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shopify eczema

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Making My Eczema Soap

hey guys, what's going on? thanks so much for tuning in to yet another one of my videos. so today's video: i attempted to record this video, or me making this soap, maybe three times- i don't know what happened those other two times, but this one is my third and i'm determined if this is going to be the video i actually upload. so today's soap, i'm going to be making my eczema soap. okay, now, by no means is this a cure for eczema, psoriasis or any other skin ailments. however, the ingredients that i use is known to help with those type of issues. so please consult your doctor before using any of these natural ingredients, just to make sure that everything is okay and you guys are able to use the soap. that is my disclaimer. i am not saying that this soap will heal eczema, psoriasis or anything like that. however, the ingredients that i use will help, and this has been known to help, um, with those type of skin ailments. so, with that being said, i'm so excited i am making my eczema soap and the three star ingredients of- well, it's actually four star ingredients of my eczema soap. the first one is mango butter. mango butter is absolutely phenomenal for your skin and people will type any type of skin ailments. and we have these three babies, okay. so in this one we have, uh, moringa powder and this one we have turmeric. let's see if you guys can. can you guys get it? can you see it? this is turmeric and and this one is activated charcoal. so, as i'm making the soap, i will kind of explain why i chose these ingredients to help, um, with those type of skin elements, um, kind of like, as i'm making it. so, um, enough rambling, let's get something. okay. so we have our oils, well, our hard oils and butters, and here we have some palm oil, palm kernel oil, we have some coconut oil and we also have some mango butter. all in here, um, and this right here is my lime water solution. so my lime water solution is pretty much ready to go and be poured and mix into my hard butters. and if you guys are new to my channel- and this is your first video- i do the heat transfer method with soaping. so what happens is the lime water um, heats up to about almost 200 degrees, a little over 200 degrees, and what i do is i melt my oils, my hard oils and butters with the heat from the live water solution. so let's get soaping, so okay. so this is pretty much good to go and we're ready to add the liquid oil. so we're going to add the liquid oil. [Music], [Music], [Music], so, [Music]. okay, so we're going to split this batch off into four separate containers. we're gonna have the bigger batch, which is the main base, and then we're gonna separate the remainder into three other badges. okay, so we have our four batches, so i'm gonna set the biggest one, the largest batch, off to the side and i'm gonna focus on these three. so the first one we're going to start with is the moringa powder. so it's kind of dark right here, um, it's hard to kind of see the true color, but it's like a really really pretty emerald green color. and what i love about the moringa powder is that it's almost like the super, a superfood for your skin. it's high in vitamin c and it also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help with those skin ailments. so we definitely want to add this to the eczema bar and, like i said, it's really high in vitamin c, um, and it also helps with collagen. collagen is the protein, the main protein found in the skin [Applause]. so first of all, let's see this. it's a really really pretty green color, really pretty. so the next one, we're gonna move this off to the side and we're gonna work on the next one. the next one is going to be, um [Music] activated. the next one is going to be activated charcoal. so activated charcoal helps to pull out any of those, um irritants in the skin. so, um, if anyone has eczema psoriasis, a lot of the times these they're triggered um, by outsource source, outside sources, and sometimes things that you eat can cause a flare up. so, with the activated charcoal, if there's anything that's happening on the outside of your skin that's causing a flare up, the activated charcoal will help to pull it out of the skin. so i definitely wanted to add activated charcoal to my eczema. so, [Applause]. so we're going to mix this up and incorporate this. really good, [Applause]. so okay. so now that that's good and incorporated, let's move on to the last one, which is turmeric. so i absolutely love and adore turmeric, um, and one of the main reasons why i wanted to add in turmeric is because a lot of times, with people with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, blah, blah, blah, a lot of discoloration happens, um, especially at the point of irritation. so the tumeric? i is no. the turmeric is known to help with evening out the skin tone and giving yourself like a natural glow, so of course, i wanted to add in the turmeric into my eggs and masala, so we're going to blend this up good and incorporated. [Applause], [Music]: okay, now that's good. um, i do have one more star ingredient that i forgot to mention, and the star ingredient is tea tree essential oil. tea tree essential oil is phenomenal. it's really really good with with helping with those who have any type of skin ailments. it has amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties