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shopify experts india

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Best Shopify courses

[Music]. are you looking to learn how to do shopify marketing? do you need more traffic or sales? in this video, we will list our top shopify marketing courses to take your store to that next level. these courses can be accessed by clicking on the link in the description section. first is the complete shopify master class. this course is one of the best selling courses on udemy. it'll teach you how to build a website, how to sell your products and make sure that your shopify business grow. jason miles is an award-winning adjunct professor and ceo of online marketing, northwest university. this course is unique and includes opinions, analysis, shortcuts, tikniques and tips that you won't be able to find on other help pages or udemy courses. this course also comes with a step-by-step build demonstration section. this course has a systematik framework for launching and planning a shopify store in a method that's step by step and would prepare you for an e-commerce success that will last long time. next is then shopify drop shipping strategies. this course has an amazing shopify drop shipping strategies that you would be able to use so you could gain a lot of customers from other countries around the world. nick swami is an entrepreneur with an online collection of companies that could generate as much as forty five thousand dollars per month. with this course, you'll learn how to pick the best products, learn how to pick the best suppliers, learn how to pick the best countries and shipping method, and also to get double cash back. and you'll also be taught how to use the proper images on your store that would attract more customers. next is shopify tyrant- how to start an e-commerce biz from scratch. this course is one of the best-selling courses in udemy and it'll teach you how to build a website, sell your products and make sure that your shopify business grow. jason madison, award-winning adjunct professor and ceo of online marketing, northwest university. this course is unique as it includes opinions, analysis, shortcuts, tikniques and tips that you won't be able to find on other help pages or udemy. next is how to create- make build an online ecommerce store website. this course is designed to teach you how to design an ecommerce store website online. things that you would be learning here is to be able to create a website that is customizable in just a few minutes and to design a boutique and logo without having to learn coding or designing skills. and you'll be able to learn how to sell accessories, brand name jewelry and the like without needing to spend money right away. next is the complete shopify drop shipping master class. this score is the complete drop shipping master class, which is more aimed to beginners, but can also help the more experienced shopify drop shipping. this course will teach you how to run a profitable shopify drop shipping business right from your computer. teach other people what you learned here and master a couple of things such as building a shopify drop shipping store, choose the right products to sell, automate how you import products, increase your sales through secret hacks, have a bulletproof system for your business, drive traffic towards your drop shipping store, retarget the customers that abandon their carts, and a whole lot more. next is the complete shopify aliexpress drop shipping course. this course will teach you, step by step, on how you could build an ecommerce store that is highly profitable right from scratch. with this course, you don't have to know anything about e-commerce. you don't even need to know any tiknical skills, and all you need to know is how to use a web browser, and you will be able to do everything else here. by the end of this course, you'll be able to create your profitable e-commerce store that could supplement the income you already have. this course is designed for beginners, but if you're experienced but still struggling with e-commerce, this score still has a lot to offer. class on the list is how to become a shopify expert from xero to hero. this course is one of the best courses in udemy and it's a step-by-step course on how to be a shopify expert in just a short time. with this course, you don't have to know any tiknical skills, as long as you can use a browser and you're good to go. tim sharp has been a successful entrepreneur since 2004 and is one of the most successful ecommerce lecturers on udemy. this course will give you a deeper understanding of shopify and help you use this knowledge to supplement your income and transform your life, because with this, you could become a shopify developer or consultant. this is built for complete beginners who are willing to learn, and that's our top seven shopify courses to drive more traffic and sales. remember, you can access these courses by clicking on the link found in the [Music] description.

