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shopify freedom

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Ecom Freedom Shopify Course Complete Revamp with Multi-Million Dollar Mentors Featuring Josh & McCay

what's going on, guys, my name is Josh and I'm the head of Shopify here at Ecom freedom. I hope you guys are all doing well and McKay and myself, who is a fellow Mentor here with me at Ecom Freedom, we have some really exciting news. so, first of all, McKay, how are you doing? uh, doing great. I'm happy to be here, excited to share some big news- all right, awesome. so, guys, uh, if you guys haven't uh known already, we have been working on the course update for a few months now and we are finally ready to launch. um, this course is by far, I believe, in my heart of hearts, this is the best course regarding Shopify out there on the market. we have a huge 16 module Behemoth ready for you guys and I cannot wait for you guys to see it. so, really quickly, McKay, do you have any thoughts on the course update itself? how was your uh, your thoughts on it? overall feelings, yeah, yeah, uh, you know what this course? I'm confident- I mean we have at least it's got to be close to, if not more than, 100 watch hours of, you know, brand new content going A to Z, setting out our wireframe as far as everything you need to know when starting a new e-commerce store as well as like building upon marketing fundamentals and a lot of transferable skills that will are going to stay with you for the rest of your life. yeah, yeah, no, I definitely agree. so a lot of the courses out there, guys- and I know that there's a lot of negative stigma regarding courses, but in my honest opinion, right, it is definitely worthwhile learning from those that have paved a life that you want or you desire, right? so, for those of you guys that have been following Dan for a while and Ecom freedom, I definitely highly recommend you guys to even check it out. so, just for that, right, just for the launch, we are actually having a free trial because we believe to the core that this is one of the best courses out there. so we want to give you guys the opportunity to jump in there for seven days: free trial, no holds by, no obligations. check it out. if you don't like it, get out. that's fine, right. so we have the seven day a free trial available for you guys, right, where we will give you access to the first three modules. this is where Dan walks through insane mindset, principles, all of these real key, fundamental things that you really need to know as we progress and once you upgrade from The Trial- though that's when you get access to the four hours of live calls per week where we can pre- we pretty much support you through A to Z, from running or starting up your Shopify store to getting to over 100k worth of revenue generated. so just piggybacking on that, guys, I want to tok to you guys really quickly about the support that you guys get at Econ Freedom. we personally believe that anyone that joins the Ecom freedom family we are indebted to you guys. we're so grateful that you guys place your hard-earned money and Trust in us. so therefore we make sure that the support you receive in your journey right is Top Notch. so, McKay, do you want to quickly just tok about the level of support that these guys get and why you think that it this is different? yeah, absolutely. um, so I'm immediately you know, once upgrading to the course, you do get access to, like Josh said, the four hours of weekly live calls where we can bring you live, you can ask your questions, you can kind of dig apart, you know your marketing funnel and figure out. you know any issues that you're having. in addition to that, we also have- you always have direct access to- uh, you know, the mentoring team. so, Josh, myself and you can message us at any point, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. we typically get back to you pretty quickly, so, yeah, so I think that is an amazing Point, McKay. so with e-commerce right, things change every single day. so that's why we wanted, at the Ecom freedom family, we want to make sure that you guys get utmost the best support, 24 7, pretty much right. it does not matter when you guys message us. we generally get back to you guys within a few hours and that is not just some random employee. this is literally myself and McKay, who have generated over multiple seven figures in the e-commerce space. we are pretty much consistently guys at your beckon core. we have a live chat system where you can message suggests whenever right. of course, if we're sleeping we can't answer you guys, but our turnaround time is just a few hours. if you guys have an emergency, if Facebook blocks your account or your ads get rejected or whatever it is, we can help you. we can support you and walk you guys through it just at the ends of your fingertips, okay, so let me quickly just tok to you guys through um, what kind of modules you guys get access to from the free trial. so, first of all, module number one is pretty much Dan, walking you guys through what it takes to be successful, right, how the free trial Works, how the whole course is outlined and how to proceed from there. the second module is all about mindset, because I know that it's more of a cliche, but mindset in e-commerce and Entrepreneurship is one of the most important things to known to man. right, it's not a gimmick, guys. mindset is important. then, finally, guys, you guys get access to module number three, which is pretty much just everything that we know regarding product