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shopify expert india

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to sell shopify store on fiverr, Shopify Expert full course step by step

OK, SO WE GONNA SE SHOPIFY FULL COURSE, PART 4, and learn how to sell shopify skills as freelance service on fiver. also see how to sell shopify store on fiverr. shopify dropshippiing one product store.

Shopify Website List | Shopify Stores List - Shopify Sites List

hey friend, this is Ameen and welcome back to my youtube channel web scraping service in this YouTube channel. now I will show you how to find the lot, of lot of Shopify website list and how we can easily scrap this kind of Shopify website list. okay, before starting that you triol, i am requesting you: if you are new in my youtube channel, please subscribe to my youtube channel and after watching this video, if you can do this job by your own cells and it is better, but if you need this kind of service, then please feel free to contact me. I have already scraped all this list from from that website and I will show you how I can scrap this list and and in the video description I will also provide a sample. if you watch this video very attentively, then you can learn a lot of things and if you need this list, please contact me. so you see that this is the Shopify website list. you'll see that I will provide this in my video description and here you see that I scrapped total 50 list, 50 website which are built with Shopify. now I will show you one or two website as they prove that these are superior. okay, for example, randomly, I just chose this one. I just use T, I just silly and just opened it and also I just want to this one- and these are randomly website. I have to show you that it is builded chicken. okay, to check this website which are built with Shopify, we need an extension. the name of the extension is built with tiknology profiler. you can easily get this extension in Google Chrome Web Store and also I will give the link of that extension in my video description. okay, so, friends, when the website is successfully loaded, then just click on here: build with everything it built with. I have already installed this expansion in my Google Chrome browser. then when the website is loaded successfully, then click on here. okay, when they click on here, it will a pop-up window will open and in that pop-up window you will see lot of tab here and intersection text section. click on take and when you click on tik tik tip, then at the bottom of the page here you will see that in in the e-commerce section. you see that in the e-commerce section there is Shopify. you see that this is build. it should be faced a lot of information about that Shopify you will get. the same thing is happening. I also want to check this website and after loaded this for successfully, bail to it and the same thing is intact and in a text section and go to the e-commerce and we'll see that this is also a Shopify website. so, friends, now I have understand that I we get this kind of these two website or our Shopify website. now I'll show you how we can get all these lot of. you see, that is a number. this is a lot of works that you see, that one lakh forty eight thousand eight hundred forty top-5 webs at least I'll share with you. okay, so thanks for that. we will need a help of website. the name of that website is my IP dot ms. you have to build it this way: certain, my IP dot ms. and in that website here you see that lot of lot of web that these are the top website here and you see that lot of lot of wasted here. but we need only the here from this roof that you will get lot of website from your according to your category, but in this case we just need the Shopify website. so I will choose from the exception: IQ owner or parent IP own are hosting. just click on here: Shopify, okay, just occupy. finally, click on here, Shopify hi and see if it'll be fancy. then click on here such and click on start. then you see that it is now loaded and within few second use that. you see that within few second, we get to tell this number: one lakh forty eight thousand eight hundred forty three records. this is the huge Shopify website. let you see that in the first page you will see fifty website. top fifty website are appeared on the first page. then, when you go to the second page and go to the second page, you see that it is now loaded and get the same. it started from fifty one and it started from fifty. this one, one hundred. so, friends, you see that there are total to two thousand nine hundred seventy seven days, so we have to scrape all these number. this is really a very highly functional website. it contains lot, of, lot of web site JavaScript, Ajax and lot of effort. also, sometimes it creates capture because we cannot provide the automation for this website, but I have lot of. I have already scraped this website. so if anyone need all the website, please contact me. I, because of the privacy, I don't want to share the full list with anyone, so you have to contact me. I will get all my contact details in my youtube channel here and I also- I also see a- teach you some basic tiknique, how you can get all these website very easily. okay, in this, first of all, what I have to do, I want to show you the method, how you can get this list. okay, so for that, I just want to open seed. I just, I just want to show you in a new sheet- okay, this one is a new trick. I just opened their a Google spreadsheet here and I just should write this clear that I just write the name of this is taste. okay, I just want to make it taste and, yeah, you see that I just want to copy this one. I already teach you a lot of meditate method and this is one of the easiest method able to share, and here, hmm, I just want to write the formula here. you see there, just click on here: import HTML, import HTML. sorry, okay, import HTML. then what you have to do, then just choose this one and here I have to write that: okay, this table. this is a table of the table, and here we have provide the title, because this is the thirteen tables. did that? this table of Harkin? are you still in the thirteenth number table in on that web, that there are a lot of tables on that website, but you can get this in heart in, okay. so here you see that we get all this information here. but now I don't want to be this one here. a lot of unwanted data is appeared here, although these data is really useful. but here, this data, if you click on on this path, we will sit. lot of extra data is a pair here and all this data is automatikally crap on the air to excel, okay, but I don't want to show this one for this reason. I just want to, I just want to this website. I just want to make a filter here, here this work construction and from the filter by condition, and here still there is not empty, okay, then click on here. okay, and when we click on OK, you see that we get our targeted data. so we get to tell 50. here, you see that we get to tell 50. okay, so we get our total target 50. website of Shopify. so then then is the process. I just wanted to show you this one of the process. with this process you can easily collect all the web such slowly and slowly. but if you want to get all the website fast and accurately, then please contact me. I have large team and we do this kind of projects for our clients and I have already grabbed all the website. I have already stored in my computer. so if you want to get these, all these website, within a 5 minute, then please contact me. thank you so much for watching this video. please take care and pray for me. bye.

