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shopify gift card apps

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Best Gift Apps for Shopify - Shopify Gift Card Apps

[Music],what's up everybody it's jamie here from,shopify masterclass and in this video,we're going to go over the best gift,card apps for your shopify store so gift,cards are great because it's going to,let your customers buy something for,maybe a loved one or a family member,without actually having to choose the,product they might know a partikular,niche they like or a partikular brand,such as your store and they want to give,that to a loved one or a friend but they,don't know exactly what they want and,maybe they want to give an exact dollar,amount or something like that so these,apps let customers buy gift cards for,your shop which is great for you because,it's going to be revenue in your pocket,even though you haven't sent the order,out yet and so you can keep that until,they purchase it there,for example if you look at a company,like starbucks which has over a billion,dollars in outstanding gift cards at any,time they can then use that cash for,other things and then as customers will,go purchase it later and so they have to,wait before they provide that service to,the customer and it's a great way to,build a connection with your brand as,well and maybe spread the message,without actually purchasing your,products yet so in this video we're,going to go over the best gift card apps,for your shopify store before i get into,it i just want to quickly thank our,sponsor,[Applause],so you can get the full list from our,ecommerce educated there's only four,apps in this list it says three here but,we're just about to add another one and,it's not very long it's not too many,gift card apps which makes it really,easy for you to choose so the first one,we go over today is called grow wave and,so they have gift cards as part of their,loyalty setup so they have a loyalty,program forward referral product reviews,and gift cards combined all into one all,in one app,which makes it easy if you already have,it and you can integrate it in or maybe,you're looking for a loyalty program,like grow wave as well,in terms of pricing it starts at 19 a,month and goes all the way up to 90 000,a month,here the pricing comparison is a little,more expensive than the other ones,because it's an all-in-one solution,adding multiple features together such,as rewards the wish list reviews,instagram usage ucg user generated,content as well as gift cards on top,in terms of their reviews they have over,15 almost 1500 reviews at a 4.9 rating,which is excellent so the second app,we'll look at today is gift cards and,loyalty programs so again a loyalty,program attached this but gift cards are,included that's a great great way to,stay connected with certain customers,which are loyal to your program,in terms of screenshots here,they have a fully customizable locality,program the ability to send out branded,gift cards,and they have inability to generate,referrals,and credit solutions store credit,refunds and so this is again an,all-in-one app,and it starts at 29 20 a month,essentially all the way up to 600 which,is definitely on the pricier end here as,it provides so many features the next,two apps are provided by the same brand,but they are very targeted towards gift,cards,so as they mentioned fully branded gift,cards your own logo and you can make,them mobile printer family,friendly for your shopify pos,as you can see here is what they look,like,so you get a really nice ability to,customize it there for your customers,and it is more affordable at 19.99 per,month however there is a one-time design,or integration fee,there is different bulk options,available for you to work with their,designer to create your own branded gift,card which can appear really nice for,your store,the next one here is shopkeeper easy,easy gift cards and same thing,allow customizable gift cards and so,this one i don't think it is with the,designer it lets you essentially create,not a branded one but a generic gift,card which can save you especially if,you don't want to pay that 200,integration fee or design fee up front,as for the costs it's at 999 a month,which is very affordable along with the,10 day free trial just so you can test,it out and see what it looks like here's,the reviews it has six reviews at five,star rating which is good not a lot of,reviews but at the very good rating,so overall this concludes the video on,the best gift card apps for your shopify,store if you like this video i thought,if you smash that like button below if,you have any questions leave a comment,and if you haven't yet please subscribe,thank you for watching,[Music]

Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough

Hey, everybody. This is Ori from Astral Web.,And today I'm going to introduce the Shopify gift card functionality.,So what are Shopify gift cards?,Gift cards are a product that a customer can go to the store and buy an amount,,a dollar amount of money that they can use in a future purchase.,Typically, they are given as gifts just like the name is said, the gift card.,So if my friend has some kind of event, or birthday, or something, and I'm not sure what to get them,,I might want to get them a gift card so they can take that amount of credit, that amount of money,,and then use it to buy, any time they want in the future, from my store.,That's kind of the idea. So let's tok about gift cards, right?,It's a built-in functionality in Shopify and I want to show you a few things.,So, first of all, there's two ways customers can actually get a gift card.,Number one, they actually go to the site and they browse.,Here I set up a demo site.,And they can actually go and find a product, add to cart, and buy.,The second one is you can actually issue a gift card for free to a customer.,So, for example, maybe you had an issue with the customer as a business and you wanted to give them a,free gift card, or maybe you had like a lottery or a contest, you want to issue it.,So you can basically go here and issue the gift card.,This is the code that they'll be able to redeem it.,You can put the amount either your own or one of these set ones.,You can tie into a specific customer so that customer will get an email alert or if not you can just,copy-paste this, give it to them.,And you can make an expiry time.,Sometimes you want to have it expire.,For example, you can only use a gift card for one year maximum.,And then here you can put some internal notes.,When you click on this, let's look at an example.,Okay. So when you click on this, let's say I issued a $25 one,,and I won't have an expiry, and I click on send, the customer...so the gift card was created and then,there is a code. You can actually email this to them or they can actually get an email themselves, right?,So let's go here.,And let me check my email.,Here is my gift card. I got an email.,Here it is. It's available.,I click on View as a customer, of course, and then here it is.,Have some kind of design, my company name, the business name, the shop, the redeem itself.,This QR code is basically the same code.,So you can do that.,And that's it.,So as a customer, I'd copy this, go proceed, you know, to shop, buy stuff, use it in the checkout.,And we'll show that a little bit later. Okay.,So let's tok about what you can do as a business before we show the customer experience.,So first of all, I actually want to create one, right?,So let's go and create a product.,So I click here, create new product.,Right now I have one.,But if you just set it up, you have to actually, you know, click on set up for the first time, right?,And then you're going to click on Add the product and you're going to create a product.,So let's call it Holiday Gift Card.,And you do kind of the same things you do when you upload an actual product in Shopify.,It's just a little simpler.,There's a little bit less functionality, okay?,So, "this is a test for our video.",Okay. And then you upload a media, right?,So a main image or multiple images.,So, for example, I'm just going to put this image.,Okay. Obviously, I can upload multiple images.,And now here, I'm going to specify the denomination.,So if you want the customer to be able to select a different amount, you can put the denominations,,but if you don't want, let's show an example here.,Let's say I only have...the whole thing is $100.,You can't purchase anything else from $100.,I can edit the SEO things, tags, assign them to Collections.,These are all the default stuff when you add a product.,So if you're not sure about this, you can go to our other videos.,You can just find this for a...our other videos.,So now I'm going to specify, obviously, I