Create an Online Rental Store Using Shopify | Shopify Experts

hey guys, my wagon here, Mike Walden calm, and in this video I will show you how to create an online rental store with Shopify. the more comprehensive guide is available at Mike Walden com. it will also be linked down below in the description, so let's jump right into it. it is no doubt that Shopify is a very versatile becomes platform in ads, and it's been formed into sites that are not exclusively selling physical or digital items online. some companies have used it specifically just to showcase their products. some even use it as an alternative to WordPress as a content management system. others have used it to set up paid appointments to speakers and consultants, and so something that I've recently been asked to create is a Shopify rental store. so what are the basic functions that a rental store should have that is not yet default in the Shopify setup? first is picking a date for renting the product. second is asking more information about the product, requesting a code for customized pricing. fourth is generating invoices. fifth, and is customizing the shipping rates. then sixth is customized product options. so some some rental stores might need different functions, but in general, these are the main ones at a rental business order needs on their website. we'll take a look at each function in detail and how to implement them in to a Shopify store through any available apps. so picking the date or date range for renting a product. customers need a way to set a date or a date range where they will be the item that will be rented. one of the most recommended Shopify app for this is booked that app, so it is linked on my artikle. hopefully you will check it out. it lets customers reserve time on your business calendar right on your Shopify site so you can offer appointments, classes, product rent, those tikets and, more in all, all in one place. so customers stay in your shop and your third party hassles are over. they also have a demo site that you can check out. it will be linked in the artikle below. customers also need a way to ask more information about any of the products that is being offered. most of the time, customers cannot tell or cannot get all the information they need just from looking at the website. this is where we need to implement easy customer contact methods for the customer. so here are some of the options for this is getting a phone number, a Skype online number or use grasshopper. so this is a service for customer support with online number. another option is facebook chat, so more and more people prefer messaging platforms like facebook messenger over email for phone or online chat when it comes to communicating with brands. so you can definitely check out this, a facebook chat app. there's a more detailed explanation on it on my artikle as well, but let's go through the as quickly as possible. the next chat app that I recommend is Zendesk. this is a similar to what I have on my website contact us form, right, and you will be able to send in message them directly to customer support on the website. okay, next, here's a improve on tap form. so this is just a page, a contact form on your website, and if you use this app, you will have an instant contact us page and also a pop-up from your shop, so you can easily get messages from visitors and customers without anything. your theme next requirement is requesting a code for customized pricing. some rental companies, especially those with higher priced items, may want to have the request a code option for their customers. this will be very handy if you are already expecting customers to negotiate a better pricing for bundled products, and then they can directly pay for the rented items directly on the quotation that you have sent through email. here are some of the apps that you need to check out. first is the global request a code. I've tried this out and here's their whole description of their app. it allows your customers to submit codes for any product and bugging for the best price. if you agree with this codes, you can turn them into orders. would you like to receive requests for code from your customers? requesting code app will provide you with this feature on your Shopify store. another code app is get a code in high prices. so this will allow you to hide the product price and also the Add to Cart button and replace them with a get a code button so the customer will be able to send you the code request through the custom built in contact form. then you will receive all the code details immediately on your email address. the next KOAT app is quick code from the. this one is for the Shopify cart page. from the normal Shopify cart, customers can request the code. this will email you all the items requested. it will also create a editable code in the app admin. from there you can send them back a code response with pricing discounts and they can accept or check out. if they aren't ready to checkout. they can also comment on the code, which will send you an email. so check out those code apps. I recommend the global request a code tab. so if you need to generate invoices, this one is just a quick example from the movement watch. Shopify has its own free invoice generator that you can use to create invoices for your clients. Shopify's online invoice generator makes your life easier when it comes to building and collecting money. simply fill in the required information and create an invoice on the spot. you can save, print or email it directly to your clients, and it's already linked on my artikle. but if you want more control or automation with your Shopify invoicing, you may also check out these apps. the first is invoice if I. it is a fully automated invoicing solution that creates and sends an invoice for each order that is placed with your store. simply select or create a template for your invoice and invoice if I will handle the rest. another invoice app that I recommend for printing invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips and more: this is the app called order printer. it is free and easy to set up so you can print documents in bulk or one at a time, depending on your needs. lastly, another invoice app that I recommend is Sophie, Oh, Sophie, oh, Beautiful invoices. it is described as invoices that tell your story, compliant and also fully automatik. so they claim to have been professionally translated over 30 languages, and it stands out to build a powerful brand. they are professionally crafted by top print designers. another requirement for any rental online rental store is customized shipping rates, so sometimes rental businesses need very specific shipping options based on price, size, weight or location. Shopify's built-in shipping