research: what it takes to have a winning product, how, how to find a winning product and the kind of like secret sources that we've developed over the years to find unsaturated winning products. so, once you guys decide to actually proceed and upgrade from the free trial, you guys also get access to free resource PDFs alongside each of the lessons in the 16 modules. these PDFs are intended to pretty much spruce up and add as a reference for the content that we teach in each of the lessons. so, guys, we will be launching this brand new, updated course for 2022 at a thousand dollars and I know that the price tag does seem a bit steep. it is a lot of money. I'm not definitely refuting that. however, I firmly believe that the value you guys are getting and the support you'll be getting from myself and McKay as your Shopify mentors, is going to far outweigh the price that you paid to enroll in our course. now you have to understand, guys. we have a full A to Z, step-by-step system that has been proven multiple times over, with plenty of success stories, and if you guys want to check these out for yourself, I would definitely highly recommend you guys to check out our trustpilot as well. we've had over 450 reviews at an overall rating of 4.5. now I know that I'm just toking here, so let me just quickly dive into my computer and let me show you the behind the scenes of the level of support that you guys get once you join Ecom Freedom. so, guys, this is, uh, the behind the scenes of econ freedom and the private group that you get accepted into once you guys enroll into our course and, as you can see, every single day there are so many questions from all of these other students who are just as driven as you are- and the level of support that you get is second to none. honestly, you guys only have to wait a few hours to get a written response from us, as, as well as every single week, we have three live calls on Mondays and Fridays. we have have a 1.5. I will call each just to answer any of your questions. we pull you up. you can share your screen, whether it be, you know, a landing page review, whether it be a product research question, whether it be what kind of winning products should I be looking at right now, right? or if you just want our general opinion on your Facebook ad structures or the types of creatives that you need to run. whatever the question you guys have, I firmly believe that we- the level of support you guys gets- is Top Notch, right? we, McKay and I- we're both in the Shopify, you know trenches. every single day, we continue to run our stores. up until this day, myself alone, we've generated over seven figures consistently. I've moved countries and I've been able to travel the world for about two years just because of all the education that I've learned. now I want to just quickly g.

18K/Month On Shopify In Finland - Student Success Interview: Teemu Esko

hey, what's going on, guys? welcome back to the channel. today i've got another successful student interview, uh, to present to you guys. today. i've got tamu. he's from finland. so, uh, welcome, temu. super happy to have you on the channel today. thanks, em is actually a student. he's a student in the shopify freedom course and, uh, how long have you been a student? when did you actually join? i joined in this course in the march of last last year, march of uh, 2020, like 10 months now. yes, before that, did you know anything about shopify or e-commerce or anything like that? uh, i have uh been in the ecommerce since august 2019 because i i did amazon fba, like eight months before i found the shopify and shopify freedom course. so i guess before shopify freedom, you were doing amazon. how was that did you do? um, did you succeed with amazon? no, no, i failed. like 10 to 12 products because i rushed too much much in the product sellers and then needs sell at surface. so you tried like 10 to 12 products and it didn't work with amazon. wow, that's a lot of products. was it like you launched all these products at the same time, or one after the other? no, one after the another one. yeah, now, when i, when i'm thinking about this amazon, fba, i think it was always the same thing- that i rushed the product sellers and i didn't do their proper work to to know what, what is the good product? when you joined shopify freedom, you wanted to try shopify, just because amazon wasn't working for you. right? yes, basically yes, and so, um, if you'd like to share what has been your biggest month, uh, with shopify, like, how much in revenue have you made sales with your shopify? in revenue, it was like 18 000 and if you include the vip, which we have to call it in finland- it's the- it's something like 24 000.. so, um, yeah, because you're selling with your shopify, uh, do you have one store on shopify or you have multiple? i have multiple. i have this same same story which i'm running in finland. i have basically the other version of it in the usa, but all of these sales from came from finland, so your most successful shopify store has is in finland right now. okay, and uh, that's very interesting because most students they actually, and most people in e-commerce they sell, obviously, in the united states or big four- us, canada, uk, australia- so maybe you can share. how has it been selling in finland. is it different? was it difficult to sell to the people from finland or no? i think it could be a little bit easier than in the usa because, as you know, e-commerce in finland is still in the baby steps when you compare to usa and all these other big countries. there is no