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shopify developer india

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ?

[Music]. hello, in this video I'm going to show you how much money shall fight developer and should wait agencies are going to make out of show fight. this is going to be a short video, so I'm going to try to show you some of the companies that are going to build up and some of the shockwave agencies all the way to make money. so I will show you practikal example of them. so here we go, if I come to the shop while you are here. so in the episode there are a hundred and thousands of small apps that are fixing some of the missing feature in Shopify. of course, most of software clients need to have, like a smart website, so that's why they are going to use these apps to fix those issues that so if I don't give you. there are so many missing feature in Shopify, so maybe one of these apps can be yours in the future. so for now I will show you two apps here. one of them is popular and the other one is a little pricey and you might be surprised how many people install them and use them despite the fact, like, how much they are pricey and how easy it is to make if you are a developer. one of them is called product filter and search. this app is popular and I like it because this is going to give you a nice search feature. it is like Al gulia. so what the app is going to cost, I'm not going to see how the app is going to do so- the app will cost $90 per month. if you have 1,000 product, it is good. if you have, let's see, mm, mm. 2500 product, then you must use the other prong, which is $29, and I'm sure if you have a store- most of them, most of the time you are- products might exceed more than 500 thousand. that's why most people use this one and imagine how many people are going to it for the app. if, let's say, 498 of them give review, I think 50 percent of people give reviewed. other one do not give any reviews. so let's see how many people they have, how many customers they have who are using the store and you are making a lot of money out of their app. so all they have to do is just support their app and they are going to generate money for them monthly, which is a lot of money and it is not I'm payment and like word, please, some of WordPress plugins. so this is one of the popular apps and Shopify. the other one is not too popular, but this is very pricey. this is called full sixty- shockable in a serum. if I scroll down to the pricing, it costs $50 per month, and this is for one side and this is not all the features. if you are going to use the complete feature, you have to be 300, and I have seen some of our clients. they are using this, the complete plan here, and they are paying 300, which is more than shop five monthly payment, but it still they use it because they need it. it is not too difficult. all it is going to do is it is going to bring some of this shoppable Instagram post through your website. and there are some other feature analytiks. if you're a developer, that is that is very easy to make, so, but these people have made the app and there are a lot of customer who are using their app. so let's come to the next section, which is going to be the themes that people are stealing. you might check out themeforestnet. they are selling shop fighting for $60 maximum, like they have $30, $20 also so. but there is a website called out of the box, they are shocked by partner and they are selling their team on four hundred and fifty dollar. 350, 350, that is Shopify team and every license is four hundred and fifty dollar and this website is so popular. I think they still more than 50 item lists, the 50 team per day. I'm not sure and just just as estimation, but they are selling a lot of product I am sure and that's why, like, if an historian, Shopify is going to make least a 20,000 per day, 400 is nothing. they are going to pay for a team if the team is worthy of that. so how about Shopify agencies, the people who are making team from scratch, from start to finish? those team are going to cost between 20 to $50,000 and I'm toking about US dollar. like some Shopify stores it cost. like, if you want to build a software store for any brand, it will cost fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars to build them. you know I have built websites for $300 in the past for people. 300. yeah, that has nothing. using WordPress, you just do a little customization and basically stuff. but I have not seen people charge seventy five thousand us dollar for Shopify is tours. the reason: brands, big brands- are going to pay money because they want a unique product. that's why it is very important for them. so if someone is making a team from scratch for any client- and that is going to be a very customized team- that will cost between 20 to $75,000. and if someone is going to customize anything, let's say you buy a team from any store and you customize it. of course, the teams that you are going to buy it does not have everything out of the box. you will have to add more features, you have to configure it with the app. those themes cost between 10 to 20 thousand dollars, just the customization, and you know how much money that is. that's why I see developers. we make a lot of money. why you are not one of them? so you can be a Shopify app. developer apps are good, like they have the freedom to do anything they want. but teams are a little different. so if you are developing a team, you have to find the customer that you want for the apps. they are already in the software market also. software has a team market that you can sell your team. so I'm going to show you how to build Shopify team from start to finish. also, I'm going to show you how to build shop for apps. I'll show you how to build show fire app. we using level and view G's, which is going to cover everything you need to know about shop for API: how you can access them, how you can install them and how you can charge the user. everything you need to know about creating your basic shop way up. once you learn everything, you can start creating your own app and then you can start selling them and put a price on it. I will see you in the next video. Shopify team development.

