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shopify down status

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Dawn Theme Customization - Dawn Theme Design Tutorial (OS 2.0)

all right, what's up guys? this is jake. in this video, i'm going to be showing you how you can go ahead and customize and build a store using the dawn theme with shopify. so dawn is the new default theme whenever you set up a shopify store. so we're gonna go ahead and take a look at how you can set it up to make your store look good. so first thing you need to do, if you don't already have a store, you can go ahead and click the first link in the description and you'll be taken to this page right here and you can just enter your email address and go ahead and start your free trial and we can go ahead and get started setting up your store. so once you've went ahead and started your trial, you're going to be taken to the back end of the store right here, and we can see that, by default, the current theme is going to be dawn. so what we're going to go ahead and do first is take a look at the base template of this theme and then we're actually going to start building it out. so i'm going to come over here to actions and click on preview, and now we can go ahead and take a look at the base skeleton that dawn provides us. so we can see here that we have a little announcement bar up top, we have our logo, we have our menu and we have the cart and search icon. we have a nice header wallpaper right here, along with a call to action. right here we have another little call to action with some information right here. we have four featured products right here in this section, and then we have a media collage that includes a video, a collection and a product, and then we have a video section down here and then we have a multi-column section which includes three different text sections right here, and then we have the footer. so this is how dawn looks out of the box and we're going to do a couple small changes to it, but mostly we're going to be building out this store using the base skeleton of the theme to keep things as simple as possible. so, with that said, we're going to go ahead and come back over here and, really quickly, we're going to take a look at the things you're going to need to go ahead and build out your store using this theme. so the first thing you're going to need is a logo, if you don't already have a logo for your business or your brand. you can make one over here at logomakercom, or you can come over here to fiverrcom and search for a logo designer and get one made for relatively cheap. the next thing you're going to need is some wallpaper photos, because we've seen, especially on the header, you're going to need some photos to use for that. so these are going to be pictures that are related to your brand or your product, and if you don't have any of those yourself, you can go ahead over here to pixabaycom or unsplashcom to look for free stok photos that are related to your product or niche. and then, obviously, we're going to need product photos as well as product details. so this is something that i assume you would already have. and then, in this case, we saw that there was a video section, so you can also optionally have a video of your product or maybe like a testimonial or something that we can use to throw in there. so once you have these things ready, we're going to go ahead and actually get started with the customization. so we're going to go ahead and just click on customize on the theme and go ahead and get started, and we're going to go ahead and start from the top to the bottom. so the first thing we're actually going to do is edit the header. so i'm going to click on header right here and the first thing we're going to do is we need to go ahead and put our logo in here. so i'm going to go ahead and click select image and i'm going to go ahead and upload an image. so in this video we're going to just be making an example- clothing store. so we're going to go ahead and use this example logo here of abc clogan and we're going to go ahead and put that logo in right here and we can go ahead and select a custom logo width. so right now i think this looks a bit small, so i'm going to make it a bit bigger and if you thought that was too big, then we could go ahead and shrink it down a bit more. so in this case i'm going to keep it at 210, and then we can change the logo position on large screens to be the middle left, the top left or the top center. in this case, i'm going to go ahead and keep this as middle left and then right here we can see we have our main menu right here and we can go ahead and change which menu this actually is. or if we click on this right here, we can actually edit the menu links. but we're not going to go ahead and do that right now and then down here we can choose to enable stiky header. so what this does is this means that the header will show up on the screen as customers scroll up. so, as we see, if we scroll down, the hair goes away. but once we scroll up, the header comes back. and if we were to get rid of this and we scroll down and we scroll up, the header is not showing up. so in this case i'm going to go ahead and just keep the stiky header on. and now i'm going to go ahead and just click save. and whenever you're making edits inside of the theme editor, you're going to want to save pretty often, just in case your internet cuts out or there's something wrong with your computer, so that way you don't lose your changes. so the next thing we're going to do now is head over to the announcement bar. so this is going to be what's up here, and we can go ahead and click on this right here to go ahead and edit it, and this is where you can go ahead and put in any text you want here. so if you were having a sale, you could go ahead and say like 50 off the entire store with the coupon code or anything like that. in this case i'll just keep the text default as of right now, just for the sake of this tutorial, and then you can go ahead and link to a specific product or collection if you want as well. so if you wanted to go ahead and have people be able to click on this announcement bar, this is where you put the link right here. so let's say you wanted to link to a product, you could go ahead and search for one right here, and in this case we can just make it link to all of our products. and now you can see it has a clip clickable link and we could see type in something like browse our products and then the color scheme. right here. we can see that we can. it's by default set to background one, and if we change the background too, we can see that the color is actually changing. we have accent and accent too. now the thing is is we actually are going to have to go in and edit these different backgrounds now to go ahead and make sure that all of our colors align with our branding right here. so i'm going to go ahead and click save. and now we're going to go ahead and get into some of the theme settings. we can actually make sure our colors align with our branding. so i'm gonna come down here to theme settings and i'm gonna click on colors right here, and the first thing i am going to do is i'm going to make accent one. so this is going to be a lot of the backgrounds right here. i'm going to make accent one, this blue color from our logo right here. so what you want to do normally is you want all the colors in your store design to match up exactly with your branding, and normally your branding is going to be based off the logo. so you want to make sure you get the hex codes from your actual colors right here. so if you don't have photoshop or any way of getting this, you can go over to imagecolorpickercom and upload your logo right here, click on the color you want to use and then you can grab the hex code right here and we'll be using this throughout the store design. so i'm gonna go ahead and change accent one to that code and you can see that that changed our button color right here and i'm gonna go ahead and make accent two black, which is the second color in our logo. so, depending on what colors your branding is using, that's going to determine what you're going to be using here with accents. then we have backgrounds here by default.