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Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial For Beginners 2023 (Step by Step)

welcome to the Sean guys. today we're going to go in great detail and tok about how you can actually start Drop Shipping and the strategy that you need to have to ensure that you can develop a successful and scalable business. now, shopifycom is one of those places where you can easily develop and start your Drop Shipping business. the global Commerce platform is where you can build your business and sell online, offline and everywhere in between. now, obviously, you can discover the reason why millions of entrepreneurs are choosing Shopify to build their business, and one of the things that I feel is crucial for you to understand for and ask for and to understand, and everyone that wants to get into the Drop Shipping business to understand, is the fact that when you have millions of individuals in the industry, you have a million chances to understand what goes wrong and what works and, obviously, select the strategies, like the tips and the tikniques. that ensures that you can start a successful Drop Shipping business, and that is the reason why we're bringing all these amazing videos for you on our channel. so if you haven't subscribed to the channel, do subscribe to the channel and do not forget to press the Bell icon now. obviously, in 170 countries, with 10 percent of total us e-commerce and a 444 billion dollar business. this is definitely one of those places where you can successfully start your business and become financially independent and break away from the nine to five. you can build your store the way you want it and bring your vision to life, and you don't need any coding expertise. one of the issues which a lot of individuals tend to think about and tend to face, and the fears that they tend to have, is the fact that they feel they would need to invest a heavy amount before they can start their Drop Shipping business. they would need to get a front-end developer, they would need to get a back-end developer, they would need to find someone to do their research and select the right products to put on their account to sell, and all of these things are irrelevant when you have a Shopify account. so if you don't have an account, click in the description below and get it right now for 90 days. you can easily select from customizable templates that are created by a community of world-class developers, and also you can add more features and functionality to your store with these apps that are built by The Trusted Shopify developers. you can also build sales channels. you can sell online in person around the world, with the marketing tools and social Integrations and the sales channels that you need to get your product in front of customers and, obviously, focus on building your business. and you don't need to worry about all these different elements that are available, because Shopify takes care of all the little things that affect individuals in developing their store. they have the best converting checkout on the planet and a flexible point of sale to power your retails. you can actually reach new leads and engage with customers and build on that data that you have, and you can take control of your customer data to build custom audience and explore the customer insights and drive ongoing growth. right now, we live in a world where everything is globalized. we have individuals, audience customers that live in Australia, that live in the US, that live in England, that live in Russia, they live in South Africa, they live in Argentina, they live in India and, obviously, if you want to care for all these individuals, you need to have a global place, you need to think, you need to act, need to develop a strategy that is global, but you need to know that you're always local, that you're working from the comfort of your home and, obviously, from the comfort of your home, you're reaching all these individuals and giving them an opportunity to buy items and products that they always wanted and, obviously, give them that ease at the same time. and you can easily do that by overseeing your operation and fulfilling every orders and manage your money where you make it. now, once you have made an account, what you need to do is very simple and straightforward: you need to head over to a website which is called aliexpresscom. now, with aliexpresscom, you have an opportunity to select weekly deals. you have an opportunity to select seller codes. you have an opportunity to select items that definitely sell and have a market and, honestly, guys, at the end of the day, that is what really matters. for example, if you look at this product over here, this product is for one cent right now and if you look at the actual price that is being sold for is 3.83 for shipping and one cent for the actual price. this is at M amazing opportunity: 1229 have already been sold. so imagine if you get the product from AliExpress and you sell it online. you can easily make a massive profit by selling it at 9.99 or 19.99. it is pure profit, guys. it's very easy, it's very simple, it's very straightforward. the most important thing that you need to do is research. the more research that you do, the more opportunities that you have. for example, if you want to select a winning product, a product that you know people would be buying, all you need to do is search for it. for example, if you search for phone cases, we'll be able to see all the different phone cases that are being sold on AliExpress right now, and we can easily change the element over here. if we select orders, we can select the ones that are being sold the most and the ones that are being sold the less. as you can see, 941 have been sold. 182 have been sold. 4 423 have been sold at eight dollars. that is a massive, massive amount of profit that you can easily make of one simple product. 