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shopify discount code retailmenot

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Automatically Apply Discount Code in Shopify

how's it going? I've got a lot of things to cover. today. we've got the Shopify documentary on how they went about going and creating the presentation for when they went public. I've got a great demo on how to do discount codes, and there's been a few slight changes to the app on the Shopify dashboard. that's all. next, so yesterday, Shopify put on their YouTube channel a short documentary about how they went about for their investors for when they went public. I highly recommend you check it out. I put a link to it right here. I watch this and this speaks exactly to why all of the partners love Shopify so much- just the way they think about problems in the way they go about things. next up, we've got a quick demo that I'm gonna show you on discount codes, and then I'm gonna show you how they've changed the app page. so let's jump into it. so offering discount codes is a great way to encourage shoppers in order to buy additional stuff from your store, and one of the great user experiences is if you can automatikally apply the discount code when the customer clicks a button or adds a certain number of things to your cart, and there's a way to do this in Shopify. it's kind of one of those hidden features that, once you find out about it, your can't believe that you live without it. so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you how to set that up. so the first thing we want to do is we want to go to our dashboard. we want to actually set up a discount code. so let's go to discount codes and we're gonna add- and I've already added in a discount code called summer deals, but I'm gonna add in another one here and we're gonna call this fall, or actually we're gonna call this free shipping, free shipping, free shipping- discount code, and it's gonna offer free shipping when, for any shipping rate that's less than or equal to, say, $10, it's gonna apply to just you, just all countries, because that's all I have setup and for right now it's gonna be unlimited because it's going to be auto apply. so we hit save on that and free shipping is what we're going to use as our discount code. now the next thing we need to do is we need to actually go in to do some liquid changes. so, in order to make the discount code automatikally apply to someone's checkout, we need an action in order to do that. so I'm going to use a page as a demo, just because it's easier for me to code in and I don't have to go into the templates. but this tiknique is all is usable with inside your template code. so every individual theme template that you have has different codes, so you're changing might be different in there, but the theory still applies. so what we want to do is I had gone and created a page here with a free shipping button- is what we're gonna put in here- free shipping- and then in the code, what we're gonna do is first we're gonna highlight this, so the link that we need to create is a URL string that will automatikally apply this discount code. now this URL can be used on any type of button. so if you have a button that you've put on your WordPress site- that's like god that goes to your, goes to your Shopify cart and or your Shopify store, and you want it to apply a discount code because they came through a specific mailing list, you can use this link anywhere. it's just a matter of typing in correctly. so the first thing we want to do is we want to type in checkout, because that is where we want the item to go to, and then we want to have a question mark, which means we're going to be adding a variable. now the variable we're gonna add in there is called discount, and then we're going to add the discount code, free shipping, and this is the name of the codes that we wanted. we're gonna hit insert link, we're gonna save that and then we're gonna jump over and we're going to view it. so we're going to view the page and once we're on the page, we're gonna click on the free shipping link and we'll see what happens. so it now takes us to the checkout page and we can see that the link has automatik ount has automatikally been applied to this product. now I can remove that and show you that it's now better and where you can refresh it, and we can. oh sorry, let's remove that one there, because discount is up in here in the URL. we are going to just refresh that there and then what we can do is we can go back to this here and we can hit it again and we can see that it contains it in there. so any time that you add the variable discount equals free shipping or discount equals discount code, it will then add it to your checkout. so it really allows you to expand your creativity when it comes to how you apply your just count. that pretty much does it for this week. don't forget to Like and subscribe to this video, and if you have any questions, you can always hit me up in the comments down below. or if you have a custom project that you need done, you can always book a call with me and I'd love to tok to you about it. that's all for this week.

