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shopify electronics store

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Best Shopify Electronics Store Themes | Shopify Themes for Electronics Stores

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Shopify Store Review: We Reviewed a Shopify Electronics Store

jeff here from ecom geeks. today is store review wednesday, so today we received a request from kenla goods, so let's take a look at their website, see what's good, what's bad and what can be improved. so first off, on the homepage, i really love your hero banner here. it's it's great, it gets the point and it's very easy to see. you know you don't have white fading into the. you know white background looks great and you got the call to action there awesome. next, you have this section here, that toks about iphone products. now there is nothing clickable here, which is a bad thing. if you are going to advertise like a specific type of product, you need it to be super, super easy for the customer to be able to be like: oh yeah, i've got an iphone. oh yeah, i can't click anywhere. next thing, i would highly recommend removing this section. here might be a popular product, but there is way too much information here, um, for for a home page section. so you know, i'd probably remove that um fastly. products: this is a good section. so, and and then you know you've got your, your instagram links here. so what i would recommend is i'd probably recommend putting the- the fast selling products, uh, closer to the top, like maybe underneath here. um, you might want to change this to. you know something about your brand, who you are, because one of the biggest things with with e-commerce is that you're you're supposed to be building your brand so that people trust you and want to continue to invest in your brand. so just having something that you know is who you are, what you're about, what you care about, it adds that level of personal trust and connection with your customers so that they're more willing to purchase. so, like i said, i probably move- you know fastlane products probably to the top and then have a bit of a tok about yourself and you might also want to include some customer reviews after that. uh, you can leave your instagram section in, if that's cool, um, but yeah, definitely remove this section here. it's going to distract people from from what's going on in the footer of your page here. it's good that you have your different policies here. one thing that's missing down here are your social media links, so things to like: you know facebook store instagram. you know, obviously you have an instagram here. um, you know those different links and those are available with all shopify themes. so definitely have those in there because you want a really strong social media presence. the two quick things: uh, you have powered by shopify. uh, still at the bottom there. that's easily removed. we've got a link to a video on how to remove that. and then another sort of thing is that you're missing a favicon here, and that's super important. so make sure that you you have like some sort of logo that you can put in there so people can tell, with multiple tabs, which one's yours. one thing i've notiked is that with your currency converter- and i've used this currency converter before- it can be a little bit annoying with its placement. uh, ideally it would be over here in this section and and stay there. you might have to mess around with the code because it's it's very frustrating and like. similarly, you know it shows up down here as well, which is, you know, all great, nice, but it's nice to have it at the top so that people can be like, oh, i'm in a different country and you know, click there. so you might want to move this, just because it's causing issues with the rest of your navigation. so now that we've done the home page, let's look at some of your catalog pages. so what i can see from here is that the the theme that you're using is grabbing the, the different tags, the product tags that you have on your products, and using those as a filter, and there's nothing wrong with that, except you have to ensure that these look professional. so if you're going to have, you know, capitals at the start, which you should, then you should make sure that all of these have capital letters as well. uh, so you know, and you've got you know- a whole bunch of random things in here. you need to to go into your different products. you need to simplify this and break it down so that it's much easier for people to select a different type of thing. you know, if, if i have a, if i have an iphone or if i have an android, i'm not going to be looking for the other one. if i have an iphone, i want to see iphone products and i want to see them. now, if i have to go through here and try and go through, okay, well, that's, you know that's an apple product there. okay, where's you know the android ones? or you know it's just, it's too much and you're not going to be able to to be able to get customers where you want them going as quickly as you can. an alternative to having something like this is to have like a, an app where you can have, you know, different sort of requirements in terms of categories. so you know, if you wanted to do android, then you can. you know, check off the box for android and then it will filter all your products down so that it's only android products, and then maybe a next section for whether it's a charger or earbuds or something like that. then people can select those options as well. this will make a huge difference for your customers in order to find the products that they want to find and potentially more products they didn't know they wanted, and that's how you can make more money. so make sure that it is beyond simple, beyond straightforward for people to find the products that they're looking for. so let's take a look at one of your product pages here. so this is for the, the portable magnetik wireless charger. so the- i mean this- looks good. i like how it's set up. i like you have a couple different images and you definitely have the most important image right at the start. um, the one thing that i'm not a huge fan of is is this: here, you know you don't have anything and you don't have any information about the product itself. you've got, you know the specifications and then you've got what's included. what i'd highly recommend is getting the app tabs by station. tabs by station is awesome because it allows you to have different tabs at the top of your description here and allows you to break it up into those sections. so, taking a look at our dummy store here, this is what tabs by station can do. so i've got my description. if i click over here, i can see specifications and then i think, for your product here you also had, uh yeah, what's concluded in the packing list. so it's it's nice because it keeps things compact and then people don't have to scroll so far down to to see the next piece of information. so highly recommend that. so there you go. there's our review of kenla goods. i hope that helps and i'll catch you all next time. looking to improve your store? hire a geek. we offer individual store optimizations, one-on-one training as well as workshops. check out the description below for more information.


