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shopify embed video

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Page ✅ Simple Embed 💻 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

welcome to you. in this videos today, i'm going to show you how to add your own video to product page in your shopify online store, but not youtube videos, so this tutorial will be helpful. if you are very beginner with shopify and you wanted to know how to add your own video to product page, then you can continue this tutorials with me. so first of all, i need to log in my shopify admin panels. i'm going to log in my shopify account, shopify, click on the login and add your restore address, then click on the next and now we have to click on the settings icon of the button left side. so i'm going to click on the settings icon, then going to click on the files. now i have to upload my videos files here. so i'm going to click on this upload files button then select my files from here. so i want to upload this one. so i have to wait a little bit time until this file has been completed to upload. okay, my file has been uploaded. now i am going to copy this url. copy url. follow my this text. go to the settings file. then click on the upload file, select video, then upload- we have already done- and copy the url of the video and store it somewhere. so i have copied this link or url and now go into the second step. so in the second step, first of all i'm going to click on the product link, then add a product option. now i want to add the video at here, so i have to click on this video icon- insert video. so then i have to copy this code. look very clearly. i also share this code in the video description and full content with video description. so i have to copy this code then just paste it here. so in this code i have to update the. your url goes here with my file url. so this is my video file url. going to copy and paste it here. so now going to click on the insert video and click on the save. we have successfully added our videos. now we can preview this product. wow, we have successfully added this video. let me play this one, okay, so thank you for your time to watch this video. if you like this video, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel to get more relevant tutorials, relevant with shopify online marketing and shopify seo. wordpress seo.

How to add a video background banner with autoplay to Homepage | Shopify Dawn theme | All Themes

