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shopify custom order form

Published on: February 22 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the creator teaches how to build custom forms for Shopify stores without needing any code. Here are the steps to follow:

- Create a contact us page on Shopify

- Use Autopilot to customize and style the form

- Paste the form code onto the contact us page


1. Create a contact us page on Shopify by navigating to Online Store > Pages > Add a New Page and naming it Contact Us

2. Save the page and add it to the main menu by selecting the link added to the navigation and dragging it to the desired location

3. Log into Autopilot and navigate to Marketing > Capture > New Widget > Start from Scratch > Form

4. Customize the form by changing the title to Get in Touch, rearranging the fields, making certain fields required, and adding a reason type field

5. Adjust the button and thank you page to fit the website's style

6. Copy the embed code and paste it onto the contact us page by selecting Show HTML, pasting the code, and saving the page

- Autopilot's form building capability is powerful and versatile

- The form's performance can be monitored through Autopilot's report tab

- By following these steps, anyone can add custom forms to their Shopify store without needing any code.

How to sell custom orders on Shopify

In this video, the speaker discusses how to customize your Shopify account. She explains the importance of personalization and offers a step-by-step guide on how to add options like size, name, date needed by, etc. to your products.

Customization options:

- Use the Variant Customer Product Options app

- Choose between the free or paid version

- Add options like size, name, date needed by, etc.

- Charge extra for certain options (e.g. larger sizes)

Benefits of customization:

- Increases customer satisfaction

- Allows for more personalized products

- Can lead to higher sales

Customizing your Shopify account can be a great way to improve your online store and increase customer satisfaction. With the Variant Customer Product Options app, adding customization options to your products is simple and can lead to higher sales in the long run.

How to create customizable products in Shopify (FREE)

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How to Create Custom Orders Using A Shopify App

How to Set Up Custom Orders on Your Shopify Website

In this video, we will be discussing how to set up custom orders on your Shopify website. We use an app called Variant Option Product Options, which costs $14.99 a month, but it is worth it because it allows customers to customize everything about their bag from hardware to lining.

Setting Up Custom Orders:

- Each bag has its own listing: To make it easy for customers to order, we create a listing for each bag we offer. This way, they can easily find what they want and customize it to their liking.

- Add information to your listings: We make sure to include as much information as possible in each listing to alleviate any questions customers may have. This includes fabric options, turnaround time, and any extra options that may cost more.

- Offer fabric listings: We recently started offering fabric listings to make it easier for customers to choose the fabric they want for their bag. We add a note that the fabric is rotational and not guaranteed.

- Use the Variant Option Product Options app: This app allows customers to choose from different options for their bag, including exterior fabric, lining color, hardware, and extra pockets. It also automatically adds any extra costs to the total.

Setting up custom orders on your Shopify website can be time-consuming, but it is worth it to offer customers exactly what they want. By using an app like Variant Option Product Options and creating individual listings for each bag, you can make the process easy and seamless for both you and your customers. Remember to include as much information as possible in your listings to avoid any confusion or refunds.

Free Shopify Wig Order Form

How to Use Infinite Product Options by Hulk Apps on Shopify for Your Wig Form

As a business owner, it is essential to have a user-friendly website that makes shopping easy for your customers. This article will guide you on how to use Infinite Product Options by Hulk Apps on Shopify to create a wig form that is specific to your customers' needs.


1. Log in to your Shopify account and visit the Shopify App Store.

2. Search for Infinite Options and download the app.

3. Click on Options and Add New to create options for your wig form.

4. Enter the display name and unique name for each option.

5. Choose the type of option you want, such as check boxes or radio buttons.

6. Add charges to specific options if necessary.

7. Click Save to save each option.

8. Add new options until you have included all the required fields for your wig form.

9. Go to Option Settings and Option Sets to add your options to your wig form.

10. Choose the required options and drag and drop them into the desired order.

11. Save your wig form and view it in-store to ensure it is working correctly.

By using Infinite Product Options by Hulk Apps on Shopify, you can create a customized wig form that allows your customers to choose the specific features they desire. This will make shopping easier for them, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. Follow the steps outlined in this article to create a successful wig form for your business.

Shopify: How to create quick order form on your website

In this video, Robin Filter teaches viewers how to create a quick order form for their customers to select multiple products from the same page. Here are the steps to follow:

- Robin Filter welcomes viewers to his video and introduces the topic of creating a quick order form for customers.

Steps to create the order form:

1. Create a collection of products you want to include in the order form.

- Go to your products and create a collection titled All (or any other name) with the recommendation to automatically include all products with a price greater than zero.

- Check that the collection handle is handy and visible in the website's SEO.

2. Edit HTML/CSS and create a new template under the template folder.

- Go to your online store, click on the three dots and select Edit HTML/CSS.

- Create a new template and name it Order form.

- Copy the custom code provided in the description and paste it into the order form liquid file.

- Check the first line of code to make sure it reflects the name of your collection handle.

3. Create a new page for the order form.

- Go to Pages on the left-hand side and create a new page named Order form (or any other name you prefer).

- Make the template suffix to page.orderform and save it.

- Once the above steps are completed, customers can select multiple products from the same page, input the quantity, and add them to their cart.

- Robin Filter reminds viewers that if they have any difficulties or suggestions for future topics, they can leave a comment below.

How to Ship International Shopify Orders - Custom Forms/Packaging Tips

Packaging and Preparing Shopify Orders for International Shipping

In this video, we will be showing you how to package and prepare Shopify orders for international shipping. We will cover the HS code, printing the label, custom forms, and more.

HS Code:

- Before printing the label, make sure each product on your site has a unique HS code for international orders.

- The HS code tells Customs what is inside the package, allowing them to regulate it.

Printing the Label:

- Package the order with a packing slip and air bubbles.

- Use duct tape to secure the box if necessary.

- Print the label on a 4x6 thermal label and stick it on the outside of the box.

- Use a resealable packing pouch to store the custom forms and stick it on the outside of the box.

Custom Forms:

- Fill out the commercial invoices for UPS and fold them in half.

- Sign each page three times or use custom signature stamps.

- Stick the custom forms inside the packing slip and zip it up.

- Put a piece of tape over it to ensure it doesn't come undone.


- Follow the same steps as UPS, but the label and custom form will look different.

- There is no need to sign the custom form for USPS.

Custom Fees:

- International shipping can be expensive, and there may be custom fees.

- Let your customers know that there may be fees, usually around 5% of the worth of the product.

Preparing Shopify orders for international shipping can be a complex process, but following these steps will ensure that your package arrives at its destination safely and efficiently. Good luck with your Shopify site and happy shipping!

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