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shopify dropshipping themes

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

5 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping 2023 (HUGE UPDATE!)

today we're going over the top five themes that you should be using in your Shopify Drop Shipping Store to explode your sales in 2023. having the right female layout for your store is crucial. let me show you why. this is one of my Brands. it's at 879 000 in the matter of months, with a 2.78 conversion rate and 28 000 orders. now that's pretty sweet, and for all the doubters and haters out there, let me go ahead and refresh. and there you go with that. let's get into the top five themes. now, these five themes- some of them are free, some of them are paid. there are thousands of themes out there, so I want to break it down into these five and I'm going to show you at the end of this video which one I prefer out of all these. each one has pros and cons, so pay close attention. the First theme on my list is the sense theme. this theme is free and is on the Shopify theme store. this is a demo of the store itself and this is how your store can look. obviously, when building a Shopify store, you want it to be as clean as possible and as brandable as possible if you want to succeed with Shopify Drop Shipping or building your own eCommerce website from scratch. you must make sure that your store looks super clean and professional, and therefore that's why I love this sense theme right off the bat. it gives me a very calm feeling. you can replace this image with whatever your brain is all about. I love this Banner right on top. usually I'll do something like 50 off and then right here you can put all the products, Collections and whatever you want. now, moving on, the home page looks super, super cool, clean, as you can see. it just looks like a real brand. you can put images of the products, you can put product links. you can even put a few things that your brand is known for, as well as a few collections that people can click and right away see. having clean collection pages are great for raising your average order value. an average order value is how much a customer will spend on your website, and if you show them a bunch of different products, they will then ask themselves: maybe I need more than one. that's why I love collection Pages. usually on my websites, I start with just one product and then I add related products so people can buy more than one at a time. if you can get a customer buying two to three different items, then it will be a win for you. as you can see, look how clean the product page looks. it's super, super easy to maneuver. you can put the description in here and they have a really cool option of putting drop downs. look at this. all you do is click it, boom, just like that, and you can fill out that information. I like the images super clean, straight to the point, and this product page is out of this world, highly recommended for any e-commerce seller. to start off with the sense theme. but we're just getting better every single time. let's move on to theme number two. theme number two is a paint theme and we're gonna get into the pricing in just a second. I'm going to compare it with you and we'll see if it's worth it. so the debutify is a great theme because it looks super clean on mobile. as you guys know, most of your traffic will be on the phone. that's usually how it works. most people are scrolling on tiktok, they're scrolling over and they see your product, they click in it and they go to your website. so having a clean website like debutify is important. the beautify is a great theme for any mobile websites. okay, it's perfect for beginners, easy to use. the bounce rate on these stores are much lower because it just looks professional. it's a much higher potential to sell globally because I believe debutify has an option that will automatikally change the price. so, for example, let's say I live- I live in New York, but let's say I lived in Australia. I can literally go on any website that uses debutify and it'll automatikally change the price to be in Australian dollars. okay, the customer support is great for debutify. obviously it's a paid theme and this theme we scaled many stores with. we used to use this theme a little while ago. um, I'll tell you guys in a little bit of what theme I use right now. but they beautify, crush it for us and I still recommend it to all my students today. so if you go to the debutify website, I believe you can try it for free. there's also a pricing model. I'm not affiliated with them. I'm not a partner with them. what I would do is I would start with the free option and it should give you exactly what you need. you can always upgrade at any time, which they give you add-ons and stuff like that, but usually the free option is just enough. here's exactly how it looks as you can see, it's like super, super professional. they also have the drop down buttons. personally, there's a little bit too much going on, so I like to remove as much as I could like. remove this stuff, remove this stuff like too much going on on this page itself. however, if you look on how it looks on mobile, all you gotta do is press right click and then inspect. okay, this obviously looks gorgeous, looks really really nice on mobile. so, overall, this is a great thing to use and that's why I put it on my top five themes to use. now, moving on to the refresh theme, as you can see on the image right over here, refresh looks super, super clean, super nice. again, you're gonna see constantly I'm going to tok about having a branded looking website and this is a perfect brand. if you're gonna build a brand, you can use refresh. very, very brandable. okay, it's perfect for health and beauty products. that's what we see a lot of the refresh websites using. it has a bold, eye-catching design, which is great, and it has a lot of different layouts and sections that you can edit. okay, there's a lot, a lot of great features on refresh. as you can see, we're gonna go to the demo store super quick and it just looks like a brand. okay, if you have any different- um, you know, health and wellness- type