hello guys, and welcome to this very simple Dawn and Shopify 2.0 theme. so every theme that you can imagine- tutorial. what we're going to be doing today is we're going to be adding a video, like you can see here. it's going to have an autoplay feature and it's going to be muted, and it's actually incredibly easy to add this Banner directly to your home page. so a lot of people think that you're gonna have to go into edit code and do a lot of crazy stuff, but what we're actually going to do instead is we're going to go on settings and we're going to go down to files. this is the first step and you're going to upload file and you're going to choose whichever video you want to upload. okay, so I've already done this process, so obviously I'm not going to redo it. so once you've got the video on your Shopify backend, you can then copy the link by just clicking copy link here, and then what I want you to do is I want you to write that link somewhere. so I'm just going to put it here to keep it safe, keep it secret, keep it safe. so now I have the URL of the video and what I'm actually going to do now is click on customize here. I'll tell you now. this is the easiest way to do this. I've tried many different ways. this is definitely the easiest. so for now, let's just hide the current um video and then just click on ADD section here and all we want to do is click on custom liquid. this custom liquid is beautiful. it's such a good way to add things to specific pages on Shopify. let me just quickly say: if you want this video to be on your product page, you can click here and put it on products. you can put it on any page. you can put it on a Blog, the carts, the checkout, whatever. it might be okay, but we want it on our Banner. we want it as our Banner. so let's grab this custom liquid here and why it's not showing, and we're going to drag it right to the top like this. if it lets me, there we go. Okay, so let's take this directly from here and I'm going to tok about each piece of the code here. so the first thing you want to do is you want to do style and style. okay, let's do this bit by bit. so Open Bracket, style, like that, and then just instantly close the bracket, just so that you don't forget. and then click in the middle and click enter, twice. I will leave this code in the description as well for anyone that might want to be using it. so style: and then we want to do video. okay, like this. oops, I'm just going to copy paste this, whatever. so we're going to do. I'll tok about each uh Point as we go through, like this: so this is the CSS, okay, the um, the, the styling of the uh of the video, okay. so what does this mean? it means that the video is gonna not take up too much space, basically, because I put it on height 50, zero margin, and I've got it on display block, uh, very specifically. okay, that's all you need to do in terms of styling. you can make this look a bit nicer if you really want. this isn't necessary. but and then what you want to do is you want to have a video thing here, and I'm going to copy this as well and I'm going to go through each one by one. so video autoplay. so this video will actually play as soon as someone opens the page, which is exactly what we want. it will also Loop, which means it will go round and round and round. you can delete that if you don't want that, or you can delete auto play, for example, if you don't want to autoplay. another thing you could do is you could write controls here if you want them to be able to pause the video. I don't. I want this to be a very nice, smooth banner and it's almost like it's not here, if that makes sense, because it's just, it's just so smooth, basically, and then click on here again. I'll leave this in the description so you guys can just grab this like fairly easily. um, you can't write these brackets in description, those I might have to write it on medium or something. the final part of this is the source. let me actually write this out, just so you guys can see what I'm doing. so: Source equals, and then, um, what's it called? whatever that's called Speech marks- and then grab this link and then close it like that. that should work. and then we need to close the video as well, like that, and I need to. Source equals SRC, I think so I've just done it slightly wrong. Source SRC equals, okay, so let's do it like that: source SRC. there we go- equals. and then there we go- perfect. so you can see, it's literally that simple, guys. and then if I click save here and I click on um view like this, this will Now preview it. you can see that it's actually a little bit slow, which is why a lot of people recommend that you don't do this, because you can see it's actually really really slow. um, it's a really nice effect, but having a 60 megabyte video on your home page is a little bit stupid. so a few ways around this are: obviously, you can make it smaller so you can put 50 width, like that doesn't look as good, but it is. it'll be much quicker to load. so now, if I refresh this, it should be a bit quicker. doesn't look as good. I know it doesn't look as good, you don't have to tell me it doesn't look as good, but it does load a lot more quickly, which is very, very important. uh, other things you can change. you can change the height and you can also, as I said before, you can write the word controls here. these are the video um options. so if I write controls and then press save and then refresh it, you can see that I can now pause play, pause play, whatever. I can also unmute it if I wanted. you can do a lot of things with this. the reason I'm making this video is because I wanted a very, very quick and easy video to explain to people how to add videos to their Shopify home page, specifically Shopify homepage with the autoplay feature. this is a very, very popular thing on websites these days, although personally I don't. I don't really like it because I'm an SEO and I don't like this, uh, this heavy of an object on my page, but that is just me. so, yeah, definitely be careful with adding a really, really big video. okay, because you don't want to add something that's just going to completely slow down your website. I think this here is a good alternative. it doesn't. it doesn't look quite as good, as I said before, but it does work fairly well. so the last thing I'm going to do is um. I'm I wanted to do a speed test, but I just realized that the store is password protected, so I can't actually do a speed test. however, generally speaking, the the speed of this will be: um, it will be pretty good. it won't be too bad, okay. yeah, that's it, guys. I really really hope this helps. I hope this um makes it easier for people to add a video to their home page on Dawn theme and other Shopify 2.0 videos. I will leave, uh, this bit of code in the description, but you cannot write this type of bracket on YouTube, so I may have to leave it on some kind of paste bin or something like that. I'll just say I'll write like, find the code here and then I'll work out a way to do this. this custom liquid thing is a huge game changer and remember, like I said before, so let me just quickly show you. can you copy one of these? no, I'll just do it like that. if I wanted to do this on a product page or, for example, on my collection page, so default collection, let's say I actually want this on my default collection. I knew exactly the same thing: custom liquid, paste it here, hit save and then now, if you go on my website and click on a collection, you'll see this. can you please let me move it? okay, you'll see this, which is really, really cool: you can put it on any page, pretty much um so like if you have a specific product video and you want to put on a specific product, you click here and you find the product that you want to assign that video to and you put that video. that's really important because Auto playing that kind of thing is actually really difficult. so also playing a video directly on a product page on Shopify was not previously possible. now it's possible. I hope this helps and peace out.


How to Add Video to Shopify Without YouTube!

