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shopify dropdown menu

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How to create drop-down menus || Shopify Help Center

If you want to create  drop-down menus for your store,  ,but aren’t sure where to  start, then keep watching.,If you haven't set up your  header and footer menus,  ,then watch the previous video  in this series to learn how.  ,You’ll need to have your header menu set  up before you follow along with this video. ,Drop-down menus are used to organize products,  collections, and pages in the main menu of your  ,online store. This type of organization makes  it easier for customers to navigate your online  ,store, and quickly find what they’re looking for. Drop down menus are made up of top level menu  ,items, and nested menu items. Top level menu items appear in  ,the main menu of your store, and nested  menu items appear in a dropdown menu. ,You can have up to two levels of nested  menu items within a top level menu item.,In this example, one of the  top level menu items is Shop.  ,Shop has four, first level nested items within  it. Shop all, Tops, Bottoms, and Outdoor. ,Everything nested under those first level  items, make up the second level of nested items. ,Let’s create a first level nested menu item now.,In this example, I’ll start  with the Equipment menu item,  ,and nest the collections for Fitness Trackers,  Yoga Equipment and Water bottles under it.,Start in the Shopify admin. From your Shopify  admin, click Online Store. Then, click Navigation,  ,and then, Main Menu.,If you haven't created the menu item that  you want to nest, then click Add menu item,  ,give the menu item a name, and link  it to an existing collection or page.,For full instructions on adding menu items,  watch the first video in this series.,To begin the nesting process, first, I  grab the icon next to Fitness Trackers,  ,and drag it up, and to the right, under Equipment.,When you drag a menu item to the right, it nests  it under the previous, or top-level menu item.  ,You know that the menu item  is nested correctly because  ,it’s offset from the rest of the menu items. ,Now I’ll do the same for the Yoga  Equipment and Water bottles menu items. ,To see what the nested menu  looks like on your online store,  ,click Save. Then click the  eye icon next to Online Store. ,Now let's create a second level nested item. ,In this example I’m going to  take the collection,”Yoga mats”  ,and nest it under “Yoga Equipment” making  it a second level drop down menu item. ,I’ll do this by clicking and holding the six  dot icon next to “Yoga mats”, and moving it  ,under and to the right of the Yoga equipment menu  item. Let’s click save and look at that change. ,Now, when we look at our homepage, you can see  Yoga mats, under Yoga Equipment, under Equipment. ,Subscribe now for new tutorials from  the Shopify Help Center every week.  ,If you have questions, then visit  help.shopify.com for more information.

Shopify Tutorial: Multi Level Drop Menu Tutorial Guide Filter Menu (2022)