How This Tech Shopify Store Makes $2M Per Month...

yo, what up everybody. welcome back to another video now. we don't usually do back-to-back store reviews, but i got a pretty dope store that i want to show you guys and it couldn't wait any longer. so, as you saw in the title, today i'm going to be showing y'all a store that does over a million dollars per month- actually, well, over a million dollars per month- selling mechanical keyboards. so this one's for my gamers out there. you know i got love for y'all and we're gonna actually be reviewing basically everything about this store. so the products that they're selling, how much they're selling them, for the ads that they're running. we're gonna dissect some of their ads and just figure out everything that they're doing that is working so well, not for everybody to copy, but just for us to get inspired and see what's possible out here in the e-commerce space. as i say basically in every video, i hate sounding like a broken record, but i swear e-commerce is the best opportunity. i mean, everybody's getting into crypto, everybody's getting into the stok market, but i think e-commerce is literally where you will find the most opportunity for yourself as an entrepreneur. i think building an ecommerce business is a great idea. right now. it's getting only easier with more and more people shopping online and with more and more resources for you to learn from it. now, all of these websites that i've been reviewing are all shopify stores, which is actually pretty insane to think about how many million dollar per month shopify stores there are out there. i honestly have like three more that i found that i think are super dope. so let me know in the comments if you want me to keep making these videos and, of course, drop a like on this one. that always helps the channel out a ton. so here's the brand that we're looking at. it's called keytron. if you're a gamer, maybe you know about them. i actually didn't know about them until i saw one of their ads and, to be honest with you, from a first glance, as you can see, it's nothing too innovative, nothing too impressive. i mean it's literally just keyboards. but when we take a look at their traffic, you can see that in january they drove 1.6 million monthly visitors. that's insane. 1.6 million people flowed through this website, which is an insane amount of people. i mean that's ridiculous. and this store is insanely simple. i mean it literally looks like the debut theme of shopify, which is a free theme, nothing complicated, very to the point, which, honestly, i love. i love when stores do this. i think not complicating things is the move, making it simple, easy to understand, especially for something like a mechanical keyboard. as i said, their website layout is pretty simple. it's nothing too special. they got their customer reviews here at the bottom, just like their widget inserted into their shopify store- pretty dope. they got a blog and they just have a bunch of helpful resources here for their customers and community, which is awesome, of course. now i believe that this is their best-selling product right here. this one or this one, um, this one has a few more reviews, so i believe that this is probably their best seller right here, and i mean it looks pretty dope, super simple. like i said, it really reminds me of the debut theme. they got like helvetika font, just literally textbook simplicity right here, and their product page is also very simple. i mean the k1 has included keep caps for both windows and mac operating systems. oh, that's actually pretty cool so you can connect this to your mac laptop or your windows laptop, and they tok about a lot of features. i mean, when it comes to a keyboard, there's really not many benefits, so it's not like solving any sort of problem for like a mass audience, but it does solve problems for gamers. so like ultra slim gamers, or just people who use computers a lot, want a slimmer keyboard. so that's why they feature these things right at the beginning, instead of saying: you know, this is an ergonomic keyboard