in today's video, i'm going to show you three ways you can add a video to your shopify pages. first is how to copy a video from youtube or tiktok and add it to your store. second is how to upload a video directly to your shopify store and add it to a page. and number three is how to add a video to your product pages before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright. so the first way i'm going to show you is by copying a video from youtube or tiktok and adding it to your pages. so let's click on online store pages and select the page you want to add your video on. now click your mouse cursor wherever you want your video to appear and then click on the video icon. now we can see this pop-up where you can place an embed code. now where do we find the embed code? if it's a youtube video, go to the video you want to add to your store, click share embed, copy the code, paste it into the text box and click insert video. [Music]. [Music] for tiktok. go to tiktokcom, find the video you want to add to your store, click the embed icon, copy code, paste it into the text box and click insert video [Music]. the next way i'm going to show you is by uploading your video directly to shopify. this is great for anyone that has a video that you want to use, but you don't want to go through the trouble of creating a channel just to upload and use your video. first things first. the video you are uploading must meet the following requirements: your video length can be no longer than 10 minutes. the maximum video size you can upload is one gigabyte, your video resolution can go up to 4k and the file type can be mp4 or dot mov. with that out of the way, let's get into adding our video. the first thing you want to do is upload your video file, so click on settings, files and then click upload files. now find and select your video. once your video has been uploaded, click this icon here. now go ahead and exit of this screen and then click on online store and then pages. from here, you can select the page that you want to add the video to. once there, put your mouse cursor where you want the video to appear and click the video icon. you already have your link copied from when we click the link icon, so go ahead and paste it into the box. next you're going to add this piece of code around your link: if you want the copy and paste version of this code, head over to our private facebook group. i will post it there. you will notike that within the code there is a height and width. you can feel free to adjust this to best suit your page. [Music]. the last thing i want to show you is how to add a video to your product pages. you can use any of the two methods i showed you above, but you can also add a video alongside your listing photos as well. to do this, click on products, select the product that you want to add the video, to scroll down to the media block and click add. find and select the video of your choice and click open. [Music]. if you like this video and want to see more content like this, you can let me know by giving this video a thumbs up or leaving me a comment down below and, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time-sensitive content, such as winning products and updates that affect you, so turning on notifications for this channel will let you know as soon as we upload.

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How to Add Video to Shopify Product Pages

what's up, guys? paul here from e-commerce gold, and in this quick shopify tutorial, i'm going to show you how you can add a video to your shopify product page. so let's get started right. so there's two ways you can add a video to your shopify product page, and i'm going to show you both of these methods in this video. the first one is to add it to your media gallery. so basically, this goes where all of your product images go, and there's two ways you can add this video. the first one is you can upload it directly to shopify, but there are some requirements for this. the first one is it has to be a maximum of 10 minutes long and two has to be a maximum of one gigabyte in file size, but you can upload up to 4k resolution, which is quite good. the second method is to add the video from a url, and to do this, what you do is click on add from url and then you just copy and paste the videos url. so, whether it's hosted on youtube or vimeo, just get the url for that video, copy it, paste it in this box and then you'll add this file to your media gallery. now i've tried both of these out and my personal preference would be to upload it directly to shopify, because i tried adding the video from url from youtube, because obviously i'm a youtuber, and what i found was at the end of the video. it showed things like suggested videos, which may be distracting to your potential customers because it's based on their recommendations, on what they've been watching on youtube, and it could take their attention away from the actual buying process, whereas the videos that are uploaded directly to shopify just play the video and that's it. there's no kind of distracting things at the end of it. so that would be my personal preference if i was going to add a video to the shopify media gallery. so the second option is you can embed a video in your product description. now, for this, the video does have to be hosted elsewhere. you can't upload it directly to shopify using this method. now i'm going to show you how you can embed a video that's posted on youtube. the reason is i know how youtube works. i'm not 100 sure how vimeo works, but it is a bit more of an involved process than just copy and pasting the url, because you need the embed code and to get this you need to go to basically what the video looks like on the front end of youtube. so if somebody was watching your video, you can't get this code from the creator studio to the back end of your youtube studio. and to get this code, what you want to do is click on share. as you can see, this is one of my videos. click on embed and it will bring up this option and there's a couple of options you can actually select from this as well, so you can choose a specific start time. so if it's say, you got a video hosted and you only tok about this product in one certain part of the video, you can choose to start it when you start toking about that product. you can also choose to remove the player controls as well, if you want to, and you can also enable enhanced privacy mode, which means that youtube won't store any information about the video that's on your page until somebody actually watches that video. but it just been embedded and not been played. they won't actually store any information around that, which is quite nice if privacy is one of your concerns. then, once you've got it- so you've set all these settings up, simply click on copy. so you've copied that code to your clipboard. go back into your shopify dashboard. click on this little play icon here- insert video. then you want to just paste that code that you copied from youtube and then click insert video and you'll see the video is then available in your shopify description and if we preview this on the front end of our site, you'll see that's the shopify uploaded video and there's the video from youtube in the description. so that's how that works. so it's very simple and very easy to add a video to a shopify page and it definitely enhances the user experience and when user experience is enhanced, it can lead to more conversions, which is more money in your pocket. so if this video has been helpful in any way, a like would be absolutely awesome, because it helps me out with the youtube algorithm. so thank you so much for watching. i really do appreciate it. stay awesome and i'll see you in the next one. you