399 have been sold. 4520- you have one- have been sold for one dollar. you can easily make a five thousand profit off just one simple product. that is the beauty of doing your research: understanding what product needs to be bought and how you need to do it. this product has been sold eleven thousand two hundred and eleven times for one dollars. this individual has made at least eleven thousand dollar profit on top of it. but if you want to take matters to the next level, you can always head over to alibabacom, and I personally believe alibabacom is a very unique place where you can easily find bargain prices, and the reason why you can do that is because you cut out of the middleman. you go directly to the source where you can get the product from. for example, if you search for phone cases over here, you'll be able to see how cheap you can get phone cases and obviously sell them at a very reasonable price. let's search for phone cases and obviously, as we search for phone cases, we'll be able to find different limits that are going to be available. now, as you can see, the phone cases are worth 50 Cent. If you scroll down, you can find even better products than that: 65s and 13 cents. this simple headphones you can get for amazing prices: 71 cents, 1.15.99- this partikular product is worth 25 cent, and obviously these are the products that you can easily get and then put on your Shopify account and start selling them instantly. now, before you do that, there needs to be a system that you need to follow. there needs to be a guideline that you need to stik to the every single item that you put on Shopify needs to go through this process to ensure that whenever you select a product, that product is a winning product, that product is an evergreen product, that product is available for anyone and everyone across the globe, in any country, CD region that wants to be using a mobile phone because a phone case is that partikular item. and that is the reason why I always mention individuals to keep this partikular item on their Shopify account, because this is an item that definitely sells and definitely has an amazing market. and in order to understand how much money you can make off this partikular product, you need to head over to our website, which is the ebaycom, and head over to ebayco.


The Shopify Experts Marketplace (Shopify Unite Track Session 2019)

please welcome to the stage Danny Williams and Liz kouto. I'm a product marketing manager on the platform team. my name is Danny, I'm a designer on the platform team and we're so excited that you've all joined us here today. so, with that said, we'll get straight into it. as you all know, running a business is really hard. even though Shopify provides a ton of resources to guide merchants, there are times when a unique business has unique needs for areas like Web Design, custom developments and marketing. merchants will look to hire someone to help with their specific needs, and it isn't just a handful of cases. in a recent survey, we found that one in three merchants look to hire service provider in the past six months. it's not surprising that a lot of people are looking to hire. are you our Shopify partners? that's why, in 2011, we introduced the first iteration of our Shopify experts directory. so this was great. merchants needed help, partners need clients, and now you both had a place to connect. but, as it turns out, just having a place to connect isn't quite enough. a couple summers ago, we sent a survey to our experts to see how things were going well. you did share some success stories with us. you also told us about the vague requests you were getting and the leads that were first services you didn't even provide because these vague requests. in lack of detail. you're telling us how you spent a lot of time going back and forth with merchants and these conversations weren't leaving anywhere. so when we asked exactly how many of these leads that you were spending so much time with turned into paying clients, you share that the conversion rate was only around 5%. if so many merchants wanted help and so many of you wanted to work with them, then why were there so few instances of merchants and partners working together successfully? well, we think we may have addressed to these issues. we've evolved the Shopify experts directory and added tools from the shopman. now complete services marketplace beta-2 introduced the Shopify experts marketplace. today we'll take you through this new product and show you how this is built to help more merchants and partners work together successfully by addressing the three key areas of a merchants partner relationship: discovery, evaluation and collaboration. now ahead, it's Danny to take you through the products. Thank You, Liz. to understand why so few leads returning into paying clients, we started by looking at the beginning of the merchants partner lifecycle. what we found was that merchants tend to have really specific goals and needs right and with