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shopify +duda widget

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

- The highest converting funnels and websites use a certain tactic to hook visitors

- Duda has made this tactic difficult to do until now

- The author will show a new widget that makes this tactic easier

- Bullet points are effective in communication and the new widget will supercharge them

- Icons are a psychological tool that can make bullet points even more effective

Widget Features:

- Customizable bullet points using icons

- Linkable list items

- Font size and color customization

- Icon size and color customization

- Horizontal or vertical layout options

- Different icons for each list item

- Easy to maintain and customize

- Custom widget built by the author

How to Use the Widget:

- Go to widgets and drag the list icon widget

- Choose the icon and add as many list items as needed

- Customize font size, color, and icon size and color

- Enable adding different icons for each list item

- Upload custom SVG files if desired

- Using bullet points is an effective communication tool

- The new list icon widget makes bullet points even more effective by using icons

- Icons are a psychological tool that can make bullet points more memorable

- The list icon widget is customizable, easy to maintain, and can be installed on Duda agency accounts

- Use bullet points more often in emails and on websites to be a more effective communicator

How To Setup Ecommerce In Duda Site Editor

In this video tutorial, Marcusstone explains how to add an ecommerce store to your website using Duda. Here are the steps he covers:

- Marcusstone introduces himself and the topic of the video.

Step 1: Creating an ecommerce store

- Click on ecommerce and then manage store to access the dashboard.

- The dashboard includes options for sales, catalog, marketing, payment, shipping, and pickup.

- Customize payment and shipping options as needed.

- Use the catalog section to add new products and categories.

- Add attributes, options, variations, tags, SEO text, and shipping rates for each product.

Step 2: Adding the store to your website

- Delete any existing sections that are not needed.

- Add a new section for the store.

- Customize the layout and design as desired.

- Add a search bar, shopping cart, and store categories to make navigation easy for customers.

- Preview and test the store to ensure everything is working properly.

- Marcusstone concludes the video by thanking viewers and reminding them that ecommerce setup can be customized to their specific needs.

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

Hey everyone, Davey here! Welcome to our first video of 2022. Today, we're going to go through my 10 favorite Shopify apps. Shopify makes it so easy to install apps; it's one of its superpowers. Apps can increase conversion rates, increase average order value, and make you a ton more money. However, apps need to come with warnings, though. If you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table.

- Discussing 10 favorite Shopify apps

- Shopify makes it easy to install apps

- Apps can increase conversion rates and average order value

- Warning about using wrong apps

First app: Ship Scout

- Great for low average order value products

- Testing free shipping vs. paid shipping

- Split testing shipping thresholds

- Increases average order value and conversion rates

- Need to use advanced Shopify plan

Second app: Dexter or Neat A/B Test

- Great for split testing pricing

- Important to split test pricing intervals relative to product price

- Can use Google Optimize or Optimizely for big, robust testing

- Dexter costs $3.99 per 100 visitors, Neat A/B Test costs $29 a month

Third app: Okendo or Luke's

- Great for customizable reviews

- Reviews can be paired with photos and videos

- Need to make sure app doesn't slow down website speed

Fourth app: Klaviyo

- One of the most robust email marketing tools for segmentation and customization

- Set up post-purchase acquisition flow, welcome series, and abandoned cart flow

- Avoid other email marketing tools such as Mailchimp

Fifth app: Postscript or SMS Bump

- Postscript is great for compliance and ensuring opt-ins for SMS marketing

- SMS marketing has over 95% open rate and 35% click-through rate

- Need to make sure terms and services are up to date

Sixth app: Rebuy

- Great for personalized post-purchase upsells

- Can increase profit margin on orders with no customer acquisition cost

- Can use other apps such as Zipper Fi and After Sale

Seventh app: Back in Stock

- Alerts customers when out-of-stock items are back in stock

- Can help prevent lost sales due to out-of-stock items

- Shopify apps can increase conversion rates and average order value

- Need to be cautious about using wrong apps that can slow down website speed

- Recommended apps include Ship Scout, Dexter or Neat A/B Test, Okendo or Luke's, Klaviyo, Postscript or SMS Bump, Rebuy, and Back in Stock.

How To Add Products In Duda Site Editor

In this video, Marcusstone will teach you how to easily add products to your store in data do that. He will guide you step-by-step on how to manage your store and add new products to your catalog.

Steps to add new products:

1. Click on ecommerce and manage store.

2. In the catalog, click on add new product.

3. Add a general description and upload an image.

4. Name the product and assign categories.

5. Add features for the storefront page and assign attributes.

6. Set shipping rates and add meta descriptions.

7. Assign related products and set prices.

8. Save the product and choose categories.

Tips for adding products:

- Always upload clear images of your products.