to it. so whenever i was thinking about, uh, making my eczema soap, i was considering not having it scented at all. but what is a bar of soap without some type of scent? right, we want to, at least for me, for jayla wren, i always want to create an experience, um, in your bath, um or shower, whichever you prefer. so what is an experience without a smell? so what i decided to do was i decided to look up some essential oils. that was very, very good for the skin, because i knew i wasn't going to add any fragrance oils to the eczema soap. so what i did was i got, did some research. well, i already knew pretty much about tea tree essential oil, but i just dug a little bit deeper and i was like, okay, yeah, this is it. so we have the- uh, tea tree essential oil, so we're gonna add this and it's proper. add the essential oil and its proper measurements. whenever you're dealing with essential oils, you have to be very, very careful, because, although essential oils have amazing benefits and amazing properties for the skin, it can also damage the skin, irritate the skin, burn the skin, etc. so you have to be very, very careful. it's extremely concentrated. this is why you have to be very careful with the amount of essential oils that you use in any type of skincare products. i like to use the sagecom. i'll put it down below in the description box, and basically what i do is i use their essential oil calculator. well, it's their fragrance oil calculator, but it also calculates essential oils and it gives you the right amount to use in a cold process. so, so, whenever you guys are formulating your soaps, please make sure you double check the recommended usage rates of all of these ingredients, especially essential oils. okay, so let's put this in our soup. grab my scale, okay. so now that this is situated, um, we're gonna get our molds. and so for this soap, i just do a really simple drop swirl. so i do a drop swirl, i do my white. well, it's not white, it's like cream, because it's the natural color of the soap. so i'm gonna do my cream base and then i just do a drop swirl of the three different additives. so, um, i'm gonna add my essential oil to my batters and then i'm gonna stik, blend them up for a little bit and then i'm gonna do my good, old-fashioned drop swirl. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music], [Music]. so, [Music]. okay, so now we're pretty much ready to pour um, and, like i said, we're just going to do a really simple and straight to the point drop swirl. so we're going to do our base, which is the cream, and we're going to fill it up a little bit like halfway. okay, so now that we have our base color in um, then we're gonna just pretty much rotate the three different um accents into the drop swirl. [Music], [Music], [Music]. so i'm going to let this sit up for a couple minutes and then i'll come back and then i'm going to texture the to.


psoriasis is a debilitating disease affecting more than 6 million Americans. once thought of as simply a skin disease, psoriasis is increasingly recognized as a serious disease, with a significant impact on quality of life and emotional well-being. what causes psoriasis and what do we know about the disease? although the exact etiology of psoriasis is unknown, it is thought to be multifactorial, involving both environmental and genetik factors. recent evidence suggests that immune dysregulation may contribute to the inflammation in psoriasis, leading to excessive keratinocytes production and formation of psoriatik plaque. it is still unclear what triggers the immune dysregulation, but the process is now understood to involve the partikipation of T lymphocytes and a number of specific cytokines they express or that affect them. to become activated, naive t-cells must first undergo a multi-step process that includes interactions with other cell types. the inflammatory process is thought to begin when an antigen-presenting cell, such as a dendritik cell, is activated by an antigen in the skin. the dendritik cell travels to a lymph node where it interacts with the naive T cell in a process that involves antigen presentation as well as necessary co-stimulatory signals. this process results in the transformation of the T cell into an activated memory T cell, because it remembers the antigen to which it has been exposed. next, fallo cell proliferation and migration of T cells through the circulation to the site of the inflammation in the skin. during this phase, migration and trafficking of these cells through the bloodstream involves adhesion molecules such as ICAM, one following T cell extravasation into the skin. other immune components, such as cytokines, play an important role in the inflammatory cascade. these chemical messengers, including TNF, alpha and interferon gamma, are secreted by memory t-cells and lead to keratinocyte hyper proliferation and subsequent formation of psoriatik plaques. in addition, cytokines- interleukin x', 12 and 23- are released by dendritik cells and contribute to the activation of t-cells, which are thought to perpetuate the inflammatory process. you, while our understanding of immuno pathogen assist psoriasis has improved based on recent research, the exact cause remains unknown and there is no cure. some researchers believe that a more thorough understanding of the inflammatory nature of psoriasis may provide further insights into the prevention and treatment of this disease.