of products, you should be using this theme. let's go to the product page and see how it looks again, super, super clean, like I love these themes. you can see your boy, Sam, is hooking you up, so make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit that like button if you're enjoying this video. speaking of enjoying this video, I'm gonna make it a little sweeter for you. I want to say thank you to all the support. therefore, I'm doing a giveaway. all you got to do is comment the word Shopify in the comments below to be entered. I'm gonna be giving away a custom made website and chosen winner product by myself. I'm literally gonna build you the website and choose the product for you. I got the best team of developers, so we're gonna make it awesome for the winner. all you got to do again is comment the word Shopify and you'll be entered. let's continue, okay, and finally, these are the last two themes that I personally use for my stores. these are my favorite. again, they're a little more advanced, but just take a look on why I love them so much. the first one of the two is solo draw. solo drop is the best hands down theme, in my opinion, for one product stores. it's easy to understand. I love the color schemes, it's very eye-catching and it has ink cart discounts, which is great. it's optimized for one product store. so if you have a one product store, then definitely recommend you use solo drop now. the solo drop theme is not free now I do recommend if you're a beginner you stik to the first few themes that I recommended. but if you already have gotten sales in the past or your little pasta beginner stage and you want to level up your stores, then you could definitely try out the solo draw theme again. I'm not partnering with them or anything like that. I just use them in my stores in the past. so that's why I want to recommend it to you guys. now the solo drop theme is lit. let me show you why and show you a few demos, as you can see a lot of different examples here. we're going to go into the gel Blaster store and I mean: just look at this store. it's gorgeous. okay, you scroll down, you know. just looks like a real brand. it shows, you know rea.

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

in today's video, i'm going to show you how you can make one of the best online stores out there with ecommerce themes that are a designed to be fast and also high converting. so shopify has rolled out five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features- literally so exciting. so i'm going to take you guys through some incredible shopify themes so that you guys can decide which one is right for your business in 2022.. each one of these offers industry leading performance and deep customization. but can we just get a little sneak peek here? okay, let's look at some of these amazing themes. so, first of all, look at this one- this one's called context, and i just feel like it would be perfect for someone who is starting like a clothing store but maybe wants a bit more of an editorial vibe. and then this one over here. look at this one- this one's called loft, and i feel like it would be so good for anyone selling home goods. so that's just a little preview, but definitely stik around till the end of this video, because i'm going to go through a ton of themes and just discuss the specifics on who they're good for and how they can work for you and your business. [Music]. okay, guys, so what exactly is a theme? so, if you think about it, themes are kind of like the skeleton of your online store. it's just going to define what your store is going to look like. so, for example, in this theme over here, this has one main image for the banner, but if you look at this one, it's going to allow you to put two images for the banner, and a theme is also going to define some of the functionality of your store. so, for example, when i click the cart on this theme, it pops up as a sidebar and then when i click the cart on this theme, it's just going to take up the whole page. so, if you guys don't already know, when you create your online store with shopify, you can choose between either free themes or premium themes, and it's really nice because there are more and more free themes that are being released recently. so there's tons of options there. and then, as of now, there's also 60 paid themes and you can find a theme that works really easily for yourself because you can narrow it down by industry price and then just basically find the design that you're after. okay, i know you guys are wondering: are shopify themes better than other themes out there? and i just want to say really quickly, just want to say this from the jump: shopify themes are amazing. they're amazing. first of all, if you are not tik savvy, shopify themes were going to be perfect for you because all of the features that you need already come built into your theme. you're probably never going to need to hire developer because 99, if not 100, of what you need already comes built into your theme. but but if you are a perfectionist like me and let's say, you do want to do like a little tweaks and like edit, you can edit your store without touching any code. so let's just look at my screen here for one sec, because i actually do think this is really important. so if we look here, you can see that i can easily edit these sections and these blocks to look exactly how i want and i can add apps, and i can add apps through app blocks. like there's so much flexibility here. obviously, hiring a developer can get really expensive really quickly, so this is a really good option if you are just starting. maybe you're trying to save a bit of money. and another thing that i really like about shopify themes is that you can get set up in literally less than 24 hours, like that is not an exaggeration. it is so fast. you could get set up between zoo meetings. you can get set up while your bagel is toasting. you can get set up before your roommate is done with the shower. okay, i don't know, probably not that fast, but one thing is for sure: you can definitely get set up before the pandemic is over. that's a little food for that. so this could be your sign to get going. so it is