this in mind, we realized that how we categorize experts was just too broad. it didn't really provide merchants with a meaningful amount of information to understand who would be best suited for their specific need. so what this means- that you'd be contacted for things that you don't do and passed on the things that you do. let's say, for example, a merchant who's looking for help with social media marketing can be really daunting for them to scroll through page after page of just marketing agencies to try to figure out who would be best suited for their specific task. so you can see how this could become pretty time-consuming or overwhelming. even so, it's no surprise that some of these merchants would just give up and look for help elsewhere. so, to address this, we've updated how we categorize experts to now focus on the topics and terms that are more specific and familiar to things that they're looking for. where before we had a single flat of experts, we now have six top-level categories of marketing and sales: store setup, development, troubleshooting, visual content, branding, content rating and expert guidance, all with their own subset of categories. now, with this recategorize ation affords us to do is to also provide recommendations to merchants in context. so let's say, your merchants and you're trying to install a Facebook pixel on your shop or trying to set up Google Analytiks and you need to edit some liquid theme templates- we can now surface a link to that. merchants direct them to the specific help they need accomplishing that task. all this really means that you're now going to get more of the right kind of leads coming to your businesses. which brings us to our next area of focus: evaluation. to make it easier for merchants to understand who would be best suited for their specific need, we try to understand how they actually go about figuring that out themselves. how do they figure out who would be best suited for their task? right? what was their evaluation criteria? and what we found out was really no surprise. merchants cared most about price passed work in a portfolio of some sort and ratings and reviews. so to prioritize this information, we've restructured our ranking algorithms to now focus less on how many merchants you've referred to Shopify and more on the quality of the service that you provide to clients by looking at things like your rating, the number of jobs you've completed for a specific service and response rates. all this ultimately translates into a more transparent and trustworthy experience for merchants and really provides experts with a clear path as to how you can climb to the top of results. now we also know, as I mentioned before, our merchants tend to have pretty specific goals and needs, right. so to help make that information even more contextually relevant and helpful, experts can now create listing pages for the services they offer. so you now have more space to elaborate on the type of deliverables and scope of work you offer for a given service. you now have more space to showcase past work, elaborate on the types of clientele industries you typically work within, and we've made ratings and reviews more robust by incorporating metrics like communication and quality of work. now all this really means you're now better able to differentiate yourselves, your businesses and set better expectations with prospective clients. this brings us to our final area of focus: collaboration. once a merchant decides to contact you, things can really go one of two ways right. one: you guys are a great match, quickly align and scope, budget, timelines and you get straight to work. or not so much: lots of back-and-forth, unrealistik expectations, not an ideal client, right. so to avoid this second scenario, we've created a detailed job creation workflow that allows merchants to specify more of their job requirements and scope of work upfront, which means, instead of receiving a vague request like hey, I'm looking to read is on my website, do you think you can help? you'll now receive a detailed brief with information around the scope of work, the context on the merchants, business and their priorities, so you can now determine if this is the kind of client or project you'd want to take on, even before interacting with the merchants. now, let's say you do want to take on this project. to make collaborating with Shopify merchants even easier, we've built in chat, file sharing and invoicing tools directly into both merchants and partner admins, so now a merchant can manage and pay for their work with an expert in the same place that they manage their products and orders. and on top of that, we've made ratings and reviews more robust and we've built in automatik feedback loops for you to complete jobs and receive reviews so you can spend less time chasing after clients for rating and more time delivering a high quality service and building a reputation on the platform from start to finish. we've built the whole collaboration process right into admin. we're putting work with partners right into the heart of merchants workflows to create convenience, reduce context switching and keep merchants engaged so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently. when we put these new tools to the test, what we found was about 5%. conversion rates went up to 25%. this means the potential for five times as many merchants finding help and five times as many leads turning into pa.