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How to relieve eczema

you will see on the before pictures, it was severely inflamed and basically on fire. but here we are, day three and [Music]. what's up, YouTube family? so today I am coming at you with a ROM moment. so, if you don't know, I do on my own skincare line, or natural skincare self-care product line, where I feature a few hand many products that help with dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin, things like that. I do have an array of new scents that I would not recommend if you have sensitive skin, but if your skin is good and you like fruity smell, I have a mint scent. of a tropical fusion scent, I have a lemon, vanilla, lavender. just a handful of new scents of my handmade shea butter or body butter, handmade whipped body butters, so on. the original scent, however, is what I recommend to those who are, like me, the owner- okay, the creator- of this product. if you have sensitive skin or suffered from eczema, anything like that, I recommend you use the original formulas. I don't have an official label. this is just a random drug that I made myself, but I want to show you guys how I treat my skin when I'm going through an eczema breakout. I have had excellent since the age of nine and what I've notiked as I've grown older is that my eggs, my breakup, our stress triggered. if I'm nervous, if I have, if I'm anxious for any reason, if I am stressed out for any reason, my skin will show it. you can probably already tell it's not as smooth and glowing as it normally is, but I want to show you guys the problem areas. I want to show you guys the process of how I heal myself with my own product. I literally am a product of my product. the whole reason I started to make glorious girl was to treat my own skin. so I find joy and take pride in being able to give that gifts of other people who suffered from it, like me. if you have these skin deficiencies or disorders, you know it attacks your self-esteem or some confidence in the way that you see yourself. so to speed up the process, going around like a scaly alligator, this is what I do. so I'm on about day three of intentionally using my cream to treat my skin. I will insert a video of our video clip of day one of me treating my skin. on day 1 and day 2 I was applying the cream twice a day. yesterday I added loj like I took a fresh aloe plant, cut it in half and just wiped it all over my problem areas or the irritated area, and that also helped a lot in the healing process. but to remoisturize after that aloe kind of dries it up and dries it out. this before I apply the cream. this is what it looks like. you will see on the before pictures it was severely inflamed and basically on fire. but here we are day 3 and we're adding moisture back into the skin. it's trying to heal. its scabbing up is drying up. it's not blister anymore or super red and agitate it. it almost looks like a burn, like I'm a burn victim or something like that. it's very rough. the skin is already starting to kind of peel as it heals. but I wanted to give you a view of what Lori's go looks like for people who have eczema. try not to ruin my shirt, but I just generous generously. you know, normally if I'm just washed, rising, then I'm not having to break out. I don't use this much but because I'm so ready for it to just be gone, I want to show you how much I apply. I do have some blotchiness on my face. this has already healed pretty much completely. I did have a wrong like spot here, as you see, is drying up and starting to heal there. so I kinda just add this in a circular motion all over my face. I do not mind being green Stephanie. again, a little goes a long way. so I typically do not use this much product, but because I'm trying to heal and add a lot of concentrated moisture to my skin- this is how much I've. the green sea mist and the oil in is will go away. on a typical day you will not see me grease up like this. I only agrees up like this after a shower at night. so that's what I love like. well, I took you for us from. a little goes a long way. so on my regular days I'm not having a stress break-up. I literally just add a DAB on my face and it gives me a nice natural Sheen and go. so that's pretty much it. I'm gonna check in on the fifth day. so today is Friday. you, here we are a week later and I have my final results of my eczema breakout treatment with my glorious glow whipped body butter. before I moisturize, I have any moisturizer. I didn't use my body scrub in the shower to exfoliate, but look, it is still dark, but it's hardly any scarring. here's a little bit of scarring here, but I'm feeling it now like it's smooth, there's no roughage, it's no, it's no longer inflamed. we are officially healing. there's still a bit of hyperpigmentation, the darker spots from the scarring of the breakout, but we're healed now. we just got to get it back to its original color. so I wanted to show y'all, before I actually apply my cream, umm, what looks like dry. but even when he's riding dropo, look at it. a big, big difference. big big difference. look at that. it's just smoothly going on. maybe when I tell you last week I was so inflamed I usually my neck was on fire. it was well to see if I could zoom in a little bit closer. [Music]. look at God, look at God, even my face. I had a problem area in my face. you can hardly see it. a lot of the blotchy mess and subsiding, unhappy. this is why I started making this cream, first to help myself and, of course, now to help other people. and I just love it. I believe in it, I'm proud of it and I'm thankful for it because, unless you have eczema, you could have begin to understand what it's like to walk around with these problem areas, exposing, attacking your self-confidence. so the fact that I have the ability to restore myself first 48 looks. today I had a couple things I'm gonna work on to kind of get my color back, but I'm just glad that it's not wilted and inflamed anymore, because that made it just that much worse. so here are my seven-day results: you [Music]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music].