really quick to get set up. but it's also really good at getting your vision into the real world. you know when you have like an idea in your head and then you're like, okay, like i know what i want this to look like. i have this idea in my head and then you put it out into the universe and it's just like not really what you were hoping it would look like. i feel like that's definitely happened to me before. but i feel like with shopify themes, you can. you can get your branding and your vision out into the real world because you just have so much control over styling, over everything. and have you ever been on a website on your phone? and it's just like not as good as it would be on desktop. but with shopify, since themes are responsive, i feel like that just pretty much guarantees that your store is going to look dope, whether it's on the phone, whether it's on the desktop, wherever. we've all gotten to be very impatient creatures and, let's be real, no one really has the time to wait for even like four seconds for a page to load. but with the online store 2.0, let me tell you the speed and performance. it's good, as long as we don't overdo it with the heavy videos and like heavy images and that kind of thing. these themes are going to be so fast, guys. not nearly enough people pay attention to this, but shopify's themes are going to be highly accessible by design, and i think this is really important to me because everyone has different abilities, like, for example: some people might not be able to read small type, maybe they're just unable to see, maybe they're color blind. some people are unable to use a mouse to click on products to purchase, so they're going to rely on a keyboard alone to navigate the web. and with any shopify free theme that you choose, or paid theme, you can be sure that it's meeting the latest accessibility standards baked in by default. shopify actually requires the people who are making these themes to make sure that users can navigate through an entire theme with only a keyboard and a screen reader. i love it. i'm here for the inclusivity. last thing that i really like about the new online store 2.0 themes is that you are fully covered when it comes to support. like, if you decide to get any free shopify theme today, you would get an hour of free design time and in those sessions, the support advisors just have tons of ideas on how you can get more sales. and if you got a paid theme, you can chat with someone who can give you ideas on how to get sales too. so, literally, support in every direction. all right, guys, this is the age-old question: should you go for a free theme? should you go for a paid theme? all right, here's the t. so i feel like if you are just starting out, if you're just getting your feet wet, a free theme is a good option, because there's going to be light, they're going to be flexible and if you're looking to have the ability to tweak, the ability to get your theme super on brand, you can definitely do that with a- a free theme you can get so granular to the point where, like, you can choose whether your buttons are going to have rounded corners or sharp edges. you know what i'm saying. so i do love a free theme, but nothing hits like a good paid theme. this is just my opinion. i find that with premium themes is just such a breath of fresh air because you have so much more control. you can get really granular with your settings and your designs in a way that's just not as possible to that level with free themes. for example, you can add animations, you can have product details pop up on hover, you can even change the spacing between letters, and those are just to name a few. and i think i mean these themes aren't just made by random people. they're literally made by shopify's theme store partners, who have been building themes for over a decade. developing good themes for you is their entire business, so they always want to ensure that their themes are on point, that they're giving you incredible customer support. so, yeah, there's just nothing like a good premium theme. so if you are new, a free theme is going to be great, but if

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How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

this is the exact method that we're using to create our six figure and seven figure drop shipping shopify store designs, and i've just created an example one for you guys, and you can see how beautiful this looks. we have the thumbnail for the youtube video on the website. you've got the drop down menus right there to give people more information without having it all bulky on your website. then you've got the side-by-side images going over more details of the product, and then you've got the button. if we keep scrolling back up, you can see how beautiful this website looks, and i'm going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in this video. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sannon is the ecom kingdom. in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching you step by step on how you can create a one product store that looks really branded and professional and that converts extremely well in 2022 and 2023.. this tutorial is going to be around about 30 to 50 minutes long. i'm not joking. it's going to be step by step so you can carry and follow along with your laptop or your computer if you want to create a shopify store that looks like mine. now i'm also going to be giving you guys copy and paste templates that you can use on your store for things like privacy policy, terms and condition and shipping and delivery, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes, i'll leave it in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you've been somebody wondering how to design a shopify store that's going to convert really well and look really appealing, then i'm going to give you the exact formula right now that will work with every product that you choose, and you can also convert this into a niche store if you want to, and this has been proven to work for me for the last 12 months because i'm using it right now in some of my six figure and seven figure stores [Music]. so before we can start creating