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Shopify Dropshipping GAME OVER Unless You Do THIS Now...

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

Shopify Dropshipping GAME OVER Unless You Do THIS Now...

i truly believe that 99 of all shopify
drop shippers and e-commerce
entrepreneurs that end up failing down
the road
they all make the same mistake the one
percent that end up succeeding
all do one specific thing and i'm gonna
reveal that specific thing here in this
video for you so you don't make that
um a little update on my store if you
guys can see here
get it into focus uh refresh
so it's gonna be uh about a i'm assuming
it's going to end up being 21 22 000 a
day which is definitely really
really exciting but the reason that i'm
really excited about this brand
is this brand follows the principle that
i'm gonna break down for you here in
this video
so without further ado it's getting kind
of nasty out here in chicago it's
definitely about the storm
so i'm going to go inside here into my
office hop on my desktop and i'm going
to break down
what you need to do to avoid being part
of the 99
that make this mistake that is literally
career ending you do not want to do this
if you have any plans of a career with
e-commerce advertising
or online business in general watch this
what you're about to learn is the 3ma
strategy this is a strategy that i've
developed in the past few months
and this strategy could very well
prevent the downfall of your
career into e-commerce and advertising
before i jump into this this 3ma
if you can just please do me the favor
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subscribe if you are new and you want to
more about e-commerce and advertising
it's greatly appreciated and i found
by just saying that one sentence i get
so much more engagement
on my video so i need to remember to do
that from now on
so this is the 3ma strategy what does
3ma stand for it's called the three
months ahead strategy
and i guess to put some context of the
strategy when i first got into
all i was focused on was the present i
extremely complacent with the results
that i was driving
i didn't plan i wasn't planning for the
future i was focused on the day
i was focused on the results in the
present and what ultimately happened was
the downfall of that business
and what i've come to see is that this
3ma strategy
should not only be applied in businesses
within e-commerce and advertising but in
general my girlfriend the other night
was telling me the story about
in chicago here there was a ice cream
store that's been in the same location
for 30 40 years
and i'm not sure i think it's just you
know soft serve ice cream
but a new ice cream shop opened up
across the street and it sounded like
vegan ice cream
the vegan ice cream shop was putting so
much pressure on this other business
that this other business literally had
to go and like harass them
to the point where this vegan ice cream
shop had to get up and move
in the issue with this is as a business
you shouldn't have to resort to things
like harassing your competitors you
should be
a step ahead of the game if that
original ice cream shop would have
launched their own vegan ice cream brand
that competitor would have had no room
to move in but the issue was is they
were focused on the present in the past
not focused on the future
and this same concept can be applied to
e-commerce and advertising
specifically with e-commerce and it's
one thing that
almost led to the downfall of my shopify
and e-commerce career so i want to i
want to break down this 3ma strategy for
you here
and make sure that doesn't happen i want
to make sure that you set yourself up
sustainability and the end result
so let me show you what it usually looks
like so this what i'm about to break
down is not the 3ma strategy but most
likely this is probably
if you were doing the same thing that i
was doing this is what you're doing
right now
so if you're working towards building an
e-commerce store
and you're just working you know you
eventually want to get to the point of
maybe doing this full-time
you want to become a full-time
entrepreneur well this is probably what
you're doing
because i know i was in these shoes i
was doing this
my goal was to build a profitable
e-commerce um or shopify store that was
my goal
so here i am
five years you know working working
working working navigating this crazy
and then one day boom i reached my goal
i kept putting in the work
extremely ecstatik i quit my job
everything's going good
my shopify store is doing four thousand
five thousand dollar days
um everything's going smooth but here's
the issue is
this goal didn't change once i reached
this goal i didn't
i didn't change it my goal was still you
know i was complacent because i had hit
this goal
and my mindset was that boom i hit it
like everything's all good now
you know but here's what happens
it's the same situation as the ice cream
shop eventually
if you don't innovate and if you aren't
three months ahead
of the game you're going your business
is going to die
and there's a there's a major way to
avoid this that's what i want to break
down that's what the 3ma strategy
is going to teach you here so even if
you're someone that's new and you don't
have a profitable ecommerce business you
need to watch this video because
trust me if you keep working the way
that you are you will get to this point
and if you do have a profitable
ecommerce business and you find yourself
getting complacent
well you're not too far away from this
situation right here so
this is what i do now in that that
the video clip i showed you that's what
this brand is
completely built around
so when you see results like the one
that i just showed you
my business partner and i have been
planning four days like today for now
three months three to four months we've
been planning we have an infrastructure
built out and there's a reason that
there's a reason that this day came and
we're over prepared for it here's why
uni the mistake i made was not setting
an end
goal because ultimately
this is just a step along the path so
let me give you an example here the new
end goal
