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shopify free shipping over amount

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Add Shopify Shipping Rates - Free Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping, & Weight-Based Shipping

hey guys sam here from keycommerce.com,in this video i'm going to show you how,to set up your shipping settings,in shopify we're starting on the shopify,dashboard,you're going to start by going to,settings down the bottom in the settings,panel here,we're going to go to shipping and,delivery now this is where we adjust,all our shipping rates first thing i'll,say is that there are three,main ways that you can set up shipping,and this depends on your products,your store and how you're fulfilling,your products,how do these products actually get to,the customer it's gonna depend on your,store,so you need to think about this for your,products what suppliers you're using or,if you're shipping them out of your own,warehouse or your garage or,wherever okay the three main ways are,free shipping where any order that comes,through you don't charge the customer,for shipping,the second way is a flat price this,might be a fixed price that you charge,say,10 on every single order and the third,way is,weight based okay and you can set this,up too,you can hook it up with your carrier so,you can have an integration there so it,calculates the weight of all your,products and works out the shipping,rates,you can do that too another thing before,i dive into the details is that you can,set,up profiles okay profiles are ways for,you to categorize different products,and give them different shipping rates,for example maybe you're drop shipping,and you have a bunch of products from,that supplier that have a certain,shipping rate,or you can add a profile and group those,products together,charge a specific rate for those,products and charge a different rate for,other products we'll go through that in,a little bit but firstly we're going to,go through,how to actually set up your shipping,overall for your entire store,so on this page here you'll see it has,shipping here it says general shipping,rates all products we're going to click,manage rates okay so we have our,products here and,be aware that when you use this general,profile this is for all the products on,your store,then any new products you add are,generally going to be added to this,profile as well and this shipping,information is going to be applied to,them we're just going to scroll down,and go to shipping 2 and we're going to,create a shipping zone this is an area,that you're going to be shipping to,you can use this for countries or for,entire continents or,the whole world depending on what you,actually want to charge,your customers for shipping so i'm going,to set this for australia,i'm going to search for australia here,select australia and it's going to be,for all of australia,click done now that we have our zone,ready we're now going to add in,our rates click add rate now like i said,before,you can set up integrations and apps to,actually calculate your rates for you,and depending on what fulfillment,service you're using if you're using a,different carrier,you can actually let their app calculate,the rates for you because they might,have their own,tables depending on dimensions or,weights or what have you,to start off with we're going to set our,own rates,if you want to set up free shipping for,all your products which is quite a,common thing you can set the rate name,to just be,free shipping add that in,the price is going to be free click done,and there you've got free shipping for,australia it's that easy it's super,super easy,but say we want to add a flat rate as,well,we can add a new rate or we can actually,edit this one and change this to,standard shipping whatever you want to,call it this is what customers are going,to see,at checkout and i'm gonna put ten,dollars,per order and click done now all,customers when they go,to your checkout they're gonna see,standard shipping for ten dollars,now what if you wanna segment your,products and charge different rates,depending on their weights the product,their price,well you can do this by just clicking,the buttons here and go edit rate,we can now add in conditions clicking,this conditions button here,and we can add in conditions based on,the item weight,or based on the order price now we can,actually set,the range for the weights for this order,so if the minimum,weight is 0 kilograms or pounds and up,to 10 kilograms,it's going to be say 10 we can then add,a new rate here,i'm going to call it heavy shipping and,it's going to be twenty dollars,at conditions it's gonna be weight,minimum weight ten dollars,up to 50 kilograms so,now here we have a standard shipping for,ten dollars zero to ten kilograms,and then twenty dollars for ten to fifty,kilograms that can be pounds,you know this is just the metric that,we're using for this store,that's how you do it based on weight but,you can also do it based on price let me,delete these,change the rate name so standard,shipping,it's going to be 10 add conditions based,on order price,and i'm going to set the range for the,pricing for zero to fifty dollars,see what i do here i'm gonna add a new,rate what i've done here,is i put in the rate name free shipping,on orders over fifty dollars with a,price of zero dollars,ad conditions order price minimum price,fifty dollars,so now if people spend less than fifty,dollars they're