what's up guys and welcome to the video,today i'm just going to go through a few,steps on how to set up a multi-level,drop down menu in your shopify store,this video guide will also apply to all,shopify themes not just our own here,clean canvas so depending on what theme,you're using,it might look a little bit different to,what i'm going to show you in the video,but not to worry,so if you liked the video please do give,it a thumbs up and do consider,subscribing because like this content,will be putting out more future content,each week,which we hope will help you elevate your,store to the next level,now with all that being said let's just,get into the video alright guys,we're just going to show you uh my,current setup on my demo store,so i'm using symmetry for this um demo,so my theme will may not look exactly,the same how yours is set up,but don't worry this is still going to,be the same premise and should work,so i have a two options here i have a,double layer drop down which is very,nice and quick to create and i'm going,to show you that first and then i'm,going to go on to showing you how to,create the multi-layer drop-down menu,so what i mean by that is here you can,see multi-layer,i can see i have these four headings so,say for example,if i was to put these as you know boys,girls children etc and then inside,you can have the links to the products,or collections that,reflect only those things now for the,demo i'm not going to go that deep i'm,just,mainly going to show you how to create,these but this is just to give you a,little idea,on how you can start thinking about,setting up your menu,so all right guys i'm going to jump into,the navigation now and show you how you,can,create a double drop down layer first so,here we are in the admin and this is,where we're going to start and pretty,much be playing around with for the most,of this video,so head over to online store and,navigation on the left,and then you're going to be greeted,probably with the same kind of layout i,have here,main menu and footer if you aren't it,might have meant that you deleted them a,while ago but don't worry you can add,them new ones in here by clicking add,menu,and set it up there but for here i'm,going to just work on my main menu,so here we go i'm just going to close,that so,looking at it like this it doesn't look,too terrifying and even though when i,start opening up these things you might,start like a little bit of panic but,don't worry i'm gonna go through,each one nice and slow and hopefully by,the end you'll be able to do it all on,your own,so i have home double layer drop down,and the multi-layer drop down so as you,can see one two three,if i go to my main website you have it,here one two three,so double layer drop down we're gonna,create first so let's just go here and,click add menu,and i'm gonna call it uh dl2,double their number two here you can,select a link,some themes will give people the option,that,they can have these headings linked to,other pages and some,some themes don't have this um ideally i,don't think they should,but if they do here is where you can,control it so i'm just going to set mine,to home page,because i have to select a link here i,can't just leave it blank um so i'm just,going to select home page,so now selected home page if i was to,save right now,this is how my menu would look so i'm,just refreshing the page and you can see,i have the drop down,here what i was saying there if i click,on this it's not going to bring me,anywhere it's,mainly used for opening closing the drop,down on a click if i want it's also set,on a hover effect so i don't even have,to click anything,but if i click it it'll close um so,that's one of the features with symmetry,so here you can see dl2 at the bottom,but i don't have any drop down menus,that's because i haven't added any so,how do i do that so here i have the dl2,i'm gonna click add menu item,and here's a little trick for you guys,that i find really really cool,instead of giving it a name first if you,know you're going to be naming it after,the link,click on the link first and select,products,and let's say i want it to be called ask,him duffel bag,it's going to automatikally put that,name in there for me so it saves me a,little bit of time,which is going to make this video really,really fast so,i've clicked add link and now we can see,it's put under,dl2 now it's not a drop down yet if i,was to save and watch it would just,appear on the menu next to it so i want,to be a drop down so i'm going to grab,it here,and you're going to press down and hold,for a little bit and when you do you see,you kind of like you can move it around,a bit,and there's a little circle on off to,the left of the edge you can see it's,kind of,uh touching the corner what i'm going to,do now is i'm going to,drag my mouse to the right underneath,dl2 and you can see the circle is kind,of moved over as well,creating a kind of stair effect so if i,drag,and just let go right now boom that has,created us like a stairway effect and,now ask him duffel bag,is now going to be under dl2 so from,here i can add in more options as well,so i'm going to add one more i'm going,to add a collection,i'm going to add the all products,collection,and i click add so if i save right now,these two are now a double layer drop,down of this so if i go to my main,main website and refresh you can see,there's an arrow here now if i hover,over dl2,i can see the two products are there now,so that is how you create a double layer,drop down,we're going to go now and create a,multi-layer drop-down so i'll be right,back in a sec,all right guys now we're going to go,create a multi-layer drop-down,and we're going to do it off of dl2,actually just to save some time,so you're pretty much gonna what i'm,gonna do now is be,my heading and inside the duffel bag i'm,gonna have my links,so what do i mean by that so let's just,say all products here,i want this to be not a heading,but i want it to be part of the asking,duffel bag so if i,grab and just pull it to right and drop,you can see now we have like a triple,layer kind of stair thing going on,so the dl2 has now got the ask him,duffel bag as a heading,and now the ask them duffel bag now has,all products as,the uh clickable item in the menu,so now it's pretty much simple to add,more here so if i click,here and i click uh,add another one i'll add one more link,now that's my multi-layer drop-down,created so if i click save,right now and if i refresh this page,dl2 should now have a multi-layer effect,it does,so now it has the ask duffel bag as a,heading and then the all products and,size chart is now the multi-layer,now i want to just show you as well just,to make sure how you can add more,options pretty simple so if i,go here add a menu item to dl2 instead,of this plus because this is kind of,falling under here it knows i want to,add it here,so i click i'm going to add a product,and let's do the ask and duffle now,actually i want to ask them duffel bag,because i already have a heading called,that,so i'm just going to go kayak collection,and click add there we go the,oh i need to change the name of that,actually,there we go so you can see here the,kayak collection,i can add another heading here,so if i click add menu item this is,going to be another heading,click pages size chart click add,now i have three headings but let's say,i want to have size chart,inside of kayak collection i'm just,going to pull grab on it,pull it to the right and there we go i,can even,like i can even grab this and put it,underneath,ask him duffel bag at the top as well,you can like pull these up and down the,page until you have it right,but i want to keep it in the kayak,collection,so i'm just going to add it here there,we go,now if i click save and i refresh my,page,there we go we have the two headings,there as well so,now one more thing i want to show you,guys is how you can,filter a collection in your main menu to,only,show specific products that have

