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Shopify for Dog Lovers: Your One-Stop Online Pet Store

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker showcases a successful AliExpress Drop Shipping Store that has made over half a million dollars in the pet niche. The speaker believes that everyone watching has the potential to achieve this level of success. The store, Pets Love Surprises, has been operated by one person who fulfills orders, runs ads, manages email sequences, and handles customer service. The store was started two years ago and takes only four hours per week to run. The average revenue is $25,000, with an average profit margin of 10%. The store's best month was December 2019, with over $100,000 in sales. The store's mailing list has about 15,000 people, which is quite valuable. The store's Shopify theme is Debutified and has a peculiar choice of colors. The store's layout is textbook, with a sale tab, track your order page, blog, and social media section. The speaker suggests that the pet niche is a great one to consider, especially for Q4. The speaker recommends looking for more expensive products with more margin and suggests watching his last few videos for proven Facebook ads and Q4 product ideas. The store's best selling product is the Bubble Brush, which costs $12.99 and has over 84 reviews. The speaker recommends being honest and upfront about shipping times to answer customer questions and improve feedback scores. The store's Facebook page is active and engaging, with frequent posts of cute dogs and cats. The speaker suggests taking the core aspects of this successful store and making it your own with personal touches and more profitable products.

Pet Store Dropshipping (Step By Step)

In this video, the speaker provides a strategy for finding winning products in the pet niche for dropshipping. They emphasize the importance of finding products with high demand and great pictures to create viral content for cheaper clicks on Facebook ads. The speaker recommends using AliExpress to search for pet products and selecting products with high sales numbers and engagement. They also suggest going beyond general pet products and searching for sub-niches like dog toys or cat collars.

The speaker introduces a tool that makes creating videos and landing pages easier and quicker, allowing for the launch of multiple products in a shorter amount of time. They emphasize the need to compete with oneself by tracking the success of individual products and focusing on scaling the most successful ones.

Towards the end of the video, the speaker shares two winning products they recommend scaling, toddler socks and a parabolic car. They also mention the importance of upselling and collecting customer emails for future marketing.

Overall, the video provides valuable insights and tips for finding and scaling winning products in the pet niche for dropshipping. The speaker's strategy emphasizes efficiency and competition with oneself, while also providing specific examples of successful products.

I Tried Starting A Custom Pet Store And This Happened...

- Personalization is key to selling online in 2022

- Competition in e-commerce is fierce, especially with new stores popping up daily

- Selling personalized products is a way to differentiate from the competition

- Targeting untapped markets can increase chances of success

- Custom pet portraits are a product that can trigger emotions and lead to sales

Steps taken:

- Found a product, created a store, and added triggers to the website

- Obtained reviews from competitors' websites

- Found a designer on Fiverr to draw the portraits

- Priced the product at $60, with a cost of $8 for the designer and a profit of $27

- Chose Estonia as the target country due to familiarity and no need for translation

- Ran Facebook ads with two campaigns: one for traffic and one for conversions

- Ad creatives featured drawings of dogs and frames


- Generated $1,200 in sales and 20 orders in one week

- Profit was around $350 after expenses

- Will continue running ads to see where this product can take the business

- Personalization and targeting untapped markets can lead to success in e-commerce

- Custom pet portraits are a product that can trigger emotions and lead to sales

- Running Facebook ads with creative ad content can be a successful marketing strategy.

$400,000 Selling Animal Products On Shopify (Step By Step Tutorial)

- Justin Cener introduces the topic of animal lover products that have sold over six figures in sales

- He will show how to use Shopify and print on demand to achieve similar success

- Print on demand allows for no inventory and automated shipping and fulfillment

Successful Products in the Animal Lovers Niche:

- Print on demand hoodie sold over 4,000 copies at $44.95, generating over $211,000 in sales

- Long sleeve shirt with zombie cat design sold 3,600 copies at $25.99

- Dog-related shirt sold 2,800 copies at an average sale of $38.50, generating over $107,000 in sales

- Hoodie with simple design sold 2,000 copies at $40, generating $80,000 in sales

- T-shirt with cat design sold 1,700 copies at $20, generating $34,000 in sales

- All of these products were never touched by the seller and were fulfilled automatically through print on demand

How to Get Good Designs for Print on Demand Products:

- Use sites like ecomlibrary.com, upwork.com, or 99designs.com to hire freelance graphic designers

- Alternatively, purchase pre-made design packs from ecomlibrary.com

- The key is to create designs that resonate with the animal lover niche and make them want to purchase

Adding Products to Shopify with Print on Demand:

- Use a print on demand app like Printful

- Upload the design file into the app

- Select the product and customize the title, description, size guide, tags, collections, and pricing

- Submit the product into the store

- Repeat for multiple designs to create a storefront

- All products will be fulfilled automatically through print on demand, requiring no inventory or manual shipping

- Ecomlibrary.com offers over 50 high-quality, niche-specific designs for less than $1 per design

- Combined with Shopify and print on demand, anyone can create a successful online store in the animal lover niche

- The key is to have good designs that resonate with the niche and leverage the power of print on demand to automate fulfillment and shipping.

