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shopify godaddy

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

[Updated] How to Connect your GoDaddy Domain to Shopify manually in 2022

[Music],hi friends my name is raj and you are,watching tikfight so in this video i,will show you how to map your shopify,website to,a custom domain,this is my home page of shopify,so first i will show you a website which,i created in shopify this is a,sample website,okay this is a website,healthy and caring,currently i'm using a free domain,of shopify you can see it's a free,domain so in this video i will show you,how to map your shopify website with,godaddy custom domain,so first go to your home page,this is my home page you can see,and then go to add domain,click on add domain,now you have to click on connect,existing domain,now you have to enter your custom domain,here so,i will go to my godaddy page,this is the domain name i am going to be,use with a shopify,i will copy this name,now paste it here,now click on next,now,you have to click on follow setting,instruction,you can see,this is the option you have to click on,it,now,this page will open scroll down,on the left side you have to choose,connect manually this is the option,connect manually click on it,now scroll down,here you can see before you log in,this is the headline,so you have to enter two entries in your,godaddy dns,so first i will copy,the ip address,then go to godaddy,and then go to the dns of your domain,name,click on dns,now scroll down,so you have to add a entry here,click on add,so in the type section,you have to choose a,okay,on the name column,you have to type add the rate,in the value you have to paste that ip,address,that's it,leave it as a default ttl click on add,record,record has been successfully added now,refresh your godaddy dns page,okay,so you can see,the entry has been added,okay now,go to shopify page,then you have to add another entry a,cname record,so i will copy,the address,copy,then go to,godaddy,now you have to click on add,on the type section,you have to choose cname,in the name column you have to type www,three times,in the value section you have to paste,the address,okay now click on add record,record has been added successfully,now refresh your page,now you can see both the entries has,been added,both the entries has been added,you can see both the entries has been,added successfully,now cut this page go to shopify,now click on verify connection,now you can see,your domain name healthy and caring has,been successfully connected so it will,take a maximum 24 hours,to live your,website,you can also change your primary domain,from here currently i'm using my,new and fresh domain,so you can see,my domain name healthy and caring has,been,showing,connected,you can see,connected connected,so you have to enter those two entries,on your godaddy dns column and that's it,i will copy my dns,domain name i will check,ldncaring.com,and you can see the website is opening,so that's it,for this video,uh you have to enter,you have to add two entries on your,godaddy custom domain dns column,and your website will be live soon,so thank you thanks for watching tik,white,have a nice day,you