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How to Add Drop down Navigation Menus Shopify Dawn Theme Tutorial 2022

this is kevin with pi nurse websites and,today i'm going to show you how to,create a drop down menu on the,the new dawn theme so the first thing,you want to do is make sure you have the,dawn theme of course that's one of the,shopify's new 2.0 themes uh if you want,to look at all the 2.0 themes and i,recommend that you get that one because,they've been designed for speed,uh on shopify uh just go to the theme,store and then go to all themes and then,you'll get all these filters and you can,find the features that you want the one,i always look for is uh the online store,2.0 you're going to see the paid ones,and then you're going to see uh the free,ones it'll say whether it's free or paid,if it's free it'll say free if it's paid,it'll have a price next to it so,you can go to the theme store and look,at other shopify 2.0 themes but i do,recommend that you get one of those if,you don't have one so,the important thing to understand about,navigation menus is they'll display,differently depending on the theme that,you're using so you can just go to the,customized theme,this is on the debut theme and this is,how some navigation menus this is a,nested navigation menu,it displays differently on the dawn,theme which we're going to show and then,this is a straight down drop down,on the uh,debut theme so let's go over and that's,all we're going to look at of the debut,theme let's go over,and we don't have to make it the publish,theme we can just go into customize on,the dawn theme once you've downloaded it,but if you do,make it the pub,you can see how your menu navigation is,a little different than what we just saw,this is your nested navigation this is,how it displays on the,dawn theme,compared to what we were just looking at,on the debut theme,so let's go ahead and,make um,let's go ahead and make some menu so you,can kind of understand how they work so,what we want to do is we want to make a,straight drop down menu like this one,right here and that's one of the easiest,menus to make so let's go ahead and go,first we're just going to make this the,published theme,over here we're just going to go to,action,and,let's go to,whoops wrong theme let's go to action,and let's go to publish,and now the date,the dawn theme is replacing the,debut theme i haven't set up the theme,so when you look at it you're going to,see,that nothing's been done it,automatikally brings over the navigation,that i've already created so let's go,back over here and we're going to go to,online store and we're going to go to,navigation,and you want to go to main menu and this,is one of your default menus that's in,your,navigation automatikally,so you see i've made a bunch of,navigation menus by default it's got,home and catalog,so i added about us and then all of,these other,menus and submenus so,at the bottom you're going to see add,menu,and this will add something to the top,level navigation and let's just take a,look at the top level navigation,these are all top level navigation menus,so i'm just going to create a navigation,menu,called,water filters and so i click down here,and then the menu will come up up here,let's say water filters,just so it's a little different,and then we're just going to connect it,to a collection,and we'll connect it to a collection and,let's go ahead and add that,and let's hit save menu,so now that creates a top level,navigation menu so if we go back to,preview this,you're going to see we have a new,navigation menu called water filters at,the top,so,i'm going to go over here back to the,navigation and you'll notike when we,created this is connected to a,collection when you click on it,it's going to go to that collection but,once you make it a drop down you can no,longer click on that top level,so you want to make sure that say if you,want people to get to water filters you,want to put something in there that,allows them to go to that collection so,you may want to put something like,see all water filters somewhere in the,drop down that you've created here,because once you make this a drop down,uh when you click on it it will just,open up the sub menu that's what happens,on free themes on some of the paid,themes,you can click on those top level menus,but let's go ahead and take a look on,how to make this a,a sub menu so if we add another item and,let's just call it um,whirlpool,that's a type of water filter,and we're just connecting it to a,generic collection right now we're not,connecting it to water filters because i,don't have any water filters in here but,we just connect that,and in order to make it a sub menu you,just pull it over if you see that little,blue circle,when it's here it's on the main menu,when it's here it's underneath of an,item so now that i've created a sub menu,it's asking me if i want to add anything,else to the water filters menu,so let's go ahead and put samsung,which is also another water filter and,we'll just connect it to the samsung,collection i don't have a samsung,collection so i'll just connect it to,any collection just so it's connected to,something,so then we could make uh additional,items but this is enough to give you an,idea let's connect something to all,water filters as i was saying before,and then this would show,all the water filters that you have and,i'm just going to connect it to a,collection,and that would connect it to all the,items in the collection then you just,click save now you've got a drop down,and you'll know that you have a drop,down when you have this little icon,right here,that's a drop down menu and you can,collapse all of these to uh see this,one's a multi-level drop down menu right,here uh the most levels that you can go,in,on sub menus is three levels down so you,can have,this is called your top level then you,can have one more level and one more,level underneath of that so you got top,level second level third level three,levels is what you can go in navigation,menus so let's go ahead and look and see,how this is now displaying on our,website,so we've just created water filters is,no longer,it is clickable but no longer goes to a,collection so now you can go to,the first link or the second link,whatever you linked it to or the final,link which is you know all of the items,in the collection,so that's all there is for creating a,drop down menu using the dawn theme so,if you want to learn more about menus i,have more extensive videos that tell how,you can use,you'll see that you have the option for,collections uh to be filtered,so you can show part of a collection let,me just show you how that works so,if we take a look at uh this right here,let's go to edit this menu,and if we want to filter it by,only certain items in that collection,we can filter it by a tag so if we've,tagged a product and added this tag to,the product in these collections uh,so the 20 by 20 is only going to show,the merv 11 in that collection now so,i've now filtered this collection of,what's going to be seen so if i apply,changes and i save that,when i go to my navigation menu it's,only going to show a portion of that,collection and that's how you can use,product tags,to filter,your collection so that you don't have,to make a million different collections,you can just add tags to products and,let's go ahead and take a look at that,uh by previewing that new,uh navigation so when we go back to this,we're showing only a portion and we're,only showing 20 by 20 by one filters uh,that are tagged with merv 11. so,that's how you can filter collections so,that you don't have to,create a ton of collections you can just,put tags on those items,and you can show those items through,navigation menus with,uh only a portion of what's in that,collection so,i hope this was helpful for you please,uh subscribe and like this video,and check out more of my tutorials and,you'll you can find in-depth deep dives,on things like navigation menus and,we'll go over a little bit more how,navigation menus work in my next video,thank you