How to Setup Discount Codes in Shopify

you [Music]. you hi, I'm Elle McCann, owner of curious dreams web development studio in Nashville, Tennessee, and in this video tutorial, I'm going to be taking you through setting up discount codes for your online shop. if I store now, I wanted to pop in first before we first, before we go into my screen and I show you exactly how to set it up in the back end of Shopify, and I wanted to go over just a few tips first. I see so many brands that are doing this wrong, and wrong in the sense of they're sending out so many discount codes for every little thing that they're almost training their customers to expect a discount code, and in that sense, the customer gets used to not shopping on our online store until they've received that email or social social media post with a discount code. so that's obviously not what you're wanting to do, because you want people to also purchase from you. you know, at full price as well, and it kind of evens out. discount codes are great to use for things like Black Friday sales- you know other promotions to get traffic to your site. however, I don't like using them as a constant way to drive traffic to your site, driving traffic to your site with new products, new content on your blog or things like that are always better ways to drive traffic and give you something to tok about other than just using a discount code. so, for instance, I recommend sending a discount code with an abandoned cart. however, I don't recommend sending it in that first email. so an abandoned cart is someone who goes to your online shop- if I store- and they add the product to their cart. however, they don't actually put in their payment and shipping details and they leave and they don't finish the order. so with Shopify, you can automatikally send them an email follow-up that says: hey, you know, you forgot something in your cart, come back and finish your order. and actually abandoned carts are a lot more behalf of a lot more than people think that they do, and I'm going to be doing a video soon on how to set that up with MailChimp, which is who I prefer for that what but with that, and I always recommend not sending it in that first email and sending it actually in a series of email. so maybe the first email in the abandoned cart is going to be the initial: hey, you forgot something, check out now on our site. the second, one cent a day or two later could be about the brand itself, your process if you donate to a non-profit, toking about that overall, just the benefits of your product and how your company is different from others. and then that third email. that would be one a few days after the second one that you would send that would have that discount code and say: you know, final notike, here's the discount code. we'd love for you to finish your order with us, but this way you're not instantly sending them a discount code for any action or inaction on your site and instead you're promoting more of the brand and the benefits of your product, which are hopefully going to sell them before even bringing on the discount code. so I was toking about tips. so let's go ahead and jump into the backend of Shopify and I'll show you how to get them set up. okay, great, now I'm in the backend of Shopify and I'm on the discount page. so I got here by clicking on discount in the left hand side menu and, as you can see here, we don't have any discounts created yet. however, once we do, they'll start popping up here, so I'm going to just hit create discount, and these are all the different settings that we can do. so, first off, we're going to put a discount code here. now you can do a generate code, which a lot of people do if they have like or worse programs for a certain amount of percentage off. however, I find that in terms of sharing, if we're going to share this in an email newsletter or a social meeting or anything like that, you want to make sure that it's very easy for people to type in and not strangle numbers and letters. so I would say something like black driving. let's say we're creating a promo for Black Friday sale, so we typed in Black Friday or and let's do 20, let's say what we're giving 20 personal. the Black Friday 20 is going to be the code that they share or that you shared, that they use to check out on your site. so here we have different options. so we have the discount type. we can do percentage discount. so if we could use 20% off and you would just put 20 here- and you can see this is updating the summary over here- so 20% off, insider order. however, you can also do a flat $20 off. so let's let's say, if they spend $100, they get $20 off. so to do that, we would do fixed amount. you do the discount value of $20 off, but we would want to make sure that we hit this discount requires and then run purchase, so we'll put a hundred in here. so this means that they have to purchase $100 worth of products to get $20 authors higher order, which would end up taking their order down to $80. so this is another option that you could do. I see a lot of