GST For Indian Shopify Dropshipping Stores

what is up? you beautiful people? this is your bro burrito and in this video, I'll be toking about GST, or goods and services tax, for Indian drop shipping stores. now, if you're from some other country- because my audience is global- I want to save you some time- don't watch this video if your country does not have GST, and just cuz it saved you some time, just drop in a like alright. now this has been one of the most requested things on my channel. so many people are confused about GST and how to deal with it. well, in this video, I'll go over every single thing you need to know about GST, so that that question is out of your mind now. first off, I don't like GST now. recently there was a ranking of countries with ease of doing business and India was ranked like 100. the equity markets went all crazy. no, like India is ranked hundred in ease of doing business. but I was like, come on, a ranked hundred out of like 220 countries or something is nothing to be proud of. there's just so many things that a government can do to make the ease of doing business better, but on top of all the red tape and corruption and all these other hassles while doing business in India. now you also have GST. now, listen, I don't want to make this politikal because, first off, I don't abide by any politikal view. I just want to see this country doing better and things like these, things like GST, it's just not helping anybody. and I'm saying all of this through experience, because I have been doing business in India for over 10 years. I opened up my first company in 2010 and I had been freelancing couple of years before that, so I've been actually at it for 11 years. there have been like potholes and challenges every single step of the way, but you know what: there's always a solution. so let's dive into GST and how it affects your business, because you'll actually realize that GST is not that big a deal. once you have acquired the GST number, let's dive in. so, first off, how can you get a GST number? in order to get a GST number, you need to have a business. now, business can either be a sole proprietorship or OPC or one-person company. now, I recommend sole proprietorship because it's the easiest way to start a business in India, and what you need to do is just watch this right here, where I mentioned how to open up a sole-proprietorship. once you have that you need to open up a current bank account and, just with your own pan card, you can just apply for a GST. now the process is a little bit more complicated than this because there's just so many steps involved. now, amazoncom has done a fabulous job with this artikle right here, where they've walked you through the entire steps. you need to get a GST number, but here's something I can recommend for you guys: right now, there are other companies who actually help formation of your sole proprietorship and also help you get the GST number. now, I am not affiliated with any of these companies. these are just companies are found out with research and I've seen some good reviews on these companies. so if you want to try them out, definitely feel free to use their services to open up your company and get your GST number. it does not cost a lot of money, but it's still because this is a requirement, because if you don't have a GST number, you won't be able to run Facebook ads. which brings me to point number two. why do you need a GST number? you need a GST number for Facebook ads and or PayPal and or other services and advertising platforms that might make this compulsory in the future. no, AdWords does not have GST compulsory right now, or maybe they do. I don't know if Facebook has made it compulsory, pretty sure AdWords is also going to make it compulsory. PayPal is going to make it compulsory. you've got Shopify, the platform on which you build your EECOM business. even that may actually start asking you for the GST number in the future, so it's always good to have that GST number in your hand. now the third and most important question: will you need to file GST and what about all the taxes? so I want to tok about this real quick now. if you don't advertise in India and if you don't have Indian customers who are buying your ecomp products that your drop shipping, then you don't even need to pay any GST to the government because you don't have any Indian customers. you or your customers are liable to pay GST only if you sell your ecomp products to Indian customers. now, as I've explained to you guys in business on three, I focus primarily in the US market and all other developed nations. I don't advertise in India. I don't sell my econ products in India. I'm not even liable to pay any GST for this business. no, it's no. it's very clear. you understand. paying GST is different than filing a GST. you are required to file a even if you haven't paid anything. so in order to file a GST, I would recommend toking to a local Chartered Accountant. get on a phone with them. it will not take a lot of your time, just a few minutes on a call with somebody and then you can just ask them to file your GST whenever the time comes. they'll charge a nominal amount, but that's completely fine because by the time, hopefully, it will have built a solid business with Shopify drop shipping, so so, so, so. so now any other questions you have about GST. please ask that local Chartered Accountant that you hired, please. it has just been crazy to see these hundreds of comments about just GST, GST, all over my channel, so I needed to address this right inside this video. so I hope this was helpful if this was giving a thumbs. oh no, listen, there's just so much misinformation about GST. so just do me a favor and share this video as much as you can you know, to help others. now what you've been waiting for: FB ads, stage number 2 is coming next on Monday. if you haven't bought stage number 1, watch this video right here. it's going to walk you through the exact process you need to set up a Facebook account, the right way to start driving those ads and start selling those products. and until next time, okay, Tata, bye, bye.