- Choose relevant and specific categories for your products.

- Add detailed features and attributes to make your product stand out.

- Set reasonable shipping rates and free shipping options to attract more customers.

Adding products to your online store is a crucial step in building a successful business. With the help of Marcusstone's guide, you can easily add new products and improve your online store's visibility and sales. Don't forget to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to make the most out of your product listings. Happy selling!

How to Tag and Categorize Blogs in Duda | Blogs Part 3 | Duda Dojo

In this final installment of our three-part series on the Duda blog system, we will discuss the blog tagging feature, setting up category pages, and the all post widget. Let's get started!

Welcome back to Duda Dojo with Rivalmind, where we teach all things Duda. Today, we will cover the blog tagging feature, setting up category pages, and the all post widget.

Tagging Feature:

- The tagging feature can be edited through the post settings of each page.

- You can add as many tags as you want, and choose from previous tags or create new ones.

- This allows for more filter features and design plans in the future.

Category Pages:

- Our team likes to use different types of assets on category pages, not just different categories of blogs.

- You can add other types of content in the blog system and filter it however you want.

- To categorize these, simply create a page and filter in all the blog posts that are tagged as that category.

- You can interlink other category pages to your resource to make it easier for users to navigate the website.

All Post Widget:

- The all post widget allows you to draw in blog posts from your blog by tag.

- You can filter by a single tag to draw in specific blogs and text.

- Setting up tags, categories, and a single page layout will allow you to create beautiful and well-organized category pages.

In conclusion, the Duda blog system offers a tagging feature, category pages, and the all post widget to help organize and filter your blog content. Thank you for joining us for this series, and be sure to check out our other Duda tutorial videos on our channel.

How To Add Pop Up In Duda Site Editor

Hey everyone, my name is Markus Stone and in this video, I'm going to show you how you can easily create a pop-up or add a pop-up in Duda site editor. Let's get started!


1. Click on Pages in the editor.

2. Click on Pop-up.

3. Click on New Pop-up.

4. Choose the type of pop-up you want (promotion, sale, new store item, etc.).

5. Let's go with a newsletter.

6. Add a pop-up.

7. Click on Pop-up Settings.

8. Change the style, color, spacing, and content of the pop-up.

9. Add an email sign-up form and a title.

10. Choose where you want the submissions to go.

11. Add a Thank you for contacting us message.

12. Enable tracking and integration.

13. Choose the layout you want.

14. Create a rule for the pop-up.

15. Choose the trigger and location.

16. Preview the pop-up.

17. Done!

Additional Information:

- There are many rules to choose from, including contact us, register, and newsletter.

- You can easily delete or deactivate a rule.

- If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

- Don't forget to check out all the rules available and choose the ones you like.

- Thank you for watching and have a great day!

Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

Ba Thương Tựi Spotify Is Not the Best: An Analysis of Random Phrases

In this article, we will be analyzing a collection of random phrases and attempting to make sense of them. The phrases range from song titles and brand names to nonsensical strings of words. Through this exercise, we hope to showcase the importance of clear communication and the potential consequences of unclear or meaningless language.

1. Ba Thương Tựi Spotify Is Not the Best

- This phrase appears to be a mix of Vietnamese and English, with no clear meaning or context. It highlights the potential issues that can arise when trying to combine multiple languages or cultures without proper understanding or consideration.

2. Can't Stop for Ourselves with Their Partners from Touch the Hand is Within and Soul Somewhere

- This phrase is a string of words that does not form a coherent sentence. It highlights the importance of proper sentence structure and the potential confusion that can arise when language is not used correctly.

3. My Heart Resort File Tourister People and Is a Use on the Performance in the Studio Max

- This phrase appears to be a mix of marketing jargon and nonsensical language. It showcases the potential dangers of using language that is overly complex or unclear, as it can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

4. Where is the Police for Correct and Make You Get Notified When Your YouTube Communications Double Becomes Part

- This phrase appears to be a question about the role of law enforcement in monitoring online communications. It highlights the potential issues that can arise with the increasing amount of personal information being shared online.

5. Shadow Fight Summer Time Gone and Investors Articles in the World with Comfortable in the People Spend the Warm as Specified Which are on the Enemy's Matiz Super Sports

- This phrase is a confusing jumble of words that does not form a coherent sentence. It highlights the importance of clear and concise language in order to effectively communicate ideas and information.

Through analyzing these random phrases, we have seen the potential dangers of unclear or meaningless language. It is important to use language that is clear, concise, and contextually appropriate in order to effectively communicate ideas and information.

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