options might not cut it for these situations, especially in countries where the province province rates are not yet available. this it's best to utilize Shopify apps to solve these kinds of issues. so here are the Shopify apps that you can consider. first is parcel. if I create powerful, powerful custom shipping rates with parcel, if I. next shipping app that you cannot try out is better shipping. take control of your shipping rates. more detailed descriptions are available on the artikle. another shipping app that you'd like to check out is bespoke shipping. this is shipping supercharged. another shipping app that you can consider is shipping rates calculator Plus. this will be able to show you the shipping rates with a G on the geolocation on the cart page. another app is the advanced shipping manager: accurate shipping rates for online stores. all right, so now we will check out the current renting businesses online that are using Shopify. the first one is mannequin madness. it is a mannequin shop and rental store in San Francisco Bay Area. let's just a do a quick view of their Shopify store. they have all types of mannequin products. they are selling it and renting it as well. the next Shopify store that you would like to check out is the player bike repair. they are company that mainly repairs bikes but also rents, for it also rents them for Burning Man. so if you know the Burn

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Shopify Agency Explains Drop Shipping license requirements and how to do it right in UAE & GCC

- toking about trade license and the confusion around trade license for drop shipping. we get asked so many times: "right, how does it work" And "Can you explain it" And "What it means, I'm here, but I wanna sell over there". So what we did? we did a very, very nice example and we'll show that to you right now so you will understand what needs to be done. So, first of all, you see you, you see your registered business, you see your eCommerce website and you see your customer- I was just blocking the customer. you see it over here, right. So what does that mean for you? For example, you are located in the UAE. your business, which you have registered, is located in the UAE, right. So now it comes: If you're in the UAE, you need to follow the UAE law, right? Whether it's in a free zone in the UAE or if it's in a mainland, you need to follow the regulations of that country. So if you want to establish your business within the UAE, you certainly need a trade license to sell, whether it's a drop ship business or not. But if you want to create it within the UAE, you need to follow the UAE regulations. Next example: For example, you are here in the UAE, but your business is registered in Germany, right, And you sell it to Saudi Arabia, just for example, right? So if you are sitting in the UAE and your business is registered in Germany, you need to follow the German regulations, right? So, based on the German regulations, what do they have? What do you need to follow over there? How is the structure of building a license? Do they even offer a trade license for eCommerce? Maybe they have something else special, right? So if you want to run your business under your German operations- let's say it like that- and you're okay with Germany having your company registered, you need to ask Germany for all about that. How can I set it up? What is with my tax and what is with that? So you need to follow the German law. If you have your website- again, your website, your store is global, it's in the web, right? So if you offer it to every country, every customer could purchase from you. So you're sitting in the UAE 'cause you're just here, holiday or whatever purpose, or even in any other country. Your business is registered in Germany and maybe you have a checkout currency- euros. Someone from Saudi or the UAE is purchasing something from your website? right, It goes to the entity in Germany because you have it registered over there, right? So you need to follow German regulations and you need to be aware about them. Next one: you're in the UK. you're not in the UAE. You're sitting or being just now present as a person in the UK. However, your business is registered in Germany And someone purchase from Saudi Arabia, just for example. right, You need to follow the German regulations. It doesn't matter where you are, if it's the UK or not, All right. Now you are in the UAE. your business is in the UAE because you have it registered in the UAE, based under your UAE license type. what you want to go for. If you don't know much about the license, reach out, we will help you. we can have it set it up with you and it's totally fine. or just write a common town. So your registered business is in the UAE. You need to follow UAE laws. You're sitting in the UAE and your customer is in Germany. It still needs to follow the UAE rules. And this is exactly the same for drop shipping guys. If you have a drop ship store and you want to sell in the USA, but you are living here and you want to have your business registered in the UAE, you need to trade license from the UAE, need to follow the UAE laws. even though you are drop shipping to a customer in US, in Germany, and your supply is coming from China, it doesn't matter. Where is your registration and entity, where you want to have your business registered. Could be that there is no country, I don't know could be there is a country- Germany, whatever any other country- who are saying: "We don't need any business license? "and you cannot do eCommerce business "registered within your entity or your private name? "and you don't need a license for us "until you have maybe 10,000 euros reached". If this is the country's rule and regulations, you follow that, Which then would mean you would not need a license, but your business and your like liabilities and everything will follow that country. So, wherever you are and wherever you want to have your business registered, you need to follow and be aware about the rules here. Whether your customer's in the UAE, whether your customer is not in the UAE, in Germany, whether you drop ship from China or from your drop ship, doesn't matter from China to the USA, because you're saying, "This is what I wanna do, "I wanna live in the UAE and drop ship from China to the USA" but you wanna get your money here in the UAE. you follow the UAE regulations and laws and our partner and we help you there figuring out what is the best solution for you. So and now, if you understood it right now, it's actually very simple. I tried to explain it to you in a way that is a little bit more visible, right, So you can understand it, maybe with that example very well. So I hope it helped you out. if you liked it, subscribe to our channel.