Day 10 | Shopify Indian Ecommerce Challenge | Google Merchant Center, Solution And Next Steps

झाल अजय को लुट है. व्हाट इज द वेदर इन थी आर लूप. एक बार में पिछली चेक कर लूं कि हर जगह पर हम लाइव सही गए हैं और मेरी आवाज़ साफ कार्य शीघ्र ही. 2011 डीआर र प्रोफेशनल लाइफ. ओके, क्या इस अपडेटर 0 एंड एयर चीफ. और देखो मैं सब लोग जॉइंट कर रहे हैं समय अतिथि का इस हेयर, दीपक, इस हेयर विदेश. तो, गाइस, आज डेन, डेन के ऊपर हम बात करने वाले हैं, हमारे जो जो चैलेंज, जब तक हमें फेस हुए हैं, उन सब चीजों के बारे में. अभी आप कहां पर हो, तो इन सब चीजों के बारे में बात करेंगे. इस वीडियो के अंदर और लोगों को कई ऐसे लोग हैं जो मैसेजेस हैं, तो उन लोगों ने शेयर करें और उसी के साथ ही हमारे पास करने के बारे में बात करने वाला. शुरू करते हैं अपना गेम. खेलो एक प्लेट सी कि आप लोगों को मेरा व्हाइट बोर्ड दिख रहा है, नहीं दिख रहा मैं कल समय नहीं चाहता कि लाइफ में कोई प्रॉब्लम हो, तो पिछली चेक कर लेते हैं कि आप लोगों ने राइट वर्ड दिख रहा है, तो हम बात करेंगे इसके ऊपर से. टेस्ट पैक कि कुल आर्थिक आप सब लोगों को मेरा बाइक को देख रहा है, चप बात करें. तो, गाइस, अभी तक हमारी जो सिचुएशन में हमारे जो Google का, जो हमारा मर्चेंट था, कि एक बार पे क्लिक शेयर कर लें. रिकॉर्ड यह वेबसाइट दिल्ली व शेयर कर रहा हूं और रूम के अंदर हूं मैं. तो इसी पर होना चाहिए. अगर ऐसा नहीं होगा, तो कि रचि, रचि, रचि, रचि, रचि, रचि, आप लोगों को देख रहा है? 500 अभी हमारा Google assistant था, वह हमारा था. तो यह लास्ट टाइम जॉब तक करते हैं. तो सबसे पहले के साथ यह है कि 22% लोगों के अकाउंट हो चुके हैं. अब है यह पॉइंट और मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि कैसे. मैं, जो बोल रहा हूं, वह समय पर मैसेज हैं. दूसरा, बाकी, जो 70 Pass है, जबकि अप्रूव नहीं है, उसमें मैं भी हूं. तो मतलब, जिन्होंने हमारा मेथड फॉलो किया और मैसेज, 20% लोगों के अकाउंट अप्रूव हो चुके हैं. तो अगर आप लोगों में से किसी का भी अकाउंट फर्क है, कांग्रेस और कुछ लोगों को मैसेज आया हूं कि सेल्स भी आ चुके हैं. तो उन लोगों को पहले से थोड़ा- तब शाहीन पता था. अच्छा, दोनों ने इस वर्ष न ग्रिड, क्योंकि से आगे बढ़ उनका गूगल मरचेंट अकाउंट अप्रूव हो चुका है. उनका ससपेंड नहीं हुआ. कुछ ऐसे लोग थे, जिनका अपडेट्स अप्रूव हुआ था और उन लोगों ने अपील करी और उन्हें कम से कम तीन बार अपील करनी पड़ी और तीन बार अपील करने के बाद Customer support से बात करनी पड़ी और उसके बाद उनका अप्रूव हो गया: पांच. तो अगर अब गोइंग फॉर हम क्या करने वाले? मैं आपको बताने वाला हूं: अगर आप उस कैटेगरी में आता है, जिसमें आपका Google मर्चेंट अकाउंट डिस्टर्ब हो चुका है और आप बार-बार अपील कर सके और आपका वापिस नहीं आ रहा और आपने वह सारे को फॉलो करें, जो अभी तक हमने करें, मतलब आपने पॉलिसी पेजेस सब सही लगे हैं और इसके अलावा आपने अपना आ फोन नंबर, कस्टमर केयर फोन नंबर, सब कुछ वहां पर डाल रखा है, जिस तरीके, तो उसके बाद भी, अगर आपका डिसएप्रूव है, तो आप क्या करोगे? विकास, मैं भी वही करूंगा, कि मेरे सिचुएशन है, मेरा भी अप्रूव नहीं हो रहा, है ऑयल और है जैसे हमने प्लान भी के बारे में बात करें, तो हम प्लान