want them to be in both of my channels.,If I want, I can specify a publication date.,That's, again, just for a different video and I click on Save.,When I clicked on Save, I'm going to actually view it.,I want to show this to you. Okay.,And you can see...now you see the customer can only select their own, right?,So just...sorry, only select one.,Now if I want multiple denominations, I would go here and I would specify let's add variant.,Okay. And I would ask, let's just say $150 as well. Okay.,I can put obviously a SKU and things like that but right now...sorry, let's do $150.,Let's call it and that's it.,So these are really just the normal variants.,Okay. So I'm going to go here.,Refresh my page.,And now you can see I have two different ones.,So let's put the $150, for example.,And I'm going to purchase this as a customer.,Okay. Actually, I'm going to do one more thing.,So I want to show you some settings before we do the customer itself.,So let's go back to Products and Gift cards and I'm going to manage my products.,And now I have this one, is the one I just created.,So you can see. Created it now.,There are a few settings.,So I want to show this before we do the customer experience.,So what can we do?,Number one is if you go to the Settings themselves and you go to Gift cards right here,,you have two very simple settings.,Number one is you can specify if gift cards expire or not.,Not every country allows this.,It actually says it here.,So it depends on kind of the rules of your business in your country, are you allowed to have them expire?,If you do want, you can change the duration to days, months, or years, and just put a number.,The second thing you can do is add a small button.,So you can see it right here on View gift card.,You can add a small button right here called Add to Apple wallet.,And if they have an iPhone, there'll be a small icon right here.,And they can basically save it in their wallet.,It's all so it's easy for them to remember this code when they actually want to shop.,So it's pretty simple.,Not too useful.,Very specific to iPhone and not everybody uses it but sometimes it doesn't hurt.,So it's kind of up to you. Okay.,So let's go here.,So if you do have the Apple wallet pass, if you do want to add the button,,you can actually customize how this looks.,So you can change the title, the colors a little bit, and the banner itself.,So you can see here. This is a "TEST.",You can see it changed here.,I can change some of the colors, right?,The actual text. Let's make something with more contrast.,The secondary text, a little more contrast.,And you can also upload your own logo and your own banner, right?,So you can do that, upload, but I'm not going to show you right now.,Pretty simple.,If it's good, you save it. Okay.,So let's see what else we have here.,Let's go to Products, Gift cards, and let's go here to my products.,Okay. So now...oh, there is one more thing, sorry, in the settings.,Now I remember.,There is Notifications.,So when a customer actually purchases a gift card, they pay successfully, they make a checkout, they pay,,they actually are going to get an email saying, okay, you know, "Thank you for your order.",And then, "Here is your gift card," just like you saw right here, right?,They're going to get this email.,Now if you want to customize this email, you can, right?,So what you do is you go to Settings, you go to Notifications, and then you search for gifts,,and you got it right here. Okay.,So if you click on this, you can customize subject and you can customize,the email body.,Now if you're not familiar with how the emails work, you've got to be careful.,But here's the simple rule.,There's a lot of words. You can change the words.,For example, "Your gift card is now available," and it should be right here, right?,But if you notiked, there's all these like different what we call variables, right? So different things.,So you don't really want to touch it if you're not sure but what that means is it's using Shopify'

