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shopify curbside pickup

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to set up local pickup || Shopify Help Center

make it easy for customers to get your products by setting up local pickup. customers can pick up their online orders at your retail store, curbside or any location that you choose. hey everyone, i'm ali. today i'm going to take you through how to set up local pickup in your shopify admin. don't forget to subscribe and ring that notification bell for the next video on how to fulfill pickup orders. first things first. you don't need a retail storefront to offer local pickup. pickup can be anywhere you stok, inventory or fulfill orders. local pickup is available in your shipping settings if you're eligible to use it. for a complete list of eligibility requirements, click the link in the description. before you set up local pickup, you need to complete the following steps. first, confirm that your location names are easy to understand and their addresses are correct. customers see these details at checkout, so make it easy to understand where they need to go to pick up their order. next, open each location and confirm that the box fulfill online orders from this location is checked. otherwise, pickup won't be available. back on the location settings page, check that your fulfillment priority is up to date. for example, we enabled fulfill online orders for the los angeles retail store, since this location has low stok levels. we need to make sure that the los angeles fulfillment priority is on the lowest tier. this ensures that the locations with more stok ship the online orders first, reserving stok for pickup orders in la. speaking of stok levels, you need to make sure that your products are stoked properly at your locations. if a product is out of stok at a pickup location, then the pickup option won't be available at checkout. so make sure your inventory count is up to date. next, disable any pickup apps you have installed. multiple pickup options will cause a conflict at checkout and during fulfillment. and finally, make sure that any staff who are packaging orders have access to the shopify admin or pos. if you'd like some more information on any of the setup requirements just mentioned, all of the help artikles are listed below. now that you're done setting up your store, you can activate local pickup from your shopify admin. to start, click settings and then click shipping and delivery. scroll down to the section local pickup. you need to set up the local pickup option for each location that you want to have pickup. click manage beside the location you want to enable, then select this location offers local pickup under information at checkout. choose a time frame from the drop down menu for expected pickup times. select something that gives you or your staff enough time to get the packages ready. your customers see these details at checkout so they have an idea when to expect their order. next, you have the option to enter pickup instructions for your customers. in this example, we're offering curbside pickup. in the instructions we explain the procedure for picking up orders and how we're maintaining physical distance. we also include a disclaimer that orders can only be picked up during the hours of 8 am to 8 pm monday through friday. this ensures that customers do not come to the location when we're not available. you don't need to add any information about shipping costs because by default, shipping is always free for pickup orders. when you're done, click save, then go back to the shipping and delivery settings page. here you can see the los angeles location has been updated to offer pickup. don't forget you need to complete these steps for every location where you want to offer pickup. if you ever need to make changes to the pickup settings, click manage beside the location and make adjustments as needed. if you want to disable pickup, uncheck this location offers pickup and click save and you're all done with setup. your customers now have the option to select pickup when they check out on your online store, to see what pickup looks like on your online store and how to fulfill pickup orders. keep watching for the next video. don't forget to visit helpshopifycom for more information.

