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shopify get a quote

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey everybody, Justin Cener here. Today, I want to share with you how to create personalized sales quotes on Shopify using an app called Quote Machine. This is a popular strategy to sell more and give extra attention to high-ticket or high-profit orders. Creating customized sales quotes can help close deals, upsell, secure big payments, and make customers feel comfortable.

- Personalized sales quotes on Shopify

- Popular strategy to sell more

- Extra attention for high-ticket orders

- Benefits of customized sales quotes

Using Quote Machine:

- No built-in way for customers to request quotes

- App integration with Shopify

- Easy to use and set up

- No prior technical experience required

- Quote Machine link provided

Setting up Quote Machine:

- Adding app to Shopify store

- Onboarding dashboard

- Customizing brand information and colors

- Free onboarding session available

- Adding request a quote form to cart page

Sending customized quotes:

- Starting a new quote

- Entering customer information

- Adding products and setting unit cost

- Applying discounts

- Probability to win and win rate

- Adding notes and appointments

- Rearranging product order

- Total cost and accepting deposits

- Quote Machine is a powerful app for creating personalized sales quotes on Shopify

- Easy to use and set up, with full customization options

- Benefits include closing more sales, upselling, and making customers feel comfortable

- Use Quote Machine to give extra attention to high-ticket or high-profit orders and increase conversion rates.

Send Custom Invoices (Shopify Basics)

In this article, we will be discussing how to set up draft orders and invoices on Shopify while on the phone with a customer. This is particularly useful for edge cases where customers may not be able to use the online checkout process.

Setting up Draft Orders:

1. Go to the Orders section on the dashboard.

2. Click on Drafts.

3. Click on Create Order.

4. Search for the products you want to add to the order and select the quantity.

5. Apply any discounts directly to the order.

6. Select an existing customer or create a new one.

7. Save the draft order or email the invoice to the customer.

8. If the customer sends payment through a different method, mark the order as paid and it will move to the Orders section.

Creating draft orders and invoices on Shopify is a simple process that can be done while on the phone with a customer. This allows for easy customer service and helps capture sales in edge cases where customers cannot use the online checkout process.

🚨How to get the best quotation from your supplier | Shopify Dropshipping🚨

- Shipping costs from your supplier are a major cost associated with running a Drop Shipping business.

- Having a favorable deal is key.

- In this video, we will show you what you can do to have the best quotes and negotiate with your supplier.


1. Don't waste time:

- Give your supplier correct and accurate information.

- Have all the details ready, including a clear photo or a product link showing the variance and quantity.

- This way, your supplier will assume you are experienced and you will generate good feedback.

2. Try to find leverage:

- Use proof of your business or fulfillment to give you leverage in a negotiation.

- Inform the supplier of your past history if you are an experienced e-commerce store owner.

- If you are new, then you can tell your supplier that you have a suitable ad budget and are looking to drive sales to your store.

- This way, your supplier will be more likely to hear you out.

3. Communication:

- Communication is a key factor for a good price negotiation.

- Try to find a balance to enable you to get the best deal.

4. Talk to multiple suppliers:

- It's important to check with multiple suppliers.

- Let each one of them know that you're getting another quote from the other.

- This way, you know you're getting a fair market price.

5. Try to get a recommendation:

- Getting a recommendation for a supplier from fellow e-commerce store owners allows you to get the best quotations.

- Ask around e-commerce communities on social media platforms like Discord or Facebook.

- This helps a lot as you don't want to risk your business with an unknown supplier who may scam or may not be experienced enough.

- Follow these tips to get the best quotes and negotiate with your supplier for shipping costs.

- Don't waste time, find leverage, communicate effectively, talk to multiple suppliers, and try to get a recommendation.

- With these tips, you can save money and ensure that your shipping costs are favorable for your Drop Shipping business.


In this video from Ecom Insiders, James takes a look at PersonalFairy.com, a print-on-demand store that is doing incredibly well with over 17,000 reviews and a focus on dogs and cats. James estimates that the store could be making anywhere from $1 million to $2 million in revenue. He also notes the importance of finding winning designs and capitalizing on them, as well as the use of personalization to create unique products. The store's Facebook ads showcase their popular Every Snack You Make design, with over 159,000 likes on the t-shirt version and over 5,000 comments. Overall, PersonalFairy.com serves as a great example of a successful print-on-demand store.


Hey guys, welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Kamil Sanon, aka Thee Con King, and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In today's video, I'll be sharing my top 10 favorite products for the month of January and Valentine's Day. These products are new year bangers and hidden Valentine gems that are forever green. I've done extensive research on industry-leading websites like Peaks to Sell and Amazon, as well as Google Trends and TikTok to ensure these products are trending and have massive potential.