our one product shopify drop shipping store, we need to have a product in mind that comes with good photography and good information to make our life easier and to give us the best quality store. now, if you haven't already got a product in mind, you can use a website like pixarcom and head over to the winners section, and this is going to show you loads of wooden products in different industries, different niches, and it's also going to give you all the relevant information about these products. so, for example, let's say i like this product, i'd click details and then it would show me everything about the product. now this is gonna be my product choice in the video. so this is the product that i'm gonna be using to design the website about. it's called the cordless air duster and you can see it's gonna give me the description and i can use this for my website. it's gonna give me the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, the amazon link, and later in this video you're gonna understand why it's important to have the amazon link, the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, also other stores selling it so you can see how they've designed their store and take good things from their store and repurpose it for your store. but if you haven't already got a product or you haven't got good information, then i recommend you use peekster to help you get that. so once you've got your product in mind, you want to head over to the aliexpress link for your product. you can see this is my product. it's got a thousand orders, 4.8 star reviews. you only want to be going with a product that has got good reviews and has got good photography, because if you scroll down you can see this is the photography that's going to come with my product, because this is the imagery that i'm going to be using on my website. so if it's not good photography, or if it's not good imagery or they don't have good videos, then it's going to make your website look bad. a great extra bonus is if your supplier can give you a video of the products you can see here. i've also got a video of my product, and the reason why is because you're going to be using this video on your website after you've edited it to be suitable for your landing page. now, once you've done that, you want to download a chrome extension called ali save and that will give you the option to actually download all the images by clicking this little icon once you've downloaded the chrome extension, and it will also give you the option to download the video. if you've got the pro version- for one dollar- and i'm not sponsored by them at all- and for the images when you scroll down on the listing, you will either have to contact the supplier and ask them to send you them, or you'll just have to print screen them, because you can't actually right click these images and save them, and some of the images in the listing below is actually better than the main images in the actual product info. now, once you've done that step, you want to head over to this link here, which is my exclusive shopify 14 day free trial link, and by using this link, you'll get 14 days for free, and sometimes you can actually get even more than 14 days for free. it just depends when you use the link. now, once you've set up your shopify account and you've started your 14 day free trial, your screen should now look like mine, and you want to head over to the bottom here where it says apps, and you want to click on it, and then it should open up this page. now, once you've done that, you want to go to where it says recommended apps, and then it should pop up this page, and then you want to go to at the bottom where it says shopify app store, and you want to click that link. once you're on the shopify app store search bar, you want to search for these two apps. the first one is going to be called auto ds. now, what auto ds lets you do is it lets you import the product through aliexpress and loads of different other websites, like cj, drop shipping and loads of other ones, and it will also automatikally fulfill every single order for you once you get orders on your website. now, an alternative to this used to be oberlo. that was the really common one, but they shut down now. another alternative to auto ds is actually ds's. now, i think auto ds is better than ds's because it actually gives you the automatik fulfillment option and loads more features. the only downside to auto ds is it does have a 30 day free trial and once that's done, it will then be a paid subscription. now, if you do not want to do that, then you should use dss, because it is free forever as long as you're on the lowest tier. now, once you've downloaded the also ds up, you want to head back over to the aliexpress link for your product, like here, and it should say somewhere around here: import through auto ds. mine's not saying it because i've already done it, but you want to click that grey button and it will import it into your website. now, once you've done that, you want to head into the auto ds app by going back into shopify, clicking apps, then auto ds, and you want to go to where it says drafts, and where it says drafts, it should show you the product that you've just imported and you want. you want to click the import button. after a few minutes it should show the product in the product section here as a live product on your website. now the best way to double check that this is actually worked is by going to where it says products in the shopify dashboard and making sure the product shows up under active now. as long as your product shows up here, then it has worked. so now we've got all that out the way. we can move on to the fun part of this video, which is creating the shopify store right now. so you want to head over to the shopify dashboard, go to where it says online store and then it should take you to a section that looks like this and it should have the dawn theme as the current theme. then you want to scroll down to where it says popular free themes and you want to go to where it says the refresh theme- this one right here- and you want to click the add button after a few minutes. after you've done that, it should now show it und.