going to pay ten dollars,in shipping,but if they spend over fifty dollars,they get free shipping this is a great,way that you can encourage people to,spend more on your store,increase your average order values and,make more profit per,customer as long as that makes sense for,you in terms of how much you're actually,paying,for your own shipping yourself now that,we've added it for australia you can add,other shipping zones here by going,create shipping zone and repeat the,process,depending on what countries continents,what areas you're actually shipping to,if you're doing free worldwide shipping,you can also do that too,create shipping zone rest of the world,for all the people that are not in,australia,you can set a new rate just for them as,well so you might have one rate for just,the us customers and then a different,rate rest the world for everybody else,it's really up to you and how you want,to run your store,now that's how you set up shipping if,you want to do free shipping,fixed rate shipping or based on weight,or price,if you want to set up shipping for,specific products you can go back,and go to create new profile what this,allows you to do,is create a whole new umbrella at the,top which is for specific products,for example if i just want to show a,certain shipping rate,for surfboards because surfboards are,very bulky and they cost a lot more for,me to ship them,then i can create a profile called,surfboards and then when i click add,products,i can just add in only the surfboards,so this wetsuit here doesn't get added,to this profile,once i do that i can create the shipping,zones and all the different rates just,like i did,earlier guys when you set up your,shipping make sure you think about for,your own store how you're shipping to,customers,but also keep in mind how you actually,want to sell,what i mean by this is just like i,showed you that you can have free,shipping for orders over 50,you can use your shipping as a sales and,marketing strategy,a lot of people don't want to pay for,shipping that's the long and short of it,that's how the world works these days,people love to see free shipping even if,they know that it's built into the,actual price of the products so i,recommend really thinking about your,store think about your customers what,they would really like to see,do they expect to pay for shipping if,they're ordering something like a,surfboard,people are more likely to be willing to,pay for shipping because they understand,it's,a big and bulky item but if it's,something smaller,adding free shipping can be a great,promotional tiknique that you can show,on your ads on your website even,encourage people to spend more money on,your store by having free shipping over,a certain amount,of the order value so t


[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is tia and if you're new please,don't forget to subscribe so today,i'm back with a business video i'm gonna,be showing you guys how you can,add free shipping to orders over 50,or over whatever amount you choose so,yeah let's just get right into this,video,okay so the first thing you want to do,is go into your shopify admin,and you're gonna look at the panel on,the left go to settings,once you get to settings you're just,gonna click shipping and delivery,i may have to like blur some of these,stuff out but once you get here to the,shipping and delivery screen you're,gonna go to manage rates,it's going to be in that first box the,one that says shipping,so you're just gonna click manage rates,and then you're gonna scroll all the way,down to,domestik united states or whatever,country you're in,so um you're going to you see how i,already have mine here,and it says free shipping on orders over,50 and,50 and up and the price is free for the,customers,so you guys won't have anything so i'm,going to show you how to get this,so you're going to click add rate and,then you're going to see,set up your own rates and that's what,you're going to want to click and,you're going to put the rate name my,right name is free shipping on orders,over 50,but again you can make it anything that,you want it to be so for instance if you,want it to be,free shipping on orders over a hundred,dollars you can add that,or if you want to do,i don't know free shipping on whatever,you can pick that,once you decide on the price that you,want the free shipping to apply to,you're just going to put that price in,here so,i'm just going to add the 50 because,that's what's here,and by the way this rate name your,customers can see that so you want to,make sure that it looks,professional and it says everything like,it's clear,so that when they're checking out they,don't have any questions,about if it's free shipping or not and,all you want to do is just click,done and that's pretty much it like,literally that's it,and it's just gonna be applied and this,will only,be applied so i'm just gonna assume,everyone or,whoever's watching this video is located,in the us so,it's going to be free shipping to,everyone who orders,in the us however if you do want to make,the free shipping applied to,international like internationally you,can also go in here where it says rest,of the world,and just literally do the same thing,that i just said,and it'll do that so,that's pretty much it this is really,like probably the shortest business,video i'll ever do,but to check to show you guys that it,did work,and just so you guys can see from a,customer's point of view,how it's going to