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1st EVER NEGATIVE SHOPIFY REVIEW: The Shopify Expert Life Episode #2

it finally happened: my first negative review. 10,000 orders, 200 Shopify stores I've worked on and I finally got a negative review. and in this video I'm gonna explain to you how I'm gonna deal with this negative, negative review and you might actually learn something here and just to give you some backstory. so, out of 10,000 orders I actually have shipped out, only one of them ever was not the max review you could actually get and that was a neutral review on eBay. and that one is actually a funny one because I listed something at auction and it went for like a dollar fifty and the guide thing. I paid the money into my bank and I never, ever seen the money in there and back in force and I was like you know what? it's a dollar fifty- and I just posted it to him and he left me a negative, neutral feedback. so I didn't really think that to be that bad. and as for being, since I've been at Shopify expert and building Shopify websites, I've only ever receives a review that was 4.5 stars out of flight and I consider that not too bad. that's pretty good. but today, today, someone left me a 3 out of 5 stars on Shopify expert. so if you actually go to my Shopify experts profile, you'll see a 3 out of 5 star review and the way this actually happened is absolutely it's a pretty funny story. so basically what actually happened: someone put a request through. so if you don't know what a Shopify expertise it's, when, if you actually go into your Shopify store, there's like a button that says hire, I shall fly expert and I'm actually one of them. and when someone actually clicks that button, if, if the job they want i've actually listed as posted, it will actually come to me, sort of thing. and i got requests about 10 days ago and i seen this person- they'll drop shipping and they'll from india. and I'm not trying to say anything that I had a lot of work on and I just I believe in giving free value without expecting anything in return. so if anyone contacts me, I'm going to give them value, even though if I can't help them or it can help them, no matter what, I will do that. so what I did is I sent him a message saying: you know I can't do it sort of thing, but here's some free content. I gave him like the link to like how they can get to beautifier free Shopify theme. I'm the common mistakes that people actually make them Shopify and though, like, okay, thanks. and I thought, oh cool, that's awesome. help that person a little bit. you know, maybe another expert will help him out. and what actually happened today? um, you have a new review from shop life. this person actually went and reviewed my service that I didn't even give them, so I didn't actually even work on their website, and they reviewed me three out of five stars. and then the funny thing after that is that they actually put another request for you to find an expert. so is it me or is a shovel flow? I don't know. you better judge. you can go view my Shopify expert profile and look at the review and you know, for ten minutes I was really pissed off, whack. I was like: Shopify support, did you really? how do I remove this sort of thing? and the funny thing is like how I've actually been lately is that I should have dealt with this a lot, that I I've been trying to be really positive. so when I actually review other places, I will not review any service I've got unless it's absolutely the max. and I've actually left three video reviews lately because I know other people of left video reviews for me and it's really helping my business. so I'm trying to put out into the world like karma sort of thing, like trying to put good vibes out there, sort of thing. and I was so shocked at that this happened that I didn't even work this person's website and they actually reviewed me three out of five stars and I thought I was like at first, not funny. I thought I was like serious damage control on my business. and then, you know, after about 10 minutes, oh I I was like wait a minute later. you know, look at the world, the