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How to set up giftcards || Shopify Help Center

Gift cards give customers a way to support the brands they love and provide you with,more cash flow.,I’m going to take you through the quick and easy gift card setup in the Shopify admin,today.,After you follow this guide, customers will be able to purchase digital gift cards on,your online store.,Hey everyone, I’m Aly!,Before we get started, it’s important to remember that gift cards can only be redeemed,through sales channels that use the Shopify checkout - like your online store, the POS,or the Buy Button.,If your customer buys your products through a sales channel that has a checkout on a third-party,website, like Amazon, the gift card cannot be redeemed.,All gift card payments must be processed through Shopify checkout.,Let’s move over to the Shopify admin and get started by enabling gift cards.,From your Shopify admin click Products.,Then, click Gift cards.,On the new page, you have the option to Sell gift cards or Send Gift cards.,I’ll cover issuing free gift cards in the next video, which is a great option for promotions,,contests or offering store credit.,For now, click Sell Gift cards.,The next step is to create a gift card product for customers to purchase.,Edit the gift card’s title and include a brief description.,Then click Add media or drag and drop an image or media file.,It’s good practike to add an image to create a better shopping experience on your online,store.,If you’d like a free high quality image of gift cards for your own store, visit Burst.shopify.com.,If you include an image with your gift card product, this image is only shown on the online,store.,The default image showing here is what customers will actually see when they’re sent their,gift card.,Next, there’s a few default denominations created already in the currency of your store.,Each denomination is saved as a variant.,Hit the trash can icon to remove variants, or click Add denomination to create a new,variant.,Make sure that the denominations you offer make sense for the products that you’re,selling.,Here I’m adding a new 30 dollar denomination.,If the average product in your store costs about 200 dollars, then it’s best to add,denominations of similar value.,Since customers can’t choose custom denominations, it’s best to add new variants with a variety,of values.,I’m going to leave the Search engine listing preview as is, but you can edit this section,if you’d like.,Under Product availability, click Manage and select the sales channels where you’d like,to make your gift card available for purchase.,You can also click the calendar icon beside Online store to set a specific publishing,date if you’d like.,Keep in mind you can only add this product to the navigation menu after it’s been published.,The details you see under Organization are optional, but let’s quickly go through them.,First, there is Product type which is a category for the product.,You can use the product type as a condition for an automated collection, or to filter,products in the Shopify admin.,The Vendor is the manufacturer, wholesaler, or other vendor for the product.,Since this is your own gift card, you can enter your own business name here.,You can also add the gift card directly into a manual collection by searching in the collection,field.,Finally, Tags are searchable keywords associated with your gift card.,Tags help customers find your product through your online store search, and you can also,use them to create automated collections.,When you’re done adding information, click Save.,Now that your gift card is saved, I’m going to show you where to find the gift card in,your Shopify admin.,Click Products, then click Gift cards.,After you sell gift cards, you’ll see them listed here with details on value, customer,information and more.,For now, click Gift card products.,From here, you can create a new gift card or edit existing ones.,I’m opening the gift card I just created.,On this page, make any edits that you need to the product details.,If you scroll to the variants section, you’ll notike new options available for editing.,Your variants may look different if your store has only one location.,To add a new denomination, click Add variant, and enter the new value.,Be sure to adjust the pricing to match the value as well.,Then click Save.,Click the arrow to go back to the product page and scroll down to the variants section.,Right now, the denominations are out of order.,To adjust this, click More options, then Reorder variants.,Then drag and drop the variants in the order you’d prefer and click Save.,At the top of the page, click Preview to see what the gift card will look like on the online,store.,How your gift card is displayed depends on the theme you’re using.,This example shows the free Shopify theme Debut.,Right now, customers can find your products through the online store search, or through,any collections you've added it to.,For example, this gift card is included in the Gifts & special events collection, which,is listed in the navigation bar.,You can also try highlighting it on your home page using the theme customizer.,Again, depending on what theme you’re using will determine what editing options are available.,Now that your gift cards are ready to purchase, subscribe now for the next video to learn,how to manually issue free gift cards.,And for more information, visit help.shopify.com.

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How to Setup Gift Cards in Shopify