CASE STUDY $250k Per Month Selling Dog Canvases Shopify Print On Demand 2020

In this article, Jeremy from Ecommerceagency provides a case study on the successful print on demand store, Crown and Paw. He covers various elements of the website, including the product page and the customer funnel. Jeremy also discusses the ads and different types of advertising strategies used by Crown and Paw. The article includes an introduction, bullet points, and a conclusion. Jeremy emphasizes the importance of understanding and researching the niche market, as well as the significance of creative testing and formatting on the product page. He also highlights the effectiveness of using puns and wordplay in copywriting to add to the brand's intimacy and relatability.

2 Proven Products In The Dog Niche! Spying On 6-Figure Facebook Ads Ep4 (Shopify Dropshipping)

Welcome to Facebook Ads Friday Week Four! In this series, we review proven Facebook ads every week. These ads have millions of views, thousands of comments, and tons of satisfied customers. We showcase the actual creative so you can learn from it, as well as the winning products being sold successfully. We also provide tips on sourcing the product and taking a sneak peek at the Shopify store selling it.

- Facebook Ads Friday Week Four

- Reviewing proven Facebook ads

- Showcasing actual creative and winning products

- Tips on sourcing the product and Shopify store

Dog Niche:

- Q4 is the best time for the dog Niche

- Massive demand for dog products in Q4

- Popularity spikes in October, November, and December

- Google Trends proves the trend

Facebook Ad Number One:

- Created on December 3rd, 2021

- Last seen on October 18th, 2022

- Running for a considerable amount of time

- Great sign that it's making money

- Brilliant user-generated content

- Real person talking about the product

- Mentions the brand name

- Highlights the benefits

- Features a dog using the product

- Calls to action and social proof needed

- Engagements and views don't always translate into purchases

- Proof is in the comments section

- People are actually buying the product

- Profit margins are significant

- Shopify store is simple and effective

- Selling the product for $120

- Found on AliExpress for $30

Facebook Ad Number Two:

- Post created on July 4th, 2022

- Last seen on October 18th, 2022

- 4,000 reactions, 200 shares, and 300 comments

- Simple and basic product

- No text on the creative

- User-generated content

- People don't lie

- Recent comments show that people are still buying the product

- Popularity is increasing for Q4

- The dog Niche is still not fully saturated

- Great opportunity to capitalize on the trend

- Q4 is the best time for the dog Niche

- Popularity spikes in October, November, and December

- Google Trends proves the trend

- Facebook ads are a great way to showcase winning products

- User-generated content is a great strategy

- Social proof is essential

- Profit margins are significant

- Shopify stores can be simple and effective

- There's still opportunity to be had in the dog Niche

Top 10 Pet Niche Winning Products For Shopify Dropshipping | Sell This Now in 2022!

Hey everyone, this is Morrison and in this video, I am going to tell you about the top 10 pet niche products for Shopify drop shipping that are hot and trending right now. So, let us start.

1. Smart sensing interactive snake toy for cats:

- Unique interactive toy for cats

- Realistic plastic body texture and cobra-style look

- Segmented body, flashing eyes, and stretching tongue

- Dormant state after one minute of continuous playing

2. LED glowing pet collar:

- Adjustable LED collar for dogs

- Made of safe and skin-friendly material

- Available in different colors and flash modes

- Waterproof and durable

3. Cats massage self groomer comb brush:

- Designed according to the cat's lifestyle

- Safe and comfortable for cats

- Made of eco-friendly plastic base and softer plastic bristles

- Easily mounted on flat surfaces or corners

4. Interactive smart cat ball:

- Premium cat toy with smart features

- Unique wavy design for endless exercise and entertainment

- Comes with catnip

- Will never roll under furniture

5. Retractable dog leash:

- Suitable for small to medium pets

- One-handed braking and locking system

- Telescopic design for good reach and freedom of movement

- Easy to grip handles

6. Premium pet petition net for cars:

- Insulates pets or children on the rear seat

- Stretchable and can be used as a storage bag

- Fits most cars and trucks

7. Super absorbent pet bath robe:

- Super absorbent and can be used as a towel or nightshirt

- Saves extra time to take care of your pet

- Convenient magic tape design

8. Pet bed for cats and dogs:

- Made of ultra-soft and snuggly coral fleece

- Perfect for small and medium-sized pets

- Features two modes - pet cave or mat

- Extremely versatile

9. New pet bathing tool:

- Combines a bath brush and water sprayer

- Massage and take a shower for your pet

- Professional grade dog shower with a unique contoured shape

- Comes with a 7.5 feet long hose and two hose adapters

10. Pet dog hoodie clothes:

- Stylish and perfect for furry family outings

- Provides extra warmth and style

- Suitable for all types of pets

Bonus product: Smart rooster laser cat toy:

- Multifunctional electric cat toy

- Integrates multiple functions such as infrared light, squeaking cat call, self-weight balance movement, swing forward and backward, etc.

- Effectively attracts the cat's play interest

These are the top 10 pet niche products for Shopify drop shipping that are hot and trending right now. Let us know in the comments which product you like the most and subscribe to Morrison for more awesome videos.

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