amazon either. in in finland. there's no amazon, so no, only in sweden, but it doesn't have any effect between land. yeah, it just launched amazon sweden, i think, uh, in august or something it was, but so eighteen thousand. so, when you joined shopify freedom in march of 2019, 2020, one year, about one year ago almost- and how long did it take you to reach success with shopify? from that time, i also failed a couple of stores in with shopify before i launched this one, so it takes like five months to turn into in the profits. what was the if you, if you don't mind sharing what was like the biggest reason for failing at those stores? the first ones, same as in amazon, sellers phillips on the face and i don't know why i have to do the same mistake like 10 or 15 times what? yeah, but i totally, i totally understand you because, um, when you're starting out and i have the same. you're so excited and you just want to start right, so you find a product and let's go, go, go, right. but obviously when you're, when you're a beginner with e-commerce, like you know, uh, there are certain products that seem so easy to launch and they seem like they make a lot of money, but then when you actually do it, it's like okay, it's so competitive and it's not working right, so, um, okay. so then this product that you are successful with now, is it just, um, one product? is it multiple products on the same store? is it like a brand? actually, it's, it's like a brand, because finland is really a really small market. so the life cycle of one product, it's not. so, not so long. is it still drop shipping? i'm assuming you're doing fulfillment? yes, uh, first, first product i launched is now, uh, private label and i will. i have a three pl warehouse in the in wanda, near helsinki, finland, but this newest product, which i used to bring people to my store, it's still drop shipping from china. right now on your store you have a few products. you said one of the products is in a 3pl warehouse in banta. um, is that uh, was it easy to find uh 3pl warehouse in finland. yes, it was quite easy because we have only a couple of couple of good ones, so it was not a problem. and, uh, how much do they charge like? is it like the same as? because on amazon usually it's like pick and pack fee, stuff like that, without the shipping, just for the pick and pack, it's gonna be like three to four dollars, maybe five dollars per unit. is it about the same? yes, it's about the same. just in euros is 150, and then the shipping depends, of course, the size of the product, but it's something around five and then depends up for a lot of you are going to send, because obviously, the shipping, they're shipping it from helsinki, the capital of finland, to the rest of finland. is it the same day or they get it in just one to two days. the customer. it's basically one to two days, cool, cool, cool. so now, uh, where you're at with e-commerce, what are your goals for the future? so, uh, my biggest goal, uh, with the finney store, i will run it and maybe grow it a bit, but then my biggest, bigger goal is to across the usa market as well, because it's something, it's something really interesting, because in finland you, you basically cannot scale so much because we don't have audience for that. yeah, finland has, uh, i think is it two, two million, three million, five million, five, five million, right, five million. i think it's similar to norway and sweden, i think. uh, 10 million in sweden, 10 million around. yeah, so, obviously, in the united states you have 320 million. so, and you know, canada, 40 million, uk, i'm not sure, but yeah, but, but, um, there's pros and cons. like you said, with um, with finland, i guess the pro is that it's maybe easier because e-commerce is at the beginning stages, but the con is that it's a small market. so, uh, with your store right now, um, how are you getting all of your customers? is it just facebook ads? yes, mainly, mainly facebook ads. has, how has, how has facebook has been for you? has it been very difficult to get them profitable or no, it was first when i started those, but now, because now, when i'm starting to know something, it's not so hard anymore- yeah, so you've actually, um, been through the shopify freedom course and also you got mentorship from josh. uh, so how has i'm assuming that josh, you and him work together a lot right during this time? yes, we have, we have been together all day, all the steps from the beginning to this step at this point, because i remember you posted a lot and you're very active in the group, which is amazing. i always saw your posts and stuff, so i saw that. i saw that you were from finland as well, which is a country i like. i, i lived there for a summer and i enjoyed it, so that's, that's awesome. so, um, okay, so your next steps are to go to expand to the united states. do you think it's going to be? because right now, your brand is mostly in finland? uh, do you think it's going to be very difficult to expand to the us? what do you think? yes, it, it will. it will be with this brand, because i'm in the bad news. so, oh, pets, yes, so i assume that i i'm going to find some other needs to enter the us market because, as you, as you know, that needs, it's really hard because it's maybe the most competitive of all of these needs. i think, uh, obviously, in america, all niches have a lot of different brands and it's pretty competitive. but, um, what i know for sure is if you do a brand and if you do a product that you know like, either you're passionate about or you have some special knowledge in uh.