people do this for wholesale orders of having a minimum purchase amount. so writing a promo so that they can still make sure that they're needing all their wholesale cost since it's a lower price point, but they're giving a different value. you can still also do, you know, a percentage discount with this as well. so 20% off entire order, but they still have to have that minimum discount. now the next section. I want to mention the under discount type. you can also do free shipping as well. so if you wanted to do free shipping in some way, you can do that here and you can, you know, decide if you want to have for shipping over- you know anything- over $100 v free shipping that would be set up there and also choose which countries are available so you can make sure it's only in your country and you're not shipping internationally for that. let me take it back to these percentage. so now you can choose to apply it to the entire order, selected collections or more different products, so you could applies the entire order. however, let's say you have a new products or wanted to promote. you could do selected products and you can actually just go out and select from or that product that you want you or we do the same with collections. if you were launching a new line of earrings, you could jump in here and you can hit mile and you could choose the earrings from here. so once you're good, let's see it has a cards collection set up and just hit cards and add. so now you can see here, instead of saying twenty percent off entire order, it just says 20 percent off cards. so we're being very specific of what they can purchase. so if, for example, you insure this and says you know you get 20% off cards and they try to use it for something other than card, then it would say that discount code is invalid. so then you're kind of preventing people from using that code and they would just kind of still be able to, of course, purchase from you. they just wouldn't be able to use the discount code. the next section is about eligibility. so you can have it for everyone or, again, that's a select group of customers. so this is where we're going to see a lot of people do this for wholesale accounts, so they had their customers as a wholesaler, so then they can come in here and they can select this and choose from these people. the seas are Disney Hall of Shopify, but if you set up a tag, you could also have, you know, only 20% for wholesalers. the next internet is usage limit. so this is one that's very important. so you can set how many times it can actually be used by person or just total. so to make something very exclusive, you could limit the number of times it can be used in total. so you should come in here and say that there was only 100 available. so once being at hundreds, one is use. then no one else can use that, and it again was a bit of a imbalance. you can also come in here and say: limit to one use per customer. so I always recommend clicking this, because this is tracking it by the customers email address and this way they can't. let's say you have, you know, a coupon co.

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How To Create Automatic Discounts || Shopify Help Center

You can offer your customers discounts that apply automatikally at checkout and on cart. For an automatik discount to apply correctly, your customers need to add all eligible items to their carts. You can have only one active automatik discount at any given time. Automatik discounts take precedence over discount codes and customers can't apply multiple discounts to a single order. Customers who have an automatik discount applied to their checkout can’t use discount codes. To create an automatik discount, start from your Shopify admin and click Discounts. Click Create discount, Then select Automatik Discount. You can create three different types of automatik discounts: * Percentage discount, like 25% off. * Fixed amount discount, such as $5 off. * Or Buy X, get Y discount, such as buy one t-shirt, get the second, 50% off. Start by entering a name for the new discount Under Types. select the discount type that you want to create. The options below this section change depending on what type of discount you choose to create. This video discusses the specific steps for each discount type, then finishes with the final step, which needs to be completed for all discount types. To skip ahead for your specific discount type, use the timestamps below: 1. Percentage discount. In Discount value, enter the percentage amount that is taken off when the discount is applied. Then select whether the discount applies to an entire order, specific collections or only specific products. Use the search tool to add items to the discount. If you select products, you’re able to select specific variants to apply the discount to. If you want to remove an item, click the X to delete it. Next, select either a minimum purchase amount or minimum quantity of items purchased before the discount is applied. If the discount applies to a specific product or collection, then only these items contribute to the minimum requirements. For example, if you create a discount for 15% off t-shirts with a minimum purchase amount of ten dollars, then ten dollars’ worth of t-shirts must be added to the cart before the discount is applied. To finish this automatik discount, skip ahead using the timestamps. 