look i'm going to show,you guys so let's go to my website,and i'm going to do this times 3 so that,the free shipping can apply,and view cart oh it's actually four,anyways,it's eighty dollars for four so we're,going to check out and this is a bundle,by the way,and check out oh and this is a way for,your customers to not have to put in a,discount code however if you do,want to apply free shipping like for,like,a sale or something a random sale like,let's say you are doing a sale for,father's day and you want to apply free,shipping for,order 75 and up you're gonna go into,your discounts panel,and that's where you're gonna go and add,that discount,um i'm just gonna put like my email,okay i'm definitely gonna have to blur,this out because that's all my info,and we're just gonna continue to,shipping so this is the shipping screen,and as you guys can see it shows the,free shipping on orders over fifty,dollars,okay so this is a perfect way to not,have to worry about your customers,applying discount code or,trying to keep track of all the,automatik discounts that you have,so i do prefer this way and obviously,every website every store is different,so depending on how much your products,are for that's how much you would want,to make,the free shipping over and it's just a,nice thing especially for a customer to,order from you,a lot so that they know like if i order,over a specific amount i get free,shipping and they can just purchase all,the stuff that they want,and yeah so it just says free shipping,on orders on 50 and it literally says,free,and of course if they want to pay for,shipping they can like,if they want to do like overnight,shipping or whatever but,most people are definitely going to,click the free shipping,and that's it if you guys want to see a,separate video,on how to create discount codes like if,you're,super new to shopify and you're a,beginner and you want to see that,let me know down below and i'll,definitely do that video for you guys,anyways i hope that you guys found this,video helpful,and that you learned something new and,if you have any questions,of course comment down below and i'll,respond back and yeah that's pretty much,it don't forget to like,comment and subscribe if you're new and,i'll see you guys in my next video bye,[Music],you

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free shipping or not that is the,question that we're going to be,answering today,so many people selling online have fell,for the myth that you make,more sales when you offer free shipping,and print on demand sellers are,currently leaving a ton,of money on the table because they are,paying for the shipping to get their,products to their customers,and some of them may even be missing,entire sales,because they're offering free shipping,yes i did just say that because you are,offering free shipping,you might be actually missing out on,sales completely,people might see that you offer free,shipping and then decide not to buy and,in this video i'm going to,tell you why i didn't mean to rhyme,right there it just kind of came to me,but if you guys want to see the rest of,this video stik around because we're,going to jump,right into it,[Music],all right folks what's going on joe,robert here i am the founder of,podninjas.com you,are now entering a guru-free zone i make,videos here on my channel giving you,actionable advice to start,grow or scale a print-on-demand business,on shopify,if you're new to print on demand make,sure to check out the links down in the,description we have a ton of resources,for you you can get started with the pod,ninjas training program for free the,link is down in the description,also make sure to join the pod ninjas,facebook group we have over 20 000 print,on demand store owners there so if you,guys want to join a large community on,facebook and get,even more print on demand training and,tips make sure to check it out the link,is down in the description,click the like button and also subscribe,to my channel if you're not already so,today i,felt compelled to make this video i felt,compelled to spare you all from the,peril that is free shipping to deliver,you guys from making no sales to making,a bunch of sales by beginning to charge,shipping,on your print-on-demand stores yes i,know we've all been conditioned to think,that,free shipping is the way or that people,will only buy,if there is free shipping because people,don't want to shell out the couple of,dollars,for shipping of their orders why do i,say this,well when you offer free shipping you,actually make less money someone's got,to pay for the shipping and if it is not,the buyer it's you,and before we actually get into the,breakdown today i'm going to show you,guys a whole bunch of shopify stores i'm,also going to show you some other,businesses online that are not,offering free shipping but before we get,started let me know down in the comments,if you offer free shipping on your store,and if you haven't got started yet,let me know your thoughts if you are,going to offer free shipping or not,if we get to 100 comments on this video,regarding the shipping question i will,pick somebody at random,and whoever wins will be able to jump on,a coaching call with me,i'll announce it on a future video once,we hit 100 comments so let me know,if you guys plan to offer free shipping,or if you're currently offering,free shipping right now down in the,comments i'll pick someone at random to,have a coaching call,with me i'll announce it