Shopify Local, CurbSide, Storefront Pickup for Online Orders

everybody, this is Ori from Astor web and I'm gonna introduce to you the Shopify built in local pickup, curbside pickup, storefront pickup feature, which is basically a delivery method. so this is a new feature, as is 20/20, and a lot of businesses now want to add a new local pickup. right. so, come to you about the store pickup: as long as you've paid before pick it up, take the product and finish instead of shipping it to your house. so shipping to your house would use like DHL, FedEx, etc. local pickup would, after the order is created, a customer would get an email say hey, come to this address, etc. so I'm gonna show you the concepts and how to set it up and how it works, okay. so first of all, what I want to do is I want to go to settings and I want to enable it. so settings and shipping and what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna go here and I'm gonna go to the additional delivery methods and I'm gonna look at this thing called local pickup and here it's gonna list all of my warehouses, right. so if you have warehouses, you would go here settings locations and these are the warehouses that are configured. I have two, for example. this is for multi warehouse this thing, okay. so I'm gonna go back to settings and go to shipping and I'm gonna enable it. if you've never enabled this before, you're gonna have a button here called setup. you're gonna click on it and then you're gonna follow steps, which basically brings you right here. so let's say I only want to, I have two locations, two warehouses or two storefronts, and that my inventory is here and they can pick it up from here. so what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go, for example, to this one, I'm gonna click on manage and I'm gonna say, oh, I can offer a local pickup here and I'm gonna fill up the settings, which is very basic. for example, they can pick it up for hours after the order. and then the order notification. once they get an order notification, it'll tell them some instructions. what do they need to do when they come, for example, bring your ID. okay. so, and you can edit this- I'm going to click on save if I want to enable it. for the other one, I can also do this here: click enable, fill it up, but for now I'm only gonna allow this. so when you did this, there's additional delivery method. so when the customer goes to checkout, they can select: either ship it to you to themselves, or they can select the Pickett locally. let me show you how it works and how you actually process an order and how the customer experiences it. okay, so let's go here, right here, and I'm going to go as a friend and as a customer and I'm gonna go and I'm gonna browse a site and I'm gonna find a product and I want to go buy it. okay, so here I click on Add to Cart, I'm gonna go to my shopping cart, okay, and I'm just gonna proceed to checkout. so let's click on checkout right here. now you're here, you're gonna see the different things. so, because we've enabled pickup, there's no just delivery, there's also a pickup right here. right, so let's go here. I'm gonna put my email in. I'm gonna click on pickup now you see all of the available warehouses, locations are here and here's my message: usually ready within four hours, right, and the shipping is free by default to shop. if I pick up in store, curbside pickup, it's only has the free shipping. you cannot currently add some extra fees for that. okay, so I'm going to continue payment and this is a temporary. this is a demo store, just for the videos I'm creating, and this credit card is a fake one, so don't worry about it, but in the real one they'd have to make an order and pay. okay, so I'm just gonna make up something and put some stuff and I'm going to make an order. let's do this and select this and I'm gonna make an order. okay, great. so now. now I made an order. now the order will be processed, assuming when it goes through. now I'm gonna get an email notification. okay, so I got all my information. you'll receive an order when your order is ready for pickup. okay, because the warehouse needs to, you know, pick and pack, take a packing slip, get the Box, put everything together and then notify the customer. so let's look at it. so now, as a customer, I should receive an email. right, so I got an email. okay, this is just my normal email. and I got my confirmed email. okay, great. so now I got my cup for an email. now let me go back. let me go to the admin right here, back-end. I'm gonna go to orders now. when you look at your order grid, you'll be able to see this icon right here. this is an icon that the order should be picks up in store. if you notike, it was paid, but it is unfulfilled. I'm going to click on it and I'm going to go and I'm actually gonna prepare for pickup. I need to prepare it, right, my packing slips, okay, so I'm going to click here, prepare. and now I have my information, I can print the packing slip right here. okay, so I can print it and I can go to my warehouse, do what I normally do. I have the paper, I go, I find the product, I put it in the box, I put the stikers, I print. you know all that, all of the process that you do. you do that. okay. then what I want to do is, when the product is ready, the box is ready, I'm going to send a notification to the customer. but first of all, I wanted to show you that I can also also customise this email. this will send an email to the customer that just ordered. how do you customize that email? you go to settings- notifications- and you go to then a search for pickup. okay, so there's two emails. one is this one which is when it's ready for order, ready, send it notification. it's ready for pickup, you're gonna go here. so this is the notification, this is a subject line, this is the content. you can change that if you know HTML, not ask developer. okay, the other one is. so I'm gonna go ahead and click on send notification. when I did it it was sent right here and then, if you notike, it is ready for pickup. so let me go here, let me go back. okay, now it's ready for pickup. you see, there's an extra. it's kind of difference. it's half-full if you notike that right there. okay, so now as a customer, I should get an email. let's see that. I got an email. great, I got the email says: hey, you're ready. this was the instructions we set up in the in settings, if you remember. and then here's the address: great, okay, so now I'm gonna go here. it's ready now. let's assume the customer went to the curbside. I got it, they beep for me, or they came in, or whatever. I give them the package, I come back and I mark it as picked up. okay, market is picked up and that's it. my order should be complete. let's look at this. okay, so she looks like this: picked up. let me go here. that's it. it was paid, it was fulfilled, everything's good. I finished, I can move on to the next order. so that's basically it. this is everything you need to know about this basic functionality: curbside pickup and you know you know basically pickup in your store. I hope you enjoyed this video. it's really simple. if you have any questions, let me know. in the future we'll make third-party app extensions, all these things like delivery dates and other things we'll get into it. once I create a, I'll link in this video. hope you enjoyed this video. if you have any questions, let me know. I really appreciate you guys listening to my videos. thank you again, really appreciate it.