Tutorial: How to Embed Videos on Shopify Pages, Products, and Themes

hi everybody, my name is john and in this video we're going to learn how to embed different types of videos onto your shopify store. so the first thing we're going to do is, if we're using a small video and a very short video, we're going to use the file manager within shopify to embed that file on one of your pages, or on your actual home page itself, or in one of your products. so, if you have that video, you're going to go into settings and then files, and then click on the upload files button and select the video file from your computer. i've already uploaded my file and it's located right here, so the next thing i'm going to do is copy the url and then i'm going to go into my online store. so let's go and add this file onto the home page of my theme. so, in order to do that, click on customize and then click on add section custom html and then select. now, if you click on this custom html button, you'll see the html that already exists on the page right here. i'm going to delete all this html and then i'm going to use the following code to embed on the page. i'm going to copy and paste this code within the video description and include a link to it within the description itself. so don't worry about pausing this video and rewriting everything. there's going to be a link in the video description to copy this code. i'm going to take the url from my file manager that i copied earlier. i'm going to paste it within this section that says your video link here. so i'm just going to paste that url and then i'm going to copy all of the code here and then paste it within the html section. and now you'll see that i have my really nice video on the home page with some controls at the bottom to adjust the volume, start and stop the video and make it full screen. so this looks pretty nice. how do we add this on a product? let's exit this page and then go into our products. i already have a product made, but you can also click on the add product button to start from scratch. so what i've done in this product page is i've embedded html, but you can also embed the html code that you copied earlier and then save this so that it's visible on your product page itself. if we preview this page, we'll be able to see that video playing right here on your product. this works really well with small videos and videos that are below a certain file size. watch what happens when i try to upload a video that's too big into my file manager for shopify. so you'll notike that the file that i tried to upload is too large. so if you run into this situation, you're not going to be able to use the method that we just went through and, using that special code, we'll have to find a workaround with youtube. so what we can do in this situation is that if we have a video that is larger than 20 megabytes or is longer than four minutes- either one of those- we can upload the video to youtube, which is completely free, and then we can go and embed that video onto either one of our product pages or the online store. so let's go through that process now. so let's imagine that i've created a youtube account and i've uploaded my video file that's longer than four minutes and larger than 20 megabytes, and here it is in front of me now. so commonly, what you'll hear from other folks in terms of tutorials is that you'll hear to go down here into the share button and then click on embed, and this will work, but it doesn't give you the options that you really want if you're embedding this on a product page, because if you embed the code that they give you here, it's going to not autoplay, it's not going to have some of the repeat options and the looping options that we need, and we're also really limited on how we want to resize this different iframes and make sure that we have some of the branding taken away from youtube. so what we can do, instead of copying the embed code here, is we can simply just copy this url at the top of the page and then go to the following url and i'll include a link to this url in the video description below. so this page is wiredcom, which is my site, slash tools, slash youtube video embed, and what this page does is it allows you to paste the video video id that you're trying to embed on shopify and then modify the ditch different options for the embed code. so, as an example, this is just the url that i copied earlier. then i'll press enter and i can see what this video is going to look like once it's embedded on my site on the right hand side. so now what i can do is i can auto play the video and i can loop the video once it's done playing, and there's a few other options under appearance and control options as well. so if i wanted to remove the youtube button right here, i could click on modest branding. you'll see that youtube button is removed. if i wanted to always show captions or always disable annotations, i could also do that from the appearance section here, and i can also disable the full screen button and also disable all player controls. so now when somebody goes and starts watching this video, it's going to auto play, it's going to repeat, it's not going to have any of those video controls at the bottom. if someone on your site, on your shopify site specifically- goes and pauses this video, it's going to have a more videos option at the bottom. contrary to popular belief, youtube removed the ability to remove this section when videos are paused. so, no matter what, you will have this section at the bottom here if your video is paused on your site. but what you can do to make it a little bit less annoying is you can enable this button here that says same channel related videos only, and this will only show videos when the video is paused that are related to the channel that was originally uploaded this video. so it makes it a little bit safer than just having random videos on this embedded video here. so now that i have my embed looking really nicely on the right hand side, i can copy the embed code that has automatikally been updated this entire time. so i'm just going to copy that and then i'm going back into my shopify store. so now i have the embedded code copied, i can go into products. i can go back into my product with video, and now, if i click on show html, there's an option that i can do here, which is to just paste that iframe that we copied earlier. or what i can do is i can go back into the non-html editor and i can click on the button here that says insert video and i can paste my iframe code here as well. it's the same exact thing as if i went into show html. so now i can see my video playing and of course it auto plays. so now if i save this and then go into preview, it will have my nice video right here on the page. a few important notes: you'll notike that the video is not auto playing, and this is because in chrome there are very certain restrictions on whether or not any type of video will autoplay on a page. if you were to go through this tutorial in safari or internet explorer or another web browser, the video would auto play every single time. there really isn't a work around to this. it's one of those features that chrome enabled that is not possible to disable through this embed option. there's also some restrictions that you have, based on your theme, on how you can actually resize a video like this. so if you're having issues on this page right here adjusting the width of this video and the height, make sure that your theme isn't overwriting these settings with its own custom video settings, and you can see this within your theme code if you're really savvy, or you can ask one of your developers to take a look. instead, there's one other option that i wanted to show you, and that is if you add the media from a url. some themes will support embedding the youtube video directly within this section. here there are going to b.