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Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint Launch! (Revealing A $100K/Month Shopify Store)

hey, what's going on guys? welcome back to the channel. in today's video i have a very special guest. i've got josh bach, head of shopify at econ freedom, and i'm going to be interviewing him about a store that he launched and he grew from zero to over 900k- 900 000 in sales, and it's a store on shopify and i'm going to be asking him. all those questions are gonna be really, you know, diving into um, you know the type of product, uh, how he grew the store, what challenges he ran into along the way, and also, at the end of this video there's gonna be an opportunity to actually reveal the entire store to you and to really show you like, really go in depth, step by step. you'll find that there's going to be a case study so you can watch until the end, but i want to welcome josh bach to the youtube channel. welcome, josh bach, it's always awesome to have you and, uh, josh has just been absolutely killing it with shopify, you know, and especially being one of our head mentors, our head shopify mentor at econ freedom. you know, he's really just like taking the reins from me because you know i've been doing this for so many years now and, uh, you know, just growing his stores helping students. so welcome, josh, super happy to have you. yeah, what's going on, dan, thanks for having me. so let's tok about the store. when did you start this store? about approximately what month? yeah, i think it was. uh, so it originally was actually a friend's store, right? so he was really struggling. he couldn't get it past, you know, a couple hundred dollars a month. i took over, based in july, july 2020.. pretty much when code was kind of going crazy, we jumped in and uh, yeah, from then it just kept doubling, tripling and all the way up to 100k and, yeah, smashing it. so july 2020 is when you started the store. uh, when did you start to like, look for the idea for the store? um, yeah, so, like, i guess, when you're in e-commerce, right, when you're in shopify, you're always looking for these opportunities, right, and then the mo, like, i was just looking all the time, right, so there's never any point where i was like, oh, i need a new store. it's like, if i find a new product and a new trend then and i feel like there's a good product market fit, then i'm just going to jump straight in. so that's exactly what happened with this partikular product. uh, in july, i was already running my other two stores and my brick and mortar store back in australia. but, um, yeah, my, my friend came to me and was like, hey, i have this idea. i'm really struggling. um, would you be interested in helping me out? and then i had a look at the analytiks and i saw huge potential. it's just that he didn't know what he was, what kind of uh product he had or how to scale it. so i was like, yeah, let me jump in. and uh, pretty much took it from him and uh, yeah, we, we went from there, so really smashed it out awesome. so you actually started this with your friend and you were also running your other stores at the same time. you also mentioned your brick and mortar store. so, so how much time did it take you to uh go from? i think you mentioned july 2020? so, starting from zero all the way to over 100 000 a month, how many months did it take you? so we had a lot of issues, right? because if, when you're, when you're dealing with a partner specifically, there are a lot of complexities in place, um, and because of this product, it wasn't just a oh, buy from china, uh, selling the us or selling the big four, um, so it actually took a little bit of time- like i'm just looking at the analytiks right here- and actually it we hit, you know, 50, 60, 80, uh, very quickly, uh, you know, within the span of uh, two months, three months, right, but then to actually hit over 100k. we actually didn't cross that mark until december 2021. so over a year and a half of just like constant grinding, finding issues, ironing them out and then really pushing the gas and then finally hitting the 100k. so it took you about a year and a half to get to 100k. what about from zero to 10k a month in sales? yeah, um, i mean from zero to 10k, it was literally, uh, oh, sorry, i'm just looking at the analytiks- it wasn't too. so when i jumped into the store, right, they were doing about 4 500 per month, right, so that's nothing in terms of, like, daily sales. so the first month i was in, we doubled the sales to 10k. so within within the first 30 days, okay, within the first 30 days, cool, that's awesome. that gives a lot of hope to people, i think, especially starting out, you know. and uh, yeah, so what type of? what type of product. is it what? what niche is it in? yeah, yeah. so this is, this is, i guess, where it gets a little bit fun, and it just shows that the diversity of shopify. with this product specifically, it wasn't just like, uh oh, i'm gonna buy this product and sell it here. this was a product that we customized. so it was a personalized product, which we really liked because, you know, we can focus really on the emotion and the gift-giving side. so there were months where we were just, you know, having very little ad spend but spending, oh well, getting a lot of sales. so, yeah, it was just a personalized. um, oh yeah, i'll just say it's a personalized air freshener. so you know the little trees that you guys guys can buy at like walmart and stuff pretty much the exact same, but it's a customized one. so you mentioned it's a personalized car air freshener. so how did you actually go about getting it to be personalized? right, because that's not something that's like that's not the usual e-commerce. uh, you know way of doing things right: usually you find an existing product on alibaba or aliexpress- if you're drop shipping, and then you post that on your site, you know, or you buy in bulk and it's already. the only thing that you can customize really is like the logo and maybe make some slight modifications to the actual product. so how did you actually set up that personalization? yeah, so all my other stores are very much like that model. you know, we buy um in china, we white label or we invent a product from scratch, right? so with this product specifically, it was very unique for me personally because i was like, well, i don't know anything about the personalization niche, but i know and have confidence in my marketing. so with my friend, he's very, very hands-on, he's very good with his hands in terms of creating these things and with the idea, pretty much what happens is the customer comes onto the website, they upload a photo of whatever they'd like, and then we will use machinery and we'll use the raw materials that we buy from china and then we'll print it to create an air freshener, um, we'll dip it into sense and all that kind of stuff and um, and then, yeah, package it up and, yeah, send it off to the customer. so it was really fun, very different though. so you mentioned that the actual printing, like the customization, that's done at the factory in china. no, no, so there, like, let me just clarify that. so we buy all the raw materials, so all the papers, all the shipping, um, you know the, the bags and all that kind of stuff, uh, the string, everything from china, but we ship it all the way over here to us in the united states, um, and then we print it all locally here. so we have all these printers hooked up to our shopify store. people place orders, upload their photos, and we just print it out and create a, create a personalized gift for them. so, yeah, and who actually does the, the, the customized printing? do you have an employee? or? yeah, so my friend is the one who's on on the ground kind of doing all the printing. so, for me personally, i've never even touched or been in part of the process, but i was the one that was scaling it with. that being said, though, we do have, um, all these employees in um, in the philippines and in china as well, as well as the united states, to do the actual packaging for us. but by employees do you mean, like, you have a lot of people on payroll or they're just, they're not on payroll, they're just a supplier and you have a va? oh, yeah, no, no, so these guys are actually on payroll. so we have uh three, three to four designers on payroll in um overseas and um local.