How to fix the Status of your Shopify Products 2020

welcome everyone. edwin here from resolutions design, yet again with another video for shopify. uh, if you're brand new to this channel, uh, again edwin anthony, resolution design, and what we do here is everything related to shopify. so if you like shopify tips, if you'd like to know everything related to shopify- business tips, themes and all that good stuff- don't forget to subscribe down below and give that blue thumbs up. also, leave me any questions in the comments. let's get right to this. okay, so this is going to be a very quick video. shopify has done a very uh. they're doing a lot of updates. you'll notike that your interface is changing to a minimalistik design- uh, a lot of little minimalistik things here- and they're also doing a lot of inventory back-end setting changes. and the purpose of this one is to tok about how perhaps your products are not showing up on your store. they're not showing up in your store because of this whole draft thing like why is? why is this going on? so a little bit of context here. real quick, let me explain how it gets to it and then we're gonna tok about how we're gonna fix it. so what this means is that let's pretend for a second that shop- uh, you go ahead and you start adding products. when you add a product into a store, it doesn't automatikally publish it into the website. it doesn't actually show it right away. instead, it automatikally creates it as a draft. and this is just in case if your store is live and you have a product that's about to come out- pretty soon, uh, or it's a pre-order product that hasn't come out yet, uh, so that you could go ahead and add it into the back end here. by the way, the way that i got here is, if you go to where it says home, go to products and this is the whole inventory. so this is what you- everybody- should be seeing. the moment that you add a product, okay, so it doesn't matter if you add it. you know, if you add tags or if you add a collection or add the product into the collection, the product will still not show as long as the draft is available. so, several ways to fix this. we need to change this status from draft to active, and there's two ways that we could do that. first, if it's just a singular product, all you have to do is hover over this, click on this where it says draft, and then go ahead and click on where it says online store. well, look at that. it doesn't even let me change it. wow, shopify, what are you doing? all right, so it's okay. so what's the point of this? right, all right. so this is how we do this. we're going to go ahead and click on this right here. i'm going to go ahead and click on this and if you have more than 50 products, then make sure you select that. but for this example, i'm just going to keep it as such and what i'm going to do make sure that they're all selected- is click right here where it says more actions and more actions. you'll see where it says set active. so i'm going to go ahead and click on that and it's going to give me a dialog saying, hey, are you sure that you want to make this active? and i say, yes, go ahead, set as active, and shopify is going to start doing its thing on the back end. uh, again. what i don't like is that i don't see a progression bar. you know how, typically, when you make changes, you see kind of like a progression bar, or you'll see another dialogue black box come out saying we have updated everything, right. it just kind of like stays stuck there and you're like: okay, so what happened? i don't see anything. what's going on? ah, there it is. you see how it took a while. it took a a bit of a while. but if you have a lot of products- like, let's say, you have a thousand plus products and you did this for for all of your products- just make sure you're a bit patient, okay, and this is what you're looking for. you're looking for the status to become active and that's what this is for. okay, so from there it should show on your website. you should have no problems taking a look at it. it should, you know, appear with no issues. um, but if you do have issues, let me know down in the comments. you know what is it about this? that perhaps you're still stuck on. so again, very small overview: you just got to make sure that you click on select the all, right, and if you have more than 50 products, just make sure that you click on this link right here so that considers all of the products. okay, because by default, if you just click on this, it's just going to show the first 50, right? but if you have more than 50, make sure that you click on that link so that this appears right here, okay, so that this right here appears, okay. and then you click on more actions and click on set as active. the other way around too. if you're saying, let's say, for example, these guys, you don't want it to show up in the store, you want to kind of like hide it, so let's go ahead and click these three right here. we're going to revert these back into a draft, okay, and what that's gonna do is that it's still on the store, but it's just not showing it on the front end, it's not showing the people in the front side of the store. that's all that means. okay. again, if you like this type of video, go ahead and smash that blue like button. let me know down in the comments if this helped you, if you like this video or not. other than that. thank you very much, guys. thank you for your support and see you next time.