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Shopify Tutorial: Shopify Pickup

how's it going? people? jeff here from ecom geeks, today we're going to be toking about local pickup. let's get to it. the first step with local pickup is to go into your locations. you can see here that i put up three demo locations here now. one of them is a warehouse and the other two are retail stores. first, let's go into one of these locations. it's really important that you check off the fulfill online orders from this location. without it, you won't be able to fulfill online orders or pick up deliveries. the other thing you have to be careful of is your location name. when customers go through the checkout process, people will actually see what you've named your different stores. you want to make sure that it's very clear as to what type of store they are going to and make sure that it makes sense. now that we've set up our different locations, there's one other step we need to do before we move on. you'll notike that this location here, the calgary retail store, is actually at the top, even though our default location is the auto warehouse. now, this is important because shopify prioritizes how you fill orders from the top down. let me make this a little bit more clear. if we scroll down to the bottom. here we can see a list of our locations. we also want to go into edit fulfillment priority here. we want to try and fill as many online orders through our warehouse than our online stores, because we want to ensure that we still have stok within these other two locations. so most of the orders are going to first try and go through the warehouse. this means that shopify will first try to fulfill online orders, regardless of whether they are local pickup or simply online orders that need to be shipped. it first goes to the audible warehouse here, then it goes to the other retail stores. even though we haven't seen change up here, if we do scroll down, we can now find that the primary location is first the warehouse, thus saving stok for our two retail stores below. next we're going to go back to our settings here and then we're going to go to shipping and delivery. on this page we're going to scroll down to local pickup. now you can see by default that none of these locations offer pickup. we're going to have to go into each of these and enable local pickup. so let's click on manage. next we simply click: this location offers local pickup. this gives us a whole bunch of other options here. so, first off, you want to make sure that you set a reasonable expected pickup time. by default it's 24 hours. i mean, if you're running a retail store, it's going to be much faster than that, most likely within two hours. that being said, when you do fulfill a an order in terms of local pickup, it will send a notification to the customer to inform them that, yes, their order is ready to pick up. the next section here is simply displaying what our customers are going to see at the checkout. we toked about this before, so i'm not going to go into any further detail. the other thing you'll notike is that, by default, any local pickups offer free shipping. you don't need to go in and edit your shipping preferences so that you know it doesn't charge them. it does it automatikally. the next section that we have is what the customer will actually receive in terms of a notification when they make their order. it's really important that you put a couple of key things in here, the first being when the store is actually open, so that they can actually go to pick things up. not only have i added what times our stores open from, i've also added a little piece in here about having a government issued photo id so that we can actually ensure that you are the customer. you can put anything in here that is relevant to your situation. currently, when this video is being recorded, we're still dealing with code and quarantine, so you might want to put in some information there about social distancing and what uh whatever guidelines that you have to follow within your location. now that we've done that, click save. now, when we go back to our shipping and delivery settings and scroll down to local pickup, you can see that our retail store does offer local pickup. now to do the other two stores, we just simply go through the same steps that we just did. you can still have your warehouse as a local pickup location. you just might have to add a little bit more information on where the customer would have to go to actually pick it up from the warehouse location. so there you go. that's how to add local delivery to your online store. i hope that helps and i'll catch you next time looking to improve your store? hire a geek. we offer individual store optimizations, one-on-one training, as well as workshops. check out the description below for more information.

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How to setup the Local Delivery/Local Pick-up Feature in Shopify 2021