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Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint Deep Dive - 0 To $100K/Month Shopify Case Study

hey, what's going on everybody, and welcome back to my channel. i hope that you've been doing absolutely amazing. i hope you've been doing well. i hope that every single day, your life is getting better and better and you're getting closer and closer to freedom by the day, and in this video here today, i actually wanted to do a deep dive into the conference shopify blueprint. this is the newest product that we released, uh, from team econ freedom. uh, you know, on our team, actually, josh baker, head of shopify. he created this and he is a million dollar shelf by seller. he was actually one of my earliest students in the conference shopify course when it first came out in 2019, and since then he has basically, you know, become a shopify millionaire. i mean, he's made millions of dollars in sales with shopify, he's run multiple successful stores and he is our head mentor, so he takes care of the mentorship for all the shopify side. and so, um, josh, along with our team, we've been working really hard on getting this out for you guys, because i've always- i've always- known how powerful a case study could be to somebody who is actually just in in the process of getting started with the shopify store. reason being is that, with a case study like this, you can see exactly how, how a new store is launched from zero to over 100k a month in sales. you follow the journey- uh, you know from product research, from building out the store, from you know a deep dive into the actual facebook ads manager, the launch strategy. all those things are shown here in the conference shopify blueprint and it's by far the greatest course, the greatest case study you can get. that you can get right now for a few hundred bucks. that will literally give you the exact steps to grow a successful shopify store. um, you know, from zero to first 10k a month into 100k a month. and so what the difference between this? obviously it's much cheaper than our main shopify flagship course- the difference between this course, this, this blueprint here, and the main course i'm going to show- you're actually going to do a- i'm going to, i'm going to show you exactly what is in the blueprint, what it looks like within the platform. so that difference is that this is an actual, in-depth case study of a store, a store that is actually making 100k a month in sales and then has reached nearly a million dollars in sales at the time of making this video, and it's a legit, actual brand that, uh, josh bach has built from zero to over 100k a month. so you can see that and you can learn all the secrets, all those secrets that you know, that that, basically, uh, you learn along the way from zero to 100k a month. josh reveals all of it and, uh, you know, we've already had so many sign ups. we've had tons of people that are super, super happy with it. so i'm excited to show you that here and, meanwhile, the actual econ freedom shopify uh course, which is our main flagship course, that is essentially our flagship product on the shopify side, and that is an entire step-by-step course- uh, you know, showing you how to actually start your own successful e-commerce brand with shopify, and it includes our world-class membership, which we're obviously known for so well you know, which we're so highly rated for. so you actually get one-on-one mentorship with that, you know, with our mentors and with our head mentor, josh bach. so that's the difference. so this right here is josh bach, and josh bach actually joined the conference shopify course- my earliest shopify course- in 2019- and since then he has made seven figures with shopify. he started multiple successful seven-figure stores and he's an absolute master, just an incredible shopify talent and he's a great guy. he actually has his own youtube channel too. if you go on youtube, you can check him out as well, and he has incredible videos. you know the latest facebook ad strategies so you can see his style- if you vibe with it or not, but i'm sure you will, because he is just just a master, just an incredible guy, and i stand by him 110 because he's coached thousands of our students to success, and so he's the one that presents the story. here are the sales. as you can see, this was a little bit earlier this year. the store is still active and running, uh, and so you can see here there's a little bit of a biography of josh bach, and here's what's included. so product research as well as a complete reveal of the product, so nothing is hidden. store build out, so a complete demonstration of the actual building at the shopify store, the right theme, uh, the best apps to choose, and all for this year, so it's all relevant for right now. facebook ads as well, so you get a live ad account walkthrough showing all the campaigns, what worked and what didn't, uh, you know, revealing all the best interests, revealing all the best ad strategies, as well as scaling. so how josh actually scaled the store from a few hundred dollars a day to over a hundred thousand dollars a month, plus then you have the store automation. so a complete demonstration of how josh actually automated order fulfillment as well as customer service, managing cash flow. you can actually take a peek at the course outline here. as you can see, here we have the walkthrough, so the entire story, how he did it, showing it on his computer, how he found