10 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping (2022)

إذا كنت تستخدم Shopify لإنشاء متجر دروبشيبينغ الخاص بك, ، فقد تكون مقيدًا بوظائف السمات المجانية. ومع ذلك, ، في Shopify Theme Store ، يمكن أن تكلف السمة 200 ~ 350 دولارًا. هل شراء موضوع يستحق العناء؟ الجواب: نعم. ما لم تكن مطورًا ممتازًا لمواقع الويب, ،, فإن استخدام السمات المدفوعة يمكن أن يوفر لك الكثير من الوقت. علاوة على ذلك, ، لن تحتاج إلى استثمار الأموال في بعض المكونات الإضافية التي قد تقلل من سرعة موقع الويب الخاص بك. في هذا الفيديو, ، سأقدم لك كيفية اختيار موضوع Shopify لدروبشيبينغ ، والتركيز على أفضل 10 سمات Shopify التي يجب عليك استخدامها. قبل أن ننتقل, ، دعنا نحاول الإجابة على هذا السؤال ،: "ما الذي يجعل موضوع Shopify جيدًا لدروبشيبينغ؟". يجب أن يكون موضوع Shopify الجيد, ميسور التكلفة ، وسهل الاستخدام ، وقابل للتخصيص ، وصديق للسيو وجذاب. بعد ذلك, ، سأركز على أفضل 10 موضوعات Shopify لدروبشيبينغ بناءً على بحثنا المكثف. سوف نمر بالمجموعات المجانية أولاً. 1. بروكلين: هذا الموضوع مصمم خصيصًا لمتاجر الملابس. إنه موضوع يبرز الصور. باستخدامه, ، يمكنك عرض صور منتجات متعددة في عرض شرائح على صفحتك الرئيسية أو عرض مقطع فيديو لإخبار قصة. علامتك التجارية. تتغير شبكة المنتج الديناميكية تلقائيًا بناءً على عدد المنتجات المعروضة. عربة الانزلاق سهلة الاستخدام. انطلاقا من المراجعات, ، نستنتج أنه اختيار جيد للمبتدئين. 2. تم تصميم "لاول مرة" خصيصًا لـ 1-9 منتجات, وهي متوفرة في نمطين مختلفين ، وهما الافتراضي والضوء. بالمقارنة مع بروكلين, ، لديها ميزات أكثر تقدمًا. يسمح لك هذا الموضوع بإظهار مدى توفر الالتقاط ، وشهادات العملاء ، واللافتة الترويجية ، وتوصيات المنتج ، وخيارات التصفية. علاوة على ذلك, ، يمكن أن يحسن البحث التنبئي تجربة المستخدم. ترك العديد من المستخدمين تعليقات إيجابية ، لذا فإن الأمر يستحق المحاولة. 3. السرد وبالمثل ، تم تصميم السرد, أيضًا لحجم فهرس صغير. ومع ذلك, ، هناك 4 إعدادات مسبقة ، وهي مصممة خصيصًا لسرد القصص المرئية. يمكنك عرض مقطع فيديو. يتم تشغيله تلقائيًا بملء الشاشة على صفحتك الرئيسية. يمكن عرض المنتجات والمعلومات ذات الصلة في عرض شرائح عمودي. علاوة على ذلك, ، يتم إصلاح قائمة التنقل أعلى كل صفحة. درجة الملاحظات عالية بما يكفي ، مما يشير إلى أنه اختيار جيد. 4. يحتوي Minimal Minimal على ثلاثة قوالب معدة مسبقًا: عتيقة ، وعصرية ، وحديثة. الإعداد ضئيل. باستخدامه ، يمكنك استخدام فيديو بطل لإخبار قصة علامتك التجارية أو عرض شرائح لعرض منتجات متعددة على صفحتك الرئيسية. علاوة على ذلك, ، فإنه يتيح التصفية وتوصيات المنتج. يعتقد أكثر من 80 ٪ من المستخدمين أنه موضوع مجاني رائع Shopify. بعد استعراض أفضل القوالب المجانية ، لنبدأ في النظر إلى السمات المدفوعة. 5. لاول مرة مع Debutify ، يمكنك بسهولة إنشاء متجر Shopify احترافي. وزيادة التحويلات, قامت Debutify ببناء أكثر من 50 وظيفة إضافية لتستخدمها ، بما في ذلك Cart Maximizers ، ومشغلات التحويل ، وبناة الولاء ، ومعززات التسوق ، وحماة المتاجر بفضل محرر السحب والإفلات ، فإن الأداة سهلة الاستخدام. ويمكن أن يتناسب تصميمك مع أي جهاز. نظرًا لأن Debutify يقدم خطة مجانية, ، يمكنك تجربتها. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى إضافات وتكامل, ، فيمكنك التفكير في خطة Starter لاحقًا. لمقارنة Debutify مع السمات الأخرى المدفوعة, ، استفد من هذه الصفحة. Debutify لديه أكثر من 9500 مراجعة وتقييم 4.8 نجوم على Trustpilot. من الواضح أن الأداة تستحق المحاولة. 