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shopify experts atlanta

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

If you are looking for an eCommerce platform to start your online store, Shopify might be the solution you are looking for. In this Shopify review, we will explore its features, pricing, and benefits.


- Shopify requires no design or coding skills to build a great looking online store.

- Instant access to hundreds of incredible eCommerce templates.

- Sell your products through a variety of channels all with one unified platform.

- Customizable online store, flexible payment methods, Amazon integration, social media store, and much more.

- Three unique plans for online store builders with different pricing and features.


- Basic plan for 29 USD monthly with 2 staff accounts and 2.9% + 30 cents credit card rates for online transactions.

- Shopify plan for 79 USD monthly with 5 staff accounts, abandoned cart recovery, and 2.6% + 30 cents credit card rates for online transactions.

- Advanced Shopify plan for 299 USD per month with 15 staff accounts, advanced report builder, and 2.4% + 30 cents credit card rates for online transactions.


- 14-day free trial before choosing a plan.

- Easy customization of the store with a wide range of templates and sections.

- Simple product adding with photo, pricing, and shipping details.

- Robust analytics section to view sales, store visits, repeat customers rate, conversion rate, and more.

- Huge app library to add essential features like user ratings, Facebook chat, and more.

- Excellent customer support and flexible pricing.


- Fee for credit charges.

- Limited features in the basic plan.

- No mobile and tablet preview.

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that provides an easy way to build an online store with its customizable templates and user-friendly interface. Its pricing plans offer a range of features to cater to different business needs, and its robust analytics and app library make it a great choice for growing your business. Despite its cons, Shopify is still a top choice for online store builders looking to establish a web business.

Master Shopify Sales with Brianna Barrow

Hey hey! Music! Finally, I'm able to connect! Hey guys, what's good? Let me get Umbrianna up on here. Make sure you guys share this live, share it with somebody, get a little biz bestie up in here. Hi, how are you? Good? How are you? Good! First of all, I have never gone live before, so I was over here like, how do I find the live? No, you're good, you're perfect, you look so cute. Are you excited? I am excited!

Hey everybody, I'm gonna take this time to just share this with a few people. Whoever else is in here, please take a moment to share it with someone. And then, if you want the replay and all of the goodies, if you want to unlock the deals, if you want to enter the giveaway, please make sure that you sign up at Laurel's favorite things dot com link in bio. I should have put some earrings on and you look fine, oh God, beautiful. And thank you, thank you, sign up and yeah, you're gonna get all the goodies that come with this campaign because we are coming in fourth quarter right now.

This article is about an online interview between Laurel and Brianna, where they discuss Brianna's journey from being a realtor to an e-commerce and dropshipping expert. The article starts with a transcript of a live video, where Brianna talks about her background and the work she does. The article then moves on to talk about Shopify and what makes it so great, as well as the number one question that Brianna gets asked - why websites aren't converting. Brianna emphasizes the importance of paying attention to product pages and painting a picture for consumers. The article ends by summarizing the key points discussed in the interview.

Shopify interview with James Hill, 9% e-commerce conversion rate

re-platforming” to Shopify. Could you tell us a bit more about what led you to switch over to our platform and what your initial perceptions of Shopify were?

Sure, so as I mentioned earlier, I had been a long-term investor in Shopify and had always admired the platform from afar. However, I was initially using a different platform, SquareSpace, for my website and digital products. It wasn't until I noticed a significant increase in my conversion rate, from 2.5% to 8-9%, that I started considering switching over to Shopify. Additionally, Shopify's analytics were much richer and deeper, allowing me to make more informed business decisions based on my marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. The fact that Shopify had a partnership with Facebook was also a driving factor in my decision to switch over. Plus, Shopify's apps were incredibly useful for integrating multiple websites under one platform, making it more efficient for me to manage my businesses. Overall, my initial perceptions of Shopify were very positive, and my experience of re-platforming to Shopify has been nothing but positive as well.

That's great to hear. How has Shopify helped you scale your business, and what features or tools have been most helpful for you?

Shopify has been instrumental in helping me scale my business. One of the most helpful features has been the ability to integrate multiple websites and digital products under one platform, streamlining my management of these businesses. Additionally, Shopify's partnership with Facebook has been a huge help in driving traffic to my website and increasing my conversion rate. Shopify's apps, such as Thinkific, have also been incredibly helpful in selling my digital products. Overall, Shopify's user-friendly interface and wealth of features and tools have allowed me to focus on what I do best, which is creating content and connecting with my audience, while leaving the backend logistics to Shopify.

That's fantastic to hear. Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs who are considering switching over to Shopify or starting their own e-commerce businesses?

My advice would be to do your research and really understand the needs of your target audience. Utilize Shopify's analytics and other tools to gain insights into your customers and make informed business decisions. Additionally, don't be afraid to seek help and delegate tasks to others. As entrepreneurs, we often want to do everything ourselves, but it's important to recognize that we can't do it all alone. Finally, focus on creating quality content and building a strong connection with your audience. At the end of the day, it's your customers who will drive your success, so make sure you're providing them with value and building a genuine relationship with them.

How To Make Millions From Shopify - With Serial Entrepreneur Mikey Moran

Welcome to the Winning with Shopify podcast! This podcast aims to help you scale your Shopify store into a money-making machine. This podcast is sponsored by Privy, the fastest way to grow sales with email and SMS.