Add Video On Shopify store Homepage with autoplay Feature 2022

hello everyone. welcome back to ecommerce army. this is umar. today in this video, i am going to tell you how you can add an auto play video on your shopify homepage. so to understand the whole process, please make sure to watch the video till the end. also, subscribe to my channel for daily shopify updates. so before wasting any time, let's start the video. okay, so first we need to upload our video file in the media files of the shopify. to upload the file, we need to go into settings. after going into settings, we need to go into files. okay, here you will have to upload your the uh video file here. so i have my file uploaded already. after you have make sure you have an mp5 file of video form. so, after uploading mp4 file, we need to have another file that is in form of webm. we will convert this mp4 file into webm. to convert this mp4 file into webm, we will go on to google and search mp4 to webm and press enter. from here you you will select this cloud convert website, go on to this website and convert your mp5 file into webm. i have already converted my file into webm, so i will upload my webm file here. [Music]- okay, okay, so it will take some time- just few seconds- to upload my webm file. okay, now, we have both mp4 and webm file here. now we will go back to our shopify admin. [Music]. okay, so, after coming back to our shopify admin, we will go now go to customize our shopify theme, on which we want to add an auto play video. from here, we will scroll down and click on add section. we will add a new section of custom html. okay, we have. uh, from here we don't need sub heading or either heading. okay, this is the main part of our video: html content. okay, we have this code. we now we will copy this code and paste it in our html content box. i will provide this code in my video description. you can copy that code from there. okay, this is another video that i have already added. now, in this source file section we have to copy. make sure you copy your web and link and paste here amplifier file link. you will paste mp4 file link here. ok, so from here we will open a new tab. we will go back to our shopify admin and again goes to settings. okay, from shopify admin, we will go into our settings. from settings, we will again go to our files. okay, from file. first i will copy my mp4 file link. copy mp4 file link and please make sure to paste mp4 file link at a in place of mp4, so [Music]. okay. so now we will go back to media files and copy webm link. copy webm link and paste here at the place of webm. so please make sure you copy the file before this dot webm and from https to dot webm. now we have our file pasted here and we will click on save. now you can see we have our video showing up and it's playing automatikally. so let me show you a preview. let's save the file. okay, five is saved. so i'm going to show the preview of our file. okay, scroll down, scroll down, scroll down. here we will have our video. it's taking com. here you can see: once the file is loaded, the video is automatikally playing. so this is it from today's video. if this video has helped you, please make sure to click the like like button and also subscribe to my channel for daily updates. or if you need any help or any consultation i have, you can contact me on skype. i have put in my skype profile link in the description, thank you. thank you very much for watching the video. see you in the next video.