hey hustle babes i'm chanel the brand,hustler and this is a channel for all of,my hustle babes who are interested in,gaining insight,on the entrepreneur journey while,learning essential marketing,and business tips for their brand if,that sounds like you,go ahead and hit the subscribe button,and join the hustle,babe community,[Music],as you can see by the title today i am,answering a very popular question,which website platform should i choose,so today i decided to choose the three,most common sites that i hear,people kind of debate between and those,are shopify,wix and godaddy so in today's video i am,going to be telling you my pros and cons,about shopify,my pros and cons about wix and my pros,and cons about godaddy and then i'm,going to be telling you which one i,recommend,based on a series of questions but,before you hear what i recommend,for you and your business comment down,below which one of these sites you've,been leaning towards,so if you've heard of one of these,before comment down below and if you've,already done your research and you're,kind of like,i think i'm gonna go with one of these,before watching this video go ahead and,comment which one you,are planning on starting your website,with before you watch the remaining,of this video so go ahead comment below,if you haven't heard by now i am having,a 10,000 subscriber giveaway and i am giving,away a dime row 4xl,printer it is basically a printer that,prints without ink it prints completely,off of heat and you can print things,like labels,you can print things like shipping,labels you can print things like,product labels all of that jazz using,this printer it is definitely an,essential,for any product based business owner out,there,so if you're interested in entering the,giveaway open up my description box and,click the link right next to the words,that say,enter the giveaway one of the,requirements for you to,actually enter the giveaway is,subscribing to this channel so if you're,watching this and you haven't subscribed,yet,definitely go ahead and hit the,subscribe button and then follow the,other instructions,in that giveaway link without further,ado let's get in,to this video i first want to start off,with the pros and cons of godaddy,so i think i'm going to go from my least,favorite website platform,to my most favorite platform okay,and so when you guys hear the order you,will kind of already know what i,recommend but,each of my recommendations also depend,on,the type of business that you have and,i'll explain that when i get to that,section of the video,but to start off let's tok about some,of the pros and cons,about godaddy i wrote them down so that,i wouldn't forget the,first pro of godaddy is that it is fast,and easy the major thing that i hear,from a lot of my coaching clients and a,lot of,clients when i first take them on is,that they chose go daddy because,it literally made their website in maybe,20 minutes,and the reason why is godaddy has a,series of templates i believe they have,over a hundred or something like that,and they have a categorized based on,your industry and so what happens,is you go on to godaddy you create an,account you sign up for whatever plan,you're interested in and then you sort,it by industry,and then you tell godaddy that hey i,want this partikular template,godaddy's adis will then work and create,the entire website for you and you just,have to go,in and customize certain text right the,reason why it's so easy is because like,i said you don't really have to touch,anything it's more so of godaddy setting,things up for you,and you just have to make sure that you,plug and play pretty much,the second pro of godaddy is that it is,super cheap at least to me it is i,believe they have plans that start off,at like 10,a month which is super cheap and those,plans include a lot of,features like domain hosting and things,like that,that other sites don't include in their,basic package,or include at all and pretty much those,are the only two pros i have for godaddy,outside of that,i'm going to go ahead and tell you my,cons so the first,con actually has to do with the fact,that it,is fast and easy and like i just told,you godaddy uses a lot of,templates these templates are very basic,and they are not super customizable,which means once you pick a template,and you tell godaddy to set up your site,you're pretty much stuck with that,go daddy limit certain colors so you,can't change your fonts,to certain colors you can't certainly,change certain backgrounds to certain,colors,the same thing with fonts you can't,change your fonts to a certain look,sometimes too,so you're very restricted on what,exactly your website can,look like and that is one of the,pitfalls the major pitfalls,of godaddy the second con to godaddy,is that digital products aren't,supported so,obviously i help them with bomb products,to establish and expand their brand and,that goes for both digital products and,physical products,so if you're watching my youtube videos,and you have a digital product business,like you sell,ebooks or something like that godaddy,will not work for you because you cannot,list your digital products on godaddy,the third con,i have is that it's limited with,third-party integration so what a,third-party integration is,it's basically if you wanted your,website to be able to communicate with,another website that you're using,to perform a partikular task all of this,is going to be explained in a later,video i have coming up which is going to,be released in september,toking all about automation the,automation tools i use,but for the sake of time basically let's,say i wanted to,automate a certain email uh drip,campaign when somebody committed a,certain action on my website,i can use a third-party integration to,connect to my website to be able,to actually execute that action godaddy,is very limited with,integrations so nine times out of ten,the,integration that you want to connect,with godaddy won't work,my last con for godaddy and i probably,got a bunch more but i'm just gonna make,this my last because i'll be here,toking about all the reasons why i,don't like godaddy for,ever but i'm gonna try to keep this,semi-fair,my last con for godaddy is that they,have,limited support and sometimes their,websites can be a little bit slow,um i have no idea why their websites,tend to have issues a lot of people,complain,that there's a certain time of month,where their website just won't work at,all or their website would just take,forever to load up,and some other things and then,apparently they don't have a live chat,support option and their actual phone,option or email,option they take a while to get back to,you so depending on,how advanced you are with website,building or,you know depending on if you're a person,who has questions period you may not,like godaddy because you can't get those,questions,answered and i don't know about you but,i want my website to be up for as long,as i want it up until i want it taken,down,so with them having these periods of,time where they may not have a website,live,i'm not perfectly okay with that but,those are my pros and cons about,godaddy now let's move on so the second,platform that i want to tok about today,is wix so let's get into the pros and,cons of,wigs so froze for wix is that wix has,super cheap plans,in comparison to other platforms when,you think about the features that they,include and all the things that you can,do on wix so wix has,two different segments of their plans,one is more so for if you just need to,showcase your work,like you are a photographer you just,want a place to have an online gallery,type of thing,and then they also have a segment for if,you want to use it for e-commerce which,is selling products and processing,transactions,depending on which of those segments you,choose you can be paying,a super cheap amount for your website,based on which one of those pockets you,fall into,the second pro for wix that i have,written down is that,it