2. Fixed amount discount Under Discount value. enter the dollar amount that is taken off when the discount is applied. Then select whether the discount applies to an entire order, specific collections or only specific products. Use the search tool to add items to the discount. If you select products, you’re able to select specific variants to apply the discount to. If you want to remove an item, click the X to delete it. If you select collections or products, you have the option to click the checkbox: only apply discount once per order. If you leave this unchecked, the discount will apply to each eligible product in an order. Next, select either a minimum purchase amount or minimum quantity of items purchased for the discount to be applied. If the discount applies to a specific product or collection, then only these items contribute to the minimum requirements. For example, if you create a discount for 15 dollars off the fitness tracker collection with a minimum quantity- two items purchased- then two fitness trackers from this collection need to be added to the cart before the discount is applied. To finish this automatik discount, skip ahead using the timestamps 3.. Buy X, Get Y Discount. In the Customer buys section, select either products or collections from the dropdown menu. Then set the quantity of those items a customer needs to add to the cart before the discount is applied. Use the search tool to add items the discount. If you select products, you’re able to select specific variants to apply the discount to. If you want to remove an item, click the X to delete it. In the Customer gets section, select either products or collections from the dropdown menu. Then set the quantity of items that the discount applies to. Use the search tool for the collection or products to add them to the discount. If you select products, you’re able to select specific variants to apply the discount to. Next, choose if the discount takes a percentage off each eligible item, or else make the item free. In this example, the customer buys one pair of yoga pants and gets the second 50% off. Both pairs of Yoga Pants must be added to the cart before the discount is applied. It’s optional to check the box. Set the maximum number of uses per order. If you check this, enter the maximum number of times that this promotion can be applied to an order. For example, you might only want to give a 50% off discount up to three yoga pants per order, Or you might let the customer order as many as they like by leaving the box unchecked. After you complete the steps for the specific discount type, the final step for all automatik discounts is active dates. Set the start date when the discount is available. If you want to set an end date for the discount, click Set end date and use the calendar to choose when the discount will end. If you don't choose an end date for your discount, then it has no expiry and will be active unless you remove it from your available discounts. Remember, Automatik Discounts can only have one discount active at a time. Make sure the active dates do not overlap with another automatik discount’s active dates. When you’re finished, click Save. Your new discount appears in the Discounts tab under Automatik discounts. For more videos on how to grow your business, subscribe now. If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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Best sites for promo codes and discount coupons

hey guys, the desire to deliver here and today we are going to tok about something that we do as shoppers. so let me ask you: do you shop online and not go on Google and check for promo codes? you don't, you must be rich, AF, right? no, well, I do. and today we are basically going to tok about how to get promo codes we're from and which other reliable sites we can get a promo codes from. so one of the most reliable sites I thought were retailmenotcom, and the link will be in the description so you can just click on it and go and check it out. so right here you can see a RetailMeNot and you can see there is amazon, papa john's, fuckles home depot, H&M and there are so many more. target right now I'm just clicking on Papa John's and now Papa John's has 25% off. that's a promo code as well, twenty-five off. so let me go on my phone. right now I eat a lot of Pizza and I have Papa John's app. you can see it right here. so I'm going on Papa John's right now and I will type 25- oh, why? so you can see promo code: 25% of regular menu price. 