or like fixes your posture, you know, like stuff like that that traditionally you would think of as problem solvers. when it comes to partikular niches, like the gaming niche or, let's say, coders or like website developers, this is stuff that they're looking for, so they're really appealing to their audience. they're not going after like a mass appeal keyboard. right, like the average joe that owns a computer is not going to care about these things. but gamers or, like i said, coders or website developers, they might see this and think, oh man, that's actually pretty dope. and, as you can see, they even feature their youtube videos here, which is actually really interesting. i actually went on similarwebcom here and looked at their social traffic distribution and, surprisingly, most of it comes from youtube. so they are running facebook ads, which we'll go over in a little bit, but primarily their traffic is driven from youtube. so what that tells me right away is that they're doing a lot of influencer partnerships, and the reason why? i think that is because i went on their youtube channel and their youtube channel doesn't have a ton of views. so, for example, this one right here, this video has 138 000 views, which is a lot, but that's not a lot when you're toking about paid, monetized views. so i'm sure that they're running a ton of youtube ads with these partikular videos and it's probably pretty easy to show them to just gaming channels or coding channels and stuff like that, and i'm sure they're converting a lot of customers through that. well, i'm not just guessing that. i know that because of similar web. i mean, that's what similar web is telling us like right now. and, of course, their second biggest traffic source is reddit. hello gamers and coders on reddit, of course. i mean, reddit is such a good place for a brand like this. i can definitely see why they're doing a lot of work there. maybe they're even running a lot of reddit ads. i don't know exactly what that entails, but i know that reddit does have an app platform. so that's pretty dope. and on their landing page they tell us like that they've been covered by a bunch of big influencers such as unbox therapy. unbox therapy is a huge youtube channel in the tik space and i'm sure a lot of other tik influencers on youtube have featured this brand as well. so super smart on their part and they're doing a great job at explaining every detail about this product, which is what people in the tik space are gonna want. they're gonna want the specs of the product. so a great lesson that we can learn right away from this is: you gotta appeal to your target demographic. whatever niche you're targeting, make sure that you're trying to appeal to them specifically, like: use the language that they're using in your description. make sure that you're answering all their potential questions. that way you're gonna maximize your conversion rate and actually be able to profit on your business. and you know what i will say. their products are actually really reasonably priced. for a mechanical keyboard, 74 dollars is actually super reasonable and they're not like over charging or anything. if you go on alibaba and look up mechanical keyboards, you can find ones that are somewhat similar, like this one, for example, but they're like 34 a unit, which is actually quite expensive, so that's not a big margin at all. that's like a little bit over 50, which is kind of cool. i mean. i definitely respect that. i think a lot of brands, like the one that we reviewed last time with iphone cases, they're making those probably for like three dollars a piece and selling them for 40, which is almost like 400 percent or something like that, which i also respect. i mean, they're definitely making a lot of money, but it's cool to see some brands charging more reasonable prices for their products and i'm sure at their scale they're definitely getting these keyboards for a lot cheaper, probably like ten dollars a pop. but still, i respect it and i think it's pretty cool. and of course, these are harder to find, like i don't kn.