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How to Add a Subdomain to Shopify Store (Easy to Follow)

hi friends my name is Raj and you are,watching tik white so in this video I,will show you how to connect a sub,domain with a Shopify website so this is,my Shopify dashboard and right now I'm,using the free domain of Shopify,you can see,this is the free domain Dog Health and,Care dot shopify.com this is a free,domain of Shopify and this is my website,so in this video I will show you how to,connect a sub domain with Shopify,website so I am using GoDaddy and I have,a free domain in GoDaddy I will show you,my domain name,so this is my domain name,healthyandcaring.com,so in this video I will show you how to,connect a sub domain,so first go to the setting option,okay scroll down then go to domains,option,okay now you can see the option of,connect existing domain because I,already have a domain,in GoDaddy so I will choose this option,now enter your domain name so I will,copy my domain name,this is my domain name but,in this video I am going to be connect a,sub domain so I will,type a subdomain name so I will type doc,KF,Dot,this is my subdomain name doc here and,this is my domain name,so you have to write anything,then dot then your domain name so this,is my complete domain name dog care Dot,healthyandcaring.com,so then click on next,okay now you have to choose this option,follow setting instructions click on it,now scroll down and on the left side,choose this option connect manual,scroll down,now you have to add these two entries on,your GoDaddy DNS configuration column,or you can say DNS record of GoDaddy,so I will copy this IP address,okay,copy then go to code ID,this is my domain name which I am going,to use for Shopify then click on DNS,now scroll down and you can see DNS,record so we have to add two records on,this DNS records column,so now click on ADD,okay,so in the type section we have to choose,a,on the name section you have to,type at the rate,on the value section you have to type,this IP address,now click on ADD record,success,now refresh this page,okay now,the next entries you have to add a cname,record so what you have to do is you,have to copy this address okay,copy this address copy,now click on ADD,now on the type section you have to,choose CNA,okay now on the name section you have to,type your sub domain name,so my sub domain is Doc care,okay,now in the value section you have to,face the address,so the process is when you are trying to,connect a domain name then you have to,type www in the name section you can see,here www in the name section and this,address,is on the value section but in my case I,am going to be connect a sub domain so,that's why I am using my sub domain name,in the name section,you can see here,dog and care this is my sub domain,and this is my root domain,so that's why I'm using this name,in the name section so now click on ADD,record,now refresh this page,that's it now cut this window,now,click on verify connection,now the next step is you have to set,this domain name your new,domain name as primary so click on it,and take this option set up primary,now you can see,this is my domain name my new domain,name is now primary domain on the online,store that's it,now you have to wait for half an hour,so now I will check,online store,click on view icon,I will refresh this page,and then try it again,[Music],now you can see,a domain name is live,dog care dot healthy and caring.com this,is my domain name,and check it again in another tab,and you can see it's looking fine the,domain name has been connected the sub,domain name is has been connected,successfully,so this is how you can connect your sub,domain in Shopify thank you thanks for,watching tik right have a nice day,[Music]

