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shopify galleria theme

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Hi everyone, my name is Tim and I am the founder of Mile High Themes. Today, I am really excited to introduce you to version 3 of our Galleria theme. This update supports the online store 2.0 features that Shopify recently released.

Key Features:

- We reimagined the theme from the ground up to improve performance, search engine optimization, and accessibility.

- We took great care in building and testing this theme to ensure that it scored extremely well in the latest benchmarking tools that Google uses.

- The theme comes with three separate preset styles or demos: Empire, Boutique, and Showroom.

- The column slideshow is unique to the Galleria theme and it allows you to create a two, three, or four column slider that showcases all of your information right on the page without having to scroll through individual slides.

- The mega menu is a multi-column menu where you can add images, links, and text to promote individual products or collections.

- The gallery section is extremely flexible and allows you to create eye-catching and unique grid layouts for promotions or whatever else you'd like to use it for.

- Advanced group filtering and the new storefront filtering options allow you to filter out large groups of products really quickly by selecting check boxes.

- The new live predictive search displays results right away as you start typing in keywords.

- The theme includes a few different templates for you to choose from that are already laid out, making it easier to achieve different layouts for your product pages.

- The purchase of this theme or anything that we sell comes with friendly, top-notch technical support that you can call on at any time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this short video. Please check out our support site for a lot of useful video tutorials, articles, and other information to help you take your store to the next level. Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day!

Galleria Shopify Theme Overview (Version 2.0)

Hi there! This is Tim from MileHighThemes.com. We're the creators of the Galleria theme. In this video, I'll show you some of the features of the theme, which has just been released in version 2.0.

- Galleria theme version 2.0 is completely redesigned from the ground up.

- There are lots of new options to explore.


- Three different demos: Empire (large inventory tech bags), Boutique (small to medium-sized fashion), and Showroom (small to medium-sized office furniture).

- Unique column slideshow on the home page that has the text for all the slides visible and the image changes seamlessly when hovering over it.

- Featured collection section with new options for presenting collections such as circles, squares, and portrait images.

- Gallery section with options to choose different color, size, and grid types.

- Standard list of featured products and a video section.

- Testimonials that scroll through with optional author images.

- Large image hero with text, latest blog posts, Instagram section, and a map section with Google Maps integration.

- Newsletter section that will appear on every page of your site if you want.

- Two different menu styles: horizontal and hamburger menu option.

- Advanced group filtering built-in for larger stores that have a lot of products.

- Quick view function to quickly access product information.

- Built-in support for Shopify product reviews and swatch support for color options.

- Related products based on other products in the collection.

- New page templates such as lookbook and FAQ.

- Different layouts for your blog such as columns and a list.

- Contact us page with built-in Google Map and contact form.

- Galleria theme version 2.0 is well optimized for speed with lazy loading and snappy experience.

- You can try the theme on Shopify theme store before purchasing it.

- Galleria theme is a great option for any product line, whether you have a really large inventory or a really small inventory.

Structuring and customizing product pages in Online Store 2.0 Shopify themes

In this video, Tim from Mile High Themes discusses how to structure a product page and use custom product templates. He uses the Showtime demo as an example to show the basic product information, recommended products, and sections.

Product Information:

Tim talks about the product information section on the right side of the page, where you can toggle on and off different features such as the product title, price, variant selector, stock status, etc. He explains how you can remove and add blocks and drag them to different positions on the page.

Adding Custom Blocks:

Tim also shows how you can add custom blocks to the layout of the product page, such as text blocks, quantity selectors, pickup availability, accordions of text, product rating, contact form, and more. He demonstrates how you can choose to display them as drop-down menus or buttons.

Using Sections:

Tim discusses how you can use the online store 2.0 features to add sections to every product page, including static ones that show the same information for all products and dynamic ones that are customized for each product. He shows how to create a custom product template and assign it to specific products.

Tim concludes the video by encouraging viewers to contact the Mile High Themes support staff for any questions or concerns.