के बारे में भी करने वाले हैं, अक्षर लेने वाले हैं, तो वह प्लान भी मैंने एग्रीमेंट कर रखा है और मैं आपको बता, तो मैं इसमें टाइम लिमिट किया, तो आप लोगों को पता चलेगा: पॉइंट. तो मैं सबसे पहले आप लोग विश्वास क्रिएट करता हूं और आपको दिखाता हूं, जो में बताने वाला हूं, कि आपके आई गर्भ को 15 सो यहां पर आ गए. अब हम यह सोएगी कैन सी यहां पर, प्रीतम दत्ता, जो बेसिकली हमारे साथ इस इंडियन कमर चैलेंज का पाठ बने हुए कुन्नर ने यह उनके पास भी सिमरोल माफी मर्चेंट की का मिस्रप्रेजेंटेशन कॉर्नर तीन बार रिव्यू मेडल रिजेक्ट हो गया. फिर फोर्थ में जाकर उन्हें अप्रूवल मिला. फिर मैंने उससे पूछा: क्या तूने क्या करा? साइड सेक्टर 29: बताएं कि मेरे बेसिकली सपोर्ट चैट पर बात करके रिव्यू पर डाल दिया. बट यस उसको उनका आप रुको. तो अगर आप लोगों के पास भी आ रहा है बार-बार रिव्यू का ऑप्शन है और जो डालो और उसके बाद कस्टमर सपोर्ट से रिचार्ज करने की कोशिश, करो, फुली, आपका अकाउंट वापिस आ जाएगा 2030 फसलों. वैसे भी पहली बार में गुरुदत्त और कुछ लोगों का चिंता नहीं हो रखा हूं. उनका रोल करके आ जाएगा, मेरा नहीं आया है. मैं क्या करने वाला हूं? मैं आपको बता देता हूं कि मैं क्या करूंगा. कि Tata झालक समय क्या करने वाला हूं. मैं क्या करूं? मैं एक न्यू वॉइस मेल यूज करने वाला हूं, ओके, और मैं उसके अलावा अपनी वेबसाइट के थोड़े और चेंजेस करने वाला समय वेबसाइट के अंदर चेंजेस करने वालों पर चेंजेस करने वाला. तीसरी चीज: मेरे को लिखवा अपने पास उल्टा और सोंठ. हमने जो सपोर्ट ईमेल बनाई थी, मीणा, जो हमने सपोर्ट कि हमें अभी तक हम इसे यूज कर रहे थे. अब जरनल जीमेल यूज कर रहे थे. तो मैं सपोर्ट की Gmail बनाएंगे वह. मैं आपको अभी इस प्रतिज्ञा वीडियो में दिखा दूंगा, कि मैं कैसे एक सपोर्ट क्रिमिनल बनाने वाला हूं. उसके अलावा नहीं समझा करेंगे, उलट यू [संगीत] ट्यूब और पाठ करने वाला हूं थोड़ा सा, और है और हमें वापिस नहीं. मैं कुछ एक्स्ट्रा करने वालों ने पर व है चेंज करने वाला हूं, एक पाइप टीम चेंज हो. तो फिर में देखूंगा, दोबारा से सेम प्रोसेस करके, दोबारा से मैं मर्चेंट और बनाऊंगा और उसके बाद दोबारा प्ले करके देखूंगा कि अप्रूव होता है, नहीं होता. प्लान बी, जो मैंने आपको बोला था, अब जो मैंने बोला था: गुड न्यूज: टो प्रोड्यूस. यह भी है कि बेसिकली कुछ लोगों का अकाउंट वापिस आ चुका है. और दूसरी गुड न्यूज़ है कि मैंने आपको बताया था कि मेरे पास एक डेमो स्टोरेज बाई, तो उसके अंदर मर्चेंट अप्रूव हो चुका है और उसके अंदर गूगल रीडर कैन बे अप्रूव्ड चुका है. अब हम इसके अप्रूव होने के लिए कुछ भी हो सकते हैं. यह भी हो सकता है कि अकाउंट एक्चुअली बहुत पुराना है, इसकी जी बहुत पुरानी बनी हुई थी, मीणा, और किसी टाइम पर इसके अंदर जोधा अकबर Google अकाउंट बनाया गया था, तो इसमें, जिस वजह से इसका मौनी बड़े आराम से शुरू हो गया, कोई दिक्कत न हो पाए. तो जायका अप्रूवल है हमारे पास पड़ा हुआ और इसके अंदर में कैंपेन टेस्टिंग पर बेसिकली लगा चुका हूं. एक कैंपेन लगा भी डुबो मेडिसिन को. मैंने वह बैक साइड पर टेस्ट कर रहा था, कि आप लोगों के साथ में शेयर कर पाऊंगी. अच्छा, वह उसमें को प्रॉब्लम तैयारी, वहां पर महायुद्ध मैथिली सही चल रहा है. बट, मुझे यहां पर अप्रूव लेकर