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Turn 14 Distribution for Shopify

[Music] to get started with your turn 14 distribution app. enter your client ID and secret. if you don't have them, you'll need to contact turn 14. if your account is valid, you'll get a success message. first, pick the brands you want in your store. basic Shopify accounts are only allowed 50,000 products before Shopify slows down the loading speed. so be selective. speed isn't an issue if you have an advanced or Shopify plus a plan. if your store focuses on a specific kind of vehicle, this is where you can filter by make, model, sub model and years. by default, your turn 14 distribution app doesn't bring in products that have a stok level of zero, even if you have selected them. all of these are, by default, unselected, and so check the box if you want them in your store. by default, your app will bring in every category. however, sometimes you will want to bring in just specific categories of parts. check, include only these categories and then choose body armor, bumpers, whatever you want in your store. in your store admin you can see every possible collection, but they will not be visible in your store unless you've enabled them in your store. theme fitment buckets are dynamic categories based on fit memory. we can use the fitment data to create collections in your store, for example, 2010 to 2015 Ford f-150. this is ideal for mobile shoppers, who find it easier to click on buttons or categories instead of using a classic year make model search. you can even use fitment buckets to set up mini stores around certain mix of vehicles. often you want to sell at minimum advertised price, but if the product doesn't have a map price, then your app will look for manufacturer's suggested retail price. if neither map nor MSRP are available for that part, then whatever margin percentage you assign will be added to the wholesale cost. you can add whatever margin you like to the base cost for all the products in your store. the app will always increase the price to the map if the calculated margin is lower and you can add whatever margin you liked. the MSRP select this option if you don't want the products in your store to be marked up at all or if you have your own pricing already built into your product. you can choose to have no price decoration or for one of these amounts to be automatikally added to the end of each price. you've also got the option to offer free shipping and checkout or check if you prefer to add shipping costs based on other criteria. you can choose between minimum average and maximum estimated shipping cost, which is calculated by turn 14 distribution. check this: if you want to make a profit off shipping. you may want to choose this, because turn 14s shipping rates are very competitive. data here - there can connect a wide variety of systems. fitment search allows your customers to find parts by year, make and model. fitment data can be imported into your store using any of these plugins. use the content section to customize your product pages. these all represent content and synchronizations that can be checked on or on. click here to check your stores synchronization status. you can click on any of the blue text to see your further information about which products are being added or removed. use the status to get an overview of which brands have been loaded, filtered out due to special order process or any of a number of other reasons, like name mismatches, missing images and so on. if you click on the main Help button, you'll see the entire manual. each of the help buttons associated with the individual sections of this manual will show you the same information, but pertaining to just that section of the app. [Music].


