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shopify free stock photos

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Get Free Stock Photos for Shopify Store - Class 15 - Shopify Dropshipping Free Course

hey guys, in this video i want to tok about free stok photos. all right. so when it comes to the time where you start customizing your store, you're going to need some photos to add to your store, right? for example, if i sell iphone cases, i'm going to have pictures of iphone cases all over my home page, right? so, depending on what you're selling, um, you're either gonna have to get these photos from an online website somewhere or you can have to take those photos yourself, and chances are, if you're not a photographer, i don't think you'll be taking the photos yourself, so you have to get it from some kind of website. and there's actually a lot of free stok photo websites out there where you can download photos that someone else- you know, some other photographer- took the photo and you can download them and use them on your own website professionally, without paying any attribution or without giving any credit. you can just use it, you can edit it and you can use it on your own website. and here are a couple of free stok photo websites, um, and then i've listed them here. not all of them are 100- free of attribution. what attribution means? attribution is just another word for giving credit to a photographer. so some of these, although you can download them and use them for free, you they still might require you to give attribution, meaning, hey, you know, you know, in small print or fine print somewhere you might have to say photo taken from xyz photographer. but for the most part, most of these you can just use without giving any attribution or giving any credit. so the first one is burstshopifycom. this is actually shopify's personal website where you can use those free photos, and we're going to check that out in a second. here's a couple more pixels: pixabay- you might have heard of them before and, just to give you even more of a complete list, i have attached a link in the resources of a list of a lot of different websites where you can download free stok photos. so please go through them, look through them, download some really exciting, really cool photos that you can add to your homepage so that when you start customizing your the aesthetiks of your shopify store, you can make it look really, really cool. so i just want to go through one real quick burst shopifycom, just this kind of walk you through what i would be doing. so i'm ready there. this is burst dot shopifycom. i already opened the website, so let's say, i'm selling iphone cases, right? um, just for the sake of this lesson, uh, i'm gonna search iphones. i'm actually i'm gonna just search iphone cases, iphone case, right- and i'm going to click search. i'm trying to look for some really cool iphone case photos that i can add to the home page of my website. well, actually, before that, before i do that, i just want to read the title here for you: free stok photos for websites and commercial use. meaning, basically, you can download these for free, you don't have to pay anything, and you can use them for your website. and you can use them for commercial use, meaning you can blow up the photo and make a- you know, a big, giant photo and put it at your store, your storefront, if you had a physical store, which we don't have. but i'm just letting you know, and most of these photos are going to be very, very high resolution, you're going to be able to download them at a very high resolution, just in case you wanted to develop these photos. but again, we're we're just creating an online store, so we don't really care about that. um, and now i'm gonna go back to, again, iphone cases and click this search and we look through this. you know some of these are really cool photos. right, i'm going to find something i really like. let's say i like this one. i think this would make a really cool banner for my home page, meaning i have this photo really, really big on the at the very top of my home page and then i can download it. i would recommend that you download it in high resolution so that when you transfer it to your website it looks really, really good, right, and even it gives you a little bit description of what it is in the title: iphone 6 and 7 cases for the phone. so this is perfect. so if i'm selling iphone cases, this is the perfect photo for me to use um photo by this photographer right here, um, and then license creative con commons. whenever you see the word creative commons, that's basically the legal um usage around that photo. so you might want to click it just to read. so i'm just going to read this one time. i know already that burst theburstshopifycom allows you to use it for anything, but i just want to read it because when you go to other websites, it's going to be important that you read the creative commons to see if there's any attribution that you need to give because if not, you know, in a worst case scenario and you use someone's photo without them giving you permission and without you giving them attribution, and they find out, they could like sue you and then you know you would get in trouble. you know you wouldn't get like lots of trouble, but they could tiknically sue you and make money off of you, which is not something you would want, obviously. so let's read this: this is the photo license, or the creative commons. this photo- creative commons photo- is made available for use under the creative commons xero license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, display and use. in accordance with the creative commons license and the burst terms of service. you are free to adapt and use this creative commons photo for free and commercial, non-commercial purposes. you do not need to provide attribution. you do not need to give credit to the photographer, shopify or burstcom. although shopify and burst encourage you to attribute to the photographer. uh, whenever possible, you do not need to do it. uh. you agree not to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, display and or use the creative commons photos unless you comply with the creative commons license, which we are doing. so what i'm going to do is i'm simply going to click this button here and then download the photo to my computer. you know, choose a couple really cool photos and then, when it comes to customizing my website, i'm going to use those photos to make my website look really, really cool, and that's pretty much it again. click the link in the resources and i'll give you a big list of all these types of websites where you can download free stok photos. alright, guys.