on a future,video so like i said when you're,offering,free shipping you're making less money,and another thing that i said is that,when you're offering free shipping,there's a chance that you actually might,be,missing out on sales completely and in,this video i'm going to break it down,and i get it in 2020 a lot of you think,that the only way to do online business,is by offering free shipping but,what i want to do is show you guys three,massive websites that are not even doing,free shipping themselves here are three,websites that you have definitely,heard of okay they don't offer free,shipping on every order and they are,still,making sales they are still accepting,new payments from new customers,every single day and i know what you're,thinking joe these are massive brands of,course they can get away with not,offering free shipping and charging,their customer shipping because they're,big brands and people,will pay for the shipping anyway because,they really want those products but how,can we actually do that,with our print on demand stores people,are not going to pay for shipping with,us they want free shipping joe,i hear you i really do but what i want,to do is i want to show you,actual print on demand stores these,stores are some of the biggest print on,demand stores out there and they,are charging shipping you can see here,this store i'm not sure if you ever,heard of it but if you haven't you can,check it out,it's a massive print on demand store,they have a really big social media,presence and they are,charging shipping why are they doing,this well if they didn't they'd be,making less money you can see right here,that when we put this product into our,cart,when we go to checkout shipping is being,charged now of course they do have a,threshold where if you spend over a,certain amount,you can get free shipping but if you're,just going to go on there and buy one,product you're going to have to,be the one that pays for that shipping,one of the reasons why it's important to,do this is because,if you're a print-on-demand store that's,using any sort of paid traffic to,promote your products,if you're doing free shipping you're not,going to have as much margin to play,with when it comes to,running your ads if you're charging for,shipping that means you can spend more,on the ad,because you have a higher profit margin,which like i said will allow you to,spend more on ads it's a very smart,strategy because overall,if you can acquire a new customer you're,going to hopefully be able to increase,the lifetime value of that customer and,make money over time to make up for what,you spent on the shipping still not,convinced i took a look around and,basically the only place that you can,get free shipping every day on every,single order,online is amazon.com they are the,free shipping connoisseurs right that's,why we all think that we have to,offer free shipping because amazon does,it but one thing to note is that amazon,actually charges people an annual,membership fee here's another thing,i think that you could actually make,more sales if you,charge for shipping why is that joe well,when you,offer free shipping right you're,actually raising your price to cover the,cost of shipping right well when you,offer free shipping to the customer that,means you're paying for it so that means,that you're making less money so what do,you do,you increase the price of your product,and what happens when we increase our,prices,you make less sales because people like,to buy something for cheap from a,facebook ad,see i would much rather sell a hoodie,for 39.99 and then charge five bucks for,shipping,compared to selling it for 47.99 and,then doing free shipping well to me,39.99 is a much more attractive price,point compared to 47.99 a lot of people,regardless of the shipping cost if they,see 47.99 as a price they're just simply,just not even going to consider buying,it on the other hand if it's 39.99 they,might make that,impulse buying decision that they want,it and then when shipping is layered in,for a couple of bucks at checkout,they're still going to go through with,the sale,don't believe me well test it test it on,your own stores see how it goes,change your prices and offer free,shipping and then change them back and,charge the customer a few dollars for,shipping here's another thing is i don't,just make,random videos on youtube everything that,i tok about on my channel are things,that i've actually tested in my own,businesses,i don't just wake up one morning and,think of some random thing that i want,to tok about and make a video about it,i've been running print-on-demand stores,since 2016 and i've also been teaching,print on demand for several years as,well and i've worked with hundreds of,people so anything that i'm toking,about,on my youtube channel is things that,we've all tested we've seen th

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Create Free Shipping Rate with Shopify