10. so letting Papa John's on the data- data: add to the cart and successfully add it to the cart and now I can buy a pizza. and how about 25% off? that is so great. so the next site I want to tok to you about is join honey calm. now. honey is one of the sites that is just emerged from nowhere and it has become one of the most popular sites currently. it just does not give you promo codes, but it also integrates with your chromecast. now I show up a lot on Amazon and once in a while when I'm shopping, I want to check what is like the price changes. now honey gives you a whole statistiks about when the price was drop, when Rose increase. now I was buying this headphones right here, the Marshall major, and it was for $90 and I saw that it could go to 60, $63 and I just realized I can just wait for a few days, I can add it to my drop list and I can buy it at that builder time. now this site basically gives you a whole idea: if you want to wait for the product for a price change, or you can buy it now or in the future. it gives you a very good idea about it and it also gives you promo codes. so first we'll check the site and this way you add: - you're a punk now, honey. you can see over here you have all Navy, then gap and loft and so many other brands, Macy's, Levi's and that is my Marshall headphones. so I just wanted to show you about my match the headphones. put it on my propolis for 47 days and yeah. so here it is. you can see the whole trend of it went 151 and now it's on 63. so it gives you a great idea, isn't that awesome? so you should definitely check out the honey calm. I'm sorry, join honey calm, for if you want like great promo codes and an idea about the product you want to buy at a cheaper or a reasonable price. so the next thing I want to tok about is wiki by calm, and wiki by calm is it's similar to honey, but the thing is it gives you comparison as two different sites having the same product with different prices, so you can choose from your options with decide you want to buy it from. let's check the wiki by site. so right now we're on the wiki by side and you can see the stores and the promo codes. so you have Papa John's here too, and eBay, Groupon, Chet, then you have your promotional codes and then you have like different discounts for different products. okay, let's move ahead. so now I'll go back to my website, to the Amazon, and I've integrated wiki by on my chromecast as well. so now go check about the headphones that I wanted to purchase. now it shows that how to click on this? okay, so, to discover about my headphones, so you can see there is an Amazon eBay bien edge for the video at three different sides, and on Amazon you can see the trend of the headphones of falling up and down and from 110 to 1, 1 to 68 over here. I didn't add the taxes and shipping and I think that's what's. it's the $8. so honey and wiki by are two applications that I've integrated with micro. so when the price of the product that I want to purchase Falls, I buy them and that's that's at something I think everyone wanted to do, unless it's an urgency. so next I don't wanna tok about is group on comm, and group on comm has variety of things that will give you different promo codes and discounts. I usually go on Groupon for hot with bookings. it gives you like great deals on wattles, so you can check that out. so let's check the group on site right now. you over here you can see there is a discount on la6 surgery: 56 person. that's crazy and also at the same time, I should get it done, you know. so I was checking Atlantik City Royals and it starts at 57 burn night and that is awesome and these are like good hotels and that's how you should check out Groupon comm. definitely one of the most awesome sites for are discounts and promo codes. you should definitely check that. the final side of our tok about is uni days, my uni days- calm. the brand name is uni days. the awesome part is it's for students. I'm a student from NYU and I recently discovered this and I was so happy after discovering because it has so many discounts for it for students and all your students out there will love it- literally love right now. I'm on. you need acecomm. my you need is calm and right now and just check clothing and I'm all over. I'm over here around clothing and I check IDs because I like at the office clothes so I'll get a 15% off. so I go there. I revealed my code and get my code bangle now. I'll copy this now. go on. Eddie does so. what I do is there's always a sale on Nike and I does, so I I press the sale and then on the sale I put the promo code of you need is that is on and I got these awesome added our shoes last time. so on a discount, I had a promo code and basically it's a recipe for happiness and you should definitely try there. try this out. let me know about how you guys like the whole discounting piece I did today and I hope that helps you out and I hope you guys will subscribe me now. hey guys, thank you for watching and I hope you sell that. this video is so awesome I should totally like it and subscribe it and you should like it and subscribe if. why not? because subscribing is for free and no one gives up. you know, and just stay tuned and I'll do my best to get the right stuff out there so that you can take advantage of it. thank you very much and peace.