Shopify: How to use the free stock photography site burst to find high resolution images

edit in this video. what you're going to do is you're going to look at stop photography. obviously, when you want to create products and add products to your store need to make sure that you're using high-resolution images that are good quality, because nobody likes to go to a website where they cannot see what you post it. but with Shopify, they've got a free tool called burst, and what the quad chair is a collection of high resolution photos that you can use for your store. they are all copyright free and available for you to choose from. let's quickly go back to the top. you can just go and type in, as with any photo store, you can type in the top of 30 looking for. obviously we're looking for photographs for various things, so you can go look through here. you can also go up for the latest photos. it'll come through. you can look for business ideas and tips. what you can do is look for ads, cover photos and how to use posts, so, as you can see the actually teacher, but about Facebook and how to get the most of all pages, also teaching the best times to post in facebook. so what you can do is grab photos and posting. you should actually use this, because if you're posting every day. it's a great way to build engagement on your facebook business page. so let's go back into photography. it's got our bus, as you can see that collections will just about every single niche out there, so I suggest to go into job fun. have a look at the photography. these pics are also great for your business because you can actually choose images to highlight products which you might not have. for instance, if you want to create these beats but you haven't made them yet. but you know you can. you can use this photos in to create or post images of things you can create and then if somebody buys a product for your store, then you can make it and ship it off to the customer. also, you can go and look for other sites where they have this exact product and use this image in your post to market that product. so, as you can see, it's all high-resolution, can download it and you can even create websites using photos. it's going to click on it and see what it does. see, they use these photos to grab your own store. Shopify quick and simple. let's update. they are lots and lots of images here you can use to showcase products. some great, high quality images, yep, so that's it for this video. now you know that your profile provides a way for you to find stok photography and you don't need to go anywhere else. if you like the content of grating, please consider liking, subscribing and hitting the notification valve so you can be updated every time I post a new video on YouTube. thanks you next video.

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BEST Free Stock Photography & Images Online - 2021