[Music]. hey guys, thank you for joining me- my name is carrie- with core marketing group, your shopify experts, and today we are toking about local pickup and local delivery options with shopify. so this is a feature that was recently rolled out- probably, i want to say three or four months ago- and it's super simple to set up. so i'm gonna do a quick walkthrough on how to set it up and the different customizations that you can do. so first thing you wanna do is you wanna navigate over to your settings and we're going to hit locations. so the main thing is you want to make sure your location information is correct, so you can add up to eight locations- even more if you have a bigger plan- but this will allow you to be able to specify which location that you want to offer pick up and delivery from. so if you needed to change your information- this is usually set up when you first set up your shopify site- it's going to take the address that you put in. so if you need to update this location, you would do so here and then just go ahead and say so. then we're going to go back over to shipping and delivery under settings. so you're going to see this local delivery option. so we're going to hit manage and we're going to click that it does offer local delivery. so you have a couple different options. you can set it on a delivery radius, so say we want to be able to deliver within 20 miles from our location, okay. and say the minimum orders five dollars, um gonna remove, and then the delivery price- i don't know- is two dollars, right. and then if you want to do conditional pricing, you can do orders from five dollars up or an additional cost. so if we did five dollars to um, you know 10 and then. so if it's a larger item, then it's, you know, free, free delivery, okay. and then you can put your delivery information here and that's going to go out in their order confirmation notike. the other options is to use the zip code so you can implement specific zip codes you want to be able to deliver to, and there's also an option to include, like neighboring states or regions. so i'm going to hit save and then so when we go to our website, i've got my item in the cart and if i go to checkout, based on the information that i have, i'm going to get the local delivery as an option. so then it will ask the customer to put in their mobile number and then, if there's any delivery instructions that are optional, like drop off by the door, or if there's a gate code to the community that can be used, and then they'll continue to payment. so that is how you set up local shipping: super simple, super easy. so we're gonna go back over here, i'm gonna leave this local delivery and now we're gonna go over to local pickup- kind of the same process. you click on it, you activate it and you're going to have the options for information at checkout so your expected pickup time can be whatever you want it to be. so we're going to choose like four hours and this is the location that they can pick up. to remember, if you have more than one location, you can go back to your location setups and add additional locations- maybe if you even had temporary ones, you could set those up as well- and then you can add your order, your pickup notification. so if it's like curbside pickup or what customers need to do when they arrive at your store for pickup, so it's going to send them that information. so we're going to hit save and we're gonna go back to our website. we're gonna hit refresh and i'm gonna go check out. and now we have. if i go back to information, now we're gonna have the pickup option. so if i wanted to choose that continue to payment, then we would be able to do local pickup for that. so those are the simplified instructions for local pickup and local delivery. if you have any questions, as always, you can connect with us on instagram at coremarketing, or you can check out our website at coremarketinggroupcom. thank you.

How to fulfill local pickup orders || Shopify Help Center

if you set up local pickup for your shopify store and you're ready to start fulfilling orders, then keep watching, and if you're new to the channel, hit that subscribe button and ring the notification bell for the most up-to-date content every week. hey everyone, i'm ali. i'm going to show you what customers see when they select the pickup option on your shopify checkout and i'm going to take you through the complete guide for how to fulfill pickup orders in the pos and the shopify admin. to fulfill pickup orders on the pos, you need to be using shopify pos pro. if you're using shopify pos lite, which is included in all shopify plans, or pos classic, then you need to fulfill your pickup orders in the shopify admin. let's get started with an example of checkout on the alley athletiks store. here the customer has two options: to have the item shipped or to choose pickup. right now, the ali athletik store has pickup enabled in three locations. after the customer selects pickup, they see the locations available and they can select which location is most convenient for them. because this t-shirt only has product availability in san francisco. that location is the only option displayed, but if we update this t-shirt's inventory at the new york location, then the customer will see this option at checkout too. it's important to remember that the location for pickup only shows if all of the products in that order are in stok at that location. in this example, the customer selects the new york location and sees the estimated pickup time. after the customer finishes checking out, they're sent the order confirmation. this tells the customer. they'll receive another notification when their order is ready for pickup. here's an example of an email confirmation. next it's time to fulfill the pickup order on the shopify pos. just a reminder: you need to be using shopify pos pro to fulfill pickup orders on the pos. i'll show you two different pos fulfillment methods today. the first is through the order section and the second is a streamlined method through the smart grid. let's look at the order section first, from the home page, tap the menu icon. here you can double check which location you're logged into to make sure you're fulfilling from the right location. then tap orders to filter your pickup orders. tap online under sale type. then, under delivery method, tap local pickup. find the unfulfilled pickup order you're looking for and open it. use the details on this page to gather all of the items for the order. then tap ready for pickup. if you have a printer connected, you can print a packing slip to include with the order when everything is packaged and labeled. tap send pickup notification, then tap continue. your customer is then sent a notification that their order is ready for pickup. when they arrive, find their order through the global search bar or the order section and tap to open it. if you printed the order's pickup slip, then you can also scan the qr code to find the order, tap mark as picked up and then tap continue. you can also send a pickup confirmation from this page if you'd like tap done. to finish, let's fulfill another pickup order using the smart grid. if you haven't already added the pickup tile, you can do that now. start by tapping add tile, then fulfillment add view local pickup orders and then tap done. on the tile you see a number icon that tells you how many orders need to be prepared for pickup. when you open the tile, you see two tabs: prepare for pickup and ready for pickup. under prepare for pickup, find the order that you need to prep and tap to open it. use the details on this page to gather all of the items for the order and tap ready for pickup. if you have a printer connected, you can also print a packing slip to include with your order when everything is packaged and labeled. tap send pickup notification. then tap continue. your customer is then sent a notification that their order is ready for pickup. when the customer arrives, open the local pickup tile and tap ready for pickup. find the order and open it. tap, mark is picked up and then continue. you can also send a pickup confirmation from this page if you'd like. tap done to finish, and that's it. once an order is marked as picked up, it's no longer visible in the pickup tile, but you can always find it later in the order section of the pos or in the shopify admin. next, let's fulfill a pickup order in the shopify admin. you can also use the shopify mobile app if you'd prefer. from the shopify admin, click orders under delivery method. you see the orders that are marked as local pickup. find the order that you want to fulfill and open it. use the details on this page to gather all of the items for the order. then click ready for pickup. from here you have the option to print a packing slip to include with the order when everything is packaged and labeled. click send pickup notification. a pickup notification is sent to the customer and includes any pickup instructions you created. when your customer arrives, you can find the order by searching for the customer's profile or order number in the order section. if the customer would like to make changes to their order, click edit. from here you can search for products to add, adjust quantity or remove items. since i don't need to make any changes to this order, i'm going to click. mark is picked up. the order is now marked as fulfilled. now you know how to fulfill pickup orders in the pos and the shopify admin. don't forget to subscribe for new tutorials every week from the shopify help center and if you have any questions, don't forget to visit us at helpshopifycom for more information.