the product. so it's all. it's not just him toking, it's him actually showing uh, uh the store and showing how he actually did it. it's not just something in the clouds, it's not some, like you know, some theoretikal thing. it's actually him showing it right, building up the front end, the design assets for the store, creating legal policies for the store. so right now, if you are thinking of starting a shopify store or you've actually been working on your shopify store, this is an absolutely essential and valuable add-on to your journey, because it will show you so many valuable things you'll actually be able to use to shortcut your success with your store. here is our trust pilot, where you know we're very well known as one of the highest rated, if not the highest rated ecommerce courses in the world, uh, so let's actually go inside and take a look. i want to show you, uh, what, uh, what is inside the blueprint, all right, so here i am within the conference course platform. so this is what it looks like when you actually enroll. so if i scroll down here, you can see the shopify blueprint. so we're gonna click learn now and then, uh, if we go into the actual course, so if you go to resume lesson here, this is the blueprint. so, as you can see, we've got josh here, so it's about to start, where he does an introduction to the blueprint. what's going on? guys, welcome into the ecom freedom shop by blueprint. my name is joshback, i'm the head of shopify at econ freedom and i just wanted to say a huge. so, uh, there's, there's an intro there, there's a couple videos on mindset, uh, self-reliance, calculating risks. then we have the actual uh course itself. so first, uh, josh begins with uh story time, so how he went from zero to 850k. uh, with the, with his store. so, as you can see, he actually explains the entire story. then he goes and actually shows the product. he goes within the brand, okay, so that's actually within the shopify store. and then here he shows how he found the product. in that in mind, i was like, okay, cool, there's a niche out there, people who are enthusiastik- enthusiastik about cars or even pets- right, and they were willing to spend money. so there he actually toks about how he found the product, key lessons from the business, and then he actually moves into product selection. so here in the product selection, there's like the key criteria that he gives based on his knowledge and how he found the product. so this will basically tell you exactly, um, what you should think about when you're actually looking for your shopify product. then he goes into the best product research methods, how to validate success, how to make sure that the product you select is actually going to be a success. so that is going to be within here as well. then we actually move on to the building ou.

Dav Vas Shopify Freedom Course Review

hey, this is Jonathan farmer here and this is my review for Shopify freedom course by Dan Vaz, and this will be broken out into three sections because this is the third time recording this dumb video. the first is my mindset and kind of what led me to buy it. the second is actual course content, pros and cons. and third, rather I think it's worth your time or not, and the tools that you'll probably need in addition to this to succeed. it's number one mindset: how I came to find out about Dan Voss. it was primarily from YouTube and kind of how I came to find him was through tight lopes knowledge. if you're not familiar with him, he's, uh, internet marketing guru type of guy, kinda like Grant Cardone. so some history about me. I kind of came from Kindle publishing through a couple courses, three courses in there. didn't work out so much. then I found titled Lopez, about a year and a half ago or a year ago, it's hard to remember at this point in time- but um, I did that. I bought his essence to make horse, which is social media marketing, got halfway through it, never actually finished. it decided we didn't really want to trade my time for money. and then I also bought his econ courses. well, I don't remember what it's called, but just to prove that I do have it, oh yeah, then also had this EECOM ad agency as well. hurry climb agency, yeah, his ecommerce blueprint, and then i'll social media marketing and cetera. so i actually did go through all of the e-commerce one and I felt like I needed more information to win at least with Shopify. so, like the main problem I have with this course, it's really good, get me wrong, it's really really good. but the problem with it is is, I think the problem with summit eyes courses is, you know, Ty's not an expert in everything, right, like, he knows a couple of things really really well, or a couple areas. so he brings people that are the best in the field that he can find to come have them teach. right, you know, gather experts in the respective fields, which makes sense. but you know, the e-commerce blueprint is kind of not. it's not just drop shipping, it's um, it's dropshipping. I'd say it's 65 to 70% of it. but like, the problem is, you know, you have these guys up here, like the Samir in Guan, right, I'm not gonna really show anymore this, not only in trouble, but, um, you know, there's other people in the course as well, that you know, do Amazon private labeling? they're completely against just drop shipping. and then you have people that do print on demand, which is like you know, print t-shirts and stuff like that, mugs etc, handbags and their mess between those like three and