Product 1: Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

- Nearly 600 orders and 4.8-star reviews on AliExpress

- Based on gestures, the robot responds to your actions with different movements

- Great potential for success with gesture-based products

- Recommended product price: $44.99, cost: $24.37, profit margin: 20%

- Perfect gift for kids and RC fanatics; promotes creativity and fun activity without relying on screens

- Target e-packet countries (except for Mexico, Brazil, and Italy) or top 6 countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland)

- Recommended interests: Hot Toys, toys, gadget geeks, kids

- Ad copy: Smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for signing and dancing in response to your actions. The best gift for children and RC fanatics. Reduces screen time. Shop here!

Product 2: Thick Knitted Turtleneck Shirt

- Almost 2,000 orders and 3,000 combined orders on AliExpress

- Fur interior to keep you warm during the winter season

- Designed for the female fashion market with great potential

- Recommended product price: $44.99, cost: $11.71, profit margin: 23%

- Luxury material for maximum comfort, soft stretchy, and warm

- Avoid one size fits all and include a size guide

- Offer quantity breaks and bold guarantees to increase purchase rate

- Target interests: Asos clothing, H&M, Zara

- Ad copy: Spend the winter without getting cold. Free shipping worldwide. Shop here!

These are my top 10 favorite products for the month of January and Valentine's Day. Remember to focus on advertising, particularly video ads, to ensure success with these products. Also, consider using a reliable supplier like USA Dropship to improve shipping times. Don't forget to check out the free Google Doc sheet containing all the information for these products and launch ads for video editing expertise. Happy selling!

Shopify Marketing Secrets to Get Customers

Hey, Salvador Braverman here, and today I want to talk about easy ways to market your Shopify store and boost sales. We will cover how to get traffic, market your store, and increase conversions.

Easy Ways to Boost Sales:

- Simplify the user experience

- Focus on the product page

- Add credibility elements

- Use urgency to encourage action

- Address cart abandonment

- Segment your audience for targeted marketing

Simplifying the User Experience:

- Pretend you are a stranger and view your store with fresh eyes

- Simplify navigation and core offerings

- Make sure the main product is clear

- Reduce overwhelm and confusion

Focus on the Product Page:

- Have high-resolution photos and videos

- Provide good specs and education about the product

- Include teaser text to highlight value

- Use a reasonable price point

- Provide easy access to the product catalog

Add Credibility Elements:

- Collect reviews and testimonials

- Leverage social proof through influencer marketing

- Use secure payment systems and frameworks

- Build trust through good design and layout

Use Urgency to Encourage Action:

- Create time-based discounts

- Offer seasonal sales with specific durations

- Use email reminders to encourage checkout completion

Address Cart Abandonment:

- Identify where people are abandoning their carts

- Create targeted campaigns to encourage completion

- Use retargeting ads to remind people of their abandoned cart

Segment Your Audience for Targeted Marketing:

- Separate buyers and non-buyers on your email list

- Create specific messaging for each group

- Use targeted ads and promotions for each group

Boosting sales on your Shopify store is a matter of simplifying the user experience, focusing on the product page, adding credibility elements, using urgency, addressing cart abandonment, and segmenting your audience. By implementing these tactics, you can increase conversions, attract more customers, and grow your business.

Make Money Online | Top Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

In this article, we will be discussing three winning products that you can start trying out and selling today, as well as an amazing place where you can find some of the best products available for dropshipping.

Product 1: Multi-function Laser Angle Rule Protractor

- Useful tool for DIY enthusiasts

- Enables users to put laser lines on walls, hang paintings straight, fit kitchens, and more

- Attractive and small design

- Limited product description, but self-explanatory

- Target audience: DIY niches, home improvement enthusiasts

Product 2: Desk Posture Corrector

- Lightweight and easy to pack away

- Helps with posture problems and strains on legs

- Limited product description, but can be creative with benefits

- Includes video and straightforward to fit to any desk

- Target audience: Desk workers, people interested in posture and health

Product 3: Pet Car Seat Belt

- Safer for pets and drivers in the car

- Comes with a detailed product description and review video

- Upsell opportunities with other pet products

- Target audience: Pet owners, people interested in pet safety and comfort

To access these winning products and more, visit the fulfillment.com product catalog. With their quality products, aftercare, and agent services, you can set up your dropshipping business properly and avoid problems down the line. Which of these products is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to the fulfillment channel for more tips and tricks on improving your dropshipping game.

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