what's good guys. today we're going to be going over where to find great for your photography and stok images if you're on a tight deadline, don't have time to take the photos yourself or on a budget, but want high quality images that best suit your style. in the past, i always thought stok photography was a little cheesy and the models looked a little robotik, but nowadays there's some awesome websites that have a really strong curation of well put together images. i have a couple websites that are my go-to that i'd love to share with you guys that offer high quality images and you can use these all royalty-free for your business, personal websites, clients, or just to have downloaded to use whenever and wherever. so let's get to it. the first one is unsplash. it was founded in 2013 and has millions of free photos and talented photographers all over the world. whether you're looking for something a bit more stok-like or something warm and candid, this website has it all. i've been using for a while and the library has grown so much with the amazing range of photography from nature to portraiture and even to current events. the site is easy to use and at the top navigational bars there are some categories that you can select from. select any image and click download and that's it. you can also learn more about the photographers in their bio and even links to their instagram. they also have this nice reminder message to credit the artist after downloading. what i like most about in splash is its diverse range of photos that could truly cater to any style you're looking for. the home page is also nice because it has an infinite amount of random assortments of photos that you scroll through and eventually find something that catches your eye. definitely recommend checking this site out. similar to unsplash, pixels is also a free stok photo site that includes videos, which is really great and useful. the interface and navigation is very close to unsplash, but what makes pixels different is that it's rare to find a website that offers free, beautiful, well shot videos, so pixels is definitely excited to check out. what i like most about this site is how useful the search bar is. when you click on it. there's this tab called trendy topics, and this gives you a variety of random genres you'll never think of. they also have this cool section called challenges, where they give a prompt open to all photographers, and this is really fun because it gives artists a chance to win money but also stik with the theme and, for us people that want photos, it gives us a very focused and specific way to find images, for example, mellow yellow- this idea of a yellow palette- and also genres like light and dark and moody. this opens a new genre for you to look at, get inspired and grab cool photos. the next one is life of pix. it's another website that offers free photos. although they don't have as much photos to choose from, the ones that they do offer a more experimental and artful approach. finding images is straightforward, and they also have another website in the same family called life vids that have a pretty amazing selection of free videos with the same layout and same way of downloading. this is definitely a site to check out if you want to see more video and image selections and options. second, the last one is burst by shopify. the site definitely feels a bit cluttered and overwhelming when you first go on and i really didn't know what to click exactly on as there were many buttons to choose from. but as you slowly scroll down towards the middle, it shows a nice category section with big, bold buttons and images title examples to click from. they have a large library of images to choose and a lot of their images are great for e-commerce, being that it's a shopify own site. the only downside to this source is that their images have a more stok-like feel to them and not as artsy or aesthetik. but if you have a business, it may be a good resource to check out, as the image selections are very professionally shot. [Music] and the last one is foodie feed- pretty straight forward. this one is a go-to site for all things food and ingredients related. they have a great variety of diverse food types and nice action shots of interactions with foods, like cutting bread, slicing a juicy red velvet cake or even drizzling some hot syrup on pancakes. the site always makes me really hungry whenever i go on, and it never disappoints in finding partikular images. so these are some of the many photography websites that i found helpful. either website you use, you can find an abundant source of images that best suit your style. i personally love inspires because of ease of use and simplicity navigating through the website, and they always have a new selection of fresh photographers and images that they add on the daily, so it's really exciting to always go back to the website and see what's new. i've included all the links down below and hope you find some really cool and inspiring photos. that best tells your story. if you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, please leave a like. if you want to see more of these videos, please subscribe. i'll greatly appreciate it. thanks again and see you guys soon. [Music] peace.

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How to Use Stock Photography for your Online Store