four viewpoints are kind of conflicting strategies and you know conflicting opinions and information on what direction to go and so what ties thing gives you? it kind of gives you a basis foundation for how a lot of it works. any different things like Amazon briar labeling- even though he has an entire course, and that kind of Howard dropshipping works is the main focus point of that. and then it's also, I guess, that scattered opinions by different people can be very confusing. so I was looking for a course that was more in line from one person, how they made it. and then I found Scott held his course, which is more of a beginner step-by-step, and I really liked him because he kind of came from the same background as me, took the ssma course, decided he didn't really wanna trade his time for my and online business more specifically, like e-commerce was more for him. so that's what I pivoted towards. and then I found in Dan Voss a couple years ago and I've wanted to, you know, get his Amazon course for a while but never did, because now his own kind of requires a lot of money up front, which I didn't really have. and the thing I like about drop shipping, specifically with Dan, was that you know the whole drop shipping thing is you don't pay for inventory until the customer pays for it. you know he's come on our blocks to set up and so they're following down for a while, like I said, and it soon as he nuts this course. I got it immediately, as soon as I could afford it, so I guess I. so that's kind of some history about me. but where I've come from in terms of courses and what I've tried now the mindset of kind of how I got in to his course, you know it's kind of my mindset where that came from. well, the second part of this video, what you can actually get with this. so I see there's a couple pros and cons to this course. no one's perfect, and one thing that I will say about a lot of these courses that you'll see is what really sold me on getting this Shopify freedom course was that some of the people in the Facebook group I toked to for his Amazon course. I found someone from the SSM, a group that was also in that, and he hooked me up with some of the people in there. but, uh, one thing that really stuck out to me was that his Amazon course. someone said that he recorded all the videos and put them in HD, which to me speaks quite volumes of, I think, Dan's commitment to that course and making people succeed. because, like, who does that? you know, like you have all this stuff that you've already made. it's making you money on a course like: why would you bother rerecord at all? there's didn't have to, and so, yeah, so this course is a little different from his Amazon one, because it's a different beast. now what I will say also about this course is that it is it's marketed towards beginners, like a, like a one-stop shop, and with Dan's mentorship, and that's not entirely the case, I find- and I'll get to that in a second about what I mean by that. but first off, the mentorship isn't really, you know, video calls like one-on-one with him, it's more its what it is is in the course. it says, if you message him in his partikular way, that that's the only way that he responds to you, but he doesn't respond on anything else. so it's really- and from other people that I've toked to, seems to be kind of a yes and no, but you know that also makes sense. like you gotta remember that dan also has a, you know, an Amazon course with thousands of people in it, you know. so that makes sense, that he keeps it very shortened to the point, you know, because there's a lot of people like thousands of people- I think it was Amazon course from what this one person and that group was telling me and showed me. you know, and in addition to this, so it's not just like this is his first course, is the second one, so I imagine he's quite busy with that and so what I mean by this is marketed towards beginners but isn't really- and this is something I've kind of found with a lot of other courses- is it's like this: so if you've never picked up any business books or watched really any YouTube on, kind of how the like Tai Lopez or Grant Cardone, kind of, do they're like you know, where they mentioned, like advanced business tactiks or stuff like that. like, for instance, when you're marketing on Facebook ads, like if you've never really watched any of those videos and how to like do the stuff that you kind of need to do. you know so, like, say, for instance, like customer avatar, that's right example. if you have no concept of this. this course has a lot of concepts that are gonna kind of go over your head and they take- at least for me it took- about a week to sink in when I first learned them, like hearing them over and over, constantly being reinforced, and so this course has a lot of information overload, I think, and so you don't really get to progress, you know, unless you're already familiar with the concepts, unless you're already familiar with it. so, but I think that's indicative of really any course that kind of has no fluff like this by Dan really wants you to win, so he doesn't have any, any BS in his videos, like he might caught tok for a couple extra minutes on a point to kind of reinforce it. but like that's about it, like it's right, right there about what you need. the other thing is dan shows you kind of what to do from an idea standpoint and how you need to win, which is really helpful, and then he shows you like an example of it, but not maybe necessarily do X.