Local pick up option Shopify customization

hi, this is craig from black anvil digital foundry. in this demo video i am going to highlight a shopify site customization that i did in order to enable a client to customize a pickup option for their shopify site. so obviously, shopify allows for products to be shipped and it does allow out of the box for a pickup option. however, there isn't really much of an option to customize it without actually going in and doing some custom coding. so let me first demonstrate what the shop looked like in the functionality it had prior to this customization. so you could see, this shop specializes in cmos products and i'm just going to add one to the cart. we'll choose this one and now it's added to the cart and we will go and simulate a checkout and here we have a quantity of two of this mango cmos gel in my cart and you'll see i just have the standard sort of checkout button, update cart button or continue shopping. now, if i go to checkout- and again, this is before the customization- this is the sort of out of the box functionality that shopify allows for a pickup option so you can choose to ship or pick up for delivery. however, there's no way on this checkout page to specify pick up locations or dates or times that one could pick up their items. so let's move to the new theme that's been customized and we'll see in the cart we have our same quantity of two of the same mango cmos gel. but now, instead of simply the check out and update cart and continue shopping options, we have this box to with the drop down menu to select shipping or local pickup, and you notike that the client wanted this, wanted each customer to select one or the other. so if i try to check out without selecting an option there, i get a notification to please select shipping or local pickup. so i can select shipping and i could check out as as one normally would. or if i select the local pickup option, it opens up some text that shows where two pickup locations are, and it also opens up a new drop down menu and a notification at the bottom that you must also choose the pickup option on the next page to avoid a shipping charge, which is a nice reminder to the clients or notification to the clients in case they weren't aware of that. so, um, if i try to check out without selecting a date and time, i will get another little notification. please like to pick up date time above. that's part of the customization. now, this drop down menu, all of these dates and times were nicely enabled by a customization in the section settings, and blocks were set up here so that the store owner, as you can see over here on the left, can simply add dates and times, uh, when he or she is available for pickups to be made. so i could add a date and time and click there and then in this box add a data type and time, and then that would appear. let's go back here and reload this. um. sometimes when you mess with the section settings, it sort of resets your page a little bit, uh, in the customizer. so i'm going to reload it. but that just shows that the store owner has complete control over when pickup times and days are available. so once we get reloaded here, we will finish up the demo. internet is running a bit slow, okay, so here we are, um, and now i can select a date and time for pickup and, uh, check out, and then this information would be sent, along with the order as a note on the order to the site owner so that he or she knows when someone will be coming for a pickup. so there you have it. uh, this is a customization that would be useful to uh many who might want a local pickup option. thanks for your attention.