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So erstellst und bearbeitest du ein Dropdown-Menü

Hallo!,Ich bin Anna von Shopify.,Heute zeige ich dir, wie man die Navigation im Onlineshop bearbeitet und Dropdown-Menüs,erstellt.,Los geht's!,Mit organisierten Menüs können Kunden leichter in deinem Onlineshop navigieren und schnell,alles finden, was sie suchen.,Bevor du einen Menüpunkt erstellst, musst du erst die Kategorie, das Produkt oder die,Seite anlegen, zu der bzw. dem du verlinken möchtest.,Wenn du nicht genau weißt, wie man das macht, wirf einen Blick in den Schritt-für-Schritt-Leitfaden,in der Beschreibung unten.,Wenn du einen Menüpunkt hinzufügen möchtest, beginne im Shopify-Adminbereich.,Klicke zuerst auf "Onlineshop" und dann auf "Navigation".,Hier siehst du deine vorhandenen Menüs.,Wähle dein Hauptmenü aus.,Auf dieser Seite siehst du die Menüpunkte, aus denen dein Hauptmenü besteht.,Um einen der bestehenden Links zu bearbeiten, klicke neben dem Titel auf "Bearbeiten".,Um einen neuen Menüpunkt zu erstellen, klicke auf "Menüpunkt hinzufügen".,Gib im Pop-up-Fenster einen Titel für den Menüpunkt ein.,Klicke auf das Feld "Link", um eine Aufschlüsselung aller Seiten auf deiner Website zu sehen.,In diesem Beispiel suchen wir die Kategorie, die wir zuvor erstellt haben.,Dafür gehen wir zum Abschnitt "Kategorien“.,Als Nächstes wählen wir die gewünschte Kategorie.,Wenn du nicht genau weißt, wie man eine Kategorie erstellt, klicke auf den Link in der Beschreibung,unten, um eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zu erhalten.,Wenn du eine Kategorie als Menüpunkt hinzufügst, kannst du die Produkte filtern, die angezeigt,werden, nachdem Kunden auf die Kategorie klicken.,Produkte werden mit Hilfe von Tags gefiltert.,Wenn du hier Tags hinzufügst, dann werden nur Produkte mit den aufgelisteten Tags in,der Kategorie angezeigt.,In den meisten Fällen lässt du dieses Feld leer.,Wenn du fertig bist, klicke auf "Hinzufügen".,Wenn du die Reihenfolge der Menüpunkte ändern möchtest, klicke auf das Symbol neben dem,Menüpunkt, halte die Maustaste gedrückt und ziehe das Element an die neue Position.,So erstellst du auch Dropdown-Menüs für deinen Onlineshop.,Verwende Dropdown-Menüs, um ähnliche Arten von Kategorien, Produkten oder Seiten zu gruppieren.,Klicke auf den Menüpunkt und halte ihn gedrückt, um ihn unter einem anderen Menüpunkt zu verschachteln.,Bei Dropdown-Menüs ist es am besten, den Link aus dem Header-Element zu entfernen,,denn so können die Kunden auf den Titel klicken, ohne auf eine andere Seite weitergeleitet,zu werden.,Bearbeite dafür den Header-Menüpunkt.,Entferne anschließend den Link durch einen Klick auf das X-Symbol.,Tippe im Link-Bereich das "#"-Symbol in das Textfeld ein und wähle die ausgefüllte Option,für das "#"-Symbol.,Das "#"-Symbol generiert einen anklickbaren Link, der dich nicht auf eine andere Seite,weiterleitet.,Wenn du damit fertig bist, klicke auf "Änderungen anwenden".,Wenn du einen Menüpunkt entfernen möchtest, dann klicke auf die Schaltfläche "Löschen",neben dem Titel.,Klicke zur Bestätigung im Pop-up-Fenster auf "Entfernen".,Wenn du mit deinen Änderungen fertig bist, klicke auf "Menü speichern".,Die Änderungen sind nun in deinem Onlineshop sichtbar.,Du weißt jetzt, wie du deine Navigation in Shopify bearbeitest.,Falls du noch Fragen hast, sieh dir die Ressourcen in der Beschreibung unten an oder kontaktiere,direkt das Shopify Support-Team.,Danke fürs Zuschauen!