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I Tried Dropshipping Digital Products For 30 Days (How Much I Made)

i tried drop shipping digital products for the last 30 days and right now, in this video, i'm gonna show you how much we made, if it's worth it, if it's not, and how you could start your own digital drop shipping brand. so when we hop on my computer and we go here to the last month, we can see that we brought in over 14 000 in revenue on this new digital drop shipping brand, and the cool thing is that we actually made quite significantly more profit than we would if this was selling physical products, because we are selling digital products, which means that we have a product that costs us nothing to fulfill and it's instantly delivered to our customer. so really, the only money we have to spend to bring in revenue is getting those customers, and we do that through ads and organic reach. so just even today, we have almost 600 in revenue and 250 dollars in profit, with a 42 net margin after all cost- and look at that- we only have a 2x return on our ad spend, which is typically where physical product drop shipping stores are breaking even because margins are super slim. but that's honestly what's opened my eyes to this world of digital drop shipping, and i'm gonna go ahead and just say right off the bat that it is worth it, because an extra 250 a day- i haven't touched anything on the store- is amazing. the products are instantly fulfilled and i'm really just ready to scale this honestly. so now i want to show you actually how you could do this yourself, because it's quite simple and underutilized. a lot of people know about drop shipping on shopify with physical products, but now is the time for digital products. ultimately, what happens is drop shipping physical products. you have slim margins, long shipping times and that's going to lead to unhappy customers. maybe you've even experienced this yourself and you don't want to deal with those issues because it's annoying, it's hard to make money, it's hard to scale, it's frustrating. so the solution to all this has really just been through selling digital products, and drop shipping is an amazing business model. you can do it in many different ways and it's actually how i started my first real business and made some money online. it was drop shipping all the way back in 2017. so right now, as globally, things are crazy: markets are down, shipping times are up, shipping costs are up- this is the best time to start drop shipping digital products and i really haven't seen a lot of people tok about this. so i suggest, if you want to make some money, you keep watching this video, because i'm going to take you step by step on how to do this. so digital drop shipping is really just a type of e-commerce. like i said, you're selling a product where you make it once or you buy it once and you resell it over and over and continue to make profit. but there's a lot to it. so what we're going to do right now is go through how you can start your own digital drop shipping business within 30 days, and the first step is to choose a winning niche. this isn't like your normal shopify store video. we're not gonna go browse on aliexpress or use some software to find products. what we're gonna do is actually come up with our own products and then source them and then bundle them all up, make them look nice and appealing and valuable, and then set up our systems and get them ready to sell, which is we're going to do throughout this entire video. so the best selling categories in the world across any types of products are always across health, wealth and relationships, because these are physiological human needs that we need. we need to make money, we want to feel love, relationships and we want to be healthy, or at least we should. so it's much easier- in any way you're selling- to sell through pain points than through novelties such as maybe a little doll or something you know. if it has no use or doesn't hit the pain point, it's gonna be a lot tougher to sell than if it was something that actually provides a use, like this massage gun right here now. under each of these categories are certain niches that have pain points that we can build our digital drop shipping brand around, and these are all things that are important, certain pain points somewhat specific that are gonna allow us to come up with ideas for our products and then actually get those created. so what i want you to do right now is choose one of the niches through here and then we're gonna move on to step two. so for me, for this example in this video, i'm gonna choose weight loss under health. so now the next step, after i've chosen my niche, is choosing the products that i actually want to sell and a little bit more into my mind and why i actually chose weight loss for this example is because being healthy is kind of trendy right now. i think it always will be, and i actually know a little bit about the subject. so that's going to help me moving forward here and actually selling these products. so you don't need to know about the subject you're selling, but it does help. so before we list out product ideas that we have, i want you to remember this criteria for our digital product ideas. so, one, it must be able to deliver instantly to our customers, whether that's an ebook, video course, podcast, master class, etc. these are all digital products. and two, it must solve a problem, or multiple, that our customer has. so for my niche- weight loss- these are people that want to get healthy. it's very broad where we're at right now, but you're going to see how it all funnels down into a profitable result. and number three, it must be valuable to who we're selling it to- and in parentheses i said not to be confused with shiny, which basically what i mean by saying that is that this product needs to help these customers solve their problem and not just be a clickbaity product, because at the end of the day, if it is a bad product, you're not going to be able to continue to scale it profitably. so don't just come up with these clickbaity product ideas, but instead think of actual general product ideas that come to