show you today how do you Shopify to,create free shipping for your customers,and everything I'm going to show you,today is the default Shopify it's not,using any special app it's what's,built-in and easy to set up and I'll,show you how to do it so in this case,what I want to do for today on my test,site is I want to create a free shipping,over $50.00 so for example if the amount,in the shopping cart is under $50 let's,say 30 for example I might want to,charge let's say $5 but anything above,that I'm going to charge 50 so I'm going,to show you the basic concepts of it,okay so what I do is I log into my,back-end right here and I'm gonna go to,my settings and I'm gonna go to the,shipping section right I'm managing the,shipping rates okay,and what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna,go to my setup so every store every,business has slightly different setup,but I'm gonna try to simplify it first,of all so if you have a very basic store,for example you only sell in the US or,only sell in the US and Canada typically,you're gonna have a general rates you're,gonna use the general rates to set up,your actual rates if you have more,complicated thing like custom shipping,for specific products or you have,multiple locations or other things like,that you might have some more here but,I'm gonna skip that for today because,it's a little more advanced and in the,future I will make videos for it so what,do we do right here what we're gonna do,is go to the general shipping rates,click on manage rates and now what I'm,going to do is this section is for,custom product so we're not going to do,this now we're gonna go here and look at,our actual zone okay so we have in this,case this under the shipping racer is a,zone so I have a domestik US only zone,and I have the rest of the world zone,okay but here I didn't enable it so,let's assume you only have one zone,which is shipping to a certain country,right so us in this case so inside when,I go here I have all of the shipping,rates that I actually set up and if you,notike I have a standard shipping rate,too to this zone and if it's above $50 I,have it for free this is exactly how I,set it up okay,so let's assume we don't have this I'm,gonna delete this for a second and now,rates are set up in default Shopify,based on two two,different things number one either you,can set up your own rates what we call,flat rates right for example if you're,if someone orders $20 then it's a flat,rate of five dollars or you can use the,carrier calculated race so if you,connect for example with let's say DHL,or USPS then you can have them actually,calculate the rates but the rates will,never be free right so if you wanted to,go free shipping you're gonna have to,set up your own rates and you're gonna,call this for example free free shipping,okay you're gonna name this and you're,gonna make it zero if you put zero zero,zero it'll tell you it's free right here,if I put one it's not free and then what,I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna specify,the condition now if you want the whole,site to be free which is not the case of,this because if it's under $50 free you,would basically have no condition that,always applies but if you want in this,case you would click on add conditions,and you have two different types either,based on the weight so for example if,the minimum weight is let's say 10 let's,say 100 pounds and the maximum you can,you don't have to put the maximum but,you can so I'm gonna say anything about,100 pounds is free or I can use the,price in this case anything that's above,$50 with no maximum is gonna be free so,if I click on that now I have my free,shipping and if I go ahead and I save it,now I have my free shipping okay so I'm,gonna go here and I'm gonna go and let's,find the product and some that's above,$50 ok let let's show you this first of,all so let's find a product that's below,$50 so if I add this to my cart and I,viewed it look at the cart okay and I,check out I'm gonna go to where I can,see the shipping rates okay so I'm gonna,just go here and proceed to the next,steps and obviously because of the zone,you know have to know which country I'm,in right so I'm gonna proceed to the,next step okay and this is my ship too,so now then knows my ship - it'll,calculate the shipping rates okay and,obviously there's standard and expedited,and why is there standard and expedited,because of these standard and expedited,right here,you'll be able to see 490,and 690 okay here it is here's a four,ninety and here is a six ninety okay,so now if I want to create the free,shipping let's go ahead here and right,here I have my fifty dollars let's go,ahead here and I'm gonna go back and I'm,going to let's say I'm going to add,twenty of these okay so now if I add 20,it's above fifty dollars right and if I,go back I'm gonna have a free shipping,that's it you see free shipping I can,continue shipping is free so hope this,makes sense it's really really simple if,you want more advanced things you'd have,to have more apps but the simple simple,summary of this is you can go to your,zone manage rates go to your zone and in,the actual shipping zone itself you can,create either base on a minimum amount,or a specific amount minimum to maximum,or on based on weight now if you do,select weight you need to make sure that,your products when you actually manage,them they actually have the weight field,that weight attribute right so let's go,here just one more thing before I finish,the video and I'm gonna go down right,here and this is an actual variant so,I'm actually going to edit this and,you'll be able to see right here that we,have our where is this right here our,weight so if I didn't fill it out no,one's gonna get free shipping right okay,hope you enjoyed the video let me know,if you have any questions looking,forward for you to watch our videos for,me to create more and if you have any,questions appreciate it thanks

Free Shipping Shopify Setup | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

