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shopify coaching

Published on: February 21 2023 by pipiads

Are you looking for ways to sell your online courses through your Shopify store? In this article, we will be discussing the top apps that allow you to do just that. These apps offer features such as course directories, progress bars, quizzes, and certifications to enhance your courses' functionality. We will review the UI, pricing, and customer reviews of each app to help you make an informed decision.


1. Courses Plus

Courses Plus is an app that turns your Shopify store into an online course platform. It offers an easy interface to create lessons using a rich text editor, videos, live webinars, and quizzes. You can group lessons together and offer certifications to your students. The app has a free plan with up to five lessons per store and an unlimited number of students. Additional features such as quizzes, time-limited courses, and branding are available at a cost. The app has a 4.9-star rating with 65 five-star reviews.

2. Courses and Memberships by Inflow Kit

Courses and Memberships by Inflow Kit is a simple course creator that allows you to add lessons using drag and drop course editors. You can include YouTube content, images, HTML files, PDFs, and text in your lessons. The app lets you track the courses for each member and offers an online certification download and a member dashboard to monitor progress. The app starts at $24 a month with a 14-day free trial and offers unlimited members, courses, and 10 GB of storage. The app has a 4.9-star rating with 25 five-star reviews.

3. Skill Suite Online Courses

Skill Suite Online Courses offer an easy course creator with features such as videos, photos, tags, quizzes, and multiple-choice answers. It's built for mobile and offers automation tools such as email notifications, product upsells, discount codes, and connection with email apps such as Clavio, HubSpot, Recharge, and Opto. The app starts at $49 a month with a 14-day free trial and offers 10 internal users and 100 additional enrollments per month. The app has a 4.4-star rating with eight five-star reviews.

Selling courses through your Shopify store is an excellent way to monetize your knowledge. These three apps, Courses Plus, Courses and Memberships by Inflow Kit, and Skill Suite Online Courses, offer a variety of features to enhance your courses' functionality. Choose the app that best suits your needs and budget. Don't forget to check out Profit Calc, the sponsor of this article, for one-click profit calculations for your Shopify store.

🔥 Shopify For Services ✅ How To Use Shopify For Services

Shopify for Services: A Guide to Selling Your Services Online

Are you looking to sell your services online but don't know where to start? Look no further than Shopify! In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about using Shopify to sell your services online.

1. Creating Your Inventory of Services:

- Log into your Shopify account and navigate to the Product section

- Click on Add Product and enter the name of your service

- Add a description of your service, an image (if applicable), and pricing

- Make sure to deselect any options related to shipping or stock

- Save your product and repeat this process for any additional services you offer

2. Designing Your Storefront:

- Navigate to the Online Store section of your Shopify account

- Choose a free or paid theme to customize your storefront

- Add your clinic or service name, tagline, and any customer reviews

- Upload an image to represent your business

- Customize the header and remove any unnecessary sections

- Preview your storefront and publish it once you're satisfied with the design

Shopify makes it easy to sell your services online with its user-friendly platform and customizable storefront options. Whether you offer therapy services, cleaning services, or makeup services, Shopify can help you create a professional and efficient ecommerce store to showcase your services and reach a wider audience. So why wait? Start using Shopify for your services today!

Wie euch FAKE COACHES verar***en! | Shopify Dropshipping Deutsch

In this article, we will discuss the topic of dropshipping coaches and how they can deceive their clients. We will explore the reasons why successful dropshippers may not have the time or desire to coach others, and the potential drawbacks of hiring a coach. We will also provide some tips on how to avoid being scammed by dropshipping coaches.

Reasons for successful dropshippers to avoid coaching:

- Time and effort: Successful dropshippers may not have the time or desire to coach others, as it can be a time-consuming and demanding task.

- Profitability: Dropshipping coaches may charge high fees for their services, but this may not be worth the time and effort required to coach a large number of clients.

- Legal issues: Some coaches may use unethical tactics to deceive their clients, which can result in legal issues.

Potential drawbacks of hiring a dropshipping coach:

- High fees: Dropshipping coaches may charge high fees for their services, which can be unaffordable for some clients.

- Lack of transparency: Some coaches may not be transparent about their methods, and may not provide enough information to their clients.

- Misleading promises: Some coaches may make unrealistic promises to their clients, such as guaranteed success or overnight profits.

Tips for avoiding scams:

- Do your research: Before hiring a coach, research their background and reputation. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

- Be wary of promises: Be cautious of coaches who make unrealistic promises or guarantees of success.

- Ask for transparency: Ask the coach to provide detailed information about their methods and strategies.

- Trust your instincts: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and avoid coaches who seem unreliable or untrustworthy.

While dropshipping coaching can be beneficial for some, it is important to be cautious and do your research before hiring a coach. Successful dropshippers may not have the time or desire to coach others, and some coaches may use unethical tactics to deceive their clients. By being aware of these potential drawbacks and taking steps to avoid scams, you can protect yourself and your business.

10.000€ in nur 10 Tagen mit Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, I will show you how I built a complete e-commerce shop and earned over 10,000 euros in under ten days. I will walk you through everything from finding the product to building the shop and operating it. I will also give a brief conclusion and encourage those interested in starting their own e-commerce business to stay tuned and hit the subscribe button.