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How to Connect Your Existing GoDaddy Domain to Shopify

hi friends my name is Raj and you are,watching tik white so in this video I,will show you how to add a custom domain,in Shopify,so right now I am using a free domain of,Shopify I will show you my website,so this is my website in Shopify and,right now I'm using a free domain of,Shopify Dog Health and Care dot,shopify.com so in this video I will show,you how to add your custom domain so I,am using GoDaddy website and I have a,free domain here,I will show you my domain name first,so this is a domain name I am going to,be used healthyandcaring.com,so in this video I will show you how to,connect or how to set up your custom,domain of GoDaddy with Shopify,open your Shopify dashboard then go to,this option add domain,click on ADD domain,okay now,I already have a domain name so I will,choose this option connect the existing,domain,now enter your domain name here,so I will copy my domain name,and paste it here don't use www,write down only your domain name,healthyandcaring.com then click on next,now you can see the option follow,setting instructions click on it,now scroll down and on the left side you,can see the option,connect manually click on it foreign,and you can see the option before you,begin,so you have to add these two entries on,your GoDaddy DNS column,I will show you how to add a entry in,GoDaddy DNS column,so open your GoDaddy website okay this,is the domain name I'm going to use now,click on DNS option,scroll down and you can see the DNS,record,so we have to add two entries in DNS,records I will show you so this is the,IP address copy the IP address,then click on ADD,on the type section,choose a,on the name section,type at the rate and the value section,place the IP address,that's it now click on ADD record,foreign,page,it will update your record in GoDaddy,DNS records,now,copy this address,okay,now you have to add a cname record in,DNS configuration,go to GoDaddy page then click on ADD,on the type section you have to choose,cname on the name section you have to,type www I will show you you can see,this option www,on the value section you have to type,the address,this is the address,of paste it here,then click on ADD record,success now refresh,a GoDaddy page,if you add any entry in DNS record make,sure refresh your page after that,now both the entries has been,successfully added you can see both the,records has been added,now cut this,tab now go to,the Shopify page and click on verify,connection,foreign,now you have to wait for half an hour,so I will pause this video for the time,being,now scroll down,this is the domain name,and you can see the option set as,primary you have to choose this option,foreign,domain,now cut this page again go to the,online store,now click on view your store,and that's it you can see this is the,domain name and my website,foreign,so I will copy this and check in another,browser another tab,and you can see it's working fine,so what you have to do is you have to,first connect the custom domain then set,as primary domain,go to setting option,and go to,domain option on the left side,then open the new custom domain,like this and set as primary,let's suppose this is the domain name,the new domain name and you have to,click on this set as primary so this is,how you can connect your GoDaddy custom,domain with Shopify,so thank you thanks for watching tik,quite have a nice day,[Music]