6. Handy. Handy هي سمة مدفوعة. الأجر في Shopify Theme Store يكلف 180 دولارًا. الإصدار التجريبي المجاني غير محدود. وتحتاج فقط إلى الدفع مرة واحدة عند نشر المتجر. إنه مصمم خصيصًا لدعم سرد القصص المرئي للعلامة التجارية. خطوات الإعداد ضئيلة يتيح المظهر وظائف, بما في ذلك عربة السحب للخارج ، والعربة اللاصقة ، وشارات المنتج ، والمراجعات ، واللافتات الترويجية ، وتمرير صور المنتجات الموصى بها ، وزوم الصورة ، وما إلى ذلك. انظر إلى نتيجة التعليقات. من المؤكد أن الموضوع سيكون استثمارًا مفيدًا في أعمال دروبشيبينغ الخاصة بك. بصرف النظر عن Shopify Theme Store, ، يمكنك أيضًا شراء سمات شائعة لمتاجر Shopify من ThemeForestnet. هنا ، يمكننا العثور على موضوعات Shopify الأكثر مبيعًا ، مثل Ella و Wokiee, وما إلى ذلك 7. Ella- Ella هو موضوع Shopify الأكثر مبيعًا على الإطلاق. يوفر أكثر من 50 تصميمًا عالميًا للصفحة الرئيسية وإمكانية تخصيص قصوى. الموضوع متوافق مع Online Store 2.0 ، ويتم تحميله بسرعة. علاوة على ذلك, ، توفر Ella العديد من الميزات المجانية المتميزة ، بما في ذلك الحزم والخصومات ، والقائمة الضخمة المتقدمة ، وتصفية المنتجات ، وما إلى ذلك. يمكنك أيضًا الحصول على تحديثات مجانية مدى الحياة ودعم عملاء ممتاز. إذا اخترت Ella, ربما لا تصدق أن إيلا تكلف 89 دولارًا فقط. 8. Wokiee: Wokiee هو موضوع Shopify مصمم للتحويلات العالية. إنها تقدم أكثر من 80 تصميمًا و 99٪ من العملاء راضون عنها. يعد Wokiee بوقت تحميل سريع. يمكنك الاستفادة من جميع التطبيقات هنا ، مثل Megamenu ومتجر / موجز Instagram, وقائمة الأمنيات والمقارنة والمنتجات ذات الصلة, والعد التنازلي للأسعار الخاصة, وما إلى ذلك. علاوة على ذلك, ، يتم أيضًا تضمين عدد كبير من ميزات التجارة الإلكترونية المفيدة. تكلفة Wokiee: أقل من ذلك ، 79 دولارًا فقط. 9. Turbo Theme: هذا هو الموضوع الأكثر شيوعًا, الذي طوره Out of the Sandbox ، مصمم ثيمات Shopify الشهير. تم تصميم Turbo خصيصًا للمحلات التجارية الكبيرة, التي تتطلب السرعة والأناقة والمرونة. إنه متوافق تمامًا مع Online Store 2.0.. يضع التصميم الأداء في المقام الأول ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع المرئيات عالية التأثير. استنادًا إلى التوقعات, ، سيقوم Turbo بتحميل الصفحات مسبقًا في الخلفية, لضمان تجربة تصفح فائقة السرعة. بالإضافة إلى ذلك, ، يمكنك أيضًا الاستفادة من تنسيقات المنتج التي تمت ترقيتها ، والبحث التنبئي ، وما إلى ذلك. مع 400 دولار, ، يمكنك الحصول على جميع أنماط Turbo المدمجة بعد فترة تجريبية مدتها 14 يومًا ،. إذا كنت لا تحب Turbo, ، فيمكنك استرداد أموالك بالكامل. 10. موضوع التعزيز: تم بناء السمة المعززة منذ عام 2015.. يواصل الفريق تحسينها بناءً على الدراسات والطلبات والاقتراحات لأكثر من 45000 متجر. إذا كنت تريد موضوع Shopify الأكثر قابلية للتكيف, والذي يركز على التحويل ، فإن Booster Theme هو الخيار الأمثل. باستخدامه, ، يمكنك الحصول على جميع التطبيقات التي تحتاجها لزيادة المبيعات ، بما في ذلك Megamenu ، والدردشة المباشرة ، وتصفية المنتجات المحسّنة ، ومؤقت الترويج ، والصور القابلة للتسويق ، والبحث التنبؤي ، والمزيد. كما أنه يضمن تحميل الصفحات بسرعة البرق وتجربة تصفح متنقلة محسّنة. بالإضافة إلى ذلك, ، التثبيت سهل للغاية - ما عليك سوى نقرة واحدة لتثبيت 20 إعدادًا مسبقًا تجريبيًا. إذا كنت عازمًا على بناء متجر Shopify ناجح, ، فيمكنك المضي قدمًا في الحصول على ترخيص مدى الحياة. رفاق ، شكرا للمشاهدة ما موضوع Shopify الذي تستخدمه أو ما الذي تريد استخدامه؟ أخبرنا بترك تعليق أدناه. إذا أعجبك هذا الفيديو, ، فيرجى إعطائنا إبهامًا لأعلى والاشتراك وتشغيل الإشعار. للحصول على مزيد من النصائح المفيدة, أرك لاحقًا.

