CNAME and all we have to do is change where this points to. instead of the "@", we're gonna actually paste in that URL, which is actually the URL from my Shopify store, and I'm going click "Finish". Now these changes don't take effect until we save them, so I'm going to click "Save Changes" right up here, and now those changes have been saved. So the TTL on this entry here is 600 seconds. the TTL here is one hour, so it's probably going to take about an hour for these changes to take effect. so don't be don't be surprised if this doesn't start working right away, because it's normal for it not to work right away. as you can see, when we go to this page it still says action required, because those new changes do take a little bit of time to take effect. but we'll check back in about an hour and make sure everything is working. Okay. so it's been a little bit over an hour since I made those changes in the GoDaddy DNS and let's go ahead and check now if these all work. So I clicked on there and now that one says domain status is OK and it also shows that wwwimpressivesockscom is also OK and basically it's saying that all the changes that we may have taken effect. Now I do want to show you one cool little thing. there's a website called network-toolscom and this is a nifty tool to see what are your current records. and I just put an impressivesockscom And I'm going to click "Go" And here it's actually going to show you what all of your DNS entries are for your domain name and, as you can see, you put in that A Record earlier and it's pointing to this IP address. it's not really showing the CNAME records in here because we only put in impressivesockscom. but if I put in wwwimpressivesockscom, it should show the CNAME entries and as you can see here it's called a canonical name. but basically wwwimpressivesockscom is pointing to impressivesocks-commyshopifycom, and that's just one way that you can check with your DNS entries actually are. you just put in the domain name here, the full domain, and it will show you the entries, and that is how you add a CNAME and an A Record to a domain name registered at godaddycom. Be sure to check out some of my other guided videos and if you have a suggestion for video you'd like to see, please leave a comment on the video below.

How to Connect your Domain to Shopify - Updated 2023

[Music]. [Music]. getting a domain directly from shopify may cost you more than getting it from a third party site such as godaddy hostgator, namecheap, bluehost hostinger and many more. this is one of the main reasons why a lot of e-commerce sellers get domains from a third-party site and not from shopify. aside from the domain purchase, you also need to consider the renewal price. if you also hold a lot of stores, it may be beneficial for you to get it from those third-party domain registrar. when you connect a third-party domain to shopify, it points your domain name to your shopify store, so when someone enters your url into their browser, they'll be directly to your shopify ecommerce shop. in this tutorial, we will walk you through the general setup on how to connect your domain to your shopify. it doesn't matter what third party site is that. the process will still be the same. to start off, access your shopify admin at wwwshopifycom. once you're in your shopify admin, click the online store tab on the left side. then select domain on the drop down. you should see your primary domain there, which should be the my shopify domain. click the connect existing domain located on top, then type the domain that you have on the field and click next in order for us to know the values that we need to change, let's click the verify button. it now will show us what values needs to be changed. so we will need to change two values, which is the c name and the a record. next thing that we need to do is to access the third-party site on where you bought your domain for this tutorial. our domain is bought from hostinger, so i'll login to hoststingercom. the domain name system records, or the dns records on host stinger. you can access them on the dns or name server tab. this is where you should see the list of records. we'll be changing the c name and the a record. go back to your shopify window and notike that the current value on cname is bt tutorials, tutorialsonline, and it needs to be changed to shopsmyshopifycom. so just click copy on the required value of cname and go back to your domain registrar. look for the cname that has the same value indicated in shopify and edit it. replace it with the one that's indicated on shopify, which is shopsmyshopifycom, and update the changes. go back to your shopify window and the next value that we need to change is the a record. copy the required ip address and take note of the current ip address. go back to your domain register window and look for the au record indicated on shopify. replace it with the required ip address and update your changes. go back to your shopify window and click the verify again button. it should then show you that the primary domain has been updated to your personalized url. you now have updated your domain and when your customers enter your url, all of them will be directed to your shopify store. do you like this content? if you do, don't forget to like this video. click the subscribe button and ring that notification bell so you will get notified in our next [Music] video. [Music] you.