one of the questions that i get asked,all the time,is should you do free shipping for your,shopify store,and if so how to set it up so that's,exactly what i'm going to be covering in,today's,quick tips shopify video,so one of my most watched videos on,youtube as well as most requested topics,is always about shipping because,if you do it wrong it can end up costing,you a lot of money,and a lot of times people want to know,should they offer free shipping for,their shopify store,if you go to any online e-commerce,provider you'll see that,everyone seems to be doing free shipping,so it's kind of becoming a little bit,more industry standard,especially with options like amazon,prime where they have,free two-day shipping it's kind of,becoming where customers are kind of,expecting it but should you do it for,your store,and the true answer here is that it,really depends it depends on your profit,margins,and your products if you have really,heavy products that cost a lot to ship,then it's probably not going to be worth,it for you or if you have very slim,profit margins then it may just cost,too much so you really want to think,specifically,about your products as well as where a,lot of your consumers are purchasing,from,if you are let's say on the,east coast in north carolina and a lot,of the people that are buying your,products are on the west coast in,california that's going to cost a lot,more to ship,from coast to coast where if a lot of,your people are more purchasing,locally then it's going to be a little,bit cheaper overall,so i really recommend if you've already,been accepting orders online that you,look at where,a lot of your average locations are as,well as your average shipping cost and,you figure out then if that's,doable for you in your price range or,maybe you even include the shipping and,the price,so that way you are covering your cost a,little bit,a tip that i have for if you do decide,to do free shipping,is to make sure that you're getting them,to spend just a little bit more to get,it,so for example i would do free shipping,over a certain dollar amount,so if a lot of your products are let's,say 25 dollars each,you may want to do free shipping for,orders of 50,or more that means that they would have,to get two products to actually get the,free shipping,so then you're getting a little bit more,profit before actually eating some of,that shipping cost,or you may want to have some kind of,smaller upsell product so let's say your,products are normally,forty dollars and you can do an upsell,smaller product of ten dollars to then,try and get them to that fifty dollar,mark so that they get the free shipping,then,again you really just wanna think about,your profit margins and make sure that,it makes sense for you,and that you're not going to end up,actually losing money on every order,just because you are offering the free,shipping amount,so in terms of how to set up free,shipping for your shopify store this is,actually really easy,but a lot of times it can be a little,bit confusing for people,so let's hop in my computer screen now,i'm going to show you exactly how to set,this up,first you're going to go to the settings,area in your shopify backend,and then click on shipping and here,you'll see at the top,different areas about different shipping,rates you're going to click on,manage rates and you're going to add in,your rate there,so this is going to be where you're,actually shipping it out to in terms of,like the continental us,and you can add in a condition there on,the order price,so this is where you would set up the,condition of free shipping,over fifty dollars and so anything over,fifty dollars gets the free shipping,option so you can go in and add,different,different shipping rates there as well,as add flat rate shipping rate prices as,well so if it's under,fifty dollars you can do a flat rate fee,of,seven dollars or whatever it is that,makes sense for your business,also i really do recommend to probably,not do free shipping for international,orders,and to make sure that you're still,charging for international shipping,because that's where it can get really,really pricey so until you feel,really comfortable with adding in free,shipping and you're,used to doing this and seeing that it's,not ending up costing you more money,i wouldn't turn on free shipping for,international orders,just because it can be a lot more,complex and typically cost a lot more,so i hope you found this video tutorial,helpful we've got more shopify quick tip,videos like this coming out every single,tuesday you can view the whole playlist,of quick tip videos over here,and if you haven't yet make sure to,subscribe i post videos every week all,about shopify and how to grow your,online store,thanks so much for watching and i'll see,you in the next one

How to create a Free shipping bar with amount calculation on Shopify