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Skinfix Eczema Dermatitis Face Balm Review + Before & After Results! | Eczema Skin Type

thank you, foreign [Music]. First Impressions review about this video. but I'm just gonna do it right now. I was like I'm gonna do some other time, but I probably won't. I'm just might as well. I'm here right. so this is for the brand skin fix and Mr eczema dermatitis Facebook. this is right here. so if you struggle with eczema, please keep on watching. I suffer with eczema. it's not so severe as most people, and I only have it on my face. some people have it even all all their body. so, yeah, I'm healing. I think I'm already healed from eczema. this past week I had it, so it kind of looks red and like scarring, but so far I think it's healed up. I think it's just. it's just going around me. I don't freaking know, but I've used this. I can remember the dates. I should have figured that out before filming this, but I'll probably put it here anyway. so I had to eczema on my forehead and a little bit here on my sinks, not a lot. so I use this for four days straight and it actually worked. it worked, it healed my Eczema and I didn't feel any irritation at all, so this didn't make my skin react. this actually helped my Eczema clear. so it helped with the you know itchiness of what eczema does to you some people. it it burns, it's different or more severe to for other people than me personally. it's just I just get really itchy and it flare us up. bad, but not so, so bad. it is just really red and it kind of looks like patches or kind of a little bit like acne or it's just not that great. so if you have eczema, this definitely works- then you better try it out. and it is pretty expensive- it's 28 dollars and it's a very small little tube. I've tried other brands and they're pretty expensive too. the ones that have worked for me is that it was Serene- I don't know how to say put it here or anything. Gold Bond isn't cheaper alternative and it kind of works, but I feel like you have to apply more with that one and it doesn't feel, as you know, a strong, so maybe that way, and it feels kind of like watered down. maybe that's why it's also cheap, but this one works grades, so that's how it looks. this is a new one. the one that I've been using is over there, but yeah, this is a small tiny bottle but it actually works. so this is like Vaseline texture wise. oh, it's closed. maybe I should have gotten the old one. let me see, hold up, let me get it. handbag I have. this is the old one, okay, so I'm gonna open it. I'm gonna show you how it looks inside: a kind of texture. so look, it's just clear and it's like Vaseline. hold on, let me squish. oh, you see, like that. so it feels nice and clean and right away I feel my skin calming down on my. this is refreshing, it feels nice. so I definitely recommend it and I rate this four out of 5 stars, mainly because I feel like I saw your house. uh, sorry, you still have to keep applying throughout the day sometimes, but overall, just with once or like in the during the day, maybe around the night, depends how severe your eczema is. if not just once you're doing, then this actually works. it feels great as soon as you put it on. so yeah, oh crap, I forgot to show y'all. there's also a body version. I have it right now, which I've been using for like two, three days because I have this red thing. I don't know if it's eczema, but it's probably not, because it hasn't healed. I don't think kind of looks like a scar, but it's not. it's just a random Brita patch. I tried this, but the body, face, bone version here and I haven't notiked any difference, so I'm probably not gonna do a review about it. I don't think I'm gonna continue to use it at all either, but whatever. so, yeah, that's basically it for this review. yeah, I should definitely try this out. this like really works. so, yeah, oh wait, I feel like I'm forgetting something before I leave. oh, and this: this is for all skin types and you don't even have to have eczema. you just have dry patches, flaky eyelids, itchy, irritated skin. I think you can still use things even though you don't have eczema, but this is specifically for eczema. this is right there. but I think if you have dry, dry patches, like around the winter time, you can still use this and it's gonna work. it's great. show you that when it's like cruelty free, vegan free, it has is vegan, which I don't know what that is, but it's this. this is not vegan, it's something else. I don't freaking know, but it's actually. oh, look, rashes too. this helps with the rashes. so so, yeah, yeah, I'm so happy so that I have two now. but, okay, it's okay, now for real. I'm gonna leave now. bye.