so in this video, I want to tok about why you need styled stok photography for your Shopify store, as well as how easy it is to find it online and customize it for your brand. so stay tuned, hi. if you're new here, my name is Elle McCann and I have been a Shopify expert for over six years now. so one thing that I see: that's a big difference between stores that are doing really well and have a great conversion rate, as well as stores that aren't doing as well and are looking for more sales online. it's a difference in the overall styling of the site and the product images themselves. so, for example, stores that are drop shipping, maybe they have really inconsistent images- either the heights are really different or they're all just different background images- and it can be super distracting. however, on the other hand, a store that has great product styled images for their home slideshow banner, as well as their ads, can be really captivating and get people to actually purchase more. now I know what you're thinking and it can be really expensive to hire a photographer and get someone to shoot your products for your store, and I totally get that. so I wanted to create two different videos. the this video will be all about how to use stok photography for your product images. so you'll purchase these stok photos online that are already styled and then you can customize them to match your branding and to fit your products, and then I'm going to have an upcoming video as well that'll show you how to easily take some product shots of your own at home with just a little bit of equipment and not a lot of time. so in this video again, we're going to be going through stok photography, and my absolute favorite site for this is called SC stok shop. they have a great library of images that you can search by color or different collections, and you can really customize it to your store specifically. so let's go and look at their website now and I'm gonna walk you through not only how to find an image that works well for your brand, but also how to customize it using the free online software canva, which we've already done another tutorial in, and I'm just going to show you again how to use that tool to go in and customize your- then just stok photography images. so this is SC stok shop, which is one of my favorite styled photography sites to purchase from, and they have a lot of different options. so I like to shop by color, which you can see up here. so if we hit shot by color and then find one of my brand colors- so, for example, I have teal and orange as my brand colors- so if we come in and we check out the teal, we can see all of the different photos that are in this color range. so that way you can pick your style photography that matches the style of your site. you can also see here they have a lot of different types of images, whether it's to include a screen or you wanted to have it be kind of a celebration image like that, maybe for a sale that you are running. there's a lot of different choices and you can also shop by collection. so let's say that we are selling coffee mugs. if we click on mugs here, we can see a large variety of mugs that are in different styles of either people holding it on a desktop, and what's great about this is it really just makes your mug photography or your product photography of the mug a lot better and a lot more eye-catching, especially for ads. if you think about it, you know any of these images are gonna pop a lot more in a newsfeed versus just having your mug on a white backdrop. so I'm gonna go ahead and purchase one of these so I can show you how that is going to work and how you can add in your text. so we'll just go ahead and I'm going to add this to my cart. so I'm going to pick this blue image and they have it also to where it's kind of more cropped or so it's a horizontal image as well as having it more of a vertikal image. so that's really going to make kind of how you use. it is going to be dependent on where you're using it, either on your site or on ads. so I'm going to go ahead and hit add to cart so I can show you how, how to add in your text on an image like this, and I'm also going to go in and find a desktop image as well to do so. again, they have a lot of different options. they're seasonal ones as well as food, beauty- a lot of different options based on what kind of products you have. being a web designer, I'm gonna look at the desktops and see what their options are for here and I can go in and just scroll down and look at a large variety. but I'm actually gonna go in and I'm going to sort by brand colors as well. so I'm going to look this time. another brand color of mine is orange, so I'm going to look and see what they have in terms of orange photos for desktops. so there's some here that are just overhead views and you can see all the little watermarks- those, once you purchase the files, are taken off and it's just a solid white backdrop. so I'm looking for ones that include more of a desktop view. so here we can see one with a laptop, one with a desktop that we can use an overhead with phone, as well as some overhead shots as well. so I'm going to pick the laptop version and just going to take a look. it's a really beautiful summertime image that's going to really look nice and pop for ads this summer. so I'm going to hit add to cart as well and I'm going to go ahead and purchase these two images. so now that I've got these images purchased, I have downloaded them and I'm going to open up canvas. so I have got another tutorial on canva and how I'm using it to create gift guides and other styled images. but we can go ahead and just go to create a design if you haven't used canva before, just go to canvacom. but I'm going to hit create a design and I'm gonna browse and I'm going to find a, so you can now choose different styles that you want of different text configurations. however, since I am going to be using a specific image that I just downloaded, I'm going to go over here to uploads and I'm going to go ahead and start uploading that image. I'm just going to upload it from my computer, okay, and it's finished uploading, so I am now just going to drag it and drop it over here. I'm gonna delete out that text blog from before and I'm just going to make sure that it fits the space. so now I've got it sitting in the space really nicely. we can actually decrease it just a little bit so we can see that lamp a little bit more, okay. so now I've got this set up in the space how I want it to be. so it's time to add on my mug design for the coffee mug. so ideally, here you would already have this created of what you want your mug to look like, what design is on the mug, and this would be something that you would be most likely doing- a printing on demand service like printful for. so I am just going to upload a test design that I have created for the purpose of this tutorial. so now I've got my design uploaded and it's important that this is a PNG image so that it has a transparent background. you can see here that it's just the gray background here and we're not seeing any white. otherwise, that may not look correctly on your image. so I'm just gonna drag it and drop it over and I'm gonna shrink it down to actually fit the mug. so now we can have that placed. however, you have it placed in your design and you have got your image ready to use for your website or for any marketing materials. you can then come down to this arrow up here and download this file. so this is one way to use stok photography, of actually editing your products and having this for your website or your ad. so I'm just gonna save this out and then I'm going to go ahead and do another example as well. so now we've got that saved and go back to the home, and the great part of being a part of the SC stok shop is if we come back here to continue shopping and we go back to their home page. you can see here that you get 20 free stok images instantly, plus monthly free images if you sign up to their email list and become an Insider, so this is something I highly r.