your mind. so sit down, list out your product ideas, and what quickly came to my mind when i was making this doc is these right here. so a meal plan ebook, workout ebook, healthy recipe ebook, exercise video course, weight loss cheat sheet, weight loss masterclass- these are all quick things that came to my mind that are digital products and can be valuable to the customers and the niche we've chosen. now, after you've listed out your general product ideas, i want you to choose three of them that complement each other, basically meaning they could be bundled together, which is just a little hint to what's coming once we get to the store creation. so what i put here out of these in the list is one weight loss cheat sheet, two, a workout guide ebook, and three, a healthy recipe ebook. so these are two ebooks: one for exercise, one for food and then one weight loss cheat sheet, which is going to be a simple pdf, and before we get into actually how we're going to make these offers extremely attractive, we need to source the products and make sure that these are things that we can actually drop ship digitally. so there are two options when it comes to sourcing your products that you're gonna drop ship digitally. number one is plr content, which pretty much allows us to get the rights of an existing piece of content that we can edit and sell for our own benefit commercially, and i recommend you take this route if you'd like to be more cost efficient. so i put a couple examples right here. and essentially what you can do is go to these website- and there's many of them- and we can look up, for example, let's say, weight loss. we hit search and we can just scroll through here and see what type of products are already here. so we can see, okay, we have a easy weight loss ebook, we can click on that. we can see, okay, it's eight dollars and what's very important is one. you go through the sample content and just kind of make sure it's not garbage. typically they aren't. they're pretty helpful and you want to make sure that it's m.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

this is the exact method that we're using to create our six figure and seven figure drop shipping shopify store designs, and i've just created an example one for you guys, and you can see how beautiful this looks. we have the thumbnail for the youtube video on the website. you've got the drop down menus right there to give people more information without having it all bulky on your website. then you've got the side-by-side images going over more details of the product, and then you've got the button. if we keep scrolling back up, you can see how beautiful this website looks, and i'm going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in this video. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sannon is the ecom kingdom. in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching you step by step on how you can create a one product store that looks really branded and professional and that converts extremely well in 2022 and 2023.. this tutorial is going to be around about 30 to 50 minutes long. i'm not joking. it's going to be step by step so you can carry and follow along with your laptop or your computer if you want to create a shopify store that looks like mine. now i'm also going to be giving you guys copy and paste templates that you can use on your store for things like privacy policy, terms and condition and shipping and delivery, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes, i'll leave it in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you've been somebody wondering how to design a shopify store that's going to convert really well and look really appealing, then i'm going to give you the exact formula right now that will work with every product that you choose, and you can also convert this into a niche store if you want to, and this has been proven to work for me for the last 12 months because i'm using it right now in some of my six figure and seven figure stores [Music]. so before we can start creating our one product shopify drop shipping store, we need to have a product in mind that comes with good photography and good information to make our life easier and to give us the best quality store. now, if you haven't already got a product in mind, you can use a website like pixarcom and head over to the winners section, and this is going to show you loads of wooden products in different industries, different niches, and it's also going to give you all the relevant information about these products. so, for example, let's say i like this product, i'd click details and then it would show me everything about the product. now this is gonna be my product choice in the video. so this is the product that i'm gonna be using to design the website about. it's called the cordless air duster and you can see it's gonna give me the description and i can use this for my website. it's gonna give me the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, the amazon link, and later in this video you're gonna understand why it's important to have the amazon link, the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, also other stores selling it so you can see how they've designed their store and take good things from their store and repurpose it for your store. but if you haven't already got a product or you haven't got good information, then i recommend you use peekster to help you get that. so once you've got your product in mind, you want to head over to the aliexpress link for your product. you can see this is my product. it's got a thousand orders, 4.8 star reviews. you only want to be going with a product that has got good reviews and has got good photography, because if you scroll down you can see this is the photography that's going to come with my product, because this is the imagery that i'm going to be using on my website. so if it's not good photography, or if it's not good imagery or they don't have good videos, then it's going to make your website look bad. a great extra bonus is if your supplier can give you a video of the products you can see here. i've also got a video of my product, and the reason why is because