in this shopify tutorial we're going to,have a look at creating gift cards that,you can add to your shopify store,so once you're in your shopify admin,click on products,and then gift cards from there you'll,see the digital gift card screen,and then you'll see two options there's,sell gift cards,an option that allows you to create a,gift card as a product,that basically users can add to their,shopping cart and purchase just like,they would any other product,and then we also have send gift cards,this option allows you to send a gift,card,code directly to a customer's email,address,this would be useful in situations let's,say you had to do a customer refund,and you wanted to send them kind of a,you know a little gift card for a future,purchase,or perhaps you wanted to send out a,special gift card to some of your loyal,customers that have,made x amount of purchases or spent a,certain amount on your store,so for this tutorial we're going to look,at the sell gift cards option,that way we'll be able to add it to the,store like a product add it to cart,and then purchase it so go ahead and,click on sell gift cards,and from here it's a lot like or almost,exactly like a product page,so you're going to go ahead and enter a,title for your gift card,and then a description,you will want to include things like the,expiration date and any other,kind of important information you can,also add,a picture here now ideally you would,have a photo of an actual gift card that,you would give out maybe something with,your logo on it,but if you don't have that you can also,grab a stok image,so i'm gonna head over to pexels.com,and search for a gift card and from,there i'm just gonna look through,uh some of the different options here,and see if there's something that um,that would work,so maybe something like this we can go,ahead and,save the image or hit free download,and from there i'll go ahead and upload,it to the,media area,so if we scroll down a bit you'll see,that by default shopify sets these,denominations for your gift card,you can certainly update these if you'd,like so if you'd like to make them,smaller you can,you know if we want to make smaller,purchasing options for people,we can certainly do that,[Music],and then we can also add denominations,as well,and we can also delete them if we decide,that we don't want to keep them,underneath the search engine listing,preview you'll see the title that we've,given the card along with the,description,[Music],you can also edit this if you'd like by,changing,the fields here you can also change the,url as well but to be honest this is,okay with me,for right now,[Music],so we've gone through kind of the,left-hand side of the page now i'm going,to look at everything that's in the,right-hand column so right now it's a,draft i'm going to go ahead and,push it to active and that way when we,save it it will actually be live on the,store which is what we want,you can also select the product type if,you wish you don't have to,the vendor which is who is selling it,which in most cases it will be you,because even if you're selling,you know different companies products,within your store,the gift card mainly will be for your,store so you would put,the store name you can also add it to a,collection if you wish,and you can also tag it so i'm going to,go ahead and,click on save,and then from there we can actually,preview it,so as you can see here we have the image,over on the left,the different denominations that we've,set up in the back end,so now you can either add it to the cart,you can also buy it right away but in,most cases i think people will add it to,the cart and then continue shopping,also by default with the theme that we,have installed and most themes will have,this as well there are share options,down here,so if we head on over to the cart the,gift card is now,in cart and ready to purchase the,customer can go ahead and check out and,purchase it just like they would any,other product,so that's it that's how to make a quick,and easy gift card within your shopify,store,be sure to subscribe to our channel for,more shopify tutorials,as well as e-commerce and marketing tips

Shopify - Add a Custom Gift Card Image

hi everyone today i've got a quick,tutorial i'm going to show you how to,change the gift card image in shopify,um so the image that i'm toking about,is not the gift card product image,it's actually the gift card image that,the,uh the person receiving the gift will,see here we've actually got the gift,card product and as you can see they've,put a custom image and that's easy to do,uh you can add the gift card product,image just the same way as you add any,product image the gift card is just like,a normal product,but so someone gets sent this gift card,and then they open up the gift card,right and this is actually the image,that they see,um it's the default shopify image it's,like not custom at all and there's no,setting for it,surprisingly,so it's hard for you as the store owner,to change this,um but it's not hard it's actually easy,to do,we just need to change one line of code,i'm going to show you how to do that,right now,it only takes a couple of minutes oh and,i'm showing you on,impulse the theme is called impulse but,it's going to be pretty much the same,for every theme you just need to find a,file called,uh giftcard.liquid,so,here we are on the themes page we are,going to go to actions,and then we're going to write,we're going to click edit code,to go into the,into the code editor in shopify,oh and by the way you can preview your,gift card,by opening up the theme customizer,by opening up the theme editor and then,just going to,under the template selector you would,click others,and then under others you can find the,gift card template,that's how you preview your gift card,image,okay so once we are on the,code editor page,just search for the word gift and you're,going to want to find,the gift card.liquid template which is,under the templates folder not the one,which is under the layouts folder,so let's click on that and,we're just going to scroll through this,until we find the actual image,and if you want to do this a little bit,faster,um,you can just search i pressed command f,or control f on windows to search,img,and here we can see the image and it's,gift card slash card.jpg,and then it has shopify asset url here,so all we're going to do is change this,to an image that we have uploaded,okay and,where are we going to upload the image,we're going to upload the image to the,assets folder here,this assets folder just contains all the,various images,i'll clear this out the assets folder,contains all the various uh images and,other assets for our theme,and we're just going to add our image,there,this is the image that they've sent me,that they want to use,for their gift card,and so i'm just going to say add a new,ass so i'm uploading a file called,giftcard.jpg,this is our,uh,our new image all right so now it's at,asset giftcard.jpg,and,all i need to do is,change the name here so we're gonna,change this to gift,underscorecard.jpg that's the name of my,file,and also instead of shopify asset url,it's just gonna be asset url,okay,that shopify part means that it's one of,the,default shopify assets,whereas asset url is for our assets,folder,and that's it that's all there is to it,our image is there right,there's our image,there we've added it into the code,we're going to save,and then on this page we can refresh,and there you can see our new gift card,image,so yeah keep in mind any image that you,use,um,will be underneath it'll just be used as,a background right it'll be underneath,the actual gift card value and the gift,card code,so probably just don't put any text,in the middle there that would get,covered up by those elements,yeah that's all there is to it i hope,that helped if you have any questions,let me know in the comments,good luck