How and Why to Use Discount Codes (Shopify Ecommerce)

discounts. you see them all over the internet use on all types of e-commerce platforms, but what exactly are they, how do they work and why should you put them on your ecommerce store? I'm gonna answer that, hey guys. this is AK from e-commerce success secrets, and today I'm gonna be toking to you about discounts: what are they, why should you use them and how exactly do you set them up? and just a little disclaimer: I do use the Shopify platform for my e-commerce. there are a few other platforms out there, specifically WooCommerce, that I can name right off the top of my head, but if a platform does offer some kind of e-commerce selling, I can guarantee they have a way for you to offer discounts. however, just to disclaimer at the beginning so you don't get confused: this is for the Shopify platform, right? but this that's only relevant for the actual setup part. I mean the incentives of discounts, the effects of them. they're all the same throughout, so don't worry too much about that. but anyway, how do you offer these discounts to customers, right that you're toking about them like they're a miracle thing? Wow, how do you do this? well, I'm gonna tell you how, and it's the easiest thing in the world. all you have to do is go onto your Shopify dashboard and right there on the left hand side little menu, right there there's gonna be a discount section and you can create a few different kinds of discounts. there's namely two different types of discounts: there's flat dollar discounts and there's percent off discounts. now, personally, the only time I've used flat dollar discounts is when I am doing customer service with a customer, say they were upset with delivery time or their item broke. I'll be like, hey, I'll give you $10 credit or $20 credit to go on the store and use that to buy whatever you like. that's just a general example. I've used it a few times in that aspect, but that's not generally what I offer my customers. what I personally offer my customers is a 10% discount code to use throughout the entire store, to use on their entire order. now you may be wondering, Zach, isn't this a very small number? yes, however, what I have found through experimenting with different percentage discounts- it really doesn't matter- the psychology behind discounts- is so fantastik and fascinating that once you understand it, you'll feel very much understand also why every single ecommerce store offers so many different kinds of discounts. they may be entirely illegitimate. however, just having them all on their raises conversions by such a huge amount, you pretty much need to have them to succeed. so, yeah, one of the few discounts that I out for my customers is through an email popup. an email, a little box pop up, not through their email. that's like: hey, put in your email and you're gonna get 10% off your order. now I have actually gotten thousands of emails from this. I'm gonna touch on this in a little bit- but a lot of people absolutely love this and I've gotten hundreds of sales with people using my discount code and I can guarantee that a good portion of those were swayed to purchase because of the fact that they were offered set code. so, at this point, if you haven't heard of this before and you're just hearing it for the first time, you're like whoa, that is incredible, a free way to get sales. how do I do this? well, I'm gonna tell you right here. the app that I use to present this discount- so you create actually privy- is updated recently where you can create discounts from within the privee app. however, I just linked, I created a discount through my Shopify dashboard and I linked it to my privy account, right. so, basically, without getting into too many monotonous details. privy is an app that allows you to have different kinds of email pop-ups on your website. now, email pop-ups are annoying and they do deter some people. however, there are a lot more successful than annoying. I made a very simple, clean, not spammy looking pop-up that pops up after 15 seconds of someone being on the page. it's not instants, are not instantly bombarded, and it's just like: hey, for 10% off. simply enter your email below and we'll give it to you. that's it. you'd be surprised at the amount of people that actually put in their email to get this discount code, and a lot of the time people don't even purchase. they just put in their email, get the code and then dip, which is good and bad. it's good because, hey, I got their email for free, and it's bad because I wish they would have used that to purchase something, because I'm still making absolute profits with a 10% discount. so I'll just I'll throw up some examples of little pop-up email things that I found. I'll just go collect a few of them. but it's a pretty straightforward thing. if you just mess around with pervy for a couple minutes, you'll figure it out. but offering this on my store has greatly enhanced my business. I'm gonna tell you why. first of all- and I believe I've already said this, but it incentivizes customers to make their purchase. so, if you haven't notiked, people are absolutely obsessed with discounts. the website RetailMeNot, and there's a bunch of other copycat ones out there, are hugely popular in the business of simply offering people discounts for websites that they already use. you'd be very, very surprised at the amount of