Shopify Domains vs Godaddy 2022

what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Shopify masterclass and today we're,going to go over if you should be,getting your domain from Shopify or from,GoDaddy so we'll do a comparison here so,you can understand which option is best,for your store now before I dive into it,I just want to thank our sponsor profak,the one click profit calculator app,available on the Shopify app store it's,gonna allow you to skip those,spreadsheets and get back to Growing,your business I'm going to show a quick,video detailing their full feature set,are you a Shopify business owner who,spends hours doing your accounting have,messy spreadsheets kept you from growing,your business discover profit cap the,affordable and easy to set up Shopify,app that crunches your numbers in just,one click it automatikally syncs with,all your accounts and expenses to,calculate your profit displaying,everything in an easy to read dashboard,so you understand your business in real,time start for free on the Shopify app,store today so let's dive into it now,whether you should be using a Shopify,domain or a godaddy domain so we had to,go down here if you haven't heard of,them they're one of the big domain,registrar sites or you can simply buy,the domain you're looking for and you,can simply type a domain name you're,looking for let's say I have a surf shop,by now something random like that you,can search the domain name you can buy,different ends you can get dot coms.ca,stores org live they really offer every,domain option here they do have,discounted pricing if you're going for a,longer term option so we can see for the,first year with a three year,registration but it is going to get more,expensive after that the prices for your,domain name are going to depend on what,extension so.com is typically around the,15 USD Mark per year you can see they,have different discounts for different,extensions something like I O is,typically more expensive at 65 a year,typically you just want to stik with,it.com as that is considered standard,unless it's dependent on your country so,overall very easy to purchase the domain,then once you have that set up you head,into settings and domains on the left,and you want to hit connect an existing,domain and it's going to take you,through the steps so overall a very,simple process in terms of you setting,up your domain if you want to use,Shopify you simply go into the dashboard,go to settings go to domains and you hit,buy a new domain there then you can,enter in this same domain and then,purchase it so we enter in our same,domain Shopify is going to charge 15 a,year USD and you can easily buy it in,Shopify and so since they're both simple,processes here you'll be asking yourself,which one should I be choosing I think,purely based on Simplicity you should be,choosing a Shopify domain if you're,planning them exclusively using this,domain with Shopify it's really easy to,set up here just as we went into domains,and you buy a new domain there's no,connecting you don't have to go into the,DNS part of GoDaddy add the information,to verify that you own the domain you,can simply have it set up automatikally,and automatikally include SSL encryption,and overall it's just going to be a,generally easier process you do end up,using GoDaddy you might be doing this,because you have a cheaper pricing plan,you could be using another provider such,as namecheap or bluegator or Bluehost,they'll provide a similar service in,terms of buying and connecting different,domain names it's really just gonna be,the ease of here if you're setting up,your Shopify store you're gonna have a,ton of things to worry about and you,don't really want to wait the 48 Hours,it can sometimes take to have your,domain name verified when you're,connecting the two from GoDaddy to,Shopify so it can be quite a bit easier,just to shop if I hear you might also,want to use GoDaddy if you are looking,for full customization on your DNS as,it's a little easier to manage from,godanni's platform you might be also,looking for a different extension that's,not offered in Shopify and that's going,to really be dependent on what you're,looking for with your domain name so,overall this was a short video here on,shopifyers GoDaddy for domain names the,really isn't too big a difference here,as you're simply just registering your,domain name then going to connect it to,your store Shopify is a little bit,easier as it's going to do that,automatikally the biggest differentiator,might be price if you're looking to pay,for a longer term and get a different,discount with GoDaddy but overall this,would be a step I wouldn't overthink too,much there are a ton of things to worry,about when setting up your Shopify store,I'd spend more time worrying about what,your domain name is going to be another,thing such as your marketing plan and we,have different videos covering that as,well so you should check that out on our,channel so this concludes the video,thank you so much for watching and I'll,see you in the next one,foreign