आने की कोशिश करें. तो मैं एक बार यहां पर फिर से यह सेम चीज है करने वाला, जो मैंने आपको बोला, 1234 टैप करने वाला, जिसमें से थर्ड स्टेप जो है सपोर्ट की मेल आईडी बनाना. वह आप लोगों को मैसेज मुझे बताना था, कि सपोर्ट की मेल आईडी कैसे बनती है. इसलिए आपकी वेबसाइट का नाम है, जैसे हमारी वेबसाइट का नाम है, गिफ्ट netin. तो अगर मुझे एक ईमेल ID चाहिए, सपोर्ट ए गिफ्ट netin, तो मस्से कैसे बनाऊंगा, विदाउट डूइंग एनीथिंग, एक ट्रैवलर फ्री ऑफ कॉस्ट में कैसे बना सकता हूं? तो मैं आज आपको एक चीज बताने वाला हूं. इसके अलावा, मैं जो न्यू इमेज अच्छी तरह और 1 मिनट न्यू जीमेल बनाइए और मैं आपको दिखा: देता: है मृत्यु न्यूज ईमेल कहां बनाई है. यह, तो यह है वह मिनट, यह कहां से इसको क्लियर करो, क्लियर ऑन कैंसर. तो मैंने यह, जिसका नाम है, और अब मैं करने का, यह गिफ्ट नहीं मलिक हेल्थ, अपने ठीक है, इसके ऊपर पूरा फिर समर्थन मांगा, लेकिन पहले में कुछ चेंजेस मैंने आपको बताया था, वह चेंजेस करने वालों. तो मैं वेबसाइट की थीम चेंज करूंगा. मैं वेबसाइट यह ऊपर पॉलिसी पेजेस पर दोबारा से काम करने वालों और मैं आपको दिखा दूंगा कि मैंने क्या-क्या पॉलिसी पिज्जा लें और विडियो में लूंगा. तो जिन लोगों की एक्टिविटी सस्पेंशन आया, उन लोगों को ही यह टेस्ट करना जिलों के अप्रूवल आ चुके हैं. वह चल रहा है. वह पल्लव, वह नेक्स्ट स्टेप का वेट करेंगे कैंपेन कैसे लांच करनी है. तो मैं क्या करने वाला हूं. मैं यह सारे चेंजेस करूंगा. आज के दिन में फुली रात को बैठे हैं, सारी चेंजेस करूंगा और उसके बाद द्वारा सीधे अप्रूवल के ले लूंगा. और अगर आप भूल जाता है, बल्कि अगर है अदरवाइज, उसमें स्पेशल डिले होता है, किसी भी तरह की कोई प्रॉब्लम आती है, जुलाई के अंदर अप्रूवल आफ एक्टर, न्यू के अंदर हम एप्रूवल आशिक है, हम उसके अंदर स्ट्रेट अवे कैंपेन लॉन्च में पहुंच जाएंगे. Bigg Boss प्रोसेस. यही है अप्रूवल लाने का विश्वास. लोगों के अप्रूवल आ रहे हैं और मैंने अभी कई लोग जो बेसिकली अब शॉपिंग ऐप लॉन्च कर रहे हैं, उनसे बात करें. तो उन्होंने मुझे यह बोला: मतलब लिटरली ट्रांसलेट्स, समथिंग विच, वैरीयस फील्ड, आधे से अपनी कि मेरे को बैंक के. अगर आप 10 मर्चेंट अकाउंट बनाओगे, ना, तो उसमें से दो या तीन आपके जान से. आप आराम से इसलिए निकल जाएंगे. बाबूजी, 56 में प्रॉब्लम आने वाली, साथ में प्रॉब्लम आने वाली. है अंग्रेजों सेटिंग, यह नोट की प्रॉब्लम है, या मैनुअल रिव्यू और है लाइक नो वन नोज अबाउट बर्थडे गिफ्ट. इसके एक्चुअली हम अपने मर्चेंट अकाउंट को क्लोज कर सकते हैं. तो अगर आपने, जो अपने, मैंने जो पुराना बस स्टैंड व बनाया था, मैंने उसे क्लोज कर दिया और उसके बाद में यह डोंट बनाया. क्लॉज करने के लिए मैंने क्या किया. मैं आपको बता देता हूं. मतलब इजी, आईएस, वेरी, इजी टू क्लोज मर्चेंट अकाउंट. तो आपको सिर्फ यह लिखना है: आवश्यक क्लॉज़ आ गूगल मर्चेंट अकाउंट हैं. तो आपको बता देगा कि आप मर्चेंट अकाउंट के अंदर लॉग इन करना है, अकाउंट Settings में जाना, डिलीट कर देना. दास बॉर्डर, सिंपल सिमिलर तरीके से ही: हाउ टो साय, हाउ टो, अपलोड द गूगल ऐडसेंस अकाउंट. उससे भी आपको स्वप्न दोष नहीं होगा. Google ऐप स्प्रेड टो दर सेक्शन, कैंसर, मैग्ना श्राद्ध और जिन लोगों ने ऐड कर दिए.