people that will be swayed to purchase through just a 10% discount code. they might be right on the verge of being like: I want it, but I don't know if I want it. that bad. boom, pop-up comes up. hey, get 10% off. they're like: oh, I can save a few bucks on this order. alright, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna spring on it. boom, there's immediate money that you would not have gotten if you didn't offer this discount code. now I can get into an entirely different video on the psychology of popups and discounts- and I'm actually going to, because it's really fascinating. but what this does? when they see that hey, get 10% off the listed price, they feel special. they feel like a very unique part of the customer base and they're like: wow, I'm getting offered this. this is a chance for me to get this at a lower price than other people get it for. I need a spring on this because they see the price and they get that in their head. right, they'll see $20 and then they're thinking: like $20. they read all the copy. they're like, okay, all of this for $20, maybe, maybe not. boom, you throw up a discount code- ten, twenty percent. they're like, oh, I can actually get this for eighteen or sixteen dollars. wow, that is awesome. yeah, I'm gonna spring on that. that's a good deal, even if they weren't really that close. when they're offered this discount code, a lot of the times people will justify acts purchasing the item with it, like the. they pretend they were on the verge, but they really weren't. it's really bizarre how people justify these things, but it works. and additionally, when you offer these discount codes through privy or through any of these other apps and all they have to do is give you their email, oh my god, you got free email. and in every single video, I try to at least mention once that email marketing is absolutely fantastik and you need to build an email list right now. I actually just made a video on the importance of building an email list. but through offering discounts and getting sales that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. you're additionally collecting emails that you can then use to sell products to people with absolutely no ad spend. emails are free unless you're using a paid service, but you really don't need that unless you're sending out high volumes. and then boom, you can offer these people even more discounts within the email, and especially if you make them feel a source of urgency and that there's a kind of scarcity with the discount code, they will convert even more and they'll just keep going down this funnel. as long as you keep offering them discount codes, it's absolutely crazy. out like a loyalty, like: hey, you've shopped with us before, thank you, here's 20% off your next purchase. people convert off of that. it's really awesome. and if

Who Makes Money From Online Coupon Codes?

Everybody loves a good deal- so much so, in fact, that online deal finding has become a big business in its own right. Humungous Japan conglomerate Rakuten spent a billion dollars to get into the cashback deal space here in the US. My largest check I received was over 800 bucks and I've made over a thousand something dollars. I'm almost at nine thousand dollars. Racketed behemoths like Goldman Sachs and PayPal are snapping up. sites that curate coupon codes, and even banks like Capital One are getting in on the game. And with the huge boost in online shopping during the pandemic, digital coupons surpassed paper ones for the first time ever in 2020, When slick deals saw 40 to 60 percent increase in online sales during the height of the pandemic, We saw, you know, new customers getting generated to new retailers. More than 80 percent say they've actively looked harder for coupons and promotions since the pandemic began. We want to have that confidence and peace of mind that we're not overpaying for something and that if there is a dealer discount to be had, that we're going to find it. So it's no surprise that the online coupon industry is a crowded one, With nearly 2000 businesses in the daily deal site space alone. it's filled with legitimate businesses and plenty of Fly-By-Night sites working to rise to the top of your search results without any interest in whether that promo code actually works. Because you're looking for a coupon code online And so you click through on whatever site you go to, whether or not that coupon code works. if you just go through and purchase, even without the coupon code, that company is going to get credit for that sale. But when the deals are legitimate, it can mean big money for retailers, shoppers and the deals sites, from honey to slick deals, Rakuten rewards to Brad's deals. We asked the major players what it takes to find deals that are real, why the business model works and precisely how saving consumers money makes big bucks for companies in the vast world of online deal hunting. The first coupon- a word derived from a French word meaning to cut- was mailed to consumers in 1887. It offered customers a free glass of Coca-Cola, then priced at five cents if they'd come try it in a nearby pharmacy. in 1989, Post created the second coupon, for a penny off grape nuts Cereal. coupons became widely used during the Great Depression and the first company devoted to coupons, Nielsen Coupon Clearinghouse, was founded in 1957. By 1997, the US deemed September National Coupon Month