what's up? guys, get in here and I've got incredibly exciting announcement to make today. this is something that I've been asked so many times- probably over a thousand times now- by thousands of my subscribers, thousands of my existing students in the econ freedom course, and it's to do with Shopify. now you're probably watching my channel. if you're watching this, or if you're new, welcome to the best online business and entrepreneurship channel that ever exists on the Internet, and my name is Dan bass- nice to meet you, but if you've been watching me for a while, then you know my story. you know two and a half years to go through. about three years ago, I started out completely broke. I was $40,000 in college debt. I was, you know, living with my parents and I was stuck in this, you know terrible city that I hated over back in Canada and I didn't know what to do, and I always do that. online business was possible, but at the time there was no good resources. there were no good resources to really start it, to really, you know, put my all into something and to really learned something, step by step: a legitimate online business stream that I could start for myself, because at the time, my goal was actually just quit my nine-to-five and travel and it's crazy to imagine this was only like two and a half years ago. I mean, now you know, at the cave, a millionaire at the age of 21. you know it's crazy because at 20- literally at 19, 20- I was cleaning windows. and I mean, you know, people have seen my youtube channel, people have seen my videos at the beginning of my story. they're like my earliest videos on my youtube. you know, I was cleaning windows to put in money into my very first online business, which was Amazon FBA, and so ever since then, I became very successful at Amazon FBA. I also committed to creating the world's best YouTube channel and the world's best training programs for online business, because I want to help you know the next and best, the next person out there who you, you know, you're watching right now. I wanted to help someone in your shoes- you know the damn bass of the past- the person out there who's really trying to you know, succeed with Amazon or Shopify. and that way, you know, I took everything that I knew and I created the account freedom which went on to be the one of the world's most successful Amazon FBA programs are definitely, in my eyes, the best because I've been mentoring students every single day in their for the past two and a half years, and so my goal on creating the world's best Amazon FBA program, that was, you know, the easiest program to help people go from zero to success on Amazon and that's job with the countless amounts of success stories out there in the econ freedom course, that was for Amazon. my goal there was accomplished. but the other half of my goal was to also learn how to build and scale a multi-million dollar brand with Shopify, and I knew there was more than just the original, you know, the simple drop shipping model. and so when I really started to get into it, I actually spent over $300,000 just learning Facebook ads. and you know, at the time when I was first starting an online business, I knew that Facebook Ads were like the most valuable skill, because if you know them properly, you can literally take any product out there and you can blow it up to a seven figure and eight figure business like within a matter of weeks and months, and you can do that in any country. but you know, it all comes down to skills, and so for me, at the time when I was first starting out, I didn't have the steel and there was nobody out there. it seemed like all the Shopify courses were just like nonsense, basically, and the Facebook ad sections were like literally outdated information. they weren't working. and I was trying to figure it out day and night, even though I was already experienced with ecommerce. so, after spending a ton of money trying to figure out Facebook guys and after, really, you know, just hammering the wall trying to get my e-commerce brand up and running, because I set myself a goal: I wanted to build a multi-million dollar ecommerce brand on Shopify with nothing else but, you know, Facebook ads in paid ads, and I wanted to start out with drop shipping and then figure out from there. and so that's exactly what I did. and if around the same time, when I started to learn it and then I started to become successful with it, I started making amazing YouTube videos on my youtube channel, which I'm sure you know about, because if you're watching this, then I'm sure you've watched the Shopify videos as well. and as I made more and more videos on shop buy, on drop shipping and on, you know, just building a profitable drop shipping business, I realized that there was no good training out there. that was like a one-stop solution, step by step, from zero, all the way to becoming not only a master at Shopify, but like literally becoming a master at Facebook Ads, because that's probably the most important skill to the Shopify. if you don't know how to do Facebook Ads properly, then you know you have to rely on free traffic and that's gonna take forever, right? so, after literally thousands of people have asked me: hey, Dad, when is your Shopify course coming out? when is your shop by training coming out? I committed to making the world's best Shopify, drop shipping and ecommerce brand training in the world, and I finally accomplished my goal, and this is what I've been working on for the past months, and literally 15 hours a day for the past entire month. now, this is what I've been working on, and so I'm finally proud to announce the release of the Shopify freedom course, the world's best one-stop shop buy drop shipping course that will take you from zero all the way, just not only to drop shipping, but all the way from zero to building a multi-million dollar ecommerce fan. and I'm toking about first zero to six figures, and then from six figures to seven figures, and from seven figures to eight figures. and this course is not like all the other, you know, Shopify drop shipping courses out there. the problem with all the other courses and trainings out there: they're very, you know, short-sighted. in short, you know, short minded. they don't think about the long term. and one of the most important lessons that I learned in business was that if you want success- really like lasting success- then you have to think long term and you have to make money in the long run. you have to set yourself up a business in the long run, and so the only way to do that is by building an e-commerce brand on Shopify. and so, with the shelf life breed, of course, I decided to really guide you from zero all the way to, you know, finding the best possible product to start dropshipping with, and then also to really, you know, applying the strategies that multi-million dollar stores out there are doing every single day. right now, I own a multi-million dollar ecommerce store and I've actually, you know, actually toked about it a lot on my recent videos. I'm a recent lives and I'm learning every single day, and I've learned a hell of a lot doing it, and my goal with my own e-commerce brand on Shopify is to sell it for over a hundred million within the next, within like a few years. and so you know, every single day I'm doing it and as soon as part of my goal. that way, you know, I wanted to build out with the best training that you know, constantly updating, and you know I put my all onto shelf, my freedom, you'll see. as soon as you enroll, you'll see that every single video, every single part of the course is, you know, has so much detail, not to mention that there's over 75 videos- and these are strategies that will actually work for you to start making sales, like today or tonight. you know, the faster you can get your store up and running, the faster you'll make sales. and the most important part is long term. and that's how I structure the course: to go from zero to building a multi-million dollar, the e-commerce brand that you can later sell, and it's actually an asset, and it's not just that. you know get-rich-quic.