HOW TO CREATE A DROPDOWN MENU IN SHOPIFY: Create an Organized Menu for your Shoppers

is your Shopify store main menu looking,like a hot mess and you'll want to,organize it with some drop-down menus hi,welcome to my channel if you're new,around here hi I'm Alicia and here I,share handy tips tricks and tutorials to,help you build your online store so a,drop down menu also known as a nested or,sub menu is where the top-level menu,appears in the main menu on your online,store and the nested menu appears in the,drop down menu just below hence the word,nested it's a great way to organize your,pages and your products into certain,categories which helps your customers,better navigate your online store,setting up your drop-down menu is,actually quite simple,so let's dive straight into my computer,now and I'll show you how it's done so,you can add a submenu to your own online,store okay so for today's example I'm,gonna be using the unit and Yerger,online store example to show you how to,create a drop down menu in Shopify okay,so I just want to show you what the,current main menu looks so we'll just,head over to the left here and where,it's got this little eye button let's,click on that and as you can see just,for an example I've added a whole heap,of different pages as you can see every,page on this online store has its own,menu item so we've got the products the,about us contact us shipping and,delivery frequently asked questions tops,bottoms and bestsellers I want to,organize this nicely so that there's,only maybe three or four different menus,and then the sub menus underneath okay,so let's go back to the Shopify,dashboard and I'll show you how it's,done so here on your left navigation,menu you just want to go down to where,it says sales channels and then online,store just click on that and it'll open,up a submenu similar to what we're,creating today so you'll find the,navigations tab let's just click on that,and then what we want to do is we want,to go to main menu you can also do the,same to the footer menu but we'll just,leave that as is today so just click on,main menu and as you can see we've got,all our example pages listed here so,what you want to do here is you want to,group pages that are similar so for,example under maybe the about Us page,you would put the Contact Us page or the,frequently asked questions page that way,they're not an incentive for the,customer but also they're easily,accessible,it's actually very easy to organize your,submenus all you need to do is where,it's got these six little dots here if,you hover over them a little hand,appears and that means you can grab that,item and then drag it you can also drag,each item so if you wanted for example,your products to be with tops bottoms,and bestsellers you could just drag them,up like so and then it moves each one,individually so let's just do that for,now so let's get so tops bottoms and,bestsellers we want under products and,then we're gonna have our contact us and,frequently asked questions and the,shipping is and delivery or under the,about Us tab I might just move that fa,Q's up one then we go so now in order to,create the submenu all you need to do is,slightly drag the menu item to the right,so we'll just try that now,I'll just keep it clicked so you can see,what's going on here so if I drag it,back and then drag it back to the right,see how you see that little arrow that's,indicating that a submenu is being,created so when you let go what will,happen is it will create an indent and,now that is our submenu created now,let's do it for bottoms I'll just do it,slowly there we go and now it's added to,products and now we want bestsellers to,add to products,alternatively you can add a menu item,through that main menu by clicking the,add menu item to products so if you had,another page you would like to connect,this is another way that you could do,that so like I mentioned before we want,contact us frequently asked questions,shipping and delivery all under the,about Us tab so again just click hold,and drag to the right click hold and,drag to the right and click hold and,drag to the right there we go so you can,actually visually see where your sub,menus will lie so we've got home on its,own we've got products and then the sub,menus are the tops bottoms and,bestsellers and then actually put,bestsellers,top there we go and then we've got about,us we've got contact us frequently asked,questions shipping and delivery so now,let's go to the top and press save know,that that's all saved let's go check out,our online store so again let's just,press the I button and there we go a,much neater main menu for our online,store so here we've got the home button,and then we know we've got our sub menus,because this little arrow appears next,to our pages so you can actually click,on the page but then you can actually,click on the arrow which will create the,sub menu and there we go we've got our,bestsellers our bottoms our tops and,then our about us we've got our shipping,send delivery,frequently asked questions and contact,us as you can see it looks a lot more,professional and is a little bit less,confusing for your customer so go ahead,and have a play around with your main,menu and then create these sub menus,there's not a one-size-fits-all for all,online stores you just have to put,yourself in your customers shoes and,just have a think about how they use,your online store so there you go an,easy way to simplify your main menu with,a drop-down menu so your customers can,easily navigate your online store I,would highly recommend you adding a,drop-down menu if you have a high amount,of products on your online store however,using a drop-down menu can also be,useful if you have a few pages that you,don't want to be top of mind for your,customer so for example you could hide,your shipping and delivery information,under a Contact Us page all righty if,you found this video helpful I would,really appreciate a thumbs up and be,sure to subscribe to my channel as I,upload videos every Thursday these,videos help you build launch and grow,your online store and if you need more,help building your online store why not,check out my Shopify tutorials playlist,I'll leave a link here on the screen and,if you're looking for more help on,building your online store then why not,check out my Shopify tutorial playlist,I'll leave it here on the screen,so you can go check it out ok bye for,now