and by 2010,. TLC had an entire show devoted to extreme couponing. I run my house like it is a business and my husband and my five kids are my employees, and I think you did. you did OK. The overall coupon industry declined in 2020 as people stayed home, but digital coupons were still on the rise. More than 130 years after coupons were first introduced, Digital has officially surpassed paper in more intelligence. A firm that's been tracking coupons for 40 plus years found that, even though 181 billion paper coupons were distributed in 2020, compared to just seven point five billion digital coupons, a larger percentage of redemptions came from digital coupons. Savings was really important being a single mom, and then when I met my second husband and we married, I realized how much he ate, so it was good to saving more money. And Andrenette Clifton-Correa is a mother of three and the manager of a funeral home in Houston. Her and her husband had covid last year, So for a while I had anxiety about getting back out After I suffered with that. She used to go to the mall at least once a week. Now she says 90 percent of her shopping is online. I didn't realize that plant stand was over like three hundred bucks and I pay like twenty thirty, But I mean, it was dark, She was just that day. it was a promotion They were running And I got the email because I received emails from recording too, on great deals that come through Daily Mail. On Amazon alone, Online deals during Prime Day brought third party merchants more than three point five billion dollars of sales over just two days in 2020, up nearly 60 percent from the year before. Juniper Research estimates that digital coupon redemptions will surge to ninety one billion dollars by 2022, up from 47 billion in 2017.. Big retailers like Walgreens, CVS and Target are responding with more coupons available digitally. CVS updated its app during the pandemic to include the coupons that are usually found on the back of its receipts. Walgreens stopped printing its weekly deals in June last year and says it's seen an 80 percent increase in digital coupon redemptions. target, which was the first major retailers to offer scannable mobile coupons back in 2010.. Now has a loyalty program that offers one percent back on every purchase. Target told CNBC its circle members have earned 200 million dollars toward future target purchases since the program launched in 2019.. While staying loyal to one brand can have perks, the vast majority- 86 percent- compare product prices elsewhere as they shop online. But I tok to a lot of consumers who spend hours and hours each week looking for coupon codes and trying to apply those codes at checkout, only to find out that they don't work. But a whole industry has popped up to do this work for you, using browser plug ins and apps, Things like our savings finder tool that searches for finds and automatikally applies coupon codes at checkout so that you don't have to go try to find them yourself. or our drop list tool, where if you're interested in an item as a consumer but you're not ready to purchase it yet, you can add it to the drop list And Honey will actually send you an email when we see that the price has gone down for that item. In 2020, PayPal acquired honey for four billion dollars. Another sign it's at the mainstream is that Honey is a sponsor of the LA Clippers, Although Amazon once warned users Honey's browser extension could be a security risk, Honey says it never shares shopper data And we also don't ever sell any data and we don't collect data for non e-commerce sites, because it's not pertinent to what we're trying to do. Honey primarily uses algorithms to scan for codes at its 30000 plus retail partners. Other deal sites rely on employees to find the deals. while many allow shoppers to submit promo codes, Retail me not, for instance, has more than a million users who help source the coupon codes and deals on its website, app and browser extension. Slick Deals is another huge player that relies on user generated deals, which are submitted and rated by its 12 million monthly users. Only way a deal makes it to prominent placement on slick deals, as if the community of other shoppers have all given it thumbs up and given it great approval. On top of that, we have our own deal editors that go in and kuai. they go and make sure that the deal works, that the coupon code works. Slick Deals is the most visited coupon site in the US and the biggest source of outside referrals to Amazon's marketplace. Ok, I'm looking for a six hiking shoes. Let me set an alert for that, And slick deals will notify the shopper either via our mobile app or email when we found a great deal on the product that they're looking for. In twenty eighteen, Goldman Sachs and Hearst acquired slick deals for half a billion dollars. The fact that huge companies like Goldman and PayPal have purchased these coupon code curators begs the question: why is this business model lucrative When you, as a consumer. click on a deal that's on the broad scale site and you are taken to that retailer's website. If you make a purchase, we will earn a small percentage of that sale. Brad's Deals sends out a daily email of deals fully curated by its employees. Others get money from online ads and some deal sites are certainly riddled with them, But the vast majority of revenue comes from commission. We earn about two thirds of our reve.