Gift Cards | Shopify Tutorial

this tutorial is powered by askquest.com,get help with your website on demand and,don't forget,subscribe for more tutorials,hi everyone so the question is how do,you sell physical gift cards,in your online shopify store just like,you do,in optifi pos and the question is,twofold,how do you sell physical gift cards and,is there an option,to generate a bunch of random codes for,these gift cards and getting printed on,gift cards,and the answer is yes to both so the,first part of this question,is that you're going to want to create a,product,and you can name this whatever you want,to name it,i named mine physical gift card and what,you're going to want to do is you're,going to set up a product,uh for your physical gift cards that you,want to ship out,you're going to want to make sure the,product availability is,for your online store uh you can add,your description if you want,you can add your uh to collections tags,uh images etc you can add all your,variants if you're going to do,different variant pricing 10 15,50 100 whatever you want to do whether,you're charging your taxes or not,uh whether you want to keep your,inventory,um but you're definitely going to want,to make sure you mark this as a physical,product,um and you can charge shipping or,whatever you want to do,through the fulfillment service as well,so you're going to want to set up this,product and after that's done say,someone has bought,a a product a physical gift card from,your store,so if i go into and i believe i have one,in my orders that i did a test run of,all right so you you see that uh i have,sent out a test gift card right here,and i fulfilled it and if i click into,this,so this isn't linked to obviously i,don't have you know blank gift cards,with me,so how am i going to make sure that this,is linked,uh with the order right so what you're,going to want to do,is that if you go into back to products,go to gift cards,once someone buys um a physical gift,card you can,issue gift card click issue gift card,over here,select the value that they bought it for,and then you're going to want to connect,the customer to the gift card so,by their email address or whatever,they've added here,you can add a note here and an expiry,date as well,so you're going to want to do that and,so this is,this can work you know both ways if you,have,a bunch of blank physical gift cards you,can use these codes as well,and print them on it or if you already,have gift cards,with codes on them and you want to link,it to,this custom purchase all you have to do,is click this edit button,and change this code to what's on the,back of that,that gift card um as soon as you change,that,issue gift card that code will be linked,to that physical gift card,and then you can ship it out and there,you go um,i also wanted to show you if you wanted,to generate a,bulk of discount codes at once,and you wanted to get you know them,printed is,you can do bulk discount code generator,uh,it's a free app by suguno so you just,install this app,um and then all you have to click is,once you're in your apps,click create discount set you can do a,bunch of uh,random codes here you can set the code,length,uh they also have you know different,types of,advanced options there and then you can,do,a bunch of different discount types as,well you know a fixed amount,or a percentage free shipping tax get,why,uh if you're doing the you know the gift,card it's probably going to be,um the fixed amount you can also do it,by the specific products as well,um uh customer,eligibility a bunch of different stuff,you can change in in this app,so to answer your question yes you can,issue physical gift cards through,shopify store,you would just simply have them purchase,the gift card set up the product,let them purchase the gift card go into,your gift cards,issue a gift card and link that,code to the gift card that you're going,to be sending,to the customer and there you go hope,that helps and i hope you have a great,day,thanks for watching if this was helpful,please subscribe,and if you need extra help visit,askquest.com and send us your questions