What's The Best Highest Converting Shopify Theme? (Shopify Dropshipping & More) 2022

what's going on everyone and in today's video i'm going to tok about what's the best high converting shopify theme. so many people ask me what theme they should use or what's the best theme to use to get high conversion and much more. now there is no single best theme that everyone should use, because each store is different and depends what features you want and need. first i want to tok about these so-called themes that claim to be high converting or the best, like they beautify, booster, shoptimize and much, much more that do similar things to those. after reviewing hundreds of stores, i can say that these themes are not the best or high converting that they claim to be. many people message me or email me saying they have conversion rates between one to two percent or below and they want me to review their stores and a good portion of them are using debutify. i guess most of them listen to these other drop shipping guru channels and like: uh, they recommend they beautify because, uh, most of the times they just put their commission links into the in their descriptions and they get commission off those from their affiliate links. the themes that i mentioned have so many useless features like fake scarcity, fake urgency, with countdown timers shaking at the carts like this one: ex visitors are viewing the product fake stok message: someone purchased x minutes ago. the pop-up on the left side, uh, payment trust badges on under at the car and so much more. all these things are not high converting in 2021. they used to work, but they just make your store look like the typical aliexpress dropship store. you don't see major brands. you use these useless features, so why should you, on top of that, themes like debutify make you pay for simple features like showing delivery time on product pages, faq tabs or tabs in general, color swatches and much more? to get all these you have to be on the starter plan, which is 19 a month, which is a rip off it on itself, and but these things should be coming with the themes um already by default, like you see right here: delivery time, faq, uh and other features like this. but people will still use it because their favorite drop shipping guru tells everyone to use it. now i'm not saying debutify is a bad thing, but it's not great. i'm sure some people who are using it are getting high conversion rates and much more, but from toking to hundreds of people- and a good portion of them are using the theme, they don't see great results. so that's why i just don't recommend it. and for the point in the title of this video, there is no single or best high converting theme. like i said before, it's all about how you customize, optimize and dial in the theme according to your store. so by default, so many themes are not optimized to actually convert customers because these themes were made by regular developers that don't understand or very little about conversion rate optimization or how to actually convert customers as best as possible. you can actually use the simple free debut theme that comes with shopify already, but it's not optimized by default and since it's free, it doesn't have a lot of features or customizations like the premium themes or other themes out there. it is possible to optimize it, but it takes a lot of work and this goes with any theme pretty much. i personally use a custom build theme that i worked on with a few developers has been pretty much optimized page by page to convert customers as best as possible. i currently have it on some of the people stores that i work with and the average between a four to nine percent conversion rate, which is amazing. uh, within the next few months i do plan on really releasing it, but it does take a lot of work to make a custom theme because so many people ask me about it. however, some good themes that i recommend are: turbo, buy out of the sandbox are pretty much anything by out of the sandbox. another another one is prestige- uh, this is more, uh, a good price range for premium themes. another one is motion- uh, it's another good one. and district, this is another good one- uh, but pretty much the same, the same. as i said before, it's all about how you customize, optimize and dial in your store, since these themes are made by great developers. they're fast, light on code and can easily be optimized for convergence conversion rates. this is why so many people don't see great results, because they think they can just get the theme by itself and but they have to actually optimize it. and this is where my videos come in handy, because i i actually tok about and teach how to optimize stores and themes. you can also watch session recordings for you from your customers, from lucky orange or lucky orange or hotjar- to better understand what customers are doing on your store, what they click, what page they leave and so much more to improve, improve your store and theme. there's always a difference between how you think customers use your store versus how how they actually use your store, and that pretty much wraps it for this video. i hope this video helps some people out, because i get this question asked so many times a week. if you enjoy this type of content, please like and subscribe and share the video to someone who might find it useful. uh, thank you for watching everyone.

I Turned a FREE Shopify Theme into a General Dropshipping Store!