- The Winning with Shopify podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their Shopify stores.

- The podcast is sponsored by Privy, which provides tools to help businesses grow their email and SMS lists, save abandoned carts, and more.

- The host of the podcast is Nick Truman, a Shopify expert and CEO of Just Ask Parker, a marketing agency for Shopify owners.

- In this episode, Nick interviews Mikey, a serial entrepreneur who has experience both helping Shopify stores through apps and running his own Shopify businesses.

Learnings from Shopify:

- Starting on the right platform is crucial for success. Shopify has a strong ecosystem of developers and continuously introduces new features and services.

- Apps can be a valuable tool for Shopify stores, but it's important to be mindful of page speed and perform scans before and after installing them.

- Shopify Plus has been a game changer for many businesses, especially with its international platform that makes expanding into different territories much easier.

- SEO is an important aspect of Shopify success, and having a well-optimized website can lead to higher search rankings and more sales.

- The Winning with Shopify podcast offers valuable insights and tips for growing your Shopify business.

- Privy is a great tool for growing your email and SMS lists, saving abandoned carts, and more.

- Starting on the right platform and optimizing for SEO can lead to greater success for your Shopify store.

This Guy Makes $1,000,000/Month Selling Hoodies..

Last week, the author received a direct message from Justin Phillips, one of the co-founders of Support Black Colleges, a brand dedicated to supporting historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The brand has gained hundreds of thousands of followers and collaborated with numerous celebrities. The author flew out to Atlanta to meet with Justin and discuss how he built his successful business.

Justin co-founded Support Black Colleges in 2012 and attended Howard University. Initially, the business was started by his business partner and his cousin. The author joined the business a few years later and helped to bring it to the level of success it is today. Support Black Colleges recently collaborated with the NBA and made gear for all of the all-stars. The brand is now focused on scaling up and expanding, including getting into wholesale and dropping content on YouTube.

When it comes to learning and educating oneself, the author recommends starting with free content, such as on YouTube. However, he also invested in coaching calls and courses from successful entrepreneurs. He stresses the importance of not just learning tactics, but also taking action and executing at a high level.

Justin attributes his work ethic and drive to his mother, who raised him as a single parent and worked multiple jobs to support him. He started his entrepreneurial journey by selling candy and eventually invested in Support Black Colleges with the last of his savings. He encourages others to bet on themselves and go all-in on their dreams.

Overall, Support Black Colleges is a successful brand that supports black education and brings awareness to HBCUs. With a focus on scaling up and expanding, the brand is poised for even more success in the future.

Shopify Plus Atlanta Meetup 2018 - Partner Panel

Axel, my coordinator at Iumi Cuerpopons, is a technology expert who has been working with us for quite some time. He has played a significant role in developing our software and ensuring that it caters to the needs of our players. However, Axel's expertise is not limited to technology only. He also has a keen interest in music, and this passion of his has proven to be beneficial for our team in more ways than one.

Music and its benefits:

As mentioned earlier, Axel is a music enthusiast, and he often incorporates it into our work routine. Here are some ways in which music has helped us at Iumi Cuerpopons:

- Music has a positive effect on our mood, which in turn, helps us be more productive.

- Listening to music can also reduce stress levels, allowing us to focus better on our work.

- Incorporating music into our team-building activities has helped us bond better and work together more effectively.

- Music has also proven to be a useful tool for improving concentration levels during long work hours.

Specialized software and its importance:

As a technology expert, Axel has helped us develop specialized software that caters to the needs of our players. This software has several features that make it stand out from other similar software available in the market. Some of these features include:

- A user-friendly interface that makes it easy for players to navigate.

- Customizable settings that allow players to personalize their gaming experience.

- Regular updates that ensure that the software is up-to-date and bug-free.

- Robust security features that protect players' personal information.

The importance of communication:

Axel's expertise in technology and music is not the only thing that makes him an asset to our team. He also has excellent communication skills that have proven to be invaluable. Here are some ways in which his communication skills have helped us:

- Axel has a clear and concise way of communicating, which ensures that everyone on the team is on the same page.

- He is always available to answer any questions or concerns that we may have, making communication within the team seamless.

- His ability to communicate effectively with external vendors and suppliers has helped us establish and maintain healthy business relationships.

In conclusion, Axel's expertise in technology, music, and communication has proven to be invaluable for our team at Iumi Cuerpopons. His passion for music has helped us in several ways, while his specialized software has ensured that our players have a seamless gaming experience. His excellent communication skills have also been a significant factor in our success. We are fortunate to have him as a part of our team.

How To SCALE Your Ecommerce Store 🔥 ($40k/mo Shopify Business)

Main Points:

- Candy and Shawn started their business by creating matching headwrap and mask sets during the pandemic.

- They initially sold to friends and family but struggled to figure out how to reach a larger audience.

- Their business morphed into tmcustomaccessories.com, and within four months, they went from $2,500 in sales to $40,000 per month with the help of Facebook and Instagram ads.

- They partnered with a team that taught them how to run successful ads and scale their business.

- Candy and Shawn advise others to invest in learning the ins and outs of running ads themselves, even if they plan to hire someone else to do it in the future.

- Knowing how the structure works and what the analytics mean can help ensure that hired professionals are doing the job correctly.

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