Shopify improving the Thank You Page (Order Status Page)

hey, das ist jan from let's build off in today's videoweb sandkasten content to the others, dead space oder displays am information for the customer, der customer lifetime value, bei oftringen diskont vor den experten, so erklingt. das ist er in letzter zeit so vor. das video über das start up, the default checkout page elizabeth ii. beim eckenfest purchase leidet die vierhändig system. orders weekend simply open man ab, denn josephs more action tab einigen simply good to be. or does this page and we bring you the exact same page. orders page is part of it. check out. we can't modify das template wurden, but what we can do is simply red klick eingriffe, inspector, music, google chrome, and here we can test und debug javascript-code breit in den browser und diskothek kieler orders des page you have access to object wird das simply call shops. entwickeln sie eine little bit sowie ken read das bett. ihr kennt sie das objekt contents lot of information regarding der shop entdecken oder if you are interested in the chicken, simply klickt dazu. but what to say? that the function metlife within shopde kaut m access ist capitalde case when i kostet properties, so shopde kaut dort. orders des dot at content box and, as the name suggest, funktion viletta, content box with the well we put into the function rolex implied test and execute the function mackenzie new content box. wir denn alle orders page simply by calling des method and things am perimeter, euro zone, coole bootes. funktion ist, werdet not limited to plaintext. essen entweder argument entwickelt, ob es am eml markup, so letzte recall des function and instead of history the right one in the world und kloster admont eck, juni genau aussieht des hedging ist display in den content box. die familie hätte texten in the image, just make sure to snap the ice baby damit behandelt and play around with the line manager. basically use any auf dieses elements form des text in thun henning, level one and in the same way creative content that used in den beginning auf das video und wenn ja, dann mit simply switch to date tml mode right here and copy olde markup. du ja klitschko, ein dummy. back to the front and and we can call des messaging ist der peter niemeyer. instead they used optik sandy sarikaya, because we have multipel 1 auf marx ab. i don't want a used to wait what they don't want to use single-coach, but i want you back tiks instead. in between mit page dsl-markt executed van gent, denn die wette content ist, rendert entweder new content box perfect, but one thing on the refresh des page, olle, content that we just create. your browser cannot be me to work on making des permanenten, simply kopilas execution wendige back to the shops veideman dashboard und navigate to check out settings. die content box for edition script: bonn ots am skript takes the script und klose die gern die vier euro. die heads am content in here. i can just add: the script takes to the bottom und in between days or want peace tower content box gibt tolle cebit, us airways der orders, paper, co, tec, security, medien des content is now its your customers perfekt. ok, sommer. bevor befindet die video. let me you some inspiration und how. you can't even proof of what we've just bild in das tutorial der volksschule editions. cryptbox is able to execute the wait, liquid kritik, das statement. we hope to see you back soon. enrico red for example die brackets erste mal dort first anders kommen. so sinkt die brackets and save changes norderstedts page hinaus. jan, wie hobbys you back soon. die kosten, customer first, nation, value added und diskus, heidi, personalized experience. and this is just the tip auf die eisberge. reading in der video: description of the customer: object: die order: objekt entdeckt, objekt, ein exempel, an idea, award informationen. dieses objekt holt in der customer officer customers are. we have the customer dort account, so you could give discount. call. evans ist der tour de france customer in die order. object: we have something like: it may be distributed, only displays an information is packed with, it is used. look at the total preis. in hollywood ist der rohstoff dollar ist and the chequered object wasting light, building address the line items security products in den gips am information discount die pending und produktion decken. die uci will adoption of information possibility. say you say nothing at creative director, at creating. think you have found some value. das video wirklich liebe, like any questions lief dem dorf kommen. section ariba sourcing gekommen and i haven't met. you can stop skeptiker channels, jedoch mit future videos and energy und demnächst bei.