that i have for myself is this like this
is the end goal that i have um at least
for like
the business that i was going to launch
next which turned out to be the one i
just showed you
so first grab a pencil grab a piece of
paper whatever grab your phone
and type this out type out end goal
and now do this the end goal for this
sell the business
for sell it for 20 million to 40 million
go big here go end goal like what is the
ultimate goal that you want
like the final result what do you want
sell this for this
that's truly the end goal for this
business and it has been since day one
these numbers obviously like fluctuate a
little bit but essentially this
is the end goal that we've always had
for this business
so this is how you are this is now i'm
going to break down how i
am always three months ahead of
myself and my business we're three
months ahead of these results we could
4x these results in our tomorrow and our
infrastructure could still handle and
here's how
once you have this end goal all you need
to do now
is piece together the missing puzzle
that you need to get to this end goal
so let's think about it in order to
suffer this much you're going to get a
valuation of like let's say
10x to 20x in net profit so in order to
get a 10x
we would need 2 ml
so then estimating that we're doing 20
8 mil revenue to
let's say 12 mil revenue so that's what
we need to do to hit this goal
the next mid goal
is how do we continue so i have to look
at this objectively
how can i run a business to the point
it's generating these type of numbers
well there's two there's a few
key key pieces it's just really one here
so for us we need happy customers
because in order to run this sustainably
for the period of time where we can grow
it to this point we need happy customers
so how do we get happy customers well
pretty easy
and obviously there's like points before
this too you know we had to do the
product research and find a product and
whatnot but
you get the point so now take a look at
we knew by working backwards like this
if we have a high quality product fast
shipping times
and great customer service well what's
that going to lead to we're going to
have happy customers
with happy customers we're going to be
able to run this business for years to
and ultimately sell it we'll run it for
years to come
generate this type of revenue eventually
once we generate this type of revenue
we have existing customer base that
loves our product we can sell this for
the 10x
to 20x multiple of net profit per year
and you know obviously if i was to break
out this whole
plan that we have it keeps going up
because you know all the way up here
you're going to see things like goal
find big
market with product
and great margins you know things like
that and then
uh for all of this stuff we're going to
need a couple things as well we're going
to need
if we want to if we want great customer
service and fast shipping times
we're going to need great manufacturer
in-house fulfillment
or us fulfillment boom and now
before we even launch look at this we
literally knew what we need to do
step by step to reach this end goal and
this literally would be like you know
like up here so
you see this was my mistake is
i used to think that boom
this was the end goal but here's the
issue is
i didn't have a path built out for this
so as my business started to grow
to these next points i didn't i didn't
have an infrastructure built out
i couldn't do this i was not three
months ahead
of my current state of business
and what ultimately happens when you
reach this point you don't have it set
up and you try to
rush and get things to happen the
business dies the business fails
one of my first e-commerce businesses
that really took off is doing around
like a hundred and eighteen thousand
dollars in revenue a month
like forty forty thousand dollars profit
a month and that business completely
because i did not have i did not have
this 3ma strategy
and i get you know if you are just
getting started with e-commerce you're
probably like oh this is too far ahead i
just need to get this done first i just
need to build my profitable shopify
trust me if you continue working this
will happen it's more important
to map it out like this do the 3ma
strategy where you set an
end goal you piece together everything
that you need to do
to reach that and not only will you have
a business plan
but after you find your you're probably
great margins after you launch your
facebook ads after you
generate your first sales you know
you're going to see where you are along
in this process
and what i can see that my business
partner and i are running is already
right here
the there's now there's other check this
out so
you know there's other things that we
have to do now such as
um more content higher team you know
it continues to grow this this business
plan is always changing
but the important part is that we're
tracking it every step along the way
it doesn't matter what phase you are in
ecommerce you need
to use this 3ma strategy
because if you put in the work and you
you stay consistent with it
and you join full-time ecomm link in the
description you're going to hit this
part you're going to build a profitable
ecommerce brand but
the question is are you going to be set
up to do the rest of this
so that is uh that's my video for today
i do hope this brings some value to you
if you haven't yet make sure to hit the
like button subscribe for me if you're
new you want to learn more like this
if you're looking for more of the
in-depth facebook ads strategies my
older ones are on the channel
um all my newer in-depth in-depth
strategies are in full-time ecom
and i'm trying to keep them a little
more on the dl that's why they're kind
of remaining in there because they've
been working very very well
um so yeah i you know if i would have
had this when i got started i
i wouldn't have lost a potentially
massive business
multiple times and it wouldn't take me
five years to figure this out so
my goal for for you is to compress
five years of my knowledge into 15
and hand it off to you completely free
so that is all
i will see in the next video dylan out