world we live in, like, realistikally, you know, I was probably lucky to only have ever got two other things that weren't the best review you can ever get in my in my whole online life. and you know, you know I can see why that person was frustrated, because no one would help them, and you know whether they took it out on me or not. that's that doesn't matter why, at the end of the day, like the world we live in, it's nearly impossible to get five stars or ten stars or ten out of ten or whatever. but anything you ever do in life and you know you pretty much can go to any business and if they've got over 20 reviews, there's a very good chance that there is a review. that's not the best review that I can actually get, especially look on eBay, Amazon, things like that. perfect examples people's google reviews. now, if you want to laugh, have a little good. some people's google reviews: what people have actually said why. it's just crazy- like you actually dive into it, because one of my friends they actually got a couple of negative reviews on their for their cafe and I actually went to their thing. you know how to look and the person that left one style. I actually went through to that profile and they've been leaving one star reviews on, like you know, 10 or 15 business or something like that. you know, at the end of the day, the review a lot of the times isn't a reflection of you, it's a reflection of the person. so, pretty much if you get higher on your own supply, sort of things, so people giving you lots of positive feedback when someone actually doesn't give you positive feedback and actually give you negative feedback, that actually hurts you and I hadn't knew this and I've been trying to be in the middle and not be like to hire my own supply and I knew that something like this was coming, especially being on YouTube. I finally got a couple of negative like thumbs downs and you know I thought you know that's just how it is. you know you just got to deal with it. roll with the roll of the punches, like most of the time it's not really a reflection of you and most of my clients. they know that. you know if there's something wrong they can contact me and I'll help them out. you know, and there's probably been a couple of people that probably haven't contacted me as much as they probably should. they might be upset, especially in the early days of when I was building web sites come a long way from there and I've always made that clear that you know if there's a problem, contact me. I want to help. same with when I was shipping orders out, you know, one of my really big things that I really focused on was making sure that product didn't get damaged. so there's lots of times where you know I had an item I messed up, the weight or something like that, or my website messed it up or realistikally, they never would they'd have messed it up with me. it was all my fault anyway and I thought you know if I add this extra padding, extra stuff to make sure this product doesn't get damaged. this is going to cost me more money, money that is cutting into the profit- and I always thought you know what you got to do the right thing by the customer. it's not their fault and I just did it. and you know, even I remember those are Christmas [Music] 2015 or 16- and I got a lot of orders before Christmas and I knew that a lot of people wouldn't get these for Christmas and a lot of the orders were in Western Australia. so I actually- which is the other side of this- day off- I'm on the other side of Western Australia and what I actually did is I had about 30 parcels ascend and every single person, except maybe one, had paid normal postage and I just shifted Express and it cost a crap load of extra money that cut into the profits. but those are right thing to do and I honestly believe, no matter what sort of reviews people give you or anything like that, if you always are wanting to do the best thing by the client, the customer, you know, whoever, no matter what, that's the best you can do. if you do the best you can do, it doesn't really matter what people say or leave about your life, you k.