Lash extensions: What they don't tell you| Dr Dray

well, hey guys, in today's video i'm going to be toking all about eyelash extensions and why they're problematik. eyelash extensions are all the rage. uh, they've been really popular over the past few years. they're all over instagram and facebook. eyelash extensions are used to enhance the appearance of the natural lash. basically, what it is is attaching fibers, either from mink, silk or some sort of synthetik fiber, to your actual lash using an adhesive, and lash extensions are intended to last until your eyelashes fall out, as they naturally do. so they last about one to two months, and so, to maintain the look of longer, fuller lashes, the lash extensions have to be reapplied approximately monthly, as your lashes naturally are shed. ophthalmologists and optometrists are seeing tons of cases of complications due to eyelash extensions. some of the most common complications are irritation and allergies developing to either the glue or the lashes themselves. the glue contains something called methyl2 cyanoacrylate, and allergy to that compound is actually really common. you will find it in adhesives used in nails or artificial nails. you'll find it in lash glues, like what you buy in the drugstore to do your own false lashes with. beyond contact dermatitis and irritation, a very frequent complication of lash extensions is something called matarosis, which is a medical term for loss of eyelashes. you guys, your eyelashes do much more for you besides just make you look good. eyelashes serve as a barrier, protecting your eye from the outside world. lash extensions definitely can screw that up, leading to eye trauma and irritation. and another possible complication with the eyelash extensions is that with time, as the adhesive kind of starts to wear down the lashes, partikularly those that are really long, they start to droop and that can cause corneal abrasions and irritation in the on the eye, on the ocular surface itself, and you can also develop along the lid line, along the eyelid, a foreign body type chronic inflammatory reaction. and then the other issue with false eyelashes that you may not be aware of is that they actually get in the way of your normal blink reflex. because of that, people don't end up actually blinking their eyes properly. they instead flutter their their eyelashes. the incomplete blinks lead to dysfunction of a little gland on the eyelid called the meibomian gland that secretes out things that lubricate the eye surface and because of that you then have this evaporative, dry eye problem. remember the eyelashes: they're forming a barrier protecting your eye from the outside world. eyelashes are highly innervated, meaning they have tons of little tiny nerves around them. that that's what's helpful in in protecting your eyes, that blink reflex. they're just really sensitive to the outside world, um, and they're very sensitive to irritants. therefore, when you go putting things like cyanoacrylate glues near the lashes, weighing them down with the false lash fibers- whether they be synthetik or, you know, silk or or mink- then the lashes really suffer. that leads to a lot of lash breakage and then you again have this impaired blink reflex issue going on. that can lead to a chronic dry eye syndrome. you have to go on. you know medication, have a, you know a prescription to manage- uh, it really can- can cause a lot of problems. the purpose of blinking, in addition to protecting your eye, like you know, if something gets on it, is that it distributes the tear film across the surface of your eye and eyelid, keeping your eye healthy. so with the false lashes you have that impaired blink reflex and that's really just kind of screwing up the natural physiology of how the eye is kept hydrated and protected. then the other issue with eyelash extensions is that you have to avoid getting them wet and basically you can develop what's called a blepharitis or kind of a dirt, which is kind of a dermatitis of the eyelids themselves, of the lid line. and remember i have a video on demodex mites. demodex mites are these little mites that live on the eye, on the eyelashes. they're not, you know, deadly or anything. but with poor eyelid hygiene, uh, you can kind of get an over over abundance of them and cause, which causes, an inflammatory response. your immune response is like whoa, this is out of control and you can develop blepharitis. this is partikularly problematik for those of you out there who have a condition called rosacea. a lot of you who watch my channel have rosacea and you may not be aware of the fact that rosacea can, and often does, affect your eyes and you are predisposed to dry eyes and you can develop a blepharitis. like the rosacea actually involves your eyes and your eyelids and lash extensions are like some of the worst things that you could pursue because of that, your, your lash, your lashes, your eyelids are already dealing with a lot of inflammation secondary to your rosacea. um, not not everybody with rosacea has involvement of the eyes, but many people do. and you know, if you have rosacea, i just you know i, i wouldn't stay away from false lashes for that reason. the hell of your eyes, you know, really, really important. and last thing you want, you guys, is to have to go on some sort of prescription eye