Thinking About DROPSHIPPING In 2022? | Watch This Video First | DROPSHIPPING-1 | VICKY TALKS

[Music] drop. let's get into the video. [Music] number platforms like [Music], [Music]. this is thanks, guys, for watching. please subscribe and support this channel. see you guys in the next video.

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$25,000 Per Month on Shopify App | Web Developer | Software Engineer

hey, guys, in this video, we are going to be toking about how a team of one developer and a marketing guy literally created an application within a few months that is now generating literally 25 000 a month right now on shopify applications, right. so this is going to be a new series. i'm going to go over a lot of different applications from shopify and other platforms so you guys can see how people are actually making income on their own, independently, which is the key of all of this. right, i'm trying to teach you guys how to code, but then, at the same time, i want you guys to have that mentality of, hey, i have the skills. let me put this to work for myself too. okay, so shout out to the creators of this uh platform- right, this application. we got your boy, pre-time nav, and his other partner, which is the developer, sankal jonah. right, sorry from butchering your name, guys. you know, you know it is what it is, okay, sorry, i love you guys, uh, but let's go into it. so i actually found pretend from twitter, where you know i'm super deep into shopify applications, guys, and you guys should be too, so pretty much, i'm following everything that has to do with shopify apps and shopify uh income of for developers right as a partner, and i found this on twitter: right, how i grew my shopify micro software as a service to 25 000 monthly recurring payments right in 14 months. right. so he has a blog post which i'm going to share this with you guys on the description, so you guys can also go and read this. but it's super interesting, right? this application that they created is something that any one of us can actually, you know, do if you have the skills right, and, at the same time, you can actually go and think of this right like this is like brilliant to me. right, like why wouldn't somebody use uh, something like whatsapp, especially when whatsapp is like global, everywhere that you go anywhere from columbia to dominican republic, to india, to pakistan, to freaking china, all the way to japan, europe, everybody's using whatsapp right. so this guy's created an application that basically communicates with shopify right, and when there's a sale right, they basically are able to send uh receipts to somebody's phone directly to their whatsapp. right, they also have a button where they can communicate with the store right, uh, through that whatsapp button. right? uh, there's a whole bunch of other things and features, like abandoned cart recovery, uh whatsapp crm- right. things like send order confirmation, delivery updates, feedback reviews. uh- automated messages. uh- whatsapp share- right. whatsapp support. uh- whatsapp chat box- right, which is what i was toking about. but, like i said, right, these guys didn't start with all of these features. they started with the idea of how can we connect right, connect a shopify store right, and be able to use the whatsapp api and be able to communicate through there and add a couple of the features as they go right. and to me, this is super interesting because i'm like man, how many of us, you know, probably think of ideas like this, right, but never actually execute it. so this guys, they actually went in and and actually got it done, man, you know, and right now they're, they're going up, right, so this is their earnings over time. so this is something that i always tell you guys in the beginning, right, when you're first starting up on any type of idea, you're not gonna find like huge success, right. you might find like the first four months is going to be really slow, right, or maybe 30 dollars, maybe 50, 60, 100, right, little by little it starts going up, okay, the more time that you put into it, the more that you promote your applications. this is how things, you know, start going and then from there there's a drop, and i've seen this done in everything from niche websites to, you know, even youtube to, uh, any