in today's video, we are turning shopify's free theme refresh into a general drop shipping store. a big reason why general stores lose conversions is that customers coming from social media, such as tiktok, can't find the product that they saw in a video. they get overwhelmed by the disorganization and the number of products they see and they leave. this redesign is going to take the overwhelm out and drive conversions by focusing on organizing and highlighting the products they are looking for. this redesign is very intentional about the customer experience on both desktop and mobile. before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. the products are the star of the theme, so that is where we're going to start. even if you already have all of your products added, don't skip this part of the video, because what i show you now is a vital part in how i set up the rest of the store for my products. i have these lists that i created for our channel. all i have to do is copy and paste the aliexpress link to the import app. it's really simple. if you want these lists as well. click the join button to become a channel member. you'll get access to all of our past list and also get early access to ones for future videos that haven't been posted yet. when your products have been added, we need to organize them into categories. this is absolutely essential for how we set up the rest of the theme, and also, not having things organized could cost you conversions. someone who sees the product on tik tok, for example, is going to go to your store and check the home page, check your categories and or use the search to find the product they saw. if it can't be found, you will lose that sale. so it's super important to keep things organized. so go through each one of your products and, under product organization, select a type for each one. shopify has already come up with all the categories, so all you need to do is select the correct one, copy that text. then what you're going to do is go to collections, create a new collection and paste it in the title. then set the collection type to automated, with the settings as product type is equal to, and then paste that same title in the box. if that doesn't work for you- meaning no products are appearing underneath the category. go back to your product and paste that same text under tags. then go back to your category and set it as product tag is equal to and paste the text in the box. i experienced this issue myself, so i created a test product to troubleshoot and the product type setting worked when i manually created the product. so that tells me it may have something to do with the app and shopify not communicating properly when the products are imported. the next thing you need to do is go through and rename your product titles and edit your descriptions and variants. i know, i know, but if you don't, again it could cost you a sale. the imported product titles look spammy and it looks like an aliexpress product, so people are either going to recognize that and go order it for themselves from aliexpress or they won't order it at all because it looks spammy and untrustworthy. i know, going through and renaming all of your products, editing the descriptions, variants and categorizing everything is a pain. it takes a lot of time, it's tedious, but you don't want to spend all that time making videos and generating traffic to your store only to lose that lead because someone couldn't find the product they were looking for or because it looks spammy and untrustworthy to them. before we move on, we're going to create one more special category, and that is a viral category. this category is going to have products in there that are currently going viral on social media. with this category, you want to set it as product tag is equal to and then type viral. anytime you notike, a product is going viral. this could be on your own account or someone else's. make sure to tag that product as viral. you will see later, when we work on the homepage, why i'm asking you to do this. next, we're going to create a menu, click online store navigation, add menu, and start adding in your collection links. make sure to add a home link as well, and then click save. that's it for the back end of things. let's get to the fun part of customizing our theme. if you haven't already, go ahead and install the free shopify theme refresh. all right. the first thing we're going to do is adjust the colors, so go to theme settings, colors and follow along with me. [Music]. i went with a red orange theme for mine, but you can change up the gradient and accent colors however you like. i recommend matching it to your logo, but if you're starting from scratch. feel free to choose whatever you want and then create a logo to match afterwards. now let's adjust our checkout colors: [Music]. [Music]. the last thing we're going to change for the overall design is the font. i'm going to change this to match the same font that i used in my logo. you don't have to choose this font. i actually encourage you to choose one that best matches your logo instead. all right, now let's get into setting up the home page, starting with the announcement bar. if you guys have something really important you want to advertise, such as a discount code or a sale, feel free to keep this here. for me, i want people to sign up for my email newsletter to get their discount, so for me, this would just take up space, so i'm going to remove it. next, we have our header. i'm going to upload my logo and change the width to 250 px for menu select, the one that you made with all the categories. i'm not a fan of how the links spill over into the second line, but we are a bit limited with our choices for this theme, so we will go with it. it's not a huge deal on mobile, anyhow, because everything is tucked away in the mobile menu. the other thing we want to do here is select the mega menu option. next we have the slideshow. i want you guys to think really critikally about every section you have in your stores. just because it's there doesn't mean you need to keep it. if it doesn't serve a purpose, get rid of it. the purpose of a slideshow is to draw attention to certain products. i feel like giving one product that much space in a general store would be a mistake. i can do this in a better way and show more products by using a featured collection block, so i'm going to go ahead and delete this. for the rest of the sections, if it's not a featured collection- the email newsletter, sign up or the footer- you can go ahead and delete it. here's what we are left with. let's get into the featured collection settings. with a general store, we want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to find exactly what they are looking for and also to get as many products as we can in front of their eyes. as i mentioned in the beginning, i was really intentional about these choices so that, whether you're on mobile or desktop, everything is organized and you're seeing as many products as possible. for this first section. name it viral products. the heading size should be set as small. change your collection to the viral category. set the maximum number of products to 5 and the number of columns on desktop to 5.. click enable view. all this is going to give your customer a button to view all the products in that category. click enable carousel on desktop and then, for this category only, we're going to change the color scheme to accent one. for the image ratio: select square. you can see how much space you end up saving just by setting this to square instead of portrait. select show second image on hover. show product rating and enable quick add button. the number of columns on mobile should be set to 2 and select enable swipe on mobile. this is going to save vertikal space and allow your visitors to swipe horizontally to see more products. for the section padding, change the top and bottom padding to 32px.