Drop Down Menu Shopify | Multi-Level/Mega Menus

today we're going to be toking how to,create and manage drop down menus as,well as multi-level drop down menus,so let's get started going to the back,side of my shopify store,i'm going to click on online store and,then click on navigation,this is where you manage both your main,menu which is the menu at the top,of your website as well as the footer,menu which is the menu,at the very bottom of your website in,this case,i'm going to edit the main menu,so similar to the front side of our,store we have home catalog ladies and,gentlemen,we have this reflected here in home,catalog ladies and gentlemen,and this is what's controlling how,things are laid out,both horizontally as well as vertikally,so let's get into this i currently want,to put ladies and gentlemen,underneath catalog as a drop down,so i'm going to grab ladies and make,sure that it's,underneath at the next level down and,i'm going to do the same thing with,gentlemen,when i click save now now that i've,refreshed my page,you can see that gentlemen and ladies,are now gone once i click on catalog,there they are and i can go to my,separate collections of gentleman's,aware,or ladies word let's go one step further,now,let's say beneath my gentleman's wear i,want to separate my products out into,the clothing,as well as the shoes so i'm going to,have to add another menu item,so if i click here i can click on link,and i can link it to a collection,product page blog posts,anything really in this case i want to,link it to a collection,and i want to link it to the clothing,collection that has all my menswear in,it,so now i'm going to click add and you,can see it's showing up there,i'm also going to do the same thing for,shoes,there we go one thing to note is that,it's often better to choose the link,before you type in the name because by,default,shopify is going to use the name of the,link,as the default name there and you can,always edit it afterwards,so right now i'm going to click on add,and there we go i've got gentlemen,ladies clothing,shoes if i go to the front side of my,store,and refresh the page you'll notike that,underneath my catalog i now have those,different options however it's not,underneath gentlemen yet,so let's go to the back side i'm going,to drag clothing,underneath gentlemen and i'm going to,drag shoes,to the same level,and let me reorder that so i want ladies,on top of that section there now let's,click save,when i refresh the front side of my,store now under catalog,you can see that ladies and gentlemen,are now separated,and underneath gentlemen we have our,shoes as well as our clothing,so there you go that's how to add and,manage multi-level drop down menus in,shopify