[Music],hey everyone this,is coren from the speedicom team and,today we are going to see,how you can create a free shipping bar,that will calculate the amount left,before free shipping this is actually a,very cool tutorial because you will be,able to display,to your customers the amount left before,they can,benefit from your free shipping rules,before we begin,you should always make sure that you,duplicate your theme files,just in case you make any big mistakes,and you want to come back to your,original theme files,so for that you need to go to online,store themes,then click on actions and duplicate here,you can see i already,have a couple of copies so once you have,duplicated your theme files,come back to the tutorial by the way you,will find the tutorial link,in the description of the video and,first copy the css code,and while i'm copying please don't,forget to subscribe to the channel and,also check out all the other,cool free tutorials that we have added,and we plan to add a lot more,so once you've copied yourself the css,code,you need to go back to your theme files,click on actions and edit code,then you will have to find the assets,folder,and the theme.css file,actually this file may be named,differently depending on the,theme that you are using so if you don't,find theme.css please don't panic,for example here you can see that we,have given you a few,examples of what you can find in your,theme it's,maybe a theme that says that liquid,timber.scss.liquid also it's,scss or just css so it's pretty much the,same thing,then it can be default that css.liquid,or styles that scss that liquid,etc so if you're not sure which file you,should open,you can actually go back to your,theme.liquid file,and this is something you will find in,all the themes,and here you can open the search bar,with ctrl,f or command f and look for css,and here let's see,there you go you can see that for us,it's theme.css,so once you've found your file you will,go all the way down and you will paste,the code that you just copied and you,will click save,after that we will need the html code so,let's go back to the tutorial copy the,html code,and back once again on the code editor,and this time we'll have to find the,header.liquid file,this one is in the sections folder we,open the header that liquid,sometimes this kind of problem may occur,you just have to,refresh your page there you go and then,you will just paste your code at the,very beginning,of the file there you go and of course,always click on save all right so once,you've copied the html code as well,you will be able to already see the,shipping bar on top of your header,also please don't worry about the,british pump that you see,on my store it's just the default,currency on this store,and whatever the currency you have,yourself will be displayed on the,shipping bar,also if you want maybe i'll give you,just a quick tutorial on how you can,change the format of your prices so you,go to,general settings in your shopify,settings and at the very bottom you have,the store,currency here you can click on change,formatting,and you can actually move the currency,on the left or on the right or however,you wish to display,the overall pricing so here you can see,it's on the left because that's how,the british like to do it but i can,change it and switch it to the right,side or,i can just leave it as it is so,that's that let's go back to the store,and test this shipping bar,all right so first i'm going to find a,product,then i'm going to add it to the cart,there you go and here we can see this,product costs us,45 pounds and in the shipping bar,it is displayed that there is only 15,pounds left before,free shipping so you can see that the,shipping bar works,but just a disclaimer this will only,work if you have a card page,if you have a mini card it's not,compatible with the mini card,unfortunately,so now that we have tested the shipping,bar and we know it works,i'm going to help you to customize it,for that you need to go back,to your code editor open the theme.css,file we will start with this one,and go all the way down to the code that,you copy pasted,so this code is about the colors for,example you can first,change the background color of the bar,here we have the code for,the orange color and i'm going to switch,it to the,black so that's six zeros i'm going to,save it,refresh our page and here you can see,now the background is black or you can,also change the color of the text,so for example let's say i will go back,to the orange background,and here on the second line i'm going to,change it to black,so i'm going to put the six zeros here,save then refresh,and here you can see orange background,and black text,so i'm going to switch back to the,default settings,and now we are going to change the text,itself,and for that you need to go back to the,header that liquid file,and here you will need to customize,these four lines,so the first line is for the text before,the amount so here you can see the word,only,and then you have the amount itself,which is the amount that you need to,uh choose in your shopify settings so,for example if you've,free shipping above 50 then you have to,put 50,in this section too then you have the,third line,that will be the text after the amount,you can see here to go before shipping,to go before free shipping and the,fourth line is actually the text that,will be displayed,once the client goes above the amount,that you have chosen,so for example if i go back to the,product and i add another unit you can,see here,the display of the text has changed so,now we have,the phrase that says you have free,shipping so of course you can customize,all of this,however you want and as as we saw you,can also customize,the colors so this is pretty,customizable and i think it's a,fairly useful tutorial so i hope you,really like this please don't forget to,subscribe to the channel,to check out our free tutorials that we,have already posted,and we are going to actually add another,tutorial,every week so please don't forget to,come back,[Music],you