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shopify fitness store

Published on: February 13 2023 by pipiads

Step By Step Fitness Niche Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners Q1 2021

- Q1 is the perfect time to start a fitness niche Shopify dropshipping store

- In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process step by step

Building the foundation of the store:

- Add a payment method through Shopify Payments and PayPal

- Update shipping settings for free worldwide shipping

- Generate legal pages using Shopify's templates and customize them

- Create pages for about, frequently asked questions, contact, and shipping policy

- Update navigation menus for easy navigation

Adding apps:

- Use Oberlo to transfer products from AliExpress to your store

- Customize product details such as titles, pricing, and images

- Create a product collection for best-selling items

Customizing the theme:

- Choose a theme that fits the fitness niche

- Edit the theme to match your branding and preferences

- Add necessary sections such as featured products and testimonials

Marketing and promoting the store:

- Use social media platforms to reach potential customers

- Run Facebook and Instagram ads targeting fitness enthusiasts

- Offer discounts and promotions to increase conversions

- Building a fitness niche Shopify dropshipping store can be a lucrative opportunity in Q1

- With the right steps and strategies, you can achieve success in this niche.

See How This Gym Fashion Shopify Store Makes $200K PER MONTH

In this article, we will discuss how a fitness fashion Shopify store named Feed Me Fight was able to achieve $6.8 million in revenue over the last few years. We will also explore the psychology tactics and unique proposition they used within the fitness fashion niche. Furthermore, we will provide tips on how to replicate their success in your own Shopify store.

Key Points:

- Feed Me Fight achieved just under $8 million in revenue from 2016 to 2021.

- Their returning customer rate is at 26%, which is impressive for a long-term business.

- The average order value is $76, which is higher than their average product price.

- They have maintained an online store conversion rate at industry standards.

- Feed Me Fight is currently selling on the Exchange Marketplace for $1 million, which means the profit they made could be up to $2 million.

- Feed Me Fight was started by two young entrepreneurs with no prior business knowledge or screen printing experience.

- They have a unique proposition of making merchandise clothing for people with mental health issues and donating a portion of their profit to a non-profit organization that provides free service dogs to combat veterans with PTSD.


Feed Me Fight's website offers gym leggings, fashion ware for women and men, and t-shirts with unique designs. Their men's collection performs better than the women's collection. They also have a lot of inventory worth around $650,000, which could be an issue if it's not selling.

Feed Me Fight's success can be attributed to their unique proposition and psychology tactics within the fitness fashion niche. Aspiring Shopify store owners can learn from their strategy and replicate it in their own stores. It is also motivating to see how two young entrepreneurs with no prior business knowledge were able to achieve such success.

Download & Use This MILLION DOLLAR FITNESS STORE!! (Dropshipping)

Hey there, Empire Builders! Welcome back to another ecom vault series. In today's video, Ali is going behind the scenes of the business we went over on Wednesday and building it out completely for free for you, giving you the template to use on storefunnels.net.

If you haven't checked out Wednesday's video where I actually went and purchased their products, looked at their ads, and see what they're doing, you're gonna want to make sure to check that out as well. But without further ado, let's go over the shoulder with Ali right now, where he's gonna be building out the seven, eight, nine-figure business and giving you the template completely for free to use in today's ecom vault series.

In this article, we will summarize the content of a video where Ali is building out a fitness product website and giving a tutorial on how to use storefunnels.net. We will cover the specifics of the website and how to tailor it to your needs.

Using storefunnels.net:

- To add templates to your account, go to storefunnels.net and select the pricing tab

- Select either a monthly or yearly option

- Once you're logged in, click on My Sites and Funnels

- To add a funnel, click Create a Funnel and select the Ecom Vault Funnel Templates category

- To add a store template, click Create a New Website and select the Ecom Vault Store Templates category

- Choose the template you want, preview it, and click Add Funnel or Start with This Theme

Building a Fitness Product Website:

- This website is a great fit for a fitness brand that wants a home page where customers can learn more about the brand and see a product selection

- The header has a banner and a three-split header with a menu, logo, and menu

- To change the logo, click on it and select Edit

- To map menus to pages, click Edit and choose the page you want

- The video can be changed to a fitness video of your choice

- The product selection can be edited by selecting the category you want to display

- The text and image indicators can be mapped to any product category

- The website can be linked to the entire product category

Using storefunnels.net, anyone can easily build a professional-looking website and tailor it to their needs. With the tutorial provided by Ali in the video, you can create a fitness product website that matches the aesthetics of top fitness brands. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Gym & Fitness Dropship Products To Sell ASAP On Shopify (Updated 2021)

Shopify drop shipping in the gym and fitness niche is a profitable and passionate market. With the help of Fulfill Empire, finding great products to sell has never been easier. In this article, we will showcase some profitable Shopify drop shipping products in the gym and fitness niche.