Shopify Vs Godaddy 2023 🥶 THE TRUTH is revealed ❇️

shopify versus godaddy hi guys welcome,back to the imminent hd youtube channel,and in this video i'm gonna be giving,you a comparison between shopify and,godaddy ecommerce so firstly we are,gonna take a look at shopify so when we,come out to shopify.com we see this,webpage in front of us now scrolling,down you can see some of their main,features and everything and then you,have their basic plans so shopify does,offer a 14-day free trial but after 14,days you will have to buy one of the,following plans so the basic shopify,plan is gonna get you up and started for,a basic ecommerce store and everything,that you could possibly need like the,analytiks the marketing the ads and also,the inventory tracking then you have,their second plan so their second plan,is more suitable if you have a couple of,sales coming in if you have a big store,well then their second plan is really,the most beneficial then you have their,advanced shopify feature so their,advanced shopify option is basically,very very nice if you want to like scale,your business really really fast and if,you want to get all the top-of-the-line,features so we are going to take a look,at your free trial firstly so i want you,to click on the top right where it says,start free trial and then that is going,to take you over here so from over here,sign up quickly and i'm going gonna,catch you guys in just a second once i,signed up myself so once you sign up you,will be asked to basically name your,store so i'm gonna click on create,another store now i'm just doing this,for the sake of this video you will be,seeing another screen over here because,you will be signing up for the first,time so i'm gonna name my store,something like jj triple zero exclusive,so once i type in this well i'm gonna,click on a create my store and then,they're gonna ask me for more,information so basically my store is,ready to go i mean like this is all that,you need to do in shopify to actually,get your store up and running i'm not,even kidding they are super fast so now,you have their admin dashboard in front,of you so from over here you will have,to answer a couple of questions i'm,gonna do this and i'm gonna be back in,just a minute so once you have actually,answered all of those questions well,then you will be able to see this,partikular dashboard so from over here,you can see all the different features,that they offer on the left side you,have the categories you have the home,button the orders button the products,button the customers the analytiks the,marketing and the discounts and also the,applications and then in the center you,have the options to basically customize,your store so firstly you can add a,product if you want to so i'm gonna,click on add a product and then that is,gonna take me over to another page so,from over here i can simply put in a,title i can put in a description the,media the pricing the inventory and also,the shipping and the quantity for that,as well and then also if i want to seo,optimize my listing i can also do that,so that my product shows up into google,like in the top rank so like all in all,very nice features and then if i were to,check this partikular box i will be able,to assign more options to my product,like the size the option values and like,all in all whatever i want to offer,along with my product i can do that with,the options button then at the left side,you can basically keep track of your,inventory so if you were to put in your,inventory number over here in this,partikular box like for example this,product that you are selling do you have,100 items or 200 items if you were to,simply put in the exact number,this inventory section is going to be,keeping track of all of your inventory,so basically whenever a product sells,they will subtract that amount from your,total inventory and thus giving you an,accurate representation of all the,products that you have in your inventory,and then on the left side you can also,see your transfers your collections your,gift card options as well now this is,something that most ecommerce stores,lack because like i don't know why but,they don't really focus on this and i,personally really really like this,partikular feature because i have found,tremendous use for this so like what,happens is that you can simply send like,you know gift cards to your customers,emails and then basically get them to,come back to your store like guys isn't,that awesome i mean like it's just a,small touch but this is really really,nice and guys if you like shopify so far,you can definitely get yourself a free,trial by simply checking out the link in,the description below and also check out,some awesome applications that are,available for shopify using the link in,the description,now coming back to the video on the left,side you can see some more features so,for the analytiks you can keep track of,everything like the total sales the,returning customer ratio the average,order value the online store conversion,and then for the customers you can also,keep track of that the marketing you can,literally market using their marketing,campaign option,wireless being inside shopify and like,not leaving shopify for a second so like,this basically turns out to be an,all-in-one solution for everything that,your store could possibly need and then,on the left side you can even automate,certain tasks if you want to but that,requires some tiknical knowledge so it,is always best to have somebody,professional do this so like essentially,these are the basic features and also,like the main features of of shopify and,if you were interested in shopify well,then you will know everything that you,need to know about shopify by this point,in this video so now we're gonna move on,to godaddy e-commerce and then we're,gonna compare how go that it compares,with shopify go daddy so i want you to,come on to godaddy.com and i want you to,simply hover your mouse over the,websites and stores button and then,after that simply click on website,builder now once you do that you will,see this very page that i am seeing,right now and this is their website,builder option so now from over here,click on start for free and then after,that wait for a couple of seconds and,then that is gonna basically take you,over to this page so from over here,simply click on continue with facebook,google or email depending upon how you,want to sign up and i'm going to catch,you guys in just a second once i sign in,myself so once you sign in to go that,you will then after that they are going,to ask you a couple of questions like,for example what category do you want to,set up a website for so i'm going to,choose it services and click on next and,then from over here you can just simply,put in a name that you would like your,website to be called so i'm going to,type in text services and after that you,basically have the website builder in,front of you so now you can essentially,just simply set up your website and you,can add whatever you want to onto your,partikular website and you can remove,whatever you want to by simply double,clicking and that is pretty much it and,then from the right side you can,basically like add delete you know like,just basically do whatever you want to,do with your website using the buttons,on the right side and then after that,you can even keep track of everything,via the google adsense tracking the,facebook pixel tracking the google,analytiks and then also the site history,and everything else so like all in all,this is gonna cover everything and you,guys want you to go elsewhere to like,find all of these services now once you,are done with that well after that you,can basically click on social marketing,and you can even market your store as,well and then if you still have problems,basically developing your own website,well then you can just simply refer to,godaddy support the overall process is,pretty similar to shopify's process so,you won't have any problems whatsoever,but then again if you have any questions