Looking At Real Shopify Freelance Gigs | Software Developer | Web Developers

hey guys, this is your boy, joe. back at it again: codingphasecom. hey guys, what's really good how you guys doing? hopefully you guys are doing great man, um, i'm just fixing up the title real quick, so give me a second. you know this is live, you know, um, but we are here, guys, we're going to be looking at a lot of different uh, jobs and a lot of different things that are part of shopify and just opportunities. okay, let's just put it out there. it's just opportunities. okay, i know some of you guys have been slacking, so maybe guys be like man- i don't know if i want to jump into this- and i'm telling you guys ahead of time: man, you cannot miss this opportunity. shopify right now is the hottest thing that's going for anybody that's trying to get into the industry. now we're toking about people that want to make money as a freelance developer and as an app developer. okay, shopify right now, straight up, is literally where you know, wordpress used to be ten years ago- any ten years ago like 2008 around there- okay, uh, when shopify was just bubbling up and everybody was jumping on it, right, everybody that needed a website. they were using, uh, wordpress, right, and, to be honest with you right, the people that got into wordpress back then. those are the people that really cashed out. okay, those are the people that really cashed out and even to this day, you can still make some money with wordpress, but not how you was able to make it in the beginning. okay, so that's where we at right now. okay, shopify has been around for a long time, right, i believe the company originally has been around since like 2004 or something like that, like some crazy numbers right back in the days. they've been doing it for a while, um, but you know, shopify now is really becoming a household name. okay, whenever you say i want to take a cab, what do you say? you say uber, hey, i want to take it. right, when somebody says, hey, can you build me a simple website that i can go and change things around- and, you know, be comfortable with, right, most people is going to say: can you build me a wordpress website? now, what's happening with e-commerce is that literally everybody who's trying to create a store- it doesn't matter if is the mom and pop shop that sells t-shirts in in the neighborhood- sells, you know, sneakers, right? uh, literally the guys that are selling antiques, right, the guys to sell instead of ceramics and, and you know, pottery and things like that. or you know, the guys are selling uh, lenses. you know vintage lenses, right, anything that you could think of. they are all jumping into creating e-commerce websites. now, just like when you say: i want to take a cab, let me get on that uber, right, people are saying, hey, man, i want to get my online store, i need to go to shopify. they're not saying wicks, they're not saying squarespace, they're not saying none of that stuff, those other things that are out there, right, like all those other platforms that are out there. they're like lift. you know what i'm saying. when somebody comes in and says, hey, man, you want to take a lift, right, it sounds weird. already. you gotta be saying so. now, shopify is a household name and that's where everybody's jumping to. okay, in this live stream, i actually want to show you guys, you know, different opportunities that's out there, that's just popping up, right, new gigs, right, there's a lot of freelance gigs and there's not that much competition at all, because most people don't know how to do wordpress, um, sorry, wordpress. uh, shopify websites, right, either shopify themes or custom applications, right, they just don't know. it's a new tiknology, something new that they don't know. right, they still haven't picked up on it. as you guys can see, nobody else is toking about it except your boy. okay, you know, there might be like maybe one or two indian dudes. and shout out to the indian guys: that's out here, right, those guys is always on top of whatever opportunity, uh, there is to make money online. indians know about it. let's just say: indians know they can't get that type of bread in india. they're gonna make it online. okay, so shout out to the indian. shout out to the guys in the middle east, right, those guys are always hustling and finding the ways to get in here. uh, in the game. okay, so shout out to everybody. uh, currently, right now, we got a couple of peoples, you know, on the live stream. you know, hopefully we can get more people as we start the livestream. of course, it's 11- 30 basically at night. so i totally understand if you miss this live stream. i'm actually gonna keep this whole live stream up so you guys can see it, okay, so, hopefully, if you missed out today, you can watch it tomorrow and tomorrow morning, okay, so don't worry about it, this live stream is staying up, okay, so i'm actually to start with going to upwork. okay, if you guys don't know what upwork is, upwork is pretty much, um, you know, we could say, the number one place to find freelancers. okay, as far as like, professionals, because you could go to fiverr and you could find a crackhead. or, on fiverr, like straighten up, like you'll find a guy that doesn't even know how to code and he'll be like i'm a shopify expert, like throw me five dollars, throw me twenty five dollars and i'll build you something. i don't know if it's gonna be great, but i'll build you something. so most companies and people know that you