Shopify Store Essential | How to Check Shopify Status

what's up? y'all wala moose here and today's video. i'm going to show you something that all shopify store owners need to do immediately. but before i begin, i post here on youtube pretty frequently with videos regarding content for the creative entrepreneur, so if you're interested in that, please subscribe. i'd love to have you along for the ride. but without further ado, let's jump in here and get started. all right, so a key to having a very successful shopify store is having excellent customer service, and with customer service comes helping out your customers whenever tiknical issues arise with your shop. because, let's be honest, shopify is not perfect and every now and then, since they are so large with so many servers, issues arise and it can really affect your store. so how can you stay on top of issues that arise and know exactly what's going on with shopify's inner workings? well, this is something i found whenever there was an issue. one day, i was logging into my store and had customers contact me saying their orders weren't going through, and so i contacted shopify and they actually showed me this website where they have uh system statuses on shopify as a whole and your shop specifically, and so what i've done here is i have actually bookmarked it on top of my browser and they have a very special feature where, if your shop has an issue, the shopify icon right here is red and if your shop is good, it's green. so today there actually is an issue, which is why i thought to make this video. so i'm going to show you the benefit of having this in your search bar. so let's click on it. it's shopify status and it can be found at shopifystatuscom and if you log in, it can show you any active issues with your shop specifically. so it looks like today there's one active issue and it is email support showing errors. so view details and you can see all that is going on with that, and so this is no big deal. it's just shopify support, so it's not affecting my shop directly, but it's good to know there's an issue going on, so they're actively trying to resolve it. you can see that it's identified, but they haven't started working on it. but once they have resolved it, it should have a green check mark and the icon back up here will go green and i can know there's no issues in my store. now, if you don't know how to add this to your bookmarks- i'm using chrome specifically- just go to shopifystatuscom and hit these three dots over here on chrome and it should pull up bookmarks and if you hover over it, you can bookmark this tab or bookmark alt tabs. all you need to do is bookmark this tab and it will show up in your bookmark bar just like bookmark enough. but i feel like this is something every shop needs to do, because it's good to stay on top of issues and you can just clearly see if it's red or green for the day, if there are any issues and you can look into it further. so i hope this video helped. if you're a shopify owner, i hope this was a revolutionary idea that you've never heard of and, um, if you liked it, leave a thumbs up, subscribe to all the fun stuff and i will see you in the next video. thanks for watching. [Music]. [Music].

Shopify Dawn Theme: Display Inventory On Product Page, No App

today i'm going to show you the easiest way to add your product inventory uh or your stok level uh onto the product page on dawn and on other modern shopify things. this is really easy to do if your product does not have variance like color or like size. unfortunately, it gets pretty complicated if your product does have variants, so i won't be covering that in today's video, but if that's actually what you're looking for, just leave a comment below and i'll make that video for you. and, like i said, this is a tutorial using dawn, which is shopify's new default theme on shopify online store 2.0. but you can do the same thing on any theme that has the custom liquid code block available on the product page. so, as you can see here, i am on my product page on my development store and i have this line right under the price that says we have six items remaining. this is a product without any variance, so this is really easy to do. first, we're going to add a block and that block type is going to be custom liquid, okay, so this is a block where you can add custom code. now i'm just going to write test so that it shows up here. it is at the bottom test and i'm just going to drag it up to where i want it to be, so like right under the price. there it is, and i'll just hide my other block right now, because i'm just going to show you step by step how to do this. first thing i'm going to do is write stok or something like that, and then i'm going to add these curly braces like this and we're going to write product dot, variance, dot, first, dot, inventory quantity- okay, with an underscore, and that will show up our inventory quantity. great. so the next thing you might want to do is add text to other parts. so if you want to put it in a sentence, like mine was, then i would write something like we have, and then this code and then items remaining at the end here, and we can also wrap this in a paragraph so that it's neat. you know, don't forget the closing tag. all right, this is just normal html, right, paragraph tags. now, another thing you might want to do is only show it when you're low in stok on a partikular product, right, so we can add an if statement that says: if you have less than five products, then show this, otherwise do nothing. so let's do this. let's open a logic block in liquid, okay, and we're going to write if, and then here is where we write the condition: okay, and we're going to write and if, once again in a logic block, and if, after the code that we want to show up, okay, so, and what is our condition? the condition is that this number that we're outputting is less than 5. so you can literally copy this, paste it here, and we're going to write: less than 5. product variance first, inventory quantity is less than 5. show this. so, as you can see, it's disappeared from here because we have more than 5.. if i had less than 10, it would reappear. there you go. so that's all, guys. it is pretty simple. i'll also add this code in the video description and, like i said, if you have a product with variants, this won't work. the process is actually much more complicated. you have to edit your actual template code, you have to add some javascript, and the reason why it's more complicated is that you need this number to update every time. when you- when you actually change the color or when you change the size, right, you need this number to change as well. that's why you need to write javascript. so it's dynamic and that's why it's more complicated. so really i recommend using a developer. you can hire a developer from a company like store tasker, for example, that specializes in small tasks and they're quite affordable and they have very fast turnaround. but if you really want to do it yourself, i can create a tutorial for you. just leave a comment below and if i see enough comments, or if your comment gets a couple of likes, then i will create that tutorial. that's all, guys. leave a like if that was helpful, leave a comment if you have any questions and subscribe for more videos like this one. see you next time.