medication to control chronic dry eyes from something like lash extensions. so obviously i would heavily discourage anybody with rosacea and if you have a known contact allergy to anything, really definitely scrutinize the ingredients on the adhesives that are going to be used and the lashes themselves. make sure that you have access to the ingredient list from the person who is doing this, because the major allergen in the glues is going to be the cyanoacrylate, but there could also be things like preservatives that you may have developed an allergy to and you may be allergic to those. a word of caution- uh, editing me here, and i just learned a new fun fact about lash extensions for those of you with methyl isothiozolanone allergy- and you know who you are- apparently they use these gel pads to the lower eyelids during the eyelash extension application and those bad boys have mi in them, or methyl isothiazolinone. that's a preservative that frequently people can become allergic to. but even if you're not allergic to it, it can actually be pretty irritating around the thin skin of the eyelids. so make sure that you know that going in and the other thing that you can do is have the esthetikian provide you some of the lash adhesives and do a little, a little patch test on your skin. basically just put it on an area like your- you know, your- inner arm or something, leave it on there for 48 hours and take a look at it. if the skin becomes irritated and inflamed or you know any kind of rash, itch, skip, uh, it's gonna just be, you know, 100 times worse on the thin skin of your eyelids. then the other tip is to go to an esthetikian who is certified in lash extensions. i think most of them, you know, have to have that, that certification, in order to do them. i- it varies a lot state by state. make sure you go, go to somebody who has a lot of experience and it's very reputable. um has a very good tiknique in the placement of the lashes. um, you know, there are they're excellent people and then there are bad, bad apples in every profession. so make sure you go to somebody who who has a good reputation and a good skill set, because that can really affect your risk of eyelid irritation and infection. and then, you know, i would definitely encourage you guys and if you are into the lash extensions. i would definitely encourage you to at least take a break from them from time to time and not have this be something that you do all all year. with the pandemic i know many people had to abandon, obviously, their lash extensions. you can't go, couldn't go out and get get them placed, um, but i i would encourage you to to take a break from them, several for several months a year. you know i'm not sure how frequently you may be doing them, but i would definitely encourage you to take extended breaks from from the

How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

hello everyone. it's neil patel here and we're here for another Q&A Thursday video. I'm here with Adam from viewership and everyone, and today we're gonna be answering one of your questions. so we've been getting a ton of questions from all of you about Shopify, so I just grabbed one of them. please again leave those comments. we'd love to read through them, reading every single one of them. there's also a bull new Patel. I have a Shopify store, but I don't know which things I should write a blog and which things I should make videos. but really, I think everyone's just your opinion on Shopify in general. so today let's discuss how to grow your Shopify store using content marketing. the question about video or text-based content: it's not. hey, should you create videos or text or both its what are you comfortable with? for example, Adam here prefers video for sure. why do you prefer video? because it's easy and I don't really like writing personally, but for you, you're naturally better at video and it goes with your personality. yes, for me, although I'm doing video, I'm probably better at content than video and I'm doing okay with video. well, I've been doing content for over ten years and, yes, I'm getting better at better at video, but I started with content. I have way more experience. so, in general, you want to look at what you think you'll naturally better app and you want to first start focusing on that right. so it could be video, it could be audio, it could be text-based content- you pick. it could even be visual infographics, sure. and with your Shopify store, ideally, most of you guys are like, oh, what kind of product should we sell? how many? you should start off with one product. for example, there was this lady that I met in New York. I was at one of Chris Winfield's dinners and she was breaking down how she does six figures a month on Shopify. I was like: how many parks you sold? she said one. what product he saw? she responded with: I make women shoes comfortable. I'm like, what do you mean? Wow, she's like kind of like those dr Scholl insoles and that way when you step in your high heels it's more comfortable. and I was like: wait, why don't companies like Gucci and Prada make their high heels more comfortable? and she told me something else interesting woman in many cases perceived high-end shoes and the uncomfort them to be luxurious and beautiful of her tea. I don't get that concept, but if that's the market, she's