know the best place to really find people that are, you know, proficient in certain skills, it's up work. so i'm gonna see if i can share this with you guys. put this on the screen real quick. all right, let me see here we go, all right, cool. so, uh, for those of you guys that need me to zoom in, let me zoom in for you guys. okay, all right. so right now, if you go to shopify- and whatnot shopify? if you go to upwork, you can search for shopify. you're gonna see there's like 906 jobs now, um, what you're gonna notike is that there's jobs popping up about, you know, shopify gigs and shopify freelancing, like every you know, every few hours, like, literally, like if i come back here in a couple of hours it's gonna say, uh, 1130 or 1175, like, the numbers keep going up, the jobs, the gigs are just popping up, okay. so i actually came and took my time to look over a couple of the jobs that i will apply for if i was a- you know, a beginner right, especially if i have the skills right. and again, this skill, some of you guys might have it, some of you guys might not have it, some of you guys might know how to uh create games, create applications with shopify, but the majority of you guys, i'm pretty sure you guys don't know about it. so that's why i will say: you know what? in the description below i'm gonna leave you guys a couple of links. okay, uh, pretty much, you can sign up to codyfacecom. we teach you this. okay, we get you prepared for being able to apply to this type of jobs and gigs. that's out here, okay, so if you want to learn shopify theme development, you want to learn shopify app development, go to codingfacecom. it's literally right there. just come in codingfacecom, you'll see it right there. career paths. you got shopify theme developer right. shopify app developer: we teach you guys everything from html, css, javascript, right to uh. simplify team development, google analytiks, facebook and google ads- all of the things that most clients is going to ask you about. right, we already have it in the back. we already have it there for you. you could go ahead and get started today. okay, same thing for shopify app developer. we have everything for html, css, uh, nodejs, express, uh, php seven, larabel, right. app development is more for the back end, so this might take you a little bit longer, but that doesn't mean that you can't just get started with team development. theme development just pretty much means: hey, can you go in, take this design and create a theme out of this within shopify? that's it. and when we say that it's just html, css and javascript, okay, we're not toking about nothing crazy. understanding how to use uh shopify's liquid template engine, and that's pretty much it. okay, once you understand that, then you're good to go. let me see if i can.

DROPSHIPPING CASE STUDY $400K Interview With Shopify Expert

in today's video, i'm going to be interviewing a seven-figure shopify expert, one of my good friends called josh, and we're going to be going over how he's able to generate 400 000 with one of his stores. and we're going to be going into absolutely everything: paypal holds, managing cash flow, how he was able to scale to 16k a days within eight days. we're going to be covering absolutely everything that you guys are wanting to know: things like ad account bands. everything's going to be covered, guys. so grab your pen, grab your laptop, because you guys are going to really enjoy this one. hey guys, welcome to the channel. my name is camille star, owner and founder of ecommerce agency, an agency that's going to give you all the information about your e-commerce stores, whether it be on shopify, woocommerce, whatever. we're here to bring you absolute value bombs. so, guys, you are going to enjoy this interview. you are going to learn a lot from it, so make sure you stay here and watch till the end. hey guys, super excited to be here, ken, thank you so much for having me. super excited to share some insight and value deal, guys, today. no worries. so let's get straight into what the people have come here today to see, which is: how was you able to generate four hundred thousand dollars in revenue? so, before we actually get on to that, how much of it was actually profit? because i know a lot of these guys can be like, look, sounds good, but how much of it did you actually take home after tax and all those expenses and whatnot? yeah, absolutely so. profit was about 18- 18.5 from that 400k revenue. so that's not bad dude, so that's, that's really good. and how long did it take to make that 400 000 in revenue? how many days? how many months? absolutely so. i started this store actually the end of july- july 24th in specific- and along the way, uh, after the first month of scaling, we were actually able to scale pretty quickly. i was able to take it to 10k days in about eight to nine days, uh, but about the 30th or 31st day we had ad account issues. so unfortunately, you know, we had to stop running ads to it and we were at a big roadblock. we got the ad to come back up after a few days and then it happened all over again and then that process repeated probably two or three more times, so kind of pushed us back, but nonetheless we got the ad account back up, probably in early september, i would say, or about mid-september. so since then we've been pretty good. uh, we also started getting a lot of organic sales from email marketing and social media as well. so the store is still running, uh, not actively pushing ads to it, but we're more so focusing