Galleria Shopify Theme Overview and Features

Hi there, this is Tim from Mile High Themes. I'm the creator of the Galleria theme, and this video is designed to give you a brief overview of some of the theme's great features.

- Three different style presets or demos are included with this theme: Empire, Showroom, and Boutique.

- The theme is versatile and suitable for just about any product line.

- The homepage has great sections that make it possible to do just about anything you want.


- The homepage includes a column slideshow that's an excellent alternative to a traditional rotating slideshow.

- There are 13 different sections included in the theme, such as a collections list, video option, gallery of images, scrolling widget of testimonials, Google map function, and social media feed.

- The theme has three different styles of navigation options: horizontal menu, minimal design, and traditional menu icon.

- The collection page has sorting capabilities, two different styles for the grid of products, and a quick view feature.

- The product page has built-in support for Shopify's free product reviews application and the ability to add tabs to product descriptions.

- The Galleria theme is a great choice for anyone with a store, from a very large inventory to even a single product.

- With its unique features and versatile design, the Galleria theme is sure to make your store stand out.

Setting up the gallery and lookbook (Galleria 2.0+)

- Tim from Mile High Themes introducing the Galleria theme's new gallery section in version 2.0

- Excited about the new section and its capabilities

How to Set up the Gallery Section:

- Go to theme settings and add gallery section under images

- Optional heading and description, choose background color

- Stacked layout option removes margins between images and full width of screen

- Enlarge images on click or specify separate links

- Overlay option for easier text reading on images, choose color and hover state options

- Improved mobile readability option for stacked layout on mobile devices

Options for Images:

- Add image, choose heading and description text, specify link

- Choose image width based on 12 column grid, set to equal 12 in each row for uniformity

- Flexibility in layout as long as images add up to 12 in each row

- Choose text position (top, bottom, or middle) and positioning (left, center, or right)

- Choose individual text color for each image

Lookbook Page:

- Separate page template introduced in version 2.0

- Similar options to gallery section

- Use page template in Shopify and choose look page option

- Standalone page with text on images, margins between images, and lightbox function

- Gallery section and lookbook page offer flexibility and options for promotions, sales, collections, and more

- Contact support at Mile High Themes with any questions

- Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Setting up Mega Menus in the ShowTime and Galleria Themes

Hi there, this is Tim from Mile High Themes. In this video, I will be showing you how to create multicolor mega menus in your navigation using the Shopify platform. This is a great way to organize your navigation if you have a lot of items in there.


1. Enable Mega Menus in the Theme Settings

- Go to the theme you want to edit and choose customize

- Click on the header option

- Make sure mega menu is selected under navigation and the type

- Choose the main menu as the primary menu and save

2. Go to Online Store and Navigate to Navigation

- Drag and drop menu items to reorder them

- Add a menu item and create four columns

3. Create Sub-Columns for Each Column

- Nest further menus under each column

- Link items as desired

By following these steps, you can create a multicolor mega menu in your navigation that will help organize your site's content. Remember, you can have two, three, or four columns, and you can customize the links as desired. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for using the Showtime theme!

Using dynamic sources in your product and page templates

In this video, Tim from Mile High Themes demonstrates how to create custom product and page templates using metafields instead of creating alternate templates. This functionality is supported in all of their themes that support online store 2.0 functionality.


1. Customize the theme.

2. Go to the product page.

3. Choose a default product.

4. Add dynamic content.

5. Use metafields to create dynamic content.

6. Create a duplicate product template.

7. Choose a template for the product.

8. Customize the template in the metafields.

9. Use dynamic sources to connect the metafields.

10. Apply the dynamic content to the product page.

Using metafields is an efficient way to create dynamic content for product pages without having to create a custom template for each product. By creating a duplicate product template and using dynamic sources, users can easily reuse the same template for multiple products and change the metafield values for each product. This saves time and effort, making the process more efficient.

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