smart for doing that because she knows that Gucci, Prada, all these luxury brands aren't going to create comfortable high heels. so she just created insoles to make them really comfortable. did Facebook Ads one product and crushed it unreal. you don't need tons and tons of products to do well on Shopify. start off with one. I'm not saying you can't add more later on. you, of course, want the upsells and down cells. what's up plugging that? everyone uses David for the upsells on Shopify. so one-click upsell. but zip Fi, that'll help get you more upsells when you already have products. if you're selling insoles for the high heels, your upsell could be by three of them at a discount or something like that. now the point I'm trying to get is the reason you are sure off with one product. when you start off with one product, or even if you already have tons, focus on one and create your blog and marketing content around that one product. for example, if it's the insoles to make shoes more comfortable, you can tok about how to cut the insoles, how to make them more comfortable. what kind of insulin do you need, ideally for your shoes? I don't know much about high heels, but some could be higher, some could be less. how is it healthy to walk in high heels for eight hours a day? and you can do a study and tok about how people who walk in high heels for eight hours day for a whole year- this is what happens to their feet- versus people who only walk in high heels. none right right and you probably don't even have to do that study. you can probably find data from all over the web that breaks down the stats compiled all together, make it easier to find or even make it into infographic. there's a really cool animated infographic that toks about how fast is a Cheetah Run, and in that infographic it's kind of like a and we'll show it here on the screen. it shows that cheetah running and the cool part about that is you can do the same thing with your content. let's say you're doing the high heels. you can show someone continually walking with your high heels on. so putting that kind of content out there is what's gonna go viral. you just need to get creative. if you're not that critik of a person, go to buzz komm, type in keywords within your industry. you'll see what's hot. but instead of just creating text-based content, try to create infographics. you can go to dribble, DRI, BBB, le calm or 99designs, and you can find people to create these infographics for a few hundred dollars, maybe even $50 depending on what country you live in, all the way up to five hundred dollars. if you're in the us, create these infographics. you go to bus, sumo, comm, find out all the people who wrote similar content. but you're now creating visual content instead of the tik space. you're hitting up all the people who share that text-based content by clicking up view shares on buzzsumo. it gives you a list. you're hitting up each of them and saying: hey, Adam, I know you shared this artikle. I created an infographic that shows all this information in a visual format. if you liked it, feel free and share. cheers, Neil, it's that simple. and if you're ready, share the original. and what would you do with this one? yeah, of course, you'd share again, of course, and I would do the same thing with a trips. you go to Atreus. you put in the original artikle. you see who links to it. hey, Adam, I notike. you link to this artikle that breaks down what happens your feet after you walk in high heels. for a year, I created a similar artikle, but mine's visual and an infographic format. feel free and check it out here and if you think your audience will love it, feel free embed it within your artikle. cheers, neil. and if you don't know how to embed your infographic, there's plugins that allow you to embed it with ease. I don't know what plugins work for Shopify, bino. for WordPress, I use WP embed code generator. you do that, people embed it and you'll get more links, social shares and, in general, you should get more ecommerce sells. best of luck with your e-commerce business. any losses? no, I was just gonna say it sounds like it. the strategy is really easier if you have less products on Shopify. right, because so much easy strategy is all focusing and you can end up creating one product that makes you six figures a month. you do not need 2030 products. David here used to sell organic solution to eczema and what were you doing in revenue during your peak? six figures per year. just one product that helps you cure eczema an organic way, or get rid of eczema or control it. that's not that bad. you don't need 50 products to do well. sure, you'll want to expand later on, but one product is enough. you can use Google Trends to see how big the market is by typing in keywords. just make sure the industry that you're thinking about is bigger than digital marketing and as long as it- graph, is bigger than that, you're good to go. so that's it for this week's Q&A Thursday video. feel free to leave a comment if you want to answer it in next week's Q&A Thursday video and if you have any questions about Shopify or anything like that, leave a comment. I'll be there to answer. thank you guys for watching. make sure you share, like, comment, subscribe, preciate everything. if I can do anything for you guys, please let me know. I'm here to help.