you're going to be using this video on your website after you've edited it to be suitable for your landing page. now, once you've done that, you want to download a chrome extension called ali save and that will give you the option to actually download all the images by clicking this little icon once you've downloaded the chrome extension, and it will also give you the option to download the video. if you've got the pro version- for one dollar- and i'm not sponsored by them at all- and for the images when you scroll down on the listing, you will either have to contact the supplier and ask them to send you them, or you'll just have to print screen them, because you can't actually right click these images and save them, and some of the images in the listing below is actually better than the main images in the actual product info. now, once you've done that step, you want to head over to this link here, which is my exclusive shopify 14 day free trial link, and by using this link, you'll get 14 days for free, and sometimes you can actually get even more than 14 days for free. it just depends when you use the link. now, once you've set up your shopify account and you've started your 14 day free trial, your screen should now look like mine, and you want to head over to the bottom here where it says apps, and you want to click on it, and then it should open up this page. now, once you've done that, you want to go to where it says recommended apps, and then it should pop up this page, and then you want to go to at the bottom where it says shopify app store, and you want to click that link. once you're on the shopify app store search bar, you want to search for these two apps. the first one is going to be called auto ds. now, what auto ds lets you do is it lets you import the product through aliexpress and loads of different other websites, like cj, drop shipping and loads of other ones, and it will also automatikally fulfill every single order for you once you get orders on your website. now, an alternative to this used to be oberlo. that was the really common one, but they shut down now. another alternative to auto ds is actually ds's. now, i think auto ds is better than ds's because it actually gives you the automatik fulfillment option and loads more features. the only downside to auto ds is it does have a 30 day free trial and once that's done, it will then be a paid subscription. now, if you do not want to do that, then you should use dss, because it is free forever as long as you're on the lowest tier. now, once you've downloaded the also ds up, you want to head back over to the aliexpress link for your product, like here, and it should say somewhere around here: import through auto ds. mine's not saying it because i've already done it, but you want to click that grey button and it will import it into your website. now, once you've done that, you want to head into the auto ds app by going back into shopify, clicking apps, then auto ds, and you want to go to where it says drafts, and where it says drafts, it should show you the product that you've just imported and you want. you want to click the import button. after a few minutes it should show the product in the product section here as a live product on your website. now the best way to double check that this is actually worked is by going to where it says products in the shopify dashboard and making sure the product shows up under active now. as long as your product shows up here, then it has worked. so now we've got all that out the way. we can move on to the fun part of this video, which is creating the shopify store right now. so you want to head over to the shopify dashboard, go to where it says online store and then it should take you to a section that looks like this and it should have the dawn theme as the current theme. then you want to scroll down to where it says popular free themes and you want to go to where it says the refresh theme- this one right here- and you want to click the add button after a few minutes. after you've done that, it should now show it und.

Top 9 Shopify Dropshipping Stores Examples: Their Secrets & Strategies

tetap siapa. fight shopping stores and The Secret intip video Ambon. so you guys, some examples from such shopping stores and how The Winged water circuit court was given the success and would weaken your Stories to inspire and tagged in the Interaction of an endless video show. kytnfr WhatsApp pribadi. hope you're having a Wonderful Day Today. My name is around the country manager for the last several Years. this video is all about Chaeri sewot Yoi and implementation process is not protected, gue Kings and giving eHow marketing Award. What you're going and get inspired. the most important things to learn about the best practikes were working and implementing an archaic YouTube channel. subscribe now always on another. coming in the drop shipping industry, khairin, begin with the beach style derek sample and everything in this video is your blog page. you can find the link below video Khair, always doing so much. for example, the website's let's, let's Chairul zainist store and it has yowes, Bright Lights, something with LED Light, and has been such Feelings: nice Purple, pink, neon, khairin, the feeling of LED Light and let see exactly what the heavens door soundtrack colors here we bring you and cute They're, just by looking at the colors and score underside and make me feel like falling away from westfalenpark early life and having the school, neochain products and such functions and products as well, such whole new world and every product look very relevant to what you're trying to show. how much, How bout, nearly that feeling better, gaming you. they will make you feel like the website is all about elitis Neon Lights and it looks really gets worst Nightmare website-website colors. here are some of the app semoga shapefile website-website using one another with another, using each so cute and frequently. heimei usut adbch selingkuh ended up. another is showed you and you sign-out: njugo. so much for your right now songgon klik X6 going to close the steps towards the end. 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