How To Find Free Stock Images For Your Shopify Store - Dropship Downunder - Drop Shipping Australia

this, Jacob, here, from dropship down under comm a. you, what we're going to go through today is where you can find the best free images for your website. so I'll give you a few websites and I'll just go on to them to see what sort images they do I give you. so, without further ado, let's get straight into it, okay, so what we'll do? I'll just open up the first tab here. this first one is called stok snap dot IO for our free stok images. so you'll just use a search bar, your search cards, something easy and generic, and they'll bring up a log here, so this one with the yellow corner with the star and what you pay for. but scroll bit further and these are all the free ones. so easily click on the photo you like and then there have on the right hand side some similar photos and there's the free download just under the picture. so that's what stoks, no io. the next ones: pixabaycom, which is a great site also. so do the same thing as typing cars into the search bar. so at the top there you got something you can purchase- that first line, but below that is all the free stok images. so I want you to do: just select any photo, like on the right hand side. there's your free download for that image as well as some like other images. they're related to the same image you've chosen. next one is pixel calm- same sort of site here. so we'll go through a search bar just to show you what you can find. so I'm just do cars again and once that one comes up you can see there. they're all free images, so quite a good selection there as well. we'll just select this image here. there's your free download at the top right and just under it as well has the same similar photos. for that image are you selected? second last one here is unsplashcom, which is actually the first side that I side using it, which is a great site to get your free images from. so we'll look some up here and the same sort of things goes on here. so it will select an image top right there is your download free image- the same thing. we have the same sort of photos below it, so you can keep the same. so far out your whole website for your free stok imagery. last one is burst Shopify calm, which is from the Shopify platform as well. they do have some free stok images. so I'll just show you some cars and there you go. so you got some free images there as well. you can see there's some of the images are the same from the other site, so if you press on it they go on the left hand side. you know the high resolution and the low resolution photos. but those are the sites that we use to get our free stok images. I hope you got some value from that. today, guys, we are offering some free drop shipping courses here. forest rally on how to do it around here in Australia. sorry, find that link right below. as always, give us a big thumbs up, leave a comment so we can hear back from you guys. until next time, we'll see you later.

Find High Quality Images For Shopify | Free Pictures For Shopify |Images For Shopify |Shopify Part 8