1. Massage Gun:

- A hot selling product in the gym and fitness niche.

- A higher ticket item with great margins.

- Available on AliExpress, but with Fulfill Empire, you can work directly with the manufacturer for faster shipping and cheaper prices.

- Perceived value is high, allowing for better margins and advertising room.

2. Low-End Smart Watch:

- A nice high-ticket item that can be sold between $60-$100.

- A low-end alternative to an Apple Watch.

- A great gift for anyone doing fitness.

- Affordable in comparison to other options out there.

3. Elastic Bands:

- A staple in any fitness store or gym store.

- Great for print-on-demand.

- Nice light option for those not wanting to deal with heavy shipping.

- Available in a lot of different variations, with direct to the manufacturer pricing through Fulfill Empire.

Shopify drop shipping with Fulfill Empire is a simple and easy way to make money in any niche. By finding great products and adding them to your store, you can start selling and profiting. With our step-by-step training and access to Fulfill Empire, we make it easy for you to start drop shipping from home.

How to start a shopify fitness store - shopify store vtrainer hacking gym products

In this video, the presenter discusses his findings on a successful Shopify store that sells boxing and fitness products. He explains how he hacked the store to find out more about its products, suppliers, and marketing techniques. The presenter also demonstrates how to find similar products on Aliexpress and import them into a new Shopify store. He gives tips on how to set prices, create product descriptions, and add them to collections. The presenter emphasizes the importance of using unique product names and creating engaging product descriptions to attract customers. He concludes by encouraging viewers to explore different Shopify stores and learn from their success.

How To Make Money With Fitness in 2022 (For Beginners)

The passage seems to be a collection of random phrases and sentences that don't necessarily make sense when put together. It includes references to various topics such as making money, computer games, music, and personal care products. There is no clear introduction or conclusion, and the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms is sporadic and inconsistent. The article would benefit from a clearer structure and more coherent content.

Best Shopify Fitness Themes for Gym & Fitness Product Stores | Multifox Theme |

In this video, we will explore the top Shopify Fitness themes for Gym and Fitness product stores. These themes are designed to enhance your online fitness store by making it more interactive and engaging for your customers. The following are the best Shopify Fitness themes you can buy:

1. Ashy Fitness Shopify Theme

- Designed exclusively for fitness stores to sell Fitness Products

- Responsive on all devices and compatible with all popular browsers

- Excellent social media integration and optimized for search engines

2. Me Fit Shopify Fitness Theme

- Highly responsive design to provide a super-fast performance and seamless user experience

- Inbuilt deal counters to show amazing deals to customers

3. Kriya Pilates Yoga Shopify Theme

- Designed for yoga stores and customizable for any Fitness Store of your choice

- Simple design and clean look make this theme professional

- Shopify drag and drop sections can help change site contents easily

4. Shilpa Yoga Store and Fitness Shopify Theme

- Special shop pages and advanced Mega menu and stylish sliders

- Intuitive drag and drop page builder to design without knowing a line of code

- Page layouts are developed to showcase products attractively

5. Trolley Single Product Shopify Fitness Theme

- Customizable with predefined pages to set up your store within minutes

- Exclusively designed to be a treadmill product Shopify theme with many unique features

6. Gym Active and Sports and Fitness Equipment Shopify Theme

- Helpful for sports clothing Accessory stores and fitness equipment stores

- Fully responsive with several home and inner pages Collections and product detail templates

7. AP O Meara Gym Shopify Fitness Theme

- Offers five homepage layouts and four styles of home pages

- Fully responsive and automatically resized or adjusted to fit any screen size

- Product batches to display the best products or deals with a label to increase conversions

8. Gym Tik Fitness Equipment Shopify Theme

- Simple, clean, and straightforward style that can be customized quickly without knowing any coding

- Compatible with all browsers

If you want to enhance your online fitness store, consider these Shopify Fitness themes to make it more interactive and engaging for your customers.

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