Some key points from the video include:

- In just ten days, I was able to generate over 10,000 euros in sales.

- I found a seasonal product that was in high demand for the holiday season.

- I used a platform called Shopify to build and scale my shop, which I highly recommend.

- I also utilized a sourcing platform called SourcinBox and a website builder called BeautySei to streamline the process.

- After the holiday season, I continued to generate organic sales, showing the potential for building a loyal customer base.

Overall, this experience was a great success, and I encourage anyone interested in starting their own e-commerce business to give it a try. With the right tools and strategies, it is possible to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

Coaching at Shopify

Coaching at Shopify: A Comprehensive Overview

- Speaker's introduction

- Context setting: what is coaching and why is the speaker discussing it

- Brief overview of the speaker's role at Shopify

What is coaching at Shopify?

- Definition of a coach at Shopify

- Unique aspect of wellbeing in coaching at Shopify

- Goal of coaching at Shopify

History of coaching at Shopify:

- The beginning of coaching at Shopify in 2011

- Expansion of coaching team and services over the years

How coaching is run at Shopify:

- Coaches Corner program: availability, levels of impact, booking process

- Details on booking and confirmation process

- Importance of feedback in improving coaching experience

Plans for the future:

- Overcoming existing limitations in the booking process

- Expanding coaching services to more teams within Shopify

- Summary of coaching at Shopify

- Appreciation for the opportunity to speak about coaching at Shopify.

Coaching at Shopify - Interview with a coach

Interview with Pierre Gautier on Coaching at Shopify

In this interview, Hass Acheson speaks with Pierre Gautier, a retired public servant turned coach at Shopify, about his journey as a coach and the evolution of coaching at Shopify.


Pierre Gautier spent 29 years at Statistics Canada in various management roles before becoming a certified integral master coach with Integral Coaching Canada in 2009. He then joined the Canada School of Public Service as a management course instructor before retiring in 2013.

Coaching at Shopify:

Gautier joined Shopify as a coach in 2013, initially working with a few clients before expanding to all leaders in the company. Coaching was offered based on the integral model, with a focus on development and learning. The appetite for growth was high, especially among younger employees. Coaching services expanded to include Coach's Corner, where employees can book sessions with coaches for 30 or 60 minutes. Senior leadership also has the option of one-on-one coaching with a dedicated coach. Coaching skills are integrated into leadership training, and there is a culture of growth and development at Shopify.

Types of Coaching:

Shopify offers coaching for individuals, teams, and peer coaching circles. Programs are constantly evolving based on data and effectiveness. The coaching approach is seamless and integrated into the company's culture.

Recommendations for Public Service:

Gautier recommends integrating coaching into public service culture, starting with executives and expanding to all employees. Coaching should focus on growth and development, and coaching skills should be integrated into leadership training. Programs should be constantly assessed and evolved based on data and effectiveness.

Coaching is a valuable tool for growth and development in the workplace. Shopify's integration of coaching into its culture is an excellent example of how coaching can contribute to a company's success. Public service can benefit from a similar approach to coaching.

Shopify | Course | Coaching | Community

Hey Claus here, welcome to another episode of the e-commerce coffee break. Today, I have some exciting news to share with you. We have finally opened the doors for the Get Conversions e-commerce membership program.

What is the Get Conversions Membership Program?

The Get Conversions membership program is a solution for business owners and marketers who want to remove the guesswork out of growing a business on the Shopify e-commerce platform. It offers a course, coaching, and a community.

Do You Need Help with Converting Traffic into Sales?

If you struggle to convert traffic into sales and turn visitors into buyers, the Get Conversions membership program offers you a solution. It offers coaching and mentoring to help you get through the process and give you instant feedback.

Do You Have Great Products but Low Conversion Rates?

If you have great products but for some reason your conversion rate is low, the Get Conversions membership program offers training on conversion and store optimization, email marketing automation, sales funnels, social media, and more.

Do You Need Help Scaling Your Business on Shopify?

If your growth has plateaued or slowed down, and you spend money on ads like Facebook or Google but don't get a good return on ad spend, the Get Conversions membership program can help you grow your business to the next level.

Get Conversions Membership Program Options:

The Get Conversions membership program offers two options:

1. Group coaching option - we would meet once a week for life for a two-hour coaching and mentoring session.

2. One-on-one coaching option - you can get as many coaching and mentoring calls as you need.

Benefits of the Get Conversions Membership Program:

The program is a done-with-you implementation and mentoring program that offers an intensive online curriculum, live Q&A coaching and mentoring calls, and a supportive community of store owners from around the world.

If you want to be part of the Get Conversions membership program, click the link below the video and it will take you directly to an overview that gives you all the details. The membership is open now, but will be limited in the beginning to a certain number of people only so that we can really focus on helping you take your e-commerce store to the next level. If you have any questions in regards to the membership program, please reply to this email or comment below the video or podcast, and I will get you all the details. I hope that makes sense, and I'll hear and see you in the next e-commerce coffee break. Have a good one!

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