type of platform. you'll see like a drop and then from there it goes up and then there's a spike. that always happens, and different nails stay steady at this number. then it drops and then from there it does another spike. right, that happens all the time from hard work. now. now, like i said before in previous videos, you know, becoming a shopify partner is a game changer. right now, guys, especially for us web developers and guys like myself who consider ourselves, you know, independent developers, indeed, developers. right, we're trying to make income on our own, without having to need a company to write us a check every single week or every two weeks. right, like we want to make our own money. right, yeah, we could work for somebody, but in it, better if you could work on your own projects, on your own ideas, and get paid for it, okay, so this is what shopify provides us with: this partnership. okay, and these guys, they're, you know, they're taking advantage of what they have, right? i don't know exactly where they live, if they live here in the united states or they live in canada or europe, right? or maybe they live in asia, but you know, i'm reading this thing. you know their minimum goal was at some point to make fifteen hundred dollars a month, right, and that they're gonna pop bottles if they. they get three thousand dollars a month. so i don't know where they live right now, right. but imagine if they do live in asia and they're making 25 000 a month. bro, you're living like a king. you know, this is like one of those situations where, even if you are like, let's say, somebody who lives in- you know, europe, or you live in asia or africa or south america, right? you know, you hear all these great stories about people that work here in the united states and they're making a hundred thousand dollars a year, and you're probably wondering in your house. you're like, man, i wish i could do that, and it's like you don't need to wish you could do it. you just got to go and start creating applications on the right platforms. okay, and that's what i'm here for. i'm trying to give you guys this knowledge so you guys can use up this knowledge and soak it up and use it for whatever you want to do, you're going to say like you could soak it up and not do anything, or you could soak it up and, you know, put yourself into action and try to get this, this income. okay, because, if you know, if i lived in dominican republic, this is what i want to do. like i don't want to work remotely for somebody and getting like 12.50- you know 50- cents on on fiverr or something like that. like i'm trying to build my own company so i can make income for myself. okay, we live in a global economy, guys, all right, so it is what it is. now, for those of you guys that are interested in learning how to do this, i have a career bundle on codingfacecom. uh, most of you guys might know- most of you guys might not know- that that's what we have there and it's called the shopify app developer bundle. again, i have two of them. i have the shopify theme developer, which is for guys that want to create themes and know more about the front end- okay. and then we have the shopify app developer bundle. okay, now, in this bundle, we go into everything that has to do with the back end, because when you're creating applications, this is more backend than front end. okay, like this is more work in the back end: dealing with databases or connecting to api, setting up the servers, etc. right, so that's what we teach you guys on this bundle. all, right, now i'm gonna leave on the link- uh, below right somewhere in the description or on the comment section, a link directly to to the course so you guys can check it out and you know shopify app developer career bundle is definitely worth it, right? especially when you get crazy returns like this and and learn these skills, like all the skills that you have here, regardless of anything, are skills that you can use at a job. okay, so some people might think like, well, joe, you're trying to get me into becoming a shopify app developer, but i just want to get a job. it's like, bro, this is the same thing. if you want to become a back-end developer, i'm basically giving you everything that you need to become a nodejs developer. right, javascript back in full stack.