on email marketing, sms marketing and a lot of organic growth and a lot of organic sales via social media. so we're doing about uh one to 2.5 k a day in sales with about 60 to 70 profit margins. that's amazing that you're doing all organic. now we can tok about that a little bit later on into the interview, but let's start from the scratch. show what niche is the product in? is in the personal care and self-care niche? um, usually i like to prefer selling products in such a niche because they're usually problem solving products, and what i learned is that people are always going to be investing into their bodies or in or into themselves. for example, if you're dealing with neck pain and you see an ad that has like a portable neck massager, i'm pretty sure you probably know of that product too, which one i'm toking about. but, uh, considering you have the right marking angle, a good ad copy, a good ad creative. i mean, people are going to go ahead and buy that product because it alleviates their neck pain. so same with this product. it was a personal and self-care product that people can use on a day-to-day and weekly basis, and this specific item had a really high perceived value as well. so that's why it worked really well. and then, last but not least, it had a very mass, targetable and mass approachable audience as well. i mean, regardless of your age, gender, country, uh, interest desires, someone could really benefit from a product like this. okay, great. so how much was you selling the product for on your website? yeah, so i started selling the product for 12.95. i typically like to price products a little bit lower in the beginning, uh, just to establish some sort of proof of concept, to make sure it's working. and then eventually i raised the price to 14.95. so for how much did you eventually get it to 14.95? that's amazing, yeah. and what was your, what was your profit margin on the product? so how, how much margin did you have on that? so my markup was about 2.5 x. i was getting it, um, just a little bit under, i think, six dollars. i would say okay, and with facebook costs and whatnot. surely that would have been tough to maintain profitability. so was you doing upsells, cross sales? would you do in bundles? what did you do to help with the aov? yeah, so we were essentially using an app called volume and discounted pricing. it's one of my favorite apps. out of the 400 000 we generated, about 250 000 alone was generated from that app, and what we were doing was volume or tier discounts. so essentially, if someone buys two, they get 10 off, if someone buys three, they get 15 off, so on and so forth. so our aov was about 23 to 27 throughout these, you know, last few months. okay, great, now let's tok about the store setup. was it a one product store, niche store, general store? what store sell was it? so it started out with being more of a general niche store, i guess, uh, wellness, health products, personal and self-care products, and then eventually we really niche down to, um, you know, a one product store. that's what i typically do. i do a lot of micro branded one product stores. so you know, so you did you, so you turned, so you basically made it. once you found that you got that proof of concept, you turned into a micro brand store. so when people came to the website. they thought they'll buy them from a legitimate, uh, big time brand, um, to help with the perceived value and whatnot. um, now, on that basis, what theme did you use to get you to that um evaluation where you was able to get it across as a nice branded thing? yeah, so, just to add on, we also changed the domain and the logo to be very specific to that product as well, because, might as well, and uh, the beam i was using was the motion theme. it's very neat, very clean, works, great for multi-product stores and for one product stores as well. and then we did a little bit of customization to it on the product page. uh, one of my buddy is a close developer friend of mine, so, uh, yeah, he's super talented. so we had some of that done on the product page as well. beautiful. now let's move on to the actual creative part. so how much, how many creatives did you run with to start with, before the ads? like, did you, how many? did you do pictures, carousels, videos? did you do long ad copy, short ad copies, medium copies? tok to me about how the creative process went, essentially what i did and how i set things up. um is super simple. so, per ad set, i basically tested, uh, three different creatives. all of these creatives were video ads with a corresponding thumbnail. um, we used the same thumbnail for all three different video ads but the video ads were all different. i believe two of them were like 30 seconds, one of them was 45 or 50 seconds. they also had different captions, different scroll stoppers, different background music and whatnot. so that's kind of how we typically start with all of our testing. and then, in terms of ad copy, you know primary text obviously is the most important. i typically do short to medium primary texts. i've started to realize, especially over the last few months, that shorter primary text or ad copy usually does perform better, at least for me. um, so that's kind of how we started for cold targeting at least. okay, cool. and how long were the videos? so two of the videos were 30 seconds and then one video was about 45 to 50 seconds. and what was the video format? did you do a call to action at the start? did you do an attention grab at the start, like what was the?