hi guys, it's me adash, and in this video, i've shown you how you can find different and the various images for your own shopify website. okay, for, like the display section or like any section of your website. okay, as we all know, like, the images, uh, play a really key factor in the overall display and overall feel of a shopify store. okay, so, to find the designated image- what kind of like a partikular image we want- we have to go through different sites. okay, so in this video, i have covered different sites, from paid ones to free ones. okay, so, in this site, you will find different, different websites from where you can find different, different images for your own shopify store. okay, so, watch this video till the end to get to know about all of those websites and pages. okay, so, let's get started. okay, so see, i would like to take a moment here and let me tok about images in general. okay, so see, images play a really key part in your shopify store. okay, like, whenever someone enters your shopify store, like you can see here, they have like a video kind of. but, uh, we, there's a, we need a display image or we need an image in every page, like for different sections and everything. okay, in our shopify store, we use different kinds of image other than the product pictures. okay, so see, there are different websites, different uh pages where you can find images. okay, they're like an enormous amount of library online where you can find images. okay, some are free and some are paid ones. okay, so i'm gonna start with the page ones. okay, now don't think like, oh, why, why should we buy a paid uh, buy a image if you can't find it for free? okay, because, see, if you buy an image, the quality of that image will be greater than the quality of the free images, and the library you get in the page section is more enormous. okay, you get different kinds of images you get. every single images is of like, the utmost quality. okay, and the categories of images you got, they're like enormous. okay, but in the case of like free images, they are like a bunch of images in a category which almost like every shopify store is nowadays using. okay, so in the long run, it will be really beneficial for you if you buy an image. okay, like, first, you can go to like istokphotocom- okay, see, this is a paid side. okay, in this video i'm going to cover both page as well as free sites for images. okay, so you can see, like, just type, let's say, we need, we are selling like dolphin indents or something. okay, so just select: dog, yeah, see, you can see all of these images. they are. you can use these images. you can buy these images. they are like paid ones. okay, see, you can see these images. there's like: yeah, see, you have like 1.61 million images. you can use any of those. okay, like, normal images cost almost like five to ten dollars, okay, on these sites. okay, so if you buy this image, you can use it for lifetime- lifetime. okay. if you buy any image of, let's say, you buy this one, then you can use this image on any of your sites anywhere, if you own this image, okay. then we have another site for paid ones, okay, which is this: shutterstokcom. okay, see, it's free, one month trial. okay, and then you can cancel any times. okay, 10 minutes per month, and well, so you can obviously use this free plan and get free images from it, or otherwise, it's also a paid option. okay, you can see there are so many images. you can just type: dog, see these images. see these, these kind of high quality images. you won't get all of these in the free section. okay, see, all of these are like the paid ones. okay, see 39, 3.9 million. okay, they close. like four million images you can choose from here for your shopify website. okay, so, as i said, the page section of images. they have a much larger library to choose from. okay, so there's so many images, okay, and quality of every single image is so great. you can use this image or any image, okay, yeah, now let's go to another side. okay, see this one. this is stokfreeimagescom. okay, see, this site, partikularly, is the best site for- uh, you know, for the free images. okay, you can like. if you're starting, i would highly recommend you can start with the free images and when the store will be profitable, you can change the images. okay, so, see all of these images. you can use any of these images. all of them are free, okay, so, if you like, go to dog, see from these kind of images you have to like. you see, there is so so many types of images like you can see the quality of these images. compared to these, this is more better. okay, but in these you have to like, choose from, like a bunch of images like which one you want. okay, like the. the quality of this one is great. okay, then this one is good, like this image. this is not that great. okay, the quality is not that right. okay, you can choose this one. you can see 383 more pages. okay, yeah, so the amount of images you get in these pages, like three majors, like 3.3 million. yeah, i think it's a total one. yeah, it's like total, total free images for every single category combined is like 3.3 million. okay, and in this site, just get how many? yeah, in this side you just get 3.9 million images only for dogs category. okay, see, 18 000 images for dogs. okay, so you can choose images from this side too. okay, okay, see, so it was like stok free images. we have another site called like see, this is the shopify site. okay, this is for like, this site is made for shopify users. okay, burst shopifycom. okay, go to here, go to, let's say, okay, the photos. okay, now see the quality of these images and everything. okay, low, high resolution. okay, see, see the kind of pictures you get on this side. okay, because these pictures- all of them are- they're categorized for the usage of like shopify stores. okay, because it's a shopify site like worldshopifycom. okay, so you can see the quality of these, all of these images. they're so great, okay, so you don't have to edit or anything. okay, you just have to. if you want to crop or resize it, that's it okay. like, if you want to sell like glasses, okay, please see the images you get on this. okay, high resolution, low resolution, everything, okay. so this is a tool by shopify itself where you can find images. okay, and then the last to have is unsplashcom. okay, for free images. you can see, just type, like that: we are searching for dog images, so search for dogs. see, so, as you can see, like, uh, when you're searching for like, let's say, dog images on, like, similar free websites, so most of the images are gonna get repeated. okay, like, some images you saw on this website will also be on the free section of other websites. okay, but in the page section you get new images. okay, so you can see this site, like it only has 500 plus images. but, yeah, we only need a couple of images, okay, so these are the options. okay, i will highly recommend you take some time to choose images and if, uh, see, if someone comes to a shopify store and like the- uh, you know the main email display image or any image quality is not that good. it gives a bad impression about the store. you know, like the images are not of good quality, so might the products will not be of good quality or something like that. okay, so take some time to choose the images. okay, as i already saw, as i already given you, there are so many websites. you can find free as well as paid images. okay, so find your images. okay, see, there's so many images. dog images- you get on one single side. okay, so take some time to check which images you write you want and report every single images as per their needs. okay, like, don't put like dog images on cats sections or anything like that. okay, like, if you want a cat, yeah, if you want to like a dog and cat image, see dog and cat image. okay, you can find images for them with them together. you can see this image, this image- these are great. okay, like this one too. okay, so take some time to find images and make your shopify store a great looking store. okay, i hope you found this video useful. as i already just said, this video is the part of a shopify series in which i am taking you on a journey from creating your own shopify store to adding products, to advertising, to making real prof.