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Looking At Real Shopify Freelance Gigs | Software Developer | Web Developers

hey guys, this is your boy, joe. back at it again: codingphasecom. hey guys, what's really good how you guys doing? hopefully you guys are doing great man, um, i'm just fixing up the title real quick, so give me a second. you know this is live, you know, um, but we are here, guys, we're going to be looking at a lot of different uh, jobs and a lot of different things that are part of shopify and just opportunities. okay, let's just put it out there. it's just opportunities. okay, i know some of you guys have been slacking, so maybe guys be like man- i don't know if i want to jump into this- and i'm telling you guys ahead of time: man, you cannot miss this opportunity. shopify right now is the hottest thing that's going for anybody that's trying to get into the industry. now we're toking about people that want to make money as a freelance developer and as an app developer. okay, shopify right now, straight up, is literally where you know, wordpress used to be ten years ago- any ten years ago like 2008 around there- okay, uh, when shopify was just bubbling up and everybody was jumping on it, right, everybody that needed a website. they were using, uh, wordpress, right, and, to be honest with you right, the people that got into wordpress back then. those are the people that really cashed out. okay, those are the people that really cashed out and even to this day, you can still make some money with wordpress, but not how you was able to make it in the beginning. okay, so that's where we at right now. okay, shopify has been around for a long time, right, i believe the company originally has been around since like 2004 or something like that, like some crazy numbers right back in the days. they've been doing it for a while, um, but you know, shopify now is really becoming a household name. okay, whenever you say i want to take a cab, what do you say? you say uber, hey, i want to take it. right, when somebody says, hey, can you build me a simple website that i can go and change things around- and, you know, be comfortable with, right, most people is going to say: can you build me a wordpress website? now, what's happening with e-commerce is that literally everybody who's trying to create a store- it doesn't matter if is the mom and pop shop that sells t-shirts in in the neighborhood- sells, you know, sneakers, right? uh, literally the guys that are selling antiques, right, the guys to sell instead of ceramics and, and you know, pottery and things like that. or you know, the guys are selling uh, lenses. you know vintage lenses, right, anything that you could think of. they are all jumping into creating e-commerce websites. now, just like when you say: i want to take a cab, let me get on that uber, right, people are saying, hey, man, i want to get my online store, i need to go to shopify. they're not saying wicks, they're not saying squarespace, they're not saying none of that stuff, those other things that are out there, right, like all those other platforms that are out there. they're like lift. you know what i'm saying. when somebody comes in and says, hey, man, you want to take a lift, right, it sounds weird. already. you gotta be saying so. now, shopify is a household name and that's where everybody's jumping to. okay, in this live stream, i actually want to show you guys, you know, different opportunities that's out there, that's just popping up, right, new gigs, right, there's a lot of freelance gigs and there's not that much competition at all, because most people don't know how to do wordpress, um, sorry, wordpress. uh, shopify websites, right, either shopify themes or custom applications, right, they just don't know. it's a new tiknology, something new that they don't know. right, they still haven't picked up on it. as you guys can see, nobody else is toking about it except your boy. okay, you know, there might be like maybe one or two indian dudes. and shout out to the indian guys: that's out here, right, those guys is always on top of whatever opportunity, uh, there is to make money online. indians know about it. let's