Tutorial: How to Connect a Namecheap Domain Name to Shopify - Fast and Easy for beginners!

hi everybody, my name is John and in this video, we're going to connect an existing domain that we will purchase from namecheapcom to our Shopify account so that, instead of having your visitors navigate to this long my Shopify URL, they can instead and navigate directly to your customized domain name and not have to remember this entire URL the entire time. so how do we do this and, more importantly, why are we doing this instead of just buying the new domain within Shopify? well, if you click on the buy new domain button and you enter your domain name- Mira's entering this is an example- you'll notike that you can purchase this domain for $14 a year, and this would be charged against your Shopify account. however, this is way too expensive: 14 dollars a year for a domain name, especially acom, is too much to spend. so I'm going to show you how you can get it for roughly about 6 to 8 bucks a year, and it's just going to take you the 10 minutes that it will take to go through this process. so, in order to do this, what we're going to do is we're going to use a different domain instead of wire website just for the purpose of this tutorial. of course, you can use whatever website that you'd like, but just to demonstrate this, I'm going to instead use wire dot work, primarily because it's just super, super cheap. so I'm going to add this domain to my cart and I'm going to view the item and then, finally, I will check out. this is free. this is a special offer. looks like. it's normally about seven bucks. I'm going to confirm my order and then I'm going to click on hey, now give it a couple seconds to process the order. and now you'll be saying this page that says the order has been completed. so now you can do is click on the manage button, and what we're going to do now is we're going to connect this domain to our Shopify store. in order to do that, we need to go into the settings, and if you aren't on this page originally, if you've not just bought this domain, you have to go into your domain list and then click on the domain itself and click on where it says advanced DNS. now, there's a lot of different options here. don't get overwhelmed. it's gonna be really, really straightforward how to do this, and even if you're not using Namecheap- I don't know why you wouldn't be, but if you're not using Namecheap and using a different host. it's going to work the exact same way. what you're first going to do is find your cname record, and right now it's a triple W host where it says parking page namecheapcom. if I double click on this, I can change this value to shops, my Shopify comm, and I'll include these details within the description in this video as well, if you want to reference this later on. click on the green check mark to save your changes. once you've changed the cname record, what we're going to do next is we're going to modify this URL redirect record and change it all the way the top to an a record. we're going to keep the host the same and we're going to change the value to the Shopify IP address. the Shopify IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.65. you can keep the TTL the same and then click on the Save Changes button. so now that you have both of these records looking exactly like this, you can go back to Shopify and then go into your domains section. if you want to get here from the home page, go all the way down to your online store. then you click on domains and then click on where it says connect existing domain. so we're going to enter the domain that we just purchased and click on next and now we're going to verify the connection, because we've already done these instructions listed on this page. this might take a couple minutes to do so, don't be concerned. and once this connects, you'll have this nice message here which says your domain wirework has successfully connected. it might take 24 hours for this to actually apply. once your domain propagates, you'll be able to navigate directly to your newly added to me, and it will take you directly to your Shopify store. few things off the bat. how do we make sure this is our primary domain? in order to do so, we need to make sure that we have the name connected. it has this connected status under the primary domain section. you can change the primary domain by selecting the change primary domain button and then clicking either your Shopify manage domains or a third-party domain, aka triple W. I'm going to keep it as my current primary domain, but if you need to change it back to your my Shopify domain for any reason- or maybe you have an additional domain, the or I didn't give an account- you can do so from this section here. so if you don't need to change your thing, you can cancel this and there you have it, you've connected your domain and you've saved yourself a couple bucks every single year in the process, just by spending the extra two or three minutes to go forward and do this on Namecheap instead of Shopify itself. if this video helped you at all, please be sure to use the link below to purchase your name cheap domain name. it comes at no additional cost to you and it really helps me out to make videos like this. if you have any questions, I do read each and every one of those comments below, so please feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to get back to it with the response as soon as I can. thanks, I hope this helped. being brother sterday, you