just say: indians know they can't get that type of bread in india. they're gonna make it online. okay, so shout out to the indian. shout out to the guys in the middle east, right, those guys are always hustling and finding the ways to get in here. uh, in the game. okay, so shout out to everybody. uh, currently, right now, we got a couple of peoples, you know, on the live stream. you know, hopefully we can get more people as we start the livestream. of course, it's 11- 30 basically at night. so i totally understand if you miss this live stream. i'm actually gonna keep this whole live stream up so you guys can see it, okay, so, hopefully, if you missed out today, you can watch it tomorrow and tomorrow morning, okay, so don't worry about it, this live stream is staying up, okay, so i'm actually to start with going to upwork. okay, if you guys don't know what upwork is, upwork is pretty much, um, you know, we could say, the number one place to find freelancers. okay, as far as like, professionals, because you could go to fiverr and you could find a crackhead. or, on fiverr, like straighten up, like you'll find a guy that doesn't even know how to code and he'll be like i'm a shopify expert, like throw me five dollars, throw me twenty five dollars and i'll build you something. i don't know if it's gonna be great, but i'll build you something. so most companies and people know that you know the best place to really find people that are, you know, proficient in certain skills, it's up work. so i'm gonna see if i can share this with you guys. put this on the screen real quick. all right, let me see here we go, all right, cool. so, uh, for those of you guys that need me to zoom in, let me zoom in for you guys. okay, all right. so right now, if you go to shopify- and whatnot shopify? if you go to upwork, you can search for shopify. you're gonna see there's like 906 jobs now, um, what you're gonna notike is that there's jobs popping up about, you know, shopify gigs and shopify freelancing, like every you know, every few hours, like, literally, like if i come back here in a couple of hours it's gonna say, uh, 1130 or 1175, like, the numbers keep going up, the jobs, the gigs are just popping up, okay. so i actually came and took my time to look over a couple of the jobs that i will apply for if i was a- you know, a beginner right, especially if i have the skills right. and again, this skill, some of you guys might have it, some of you guys might not have it, some of you guys might know how to uh create games, create applications with shopify, but the majority of you guys, i'm pretty sure you guys don't know about it. so that's why i will say: you know what? in the description below i'm gonna leave you guys a couple of links. okay, uh, pretty much, you can sign up to codyfacecom. we teach you this. okay, we get you prepared for being able to apply to this type of jobs and gigs. that's out here, okay, so if you want to learn shopify theme development, you want to learn shopify app development, go to codingfacecom. it's literally right there. just come in codingfacecom, you'll see it right there. career paths. you got shopify theme developer right. shopify app developer: we teach you guys everything from html, css, javascript, right to uh. simplify team development, google analytiks, facebook and google ads- all of the things that most clients is going to ask you about. right, we already have it in the back. we already have it there for you. you could go ahead and get started today. okay, same thing for shopify app developer. we have everything for html, css, uh, nodejs, express, uh, php seven, larabel, right. app development is more for the back end, so this might take you a little bit longer, but that doesn't mean that you can't just get started with team development. theme development just pretty much means: hey, can you go in, take this design and create a theme out of this within shopify? that's it. and when we say that it's just html, css and javascript, okay, we're not toking about nothing crazy. understanding how to use uh shopify's liquid template engine, and that's pretty much it. okay, once you understand that, then you're good to go. let me see if i can.

Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial For Beginners 2023 (Step by Step)

welcome to the Sean guys. today we're going to go in great detail and tok about how you can actually start Drop Shipping and the strategy that you need to have to ensure that you can develop a successful and scalable business. now, shopifycom is one of those places where you can easily develop and start your Drop Shipping business. the global Commerce platform is where you can build your business and sell online, offline and everywhere in between. now, obviously, you can discover the reason why millions of entrepreneurs are choosing Shopify to build their business, and one of the things that I feel is crucial for you to understand for and ask for and to understand, and everyone that wants to get into the Drop Shipping business to understand, is the fact that when you have millions of individuals in the industry, you have a million chances to understand what goes wrong and what works and, obviously, select the strategies, like the tips and the tikniques. that ensures that you can start a successful Drop Shipping business, and that is the reason why we're bringing all these amazing videos for you on our channel. so if you haven't subscribed to the channel, do subscribe to the channel and do not forget to press the Bell icon now. obviously, in 170 countries, with 10 percent of total us e-commerce and a 444 billion dollar business. this is definitely one of those places where you can successfully start your business and become financially independent and break away from the nine to five. you can build your store the way you want it and bring your vision to life, and you don't need any coding expertise. one of the issues which a lot of individuals tend to think about and tend to face, and the fears that they tend to have, is the fact that they feel they would need to invest a heavy amount before they can start their Drop Shipping business. they would need to get a front-end developer, they would need to get a back-end developer, they would need to find someone to do their research and select the right products to put on their account to sell, and all of these things are irrelevant when you have a Shopify account. so if you don't have an account, click in the description below and get it right now for 90 days. you can easily select from customizable templates that are created by a community of world-class developers, and also you can add more features and functionality to your store with these apps that are built by The Trusted Shopify developers. you can also build sales channels. you can sell online in person around the world, with the marketing tools and social Integrations and the sales channels that you need to get your product in front of customers and, obviously, focus on building your business. and you don't need to worry about all these different elements that are available, because Shopify takes care of all the little things that affect individuals in developing their store. they have the best converting checkout on the planet and a flexible point of sale to power your retails. you can actually reach new leads and engage with customers and build on that data that you have, and you can take control of your customer data to build custom audience and explore the customer insights and drive ongoing growth. right now, we live in a world where everything is globalized. we have individuals, audience customers that live in Australia, that live in the US, that live in England, that live in Russia, they live in South Africa, they live in Argentina, they live in India and, obviously, if you want to care for all these individuals, you need to have a global place, you need to think, you need to act, need to develop a strategy that is global, but you need to know that you're always local, that you're working from the comfort of your home and, obviously, from the comfort of your home, you're reaching all these individuals and giving them an opportunity to buy items and products that they always wanted and, obviously, give them that ease at the same time. and you can easily do that by overseeing your operation and fulfilling every orders and manage your money where you make it. now, once you have made an account, what you need to do is very simple and straightforward: you need to head over to a website which is called aliexpresscom. now, with aliexpresscom, you have an opportunity to select weekly deals. you have an opportunity to select seller codes. you have an opportunity to select items that definitely sell and have a market and, honestly, guys, at the end of the day, that is what really matters. for example, if you look at this product over here, this product is for one cent right now and if you look at the actual price that is being sold for is 3.83 for shipping and one cent for the actual price. this is at M amazing opportunity: 1229 have already been sold. so imagine if you get the product from AliExpress and you sell it online. you can easily make a massive profit by selling it at 9.99 or 19.99. it is pure profit, guys. it's very easy, it's very simple, it's very straightforward. the most important thing that you need to do is research. the more research that you do, the more opportunities that you have. for example, if you want to select a winning product, a product that you know people would be buying, all you need to do is search for it. for example, if you search for phone cases, we'll be able to see all the different phone cases that are being sold on AliExpress right now, and we can easily change the element over here. if we select orders, we can select the ones that are being sold the most and the ones that are being sold the less. as you can see, 941 have been sold. 182 have been sold. 4 423 have been sold at eight dollars. that is a massive, massive amount of profit that you can easily make of one simple product. 399 have been sold. 4520- you have one- have been sold for one dollar. you can easily make a five thousand profit off just one simple product. that is the beauty of doing your research: understanding what product needs to be bought and how you need to do it. this product has been sold eleven thousand two hundred and eleven times for one dollars. this individual has made at least eleven thousand dollar profit on top of it. but if you want to take matters to the next level, you can always head over to alibabacom, and I personally believe alibabacom is a very unique place where you can easily find bargain prices, and the reason why you can do that is because you cut out of the middleman. you go directly to the source where you can get the product from. for example, if you search for phone cases over here, you'll be able to see how cheap you can get phone cases and obviously sell them at a very reasonable price. let's search for phone cases and obviously, as we search for phone cases, we'll be able to find different limits that are going to be available. now, as you can see, the phone cases are worth 50 Cent. If you scroll down, you can find even better products than that: 65s and 13 cents. this simple headphones you can get for amazing prices: 71 cents, 1.15.99- this partikular product is worth 25 cent, and obviously these are the products that you can easily get and then put on your Shopify account and start selling them instantly. now, before you do that, there needs to be a system that you need to follow. there needs to be a guideline that you need to stik to the every single item that you put on Shopify needs to go through this process to ensure that whenever you select a product, that product is a winning product, that product is an evergreen product, that product is available for anyone and everyone across the globe, in any country, CD region that wants to be using a mobile phone because a phone case is that partikular item. and that is the reason why I always mention individuals to keep this partikular item on their Shopify account, because this is an item that definitely sells and definitely has an amazing market. and in order to understand how much money you can make off this partikular product, you need to head over to our website, which is the ebaycom, and head over to ebayco.

How to Create Shopify Dropshipping Store in Tamil

video is 2000 created. which industry will be? will be open, operating in the industry right now? categories in the market: okay, yes, right, yes, designing developing store, right, next right. but on the other information, right here, select: is there right in the your shop url dot com, right by the column order: full details, right, right, good, login panel: uh, foreign m foreign is. thank you for watching.